Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Of course you’ll stay there, I bloody insist!" said 
John playfully, he is a good friend and always go that 
bit more for me. I have to work on the coast and when I 
asked him for help with lodgments. He said I could use 
his summer house. The house is empty all year, or 
almost except for Miss Jones, his family's retired 
housemaid. "I can't intrude on her retirement," I said 
but, he laughed and said that she still worked for him, 
that she just has nothing to do and besides she loved 
having people there.

After some more talk I thanked him and he set it up for 
me, a week later I was knocking on the door. Miss Jones 
opened the door and I got my first look at this retired 
housemaid. I had an image in my head and she was close 
to it, younger than I thought at perhaps 60 but 
otherwise picture perfect. A short heavy built woman 
with thick arms and huge breasts dressed in a long 
simple dress designed to hide her size. She had a round 
pretty face and a warm smile inviting me in and shaking 
my hand, in all she was perfect and I was looking 
forward to my stay. 

My room overlooked the water and was small but 
excellent, I called John again to thank him. Miss Jones 
insisted on making all my meals saying she felt guilty 
doing nothing for John’s family and that she liked it 
too so I made no argument. My stay was off to a good 
start, home at 8 most nights and in bed by mid night 
with some TV where Miss Jones would join me. 

It all started a couple of weeks later when in the 
middle of the night I heard the phone ring. It was 
coming from some other part of the house and woke me, I 
let it ring for a good while thinking I was dreaming or 
Miss Jones would answer it but it kept on ringing. With 
anger I got up and entered the dark hall searching for 
the room with the phone, it was coming from the floor 
above me where Miss Jones had her rooms. 

I remembered then that she had told me she took heavy 
sleeping pills to make her sleep but this was not 
possible, the phone would wake the dead. I walked up 
the stairs slowly hoping she would wake and answer it 
before I got there but no luck. I pushed open the door 
of the room with the phone as it rang on calling out 
softly for Miss Jones but nothing, I felt the wall for 
the light switch and flipped it on. It was only a 
bedside lamp but enough to make out the bed with Miss 
Jones laying on it, her large form easy to make out. 

"Miss Jones," I said louder repeating it a couple of 
more times louder still but she was dead to the world. 

I had to answer it, it was driving me nuts so I crossed 
the room and snatched it up to my ear, "Your 4 o clock 
wake up call," a recorded voice told me repeating it 
until I rung off. I was bewildered to say the least. As 
I replaced the receiver I glanced down at the sleeping 
Miss Jones and only then noticed the cover was only 
half covering her sleeping body. She was laying on her 
side with her back to me and the cover was clutched in 
her hands leaving her back and ass uncovered. Her 
night-dress was bunched up high above her hips so in 
the bad light I could see her enormous fleshy ass and 
thick meaty leg. 

I was thunderstruck, dumbfounded to say the least. Her 
ass was a perfect shaped ass only four times as big as 
any I’d seen so far, it drew my attention like honey to 
a bee and I found myself staring holding my breath. I 
felt bad but too excited to stop myself moving a little 
so I could see better. The heavy ass cheeks covered her 
pussy unfortunate, 

I was ashamed I even wanted to see but I did. I had to 
stop myself reaching out and touching her but if she 
woke up now and found my in my shorts at 4 in the 
morning with yes, a fucking hard on she’d call the 
cops. I was about to back out when she stirred and 
moved rolling over onto her back, I almost screamed 
with fear jumping back but she kept her eyes closed and 
mumbled something then went back to sleep. The 
nightdress was still around her waist and in the light 
I saw her belly and her huge pussy mound, smooth and 
swollen looking completely hairless. 

Taking a few deep breaths I steadied my nerves standing 
perfectly still but not taken my eyes off her, I could 
see her breasts under the shirt both bigger than my 
head and wondered why I’d never looked at them before 
that moment. I had never given Miss Jones the slightest 
interest sexually, she was like a grandmother but at 
that moment I was so turned on I could have come 
without touching my cock. Her legs where too fat to see 
more of her hidden pussy but I could see her enormous 
nipples hard under the shirt, she must be cold I 

You might think that looking at a 60 year old woman 
asleep in her granny nightdress with her massive belly 
on show would be horrible and I would agree normally 
but I was trembling with excitement. I got out of there 
and hurried back to my room jerking off almost as I 
went, it was truly amazing.


