Monday, 2 September 2013


We were sinking further and further into debt. I'd lost 
my job and could only find part time work. My 25 year 
old wife was working as a waitress and brought in more 
then me. It wasn't nearly enough to make ends meet. 
Valerie was extremely pretty and had a fantastic body. 
Guys were always hitting on her at the restaurant. We 
were very much in love and neither of us was interested 
in extra marital sex. Debt changes everything. 

We were down to one car and Valerie had the use of that 
because of her odd hours. When the transmission on our 
car exploded I knew we were sunk. I had the car towed 
to our local mechanic, Ron Champion Motors, and phoned 
for a quote. $1500!!! The car was only worth $3000 or 

I told Ron to hold off until I arranged some cash. I 
couldn't scrounge up more then $500 and phoned Ron back 
to ask for time to pay. Ron agreed to start the work 
but wouldn't release the car till the bill was paid in 
full. We had no choice. It meant that my wife would 
have to travel to work late at night on public 
transport, not an ideal situation.

Valerie had left some personal items in the car and we 
called in to pick them up. Ron was a tall black guy and 
seemed very nice. He couldn't take his eyes of my wife, 
especially her firm ass in her short shorts. The 
workshop had the usual nude and semi nude posters of 
women all over the work area. Valerie was idly looking 
at them while I discussed the payment schedule. 

The three other mechanics, two white guys about 50 and 
a young black 16 year old apprentice, ogled my wife. I 
was used to that reaction to my wife and took no 

Ron took me aside and suggested that Valerie should pay 
for the transmission. I was a little naïve back then 
and told Ron, neither of us had any cash. Ron said that 
he didn't mean with cash but with Valerie's body. I 
must admit that idea had occurred to me when I was 
trying to find the $1500. My idea was for Valerie to 
fuck some of her customers at the restaurant for money. 
I'd rejected the thought only because I didn't think 
Val would agree.

I told Ron that my wife wasn't that kind of girl and 
that I was offended at his suggestion. Ron told me to 
calm down and to discuss it with Valerie before saying 
no. I could feel my cock hardening in my shorts as I 
thought of this black man fucking my beautiful white 
wife. I called Valerie into the office and with Ron 
staring at her tits, put his proposal to her. 

Valerie always surprises me. My wife said she wasn't 
keen to catch buses to and from work late at night and 
wanted to know how much sex was involved and with whom. 
Ron said that he couldn't keep Valerie to himself as 
all the mechanics would be working on her car. It would 
take about two days to fix the transmission and she 
would have to fuck each guy at least once a day. More 
if she wanted. I didn't think it needed four men to fix 
a transmission but we were in no position to argue. 

Valerie said she needed a loan car to get to work while 
her car was being fixed. Ron said for an extra two days 
of sex he would loan her his personal car. Valerie 
agreed to the deal and gave Ron a peck on the cheek. 
Ron grabbed my wife's ass and guided her into the 
locker room and onto an old sofa.

Ron stripped off his overalls as my wife got naked. 
There was no foreplay as Ron's large black cock went 
balls deep in my wife's bald cunt. The other mechanics 
downed tools and crowded around the sofa as Ron gave 
Val a terrific fucking. Valerie orgasmed twice before 
Ron's baby making seed fired into her unprotected 
fertile cunt. Valerie was given no respite as one after 
the other the two older mechanics fucked her. 

Valerie looked spent as she lay back on the sofa with a 
mixture of cum from three men leaking from her puffy 
pussy. My wife had orgasmed four times in less then an 
hour and she had a satisfied smile on her face. John, 
the apprentice was next. He was tall and skinny and had 
a long thin cock to match his physique. Valerie 
welcomed John into her arms and cunt. 

What John lacked in finesse he more then made up in 
stamina. He fucked my wife for over twenty minutes and 
brought her to another noisy orgasm. Valerie was 
totally spent. After John's shrinking cock slid from 
her overflowing pussy, I helped my wife dress. It was 
only 10 o'clock and my wife had been fucked by four new 
men. Until that morning my wife had only been with two 
other men including me. 

It was Valerie's day off and she didn't start till 4 pm 
the next day. Ron gave her a kiss, full on the lips, 
and said she should come back about the same time for 
the next three days. Ron gave me the keys to his car, 
Valerie was incapable of driving; we headed out of the 
locker room. Valerie smiled and waved to her new lovers 
as we drove off.

Valerie didn't speak on the short drive home and just 
rested her head against my shoulder. I was worried 
Valerie regretted what had happened and blamed me for 
our situation. I helped Valerie from the car and took 
her straight to our bedroom. As Valerie rested on the 
bed I removed her shorts, panties and top. She didn't 
wear or ever need a bra.

I spread Valerie's legs and inspected her cunt. It was 
still leaking cum and her pussy lips and mound were 
covered in dried sperm. I dropped my shorts and my 
stiff cock slid all the way into my wife's very used 
cunt. The feeling of Val's cum filled pussy was 

Knowing that my cum was about to join a mixture of four 
other men's sperm was mind blowing. Valerie opened her 
eyes and smiled at me. She kissed me and we made gentle 
love until we drifted off to sleep in each others arms. 

