Monday, 23 September 2013


I was online, going desultorily through the pictures 
posted in the Yahoo adult club 'Sluts Seeking Masters, 
SE' when I found the pics that changed my whole life. And 
not just mine. 

The pics at first just annoyed me; a blonde woman with a 
good body had posted 14 candid personal pics of herself, 
one in natty professional business attire, two in bra and 
panties, one of her by a pool in a bikini, the rest of 
her nude, a couple of them showing her doing things with 
a muscular, well hung black stud that, assuming she 
wasn't part of an interracial marriage, would most likely 
have pissed her husband off if he knew.

She actually had more than a good body, she had a 
spectacular body... trim waist, broad hips, excellent, 
well rounded asscheeks, and tits that had to be at least 
36C, with fat, round, dark brown nipples and enough 
realistic sag to tell me they were real, not Memorex. She 
had a sexy spray of freckles across the top of her 
cleavage, as well.

I liked her a lot... except for the fact that, as many 
women do when posting pics on the Internet, she'd blanked 
out her face, which I always find aggravating. A great 
body is fine, but without a face to show me personality 
and character, it's just so much meat.

However, as I always do, I clicked on the link leading to 
her Yahoo profile, in hopes that maybe she'd posted a 
better, fuller picture of herself there. She'd been 
careful, though, the pic in her profile showed her from 
the neck down only. It got my attention further, though; 
not only was she nude, but in this pic, she was clearly 
pregnant... hugely so... and her breasts were even 
larger, as were her sexy big brown nipples.

Her personal notes on the profile said that she was 
recently without a master and missing one badly, had 
recently given birth to her first son, and she needed a 
discrete man willing to use her hard, but respect her 
limits, as she had a prominent, high profile job and 
couldn't come home to her husband with embarrassing 
marks. She also said that for those who were interested, 
there were more pictures of her pregnant in her Yahoo 

Some women don't look good pregnant, but this one 
certainly did. I immediately clicked on her briefcase and 
found it contained several folders, labeled 'Joanie 
Pregnant', 'Joanie with Master Rick', "Joanie at the 
Pool', 'Joanie Christmas 1999' and 'Wedding Pix 1996'. 

On a hunch, I clicked on wedding pictures, and... voila! 
A bunch of the most beautiful wedding shots you'd ever 
want to see. Joanie looked radiant in her off the 
shoulders, lacy, shimmering white silk bridal gown... and 
as I'd hoped, she hadn't blanked her face off of these. 
Which was, perhaps, a silly oversight on her part.

Looking at her face, I found myself stunned.

She was a breathtakingly lovely woman, and better, she 
was a lovely woman wearing little round glasses, which I 
always find attractive... combined with the bare 
shouldered, undeniably sexy wedding dress that showed off 
her plunging cleavage and full, heavy breasts 
beautifully, she looked utterly hot and totally doable. 

She was also a woman I knew from work.

I live in a mid sized Southern city. I'm not going to 
tell you which one, but you've heard of it; we've hosted 
a couple of Super Bowls in the last twenty years. I 
actually work for the City, as a minor clerical cog in 
the bureaucracy (my official title is Office Support 
Specialist III), and among the usual majority of drab, 
plain, boring, overweight, or just plain goddam homely 
women you'll find in any large vocational organization, 
there were, as always, a sprinkling of pretty women, and 
a few spectacularly beautiful ones...

You know, the kind that are always married, usually quite 
cheerful and casually, coolly friendly, willing to stop 
and chat for a few seconds about what's on their desks at 
the moment, or their kids, or the latest office gossip, 
or a favorite TV show... the ones we drab, plain, 
overweight, or just plain goddam homely males go home and 
jerk off thinking desperately lustful thoughts about, but 
never, never, NEVER think we'll ever be able to so much 
as touch, much less truly and thoroughly ravish the way 
we'd really like to.

'Joanie'... close to her real name, but not quite it, 
BTW... was not just one of those spectacularly beautiful 
women, she was just about the hottest woman I'd ever met 
in real life. She was probably ten years younger than me 
(I'm 40), 5'6 or so, happily married, always very 
cheerful in the office. I'd wanted to ball her for years, 
even before she'd spent most of the previous year 
steadily swelling into the most radiantly, sexily 
pregnant young matron I'd ever seen. She passed through 
the office I worked in, picking up or dropping off 
various papers several times a week, and she'd always 
smile and say hello to me.

I honestly doubted she knew my name, or cared, but 
occasionally we'd pass in the hall and chat for a few 
seconds about inconsequential things. A very pleasant 
person, and simply a drop dead gorgeous woman... who 
happened to be married, upwardly mobile, and have a new 
infant son she doted on... and who was thus, obviously, 
utterly out of my reach, now and forever. 

And here 'Joanie' was, decked out in her wedding dress 
for me... and in the other photos (I quickly checked) 
taking a big black cock in every hole she had and looking 
like she loved it, or spectacularly, nakedly pregnant, or 
shyly flashing the camera by pulling down her bikini top 
beside a backyard, inground swimming pool somewhere.

The folder of her and her former master, apparently named 
Rick, also contained a text file; in it, she stated 
explicitly that although she was very happily married and 
loved her new son 'all to pieces' (her phrase), she 
simply needed much more control and discipline than her 
normal, 'vanilla' husband could give her. She said she 
didn't have a preference for blacks, although submitting 
to a black man gave her a 'special thrill', but in any 
case, her former master had moved to another City and she 
was seeking another one... one who would use her 
creatively and remorselessly, who would be able to 
understand her need for humiliation and degradation, but 
who could respect the fact that she needed to keep her 
high profile job and her marriage working, and who would 
thus not leave noticeable marks on her. She said anything 
else, as far as she was concerned, was fine, but she had 
to insist... no marks!

To say I was astonished... well, 'Joanie' is an 
intelligent woman. To have been so careful in her posting 
on the club, and on her adult profile... and then to put 
unaltered, 'normal' pictures of her in an available 
place... that was stupidity on an amazing level. It 

... clearly the action of a woman desperate to be put 
under the control of someone, to be made completely 

I didn't hesitate for a moment. First, I attached three 
of the most explicit pictures of her with her former 
master (all of them with her face carefully blanked), 
along with one of the wedding pictures, to an email 
addressed to her adult site addy. In the email, I 
carefully typed out her full real name, and after logging 
on to the City website and looking it up, her home 
address, phone number, work phone number, job title, her 
immediate supervisor's name and work email addy, and, 
culling my memory carefully, the first names of her 
husband and son, too. I then typed the following message:

"'Joanie' - 

You seem to have misspelled your name on the 'Sluts 
Seeking Masters' site. You also seem to have left off a 
lot of pertinent information on your adult profile (see 
above). I was thinking I could do you a favor and fill in 
your information in a post to the Club's message board. 
But then I thought that wasn't something I should do 
without your permission, and perhaps I should consult 
with your husband, and your supervisor, or maybe even the 
Mayor, first.

What do you think? I can cc this email to them and we can 
all conference on it. Or perhaps you and I could simply 
talk first on how you'd like to handle this. I'm sure you 
want to work out some way to see to it that the 
appropriate people get all the appropriate information 
regarding you, and I'd like to help.

Contact me at this email address, or at [my cell phone 
number] by 9 p.m. tonight if you'd like to work something 
else out, please. Or don't, and I'll just do what I think 

I sent that off, then simply copied the link to her 
'Master Rick' photo folder and pasted that into another 
email envelope, and sent that one off to her work email 
addy... not wanting to get her in trouble there, but 
definitely wanting to make my point. 

Then I happily went back to her briefcase and started 
downloading her photos. It was 7:44 p.m. when I sent the 
email. Since the notation on her profile had said she was 
online at that moment, I didn't expect a long wait, but I 
didn't know how she'd choose to respond. Still, I was a 
little surprised when, within two minutes, my cell phone 

I deliberately deepened my voice a bit; I didn't think 
she'd recognize it, but hey, never having blackmailed a 
gorgeous married slut before, I didn't want to take any 
chances. "Yes?" I said, in my forced Darth Vader voice 
into the phone.

"Ah," I heard a voice I recognized as Joanie's, sounding 
actually rather upset. "Um... hello? Who... who is this?"

"Joanie," I said (I used her real name, but I'll keep 
calling her Joanie here; I want to tell you what 
happened, but it's my job now to keep her safe). "Hello, 
hon. How are you? These are some lovely, lovely photos of 

"Oh my God," I heard her say in a tiny voice on the other 
end of the phone line. Then, more clearly, "Please tell 
me who this is?"

"This is a friend, Joanie," I told her reassuringly. 
"Soon to be a very, very close friend. Now, listen 
closely. That bikini you're wearing in the pool pics?"

I heard her give a frustrated little moan on the other 
end. Then, warily, "Um... yes?"

I smiled. I gave her some instructions. To her credit, 
she didn't even try to argue, other than to tell me, 
wearily, that it would take her an hour, not a half hour, 
to get there, as she needed to take her son over to her 
mother in law's. I graciously allowed her the extra time, 
but told her if she was so much as a full minute late, I 
was leaving, and I'd be... disappointed... in her.

I stayed at the computer for another 45 minutes, going 
through all her pictures and downloading them to my hard 
drive. Glancing at my watch, I got up, put on my 
sneakers, slipped one of my ties into one of my jacket 
pockets and a length of black cotton (actually the sleeve 
from a sweatshirt I'd cut off last summer; the other 
sleeve had gotten torn so I'd cut both off, and I never 
throw anything out) into the other, and ambled over to 
the food court of a mall that is two blocks from my home.

Upon getting there, I looked at my watch again. She still 
had five minutes, but if she was smart, she was already 
there, waiting for me... and if she was sitting where I'd 
told her to sit, then she'd have her back to the food 
court entrance I was planning to come in by. So I moved 
up and, staying inside the milling crowds, looked for 

She was right where I'd told her to be, not easy to pick 
out in the December crowds, since a lot of people were 
wearing long coats... had it been summer, I'd have been 
tempted to simply make her wear the bikini, but in 
winter, that would have looked really strange. Still, 
after a few seconds looking, I spotted her. She had her 
back to the area I was in, as instructed. From where I 
was, maybe fifty yards away, I couldn't tell how she was 
feeling, of course, but I imagined she was nervous... 
frightened... and probably more that a little turned on.

