Sunday, 1 September 2013


We are a happily married couple, almost 20 years now. 
Over the years I have gotten to know my wife pretty 
well and can usually anticipate her desires. This 
time however, she even shocked me. We are in our 
thirties and she has always had an appetite for sex. 
A beautiful woman with large DD breasts and soft 
white skin. The other day, she had an appetite for 
pizza, or so I thought.

It started with her suggestion that we order pizza 
delivered on the day we had the house to ourselves. 
She seemed a bit more anxious for the delivery than 
usual. She watched out the front window with the 
curtains slightly parted for whoever would be the 
delivery guy. When she saw the car pull up with the 
sign on top, she scrutinized the very young looking 
man who got out with a box. 

I didn't get much of a look at him myself, but I 
would get more than an eye full soon. She looked at 
me dead seriously and said "go in the kitchen and be 
quiet." Wearing her purple robe and nothing else, I 
knew she was in a naughty mood. The smile on her face 
told me I should comply, because she had something 
fun on her mind. I found a spot to put down my chair 
that I could see through some curtains into the 
living room and the front door, but not be seen to 
the casual observer. 

My lovely wife opened the door on the first knock. 
"Hi there, pizza delivery." He reached out and tried 
to hand her the box. She replied with a "Come on in, 
leave the pizza right there on the end table while we 
get you paid." The delivery guy came in and sat the 
pizza down, handing her the receipt and I got my 
first real look at him. 

He didn't look a day over 16, young looking face with 
a very slim body. Short dark hair under a hat with 
the pizza companies brand and a polo type shirt with 
the company logo. He was wearing dark slacks and slip 
on shoes. His young face looked like he didn't need 
to shave very much either. 

My wife casually walked over and closed the door, 
then walked into the kitchen next to me and grabbed 
her purse, then went back into the living room 
fumbling through the purse for money. "I will pay you 
for the pizza, so you can pay your employer, but I 
want to give you a special tip if you don't mind." I 
could see, through the curtain, that as she said that 
to our young guest, she put her purse down and undid 
her robe, exposing a breast and thigh along with her 
trimmed pussy. 

Without waiting for a response from the stunned boy, 
she walked right up to him and got on her knees. I 
watched, slightly stunned, as she began undoing the 
boys belt. I was instantly hard and more than a 
little concerned that he would go running out the 
front door screaming rape. He responded with "uh, 
ummm." and nothing more. 

I could see my wife undo his fly, then pull down his 
pants, allowing them to drop to his ankles, then she 
slid her hand into his boxer shorts, fishing for her 
prize. When her hand came back out, his flaccid dick 
followed, flopping lewdly out of the fly hole in 
front of her. He looked down at her sheepishly, 
before she slid her soft lips around his member. 

I involuntarily reached for my dick, pulling my own 
penis out of my pants and began to masturbate to this 
incredible site. She began sucking this young man 
rhythmically, back and forth as his dick grew into a 
full-fledged hard-on in her mouth. He rolled his head 
back, looking at the ceiling and closed his eyes as 
she worked her magic on his tool. I was ready to 
explode, with my view of the action working my mind 
into a frenzy. That's when she really surprised me. 

She pulled his hard cock out of her mouth, her spit 
trailing along his shaft giving me a good view of his 
nice young prick with a large mushroom head. "Do you 
have a few minutes?" she said. "Let's go in the other 
room." With that she stood up and led him, wobbling 
in his pants around the ankles with his member poking 
out of his boxer shorts toward my bedroom. MY 
BEDROOM, was she going to fuck this kid and do it in 
my room? 

I waited, afraid of giving myself away, before moving 
into the next room and attempt to see what was going 
on. I stepped lightly, afraid of betraying my secret 
excitement by being discovered. I cautiously peeked 
around the corner toward the bed. 

I could hear the noises made by the moving of box 
springs and sheets on skin. I was rewarded by a sight 
that almost took my breath away, and definitely gave 
my penis a jolt. As I peeked around the corner all I 
could see was his large bare feet, his soft bare 
buttocks and his balls, thrusting back and forth 
between my wife's open legs. This boy was humping my 
wife, on my bed, in broad daylight with me in the 
next room. His thrusting was frantic, hard and fast. 

My lovely wife began making noises and I could hear 
him grunt with every stroke. His soft, almost 
hairless balls flopped back and forth as he worked 
her pussy like a pro. 

Then it struck me, this kid was fucking my wife 
bareback, he was on the verge of cumming in my wife's 
bare pussy with his young spunk. That's when I came, 
hard, all over the floor in front of me. Watching him 
was too much, hearing her moans and his grunts, a few 
minutes later he did the same, flooding my wife's 
pussy with his thick cum, he collapsed on her for 
only a few moments, before jumping up off the bed. 

I beat a hasty retreat to the kitchen and out of 
sight. A few minutes later I heard the front door 
open and close. "You can come out now," said my wife. 
I walked into the living room and she was already 
retrieving a piece of pizza from the box. 

"Wow, that was different," I said. 

"Ya, but the pizza is cold now, he didn't even let me 
pay for it," said my wife with a grin. 

I could see a small trickle of cum working its way 
down her legs, I was going to have to let that pizza 
get a bit colder, I had to take her to my room and 
fuck her good before I lost control of myself. 

We like pizza.

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