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Lynne Gleason closed the door behind her and leaned 
against it. 

"Bastard," she repeated.

She stood and took three steps to look in the 
mirror in the front hall. At 35, she still had it: 
a perky smile on a pretty face framed by well-
coifed dark hair, a tight body and smooth, trim 
legs. The nipples on her 36C tits, barely contained 
by her thin bra, poked against her white blouse and 
were clearly visible. Her skirt, even when she 
stood, was at least two inches above her knees and 
the side slit offered a teasing view of her thighs. 
It was cut tight and showed off her flaring hips 
and round ass. When she sat, the tops of her 
stockings were there for all to see, especially in 
the front seat of a car when she wanted Steve to 
see them.

Two buttons on her blouse were undone, putting the 
tops of her round tits in view.

With all that, here she was standing in the front 
hall of her home, dropped off by her date and 
horny, very horny.

"Bastard!" she said again.

Steve wasn't really a date, she rationalized. He 
had asked her to join him at the awards dinner as a 
favor. His real date had begged off at the last 
minute claiming a virus and Lynne was available. 

She was, she thought, very available now that her 
husband was in prison for bilking his company out 
of $500,000. Joe had pleaded guilty to the charges 
that he stole the money and spent at least some of 
it on $300 an hour hookers, which he said were for 
clients. His clients! Yeah right!

That had been over a year ago. It had been three 
months after the indictment before they had sex 
again, before she would even let him touch her. Now 
he was in prison having served four months of his 
18-month sentence. With good behavior he'd be out 
after a year, just eight months to go. Surely he 
didn't expect Lynne to get by on dildos and 
vibrators, not after her had some very expensive 

But dildos and vibrators were Lynne's sex life, 
along with some porn movies. She was, after all, a 
single mother now with two-year old Brad. She 
didn't get many invitations; in fact most of her 
neighbors avoided her as if she was contagious.

Steve though was different. He worked with the ad 
firm which Lynne's company used. One of his 
campaigns had won an award and thus the dinner. He 
had reluctantly called Lynne, but she jumped at the 
invitation. It gave her a chance to get out and, 
she mused, Steve was attractive and seemed 

Perhaps, she could get something besides a meal. 
But Steve seemed to ignore her efforts at 
seduction; missing the cues she tried to send with 
the climbing skirt and revealing blouse, her best 
come-fuck-me outfit.

So she was home, left to her own "devices" again.

"Bastard," she said once more as she thought of 
Steve, and perhaps of Joe.

"Are you okay, Mrs. Gleason?"

The voice startled her for an instant but then she 
turned and saw Jessica, Jessie, the 15-year-old she 
had gotten to baby-sit for Brad. Having a 
babysitter was a new experience for Lynne.

"Oh, Jessie," she stammered, "I'm sorry. Yes, I'm 
okay. Just a little disappointed is all. Is 
everything okay here? How was Brad?"

"Fine. He's sleeping now. I checked on him just 
before you got home and I haven't heard a peep 
through the intercom since I put him down at 8:30."

Lynne looked at Jessie and saw a pretty, make that 
very pretty, girl just flowering into womanhood.

She had long blonde hair, which flowed, down her 
back and a fair size chest, which was hidden, 
beneath her sweatshirt. She had on jeans, which 
hugged her skin and served only to emphasize her 
trim body. Lynne thought she had been lucky to get 
her on a Saturday night.

"I guess I'll pack up and be on my way. I'll call 
my Mom."

Jessie lived along the same street as Lynne and the 
plan was that Lynne would stand on her front porch 
to watch her walk home and Jessie's mother or 
father would be out on the street to wait for her. 
That way Lynne wouldn't have to leave Brad and they 
would be sure Jessie would be safe.

"Why don't you wait a bit," Lynne said not wanting 
to give up the companionship of another person just 
yet. "I need a cup of tea, or something and we 
could talk. I don't know if you sampled the goodies 
I have for you."

"Not really," Jessie grinned. "I'll stay for a 
while." Jessie turned back to the kitchen and Lynne 
found herself staring at the teenager's ass. God, 
how she would love to have a trim ass like that.

Jessie sat as Lynne got out cups and plates. She 
wasn't sure, but thought Jessie was staring at the 
tops of her its as she bent over, looking down her 
cleavage. If she was, Lynne was enjoying it. At 
least she was getting a rise out of someone 

Lynne sat to Jessie's left and again felt the 
teen's eyes on her. Lynne was still though thinking 
about Steve and how he ignored all her signals, 
still angry, still horny.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Jessie?" Lynne asked 

"Not really. I'm dating a couple of guys."

