Thursday, 19 September 2013


I am Fudi from Pune, India. I'm six feet tall, fair 
complexioned, smart and have an athletic body. I am a 
fitness fanatic and love to roam around, walking, 
trekking in hills and Himalayas. I have a huge friend 
circle and we go to picnics and tours together. I am a 
free bird and sometimes that attracts females. 

Every year we go to a hill station called Panchgani near 
Pune, a picturesque place in India. Our group is large, 
we have almost 15 members. It was the month of May and 
time for school holidays. We had settled into big 
colonial mansion. It was very well kept and maintained.

I have a habit of early morning walks. I got up by 5AM as 
usual, and not a single soul was awake. I opened my bag 
and put on my black cycling trunks and a yellow t-shirt.

As I was about to go out I heard, "Fudi, are you going 

I looked around. It was my best friend's wife, Uzu.

"Yes, I'm going to take a walk, I thought everybody was 

"Wait, I will join you," She said.

We started walking in the fresh morning air, this place 
is known for its romantic climate and is a honeymooner's 
paradise. It was still before dawn. She had joined me 
still wearing her nightwear, a pink colour gown.

Uzu is a simple woman and generally wears no make-up or 
fancy clothes. She has an average figure and is flat-
chested. The only feature that attracts everybody's 
attention is her big bum.

There was still one hour before sunrise. We are good 
friends and can talk on any subject for hours together, 
so we decided to climb a nearby hill to watch sunrise 
together. The hill wasn't steep but it took 20 minutes to 
reach the top. We found a well-smoothed stone to sit on. 
The green valley was in front of us, the birds were in 
song. The breeze was cold and Uzu was almost shivering 
though the thin fabric of her gown.

We there and chatted companionably. Our conversation 
ranged over many subjects. Uzu and her husband had come 
to this same place for the honeymoon and she was telling 
me all sorts of stories about those days. She was getting 
a little romantic and excited as she remembered with a 
flush of passion those newlywed days. She had moved 
closer to me and we were sitting almost touching my 
thighs. She continued talking, looking at the valley and 
its mesmerizing beauty.

She suddenly asked me, "Can I touch you Fudi?"

I wasn't rally paying attention, I was lost in the 
scenery and could not make out what she meant. I just 
nodded to her.

She placed her hand on my crotch. She touched and fondled 
my bulge from the Lycra fabric of black tights. It took 
me a few seconds to realize what she had meant and what 
she was doing. "I saw you changing your clothes and it 
made me want to see what you have here," she ginned.

I had never seen her like that before. I always thought 
her to be very orthodox and introvert type. "Uzu, are you 
crazy?" I asked her.

She did not bother to answer me and just kept on playing 
with my dick. I was getting hard and getting restless. I 
laid back and tried to relax supported by my hands. Her 
reached for the waistband of my shorts and pulled then 

She found my waking giant, and se tried to pull it out. 
It wouldn't come because of its length being caught by 
the elastic waistband. "Just lift yourself up little 
bit," she said. I obliged and she pulled down my tights, 
"Hmmm..." She exclaimed happily, "You were hiding this 
treasure from me all the time."

My dick was throbbing with a hot blood supply and 
twitching in the cool air. It stood upright and proud. 
She clamped both hands on it and gave it up and down 
strokes. Then she bent down and kissed the knob of my 
dick and then to my delight she bathed it with her 

"Ummm, Uzu, stop it," I told her.

She could make out from my voice that what I was saying 
was not true. "That's sheer wastage, Fudi, a waste of 
such hard-on..." 

She got up and lifted her gown to remove her flower-
printed pink panties. "No, you should not Uzu... it's a 
betrayal of your husband and you know he is my best 
friend!" I exclaimed.

"Forget it dear Fudi, don't worry about him, just enjoy 
it now," she murmured. Then she faced me and knotted the 
gown she was wearing to her waistband. That exposed her 
black furry pussy to me. She had trimmed the pubic 
triangle neatly around her bush. That excited me. I saw 
the outline of her conical butts in the improving morning 
light. Suddenly I was longing to caress it.

