Wednesday, 18 September 2013


It was a trying time for my husband and I with our 
daughter. She was dating a black boy and we never 
really approved of it. Then when she announced that 
they were getting married, it was a big shock.

Shortly after their marriage they moved from our small 
town in Michigan, to Los Angeles where my daughter had 
a chance for a better job and so did her husband. Not 
long after they moved away, my husband and I divorced 
also. It had been a long time in coming and didn't have 
anything to do with our daughter's interracial 

About a year later my daughter called to tell me that 
she was pregnant. I was happy for her but felt that the 
baby would suffer for it in the long run and be subject 
to life long discrimination.

The last few months of my daughter's pregnancy were 
difficult. I had some vacation coming from work, so I 
went out to California to help her in the final month.

They lived in a rather small apartment, and my sleeping 
quarters were the couch in the living room. Although I 
had met her husband many times, I never really got to 
know him very well, but now I had the opportunity. He 
seemed very nice and was glad I had come to stay for a 

Even though I was 49 at the time, I was still proud of 
my body, and had kept it in good shape over the years. 
That was the first thing I noticed about my son in law. 
He was always eyeing of my body whenever he got the 
chance. On more than one occasion I noticed a fairy 
large bulge in his pants.

I'm a little ashamed of myself, but I wondered if the 
stories about black penises were true.

Later that week I found out through my daughter that 
the doctor had ordered her not to have sexual 
intercourse during her last month, since she was having 
such a problem pregnancy. So I attributed my son in 
law's seeming frequent sexual arousal to that.

I sleep without a bra and in just my panties with a 
large "T" Shirt, and cover myself with a sheet. The 
second night I was there, I was almost asleep when 
noises from their bedroom caught my attention.

I heard an occasional "popping" and then "sucking" 
sound. Then I heard my son in law moan and say, "Oh 
yeah baby suck it."

It was obvious that my daughter was satisfying him 
orally. I hadn't had sex for almost a year and found 
myself very aroused listening to them. I felt myself 
and came out with a very wet finger.

As I lay there and listened. I fingered myself to 
orgasm about the time I heard him tell her he was going 
to cum. Then I heard him moan as he went off. My orgasm 
was satisfying and I drifted off to sleep.

The fourth night I was sleeping and dreaming at the 
same time. At least I thought I was dreaming! I felt a 
finger inside of me, and massaging my clit. It felt 
wonderful having someone else's finger in me besides my 
own. I know I was very wet and was close to orgasm, 
when I came fully awake, to realize that I wasn't 

There beside the couch knelt my son in law, with his 
finger in my vagina. I let out a startled gasp and 
tried to sit up. But he clamped his big black hand down 
on my mouth and whispered for me to be still. I wanted 
him to stop but it felt so good, and he wouldn't let me 
up. After a while I couldn't help but thrust my hips up 
against his invading fingers.

He had pulled the sheet completely off of me and had 
slid the crotch of my panties aside as he finger fucked 
me. He took his hand away but I didn't say anything I 
just let it happen.

Then he slid my T-shirt up and began sucking my nipples 
as he continued to finger me. He took his free hand and 
grabbed mine and guided it down to his crotch. I gasped 
when I came in contact with his cock! It was huge! I 
couldn't even get my fingers around the shaft! It was 
hard as steel and as I ran my hand up and down the huge 
thing, I realized that he must be 10 or 12" long, when 
fully aroused. 

Then I felt my panties being pulled off and he moved 
his face between my legs. I shuddered as I felt his 
tongue run up and down my wet slit. My hand 
automatically went to his fuzzy head and I pulled him 
tighter into my pussy.

He wasn't cleanly shaved and I could feel his beard 
stubble on my pussy lips as he sucked my clit. I 
grabbed my pillow and put it over my mouth to muffle my 
cries as I came all over his face. It was the best 
orgasm I had had in a very long time.

As I was slowly coming down from my orgasm, when I felt 
his weight on top me and he was between my legs. Before 
I knew it his huge cock head was parting my pussy lips. 
Stretching them was more like it.