"I bet they like being with you. You're very 
attractive. I bet they try a lot of stuff with 

Jessie blushed. "Well yeah but..."

She was staring at Lynne's chest.

"Sometimes," Lynne said, "You want a guy to try, 
don't you."

Jessie blushed again. 

"Is that why you were upset tonight, Mrs. Gleason," 
the teen blurted. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said 
that. I'm sorry."

"That's okay. Yes. I was kind of expecting 

"You're very pretty," Jessie whispered. "I would 
think guys, men, do want to try things with you."

"What do boys try with you, Jessie?"

"Well, you know, they want to feel under my shirt 

"You can say it."

"My...my... tits."

She was staring again.

"Do you let them?


"Do you like it?" Lynne was looking at Jessie now. 
She thought she could make out the 15-year-old's 
nipples pushing at her sweatshirt.

"It feels good. My, er, nipples get hard. One guy 
started to squeeze them with his fingers and then 
he pushed my shirt up and kissed them."

"Anything else?

"Well, er, I started to get warm between my legs. 
Then I felt something wet there. It started to feel 
good.  Is that what it feels like to you?

"Yes it does."

Lynne hesitated. 

"Would you like to give me that feeling now?"

Jessie looked at her. Lynne began to undo more of 
the buttons on her blouse until it was completely 
open. Her tits were straining against her thin bra, 
her taut nipples stretching the fabric. Jessie 
leaned forward, extending her hands. She put one 
hand under each breast, cupping them, gently 
caressing them. She moved her face still closer and 
lifted Lynne's left breast until she could press 
her lips to it, kissing it through the thin 
material. Lynne closed her eyes.

"This isn't happening," she thought, "I don't have 
a 15 year old girl sucking my tits. I don't."

"That feels good Jessie. Don't stop. Ohhh."

Lynne slipped her hand underneath Jessie's 
sweatshirt, inching her fingers up her back until 
she found the strap of her bra. She unclasped it 
letting the teen's breasts swing free. Quickly, 
Lynne reached for them, rubbing them gently, 
letting the nipples, the hard nipples brush against 
her palms. Jessie liked that.

"That feels good," she said lifting her mouth from 
Lynne's chest.

Now it was Jessie's turn to work on a bra strap. 
She reached behind Lynne and found the clasp.

Lynne's tits burst forth as the hook was undone. 
Jessie was there to receive them, clamping her 
mouth on Lynne's right nipple as she worked on the 
left with her hand.

Lynne continued to massage Jessie's chest; the 
teen-ager's nipples seemed to grow stiffer and 
longer  as she continued to play with them. She was 
enjoying Jessie's mouth so much though she just 
stopped, allowing the teen to suck on her, moaning 
gently to signal her pleasure. It had been so long, 
so long since anyone had sucked on her tits, bit 
her nipples.

"Bite them, please," she begged, "not too hard. 
Yes. That's it. Ohhh. So good."

Jessie liked it when she sucked on Lynne's full 
chest, liked it when Lynne played with her nipples.

She could feel a warm glow spread between her legs.

"I want you to suck me," she said.

With that, Jessie moved away from Lynne and pulled 
the sweatshirt over her head. The bra came with it 
and Lynne found herself staring at two beautiful 
erect tits with stiff, dark brown nipples staring 
back. She went for them quickly. Lynne couldn't 
remember the last time she had sucked on a woman's 

Perhaps in college? Whatever? Now she was sucking 
on two sweet young tits and loving it. Lynne could 
feel her own pussy getting warmer. She had worked 
herself up just a bit flirting with Steve, but this 
was real. She needed relief, needed it badly.

She took Jessie into her mouth, turned on herself 
by Jessie's long slow moans. Lynne had her hands on 
Jessie's back and let them slide down her body 
until she felt the top of her jeans. She reached to 
the front, gently grazing Jessie's flat stomach. 
With a little work, she managed to unbutton them 
and started on the zipper. She felt the warmth and 
dampness at Jessie's crotch.

Jessie meanwhile made a similar discovery as her 
hands moved beneath Lynne's skirt, passing the top 
of her stockings.

It was an awkward position as Lynne leaned over to 
Jessie, her legs stretched out.

"We should go upstairs," Lynne panted.

Jessie couldn't speak. She was on fire. Little 
sparks were going off as Lynne flicked her tongue 
on her nipples and as her fingers pinched at her 
wet crotch. Jessie had been in Lynne's bedroom 
earlier, looking enviously at the jewelry, imaging 
herself in some of the sexy underwear she found in 
the bureau. It was the night table though which 
held the greatest discovery. On Joe's side of the 
bed, the night table held a box of condoms and 
there was some pictures, a picture of Lynne on her 
back wearing just a pair of thong panties. In the 
next photo, the panties were gone and Jessie looked 
with some envy at the patch of hair at Lynne's 
crotch, thinking about her own almost smooth pussy. 
On Lynne's side, she found two vibrators and a 
dildo. Jessie had never seen a dildo before but had 
seen photos of a penis in sex ed classes. 