I woke just after 2pm and I could hear the shower 
running. I dozed until I heard my wife back in the 
bedroom. Valerie was just slipping on a short skirt and 
top and applying some makeup. Val has a real English 
peaches and cream complexion and needs minimal make up. 
As she put on her sandals I noticed she wasn't wearing 
panties. My wife often goes out without panties. 

I asked where she was off to and she said she had bills 
to pay and she needed to buy a couple of things I 
pulled back the sheets and showed her my hard on and 
said hurry back. Valerie gave me a kiss and squeezed my 
cock and told me to save it for later.

I dozed for another two hours and headed for the 
shower. When I returned to the bedroom my wife was 
spreadeagled naked on our bed. Her cunt was again 
overflowing with cum and her tits were covered in 
hickeys. Dried cum was all over her stomach, mound and 
thighs. I could see cum in her hair and some had 
dripped into her left ear. Valerie spread her thighs 
even further and told me to fuck her. My cock slid into 
her warm slick cunt as I nuzzled her neck and smelled 
the cum of her lovers.

Valerie told me she had gone back to Ron's to pay some 
more off the repairs and to speak to Ron about some new 
tyres. Ron explained that the deal was for four days of 
sex and it didn't matter how many times each day, it 
was still four days. Valerie said she asked Ron about 
two new tyres for the rear of her car and he told her 
he didn't supply tyres. He said he could get some in 
from Tyrepower but that would have to be paid 

Valerie said OK and Ron rang a friend at the tyre shop. 
Val said that Ron and John fucked her while they waited 
for the tyre guy to arrive. Ken, one of the older 
mechanics, was fucking her when Ron brought in the TWO 
tyre guys. When Ken finished, Ron introduced my wife to 
Carl, the tyre store manager and Bob, the tyre fitter. 
Ron said that Val was a local slut who paid for her 
bills with her cunt. 

My wife said she was a little shocked at Ron's 
description. The fact she was sitting there naked in 
front of another two strangers, with the cum of three 
men leaking from her well used cunt, it was hard to 
disagree with his description. Carl said that he'd 
brought four new tyres, Ron had recommended the size 
and brand. Carl said the tyres would cost Valerie two 
fucks each. 

Carl said that he'd want the fucks over a couple of 
weeks because he wanted to enjoy seeing and using her 
body. Valerie asked Ron if she really needed four tyres 
and Ron said all the tyres needed replacing because of 
age. Valerie asked if it was two fucks each for Carl 
and Bob per tyre or just one each. Carl asked if it 
mattered and Valerie said not really.

Carl and Bob took there first payment then and there 
and added even more cum to her cunt. Bob liked to leave 
hickeys all over my wife's tits and Carl shot some of 
his sperm onto her face and hair. Steve, the other 
mechanic, also fucked my wife again shooting his load 
onto her stomach and tits. Ron suggested that Carl take 
a couple of photos of my wife with his camera phone as 
security for his tyres. Valerie told me at first she 
wasn't really comfortable with strangers having nude 
photos of her. 

That has changed over the years! Hundreds of men have 
porn photos of my wife these days. Ron explained the 
alternative was to let Carl and Bob fuck her eight 
times each and trust them to supply the tyres later. 
Ron said that Carl was a friend and could be trusted 
with her photos. Valerie said she posed with her legs 
spread clearly showing the cum leaking from her pussy. 
Carl also took a close up of her cum splattered face 
and hickey marked tits. Valerie told me that Ron and 
John also took some photos. She said John's was also 
with a camera phone but Ron took his with a normal 

Valerie said she was a little worried about where Ron 
would have the film developed and how many copies would 
be made.. Ron told Val months later that he'd had 
hundreds of copies made and had given them to his 
customers and friends.

My wife said she stayed for another hour and Ron, John 
and Ken fucked her again. Ron took more photos before 
she came home.

Valerie now had six new lovers, a 300% increase from 
just six or seven hours ago! Three of her new lovers 
had very compromising photos of her.

Valerie's cunt paid for the repairs to her car over the 
next week and it took just over three weeks for her 
abused pussy to pay for the tyres. That was four years 
ago and we've had another set of tyres since then. Carl 
and another tyre-fitter, Ray, used my wife's cunt and 
occasionally her ass, for two weeks in payment. They 
were not restricted to two fucks per tyre and fucked 
her as often as they liked for fourteen days. 

Ron and his now six mechanics maintain our two cars in 
tip top mechanical condition and service my wife as 
often as they like. Seven mechanics plus myself keep 
Valerie's cunt filled and overflowing with cum.

Thanks to my wife's cock hungry cunt and the time she 
spends on her back, we are now financially back on our 
feet. Valerie's cunt pays for many of our household 
bills. The pool man, electrician, plumber and the TV 
guy all use Valerie's cunt in payment for their 

Ron, John and Ken have become personal friends as well 
as my wife's lovers. Quite often one or two of them 
will take Val out to dinner and a show and stay the 
night in a hotel in the city. Valerie has told me that 
Ron often lets his black friends fuck her at the hotel 
for money to pay for the hotel bill and night out. 

