Tuesday, 3 September 2013


"Jack," Sue called from the bathroom. "Can you come 
here for a minute?"

Jack rose from the TV chair and sauntered over to the 
bathroom door, trying to watch the football match as he 
walked away and inevitably shouldered the corridor 
wall. Muttering quietly he pushed the bathroom door 
ajar and called out:

"What's up Mom?"

"I need a hand in here," she called back desperately.

The previous afternoon, while driving home from work, 
her car was hit by a rogue four wheel drive. She lost 
control after the impact, drove her little car into a 
power pole, and broke her right arm. Although she was 
covered in seat belt bruises, she escaped otherwise 
unhurt. After an overnight stay in the local hospital 
Sue had been allowed home again with her arm in a bulky 
plaster cast.

Jack, who had enjoyed his eighteenth birthday just days 
before, was horrified when the police rang to tell him 
about the accident and raced over to the hospital. His 
father worked interstate and would not be home for at 
least four months, leaving Jack as the "man of the 
house". He sat by his mother's side for most of the 
night before returning to bring her home next morning.

He entered the bathroom, looking bashfully at the 
floor. Sue sat in the steaming bath, her broken arm 
resting on the edge to keep it dry. A tear trickled 
down her cheek from the frustration of trying to make 
do with one hand. Her left arm was so badly bruised 
that she could not rise from the bath without 

Taking a fresh towel from the rack, Jack gently covered 
his mother's shoulders. He slipped out of his sneakers 
and stood in the bathtub behind his mother, encouraged 
her to trust him with her weight, took her under the 
arms and gingerly helped her to her feet.

She groaned as her bruised torso straightened up, but 
having finally made it, tried vainly to cover herself 
with the towel. Her son still gripped her tightly to 
help her over the edge of the bathtub. Slowly she 
raised one leg over the edge, leaning back for balance 
as she did so. Jack's hands moved slightly forward, 
touching the sides of his mother's breasts. As she 
painfully stepped clear of the bath, she could feel the 
unmistakable hardness of Jack's growing erection 
against her back.

Jack was embarrassed by his involuntary erection. He 
had never thought of his mother in a physical way. She 
was... well, she was his MOTHER. He also realized for 
the first time that his mother was a very attractive 
woman, despite reaching almost forty years. Her body 
was taut, her breasts were firm and full. Hell, she was 
a VERY attractive woman.

She was also dripping wet, and in her present 
condition, there was no possible way she could dry 
herself. Jack tried to allow her to preserve some 
modesty by taking a second towel from the rack, and 
approached his mother to dry her down. Neither spoke a 
word. The son's nervous anticipation and the mother's 
anxious embarrassment made communication difficult. 
Jack had never seen his mother naked before.

"Don't worry Mom," he finally whispered. "I'll dry you 
off in no time."

She smiled wanly at her son. He was really coming 
through for her now she needed him to take control. 
Jack started from the back of her neck, toweling 
briskly down her back, her buttocks and legs. He worked 
his way around the front of her legs, skipped her pubic 
area completely and rubbed her stomach gently. For a 
long time he just quietly rubbed her belly, uncertain 
what he should do next.

Clenching his teeth, he moved the towel upwards, gently 
massaging the underside of his mother's breasts. Her 
eyes shut tight. Her head hung back.  Her damp hair 
cascaded down her back. She could not believe the 
reactions coursing through her body. The broken arm and 
the bruises were banished from her consciousness. Her 
entire being was focused on the firm and gentle hands 
working on her breasts. Her nipples betrayed her. They 
hardened against the roughness of the towel at each 
gentle stroke.

An eternity passed. Still no word was spoken. Jack's 
breathing was ragged.  His erection was now plainly 
obvious in his board shorts. His eyes followed his 
hands, taking in the beauty of his mother's body, 
flinching each time she flinched when he touched a raw 

The first towel slowly slipped from her shoulders, 
finally falling to the floor. Jack reluctantly moved 
upwards from his mother's breasts, to her neck and 
finally patted her face dry. Tears flowed freely down 
her face, but she made no sound. Her embarrassment gave 
way to confusion as she tried vainly to understand the 
emotions which filled her mind and the wonderful 
sensations which flowed through her body.

She felt no pain now, just the ecstatic joy of her 
son's gentle touch. Her response, though quite 
involuntary, was becoming obvious. Her nipples stood 
firm, and her juices oozed down her inner thighs.

Jack patted the tears away and spoke softly to her.

"It's ok Mom," he assured her. "The pain may be bad 
now, but it will soon get better."

"Jack, my darling," she stammered. "If only it was the 
pain from the car crash..."