"Kiss me here," She ordered, indicating her womanhood. 
She had never behaved like this before. We were good 
friends and had been for a long time. I had occasionally 
patted her back or just patted on her arms or played with 
her hair, but I had never dreamed of anything like this. 

Her pussy was just inches away from my face now. I looked 
up at her determined face and bent over and kissed her 
pussy lips. The smell was maddening. I couldn't resist 
and inserted my hungry tongue inside. I licked her inner 
folds. She was not so wet there, little bit dry inside. 
She moaned, "There, yes just like that!"

She pushed me back and straddled me, holding my tool she 
squatted down on it. She was surprisingly tight for a 
mother of two kids. She could hardly manage two inches of 
my nine inch dick. I tried to push from underneath.

"No, no, wait a second," she told me, "Let me enjoy the 
thickness of your lovely wand for a minute Fudi."

Then after a maddening moment she used her weight to take 
more of me inside her. She was using our pre-cum as a 
lubricant as she began moving up and down on me. My 
throbbing dick was now halfway in. She used that portion 
and started moving up and down the shaft a little faster. 
The friction made her sex juices start to flow as she 
kept on moving for and soon she could manage my full 

She sat on my lap facing me, and for few moments she 
kissed me passionately full on my mouth. The warmth was 
flowing back and forth between our bodies. "You have such 
a fantastic tool Fudi, you're so much bigger than my 
husband... So long and thick... it has reached to my 
innermost parts..." She took a deep breath and started 
moving up down on my now with constant speed. Soon her 
eyes closed and a look of intense pleasure transfigured 
her face. 

After riding me for a minute or tow Uzu opened her eyes 
and said, "You know, its very difficult to satisfy me... 
it takes long time... it's not a easy job... my husband 
seldom manages to satisfy me." 

I had been rather passive until then. But with a 
challenge like that I came alive. I started playing with 
her tight bum, crushing the cheeks and kneading her extra 

She moaned, "Oh yes, do it, harder." All the while riding 
my stiff pole, faster and faster.

I kept on massaging her and moved my hands upwards. I 
freed the gown at her waist and slipped my hands towards 
her breasts. She was wearing a front hook bra. I undid 
the hooks and started playing with her tits. They were 
small but taught with hard nipples. I twisted her nipples 
with my fingers and tried to bite them from the fabric.

I looked up at her and said, "I promise that today you 
will have the best fuck of your life."

I again twisted her nipples very hard. She cried loudly, 
"Oh yes, yes... that's it, do it like that Fudi, do it 
like that!" She was still fresh and showing lots of 
energy. She was moving her hips in a circular grinding 
motion. My full-length strokes were giving her the deep 
penetration that she sought.

With every downward stroke she made, I gave an upward 
thrust. Her cunt was slippery now and my nine-inches slid 
very easily in and out of her. I slipped a finger along 
with my dick and bent it forward so that it rubbed 
against her clitoris. I thought I could find her G spot 
that way.

Uzu cried out once again very loudly this time. I must 
have hit the right spot. The blood-engorged clitoris was 
fully blown and I was able to play with it with my 
finger. I knew that nobody was probably around at that 
hour, so I continued to tease her toward her ever elusive 

The Sun had started climbing the hilltops and the red-
yellow glow was spreading out onto the area where we 
were. Uzu's skin shown a bright golden color as she moved 
up and down on me, groaning in pleasure.

To my surprise, she finally stopped, and then lifted 
herself off me.

"Let me watch the sunrise now..." She turned her back 
towards me and was adjusting herself on my dick, this 
time facing away from me. This new position allowed me 
full access to her clit. I took some of her juices and 
applied to her asshole. She straddled me once again and 
was squatting on my dick. I was rubbing her outer ring 
and kept one finger on the opening.

The moment she sat down on my dick, the finger went in 
her asshole before she knew what was happening. She cried 
loudly, "Fudi, OUCH! It hurts... ah... ah... push it 
further in... Oh, its so nice dear... Mmmmm..." She was 
so tight. 

