Tuesday, 10 September 2013


My name is Eric and I was thirty-five years old when my 
father died. To say his death hurt would be an 
understatement. It was truly devastating. Although it 
was a difficult time, I was fortunate in that I had my 
stepmother to help me through this period. As I'll say 
more then once in this story, Janice had raised me from 
my early teenage years. My real mother had died when I 
was so young that the only mother that I knew was 
Janice. I thought of her as my mother not a stepmother. 
That's important to this story. I should add one more 
thing. It was a rare day that I didn't lock myself in 
my room and jack off thinking about how wonderful it 
would be to fuck Janice.

I missed my dad, but my stepmother and I, mutually 
supported one another through our shared pain. My 
father was a man in every sense of the word. His last 
few years had broken him down to a shadow of what he 
had been before his illness. I'm sure that his sickness 
had all but eliminated the enjoyment of sex.  Without a 
doubt, the inability to sexually enjoy one another must 
have been a "mountain of difficulty" for both of these 
wonderful people.  I probably should apologize for 
certain of my more "earthy" thoughts, but I would be 
less then candid if I didn't admit that the thought of 
Janice's ripe body turned me on in a big way. 

Even more candidly, I can't ever remember feeling any 
other way! It wasn't just that she was "full figured" 
(which she was); it was more the aurora of sexuality 
that surrounded her. I'm sure that she didn't know how 
she effected men, but she had a certain sex appeal that 
caused her to be a "man magnet." This was a woman who 
was in her early sixties, but "wow" what a body! In 
addition to her big-breasted hourglass figure, she had 
the classic face and blonde hair of a Doris Day. 

It is important to say that we all know women who revel 
in the fact that they are sexy in appearance and they 
enjoy flaunting their beauty. Certainly my stepmother 
possessed the looks and body that was capable of 
"stopping traffic", but she was "delightfully" 
unassuming in the way she conducted her everyday life. 
Because she had been so focused on my father, I'm sure 
that she had never really noticed the effect that she 
had on other men. More importantly, until his passing, 
she hadn't really cared. 

After the funeral people were coming and going and to 
tell you the truth it was a relief when the last person 
left and Janice and I were alone in her house.  My 
father had left my stepmother in a position where she 
didn't have to worry about bills for the rest of her 
life. At the time of my father's death, Janice was in 
her early sixties. As I said, she looked as though she 
was twenty years younger. I know that I just mentioned 
her incredibly sexy body, but I would like to touch on 
just a few more things. 

For instance, it certainly stretches the imagination to 
say that a woman that in her sixty's is "sexy", but 
Janice was... no question about it. It was not that she 
was slender because she wasn't. In fact she was a 
little bit over weight, but I have to say that she 
carried her "extra pounds" smoothly and with an 
undeniable grace. She had large full breasts that I 
frequently furtively observed as they swayed 
provocatively through her blouses. Sometimes she wore 
those soft "natural look" bras and I could see her 
nipples poking through the material of her dress. As 
erotic as her breasts could be, it was her unbelievably 
sexy crotch that really blew my mind. 

Sometimes when she wore a tight pair of jeans you could 
see the pouting lips of her pussy through the fabric 
and it would . . . almost . . . drive me crazy! I would 
run to the bathroom, lock the door and wrap my hand 
tightly around my cock. As I feverishly pumped away I 
envisioned what it would be like to slip my fingers 
between the swollen lips of her cunt. Many were the 
times that I stroked my hard cock to a powerful orgasm 
thinking of her pussy. 

Countless times I mentally replayed the fantasy of 
driving my tongue into her wet, hot, moist channel. I 
could almost taste her pungent sex juices. I will never 
forget the times when she would give me a casual hug or 
a little kiss as I left to run an errand. That brief 
moment of affection would cause my ten-inch cock to 
stiffen up so that it felt like I had a baseball bat in 
my pants. I'm sure that in our brief embraces that 
Janice must have felt the outline of my hardon through 
our fabric covered sex organs. Deep in my psyche, I 
wanted her cunt to feel my lust. I wanted her to think 
of me as a possible "fuck partner." 

If you haven't guessed, I wanted to fuck my stepmother 
so badly that it almost constantly occupied my mind. I 
wanted to suck on her big tits, caress their firmness 
and then to bury my throbbing, wet cock in her pussy. I 
wanted to watch her mouth suck on my cock and hear the 
moist sounds of her slurping mouth.  I wanted to hear 
her whisper in my ear about men that she had fucked and 
to feel my cock stiffen at the thought of her spreading 
her thighs for some nameless stranger. In other words 
what I wanted was those things that seemed to be 
destined never to happen. 