John is twenty one now and Valerie was the stripper and 
fuck-slut at his birthday party. Twelve of his black 
mates used her that night and John videotaped it all. 
After checking with Ron he posted it on the internet. 
If someone told you it was Valerie you would recognise 
her but a casual watcher probably would not. At least 
we hope not. 

Ken has only used Valerie once, apart from regularly 
fucking her, at a friend's retirement party. It was all 
old guys, over 65, and Valerie was again the stripper 
and fuck-slut. Val told me afterwards it wasn't as bad 
as she thought it might be. All ten guys were gentlemen 
and overwhelmed to be fucking a 29 year old beauty. Val 
said that some needed Viagra to maintain their hard-ons 
but every one of them came on her or in her at least 

Valerie stayed the night in the hotel with Ken and his 
retirement buddy, Norm. She told me both used Viagra 
and fucked her all night and right up to check out time 
at 10 am. Norm gave my wife a lift home in his new 
Jaguar and has also become one of Val's regular lovers. 

The goldmine between my wife's long legs has saved us 
financially and in turn probably saved our marriage. 
Valerie has eight regular lovers and has a varied sex 
life. Ron likes to use her as a prostitute to pay for 
the nights out with her and John often lets four or 
five of his mates fuck her in his van. Ken knows she's 
available to use as a stripper and/or fuck-slut 
whenever he wants. I love to watch her sex tapes on the 
internet and keep track of the hits, one now over 
265000. I often wonder how many people have recognised 

I'm sure that delicious cunt she uses so well would get 
her out of trouble. Every day I think how lucky we were 
that the transmission packed up in her car. That and 
the fact I'm married to such a gorgeous promiscuous 


Over the years John continued to add Valerie's sex 
tapes to the internet and he always made sure her face 
was difficult to recognise. Not impossible but 
difficult. Valerie loved the danger of being exposed as 
a total slut. She was scared stiff friends or family 
would see the twenty or so tapes but refused to let 
John take them off the net. 

Some of the tapes showed Valerie being gangbanged by 
John's mates in the back of his van. His black mates 
made a great contrast against Valerie's white skin. My 
favourite was Valerie being gang-raped in a rubbish 
strewn alley in downtown Sydney. It looked so realistic 
and up to a point it was. 

John and Valerie had planned for six of his mates to 
simulate the rape scene late on a Sunday night. All was 
going well and John had almost finished when five young 
hoods crashed the party. The five were genuine bad guys 
and when John explained it was a sex tape they demanded 
to be included. 

John and his mates were prepared to argue the point but 
my wife said that another five guys would be no 
problem. Three guys were Lebanese and two were Pacific 
Islanders. John was smart enough to keep filming as the 
hoods ravished my wife's ass, mouth and cunt. The tape 
showing her being fucked by the hoods was quite 
disturbing but very erotic. 

The islanders were particularly hard on my wife's ass. 
Their large cocks stretched her ass even more then the 
pool cues and beer bottles at the pool hall. Valerie's 
cunt and ass were very elastic and quickly returned to 
their normal size. The Lebanese guys had no respect for 
white women and treated my wife with total disrespect. 

Valerie's tits were pinched and her nipples almost 
ripped from her body as they fucked her ass and cunt. 
When they finished fucking her, two of the Lebs spat on 
her and the other kicked her in the cunt. They laughed 
as Valerie rolled in agony on the filthy ground. 
Flashing knives in their hands made sure that John's 
mates didn't retaliate. John had kept filming and 
showed Valerie's shock and pain at being kicked in her 
most private part. It was also her most valuable and 
most used body part. 

The five hoods just walked away leaving my cum covered, 
sobbing wife on the ground. John helped Valerie into 
the van and they left before the hoods could return. 
Valerie's pain didn't stop two of John's mate fucking 
her on the way home. It also didn't stop my wife from 
participating in more rape tapes, two of them in the 
same alley, over the next six months. That Leb tape 
alone has been seen over 60000 times in 12 months.

Ron continued to prostitute my wife on a casual basis. 
Whenever he took her out for dinner and a show, he had 
several of his mates pay to fuck her afterwards. Her 
ass was $200, her cunt $150 and a blow job was $100. 
All three could be used for a very reasonable $350. 
Once or twice a month he'd take her out to Canterbury 
Road in southern Sydney, and leave her for an hour in 
one of the red light areas. 

Valerie had to fend for herself and had to make at 
least $200. Ron told me he always stayed just out of 
sight to protect her from any real danger. Because 
Valerie was young and beautiful she always earned the 
money with ease. Prices on Canterbury Road were $75 for 
a fuck and $40 for a blow job. Valerie was nearly 
always fucked and usually 4 times in the hour. 

The only time she didn't earn the $200 was about two 
years ago, the night she was picked up by the police. 
She was pushed into the back of a police van and taken 
to the compound behind Bankstown Police Station. 
Valerie had false ID giving her name as Helen Jones 
with an address in Caringbah. 