She reached across her body to grasp the towel, and 
quickly patted dry the area her son had missed. She 
knew that she needed Jack to dress her again because it 
had taken forever to remove her clothes before the 
bath, and she still ached from the strain. Jack 
anticipated her need, and gently draped her gown over 
her shoulders as he took her damp towel.

He led her from the bathroom and ushered her into her 
bedroom. The clothes she had worn from the hospital 
still lay on the floor.

"Stay there a minute," he commanded. "What clothes do 
you want?"

She stopped by the bed and pointed out where he could 
find her underwear, a winter blouse and an old-but-
comfortable tartan skirt, reasoning that her choice 
would make it easy to dress and undress. Jack 
systematically selected the clothing she specified, 
placing everything neatly on the edge of the bed.

She stood quietly where he had left her, shoulders 
hunched, her good arm clutching the robe tightly around 
her, shivering and sobbing quietly.

"Oh, Mom, you're cold."

"Not really, Jack. I'm more embarrassed than cold. I 
wish you had not seen me like this. I'm so sorry to be 
asking you to do these things for me."

Jack took his weeping mother in a big bear hug and 
kissed her tenderly on the cheek, tasting her salty 

"You silly thing," he admonished her. "You didn't ask 
to have some Looney force you off the road, and you 
certainly had no control over getting your arm broken. 
Now stop worrying. In a few days the bruising will be 
gone and you will be able to look after yourself again. 
In the meantime, I'm going to make sure you are 
properly cared for. Now stop feeling embarrassed. You 
know you don't have anything which I haven't already 
seen on most of my girlfriends."

Although she guessed that Jack probably had experienced 
sex with his girlfriends, he had never spoken about it 
or acknowledged it in any way until now. Visions of her 
baby boy slowly evaporated as she pictured him with his 
latest girlfriend.

Jack got down to business, now feeling fully in control 
of the situation.  The sexual tension he felt before 
vanished as he concentrated on the simple task of 
dressing his mother.

Selecting her pink panties, he stood before his mother, 
allowing her to keep her modesty by leaving the gown 
on. She placed her good hand on his shoulder for 
balance, lifted one foot and then the other, letting 
Jack slip the panties up her legs, separating the gown 
as he moved up.

As her pubic hair came into view, it was obvious that 
she was very wet. At first it never occurred to Jack 
that the cause was anything other than bad drying, so 
he apologized profusely for not drying her properly and 
rushed off to the bathroom to pick up a towel.

She had not moved when he returned. Her gown hung 
slightly open, her bush in full view, and her panties 
hung just above her knees. It was while he was drying 
her off that Jack began to realize that his mother's 
wetness had nothing to do with bath water.

"Why, Mom! I think we have a little problem here," he 
mocked. "Have you been thinking naughty thoughts?"

Sue hung her head, shamed by his discovery. How could 
she tell him that being held and dried off by her own 
son had been a gigantic turn-on for her?  Her breasts 
still tingled from the toweling and she longed for 
more. Her reverie was broken by her practical son. 
Putting aside any feelings of embarrassment, he simply 
pushed her legs apart with one arm, and used his other 
hand to briskly towel the damp insides of her thighs 
until they were dry, working the towel firmly into the 
folds of her vaginal lips until he was sure that they 
too, were properly dry.

Sue squirmed, hating the wonderful sensations which 
wracked her body. As Jack dried her off, she whimpered 
very slightly, biting so hard on her lower lip to 
stifle the sound, that she actually drew blood. Trying 
to keep her body still while it was being so deeply 
aroused was almost impossible. Her hips thrust 
imperceptibly at each of her son's towel strokes, but 
he gave no sign that he had noticed, finally pulling 
her panties the remainder of the way up and releasing 
the waistband with a snap so that she squealed.

He laughed with her, reaching for the bra.

"This could be tricky Mom. I'll do my best not to 
disturb your bad arm."

Casually casting her robe to one side, he carefully 
held the plaster cast, removed the support sling and 
slid the bra strap over her injured arm. That 
accomplished, he replaced the sling and worked her 
other arm into the other side.

She marveled at his gentleness. Her bra hung from her 
shoulders, and Jack was now preparing to ease her left 
breast into its cup. A terrible self conscious feeling 
overtook her now that she realized that he was about to 
handle her breast and would clearly have to notice the 
erect state of her nipples. She bit into her lip again 
and looked down.