It is sometimes strange how those things that you most 
wish for . . . happen and I am equally happy to report 
that sometimes everything works out exactly as you 
hoped! (Contrary to popular opinion.)

I had always wanted to go back to my roots, which were 
in Wisconsin and visit those places where my Dad had 
grown up. I told Janice that I was going to take a 
couple of weeks off from work and drive back there. 
Visit the places that my Dad had told me about and just 
do a lot in terms of memory cleansing. Janice surprised 
me by saying that not only was that a wonderful idea, 
but she would like to go along with me. Go along, if 
she wouldn't be an extra burden on the trip. She even 
volunteered to pick up the travel expenses like the 
gas, hotel rooms, etc. That sounded more then just 
wonderful, so it was heartfelt when I said, "Sure, why 
not. It would be nice to have someone to talk with on 
the trip and the time together would give us the 
opportunity to get to better know one another." 

While planning our trip, Janice surprised me by saying, 
"Look, I've been thinking ... I know that could be 
dangerous," she laughed at her putdown of herself and 
continued, "but we're both sophisticated adults and you 
are my son.  Actually my Stepson, but still you are my 
son. What I'm getting at is that it sounds foolish to 
me to waste money on separate motel rooms. Let's get 
one room with two beds and we can spend the extra money 
on really nice meals." I thought that "wow" that was a 
hell of an idea! I also immediately thought that I knew 
enough that when "opportunity knocked I should get up 
and answer the door!" 

Little did I realize, but opportunity had . . . indeed, 
knocked.  That night, I locked my bedroom door so that 
I would have the needed privacy for one of my favorite 
moments. Years ago I had found some old Polaroid's that 
my Dad had taken of Janice when she was in her 
thirties. The picture that I took was of a nude Janice. 
(Later when I went back to revisit the picture trove, I 
found that Dad had removed them.) She was sitting in a 
lounge chair with her legs spread. She had a sultry 
smile that made the picture come alive with a not too 
subtle sexuality.

At her pictured youthful age I could see that her 
beautiful breasts possessed a sensual firm meatiness. I 
would stare at the picture and pretend that she was 
posing for me. I would rub her picture along my cock 
and envision what it must have felt like to my Dad when 
she sucked his cock. As my sexual fantasy increased in 
intensity I would speed up the stroking of my meat 
until a fountain of white cream spurted across the 
room. It was a wonderful feeling, but I wanted the real 
thing! I had to ravish my mother's body!

Departure day was beautiful! The sun was out and we had 
absolutely no timetable. We both chattered endlessly 
about nothing of any importance as we headed East 
towards Wisconsin. During the afternoon, Janice grew 
tired and curled up on the seat next to me and fell 
asleep. I kept myself awake by letting my eyes 
occasionally drift to the rise and falls of her opulent 
breasts. As we crossed into Eastern Oregon, I heard on 
the local radio station that there was a large rain and 
lighting storm moving across and into the area where we 
were traveling. 

I gently shook Janice awake and shared with her the 
information that I had just heard on the radio. Shaking 
the drowsiness from her head she opened up the road map 
and after a few moments of figuring out where we were, 
she said, "The town of Le Grande is only ten miles 
ahead. Why don't we find a place to stay there and 
forget about driving though the storm?" I said, with a 
grin of agreement "Sounds like a hell of a plan. You're 
right . . . we're in no big rush. Keep your eyes peeled 
for a motel."

Wouldn't you know it? La Grande had a rodeo in town and 
every motel-hotel was filled to the over flowing. As 
you know, these moments can be exasperating and as we 
drove out of town there was one last motel and that 
motel had a NO VACANCY sign posted. I told Janice, "I 
don't care, I'm going to stop, they may be filled up, 
but at least I can ask them if they have any idea where 
we can find a room."

I pulled the car up to the front office and went in to 
the lobby. This very nice elderly lady said that if we 
didn't mind they had one rather "unusual unit" left. It 
might not be a room that we wanted, because it was 
their Honeymoon Suite. I told her "I don't care what it 
was. A room is a room is a room. We'll take it!"