The next day at work I fantasied most of the day 
slipping from feeling ashamed to horny, I could not 
explain or condone what I had done and swore I’d never 
do it again. 

At 3 o clock that morning I was still awake holding my 
cell phone in my hand, this was nuts but I decided I’d 
just have one last look then move out of the house. I 
called the house number ready to hang up if she 
answered. The phone startled me when it rang upstairs 
and my heart was hammering in my chest as I waited for 
her to answer. 

I walked up to her room with my cell phone still in my 
hand letting it ring on and still she slept. At her 
room I hide my phone behind my back and switched the 
light on while ending the call, my heart jumped and I 
stumbled back against the door. She was lying on her 
back again only this time her nightdress was different, 
it was a silk one that was much shorter and almost 
completely see-through. 

At first I thought she was naked until I saw the fabric 
bunched around her waist, she was of course naked under 
it so I had her belly and mound on show again. I moved 
closer devouring her with my eyes and almost cried out 
when I saw her breasts where on show through the see-
through fabric. By far the biggest I’d ever seen this 
close with huge nipples that where hard and the part 
around the nipple at least 5 inches across. They sat on 
her belly which looked bigger naked then when she was 
dressed and strangely it was her belly I was staring 
at, her fat belly and mound that had my cock growing in 
my shorts. 

Again she moved scaring me lifting one leg up as if to 
roll onto her side but stopping half way, then moving 
back but all the way. The result was that her meaty 
legs where open, not wide but enough to see her pussy, 
I held my breath and moved closer. It was strange 
looking at first until I understood that the fatty 
mound deformed it but looking closer I could see the 
large lips hanging slightly open. I moved up to her 
head and reached over pulling the cover over her then 
placed my hand on her exposed shoulder. 

I gave her a little shake calling her name softly, she 
mumbled and moved a little but didn't wake, I shuck 
harder calling out louder but nothing. My heart was 
pounding in my chest, this was crazy, this was against 
the law, this was really the wrong thing to do. I 
pulled the covers down exposing her breasts, shaking 
her again and calling her name. 

Christ, they wobbled as I shuck her making me groan. 

Watching her face I moved my hand and placed it on her 
breast through the shirt, she was warm and the breast 
felt like it was full of water, huge but really soft. I 
didn't grab it not wanting to wake her but gently 
squeezed it moving my hand around feeling just how big 
it was. The nipple was rock hard under the fabric and 
when I brushed my hand over it she moaned softly making 
me whip my hand away quick. 

A moment later when I was sure she was still sleeping I 
pulled the cover down more, down to her knees. I swear 
I was breathing so hard I was sure I’d wake her with 
the sound of my breath, I had to fight to control it. 
First I touched her exposed naked belly placing my hand 
flat on it just where her belly button would be, it was 
warm and soft like her breast feeling almost liquid. I 
squeezed it gently enjoying strangely enough the 
texture of the fatty flesh where she had stretch marks. 

Next I moved my hand down, at this point I was ready to 
pass out with excitement. This was so wrong, so 
amazing. Her pussy mound felt firmer than her belly and 
tits and warmer too, I felt where she shaved some hair 
growing back faster and wondered why a 60 year old 
shaved her pussy but forgot about it when I touched her 

She groaned again at that point and I almost bolted 
from the room stepping back away from her but she just 
groaned and rolled a little opening her legs some more. 
I had to wait a moment to get my nerve back my chest 
hammering but I moved back over and very slowly pushed 
my hand between her legs again. 

I swear her pussy lips where like thick slices of liver 
only warm and not as wet but she was wet. My fingers 
slipped over them and they parted on there own given me 
access to her pink wet pussy. Again I had to stop and 
wait as my breathing was so loud it would have woken 
the house next door, I began by moving my middle finger 
slowly but firmly pushing it inside her. 