Well, we'd see.

I moved up behind her and put one hand on her shoulder. 
"Close your eyes and hold still," I told her, in my deep 
Darth Vader voice. She started violently, like I'd scared 
her, but immediately went still, although I could feel 
her trembling through her coat. "Please," she said, and 
from where I was standing above and behind her, I could 
see her nervously lick her lips. Her eyes went firmly 
closed, though. "Do I know you? Tell me..."

"Shhhhh," I said, gently. "Be a good girl for daddy." I 
took the black sweatshirt sleeve out of my pocket and 
quickly blindfolded her with it, then lifted the hood of 
her grey coat and tucked it over her head. Her breath 
hissed inward sharply as I did it. I'd told her to have 
her arms free of the sleeves of the coat, underneath it, 
and given that she was only wearing a thong bikini under 
it, I knew she'd have the coat fastened closed. Now I 
said "Stand up, sugar. Hands behind your back like 
daddy's best little cunt, baby." 

She stood immediately, a bit awkwardly with the blindfold 
on, and I steadied her with the hand still on her 
shoulder. I saw her shift under the coat and heard the 
fabric rustle, and she gave a little groan. 

"What are you..." she asked, timidly. 

"Shhhhhh," I repeated. "Don't make me hurt you here. I 
will if I have to, but I know you don't want a lot of 
public attention, do you?"

She immediately went quiet. I dropped to one knee, lifted 
her coat in back, appreciating her long, naked legs 
sliding sockless into white tennis shoes, and her bare 
asscheeks, which must have been quite cold, given the 
weather, with the blue line of the thong running between 
them. I quickly bound her wrists with my ugliest tie, a 
frayed red rayon one with black candy cane striping that 
I've always hated. She gave a little moan again as she 
felt her wrists being tied together, but didn't protest 
or move. 

I let her coat fall down again and glanced around. People 
were intent on the own business; it had only taken me a 
few seconds to blindfold her and another few to tie her, 
and the movements would have been unfamiliar to nearly 
anyone... and what we don't recognize, we tend to 
dismiss, or simply file away into some seemingly 
appropriate pigeonhole. Anyone paying any attention at 
all would probably have seen me adjust my wife's hair, 
put her hood up, and help her with her coat. 

On a hunch, I slipped my hand into the slit pocket on the 
side of the long grey hooded coat she'd worn and was 
rewarded by touching her bare arm under the coat; it was 
one of those with reach through pockets. "Very thoughtful 
of you," I commended her as I grasped her bent elbow. 
"Come on, let's go."

She made a murmuring sound deep in her throat.. then 
sighed, and visibly surrendered, letting me steer her 
through the crowds and back out the way I'd come in. 
"Where..." she started to say, and then just stopped, 
obviously realizing it was a stupid question. I was 
taking her wherever I wanted to take her; she had no say 
in the matter. Obviously, she was experienced at being 
under the control of someone else, although I'd already 
known that. 

She couldn't drive while blindfolded, and I had no 
confidence she could direct me to her car in the parking 
lot, and I'd walked to the mall, anyway... a mistake; I 
should have driven, so I could put her in my car and 
drive around a bit to keep her confused as to where I 

My paranoid precautions were almost certainly 
unwarranted; after all, I clearly had her in a bad 
position... but this was my first real experience in 
mastery, despite a lot of fantasies, and I was going very 
carefully. If things went bad, I wanted to limit my 
exposure... and besides, I wasn't at all confident that 
if she found out who I was... a nebbish from work whose 
name she couldn't even remember... she'd continue to 
submit. She might just laugh at me.

I understood intellectually that I had her over a barrel, 
but emotionally, I still hadn't quite gotten my head 
around the idea that I now owned one of the most 
beautiful women I'd ever seen.) So I sighed, and set off 
with my blindfolded, bound charge, leading her across the 
parking lot, across the street (waiting for a lull in 
traffic), and down a block to my apartment complex. 
Halfway down the block, curiosity finally got the better 
of her.

"Where... where are we going?" she stammered (the average 
city dweller with a car rarely walks so much as two 
blocks, and almost never crosses a busy street on foot, 
except maybe at lunch time while working.

I said, with a burst of inspiration, "I parked my car at 
the bank; the mall lot is always a pain." The bank is 
across the street from my complex; it would keep her 

Then I led her to my car, opened the door, put her in, 
went around, and got behind the wheel. I closed the door, 
reached down, unzipped my jeans, and let my very hard 
cock out. Clearly, she'd heard the zipper going down; now 
she groaned and trembled and lowered her chin to her 
chest and gave a little sobbing sound... but she didn't 
say a word. 

I reached over and pushed her hood back off her head, so 
I could see her better.

"I'm going to drive us to a place where we can have some 
fun," I said. "I'm going to assume you know what you'll 
be doing while I drive."

She groaned. "Please... wuh what do you want me to call 

I smiled. "What do you think would be appropriate, sweet 

I saw her bite her full, very sexy lower lip, and her 
lowered head sort of inclined in my direction. Then she 
breathily sort of half sobbed, "Well... I guess... muh 
master... if... if that's what you want..."

"Get your head up," I told her, and she immediately 
jerked her head up, quivering like a dog on point. I 
slapped her face, twice, hard, with noises like gunshots, 
once forehanded on her left cheek, the backhanded on her 
right. She sobbed and I saw the black sleeve around her 
eyes darken further with tears. 

"Suh sorry!" she gasped. "Tell me what you want to be cuh 
called, then...!"

"I've told you twice already," I said. "I know you're a 
smart cunt, Joanie... a smart cunt like you needs to pay 

I could practically hear the gears turning frantically in 
her head as she thought. Then, slowly, "Dah... daddy?"

I smiled, patted her knee, then reached over and 
unbuttoned her coat down the front, pulling it open so I 
could look at her barely clad body. She groaned; the 
inside of the car was cold. "Good girl," I said. "Tell me 
the truth, do you like to be slapped, Joanie?"

Her head wavered a bit, then she said, in a very tiny 
voice, "Kuh... kind of..." She cleared her throat and 
said more clearly, "It hurts... daddy... and I don't 
really find pain to be pleasurable, like some... suh 
sluts..." Her head wavered a bit more at that, and she 
sobbed a bit. Then she went on, "Uh also... I huh hope... 
I mean, you can do whatever you want... daddy... of cuh 
course... this slut is yuh yours... but... I huh hope you 
won't muh mark me up... espec... especially muh my face. 
Yuh... you know where I work, and... and my husband... 
suh so..."

"Tell me how you 'kind of' enjoy it, Joanie," I said, 
squeezing her knee and stroking up and down her bare leg 

She gave a little moan and shuddered. Then she said, "I 
luh like... buh being handled. Tuh treated..." She 
paused, as if searching for words. 

"Like a slut?" I suggested.

"Yes," she agreed, immediately, "but... more... like a 
slave... that's not quite right either..." She seemed 
very thoughtful as she considered it.

"Like an object," I said. "Like a thing. Like something 
less than human, an entity that only exists to be used by 
me. Like property."

She shuddered. "Yes, daddy," she said. "Yes, that's it, 
that's exactly it. You..." Her lips trembled into a tiny 
smile. "You say it very well."

"Why do you need it, sugar?" I asked, honestly curious.

She kind of shrugged, and sighed; her amazing tits heaved 
up and down, in and out, looking as if they might tear 
her tiny bikini top to shreds any second. "I... suppose 
it's because my first sexual experience was a rape, 
daddy," she said, quietly. "I was only 11, and a neighbor 
forced me... and he kept forcing me, until I was 14 and 
we moved away..." Her head was down again now, and her 
voice started to mumble. "I started to like it... being 
treated like... just a thing... he used to say I was his 
favorite little toy... he called me a fuck hole... he'd 
tie me up... hurt me sometimes, even if I did what he 
said... just for fun, he said..."

She stopped, and took a deep breath. "I got used to it... 
in fact, sometimes I'd go over to his house even if he 
didn't call me, and... and ask him if he... wanted to..." 
She breathed out again in a long sigh. "I only had normal 
boyfriends after that, but... I always thought about it, 
and then I met Rick last year and..."

"Normally I won't warn you when I'm going to hurt you," I 
told her, "but since you're blindfolded now, I will. Put 
your head up again, please, I'm going to slap you some 

She lifted her head immediately, and I did, forehand and 
backhand, both cheeks, even harder this time. She took it 
without flinching, although the sweatshirt sleeve around 
her eyes was soaking through and water was trickling down 
her cheeks now. 

"Did I do something wrong, dah daddy," she gasped, "or 
was that..."

"Just for fun," I said. 

She moaned. "Yes," she said, licking her lips. "Fuh 
fun... fun hurting me... thank you, daddy."

"You're sweet, baby," I said, "but let's get that mouth 
of yours to work, shall we?" I put my hand on her neck 
and guided her head down into my lap, easing her mouth 
into place over and around my hard cock. She went without 
protest, perhaps even with a little eagerness (I imagine 
she was curious about my cock, which is only average 
size). She quickly settled her mouth all the way down my 
shaft and started sucking and slurping away in an 
obviously experienced manner. 

I started the car up, turned the radio on, backed out of 
my parking space carefully (blowjobs while driving are a 
staple of porn stories, but as I'd always suspected, it 
was hell on the concentration) and then, very slowly, 
drove around my building three or four times. Anyone 
watching me make several circuits of my apartment 
building was probably wondering what the hell was up, but 
I simply, at that time, didn't want Joanie to know I 
lived where I lived. I pulled back into another parking 
slot and kept the engine on and the radio playing for 
another few minutes, while Joanie kept working at my hard 
cock with her mouth.