Carrying the luggage, I followed Janice into the 
"Honeymoon Suite" and I could hear her giggle. "I can't 
believe it! Look there is a mirror on the ceiling and 
then I hear her in the bathroom "…and the bathtub 
is shaped like a heart." As I sat down the luggage, I 
heard her somberly say, "Unfortunately, there is only 
one bed. I hope that you don't mind." I thought to 
myself, "Mind.  Hell, I couldn't think of anything 
better then the opportunity to slip between the sheets 
with my sexual fantasy." 

She pulled back the bed cover and said, "Can you 
believe it. The sheets are that slippery satin 
material." Janice put a lingering hand on my arm and 
facetiously said, "I promise, I'll try and stay on my 
side. Although, these sexy sheets," she laughed. "They 
will make it hard to keep from sliding into your arms" 
Evidently this thought really hit her funny bone . . . 
"What would you do with an old half naked broad like me 
in your arms." As she turned away to start unpacking I 
thought, "I would fuck your brains out, that's what I 
would do!"

Soon after we had unpacked the rainstorm moved in. We 
dashed through the rain to the Motel dining room and 
had a very enjoyable prime rib dinner. It turned out 
that with our "honeymoon suite package" there was 
included a very nice honeymoon dinner. The dinners 
included a bottle of red wine that along with a couple 
of cocktails resulted in a rather "wobbly" dash back 
through the rain to the haven of our room. 

As we entered the room, the cumulative effects of the 
alcohol caused Janice to lose her balance and she 
stumbled into my arms. I could feel the raise and fall 
of her large breasts against my chest. I had on only a 
lightweight short sleeve shirt. The softness of her 
breasts was wonderful. It was impossible not to notice 
the sexual overtones of the moment. She blushed and put 
her hands against my chest, "Thanks baby."

Then she noticed my sculpted chest muscles and ran her 
hand thoughtfully across my chest. "To bad you're so 
young and too bad I'm your mother." She laughed and 
said, "I think that we've both had too much to drink. 
Let's go to bed so that we can get an early start 
tomorrow." The moment of truth had arrived. Thankfully, 
Janice handled the "going to get ready for bed" event 
in a logical manner. "You use the bathroom. Then while 
I'm using the bathroom, you can get in bed. Then I'll 
come out of the bathroom and I'll get in bed." 

She started to sing a sultry version of "strangers in 
the night." Obviously the alcohol was working in my 

I smiled and said, "I'll go first." I went into the 
bathroom and took a piss. I optimistically washed off 
my cock." 

What I didn't know that in the other room (I learned 
this later) Janice was thinking, "I wonder if he washes 
his cock after he's done? I wonder if it's big?" 

At that moment I came out and couldn't understand why 
she was giggling. However not wishing to destroy the 
delightful silliness of the evening I jauntily said, 
"Next!" Janice slipped into the bathroom with her 
little bag of toiletries and I waited.
The bathroom door opened and Janice came out clad only 
in a slip. My cock stiffened as I saw her large tits 
silhouetted through the gossamer fabric of her slip. I 
could see the dark aureoles that surrounded her rock 
hard nipples. I don't know what caused her nipples to 
erect, but I was enjoying the sight.  Janice stopped by 
the bureau to take out her contacts. Taking them out 
she paused to rub her eyes and then she moved over to 
her side of the bed. 

As she pulled back the light cover, she grinned and 
said "Lights out and move over, Eric. Your Mother needs 
some room." 

I gave her my best smile and said "No problem!" 

As she slid into bed she moved her body comfortably 
against me and said, "Can a girl get a little goodnight 

I responded by gently kissing her on her cheek just 
then there was a tremendous sound of thunder and an 
accompanying lighting bolt lit up the room. Janice 
instinctively plastered her body against mine. There 
suddenly erupted a rolling series of deafening 
thunderclaps. Janice sobbed "hold me I'm scared 
shitless! " I could feel her fingernails dig into my 
back and she had thrown one leg around my hips, which 
pressed her pussy against my stiffening cock. 

Her breasts were crushed against my chest and my arms 
were clenched around her back. As she desperately 
clutched at my body, I could feel no bra strap, which 
meant that it was her thinly covered breasts that I 
felt against my chest. I could feel the rigid nubbins 
of her nipples against my chest. She didn't seem too 
notice, or at least she pretended not to notice, but I 
softly moved my hands in a circular motion, which 
covered her back and down to the crack in her beautiful 
ass.  She buried her head into my shoulder. My lips 
were against her neck. 