Valerie said later she was more worried about being 
finger printed and photographed. She needn't have 
worried. Valerie's beauty, as usual, was her saviour. 
She said the police stripped her naked and put her into 
the storeroom. Ron said he parked his car outside the 
police compound and watched my wife being pushed naked 
into the storeroom. He watched the storeroom door 
through the chain link fence as policeman after 
policeman entered and left the storeroom over the next 
four hours. 

Valerie was finally released just before daylight. She 
was pushed out the rear gate of the compound by a 
sergeant, still naked and her clothes were thrown after 
her. Luckily Ron was still waiting for her and gave her 
a lift home. As usual I had waited for Val to return 
home and was beginning to worry at the late hour. 

Ron always told me if he was going to keep her 
overnight or for a couple of days so I had expected her 
home about 4am. Ron dropped her at our front door just 
after 7am and I watched as my bedraggled wife walked up 
our long driveway. Our house is quite secluded and I 
knew the neighbours couldn't see her. I could see 
Valerie's skirt was torn at the front and I could see 
her pussy in the morning light. Her blouse was also 
ripped exposing one of her breasts. 

I rushed out to help her inside and I was surprised 
that she still managed to give me a smile. Ron had rung 
my cell just before he dropped her off and told me that 
Val had been in Bankstown Police Station. I had visions 
of our world of sex being exposed but Ron assured me 
the false ID would stand up to scrutiny. Ron hadn't 
told me of the storeroom incident. 

I helped Valerie into our bedroom and while she lay 
back and caught her breath I removed her torn clothing. 
Her pussy lips were very red and puffy and as usual 
both her ass and cunt were leaking cum. Both tits were 
covered in bite marks and dried cum. I gently rolled 
Val over and saw that both ass cheeks were marked with 
angry welts. Val's ass hole was still half open and 
sperm was literally pouring out. 

I rolled Val over again onto her back and kissed her 
gently on the mouth. I tasted the cum in her mouth from 
her last policeman lover. Valerie spread her thighs. As 
I began to ease my rock hard cock into her abused cunt, 
I noticed her ID and a business card protruding out 
between her cunt lips. I removed them and made love to 
my prostitute wife.

We slept for the next eight hours and when we woke my 
soft cock was glued into my wife's cunt with the dried 
cum of countless policemen. Valerie started to giggle 
as I carefully eased my cock from her love hole. We 
showered together and I got a good look at her ass as I 
soaped her down. The welts on her ass cheeks had mostly 
faded except for one that crossed both cheeks right on 
the crease line. As I dried her with our softest towel, 
I noticed the red marks around her wrists and ankles. A 
few of the bite marks on her tits had actually broken 
the skin and I counted 22 bite marks in total. While 
Valerie made us both a cup of coffee I changed the cum 
covered sheets on our bed. 

My wife sipped her coffee as she recounted her night as 
a NSW Police Slut. Valerie told me that when they 
'arrested' her on Canterbury Road she thought our life 
was over. Val said she loved living on the edge of 
being discovered but dreaded it ever happening. Valerie 
told me both coppers fingered her cunt as she was 
pushed into the van. 

Val said she expected the cops to take into the back 
streets of Bankstown and fuck her. She said she 
wouldn't have minded how many times the two policemen 
fucked her as long as they let her go. She was very 
worried when they drove straight to the Police station. 
Val said they stripped her, took her ID and locked her 
in the storeroom. 

After about 15 minutes she said a sergeant came into 
the storeroom and told her she would be charged with 
prostitution and vagrancy. The fact she only had her ID 
and no money meant she could be locked up until someone 
posted bail. My wife hadn't had time to earn any money 
before she was 'arrested'. The sergeant told Val that 
if she was 'nice' to all his night shift he would let 
her go without charge in the morning. Valerie said she 
had no choice because if they checked her address her 
false ID would be discovered. 

Valerie agreed to the proposal and the sergeant 
produced two pairs of handcuffs and cuffed her to an 
overhead pipe. Val said she was left for about ten 
minutes and the sergeant returned with some cord and 
tied her ankles to opposite sides of the room. Valerie 
said for the next four hours she was subjected to the 
roughest sex she'd ever had and that included the Lebs 
in the alley. 

Not one single policeman was content to just fuck my 
wife. Every one of them bit her tits or shoved his 
night stick in her ass and cunt. She told me that three 
policewomen were the meanest. Val said the 3 women came 
in together about an hour before she was released. They 
each shoved a baton into her cunt and then into her 
ass. Valerie said she thought the three batons in her 
ass would split her open. 

Fortunately she said the hard fucking of her ass and 
the cum deposited by the sergeant and his men helped 
ease the pain. I now knew why her ass was still half 
open when she got home. My wife said the three female 
coppers also used their baton to beat her ass leaving 
the welt marks. She said one hit was very hard and 
caught her low on her ass and caught her pussy lips at 
the same time. Val told me the pain was incredible but 
not unbearable. 