Jack hesitated, took the breast in one hand and brought 
the undergarment up to it with the other, repeating the 
process with the other side, and moved smoothly behind 
his mother to secure the snap fasteners. If he noticed 
her nipples at all, he was too much a gentleman to say 

The intimate work was over, and both of them relaxed as 
Jack methodically helped her into the blouse, draping 
it over her plaster cast, and belted the skirt around 
her waist. She thrust her feet into her slippers, 
sighed deeply and smiled in relief.

"Come on Mom, it wasn't THAT bad," he teased.

She pulled a face at him but didn't reply. Why couldn't 
she simply ask him to remove her clothing again? Her 
aroused nipples felt as though they were burning. Her 
panties were already soaked again. She followed him 
meekly back to the living room and accepted his 
invitation to sit. Her eyes followed him across the 
room as he prepared her a snack and a coffee.

For the remainder of the day, they made small talk in 
front of the TV. Jack kept his mother amused with a 
string of anecdotes about college life, country trips 
with his football team, and so on.

Sue had one bad experience during the day, when she 
found out how hard it was to reach around to her rump 
with toilet paper. The pain from her bruised arm was 
excruciating, but she was determined not to call for 
Jack's help in this most intimate of tasks.

For much of the day she dozed, aware of her son's close 
attention as she drifted into the twilight of half 
waking, half sleeping.

Jack saw his mother in a completely new light. For the 
first time in his life, he saw her as a sexual being. 
He marveled at her shapely legs, barely covered by the 
loose fitting skirt, and the rising and falling of her 
breasts as she breathed. She was, he realized, a very 
beautiful woman. How could he not have noticed this 
before, he wondered idly. Her eyes opened slowly, 
trying to focus and finding her son gazing back at her. 
They smiled at each other as they made eye contact.

"I think I'd better go to bed, Jack."

"Yeah, Mom, me too."

He walked to her chair, and held his hand out to help 
her to her feet. She tried to rise, but her aching body 
refused. She looked pleadingly at her son.

"I'm sorry, Jack...." She started.

He cut her off with a finger across her lips, then 
gently reached under her arms to help her from the 
chair. She cried out as he took her weight, but he was 
strong enough to easily bring her to her feet. He held 
her in a tight embrace, making little comforting sounds 
to ease her pain. Sue clung to him helplessly. Her legs 
felt rubbery and her upper body was almost numb.

Easing himself carefully to one side, Jack placed his 
mother's good arm over his shoulder and carefully 
stooped to lift her without placing undue strain on the 
broken arm. She winced as he straightened up, but he 
made the journey to Sue's room without apparent effort, 
negotiating the doorways without contact. Gently he 
laid his mother on her bed and considered his next 

He had to get her upright again, even if only to peel 
back the bed covers.  He should really change her 
clothes also. Reluctantly, he helped her into a sitting 
position, inwardly sharing her pain. He pulled back the 
covers, and unbuttoned his mother's blouse. He removed 
the blouse and the skirt, speaking to her gently all 
the while.

"My nightgown is under the pillow," Sue volunteered.

Jack unsnapped the bra and as he removed it from his 
mother, he realized that with her plaster cast on, 
there was no way he could dress her in a nightgown. Sue 
was starting to emerge from the pain and almost giggled 
at her predicament as the realization hit her, too.

"I'll just have to sleep topless tonight, Jack," she 

She looked at him earnestly. He was mesmerized by her 
breasts, watching them move as she moved, marveling at 
their beauty. A deep purple bruise stained one side, a 
legacy of the seat belt which had protected her from 
further injury in the crash. He reached out and gently 
traced his fingers over the bruise.

Sue flinched at the initial touch, but as Jack pulled 
his hand away she said:

"It's ok Jack, it didn't hurt. I was just a bit 
surprised, that's all."

She took his hand and returned it to her breast, 
watching his strong fingers gently trace the outline of 
the bruise. She shuddered slightly as his fingers 
ventured further, tracing a circular pattern which came 
ever closer to her nipple. All the exquisite feelings 
of pleasure she had felt earlier in the day returned 
with a rush. Sue felt no pain any longer, but a longing 
for those probing fingers to reach her burning nipple.

Jack stopped suddenly, supporting his mother's back and 
lowering her gently onto her bed until her head rested 
on the pillow. He started to pull the covers over her 
when she took his hand again.

"Don't go."

"Mom, we don't know where this will go. You need your 
sleep. I really should leave you now."

Please, Jack. Stay with me a little longer."

Her grip on his wrist tightened and he weakened.

"OK," he agreed. "Just for a while."

Sue felt relief. For just a moment, she thought she'd 
lost him. She was afraid this moment might never be 
recaptured, and slowly, quietly, placed her son's hand 
back on her bruised breast. His finger tips resumed 
their gentle journey, outlining the bruise, slowly 
working toward the nipple. She flinched as his fingers 
finally touched their target, and feared that he might 
stop again.