As the thunder abated, I took one hand and tilted up 
her chin. Her eyes were 
closed when I pressed my trembling lips against her 
lips. At first her mouth was 
still. Then I felt her resistance weaken and her sexy 
mouth moved in increasing 
fervor against mine. Our lips parted and I felt her 
tongue drive deep into my 
mouth. She suddenly realized what she was doing . . . 
she stopped and tried to 
push me away. "Oh my God! Eric, you're my son. There's 
thirty years difference 
between us . . . I could be your grandmother!"

I was scared at the thought of  what I was about to do, 
but there was no turning back in my mind. My hard cock  
was wedged against her pussy lips and I moved my hips 
forward to rub against her sex. I heard her gasp and 
then I felt that first tentative response of her pussy 
moving against my throbbing cock. I didn't want her to 
think that my cock pressing against her cunt was an 
accident. I rubbed my hardon insistently against her 
pussy. I knew that I was pushing her silk panty fabric 
back into her wet cunt. At that moment, I decided that 
there would be no turning back. I whispered into 
Janice's ear, "I've come to a decision." I heard her 
defiant and muffled voice say, "I don't know if I want 
to hear that decision."

I held her tightly and said, "I am going to fuck you 
and you have a decision to make." The shock of my words 
forced her to once again react by trying to rip herself 
out of my arms, but her resulting struggle did her no 
good. I couldn't believe the words that I heard 
tumbling out of my mouth, "You can choose one of two 
ways.  Either way is going to result in our fucking."

I had crossed the river of illicit passion. I had to 
enjoy my mother's body and one way or another that was 
going to happen.

"I am going to fuck you Mom." (True, she was my 
stepmother, but to me she was mom and the thought of 
incest only heightened the awareness of what I was 
intent on doing.) "Option one is to resist me and then 
I am simply going to rape you.  Option two is that you 
just lay back and let me enjoy fucking you." I could 
feel a very gradual relaxation of her stiffened body. I 
didn't move as I waited for her verbal explosion. Once 
again life surprised me. Against my neck, I heard 
Janice's muffled voice say, "You forgot to mention 
option three." I gentled released some of the pressure 
of my arms on her body "Option three. 

What's Option three?

Janice raised her head from my shoulder and gazed 
directly into my eyes and in a very soft sexy voice 
said, "You may find this hard to believe, but I have 
had some incredibly sexy thoughts about the possibly of 
our fucking. Not making love, that can come later . . . 
right now I need you to satisfy my hot pussy with your 
hard cock." Her hand slid down between my legs and 
grasped my hard on and stroked it to an incredible 
hardness. "How would you like to bury this beauty in 
your mommy's gray haired cunt?"

I stared at her in complete disbelief at what I had 
just heard. 

An impish grin spread across her face as she said, 
"Hay, when you're in your sixties you are just never 
sure when 'this time, might be the last time.' Now ... 
give me a good hard fuck!"

Her face moved to meet mine and once again our lips 
meshed in a soft, moist and passionate kiss. Different 
from our first kiss, this one was from the heart.  It 
was born out of our mutual needs for a physical 
joining. It was a moment that seemed to stretch to an 
eternity of moments. 

Our lips broke apart and I heard Janice say, "I've 
watched you sneak peaks at my tits for years. Now I 
want to show them to you . . . they're yours to enjoy. 
Put your hands on my breasts. I want you to squeeze my 
tits! Squeeze them hard!" 

Needing no more encouragement, I let my hands roam 
across her silk covered breasts. Their incredible 
firmness served only to increase my lust. Our bodies 
moved as though they intended to eternally fuse our 
bodies together. 

I heard Janice moan in a passion from the depths of her 
soul, "I need a cock . . . any cock . . . so bad. I 
haven't had any sex in years. I hope that my pussy 
hasn't rusted shut!" 

That comment caused us both to laugh and I told her 
"Don't worry, if it's rusted shut I've got the tool to 
bust through any and all resistance." It was apparent 
that that type of talk just turned her on all the more. 
Her arms were around my neck as her mouth moved to my 

I heard her throaty whisper of "I love 'fuck talk'. I 
want you to talk dirty to your mommy. Will you do that 
for me son?" 