She moaned softly again in her sleep and this time I 
didn’t bolt, I carried on feeling her pussy loving the 
wetness and sheer size of it. With my thumb on the 
outside I pressed down into her fatty mound and found 
her clit, hard like a miniature cock and Miss Jones 
gave a sharp jolt of shock or surprise. 

I whipped my hand away and moved way back into the 
shadows shitting myself, she moved about a little but 
didn’t open her eyes at all. She opened her legs and to 
my shock and surprise I saw her move her hand between 
her legs, I backed up more bumping into the bedroom 

She moaned softly as she played with her pussy, in her 
sleep for God’s sake. I was again dumbfounded pressed 
against the wall with my cock poking out of my shorts. 
She moved her free hand up and pushed the night-dress 
up over her left breast exposing it then went straight 
to the nipple and started rolling it gently. 

"Michel don’t. I have to sleep," she mumbled in her 

Who ever Michel was! But Michel didn’t stop, her hand 
moved faster and I could hear her breathing louder now, 
"Not there no please," she continued. Then to top it 
all off she arched her back up off the bed and moaned a 
long low shuttering growl as it looked like she came, I 
watched holding my breath in amazement. 

When she calmed down her hand stayed between her legs 
and the other on her tits and she mumbled, "Now you 
baby, here on my breasts," she almost panted it 
repeating, "On my breasts darling."

As if on auto drive I found myself beside her bed with 
my cock in my hand, Miss Jones eyes where closed but 
she was still dreaming of her lover, "Let me feel it," 
she said sounding awake. 

I could not stop myself, it was just not possible. I 
jerked off fast and within seconds I fired a huge 
amount of come onto her breasts, it splashed all over 
them and her hand and she rubbed it into her flesh 
mumbling, "Yes, that’s it, Ooh yes Michel," over and 
over. When I was almost finished she mumbled again then 
rolled over onto her tummy pulling a leg up and pretty 
soon I heard her snore softly.

It had been the strangest night of my life and when I 
saw her the next morning I was embarrassed but she was 
her normal self smiling and fussing over me in her well 
kept dress and her hair done nice. It looked like she 
had slept very well and was in great form, "Did you 
sleep well?" she asked scaring me but she turned away 
before I could answer yes thanks. She had no memory of 
what happened, I was stunned and delighted. I had been 
scared she would wake up and remember what had happen 
and when I saw I was in the clear I decided I would 
never do that again, never! 

That same night I was at her bed side not even 
bothering to make the phone ring, she lay as before on 
her back and once again she was half naked. I started 
by shaking her gently on the shoulder for a couple of 
minutes but like before she stayed fast asleep. I felt 
her tits and belly then found her pussy not jumping 
away when she moaned or mumbled. Her pussy was so wet I 
wondered if she was in a constant state of excitement, 
I pushed two then three fingers into it with ease then 
a fourth. 

Within a minute or two I was pumping my fingers in and 
out of her pussy fast getting little or no resistance, 
she mumbled every now and then and moved a little but 
overall she was sleeping and enjoying what I was doing 
to her, "Oooh your so naughty Michel, stop," she said 
once clearly then, "You're gonna make me come darling."

I was afraid that if she came she might wake up so I 
stopped pulling my hand away to jerk off a little just 
watching her amazing body. She gave a loud grunt and 
rolled over onto her tummy mumbling again but this time 
to my complete amazement she raised her hips up off the 
bed and settled on her knees with her enormous ass 
sticking up and her torso flat. She had her head turned 
away from where I stood and pushed her arms under the 

I watched stunned as she rotated her giant hips from 
side to side then my mouth dropped open in surprise 
when I saw her slip an arm under her body only to 
reappear between her legs and on her pussy. She pulled 
the lips apart showing me the inside of her baggy 

"Oooh Michel, please you cant make me," then, "No not 
from behind," but she was going for it with her hand 
rolling and pulling on her clit. Her hips in that 
position where huge and round and her breasts where 
squashed under her body but they still spilled out 
large as life with the night-dress up over them. 