Jack saw her reaction and hesitated, uncertain whether 
to take her flinch as a sign to stop. He slowly worked 
his first two fingers over the nipple, feeling it 
harden slowly under his touch. He rolled it, gently at 
first, then increasing the pressure until he pinched it 
between finger and thumb.  Sue murmured unintelligibly 
as he cupped her other breast.

Sue shifted slightly to turn towards him and give her 
son better access. He leaned forward and kissed the 
nearest nipple gently, holding it up between his thumb 
and forefinger. She groaned in appreciation. Her eyes 
closed, and she pressed her head back deeply into the 
pillow. Jack let his gaze wander to his mother's face. 
Her lips were parted. She looked serene. He leaned over 
her and kissed her, gently at first, and responding 
when she opened her lips to him and let her tongue work 
its way across his teeth.

She felt his mouth on her nipples again, sucking at 
them, tugging at them, tearing them from his hands as 
he roughly pulled her breast from his mouth.  Feelings 
of pleasure she could not remember radiated from her 
nipples through her whole being. She felt her moist 
panties clinging to her as her juice flowed freely, and 
longed to feel him inside her.

Jack knew there was no going back. He had lost control 
of the situation a long time ago and knew it well. The 
beautiful woman responding to his touch was not his 
mother any more, she was the sole object of his love 
and attention. His hands glided down her bruised body 
and slowly eased her panties down over her feet.

Gently, very gently, he let his hands wander up the 
inside of his mother's leg, feeling the smoothness, 
pressing it towards him and slowly spreading her open, 
then down again to her feet, and repeating the process 
with the other leg. His hand came close enough to her 
pussy for him to feel the hair, but always stopped and 
worked its way down again.

Sue was whimpering with frustration. One of Jack's 
hands had returned to her nipples, alternating from one 
to the other, while the other had slowly worked her 
legs open so wide that her pussy was gaping. She was so 
wet that her juices had marked the sheet. She moaned 
constantly as Jack worked her over, grinding her hips 
up to meet his hand as it approached, but never making 
contact. He was still dressed, his baggy shorts and 
ageing tee shirt covering his raging hard-on.

Despite her frustration, Sue sensed that Jack was 
uncertain about the next move. She was nearing 
desperation. Painfully, she reached forward with her 
good arm and tried to drag Jack's shirt off. It was the 
confirmation he needed. In less than a second his 
clothes were flying across the room and he carefully 
moved forward to kiss his mother again.

"Aww, Mom," he murmured as he pressed his lips to her. 
"I love you so."

She shifted slightly towards him, longing to reach down 
and touch him, but unable to do so. Instead, she held 
his mouth to hers, and slowly worked her lower body 
across until she was almost underneath him. She felt 
his hardness against her leg, spread even wider than 
before and breaking the kiss, moved to position herself 
so his cock could enter easily.

"Are you sure Mom?" he queried anxiously. "It's not too 
late, you know."

They both knew he was lying. His body weight was 
already moving as he spoke, and they felt his cockhead 
spreading her wet cuntlips to enter her. He tried to 
move slowly and gently, but Sue could wait no longer. 
With a triumphant cry, she thrust her hips forward to 
meet him with all her might, burying his shaft into her 
right to the hilt in one savage thrust.

She screamed as the pain from her arm hit her. Her 
sudden move shifted the plaster cast. Jack heard her 
cry but for him there was no turning back. He withdrew 
slightly and slammed his cock back into his mother's 
womb with equal savagery. She grunted as she received 
him, moving her own hips to meet him, shutting out the 

They rode each other wildly, thrust for thrust. The 
day's build up guaranteed that their climax was not far 
away. Jack felt it coming.

"Uugh, I'm cumming Mom!" he roared.

"Give it to me Baby," she screamed back at him. "Give 
it to me now. Give it to me NOW!"

There was no pain now, but only fulfillment. Each lover 
reaching to the other, thrusting, begging, receiving, 
giving, crying until both crashed over the peak of 
their orgasms, spent and trembling. The cum boiled from 
his loins as he pumped it into his mother. She felt his 
sperm enter her, felt it spraying deep into her womb, 
reveled in receiving it from her beloved son.

Jack lowered himself gently to his mother's good side, 
cradling her head as he kissed her again.

"Mmmm," she murmured. "This is great therapy, Jack. I 
don't think my arm will ever mend."

He snuggled up against her and held her close, 
wondering how he could have lived with this woman all 
his life without realizing until now just how deep 
their love for each other could be.

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