I had a hard time speaking as I answered, "Yes . . . I 
love to tell you all the things that I want to do to 
you. I have thought about this opportunity so many 
times. I plan to plunge my cock into your mouth, your 
cunt and finally, I'm going to fuck you in the ass." 

Mom grinned at me and mockingly said, "My you do have 
an aggressive and bold agenda. Is there anything else 
that your whore mother can do for you?" I replied, "as 
a matter of fact I am also really looking forward to 
having oral sex with you." I moved my hands from the 
small of her back to cup her generous ass cheeks. I 
squeezed them and laughingly reflected that, "all my 
life I have watched men looking at those huge tits that 
you have. Now . . . they are mine to enjoy. I want you 
to strip . . . let's see those tits. Also, since I'm 
making out my verbal wish list, I have always 
fantasized about watching you suck your own nipples."

My sex talk seemed to put Janice into a trance like 
state and I knew that this would be the first of many 
steamy fuck sessions.  She suddenly dropped to her back 
and pulled her knees up to her chest. With a wanton 
wiggle, she pulled off her panties and threw them 
against the wall. She giggled, "I would have bet that 
they would've stuck there." 

In one smooth movement, Janice moved to a kneeling 
position. A smile crossed her lips as she pulled up her 
slip and her lush, heavy breasts, released from the 
confines of her slip, slapped against her chest. She 
dropped her slip to the bedroom floor.  With her hands, 
she cupped each of her voluptuous tits and leaned 
forward... her voice was husky in the passion of the 
moment. "Would my son like to suck his Mommy's tit's?"

 Her hands squeezed the full ripe mounds and went on 
... "Mommy's nipples are very sensitive and they need 

My dreams came true as my lips encircled her nipples 
and I sucked the tits that I had so often dreamed 
about. As I removed my mouth from one breast to move to 
another, she pushed me back. "Ops, almost forgot. I 
have one more neat little surprise. I made you promise 
to talk dirty to me. It's only fair that I return that 
favor in spades. Tonight I want to be your whore and I 
want you to be my young and virile stud. I want to 
think of you as my real son and I want you to fuck your 
mother without a rubber. I want to feel your virile cum 
spurting into my ripe womb. The symbolism of your bald 
headed cock ramming into mommy's pussy will cause", she 
chuckled. "will cause some orgasms on my part. Part of 
that intense feeling that I want us to share is the 
fantasy that you are going to commit the ultimate 
incest act. You're going to make your Mother pregnant 
with your potent seed.  When I feel you pumping jets of 
hot cum, I want to feel the eroticism of our incestuous 
lovemaking. I want to cuddle with you after we have sex 
and fantasize about a little girl that you put in my 
tummy. A little girl that some day I'll present to you 
and share in the moments when you fuck her." Mom's 
voice had taken on a new level of released lust.
"I look forward to watching you spreading the white 
thighs of her child-body ... her body will be twisting 
with a need that you will need to satisfy. She'll be 
begging you to fuck her and that will be our joint 
destiny. I'll be fingering my cunt as you ram your cock 
through the hymen of her cherry. After you fuck her, 
I'll lick the blood tinged sex juice from your used 
cock and get you hard all over again." 

Her tight little pussy will remind you of the mother 
that gave you that choice piece of young ass." Janice 
eyes flickered as though she was coming out of a 
trance, "Question is . . . Can you handle all this 
erotic "mental stuff" or should I just spread my legs 
and let you fuck me? What do you want?"

There are some times that actions speak louder then 
words. I slid out of bed, stood up and removed my tee 
shirt. My cock was obscenely silhouetted through my 
jockey shorts. Mom moaned as her mind registered that 
her son had a large ... very large ... cock -- a cock 
that would soon be buried in her dripping, hot pussy.

I hooked my fingers in the top of the shorts and bent 
over as I removed them. My hard on sprang up with the 
release of pressure. Her physical hunger for my cock 
was evident as she ran her tongue over her lips. She 
stared at my uncircumcised cock. I wrapped my hand 
around its girth and gave it a couple of hard strokes. 
Janice, said in a quavering voice ... "No let me. I 
want to feel that love muscle. I can't believe its 
size! It's even bigger then the black guy I screwed and 
he was hung like a fucking horse!"

She put her hand to her mouth and shyly said, "Of 
course that was before I met your father. I mean how 
often does a girl get to have sex with a six foot six 
350 pound professional football player?" 

