Tuesday, 24 September 2013


My first experience with women was with my mother's 
friends. I was a little uncertain about my looks, 
therefore was a little shy around girls. At the time I 
was just under six foot with long brown hair. My 
football coach always threatened to cut my hair, but 
never followed through. I played nose guard, so I was a 
little heavy, weighing about 220 lbs.. I was not fat, 
just muscled to play football not as a body builder. 

My sexual experiences started at a summer Bar-B-Que at 
my mother's. I was having a good time flirting with a 
young girl, Tammy. She was twelve and I was fifteen. 
Hey, she was cute and I needed the practice. The truth 
was that I actually got farther than I thought I would. 
We made out and I felt her breasts over her shirt in 
the woods that surrounded my house. I was getting very 
excited when Tammy's mother call for her and I was a 
little more than frustrated when they left the party.

Without Tammy to entertain me, I thought that the rest 
of the party would suck, seeing only my mother's 
friends were left and dam few of them. It was an hour 
after Tammy left that my mother asked me to take care 
of a friend of hers. It seems that Suzy had drank too 
much and that I was too make sure that well, she did 
not get lost in the woods or something. 

Suzy is a friend of my mother's that always gets drunk. 
This was the first time that I got the pleasure to take 
care of her. I admit I was a bit surly and horny. I 
rolled my eyes when Suzy got up and stumbled down a 
path leading into the woods behind my house.

I knew from tales of Suzy's drunken states that it was 
best to let her wander. If you try to get Suzy, when 
she was drunk, to do something she would get combative. 
So I followed Suzy from about ten feet behind. With my 
little encounter with Tammy fresh in my mind, I began 
to notice that Suzy was not just one of my mother's 

Suzy was no beauty but her ass was suddenly very 
appealing, swishing in her black cotton dress as she 
stumbled along. My mind drifted to thoughts of kissing 
Suzy, my hands tugging her brown hair. My penis became 
uncomfortable as it tried to release itself from the 
confines of my blue jeans. My attention went back to 
Suzy when her ankle turned on a rock, sending her 
sprawling to the dirt path. I almost laughed but held 
it in. I quickly moved to help Suzy to her feet.

Suzy tried to use my leg to pull herself up. Suzy 
stopped rising when she was kneeling in front of me. I 
am not sure what came over me but I put my hand on her 
head and gentle stroked Suzy's soft brown hair. Suzy 
looked up at me and smiled. 

Forget what I said before, at that moment Suzy look 
stunning. Her face was flush and her lips slightly 
parted. Her breath came quickly and ragged. I froze 
when Suzy put her hand on groin. Suzy's eyes never left 
me as she unzipped my jeans and then gentle pulled out 
my hard cock. I was almost scared by her actions. 

All I could think was that she would laugh at me for 
not knowing what to do. I was also a little embarrassed 
by my penis. It was only about five inches long but it 
was as thick as a coke can. I had a secret fear that 
since it was so thick but not very long that no woman 
would want me.

Suzy grabbed the base of my dick with a death grip. Her 
little hand could not wrap completely around but her 
grip held me in place. Suzy seemed to be studying my 
cock, so intently she gazed at my thick member. My cock 
was dark purple in her tight grip and a dollop of 
precum was forming at the tip. 

Finally Suzy looked up at me and said with a slight 
drunken slur, "You are so thick." I had no response to 
that, so I just nodded my head. Suzy returned her gaze 
back to my penis. I watched in awe when her tongue 
flicked out of her mouth and scooped the precum off the 
tip of my penis. I audible gasp at the sensation as it 
struck me and my fingers of their own accord tightened 
in Suzy's soft brown hair.

Suzy slowly took the helmet of my penis between her 
lips, stretching her mouth wide. It was incredible, so 
hot and wet. Suzy did not slide her mouth up and down 
my shaft like all the movies show. Instead she ran her 
tongue around the head of my dick. It felt good but I 
wanted more of my penis in her mouth. 

Then Suzy started sucking, even with just the head in 
her mouth her mouth seemed stretched to extreme. Her 
cheeks hollowed as Suzy increased suction around the 
tip. Still the need to push deeper in her mouth was 

That is when I kinda of snapped, with my hands still 
gripping her hair, I pushed my hips forward. At first I 
was not very forceful and only a half inch more of my 
penis slipped past her lips. Suzy was resisting further 
intrusion causing me great pleasure. It was a chain 
reaction, the hard Suzy resisted me the hard I pushed 
and the deeper I got. 

To my mind Suzy never looked more beautiful than she 
did with me trying to cram my dick down her throat. As 
hard as I was trying though, I barely had two inches in 
her mouth. As it was her mouth looked impossibly 

My orgasm started to boil and when Suzy looked up at me 
with her gray eyes, I started to spurt. "Oh Suzy!" was 
all that I could moan as I let loose. I not sure if 
Suzy tried to retreat from my cock, my hands were 
straining to pull her face even closer to my groin. The 
orgasm shattered my brain, each spurt of cum rang 
through my spine sending me to oblivion. I felt Suzy 
swallow each load I was giving her. I was in heaven, I 
never wanted it to end. But it did.

My senses slowly returned to me, yet Suzy continued to 
milk the last drops from my spent rod. I was in love 
with Suzy's mouth. Finally, I released my fingers from 
Suzy's hair. She gingerly slide her lips off my cock, 
causing another tremor to hit my body. "You are going 
to be a bastard with that thing aren't you," she said 
with surprisingly little malice.

"If you mean I am hooked and I want more, you're 
right... That was awesome," I replied. 