My wife is truly amazing. Valerie said after the women 
left she was only fucked about five more times. The 
sergeant came in just before daybreak and thanked her 
for her co-operation. Val said he released the ropes 
and handcuffs and shoved her ID card deep into her 
pussy. Val said her cunt was so stretched and full off 
cum she didn't even feel the card go in. 

The sergeant said he included his business card with 
her ID and if she was arrested again to mention his 
name. He told her he'd get her released into his 
custody but she'd have to spend at least two hours in 
his storeroom with his men as payment. Val told the 
sergeant she'd rather have ten more guys then the three 
policewomen. She said the sergeant laughed and said 
that could be arranged. Val told me she thought being a 
fuck-slut for the police would be better then being 
exposed to friends and family. I had to agree.

Valerie's welts and bite marks disappeared in time for 
Ron to prostitute her out to his friends the following 
week. Valerie's ass never quite recovered from the 
stretching of the three batons. I'm not saying it was 
ruined but it was nicer to fuck her ass before the 
night at Bankstown police. 

Ron and I enjoyed double pumping her ass more then ever 
because it was hard to get much friction with a single 
cock. Only her lovers with the very biggest cocks could 
really enjoy her ass alone. Val's cunt always snapped 
back nice and tight no matter what people stuck in it. 
She's had full size beer bottles and very large 
vegetables shoved in over the years, and her cunt is 
still tight.


Ron had prostituted my wife many times since she had 
been 'arrested'. Valerie often asked Ron to send her 
out on extra nights, she loved doing it so much. 

Twelve months ago, Val was working three nights in a 
row on Canterbury Road and had earned Ron more then the 
required $200 every night She actually earned $450 on 
the third night. I loved the thought of my beautiful 
wife selling her cunt in one of the cheapest red light 
districts in Sydney. I asked Ron to send her out again 
on the fourth night so I could come with him and watch 
her work. I'd never actually seen her work as a 
prostitute, selling herself to anyone with the cash. 
Valerie had been nervous about working three nights in 
a row because Ron usually only had her out one or two 
nights a month. 

My wife agreed to fourth night to please me and to earn 
Ron extra money. Ron kept all of Val's prostitute 
money. I just loved knowing lots of men were fucking 
her. Ron did spend some of her money buying her 
presents. He usually sent her out on Tuesday and 
Wednesday nights because these are the quietest nights 
and more difficult for her to earn her $200. Ron said 
there was a penalty if she didn't earn at least $200. 

So far she hadn't been penalised because her looks 
always got her 'johns'. Up till then Val didn't know 
what the penalty was. We have since learned! The 
penalty would be a week without sex. It would 'kill' my 
wife to go one day without sex! Val would have let 
twenty men fuck her for $10 each before she risked such 
a penalty. Two hundred men for $1, if necessary! 

Ron dropped Valerie beside the Stacey Street overpass 
and we parked in the shadows about 15 metres away. 
Valerie was only standing on the corner for five 
minutes before the first car pulled up. My wife 
negotiated the deal through the window. The 'john' 
parked his car only ten feet from us and followed 
Valerie behind the large billboard twenty feet from our 
car. This was Valerie's 'fucking spot' and both Ron and 
I had a good view of the action. 

Canterbury Road sluts don't use hotels or motels. It's 
either in the 'john's' car, could be dangerous, on the 
ground or against a factory wall. Valerie lifted her 
skirt, exposing her lovely bald cunt, spread her legs 
while leaning back against the sign wall. Her 'john' 
looked about fifty and grossly overweight. If Valerie's 
stomach hadn't so flat I'm sure his cock wouldn't reach 
her cunt. 

Both Ron and I gasped as his large cock split my wife's 
thighs. It was enormous! It must have been twelve or 
fourteen inches long and I think his large belly saved 
Valerie's cunt from a real hard fucking. He rode Val's 
cunt for at least 15 minutes before we watched him 
shudder as his uncovered cock shot his sperm into her 

Valerie appeared to orgasm because it took at least 
thirty seconds after his cock slipped out for her to 
straighten up. The 'john' said something to Valerie and 
more money changed hands. My wife dropped to her knees 
in the dirt and took his cock into her mouth. She could 
only manage about six inches or so because his cock was 
also very thick. The 'john' fucked her mouth for about 
five minutes before shooting his cum down her throat 
and onto her chin. 

We watched Valerie scoop the cum of her chin with her 
fingers and suck them clean. The 'john' looked at her 
with contempt and walked to his car and drove off. 
Valerie didn't even acknowledge us as she headed back 
to her corner. I asked Ron what my wife did about the 
cum in her pussy before the next 'john'. Ron said that 
Val had a small clutch purse that contained her Jones 
ID, four condoms and some baby wipes. Ron said Valerie 
always returned with more then $200 and never ever used 
the condoms. She'd told him she never wiped her cunt 
until she made the deal with the next 'john'.

Val had said that some 'johns' liked to fuck a 
'buttered bun', a used cunt, and some liked it fresh. 
Val said she also liked the feeling of cum leaking from 
her pussy and trickling down her inner thighs. Ron said 
Val told him it was easy to clean up her pussy, if 
that's what the 'john' preferred, while he parked his 
car. We watched Valerie fuck two more 'johns' in her 
'fucking spot'. It was very erotic to know it was my 
wife these guys were paying to fuck. 