I thought to myself, "That's a whole another story that 
I'm going to look forward to hearing. I could picture 
her giving me the details of her black stud as I slowly 
fucked her, but that story could wait . . . there were 
things 'here and now' that needed my attention." I 
moved to the edge of the bed and on her knees she 
inched her way to meet me. I put my hand behind her 
head and pulled her towards my groin. 

"Open your mouth, Mom. I need to have you suck my cock. 
I want to see your mouth wrapped around it. If you're 
good, after I get done fucking you ... I'll come in 
your mouth and let you swallow my cum."

She looked up at me with a devilish look and answered, 
"I'll let you come in my mouth, but I'm not going to 
swallow. Not this time at least. I've got a treat 
planned for you. After you come, you're going to French 
kiss me and I'm going to put your cum back into your 
mouth. You're going to swallow your own cum and if you 
don't . . . if you don't, there will be no more pussy 
for my darling little son who likes to fuck his mommy." 
Her obscene mouth was such a "turn on" that it only 
increased the need for my cock to be sucked. It was 
time for some action.

I moved to stand next to the bed. Janice inched forward 
on her knees. Almost without thinking I heard her say, 
"That is the biggest juiciest cock I've seen in years. 
If I had known you had this piece of swinging meat we 
would have been fucking long before tonight."

Her lipstick covered lips opened and her mouth moved to 
kiss the head of my cock. Pre-cum was oozing from the 
end of my throbbing cock. Janice greedily licked it off 
and then let my pulsating organ slide into her warm, 
wet mouth. I groaned at the feeling of her mouth 
muscles as she sucked on my cock. I felt this 
incredible emotion of being swallowed, I leaned down to 
squeeze her full breasts. Both of us were moaning in 
ecstasy. Her tits were so soft and I tweaked her 
nipples, which only resulted in another burst of 
passion from my Mother.

Incest ... incest, the most taboo of all sex acts only 
fueled my cock as it pistoned in and out of Janice's 
mouth. She paused and pulled her head back "Just a 
moment" and she reached down to the floor and came up 
with her panties. "I wore these all day and the crotch 
is soaked with my sex excretions and womanly sweat." 
She held them out to me, "Bury your nose in them while 
I'm sucking you." 

As her eager mouth resumed her moist sucking of my 
cock, the fragrance of her soiled panties filled my 
nostrils.  The incredible fragrance of her panties and 
the suction of her mouth only served to build the tidal 
wave of cum building in my balls.

"I'm sorry Mom, but I can't wait. I have to blow my wad 
in your mouth." 

I heard her grunt . . . "go for it. Pump that salty cum 
into your Mommy's mouth." It happened faster then I 

Suddenly, I felt myself ejaculate a steam of cum. My 
cock spasamed again and again. Mom's mouth could not 
hold all of the creamy white liquid. A stream ran out 
of the corner of her mouth. Her mouth was so full, that 
through clenched lips she murmured "hmm-m-m-m-m" and 
pulled me to her. She planted her lips to mine and 
encouraged a French kiss. I could feel my mouth fill 
with my own cum! If I wanted to breathe, I had to 

As the cum flowed down my throat, I was finally able to 
take a breath of fresh air.  Mom giggled and said, "Now 
dip a finger into my pussy and I'll lick it clean.  
After, all we have to share in our little 

I moved my left hand to her fur covered love channel 
and dipped one and then two fingers into the wet 
recesses. I removed my sticky fingers and held them to 
my mother's panting lips.  She greedily licked them 
clean. She licked her juice so fast that I knew I had 
to repeat the effort. Three or four times I filled her 
mouth with her love liquid. Finally she was relatively 
satisfied and commented, "Every time I taste pussy 
juice, I think that someday I'll have to try making 
love to another woman." 

I whispered in her ear. "Maybe you can break in that 
little girl that I'm going to impregnate you with 
tonight. A nice little hairless cunt for you to lick." 
She planted a passionate kiss on my lips and said, 
"That's another wonderful idea that you've had!"

Mom slid out of bed, took me by the hand and said, 
"let's sit on the couch.  We can tell each other some 
marvelous sex stories. That will put some "stiffener" 
back in your cock . . . then we can fuck!" As we sat 
down, I said, "I have to tell you I have never enjoyed 
sex as much as I just did and . . and .  . . I still 
have to look forward to fucking your pussy!" 