I could fuck her right now I thought and nearly did but 
touching was one thing sliding my cock into her was 
another. My cock is very thick and big too at 8 inches 
when hard as it was right then, her pussy could handle 
it, they all could but it would still be noticed. 
Instead I moved over as close as I could and jerked off 
onto her waiting ass, it was hard but to see my come 
all over her huge ass had me high. 

The next day she was quite, not her normal self and 
when I asked if she was alright she said she not 
sleeping well enough. I waited for her to attack me but 
she didn’t, she made breakfast and sat with me looking 

"I’m just tired, that’s all don’t worry about me. I’ll 
take an extra pill tonight, it will knock me out," she 
said getting up to go. 

I watched her to see if she was telling me something 
but she seemed normal and busy as she had been every 
morning, she could have been telling me something or 
not but I decided I would leave her alone now while I 
was ahead.

That night at 1 o'clock I was in her room again with 
the light on standing looking down  at her sleeping 
form. When I pulled the covers back she was naked this 
time making my heart race and my cock hard, man her 
body was huge but the effect was strange on me it made 
me horny like never before. 

She looked like she was dead to the world even when I 
pushed and shoved her to make sure she remained still. 
Getting bolder I pinched her large rubber nipple hard 
enough to hurt and still she slept soundly. This was 
too much, how could I do this to the poor woman I was 
ashamed and horny at the same time but impossible to 
stop now. 

I sat beside her and ran my hands over her tits and 
belly squeezing her belly and fleshy pussy mound and 
still nothing from her, I pulled her legs open forcing 
them as wide as I could and she just lay there dead to 
the world. I could now see her whole pussy large as 
life and slightly open and when I pushed two fingers 
into her I got a reaction, she changed her breathing 
slightly breathing a little faster. 

Her pussy was wet as it always was and took my fingers 
with ease, it was so hot inside I wanted to taste it 
but didn’t dare for now. ‘I could fuck her’ I thought 
forcing four fingers into her open pussy and fucking 
her with them, with my free hand I pulled my cock out 
and started jerking off at the same time. 

Then I thought, ‘Fuck it!’ I was going to do her, it 
just had to be done but first I wanted to have some 
more fun. I moved up to her sleeping face and tapped 
her lightly with my cock, then a little harder. I 
rubbed my hard cock against her lips smearing pre come 
on her sleeping lips and leaving a wet trail all over 
her face, next I rubbed it against her tits and nipples 
and even leaned over her so I could rub my balls across 
her face it was excellent. 

The whole time she just lay there dead to the world, 
now the fucking. I moved back around and climbed 
between her open legs forcing them wider still and 
still no movement from her, I placed my hard cock to 
her pussy and held my breath then slowly slid it in 
having to push a little to get it in but surprised at 
how easy she took it. I watched her face closely and 
the only reaction was her breathing that got a little 
faster and laboured. 

I was leaning over her with my cock buried deep in her 
pussy, it felt hot wet and very, very nice but I was so 
excited I almost came without moving. I had to wait 
until I calmed down not wanting to blow my load too 
soon but the temptation to ram it into her hard was 
strong. I waited a minute taking deep breaths and 
watching her face. 

She stirred a little twisting her hips so my cock moved 
about a little which set me off, I pulled out and 
started fucking her slowly. Her face changed, then what 
looked like a smile on her lips but still sleeping 
while I humped slowly, her pussy was wet so wet like 
she was getting off on this. She let out a sharp cry 
but kept her eyes closed and when I humped a little 
harder she did it again crying out. I got a little 
rougher with her banging into her hard pulling out and 
slamming back in, it was excellent. 

The fact that she was sleeping made it all the better 
for me and I started wondering where I should come, 
inside her or on her wobbling belly. Instead I pulled 
out and heaved her over onto her belly then roughly 
yanked one of her legs up so she was half kneeling, man 
her fat ass looked fantastic like that with her pussy 
open and wet. 

I got up behind her and slid my cock back in getting a 
loud groan from her, she turned her head and mumbled 
something but at that point I started pounding her cunt 
with short hard jabs sending her fleshy ass wobbling 
all over the place. I pulled her heavy ass cheeks apart 
to get in deeper loving it and then my concerns about 
where to come ended. I came hard pumping her flabby 
cunt full of spunk, I groaned and cried out emptying my 
balls into her sleeping form. I got out of her room 
fast after that again feeling ashamed of what I’d done 
and returned to my room. 