She was amazed at how lifelike it looked. She held 
it up to her face and inhaled the musky aroma. She 
imagined Lynne had used it. She thought about 
pulling down her pants and pressing it against 
herself, but just then the phone rang, startling 

The call was from Lynne, just checking in, but 
Jessie took it as a sign and put the bedroom back 
in order. She returned to the kitchen, to the TV 
and her homework.

Now they were back in the bedroom. Lynne had Jessie 
by the hand, leading her to the bed. Jessie sat on 
the edge and Lynne gently pushed her down. She 
pulled off Jessie's sneakers and then her jeans, 
leaving only the girl's light blue panties with a 
dark stain in the front.

Lynne unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She left 
the thigh high stockings but slipped her fingers 
into the waistband of her white mesh panties. 
Jessie could already make out the dark bush beneath 
them, the darkness exaggerated by the moisture on 
Lynne's panties. The panties were gone  in an 
instant and Lynne joined Jessie on the bed.

She took the teen-ager's head in her hands and 
brought it towards her until their lips met. Lynne 
kissed her gently at first and then, using her 
tongue, began to push at Jessie's mouth until her 
lips opened. She thrust her tongue into the teen, 
pulling her closer as their nipples met.

Jessie put her hands on Lynne's round ass, pulling 
as if trying to merge their bodies into one. She 
could feel the warmth of Lynne's hot crotch against 
her own wet panties.

"Oh God I need you there," Lynne moaned as she 
pushed the girl down, pushing until Jessie's face 
was at Lynne's dark pussy.

"Eat me baby. Eat me. Please."

Jessie wasn't sure what to do.

Lynne opened her legs. Jessie was staring at her 

"Just put your mouth there. Kiss me. Slide your 
tongue in. Hurry"

The teen-ager did as she was told, kissing, lapping 
at Lynne's pussy. For leverage she slipped one hand 
under Lynne's ass, grabbing at one cheek, pressing 
one finger, then another into Lynne's puckered 

Lynne was thrashing now.

"Yes. Oh yes. Fuck my ass with your fingers. Fuck 
my pussy with your tongue. Oh yes! Do it! Oh I need 
it. Ohhhhhhh. More. More."

Jessie pressed her face harder against Lynne's 
crotch. Her tongue snaked past the patch of hair, 
splitting Lynne's engorged slit. Jessie could taste 
the tangy juices seeping from Lynne's gash.

"Oh god fuck me harder."

Lynne had her hands on the back of Jessie's head, 
holding her fast against her crotch. It was as if 
she was trying to suck the girl into her pussy.  
Jessie slid another finger, a third, into Lynne's 


With that, Jessie felt Lynne shudder. Then she fell 
back. Jessie stayed with her as warm juices seemed 
to flow out of her cunt. Jessie let her fingers 
slip from Lynne's ass.

Now it was Jessie who needed relief. Throughout her 
sucking on Lynne's cunt, Jessie own pussy was 
twitching. She had never felt it quite like that 
before. Lynne looked up at her and smiled.

"My little darling," she said, "you were wonderful. 
Now I want to taste your beautiful pussy."

Lynne nudged Jessie to her back and reached for the 
now sopping blue panties, pulling them over her 
hips and down her lean legs. She stared at the 
wisps of blonde hair at the girl's otherwise smooth 
She spread Jessie's legs, exposing her pink slit 
and then quickly covered it with her mouth.

The explosions Jessie felt were nothing like the 
sparks she felt earlier. This was a fireworks 
display. Jessie's head was spinning as Lynne thrust 
her tongue in and out of her cunthole. Lynne found 
the teen's clit and began to massage it, pinching 
it gently as she felt the orgasm surge through 
Jessie's body. Jessie cried with joy as she felt 
the cum ooze from her pussy into Lynne's waiting 

After a few moments, it was Jessie who spoke first. 
"I hope you feel better now, Mrs. Gleason. I've 
never felt anything like that."

"I think you can call me 'Lynne' now. And, there's 
something else I need."

With that, Lynne slid off the end of bed and walked 
to the night table. Jessie smiled as she gazed 
lustfully at Lynne's full round ass, the ass she 
had just fingered.

At the night table, Lynne bent over slightly and 
Jessie saw her puckered asshole. She reached into 
the drawer and pulled out the vibrators and the 
dildo along with what looked like a leather 
waistband and harness.