Valerie had made $265 for three fucks and a blow job in 
less then forty five minutes. Ron was happy to call it 
a night but I wanted to watch her with at least one 
more 'john'. Valerie was back on her corner for about 
five minutes when the police van pulled up. Valerie had 
her back to us and we could see the policeman shove his 
hand between my wife's legs. He demanded to see ID. 
Valerie said she was waiting to be picked up by her 
girlfriends to go to a dance party.

The policeman grabbed her purse and emptied the 
contents on the hood of the van. We heard him laugh as 
the four condoms spilled onto the hood along with her 
ID and $265. The copper said she would be charged with 
prostitution and escorted her to the rear of the van. 
As Valerie climbed into the van the copper raised her 
skirt exposing her cum dripping cunt. We noticed the BK 
on the hood of the police car and felt a little 
relieved it was from Bankstown. 

We followed the police van at a safe distance as it 
headed to the station. The police van stopped outside 
the front of the station and as we drove past we saw 
Valerie led handcuffed through the front door. One of 
the policemen was deliberately holding up the front of 
my wife's skirt exposing her cunt. Ron parked in a spot 
where we could see the storeroom door in the police 

It was about thirty minutes before we saw Valerie, 
still handcuffed but now nude, being taken into the 
storeroom. During the next two hours there was steady 
procession of male coppers entering the storeroom. Most 
spent about ten minutes with my wife and on several 
occasions three or four were with her at the same time. 

Valerie told us later that she'd been double pumped in 
the ass and cunt at the same time. It has become one of 
Valerie's favourite sex acts and party tricks. At about 
10pm a private car drove into the compound. The driver 
got out and went straight into the storeroom. Ron said 
he recognised the driver as the sergeant that had given 
his card to Valerie twelve months previously. After 
about 20 minutes the sergeant walked Valerie out to his 

She was no longer handcuffed and wore a white tee-shirt 
that barely covered her ass. She got in the front seat 
with the policemen and they drove off down Stacey 
Street. Ron and I thought he was taking her back to her 
work area but he turned off and headed towards Revesby. 
We watched his car pull in behind Revesby police 
station and we knew her night wasn't over yet. My wife 
spent another hour and a half servicing the night shift 
at Revesby before they both returned to his car. 

Valerie was smiling and chatting to the sergeant as 
they drove off. We followed the car into the Panania 
shopping centre and the car stopped outside a tattoo 
shop. Valerie got out of the car first and headed 
straight into the shop. The sergeant followed her in 
and they spent just over an hour inside. When they left 
Valerie looked a little uncomfortable as she walked to 
the car. The car headed towards South Hurstville where 
we now lived and we were shocked when the car stopped 
outside our house. I watched my wife kiss the sergeant 
and head into our house

Ron parked his car in the driveway and used his key to 
enter my house. All Val's regular lovers have a key. 
Valerie was in the shower and was quietly humming to 
herself. My wife had been used as a common prostitute, 
fucked by three 'johns', arrested, paraded half nude 
and handcuffed past civilians at Bankstown, then fucked 
by countless policemen. She still managed to enjoy 
herself. Amazing woman!

Ron and I waited till Val finished her shower and came 
into the bedroom. Val smiled when she saw us and gave 
us both a kiss. When she dropped the towel we could see 
why she'd gone to the tattoo shop. Both Val's nipples 
had been pierced and she had some kind of metal at the 
top of her cunt. Both pussy lips were slightly red, not 
unusual after a night of fucking and had some cream on 
them. Valerie sat cross legged on our bed and as Ron 
and I examined her nipples, she told us what had 
happened at Bankstown, Revesby and Panania.

Valerie told us that as soon as she was inside 
Bankstown police station she mentioned the sergeant's 
name. The desk officer, who had also recognised her, 
immediately phoned the off duty sergeant. Val said she 
was handed the phone and the sergeant explained to her 
he had transferred to Revesby station. He told her she 
would have to fuck the night shift at Bankstown and 
then he'd come and pick her up. 

Val said that the sergeant had told the desk officer 
that no policewomen were to touch her. Val told us that 
eleven policemen had fucked her in the storeroom before 
the sergeant came and got her. At one stage she thought 
they were going to let a police dog fuck her but the 
desk officer said the sergeant would have to OK that 
first. Val told us that while she wouldn't choose to 
fuck a dog, she had fantasised about it. 

When the sergeant arrived the desk officer asked about 
the dog and was told maybe next time but only after the 
policemen had all used her. Valerie said the dog 
fucking was discussed in front of her as if she wasn't 
there. Dog fucking was definitely in Val's future. Val 
said the sergeant fucked her up the ass and told her 
she would also have to go and fuck the nightshift at 
Revesby station. Revesby only had six guys on 
nightshift and Val said they all fucked her within 90 

Val also told us that the sergeant had checked the 
Helen Jones ID and address and knew it was false. Val 
said she told the sergeant her real name and address 
and told him about her lovers, her part-time 
prostitution and even about her sex tapes and the web 
address to find them. Valerie told us that the sergeant 
was a nice man and could have easily exposed her false 
ID. This would have led to a court case for 
prostitution under her real name and exposed her life 
to everyone. Valerie kissed us both and said she 
enjoyed her life too much to give it up. She said the 
sergeant told her he was going to protect her but 
wanted to be able to fuck her and use her whenever he 
wanted. Valerie said she happily agreed and told the 
sergeant he could do whatever he wanted, wherever and 
whenever he wanted. 