The next morning she was in great mood, singing and 
smiling and even gave me a little kiss on the cheek 
when I walked into the kitchen. " Your in good mood 
today " I said carefully and she replied that she had 
slept wonderfully and felt great. Even though I watched 
her carefully she made no sign of knowing what had 
happened the night before. Off to work I went for my 
last day on the job, she knew I was leaving that 
weekend and said nothing about it until I got home that 
night. As soon as I walked into the house I knew 
something was up, she was dressed up all fancy in a 
tight fitting dress showing off all her lumps and bumps 
and her face was made up all nice. "I’ve made us a nice 
dinner as its your last night her," she said smiling. 
"Go and get ready for dinner its ready in 20 minutes," 
and she pushed me out of the kitchen. 

The meal was lovely and she was very charming 
throughout even flirting a little. At 11 o clock I 
yawned and said I was ready for bed and she suddenly 
looked worried, she stood up and approached me saying 
in a shy voice "Well I thought as it was your last 
night we could fool around a bit." I was gobsmacked to 
say the least, she saw my discomfort and laughed 
saying, "Oh what’s the matter, would you prefer I was 
asleep?" shit she knew. 

I think I knew deep down that she must have been awake 
but confronted like that I was like a little boy, she 
seemed amused at my embarrassment grinning at me, "You 
don’t know how hard it was to pretend to sleep," she 
said laughing at me. "I wanted to crab you and scream," 
she continued.

She walked right up to me and planted her hand on the 
front of my pants feeling my bulge and smiled, "When 
you rubbed it against my mouth I almost ate you up " 
she purred feeling my cock grow in my pants. I never 
meet a man who liked my fat, you spent more time 
feeling my belly than my breasts," she said not 
laughing and breathing a little heavier now as was I. 

She turned around then and presented me with her back 
pressing her enormous ass against my cock, "Open my 
dress," she commanded.

I unzipped her dress at the back and exposed her white 
flesh, it reached the small of her back and I could see 
the black bra and just above her waist a suspender 
belt. My heart jumped and my cock twitched, she was 
wearing stockings and suspenders, ‘Oh my God,’ I 
thought. ‘I’m going to come!’

She stayed with her back to me as I pealed the dress 
off her shoulders pulling it down her arms. It got 
stuck at her waist as it was so wide but she helped me 
there, wriggling her wide hips from side to side we got 
the dress over her love handles and it dropped to the 
floor. She wore black knickers made of silk that where 
stuck to her huge flabby ass and her suspenders went 
under the knickers down to the black stockings that 
housed her chunky legs. 

I slid my arms under her arms and onto her bra clad 
breasts lifting them up from behind, man they felt even 
bigger standing up and heavy the nipples poking through 
the bra. She leaned back pushing her ass at me and 
moaned loudly, I moved one hand down and found her 
belly. She groaned as I mauled her flabby soft belly 
squeezing the soft flesh in my hand, then she took my 
hand and pulled it down to her large pussy mound on the 
outside of her knickers. 

The knickers felt so smooth and silky and I could feel 
the heat coming from under the tight fabric as she 
pressed my hand into her. With my other hand I moved it 
back and went to her ass giving her thick cheek and 
rough squeeze and pulling her knickers to one side so 
her huge ass cheek was naked and exposed. It felt so 
flabby and soft I almost came in my pants and when I 
pushed my hand between her deep crack and found her ass 
hole she pushed back harder at me. 

"Open my bra," she ordered me in a husky voice her legs 

I had to use both hands to get it open and felt the 
sheer weight as her tits dropped down without the 
support of the bra, I quickly reached back around and 
lifted one up feeling just how heavy it was and how 
soft it felt, she moaned at my touch leaning her head 
back and trying to turn and kiss me. Her nipple was 
hard and rubbery to the touch and when I pinched it she 
groaned loving it.