She gave a good blowjob, even with her hands tied; eager 
and skilled, bobbing her head only slightly, maybe an 
inch up and down on my otherwise fully swallowed up cock. 
She rubbed her tongue in a steady, rhythmic way along the 
side of my cock (she was leaning into me from my side, of 
course) sucking and slurping with diligence and 

Once I parked again, I took a handful of the shaggy 
blonde hair at the back of her head and started moving 
her up and down on a longer stroke, basically jerking off 
with her mouth. She grunted as I did that. Whether in 
pain or satisfaction I didn't know (a lot of women like 
to have their hair pulled while they give head; many like 
to have their heads controlled and pumped, and a few like 
to have the two combined... a high school girl I'd met on 
a city bus a couple of years before even liked to put her 
hair in a ponytail before she started blowing a guy, so 
he could use it as a handle) and started pumping her head 
on my cock harder, groaning now with each up and down 

I sighed and about a minute after grabbing her hair, shot 
a nice big load of cum into her mouth, spurting off 
several times in a very satisfying orgasm as Joanie 
gulped and swallowed like a good little cum slut. 

I let my fingers relax from her hair and started lightly 
massaging her neck. She moaned around my softening cock 
but didn't try to move her head out of my lap, just kept 
sucking away at me, gently now, but obviously enjoying 
it. Her tongue swirled around my length now, rubbing 
insistently over my slowly wilting cockhead, and I could 
feel her gulping again through my fingers on her throat; 
obviously, she was cleaning me up, swallowing down the 
last drips and drops of sperm she could nurse out of my 
cock or lick up from my shaft. 

I groaned and let her nurse and nuzzle at my dick, and 
wasn't surprised to find myself hardening again within a 
minute or so, swelling to fill her mouth again like a 
cork in a bottle. She gave what seemed to me to be a 
happy little muffled cooing sound as I did, and started 
to suck me a bit more earnestly.

Somewhat reluctantly, I took her by the hair again and 
pulled her mouth up off my cock. She was obviously even 
more reluctant to give it up; her neck went stiff and she 
actually resisted my tugging, straining to push her mouth 
back down deeper onto my cock as I tried to pull her up. 
Finally I let go of her hair, pulled her coat up, and 
slapped her bare asscheek hard. "UP, bitch," I told her.

She'd yipped around my cock when I slapped her, now she 
groaned and I could see her struggling to obey me; not 
easy with her hands tied behind her. I took her by the 
hair and 'helped' her back to a sitting position; she 
yowled like a cat as I hauled her up that way. 

"Sorry, daddy," she said quietly, looking chagrined 
beneath her blindfold. "I... I really like giving a guy 
head, especially by force, and... I just got into it..."

"Your enthusiasm is appreciated," I said. "Now I'm going 
to slap you again for disobeying me, though." 

She sighed, but lifted her chin to present her face to 
me, and I slapped her resoundingly... just once, though. 
After all, if she had to pick a way to disobey me, not 
disengaging from a blowjob was one I really couldn't mind 
that much. 

She yelped again, then smiled. "Thank you, daddy," she 
said. "For hurting me, because I'm a bad cunt and I 
deserve it, and for making me suck your cock, because I 
love your cock so much, and for giving me a nice big load 
of cum for my dinner." She licked her lips. "Baby was 

I had to laugh at that. "Speaking of babies, are you 
nursing yours, Joanie?"

She nodded her head. "Yes sir," she said. "Are you... 
going to taste me?"

I had to admit, I was curious. "Maybe," I said. "Or I 
might know someone else who would. Tell me about your 
experiences, little slut. I know about Master Rick and 
this neighbor of yours; what's the worst, most degrading 
things they ever made you do?"

She took a breath. "Um," she said, obviously searching 
her memory. "Well... I don't know, daddy. I mean... just 
the usual stuff..." She laughed at that. "What a weird 
way to put it. I mean, all my holes have been used. 
Obviously you know I swallow... and you'd make me even if 
I didn't, I'm sure. I've been tied up before..." 

She flexed her shoulders back and forth, and smiled. "I 
like it. Thank you. I like feeling so helpless... I've 
been hurt... my neighbor, Don, used to use a belt on 
me... not just my ass, but on my legs, my tits... they 
were little then, I didn't have any when we started... my 
stomach, my thighs, my pussy, my back... he used to punch 
me, too... he'd string my hands up over my head to a pipe 
in his basement and use me like a punching bag... 
sometimes I'd be covered in bruises. He never marked my 
face, but there were times I had to be really careful not 
to let anyone see my torso... not my parents, or any of 
the girls in gym class..."

"Is that one of the things you'd ask him for?" I asked 

She shuddered. "No," she said, "When I asked him for 
things, it wasn't to be hurt... I'm not into pain as 
pleasure. I'd just ask him to fuck me... a lot of times, 
I'd ask him to fuck me in the ass, that got to be kind of 
a craving with me... or let me blow him. I knew better 
than to ask him to go down on me, because he told me that 
little fuck holes weren't put on Earth for their own 
selfish pleasure. But sometimes when he was really 
pleased with me he'd finger my clit and make me go off, 
and I usually came when he screwed me."

She licked her lips again, and continued, "It's hard to 
explain... it's not like I minded the beatings... I mean, 
I did, I'd never ask him to do it... but I didn't resist 
at all.... I didn't enjoy it or cum from it... I don't 
cum from being hurt... but its attention... use. It's 
rough use, treatment of me as... like you said, an 
object... and... I find that..." She cocked her head to 
the side. 

"Satisfying?" I offered. "Fulfilling?"

She nodded. "Yeah," she said. "That's it. I... I like it. 
I enjoy it. But it's not a physical pleasure for me, and 
not something I'd ask for. It's... an emotional thing. 
Rick hurt me sometimes, but with him it was just slaps... 
pulling my hair... sometimes he'd squeeze my wrist too 
hard... other times he'd twist my arm up behind my back 
when he was bending me over something..."

"A casual brutality," I said. "Positioning you like you 
were just a big, girl shaped plaything for him to use."

"Yeah," she said, running her tongue around her lips 
again. "That's it, that's just it." She paused. "Who... 
who are you, daddy? I... I know you, don't I?"

I sighed. "All right," I said. "You just remember when 
you see me, I own your sexy little ass, Joanie."

She nodded, biting her lower lip like a little girl. 
"Yes, daddy," she said, "you own me." I could hear 
eagerness in her voice. "Really, you do. I know..." She 
shuddered. "If you sent those pictures to my husband... 
or to Ron..." (her supervisor, a City Department Head) 
"...I'd be sooooo fucked..." She giggled. "Guess I'm 
fucked either way, but this way is much better."

"You just keep me happy, then," I warned her. "Now turn 
your head." 

She turned her head for me, and I undid the knot holding 
the sleeve around her eyes and took it off. She turned 
back towards me, blinking, and it took a few seconds for 
her eyes to focus on me 

Finally, she said, "You!" in a wondering voice. Then, 
letting her eyes lower as if ashamed, "I'm suh sorry, 
Daddy... I... I don't remember your name." She looked up 
at me again, and in the same disbelieving voice, said, 
"But you're always so NICE to me at work."

I smiled back at her. "Hold still, sugar," I said, and 
lifted my fist.

"Oh God, daddy, please d-UNG!" she cried out, as I 
punched her hard in the mouth. Her head rocked back and 
thunked against the window behind her. "Owwwww!" she 
whimpered. "Daddy, PLEASE, I'm SORRY..."

"Head up," I said, and she flicked a fearful glance up at 
me, but then obediently lifted her head again, her chin 
trembling. Her lip was bleeding slightly, and already 
starting to swell. She closed her eyes tightly and tears 
started flowing down her cheeks.

I smiled at her. She said, tremulously, "Oh my God, 
daddy... does it show? Pluh please... please don't mark 
up my face. I..."

"You're going to have a nice fat lip," I said. "But I 
think, just this once, you can tell hubby you walked into 
a door, can't you?"

Her eyes blinked open again and I could see her thinking 
furiously. "Yeh yeah," she said, finally, "yes, sir, I 
can, but... please... he... he almost found out about Ruh 
Rick... he was suspicious... please, yes, I can tell him, 
just once... but..."

I said, "Then don't call me nice. Don't say I'm sweet. 
'Nice' and 'sweet', when a beautiful woman uses them 
about a man like me, are code. You know what they're code 
for, right?"

She just blinked at me, still silently crying. "Um..." 
she said. "I.. never thought..."

"About a man like you thought I was, before tonight," I 
corrected. "Think hard, Joanie. You're smart. Tell me 
what they're code for... or I'm going to take you inside, 
hang you from a door, and beat you until you pass out 
from the pain."

She groaned plaintively, her tongue exploring her 
swelling lip, her eyes wet and wide and fastened on mine. 
"Duh daddy," she whispered, "pluh... please..." Her mouth 
ovaled into a little o. "Oh," she said. "It... it 
means... it means 'we aren't going to fuck you'... 

I smiled at her. "That's EXACTLY what it means," I said. 
"And I hate that. A lot."

She licked her steadily swelling lip, and flinched... 
then giggled. "I never really put that together before," 
she marveled. "A sweet guy is one you're never gonna 
fuck... yeah, that's really true." She focused on me 
again. "Well... daddy... I guess you're definitely not a 
sweet guy, huh?"

She closed her eyes again, and her face went serious. 
Opened them and looked at me. "Daddy... I... of course, 
you can do anything you want with me... I have no choice 
at all... I understand that, believe me, and I will do 
anything you want, and I will take whatever punishment 
you want to give me if I displease you, or... or if you 
just..." She trembled, but went on, "...want to hurt me, 
for fun... I'm totally yours, and..." She looked 
surprised. "I'm... glad. I am, I really am."

She lowered her head, and looked ashamed. "Buh but I do 
have a buh baby," she whispered, "and I duh do luh love 
my husband, and... and I like my job too... so... pluh 
please... cuh could I go huh home... suh sometime... 

"Look at me," I told her. She immediately looked up at 

"Joanie," I said, "I like the fact that you're married, 
and a sweet new mom, and you seem very normal and proper 
and decent, and no one but me knows what a depraved, 
disgusting, dirty little cum whore you are." Her eyes 
were wide in the darkness of my car, gleaming in the 
light from the street lamps, her expression didn't 
change, nor did she try to deny anything I said about 
her. "I like the fact that I see you at work, and from 
now on, when I do, I'll own you, and only you and I will 
know that. So as long as you keep me happy, I'm certainly 
not going to do anything to endanger that."