I was in shock; I had never had anything so thick in me 
before. I was very wet from my orgasm and as he pushed 
the head of his erection into me. About 4 inches slid 

Then with one more thrust he filled me completely. I 
quickly grabbed the pillow again as I came from the 
thick cock in me. I could feel the huge head against my 
cervix, it was so long. I had never felt anything like 
it before. 

When I got back to my senses, I panicked, as I 
remembered that I was not protected. I held him close 
as I whispered in his ear and pleaded with him not to 
shoot into me, that I could still become pregnant.

He just groaned as he kept sliding in and out of me. I 
whispered into his ear again, to pull out and let me 
suck him to completion.

It was a relief when I felt him stiffen his body then 
pulled out of me and move up to my head. I could only 
get the head of his cock and about 2 inches of the 
shaft in my mouth. But I lovingly ran my tongue around 
him until he shot 5 strong spurts of his cream down my 
throat. He let me suck it until he shot yet another big 
load down my throat. Then without a word he left and 
went into his bedroom.

I lay awake most of the night, ashamed of what I had 
allowed him to do. I also had to masturbate twice, 
remembering what had happened.

I avoided him in the morning as we ate breakfast. When 
they both left for work, I went out and bought some 
rubbers from the local drug store. I knew it was wrong, 
but I wanted that black cock in me again.

I didn't have to wait too long.

My son in law came home for lunch. I showed him the 
rubbers. He told me he didn't like to use them. I 
pleaded with him, and sucked his cock until he was 
hard, then with difficulty, I slid the rubber on to him 
and he fucked me from behind as I leaned over the end 
of the couch.

That night he didn't come to me, as I lay there wishing 
he would. It wasn't until the next night that I got to 
feel that gorgeous cock in me again. As I felt his cock 
get even stiffer in me and his buttocks begin to 
clench, I knew he was about to fill the rubber with his 

I began a beautiful orgasm as I felt him reach down and 
rub my clit. Then he moaned as he shot off. He pulled 
out of me and brought his cock up to my face, as I 
cleaned our juices off of him and he shot another load 
in my mouth.

It never dawned on me that when he pulled out of me he 
wasn't wearing the rubber. I later found it between the 
couch cushions, with no sperm in it. He must have 
removed it before he shot off in me, the bastard.

Sure enough, all morning long his cum ran down my 
thighs. I was both scared and really mad at him. When 
he came home for lunch, I was very mad at him and told 
him there would be no more intercourse for us.

When he unzipped his pants and took out his flaccid 
cock which hung a good 8." I lost my resolve and began 
sucking him to an erection. We went 69 and when he 
seemed ready to shoot off in my mouth, he pulled out 
and got between my legs and slid his monster into me.

As lay there being fucked with his beautiful cock, I 
pleaded with him not to cum in me, but he paid no 
attention and dumped his load of seed into me as I came 
around his spurting cock.

The rest of my stay was filled with me sucking and 
fucking my son in law every chance we got. My daughter 
had a healthy baby girl and I went back to Michigan.

I never had my period and am now 5 months pregnant with 
my son in law's baby. My daughter doesn't know anything 
about the pregnancy and my son in law has managed to 
visit me while on a business trip twice now. I fear 
that I have become his "Sex Slave."

Although I had never had anal intercourse, I allowed 
him to apply KY to my anus and as I screamed in pain at 
first and then ecstasy as his huge cock stretched me 
and shot its hot seed deep into my bowels. I can't get 
enough of his cock! 

The second time he came it had been two months since I 
had seen him. The first day I drank 2 of his loads, 
took 2 more in my pussy and another in my ass. 

I lay asleep at night with his flaccid cock in my 
mouth. In the morning I woke him with a blowjob and 
swallowed his morning offering before we had breakfast.

The other night we went out to eat, and he made me wear 
a skirt with no panties. During dinner he constantly 
fingered me every chance he got. In the car he took out 
his cock and had me suck it. A young boy came by and 
was watching us. He had the boy come over and had me 
suck him off as he watched. Then he fucked me from 
behind as I again emptied the young boys balls into my 

Afterwards I felt so ashamed but I am powerless to 
stop. I lost count of the orgasms I had while servicing 
two cocks at once.

I guess I'm going to be my son in law's slut!

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