Suzy giggle at my statement and lost her balance and 
sprawled on to her back. I was ready to laugh until I 
realized that Suzy was now spread eagle in front of me. 
I might have been able to let it go but she was not 
quick to get up and I got a good view of her white wet 
cotton panties. 

I was between Suzy's legs and my still hard prick was 
banging against her wet panties in an instant. I did 
not want to kiss her because I did not want to taste my 
own sperm. So I went for her neck and ears. I continued 
to push against her panties covered pussy while I bit 
her neck and nibbled her ear, for a short time. 

Then Suzy said, "Your are a bastard. You are. You are. 
You are a bastard." But her hands spoke a different 
message and not only moved her panties to clear my 
entry, they also guided my cock to her wet hole.

Even just the tip sliding inside of Suzy's pussy was 
amazing. So warm and wet not to mention incredibly 
tight. Instincts over took me and I continued to press 
my hips forward. Suzy's pussy was tighter than her 
mouth but gave way much easier to penetration. Suzy was 
panting so loud in my ear that I could hear nothing 
else. It seemed Suzy yelled in my ear, "No man will 
enjoy me now, you are making me like a whore, stretched 
too much." 

Instead of slowing me down her words spurred me on. 
Suzy's pussy stretched to fit all of me. The idea that 
Suzy would not be able to have good sex without me was 

"You are my drunk slut now aren't you Suzy," I asked.

"Always Sam, anytime... you want," Suzy rasped. I 
pounded that pussy hard then. My only concern to 
relieve my self the burden of my orgasm. It did not 
take long before I started shooting again. I push 
myself as deep as I could, spraying the depth of Suzy's 
pleasure channel. Suzy seemed for a moment to come out 
of her drunken state to yell at me, "Don't cum in my 
pussy you bastard." 

Of course it was to late, so I said, "You're mine now 
and I am filling you up, slut!" 

Both Suzy and I were breathing heavily with my thick 
penis still deep in her stretched pussy. I was not 
finished though, my penis was still erect and I began 
to once again slide back and forth inside her tight 
pussy. Suzy was trying to push me off her, her hands 
tangled in my t-shirt, as I continued to slowly pound 
as deep as I could.

Suzy's eyes rolled back in her head, her body started 
to shake and "Bastard" was the only intelligible thing 
that came from her mouth. Suzy's body was arching 
against me, giving me better access to continue. I was 
not in a hurry now that I had already blow my load 
twice. Suzy's pussy was grabbing my cock tightly and I 
could feel ever part of her pussy running along my 

Remembering what I had seen in a movie, I grabbed 
Suzy's limp legs and pulled them on my chest. I leaned 
forward, resting my weight against her thighs and for 
the first time reached for Suzy's breasts. Suzy was not 
wearing a bra so I could feel her nipples poking into 
my palms through her cotton dress.

Watching Suzy was intense, it was obvious that she was 
really enjoying things. Suzy's head moved from side to 
side, her hair plastered across her face. The moans 
coming from Suzy's lips with each stroke inside her was 
more than I ever dreamed of. 

Then Suzy stopped moving under me as her body tensed 
for a moment and then relaxed and then tensed back up. 
I knew that she had orgasmed and that boosted my ego to 
no end. My orgasm started to build in me, unlike before 
when my body just reacted. My slow pace was no longer 
enough and I again began to pump my cock faster into 
Suzy's sloppy pussy. Suzy was so wet that it sound like 
waves slapping against a dock every time I rammed into 

That is when I came again for the third time, a jolt of 
pleasure went through me and I lost consciousness. When 
I came to, Suzy was kissing my face softly, whispering, 
"You little bastard." Her legs were still pinned 
beneath me when I took Suzy's face in my hands. My soft 
penis was still trapped in her cum filled pussy, held 
by Suzy's pussy muscles.

I moved Suzy's face so I could look into her grey eyes 
and said "you are my little slut now aren't you?" Suzy 
tried to look away but I held her head saying, "say it 
Suzy," a little firm than before.

"I am... your slut... you little bastard," Suzy said 
with little giggles. 

I pulled out of Suzy and let her legs fall back to the 
ground. Suzy's let out a groan but continued to look 
into my eyes. My penis was slick with pussy juices and 
sperm. Walking on my knees, with my legs on either side 
of Suzy's prone body, I moved toward Suzy's head. My 
penis left a trail of love juices on her dress all the 
way to her chin. I stopped and said, "Prove you are my 
little slut." 

Suzy smiled at me and without using her hands took my 
slick cock into her mouth. I slid up enough so that 
Suzy could clean my dick as well as my balls of the 
juices that we had created. In my soft state Suzy was 
able to swallow my whole penis and even lick my balls 
with her mouth full. The experience felt good but my 
penis did not get hard again, still the image will 
remained ingrained in my memories for a long time to 

When I finally helped Suzy to her feet, she seemed a 
little more stable. Suzy was a mess and we both tried 
to clean the dirt off her dress. Suzy also tried to 
straighten her hair and remove the leaves and twigs 
that were stuck in there. Still I knew we were busted. 

No one could miss the cum stains and the wet spot on 
Suzy's dress, not to mention the dirt that we could not 
remove. We walked back to the party with me giving Suzy 
support. Suzy was bowlegged when she walked and I could 
not keep from laughing a few times. 

By the time we reached the party, Suzy had playfully 
hit me a dozen times and called me a little bastard 
even more times. Luckily, everybody who was left at the 
party was so drunk that they did not noticed Suzy's 
disarray or that we had been gone for so long.

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