The Uzu started rising and falling on my thick tool once 
again. I just kept my finger in position. Within few 
moments the pressure eased on my finger. She responded by 
bringing her knees up so to bring more friction on my 
dick. She increased her speed.

Uzu was excited by my two-pronged attack. I started 
rubbing her breasts roughly by the other hand, the fabric 
of her gown gave added friction. She started humping me 
more rapidly now. I was reaming her asshole with one 
hand, rubbing her breasts wit the other and boinking her 
with my nine-incher in one hole and a finger to the 
second knuckle in the other.

I started doing upward thrusts with more power now. Uzu 
nodded and urged me to more brutal thrusts. I could see 
her face was flushed, she had clenched her teeth. I 
guessed that she was nearing her orgasm. Then suddenly 
she stopped moving up and down on me and began grinding 
herself down on my dick. Then her small body began to 
jerk uncontrollably.

"Oh gawd Fudi! I am coming, do something, give me more!" 
She moaned.

I pushed another finger in her asshole and started 
massaging her clit and crushing her clitoris with thumb 
and index finger of my other hand. Uzu jumped with the 
renewed attack and whimpered loudly in intense pleasure. 
Her grinding motions increased with urgency. I was still 
rock hard inside and not ready to come. I was fucking her 
with all might.

She erupted with loud ragged moans. I stopped thrusting 
and allowed her to chart her own pleasure as she ground 
down on my throbbing pole, enjoying every moment. 

She kept moaning, "Oh god, oh god... its incredible..."

I was feeling small vibrations from her pussy walls. The 
Sun was rising from the hills, the red-gold light was 
pouring down upon us from the morning sky. The air was 
still cold and ruffling our hair with a light breeze.

Uzu almost collapsed forward but I held her firm, 
allowing her to rest her body against mine as she caught 
her breath. "Look at the sunrise... It's red hot just 
like your pussy." I told her. She gave a small breathless 

After she calmed down for a moment I said, "Uzu, get up 
and turn yourself to me."

She obeyed without asking for what. I asked her sit on my 
hard tool again and hug me. She once again glided down 
onto my dick. She clamped her legs around my waist and 
rested her body against my body. I gave her long kiss and 
got up to stand before the sunrise, while Uzu clung to me 
fully impaled by me.

"My god, Fudi, what are you doing now.... You still have 
energy for another fuck?" She asked with wide eyes.

I smiled and supported her with my hands. She kept little 
distance from my stomach. I started fucking her in a 
standing position. Uzu started swaying like a swing to 
complement my upward strokes. Our lust once again took 
over both of us.

"That's good Uzu... Yes, keep it up... Yes, oh yes!"

Uzu became caught up in her own sensations again and 
began moaning, "Oh yeah, fuck me... tear me! Harder, 
harder!" She yelled.

The sunlight had spread all over the landscape now. 
Anytime we would have visitors. I sped up my thrusts and 
added as much power to my strokes as I could. Within 
moments I was nearing my climax.

We were dancing on the rock and swaying in the sunlight, 
Uzu cleaning and thrusting against me like a woman on 
fire. Then suddenly I felt my life's force surge up and 
gush out of me. I was helpless to stop myself. I came 
with big bang, emptying my balls into her. Uzu was biting 
my shoulder as she convulsed in another orgasm of her 

As the rush of pleasure subsided, I kissed her. We stood 
for long time, still intimately connected. She was not 
ready to leave me, nor I her. 

Then we heard voices just out of sight and reluctantly 
disengaged our bodies. Uzu picked up her panties. I 
helped her dress and quickly donned my own clothing. 

We walked back to our hotel. I could not control my mirth 
when I noticed that Uzu was walking a little bowlegged. 
Her pussy was sore from the battle she'd just had. She'd 
never had anyone as large as me before.

But her face was glowing with happiness. And as we parted 
at the front entrance of our abode she said, "Thanks 
Fudi, I'll pray to god to bring such happiness as this 
moment into my life as many times as possible." Clutching 
my hand tightly she went up on her toes and kissed me one 
more time. Then breaking our passionate kiss we went our 
separate ways, to start our day as usual.

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