She smiled in relief. "Thank you, daddy, thank you," she 

"But," I said, "I'm sure a smart, experienced little girl 
shaped sperm hole like you knows exactly what your part 
of that deal is. Tell me."

She tentatively nibbled her swollen lower lip, wincing as 
she did it, but said, levelly and without hesitation, "I 
am yours in any and every way, sir. Completely and 
without conditions. Even my... pruh preference... for not 
being marked up doesn't matter; if you want to, you will. 
You are my first priority, more important to me than my 
husband, my child, or my career. If you want me to remain 
married, a mother, and in my current career, then that is 
what will happen. If you want me to get divorced, give up 
my son, quit my job, I will do that."

She stopped talking for a moment and stared into my eyes, 
then as if waking up from a daze she continued, "If you 
want me to move in and be your full time slave, then your 
full time slave is what I will be. I will do anything you 
say, without protest; I will become anything you want me 
to become, sir. I will... will... become addicted to 
drugs, if you wish, sir; I will service your friends, I 
will become a common street whore. I own nothing now; 
everything that was mine is now yours. I..."

She paused again. "I... will do things for you that I 
can't even imagine at this moment, I am sure. You control 
me completely..." She shrugged. "I'm yours, sir. Daddy. 
Do what you want with me."

I smiled. "How late can you stay with me tonight without 
causing you problems, doll?"

She thought about it. "Probably midnight... mom has kept 
Matt that late before... John will understand if I say I 
had to review a site plan for an emergency hearing..."

I looked at her, quizzically. "You're smart, Joanie... 
you understand, if I did make you divorce your hubby, 
give up your son, and quit your job, I couldn't blackmail 
you any more, right...?"

She nodded, slowly, her eyes never leaving mine. "Yes," 
she said, "yes, sir, but it wouldn't matter to me. You 
own me now. It's..." She blinked. "It has nothing to do 
with the pictures. I'm yours. I'll always be yours. If 
you set me free again..." She looked at me. "If you send 
me away, of course I'll go, but I'll still always be 
yours." She paused. "I... I need to be, daddy. Please."

I reached over, slid a hand inside one of her bikini 
cups, and hefted one of her heavy, soft, full, firm tits. 
Squeezed it. Ran my thumb over her fat brown nipple. 
"It's okay baby," I told her, absently. "You are 
definitely mine, always and forever." I paused. "There's 
only one thing, Joanie," I added, after a second. 

She was moaning as I played with her tit, eyes closed, 
now she opened them again. "Yes, daddy?"

"You said you had to go home," I said. "That's not 

She closed her eyes and looked resigned. "Yes, sir," she 
said. "I... of course I'll stay here with you, as long as 
you like... permanently, if you want. I guh... guess I 
won't need cluh clothes..." Tears were rolling down her 
cheeks again. "I wish I could say goodbye to my baby..."

"Shhhh," I said, softly squeezing her tit. "You're very 
silly. Daddy isn't that mean. I meant, your home is here, 
now. When you leave, it will be to go back to your 
husband and son's home, but not yours."

Her eyes went wide. "Oh," she squeaked. 

Then she leaned way down and kissed my wrist, just above 
where my hand was playing with her tit. "Oh, daddy... 
thank you..."

I sighed. "Okay, let's get inside. I want to beat you and 
rape you thoroughly, and we only have a couple of hours 
before you have to leave."

I wanted to make her undress completely before leading 
her into the building, and her hands being tied behind 
her back made that difficult. So I got her out of the 
car, stood her up, took her coat off her and tossed it 
back inside, then stripped her of her skimpy bikini, too. 
The top unclasped in front and came right off, as it had 
no shoulder straps (38D Joanie titties being more than 
enough to hold it up); I tossed it back in as well; the 
thong I had to roll down her thighs, pulling the fabric 
from between her sweet, full asscheeks and then sliding 
it down her legs, having her lift her feet in her white 
tennis shoes one at a time for me to slip it off. I then 
stood up with it in my hand, noting that the fabric in 
front was quite damp.

She stood there shivering in the chill, end of December 
air (a cold front had come through for the holidays, I 
doubt it was more than 35 degrees). "God," she said, 
looking around, "I hope your neighbors... mmmmfff!"

She said the last because I firmly pushed her wadded up 
thong into her mouth. "Fuck holes are to be seen and not 
heard," I told her sweetly, and then, after giving her 
gorgeous, shivering, naked body a long , lecherous look 
in the sodium glare of the street lamp, "in your case, 
especially to be seen."

I took her by the elbow and led her inside, through the 
locked security gate (the lock doesn't work; you just 
jigger the doorknob and it opens) and down to my 
apartment, which was, fortunately, the first one on the 
left from that gate. She had to stand there while I 
opened it, nude down to her sneakers, hands tied securely 
behind her, eyes and cheeks wet from tears, shivering 
from the cold and her fear of being seen, looking at me 
imploringly (I wondered for the first time where her 
glasses were; I'd told her not to have them on in the 
food court, knowing I was going to blindfold her). 

Just as I turned the key in the lock, a door opened 
across the hall with a loud cracking sound (they all do 
that; the air seal is very good on our doors and you can 
hear any of them opening twenty yards away) and one of 
the college guys who lives there, Hank, and his short, 
curly haired, brunette bitch of a girlfriend, Sherry, 
stepped out, laughing about something. Hank saw Joanie 
and me first... well, he saw Joanie, I couldn't swear he 
noticed me, or anything else... and he stopped dead, his 
eyes big as saucers.

Sherry immediately noticed the change in his behavior and 
stopped herself, looking over at us... and her eyes went 
wide too. "Fuck!" she said, loudly. "What the fuck are 
you doing?"

Joanie blushed deep red down to her nipples (it was an 
amazing sight) and closed her eyes tightly and pushed 
herself back against the wall next to my door to hide her 
bound hands, twisting her head away as much as she could, 
which wasn't much. 

"Shit," Sherry swore, staring at us, then turning to 
Hank. "Fuckin call the cops on this bastard -- !"

"Mmmmphhhh!" Joanie yelped, through the thong, eyes 
frantic with protest. I reached up and pulled the wadded 
up garment out of her mouth. 

"No!" she yipped in a voice rich with humiliated anguish. 
"NO, please, DON'T! It's okay... it's... I'm not... 
please don't..."

Hank was staring at us. "What the hell...?" he said, 
unable to tear his eyes away from the spectacular sight 
of Joanie's magnificent tits, heaving as she breathed 
hard in utter shame and mortification.

"Better explain, hon," I said, gravely. "Better convince 

Joanie moaned as if she were in actual pain, but opened 
her eyes and said, pleadingly, "Pleeeeeeease... please, 
we're just.... We're just playing...!"

I took her by the shoulders and firmly turned her so they 
could see her bound hands, reaching down to lift the hand 
of hers that had her wedding ring on it. It sparkled in 
the inside light. "Look, guys," I said, reasonably, "We 
are just playing. She's here very willingly. However, she 
is married, and if you call the cops, it is going to 
cause her a lot of embarrassment."

Sherry's face had twisted into something really ugly 
(she's not normally exactly a babe, anyway; at her best, 
she's what a friend of mine used to refer to as 
'doable'... big nose, sharp features, skinny bod... but 
mostly, it's her relentlessly nasty personality that 
makes her unattractive; if she were sweet and pleasant, 
she could be reasonably cute). "You're fucking sick," she 
hissed. "I oughtta call the cops anyway..."

"You could do that," I told her, in quiet, pleasant 
voice, "but if you do, I'll have to tell them about all 
the pot and coke I've seen in Hank's apartment when I've 
been over there. They'll probably want to toss the place 
just on spec... I think a reliable informant is 
considered probable cause. They might search his truck, 
too." I actually had no real knowledge of drugs in the 
apartment... I hadn't been over there much, and only for 
a couple of minutes at a time... but they were college 
kids, Hank worked for a radio station, and one of his 
roommates was a bartender... I'd have been surprised if 
that apartment could have stood a good toss.

Hank visibly flinched. "Geez, man, hey, there's no hassle 
here," he said, quickly. "She says you're just playin' 
that's fine with us..."

I slid my arm around Joanie's waist and she gratefully 
buried her head in my neck, hiding the front of her nude 
body against me. I looked at Sherry. "Do what you want," 
I said, "but we aren't doing anything illegal." 

Sherry had narrowed her already thin little lips down to 
slits, now she shook her head. "Motherfucker," she said. 
"All right, fine, but you're fucking SICK." She grabbed 
Hank's hand, her eyes narrowing even further when she saw 
where his eyes were plastered. "Come ON, Hank, we're 
getting' out of this sick fucking place!" She jerked on 
his hand, and Hank followed her insistent tugging down to 
the gate Joanie and I had just come through, eyes still 
craned back over his shoulder as he disappeared down the 

I sighed and pushed my door open, leading Joanie through 
with my arm around her. She'd been trembling against me. 
Now, as soon as I closed the door and locked it, she 
burst out with, "That cuntlicking little fucking BITCH." 

Her tone wasn't frightened, nor was it humiliated any 
longer, it was simply furious, venomous. She trembled 
where she stood, but I could see it was rage going 
through her. "Oh my GOD does she need to be bitch 
slapped. I'd pull her fucking EYES out..."

I stood there and marveled at her for a moment. The whole 
time she'd been with me, she'd never displayed the 
slightest anger at how I was using her... I'd tied her, 
blindfolded her, taken her to a strange place against her 
will, orally sodomized her, slapped her, and punched her, 
and she'd responded with fear, anxiety, docility, 
submission... even, occasionally, with giggles and 
laughter of enjoyment. But she'd never been angry at me. 
Now, though, she was furious at Sherry... not at me, for 
exposing her to that kind of humiliation, but at Sherry. 
I was to find out that this was typical of Joanie. She 
expected, accepted, submitted to, and even needed and 
depended on, the domination of a man, but women she would 
simply take no shit from at all. 