She laughed and said "Right on, you've got to plant 
those baby seeds in me." I joined her laughingly, 
"You're being facetious, but I have a pretty 
interesting erotic idea." Janice put her hand over her 
mouth and then said, "I can't help it. What do you want 
me to do. Put on a strap on dildo and fuck you in the 
ass!" Mockingly, I replied, "Not tonight, but here's my 

My next statement stunned Janice. "We get married. 
Forget the age difference.  We have plenty of money 
between us to do whatever we want. We do enjoy sex. 
It's a fact. It's also a fact that life is all together 
too short. We need to maximize our 'fun-sex-
potential.'" Being married, we can join wife-swapping 
clubs. We can go to nudist colonies. We can do things 
like travel to the Far East and hire a young girl and 
pretend that it's our love child. I'm serious. I want 
to have sex with someone who has never had sex before. 
I want you to hold my cock while I push my way through 
a virgin's tight little slit. Afterwards we can jointly 
lick up the juices oozing out her cunt. This 
relationship would be a two way street. I would enjoy 
watching you get "your rocks off." I can imagine our 
finding you a fourteen-year-old black stud. A stud 
who's still a virgin and he's fantasized all his life 
about dipping his cock in a white woman." 

Janice finally found the muscles to close her gaping 
mouth. Obviously happy with what I had just said, "The 
young black stud sounds wonderful, but I can just 
imagine him blowing his first wad all over my stomach!" 
With a grin I said, "Janice, we can do anything that we 
put our mind to, but we have to get moving." Janice 
moved restlessly . . . "it sounds fantastic. Let's 
discuss it further on this trip." She leaned toward me 
and grasped my hardening cock, "I'll do anything you 
want. I'm your love slave and you know it. Right now I 
want you to show me that you know how to use this hard 

My voice was thick with emotion as I said, "To the bed. 
I need to do the ultimate sex thing and that is to fuck 
my mother."

Mom led me to the bed. She sat on the bed's edge, 
opened her mouth and gave my cock a couple of deep 
gulps of her sucking mouth. She flopped back, spreading 
her legs and raising her knees. My hard cock swayed 
back and forth as I moved between up between her 

"Mom . . . this is one special moment. I want you to 
wrap your hand around my cock and then place the head 
against your pussy entrance."

 Her hand fumblingly groped for my cock. I stared at 
her heaving breasts, the beautifully hard nipples and 
the sound of her heavy breathing. Her gorgeous blond 
hair framed her lust filled facial features. 

As she placed the glans of my penis against her pussy, 
I said, "This is it Mom. I'm going to fuck you. I'm 
going to fuck you and I'm going to cum in you. You're 
going to have my baby. Are you ready?"

Her voice came from her soul. "Eric, I want you to fuck 
me now!" Her hips snapped up and suddenly I found 
myself buried deep inside the best feeling pussy of my 
entire life. My driving cock slammed into her. I met 
her churning hips with my hammering cock. Her voice was 
lusty in "Ungh. . . ungh. Jesus, give me your cock. 
I've never felt something so big." Suddenly, from her 
soul "God yes! I'll marry you, but we'll have to learn 
to share each other with other people!"

I looked down at her lust-contorted face, my emotion 
filled voice growled, "I want you to find that black 
football player.  I want to watch you fuck him. Will 
you do that for me?" 

The cords of her neck were etched in passion, "Yes ... 
yes. Maybe you can fuck his wife." I tauntingly said, 
"I'd rather fuck his mother ... in front of his wife."

All of this only served to heighten our mutual 
enjoyment. I looked down at my mother and reveled in 
hearing her "Give it to me son! Fuck your mother! 
You're fucking me better then your Dad ever did! FUCK! 
FUCK! FUCK!" The sex talk caused me to move faster and 
then it happened.

"Mom ...  you're going to have my baby." I could feel 
the thick cords of my cum drenching the walls of her 

Her fingernails raked my back and she wailed, "Slam 
your cock as deep as you can. I want the seeds next to 
my egg!" In the morning, we were making a final check 
before leaving the hotel room.  "Forget anything?" She 
nodded her head "no." 

I looked at her and said, "One thing that we've 

Mom looked at me in confusion. I unzipped my pants and 
pulled out my hardening cock. "I want one blow job for 
the road." 

Mom just grinned and dropped to her knees. As she 
grasped my hard cock, she tauntingly looked up, "This 
time I'll swallow. I need the nourishment of your cum 

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