"Rip my knickers off, rip them right off me!" she 

Man, I was so horny right then and her voice sounded so 
husky and sultry, I let her go and dropped to my knees 
behind her my face an inch from her ass. I could smell 
her sex musky and strong and knew she would be wet, I 
pushed my face into her soft ass flesh feeling the silk 
against my face while squeezing her giant ass cheeks 
with my hands. She turned then to face me and I found 
my face pressed against her swollen pussy mound through 
her hot knickers, she took my head in her hands and 
pulled it tighter to her pussy panting like a dog. I 
yanked her knickers down to her knees and buried my 
face into her soft pussy biting and sucking on her 
fleshy mound not yet touching her pussy and she pulled 
at my hair almost painfully. 

I gave her knickers one more hard yank and they ripped 
at the side coming away in my hand, she stepped her 
legs apart for me wanting my mouth on her pussy. Her 
fleshy cunt was too fat to get at like that so I told 
her to sit on the edge of the sofa, I watched in awe as 
she moved over to the sofa every part of her wobbled as 
she walked in her high heels. As she sat on the edge of 
the sofa with her chunky legs open I stood up and 
removed my clothes, she watched every move until my 
cock came into view and then she smiled at me licking 
her lips. With my cock in my hand I approached her 
smiling, she was staring at it like she was starved 
gagging for it.

"This is what you wanted?" I asked knowing the answer. 
"A big hard cock." I was panting now as I stopped right 
in front of her my cock at her head height. 

Without a second thought she opened her mouth and 
gobbled half my cock in one go sucking it hard and 
loudly, I was taken my surprise at her aggressiveness 
but loved it. She sucked my entire length down her 
troth bobbing her head up and down my shaft fast making 
so much noise. 

I felt her hands cup my balls and squeeze my ass as she 
devoured my cock, it was out of this world. When she 
came up for air holding my cock at the base with her 
hands and jerking me off painfully she looked up at me 
and grinned wickedly at me saying, "I’ve wanted to suck 
your cock since you arrived." Then she sucked it again 
before stopping and saying, "Come in my mouth, fill my 
mouth with spunk I’ll swallow it all I promise."

She didn’t wait for an answer just carried on pumping 
my cock with her hand while sucking for all she was 
worth, my balls twitched and my cock throbbed ready to 
blow but I wanted to fuck her. "No wait, stop I want to 
fuck you," I panted pulling her head away.

She pulled away but reluctantly smiling up at me and 
licking her lips, she was out of breath too and looked 
red faced and flushed. Without asking she leaned back 
and opened her legs for me giving me one of the 
horniest sights I’d ever seen, her chunky legs in black 
stockings and her gapping open wet pussy dripping with 
pussy juice and just waiting for my cock. She slid her 
hand between her legs and pulled her pussy open so I 
could see the inside pink and wet and with her free 
hand she squeezed her own tits pinching the nipples and 
pulling them impossibly. 

Her rolls of body fat again making me horny beyond 
anything I’d experienced before, from her pussy to her 
double chin the rolls melted into each other making her 
look as wide as she was long but the over all effect on 
me was amazement. She was looking not at me but my cock 
as I moved between her open legs her breath coming in 
short gasps as she masturbated wildly rolling her 
swollen clit in her chubby fingers.

As soon as I pressed my cock to her open pussy she 
groaned out loud clawing at me trying to pull me to her 
forcing me to plunge my hard cock into her waiting 
pussy, it sank in almost entirely making her cry out 
with joy. Her pussy felt hotter and wetter if that was 
possible and when I rammed what remained of my cock 
into her she screamed out she was coming. She came hard 
almost bucking off her with the force and scratching my 
arms as she dug her nails into my arms.

I yanked her arms away and forced them up above her 
head holding them there while I pumped my cock in and 
out a couple of times getting the feel of her, I was 
almost laying on top of her and for a moment or two we 
where frantic bumping and grinding. 

"Yes, yes, yes Oooooooh fuck Yes!!" she screamed at me 
trying to free her hands still bucking her massive hips 
at me.