I had to chuckle. She looked at me, and flushed. "Well, 
I'm sorry... daddy," she said, not sounding very 
contrite, "but damn, bitches like her piss me off. I 
mean, DAMN it!"

"She needs a good beating," I agreed, taking Joanie's 
shoulders gently in my hands and leaning down to kiss her 
lips lightly. She sighed and kissed me back for a few 
seconds. Then I said, "Good raping wouldn't hurt her, 
either. Maybe you can figure a way to set that up."

I straightened up again, and Joanie licked her lips, 
flinching as her tongue ran over the swollen one. Her 
eyes gleamed. 

Although I wanted nothing more than to hang her from my 
bedroom door and beat her black and blue (I wasn't mad at 
her; just the opposite, I found her adorable... I just 
wanted to hurt her) and then rape her repeatedly 
(although, obviously, it wouldn't have been actual rape), 
and I was very aware of the clock ticking away, 
nonetheless, the first thing I did was sit Joanie down 
with me at my computer. I had her give me her Yahoo 
password and I cleaned the wedding pictures, where you 
could see her face, as well as the Christmas pictures, 
which had simply been of her and her husband and some 
family members celebrating Christmas (Joanie in a 
gorgeous deep green spaghetti strapped velvet gown that, 
as always, showed off her amazing tits to great effect) 
out of her adult briefcase.

She told me when I questioned her that she'd thought 
she'd set the briefcase up to access the 'normal' folders 
from her normal profile, and the 'adult' folders from her 
adult profile, and had no idea the two were cross 
connected... but she blushed when she said it, and 
wouldn't meet my eyes, and I had a feeling she'd done it 
deliberately, hoping for a result like this. Well, now 
that she had one, I wasn't going to take a chance on 
someone else getting that kind of handle on her; as her 
owner, it was my job to protect her.

I checked her 'normal' briefcase, accessed from the 
normal profile, and found that indeed, the more adult 
folders wouldn't show from that side... so it was just 
the adult side; Joanie hadn't been completely stupid. 
Friends and family members who went in to look at her 
seasonal photographs or pictures of her in her wedding 
gown wouldn't have seen the ones of her flashing at the 
pool or getting buttfucked by some big dicked black guy 
or posing naked, showing off her steadily advancing 
pregnancy. It was only from the other side of the 
briefcase that all the folders showed up. I didn't know 
quite why, so for the time being, I just pulled all her 
'normal' pictures offline. I'd figure it out later.

After getting her password, I'd put Joanie on her knees 
under my desk, where of course she immediately began 
sucking my cock again. I had no intention of coming in 
her mouth right then, but having a beautiful blonde under 
my desk eagerly fellating me while I was online was such 
a classic wish fulfillment I couldn't pass it up. After I 
finished it up, I logged off and turned my monitor off, 
gently eased Joanie's head off my cock (worried more 
about her teeth than her discomfort, to be honest).

She moaned in disappointment but didn't resist. Then I 
stood up, helped her out from under the desk, and got her 
to her feet again. I kissed her mouth once more, this 
time exploring it slowly and thoroughly with my tongue. 
It was our first real kiss and she gave a little sigh and 
leaned into me, sucking diligently at my tongue, swirling 
her tongue around it sensuously, then playfully pushing 
it back into my mouth with her tongue, which was long and 
fat and slick and writhed pleasantly as she twirled it 
slowly around the inside of my mouth. 

"Mmmm," she said, after two or three hot, lip sliding, 
tongue slurping, deeply drenched moments later, "daddy, I 
love how you kiss me."

"I love how you kiss, too, sugar," I murmured back to 
her, our lips still lightly touching as we spoke, our 
tongue tips lightly flicking against each other. "Now, I 
want to beat you a little bit, and then I'll start 
seriously pumping your holes full of my cum, okay?"

She looked up at me, face kind of shivering, eyes big and 
wet. "Whatever you want, daddy," she said, steadily, her 
voice barely trembling. "Ah... mmmm... rrr you gonna muh 
mess up my fuh face... more... daddy?"

"Not as long as you don't tell me I'm nice," I said, 
grinning at her. "You have a beautiful face, Joanie. Not 
that I wouldn't like to send you to work tomorrow with a 
nice shiner to explain, but..."

She shivered again, but kept looking at me. "You can if 
you want," she said, in a tiny little voice. "You can 
beat me to a fucking pulp, daddy... I'm yours, I won't 
complain." She smiled, faintly. "Cry and scream and beg 
you to stop, but I won't bitch about it."

I smiled. "Maybe some other time, sugar. I'd enjoy 
beating you to a pulp, but we should probably leave that 
for some time when you can stay in bed and heal up for a 
few days."

She gave a little gasp of obvious relief. "Yes, daddy," 
she said, whimpering pitifully. "Yes, later, beat me to a 
pulp later..." She looked down at her body. "You... you 
like your little Joanie's body, daddy?"

"You have the best fucking body I've ever seen, Joanie," 
I told her. "You're the sexiest, most beautiful women 
I've ever known in real life... sexier than a lot of the 
women on TV, too."

She smiled up at me. "Thanks," she said, "I work out a 
lot. I want to look good... for you, now, daddy." Her 
eyes crinkled up at the edges. "But I think I'd like it 
if you put some marks on me, daddy. To prove you own me. 
And to punish me for being such an awful bad little 

I smiled at her. "We don't have a lot of time, so I'm not 
going to hang you from the door tonight," I said, and she 
looked, if anything, disappointed. "Don't worry," I said, 
"we'll have plenty of opportunities for me to hang you up 
like a slab of meat and work you over good on later 
dates. Now I'm just going to hurt you a little bit, and 
then I'll rape you for a while. Sound good?"

She looked at me, her eyes gleaming. "Sounds fucking 
great," she said. "Come on, daddy. Fuck me up. Fuck up 
your baby girl. Fuck me up good."

I punched her hard in the stomach, catching her just 
right; the breath whooshed out of her and she folded 
double, sagging to her knees. I took her by her sexy, 
shaggy blonde hair and yanked her back up to her feet, 
she screamed, a breathless, nearly silent sibilant sound 
as I did. I took aim and punched her hard in her upper 
left arm, then in her upper right thigh. "OWWW!" she 
yelped, getting some breath back by the third punch. I 
hauled off and landed a good solid punch on her left tit 
and she went "YAR!" and bent down again, sobbing. 

I let her stand there, hunched over, crying, for a few 
seconds, then put my arms around her. She sagged against 
me and cried for a minute or more. I hugged her to me, 
cradling her in my arms and rocking her gently back and 
forth, and said in her ear "Shhhh baby, it's okay, 
shhhhh, daddy loves you, you're a good girl..."

Then, finally, she stirred against me and said "Dah 
daddy... I... I can take more 'f... fff you wan't..."

I kissed her ear and murmured, "No, sweetie, that's all 
right, daddy wants to fuck his little girl now and shoot 
his cum into her, and then she has to go home. Okay?"

She rolled her head on my shoulder, then pushed herself 
away from me a few inches and looked at me gratefully. 
"Thuh thank you, daddy," she said. She lifted herself up 
with a wince and kissed my cheek. "Luh love you. Um... 
buh but really... I can take... muh more... if you 
want..." She surprised me by chuckling. "Actually, sir, 
I'm gonna have to keep my husband from seeing me for a 
week as it is, so if you want to pound me some more, it 
won't make any difference..."

I kissed the tip of her nose. "Sometime soon, baby, I'll 
push you to your limits... I really will beat you until 
you pass out." Her eyes widened at that. "I think you'll 
like that. But right now, we don't have much time, and 
you really do need to go home with daddy's cum in all 
your holes... don't you?"

She whimpered. "Oh yes," she whispered, "yes sir, I 
really need that, I so need it..."

"Now, as for your husband," I said, smiling merrily, 
"from now on, whatever you've been doing for him in the 
past, all he gets from now on is cunt and hand jobs. Got 
it? Your mouth and your ass are mine."

She blinked up at me. "Um," she said, "yes, daddy." She 
pursed her lips. "He... he never fucks my ass, but... 
he's gonna get pissed if I won't blow him any more..."

"Too fucking bad," I said, brutally. "I'm going to ask 
you every time I see you, and if you lie to me..."

She shuddered. "I won't, I won't. Pussy and hand jobs, 
that's all he gets. Um... how often, daddy?"

I looked at her. "How often do you fuck him now?"

She tick tocked her head back and forth, considering. 
"Um... well, depends... I'd say, we average three times a 
week, but sometimes it's more, sometimes less..."

"Once a week," I told her. She gasped. "And that's just 
for now, we'll taper him off to once a month."

She looked at me darkly, and for the first time she 
looked just a little bit upset at me. "Well... if you..." 
She scowled... then smoothed her face out resignedly. 
"Yes sir. But he's gonna start fucking his secretary, I 
know he is. The little cunt has been shaking her ass in 
his face ever since he hired her."

"Good," I said. "Is she cute?" 

Joanie sighed. "She's... I don't know. I guess she's 
pretty. She's a flat-chested little bitch." I thought to 
myself that there were c cup Hollywood starlets who were 
flat-chested little bitches compared to Joanie. 

"If he really does start screwing her," I said, "we'll 
follow them some night, take pictures, and blackmail her. 
I'll bet you'd enjoy having her eat your pussy, wouldn't 

Joanie's eyes lit up. "Um," she said. "Well, yeah... 
um... can I hurt her, too?"

"Sure," I said. "Now," I went on, "you were telling me 
about all the awful stuff people have done to you, but 
you didn't mention piss. No one has ever pissed on you?"

She closed her eyes and sighed. "No sir," she said, 
quietly. "But... well... you know you can if you want to. 
I don't have to tell you, I'm sure."

"Oh, I do, sugar," I said. "Come on." I took her by the 
arm again and led her into my bathroom, helped her step 
into the tub and get down on her knees. She looked up at 
me, her face blank, but a look of something like 
anticipation in her eyes. "Are you going to piss in my 
face, daddy?" she asked, quietly. 