Valerie said the sergeant tested her and said he wanted 
her to get a tattoo. Val told the sergeant he could 
have her tattooed with whatever he liked but it had to 
be covered by normal clothing. Val told us the 
policeman said he had no intention of disfiguring her 
and said all tattoos would hidden by the briefest 
bikini. Val said the sergeant, Gordon or Gordy as Val 
called him, drove her to the Panania Tattoo Shop. She 
said that there were two biker types waiting and 
another one was just about to leave. 

Gordy flashed his police ID introduced my wife as Helen 
and asked if it was OK if she went first. One of the 
bikers began to protest but Gordy said there would be 
benefits. He said they could watch his slut get 
tattooed and that she would be naked. He also said they 
could all fuck her in the ass after she had her tattoo. 
Val said Gordy included the guy who was half out the 
door and the tattooist. 

Val said she wondered why he'd only offered her ass and 
not her cunt as well. Valerie said she loved cock in 
her ass almost as much as her cunt so was quite happy 
for Gordy to give her ass to the four men. While 
Valerie was telling us about the tattoo she placed a 
pillow over her cunt while Ron and I played with the 
pins through her nipples. Val said Gordy removed her 
tee-shirt and told her to sit in the chair and spread 
her legs. 

Valerie told us the three bikers positioned themselves 
so they had a good view of her cunt and tits. Val said 
Gordy drew something on a piece of paper and passed it 
to the tattooist. My wife said she had no idea what the 
tattooist was inking onto her body. She said that it 
hurt quite a bit because the needle was working on a 
very sensitive part of her body. 

I attempted to remove the pillow covering my wife's 
genitals but she gently pushed my hand away. Val told 
us she wanted to finish her story and then we could 
both look at her cunt as long as we liked. Ron told 
Valerie that her body and especially her ass and cunt 
belonged to all her present and future lovers not just 
to us two. Valerie said that neither she nor Gordy 
would do anything that might limit the amount of lovers 
she would experience in her life. 

Valerie continued with her story saying that the 
tattooing only took ten minutes before the tattooist 
was dabbing a relieving balm on her privates. Gordy, 
she said, asked the bikers if they would like to see 
something else done to her body before they all fucked 
her rear. One guy said 'FUCKSLUT' should be tattooed 
across 'Helen's' pussy mound but Gordy refused because 
a tiny bikini would not cover it. 

My wife must have told Gordy that she regularly wore 
Wicked Weasel bikinis. The Australian designed bikinis 
were three tiny pieces of material for tits and cunt 
with a string between the ass cheeks.

Valerie continued that a biker suggested nipple rings 
and the tattooist liked the idea of a clit ring. Gordy, 
she said, liked both ideas but left it up to my wife 
which one she wanted. Ron and I smiled at each other 
because we knew Gordy had a lot to learn about 'our' 
slut. Valerie said she wanted both! Valerie said that 
her nipples were rock hard already because of the 
attention of four strange men. She said Gordy played 
with her clit until it was all the way out of its hood. 

The tattooist, Val said, grabbed her clit between his 
thumb and forefinger and pulled it even further out. 
She said he quickly applied anaesthetic spray and 
before she knew it, something sharp was pushed all the 
way through her clit. Valerie said it still hurt like 
hell but because five sets of eyes were focused on her 
cunt it felt totally erotic. 

Gordy told the tattooist he wanted a gold bar through 
my wife's clit not a ring. Val said it stung a bit when 
the tattooist slid the bar in but wasn't uncomfortable 
once in place. She said the tattooist then applied the 
same anaesthetic spray to both her nipples and quickly 
pierced both. Valerie said it was less painful then her 
clit piercing but still hurt. She said Gordy again 
didn't want rings in her tits but opted for the short 
gold pins that Ron and I were playing with. Ron and I 
both liked Gordy's taste because the gold pins were not 
too prominent but seemed to keep Val's nipples hard. 
Valerie told us the whole tattooing and piercing only 
took 20 minutes. 

Gordy, she said, was a real gentleman and helped her 
from the chair and gave her to the bikers. She said 
they quickly bent her over the arm of the padded chair 
and all five guys, including Gordy, fucked her ass. 
Valerie said she was pleased that Gordy had limited her 
new lovers to her ass. Valerie said the pin in her clit 
helped her reach an orgasm each and every time the guys 
fucked her ass. She said her clit was stimulated on the 
arm of the chair as the cocks slid in and out of her 

When they'd all cum in her ass, she said Gordy 
attempted to pay for the work done on her body. The 
tattooist refused payment for the work and only asked 
Gordy to pay for the three 9ct gold pins. Val said 
Gordy promised to bring 'Helen' back for any future 
tattoos. He also told him whenever he brought her back 
he and any other customers in the shop at the time 
could fuck her. 