She brought them back to the bed and told Jessie to 
stand. "I really need this from you," she said as 
she put the harness around Jessie's waist, 
inserting the dildo as she tightened it. Jessie 
could feel one end of it rubbing against her, and 
as she moved slightly, pressing against her clit.

Lynne was on her knees now, her mouth level with 
the dildo and she began to kiss the hard rubber 
dick, slowly taking it into her mouth. She had her 
hands around Jessie, clutching at the teen's trim 
ass. For her part, Jessie was getting into it.

"Yeah," she said, "suck me. Suck my cock. I'm going 
to fuck you so hard."

"Oh yeah," Lynne said between licks. "I want you to 
fuck my pussy."

With that, Jessie worked Lynne onto her back on the 
bed. Lynne spread her legs and Jessie moved between 
them, the dildo pointing to Lynne's cunt.

"You want this, don't you," Jessie teased.

"Oh please. Please fuck me. Put it in me."

Jessie let the tip rub along Lynne's engorged pussy 
lips before dipping it just a bit into Lynne's 

Lynne tried to suck it in, but Jessie pulled back. 
Lynne thrust her legs up, trying to get more of the 

Jessie  let two inches dip in before pulling out, 
then two more and then pushed all of the seven inch 
dildo into Lynne's eager pussy until the hard 
plastic balls, added for realism, were up against 
Lynne's ass.

Lynne groaned with delight. Jessie moaned too as 
she felt the other end of the dildo press harder on 
her clit. She moved in and out of Lynne's pussy, 
each of them moaning with pleasure. Jessie leaned 
forward to knead Lynne's tits, squeezing her hard 

"Oh it's been so long. Oh fuck me with your big 

Jessie was really into it now.

"Where do you want it?" the teen asked..

"In my pussy. Fuck my pussy hard."

Jessie obliged. Lynne cried out as she came and 
Jessie too erupted, her girl juices dripping out of 
her pussy and onto Lynne's ass.

Jessie rolled off of Lynne, her  cock' pointed 
straight up, shining with Lynne's juices. Lynne 
rolled too, hovering over the prick to suck on it.

"Can I have that?" Jessie whispered

"Have you ever?"

"No," even more quietly.

Lynne grinned and removed the harness from the 
teen's waist and put it around her own, but not 
before she had licked the nub, which had been 
pressing on Jessie's clit. Now it was positioned 
for Jessie Lynne stood, swaggering just a bit. She 
would enjoy taking this virgin cunt.

"Let me see you get this cock ready. I'm going to 
fuck your pretty little mouth. Come on baby. Suck 
my cock."

Jessie stood before Lynne and then dropped to her 

"Just kiss the tip," Lynne tutored. "Lick the sides 
then take it your mouth and suck on it like a 

Jessie offered some tentative licks, tasting 
Lynne's fresh juices on the rubber dick. Lynne 
started to push into the teenager's mouth, pulling 
back as Jessie began to gag. Then she would inch in 
just a bit more until the youngster was able to 
take all seven inches, her mouth stretched wide.

The more Lynne pushed, the harder Jessie sucked, 
pushing the nub of the dildo against Lynne's still 
throbbing clit. Lynne was fucking Jessie's mouth 
and the teen was returning the favor.

"I think you're ready," Lynne said out of breath as 
she removed the dildo from Jessie's mouth "This 
tastes so good," she gushed. "I can't wait to feel 
it in my pussy."

"It won't be long darling. I can't wait to fuck 

"Then don't!"

Now Jessie was on her back, her legs splayed, 
waiting for the cock, her first ever.

Lynne sensed the tension.

"It may hurt, but only for an instant. Just relax."

Lynne gently nudged the dildo against Jessie's pink 
folds and slowly began to push. She felt the 
resistance of the girl's hymen and pushed harder. 
Jessie yelped as the barrier broke and grabbed onto 

The cock went deeper now and Jessie cried out first 
with pain and then with moans of ecstasy, begging 
for more as Lynne plunged in and out. Lynne could 
feel how close Jessie was, still worked up from the 
nub against her clit.

"Ohmigod, it's happening," Jessie squealed, holding 
Lynne tighter, crushing Lynne's tits against her 
own. Lynne could feel the orgasm wash over Jessie's 
body and felt her own, smaller jolt. Lynne thrust 
again and Jessie responded with another, smaller 
orgasm, holding Lynne even tighter, After a few 
moments, she pulled out. They hugged tightly, 
Jessie not wanting the moment to end "I think I may 
need a babysitter more often," Lynne said as they 

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