I smiled. "I'm going to piss in your mouth, baby," I 
said, and her eyes went wide. "And you're gonna take a 
nice long drink of daddy's piss."

"Jesus Christ," she blurted out. Then, immediately, 
blushing, she said "Yes sir, yes sir... WOW."

"Open, sweetie," I said. She promptly opened her mouth, 
looking simultaneously curious and horrified. I fed my 
half hard cock into it (my dick had softened as I beat 
her; I liked hurting her a lot, but it wasn't a sexual 
thing, more a power thing). "Tighten your lips. A lot is 
going to spill out, and down your pretty body, hon... 
that's fine... you'll learn to open your throat 
eventually, but not this time, probably. Right now, just 
swallow as much as you can, okay?"

She stared up at me, eyes huge, and nodded nearly 
imperceptibly. "Nmmmph," she said, around my cock, in an 
assenting tone. "Yyth d'ddie."

I sighed, and dug both hands into her hair to hold her 
steady, and started to piss in my little fuck toy's 

The first time I came in someone's mouth and they 
swallowed it, I discovered that there was a whole new 
dimension of pleasure to the experience that had nothing 
to do with the actual sensations of orgasm. (In case you 
wondered, I was 13 at the time, and I'd just been sucked 
off by my little brother Todd, who was 10. Todd had 
fellated me inconclusively several times before that out 
of simple curiosity; on that occasion, he'd been told by 
his friend who lived down the street from us, Mike 
Stickley, that 'cum tasted good' -- Mike had no older 
brother; I recall his experience was rumored to have come 
directly from his father, and maybe an uncle or two, as 
well -- so Todd had been determined to suck me all the 
way off and see for himself.

Naturally, I had no objections. Todd swallowed it all, 
gagging and making faces around my dick the whole time, 
and immediately after I finished shooting, took his mouth 
off me and said 'ew, yuck, that's guh ROSSSSS'. Ten 
minutes of desultory tongue kissing while I fingered his 
asshole later, he asked me if he could do it again, and 
upon receiving my immediate and eager encouragement, 
promptly did so, really concentrating on his work that 
time, eyes closed for the whole performance, swallowing 
my second load with considerably more determination than 
before, and afterwards remarking, "Well, I guess I can 
get used to it". Todd continued to suck me off fairly 
regularly for the next four years, until I graduated from 
high school and left for college.) 

For a long time I thought it was a control and power 
issue... someone swallowing your cum was, in a very real 
way, very nearly the ultimate act of willing submission, 
and I thought that's why it gave me (and most other men) 
so much pleasure. Now, though, I think there is also a 
large element of acceptance and validation in the act... 
when someone swallows your sperm, it's perhaps one of the 
most affirming things they can do for you.

Either way, there's an astonishing amount of pleasure in 
the act of cumming in someone's mouth and feeling them 
swallow it, in some cases, actually hearing them swallow 
it, and I was so spoiled by my early experiences with 
Todd, and my first few girlfriends, all of whom matter-
of-factly swallowed my sperm, that around the mid-80s, 
when all of a sudden women en masse across America 
apparently simply decided they were no longer going to 
eat cum, I very nearly stopped dating entirely. 

Having a woman suck you inconclusively is, to my mind, 
utter bullshit; if someone is going to put their mouth on 
my cock, as far as I'm concerned, they're gonna eat a 
load. Unfortunately, throughout the late '80s and '90s, 
mainstream American female-dom seemed to disagree with 
me, and I didn't get laid a whole lot in the last decade 
and a half of the 20th Century... and when I did, the sex 
was generally pretty boring. 

I bring up all this, at this point in the story, with 
beautiful blonde married Joanie kneeling in my bathtub 
desperately gulping and gulping and gulping as I pissed 
in her mouth (my first time ever pissing in someone's 
mouth, although I'd fantasized about it often) because I 
discovered at that moment that the sensation of pissing 
in someone's mouth, and having them swallow it, or their 
best. Poor Joanie couldn't keep up and despite her 
frantic efforts she had a pale golden stream flowing down 
over her chin, coursing down her neck, spilling over her 
big, full, sexy breasts, and splashing off her crinkled 
up, hard nubbined, reddish brown nipples into the tub and 
pooling around her knees, even as she knelt there 
slurping away.

It was much the same as the sensation of cumming in 
someone's mouth and having them swallow... except in some 
ways it's not as intense, because there's no orgasm 
involved. But in other ways it's even better because it 
lasts longer. And if anything, it's even more submissive 
than someone swallowing your sperm. And it's certainly 
nastier, and nastiness, as any pervert knows, has a 
thrill all its own. 

Joanie closed her eyes tightly for the first thirty 
seconds or so, but then they fluttered open again as she 
leaned into me somewhat, taking my soft cock a bit more 
deeply into her tightly clamped lips, locking her big 
blue eyes on mine resolutely and unblinkingly for the 
remainder of the experience. It was an astonishingly 
pleasurable experience, at least; for me. I could see 
that owning a slave was going to be a great deal of fun, 
and the fact that my particular slave happened to be one 
of the most beautiful women in the entire urban region, 
if not the State, or the Atlantic seaboard, simply made 
it even better. 

I pissed in her mouth for probably over a minute; a long, 
satisfying drawn out act, and doubtless the most 
pleasurable feat of urination I'd ever experienced in my 
40 years. Joanie stayed right with me all the way through 
it. Her upturned face cradled between my hands, her 
bright sparkling blue eyes locked on mine, lips flexing 
from time to time and tongue rubbing along the underside 
of my soft cock as I emptied my bladder into her mouth.

When my stream finally tapered off and then ceased, she 
didn't immediately expel my dick from her mouth and gasp 
in revulsion, as Todd had done nearly 30 years before 
after eating my load of cum; instead, she kept my soft 
cock in her mouth and suckled at it, much as she'd done 
after blowing me, swirling her tongue around and nursing 
at it to get the final few drops off piss out. Here was a 
woman to keep handcuffed to you at all times in case of a 
sudden need to take a pee, I could see! If I made her my 
full time slave I'd never have to use a public urinal 

Finally, after carefully nursing the last few drops out 
of my cock, she let her lips relax and straightened up in 
the tub, staring up at me through her hair, as several 
blonde strands had fallen over her eyes. I smoothed them 
back for her and she sighed and pressed her head against 
my hand. 

"Oh my fucking GOD," she gasped, her pink tongue tip 
running quickly around her parted lips as she continued 
to look up at me, "I swear to GOD, if anyone had ever 
told me I'd be doin' that I'd have thought they were 
crazy. Holy SHIT. I wouldn't a'done that for any guy I 
ever fucked before this."

She smacked her lips together a few times, then looked 
down at the gleaming wet streak running down the front of 
her body and the yellow pool slowly draining out of the 
tub from around her knees and bent lower legs. 
"Damnnnnn," she murmured, drawing out the word. She 
looked up at me and smiled.

"Okay. I'm officially a fucking whore now. You may as 
well tie me to a lawn chair outside and let guys fuck me 
for ten bucks a throw." Her eyes were alight and alive, 
dancing with real pleasure as she said it. "Um. Are you 
gonna make me do that a lot?" 

"Whenever we're together," I assured her, "if I have to 
piss, you have to drink it."

She closed her eyes, letting her head sag back on her 
neck, and sighed. "Fuck," she said, her voice marveling. 
"Joanie Smith, piss drinking slut. Wouldn't my hubby and 
my daddy shit their pants if they knew that." (She used 
her real name, which I'm not telling you; she's mine, 

"Joanie Smith, piss drinking slut, needs a quick shower," 
I told her, "and then she can get her sexy little bod 
into my bedroom to get her pussy and ass creamed before 
she needs to leave." 

Since her hands were still tied behind her, she couldn't 
shower on her own, though, so I helped her to her feet 
grabbing the hair on top of her head and pulling her up; 
not necessarily to be mean. Although I enjoyed knowing I 
could be as mean as I wanted with her and she couldn't do 
a goddam thing about it, but because if I'd leaned down 
and grabbed her under the arms to help her up. It would 
have been awkward and she might have slipped, but when 
you yank someone up from their knees by the hair, they 
practically levitate to their feet... (It's amazing; tie 
your little brother or sister's hands behind them 
sometime, put them on their knees, and try it yourself)

I turned the shower on and held her firmly under it (it 
starts cold; she yelped and shrieked until it warmed up) 
stepping in myself once it heated up (I didn't note it in 
the narrative, but I undressed after I got her into my 
apartment, before logging onto the 'net and editing her 
Yahoo briefcase... remember, she was sucking my cock 
under the desk; I was naked for that and since).

I scrubbed her down good, enjoying myself (and her) 
immensely, moving her around like a big doll (she loved 
that; I was very careful, since she couldn't balance well 
with her hands tied), liking the way she'd flinch away 
from me when I rubbed the washcloth over one of her new 
bruises, and then look up at me worshipfully, finally 
turning the water off when it went lukewarm (fairly 
quickly, my apartment has a small water heater).

I helped her out and she looked up at me plaintively, her 
lip swollen and new bruises already purpling up on her 
stomach, upper arms, thighs, and tit, gazing up at me 
adoringly, looking so utterly helpless and submissive I 
was filled with a nearly irresistible urge to push her up 
against the wall and beat her again, continuing to beat 
her until she fell over unconscious with that same 
worshipful look on her face... but I resisted it, simply 
leaning down to kiss her deeply instead.

She moaned into my mouth as our tongues met, and she 
tasted like my piss, and more faintly, of my cum and my 
cock, but I actually enjoyed that. After the kiss, she 
huddled against me, her face turned sideways and burrowed 
into my chest as I wrapped a big fuzzy towel around both 
of us. 

"God, I could get so used to this," she murmured, 
nuzzling into me, rubbing herself against me. "Bein' all 
tied and helpless, you holdin' me, tastin' your tongue in 
my mouth, my tummy all warm and full of your piss and 
your cum, achin' from where my master..." She 
shuddered... "my OWNER... hit me... about to get fucked 
in my ass..." She closed her eyes and moaned and shivered 
against me as I toweled her off.