As Val finished her story she removed the pillow from 
her lap and lay back on our bed, spreading her legs. 
Ron and I gently wiped the soothing cream from my 
wife's labia and looked at her tattoo. On her left 
labia in black letters about 5mm high was; 'POLICE 
SLUT' and on the right was 'BK' AND 'RY' I was stunned 
that my wife would let Gordy tattoo her cunt like that. 
Valerie told us that Gordy assured us that if she was 
arrested by any NSW Police for prostitution, all she 
had to do was flash her tattooed cunt to be released. 

Of course she would have to be 'nice' to the arresting 
officer and probably several of his mates but she would 
be released without charge. She told us the BK and RY 
were the two letter codes for Bankstown and Revesby and 
indicated she'd been gangbanged at those stations. Ron 
said he liked the tattoos and especially liked the clit 
pin. He said that Valerie could let her pussy lip cunt 
hair grow and cover the tattoos if she was making a 
video. I said I would prefer the tattoos to be seen by 
her video fans and all her 'johns' and lovers.

Over the last twelve months, Ron used her Canterbury 
Road earnings to have her ass and cunt hair removed 
permanently, making her tattoos very prominent. Gordy 
took Valerie on a weekend trip to the NSW central coast 
and they returned via Panania. When he dropped her off 
at home late Sunday night she had three new tattoos. On 
her right labia she proudly displayed not only BK AND 
RY but GF, TL and PM. Gordy had taken her to Gosford, 
Tuggerah Lakes and Port Macquarie police stations to be 
gangbanged. Valerie said she had room for at least six 
more stations before she had to find another location 
for the letters. Valerie said the tattooist had to be 
woken up to apply the tattoos and Gordy had promised 
her to him for a night later in the week.

Valerie has since spent three nights with the tattooist 
working as his assistant and fucking everyone that he 
tells her to. Val now has eight Police stations listed 
on her cunt. BK, RY, GF, TL, PM, TH, BT and SU. Tweed 
Heads was added when Val and Gordy had a week on the 
Gold Coast. Two surf clubs also used my wife but Gordy 
didn't want tattoos for them. Blacktown and Sutherland 
police stations used my wife's cunt, mouth and ass on 
the same night. Valerie was the main prize at a golf 
day between the stations. 

After the winner had the use of her body for two hours 
she was given to the other players to use. Valerie said 
that some policemen were very sadistic lovers. For 
every policeman that was happy to fuck her, there were 
three that wanted to pull her nipples or pussy lips off 
her body. The same guys liked to push extremely large 
objects into her ass and cunt. Valerie said Gordy made 
sure that nothing disfiguring was done to her. He also 
made sure that any marks left by belts or batons were 
not permanent. 

Valerie now has 'Ron Champion Motors' tattooed inside 
the left side crack of her ass. Val and I decided it 
would be a great anniversary present for Ron; he had 
been fucking and prostituting her for five years last 
November. The tattoo can only be seen by someone 
fucking my wife up the ass and is totally hidden even 
by her Wicked Weasel bikinis. The right side of her ass 
crack is available for future tattoos. 

If Gordy keeps taking her to be gangbanged at police 
stations we'll need the space for the station initials. 
Valerie has suggested her inner labia could be tattooed 
with the additional police stations and use her ass 
crack for her lovers. When I made the comment the hide 
of a full grown African elephant wouldn't have enough 
room for her lovers she laughed. Val said she only 
meant her lovers up to and including Gordy not her 
gang-bangers, Ron's friends, John's mates, police or 

If we include Ron's six mechanics it only totalled 
about twelve names. Valerie wanted their first names 
not initials in her ass crack. Ron and I agreed that it 
would be nice to have our names permanently on 
Valerie's body and sent her off to Panania. Greg the 
tattooist only did two names at a time to allow for 
healing before he did more. It also gave him more time 
to fuck Valerie and use her in his shop. 

Valerie included Greg's name in her ass crack. She now 
has fourteen names in her ass crack plus 'Ron Champion 
Motors'. She also has twelve police stations on her 
right labia and three inside. Valerie said the inner 
labia tattoos really really hurt but was pleased she 
saved her ass crack for her lovers.

Valerie is now thirty one and Ron no longer sends her 
out to Canterbury Road. My wife told me she misses the 
inherent danger of selling herself on a public road. 
Ron still prostitutes her to his friends and business 
contacts and John lets his mates fuck her at least once 
a month. Gordy has retired from the Police Force so Val 
doesn't think there will be any more police stations to 
tattoo in her cunt. He still calls in regularly to fuck 
her and has become a close friend. 

Ron's mechanics still get to service her when we get 
the cars serviced but don't use her at other times. Ken 
is the exception. He takes Valerie out to lunch or 
dinner every month and doesn't always fuck her Most 
times he's happy with a blow job or for Valerie just to 
stay overnight. He treats her like a lady.

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