I held her arms tightly and grunted as I banged my cock 
into her hard four or five times. She was like a live 
wire bucking and wriggling under me, I let one of her 
arms go to grab a leg lifting it up higher so I could 
pump her pussy harder and she once again clawed at me 
like a wild animal, "Ooooh fuck me hard! Fuck me you 
bastard! Harder! Harder!!" she screamed hurting my arm 
and shoulder now. 

I pulled her right leg up so high she was bent in half 
her tits slapping her face as I pounded into her 
franticly her pussy pumping liquid onto my driving cock 
covering my balls and pubic hair. She was going nuts 
totally unlike the sleeping form I’d fucked the night 
before much to my enjoyment. Her thick leg felt so soft 
in my hand as I dug my fingers into her flesh forcing 
the leg up high and every trust sent her tits slapping 
against her chin and her belly rocked making me hotter 

I saw her eyes roll back in their sockets and she 
looked like she passed out, I stopped fucking her 
concerned pulling my cock from her dripping hole and 
let her leg go. She flopped down with her legs still 
open and her eyes closed for a moment then thankfully 
she opened her eyes and smiled up at me, "Ooh shit, 
that was fantastic, I’ve never come like that," she 
panted still trying to catch her breath. "Its been so 

My cock was still on fire hard as a rock and I wanted 
more but she looked all fucked out, "I’m not done yet, 
I need to cum," said watching her grinning face. 

She waited a moment then nodded and slowly rolled her 
huge body over letting her knees drop to the floor and 
laying her tits and belly on the sofa. I had her ass 
pointing at me like that as wide as a garden gate her 
pussy gapping open looking well and truly fucked, she 
had sticky liquid running down the deep crack and her 
asshole was just begging to be fucked. 

Sure enough when I placed my cock between her crack she 
moaned out, "I know what you want you dirty bastard, go 
on then, fuck my ass!" her voice breaking.

I pressed my cock to her tight ass hole pushing just a 
little, "Ooh Christ! Do it! Shove it in!" she groaned 
pushing back at me. 

With no effort at all my cock broke past her ring and 
entered her tight hot hole an inch or two, she howled 
with joy trashing her head back and pushed with her 
arms back at me impaling herself on my cock. 

It sank in half way and she screamed, "Yes!! Ooooooh 
fuck yes!!" then howling loudly she pushed back taken 
my entire cock up her ass. Once she had my cock up her 
ass she stayed still a second, it was like sticking my 
cock into a fire with a grip like steel. 

I dug my fingers into her meaty hips sucking in air as 
I tried to control myself, the feeling so intense I 
could have come there and then. I think she was feeling 
the same as she held onto the sofa with white knuckles 
breathing hard. Very slowly I withdrew my cock almost 
painfully from her tight hole then before I pulled out 
completely I pushed it back in slowly, she almost 
ripped the sofa as she fought to control her body. 

My fingers where dug in deep into her flesh when I 
looked at them it must have hurt her but she was too 
lost in pleasure to care. I built up speed pulling out 
and forcing in until her ass opened up to me letting my 
cock slid in and out, her ass lubricated its self with 
brown slime that covered my cock but I was loving it my 
cock on fire. 

This could not last long and the very thought of 
pumping her ass with spunk had my balls jumping, "I’m 
gonna cum," I panted banging her harder, "I’m gonna cum 
in your ass!"

I began pounding her ass really hard just then getting 
close and only barely heard her say, "Not there, I want 
to taste you WAIT!"

 She did her best to push me off and I only just had 
time to pull out, once she felt her ass no longer full 
of cock she twisted around almost falling and grabbed 
at my cock. I came before I got to her mouth shouting a 
large wad of thick spunk onto her face but she gobbled 
it in fast sucking like a mad woman as I emptied my 
balls into her open mouth. 

The sight of her red lips wrapped around my slime 
covered cock was out of this world and so slutty I’m 
sure I came twice what I would normally, she just kept 
on sucking and pumping my cock until I fell over her 
landing on the sofa all shagged out. 

If there are any BBW out there that like my stories I'd 
love to hear from you so drop me a line. I'm a 34 year 
old Man who as you have just read has an active mind 
and loves ladies like you.

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