"Not bein' able to say no, knowin' you can do anything 
you want with me... knowin' I'll do anything you tell me 
to do, 'r if I don't, you'll force me to do it anyway and 
I can't do ANYthing about it..." 

She trembled against me again. "God... god... I fuckin' 
LOVE this!" She looked up at me. "I don' wanna go home, 
daddy-master. Keep me here all night. Fuck me all 
night... beat me up more... rape me... make me drink more 
piss... God!"

I looked down at her and trailed my fingers down her arm, 
over her elbow to her ribs, down her flanks, across her 
thigh to her fuzzy, brownish blond thatched cunt. "Baby 
needs her pussy shaved," I told her. "First thing you do, 
when I untie you." She groaned and nodded, then moaned as 
my fingers found her clit. "What kind of birth control 
are you using, precious?"

"Nmmmm," she said, throatily, head down, purring as I 
fingered her, "I don'... don' use nothin', daddy... loved 
bein' pregnant... wanna be pregnant again... but my hubby 
wears a rubber when we fuck 'cuz he says one baby is 
enough for now... awwwwww..." She hunched over, leaning 
into me harder as I pinched her clit and rolled it 
between finger and thumb. "Wanna have 'nother baby, 
tho'... love babies..."

"Well," I said, leaning down to kiss her ear, "we'll have 
to see what we can do to get little Joanie knocked up 
again. After I rape your ass, I mean."

"Nnnnggg," she said, and I leaned down and scooped her up 
into my arms. It wasn't easy; Joanie is a helluva shapely 
package, but there's some meat on her bones and she isn't 
exactly petite. Her hands pulled back and tied behind her 
back didn't help, either, although I finally got my arm 
under her tied wrists and up under her shoulders and that 
worked. She groaned as I carried her into the bedroom and 
set her onto her knees on my bed.

I moved her around so her back and her amazingly sexy ass 
were to me, then pushed her head into my mattress, my 
hand on her neck, so she went down flat on her shoulders, 
her sexy tits flattening against the comforter, her big 
broad taut buttcheeks up in the air and pointed at me. 
She groaned as I forced her face into my cheap artificial 
fill comforter, turning her head to keep her nose and 
mouth clear, and saying "Dah daddeeeeeee... if you knock 
me up, hubby's gonna knowwwwww someone's fuckin' me..." 
She said it in an almost sing song way, eyes open and 
looking back up at me mischievously.

"Rubbers aren't always effective," I told her. "Anyway, 
I'm not sure how long I can take this 'going back to your 
husband' crap; I may have to have you dump him sooner 
than I'd planned."

My cock was very hard; I moved closer to her ass and 
began rubbing it up and down in the furrow between her 
cheeks. Normally I'd have a lover in that position reach 
back and pull her cheeks apart for me, but with Joanie's 
hands tied, that wasn't an option. 

"Mmmmm daddeeeeeee," Joanie moaned, as I rubbed my cock 
up and down in the crack of her sexy ass, "I'd love that, 
but pleasssssse... I wanna keep my little boy, an' if I 
get caught cheatin'..."

Her cunt was way more than damp by now, it was positively 
soaking wet; just what I needed. I shoved my cock up it 
in one smooth, easy stroke, and she groaned. "Unh GOD, 
Daddy, that's good," she grunted, "yeah, FUCK your little 

"You'll have to catch your hubby cheating first," I told 
her, hands on her hips, my own hips fully flattened to 
her asscheeks as I kept my cock completely buried in her 
hot tight wet pussy. "You must have a friend you can set 
him up with without him knowing it... some little cock 
whore like you who'd jump at the chance to bang a married 

"Nnnnh," she moaned. "My li'l sister would screw him in a 
heartbeat, she's wanted to jump him since we started 
dating... he likes her, too... I could find a way to put 
'em alone in a room together for a while, I guess..."

"With someone hiding and taking pictures," I said. "Get 
you a nice divorce settlement and full custody of your 
little boy, and no one even has to know you're a piss 
drinking cum slut who's carrying her master's baby... not 
to mention a full set of bruises from his fists..." I 
started slowly pumping my cock in and out of her pussy as 
I said all that. 

She writhed under me. "Mmm ohhhh yeah," she said, and I 
felt her cunt clamp down on my cock for a long squeezing 
couple of seconds, then relax again to its more normal, 
only pleasantly tight grip, "mmmm yeah, I can set that 
up... get Lisa over to our place to babysit sometime on a 
night my hubby isn't s'posed to work late... not tell him 
she'll be there... c'n always say afterward I got his 
schedule confused... nnnnnaAAAAAHHhhhhh..." She clamped 
her twat down on my cock again as I fucked it up into her 
once more, sliding easily in her hot wet channel now. 

"Is there a place to hide with a camera?" I asked her, 
hands on her asscheeks pulling them apart, working my 
thumb up into her tight puckered anus as I kept my cock 
fully buried in her cunt. 

"Yeah," she moaned, wiggling her ass as I forced my thumb 
up into it, pushing back against me, "ahhhh that's good, 
yeah, fill both my holes, mmmmm that's so good baby, 
yeah, I can go out the front door, come back around the 
house and stay at the window... there's windows in all 
the rooms, soooo... oohhh...."

This last as I got my thumb all the way up her ass and 
started to twist it back and forth through an arc, first 
one way, then the other. "Oh, god, daddy, shoot in me, 
gimme your cum, knock your little babygirl up..."

"Not yet," I told her. "I'm just getting wet." I kept my 
cock fully shoved into her pussy as I continued to loosen 
her asshole with my thumb, then pulled back, sliding my 
cock out of her in one easy backward stroke. My shaft 
gleamed in the light from my bedside lamp with her pussy 
juices. I held her right cheek pushed back with my right 
hand, the thumb of which was buried in her asshole, and 
reached down to guide my cunt-slick cockhead to her anus 
with my left hand. As I nudged the head of my dick up, I 
slowly pulled my thumb out, doing my best to work my 
cocktip in as my thumb slid out. Joanie moaned gutturally 
into my comforter as I did it and her legs quivered. 

"Oh YEAH," she said, her voice coming from deep in her 
throat, "oh yeah, that's it, stuff that thing up my ass, 
daddy, that's where it belongs, oh YEAH..."

As I pulled the tip of my thumb out, I stuffed the plum 
sized head of my cock in; it popped in past her open 
sphincter before the little eye could wink closed again, 
and Joanie made a gurgling sound. "Nnnggggg YEAHhhhh," my 
sexy little piece of property sighed, "FUCK that ass, 
daddy, that ass is YOURS, fuck it GOOD, oh GOD..."

With the head in, I grabbed her hips in both hands and 
shoved my own hips forward; the shaft of my cock, slick 
and slippery from her pussy juice, slid slowly up into 
the hot, velvety smooth grip of her vice tight asshole. 
"NnnggggHHHHggggHHHHH," Joanie groaned as I sloooooowly 
buried my cock in her amazingly hot, awesomely tight 
little rectum. 

With my cock fully buried in her tightly gripping 
asshole, I reached down, wrapped my fingers in her heavy, 
sexy blonde hair, and yanked her head back hard on her 
taut, straining neck, using her hair like reins. 
"AhhhAAHHHHHH," she half screamed, panting and scrabbling 
with her knees on the bed to keep from being dragged 
back. "Ohhhh FUCK daddy oh... FUCK HURT ME GODDAM YOU 
HURT ME! Joanie was turning into quite a little pain slut 
for me.

I wanted badly to slap her face but even with her head 
craned back the position was too awkward; I settled for 
smacking her hard, with a crack like a gunshot, with my 
palm on the middle of her back. Looking over, I could see 
one of my belts looped over my desk chair only a few feet 
away; I growled and grabbed it and with my cock still 
buried to the hilt in her tight slut asshole, started 
lashing her shoulders in the narrow triangle in between 
her bound back arms with the doubled up belt. 

Getting into the rhythm, I started pumping my dick in and 
out of her asshole in time to my belt strokes across her 
shoulder blades. Joanie had her face buried in my 
comforter and was clearly letting herself go completely, 
screaming her head off as I lashed and fucked her, 
letting the blanket and mattress absorb most of the 
sound. The effect was amazingly erotic; within no more 
than a dozen strokes, as her upper back slowly became 
livid with red stripes and she continued to howl into the 
mattress, I felt myself coming to a peak, and within two 
minutes of starting to sodomize Joanie I growled and blew 
another big load up her anus. 

Then I pulled out of her tight, now spunk filled asshole 
with a groan, and yanked on her hair to bring her head 
around. She was sobbing into the mattress, but her head 
came up and around immediately, and without me even 
having to tell her, she hunched over to the edge of the 
mattress and starting slobbering all over my sticky, 
funky cock, which was streaked and clotted with sperm, 
cunt juice, and a few minor but unmistakable streaks of 
shit, too. Finding too trying to lick it off too 
frustrating without a hand to hold my dick still in, she 
moaned in exasperation and slipped her parted lips over 
the head, sliding her hot mouth, tongue swiping 
frantically along the underside of my cock, all the way 
down the length in one fast, smooth gulp.

"Nmmmmmmm," she crooned around my cock, sucking and 
slurping and swirling her tongue around it, making little 
gulping sounds as she swallowed whatever her tongue 
licked off and went back for more. She bobbed her head a 
few times, slowly, sucking my cock clean on the 
backstroke with her soft, firm, tight lips, moaning 
around it as she pumped. Finally, with a breathless gasp, 
she brought her head up again, flicking her sweaty hair 
back out of her eyes with a quick, snapping movement and 
looking up at me pleadingly. "God that's fuckin' nasty," 
she said, licking her lips. "First time I ever ate my own 
shit, too... gawddddddd..."

I slapped her face hard and she fell over on her side and 
writhed there for a moment, groaning and sobbing, tears 
tracking down her face. Then she rolled over on her back, 
gave a little prolonged yelp of pain (rolling onto her 
bound hands couldn't have felt good, and I'm sure her 
whipped, welted up shoulder blades didn't enjoy it 
either) and pulled her legs up and apart, bending them, 
stretching them as wide apart as possible. "Fuck me, 
daddy," she begged me. "Fuck your little girl. Mmmm knock 
me up, daddy... rape a baby into me, you awful woman-
beating prick, you... GOD! FUCK - THIS - WHORE - DADDY!!"

I smiled down at her. "Tell me what you are, baby," I 
said, putting one knee on the bed between her pulled up, 
bent, wide spread legs and dropping my hands to her inner 
thighs, to pull her closer to me. 

"I'm your FUCK, daddy," she hissed, whipping her head 
back and forth, flailing her sweaty hair across her eyes. 
"You BEAT me. You RAPE me. You WHIP MY ASS! You tie me UP 
and PISS on me. You BREED me... oh GOD, daddy, FUCK ME!!"

My cock was still hard, so all I had to do was reach 
down, line up, and shove myself forward while hauling her 
pelvis towards me with my other hand, and there I was, 
buried to the balls in her tight wet cunt again. 
"ffffffUCKKKKKKK," she groaned obscenely, "yeah, daddy, 
that's IT, fuck your FUCK, fuck me, gimme that cum, make 
me a baby oohhhhhh gawwwdddddd NOW NOW NOW..."

Having cum twice, I knew I wasn't going to cum again real 
quick, even though I was more turned on than I'd ever 
been at any previous time in my life. I began slowly 
screwing her as she writhed on the bed and squeezed my 
pumping cock with her amazing pussy. I started slapping 
her face and her tits in time with my strokes in and out 
of her, and she moaned and arched her back to give me 
better access. 

I reached down and began rubbing her clit as I fucked 
her, and if anything, she got even wilder, rolling back 
and forth on the bed and grunting and starting to breathe 
like a bellows working in a blacksmith's. "Unnnhhh NNHHHH 
unnnh NHHH unnnnhhhhh NHHHHH unn NH," she groaned, and I 
was gasping right along with her as I slapped her face 
and her boobs forehand and backhand while I balled her. 

I rode her for ten minutes, slow and steady, but then I 
stopped hitting her, grabbed her by the hips, and started 
seriously fucking her, driving my cock in and out of her 
in a steadily increasing rhythm that started my bed 
creaking underneath us. "Nnnnn NNNNN nnnn NNNNNN," Joanie 
moaned as I fucked her faster and faster, and finally, as 
I groaned and shot my third load of the night up her 
tight married cunt, she arched her back and came hard 
with me, her pussy clamping down on my cock like a vise. 

Afterwards, my cock half soft but still inside her, I 
rolled us both onto our sides and pulled her up to me, 
kissing her mouth and holding her close. She sighed and 
kissed me back, wrapping her upper legs over my hip and 
pulling herself even closer. I reached around and started 
to untie her and she groaned "No, daddy, don't you DARE 
untie me, I love being tied up for you". 

I took her hair in my other hand and gave her head a 
good, quick, brutal jerk. "Shut the fuck up, cunt," I 
growled. "You'll be tied or untied, fucked or unfucked, 
beaten or unbeaten, at my pleasure, and what you love or 
need or want doesn't mean shit."

She sobbed and said "Yes, daddy, I'm sorry, yes, untie 
me, do what you want, sorry, sorry..."

I got the knot loose and she immediately pulled her hands 
around (clumsily, her arms had been bent back for quite a 
while) and slid her arms around my neck and kissed me 
ferociously, her tongue pushing into my mouth hard, her 
moaning in her need to please me as she kissed me. "Mmmm 
daddy," she murmured, in between long tongue swirling 
kisses, "daddy, daddy, love you, daddy, oh daddy, I'm 
yours, I'm all yours...."

I let her kiss me, nibbling and sucking on her tongue, 
then running my tongue over her lips as she sighed 
happily. "I love you to, Joanie," I told her, "even if 
you are the most disgusting little whore I've ever seen. 
Jesus Christ you're a nasty slut, girl."

"I am," she said, sounding very happy. "I'm soooo nasty. 
I thought I was nasty when I was fucking a nigger..." She 
stopped and looked up at me apprehensively, not knowing 
how I'd respond to the forbidden 'n' word (Joanie and I 
both being white liberals, we're not supposed to even 
THINK 'nigger', much less ever say it out loud). 

"That's okay, baby," I said, "not in public, of course, 
but when we're alone and you want to talk about your 
previous master, you say nigger all you want. I know you 
want to." It's something that those who are into the 
fetish never openly acknowledge, but the whole reason 
submissive, trashy white sluts fuck black guys in the 
first place is because their own ground in, unavoidable, 
near unconscious racism makes it seem degrading and 
humiliating; they may let them write '4 blacks only' on 
their asscheeks, but what they all secretly crave is to 
have '4 NIGGERS only' written there instead, to add the 
final little touch of degradation they need. 

She sighed happily and pulled herself closer to me, 
burying her face in my neck. "Thought I was nasty fuckin' 
and suckin' a nigger," she said, "doin' whatever he said, 
even lickin' his nasty nigger ASS..." She nibbled and 
kissed my neck, "but goddam, daddy, nobody ever used me 
the way you did."

"You're a racist little whore," I told her, chuckling, my 
fingers slipping down to her asshole and probing around 
there, feeling my cum seeping out. 

"Mmmm yes, daddy," she said, happily. "I'm a slut and a 
piss drinker and I'm your little blonde fuck and a racist 
cunt and nigger's white meat and you should beat me, 
daddy. And rape me. And piss on me. And knock me up, 
'cept I'm pretty sure you just did, dadddddddyyyyyy..."

I pushed two fingers up her sticky asshole and she 
gurgled happily. "Ohhh, that's sore, daddy," she said, 
with a little yipping sound. 

"Want me to take them out?" I said, pushing them in 
further and stirring them around.

"Fuck no," she groaned, "push em in deeper, hurt me more. 
Oh, God, daddy, c'n I bring my little boy over from now 
on? I wanted to bring him tonight but... but I didn't 
know who you were, and..."

"Sure," I said, burying both fingers all the way to the 
end in her ass now, then spreading them apart as she 
moaned. "If you want him to see his mom used as a 
subhuman fuck hole, cum dump, and beating slut, sure."

"Gawddd," she groaned, "I do, I want him to see that, I 
want him to know, from as early as he can remember, what 
a fucking worthless piece of human shit his mother really 
is... I want him to know what women are for, daddy, I 
want him to see you rape me and beat me and learn how 
from you..."

"You want to fuck him," I teased her. "You want to suck 
his tiny dick and take it up your ass when he's big 

"Gawddddd," she moaned again, writhing around my fingers, 
"I do already, I mean, I do suck his tiny li'l thing when 
we're alone an' rub it with my tongue, he likes it, 
too.... Mmmmmm..."

"Who the hell wouldn't?" I asked her, and then, suddenly 
rolling over, I shoved her away from and off the bed, so 
she fell on the floor with a thump. "Get dressed, you 
whore. You have to go back to hubby. You spent the last 
three hours fucking and sucking some guy you don't even 
know... letting him beat you, begging him for sex and 
pain, drinking his piss... and now you have to go back to 
hubby, all bruised up, with a stranger's cum in all your 
holes, still tasting his piss in the back of your throat, 
probably pregnant... you are a fucking tramp, Joanie."

She got up on her hands and knees, looking at me with big 
eyes. Then said, in a very small, little girl's voice, 
"Yes, daddy." She sobbed for a second, and then said, 
just as quietly, "dah daddy, muh my clothes are uh 

I sighed. I considered making her walk back out naked and 
get dressed by the car... but it was cold, and while I 
enjoyed playing, I didn't really want to be THAT mean to 
her, she was an amazing piece of ass. "Come here," I told 
her, and held out my hand. 

She sniffled and crawled over and rubbed her head up 
against my hand. "I'm disgusting, Daddy," she said, 
crying. "I'm a horrible little slut..."

"No, baby," I said, kissing the crown of her head gently, 
"you're a fantastic, brilliant, gorgeous, amazingly hot 
little slut. Now get in bed and snuggle under the covers 
while I go out and get your bikini."

She immediately swarmed into bed with me and let me tuck 
her in under the covers we'd somewhat mussed with our 
long sex session. Looking up at me with her big eyes, she 
said "Um... sir... I'll wear the bikini if you want, or 
go home naked... or stay here... whatever... but I did 
bring an outfit with me to change into, so my hubby 
wouldn't know..." 

I laughed at her. "You're too goddam smart for me, 
Joanie," I said, and she looked smug. "What the hell are 
you doing letting a lame bastard like me beat you and 
rape you, you silly little bitch?"

She looked up at me and said, quietly, "You are not a 
lame bastard, sir, you are my master, and my owner, and 
my daddy, and I love you very very much, and you will own 
me until the day I die, and I am going to have your 
child, and as many more as you want to give me, sir." 
Then she smiled wickedly. "Also, you do have those 
pictures, so I have no choice... I have to do whatever 
you say." She closed her eyes and gave a little wriggle. 
"No choice, no choice, no choice," she said in a little 
girl's sing song cadence, "Joanie has no choice, Joanie 
has to do what her master sayyyyyyssss..."

I smiled. "Then stay in bed, little slut," I said, "and 
wait for me."

I went out to the car, which she'd left unlocked, took 
her keys out, unlocked the trunk, and found the grocery 
bag she'd stashed jeans, a tie-dyed t-shirt, a red hooded 
sweatshirt that said FSU on it in big, peeling black 
letters, ivory silk panties with lacey edges and a 
matching bra, and a balled up pair of sweatsocks in. I 
took it out, slammed the trunk closed, locked the car up 
with a click on the remote, and carried the bag back 

She looked up at me from the depths of the bed, covers 
pulled up around her like she was a little girl, only her 
nose and her big blue eyes and a frowzy tuft of blond 
hair showing. "Hi, daddy," she said, softly, as I came 

I sat on the bed next to her and put the grocery bag down 
on the bedside table. She glanced at it, then looked back 
at me.

"So," I said, "exactly what do you think will happen if 
you call your husband up and tell him you're not coming 
home tonight...?"

Her eyes got very wide... 

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