Tuesday, 3 September 2013


The accident had been so unpredictable. Rico and his 
wife Anna were so unprepared for it, that it took them 
almost a whole week before it finally registered 
completely in their minds.

On that fateful day, Anna had been driving home from 
work during a snowstorm. As she took the ninety degree 
turn in the road that led to Pine Hill road - a stretch 
of road that she had been driving on almost every day 
for the last three years - she was not quite prepared 
for the snow covered patch of black ice on the road. 

She was driving a little faster than she should have 
been and the lack of friction on that steep turn in the 
road was responsible for the lack of grip of her car's 
tires and the road. After two complete three hundred 
and sixty degrees turns, her car finally went through 
and then over the bank of snow lining the side of the 
road, then plunging into the ditch twenty five feet 

The next thing that she was aware of after that was 
awakening in a bed in Memorial hospital. She was 
experiencing pains from the dozen points of contact 
that her body had made with the dashboard as well as 
with the steering wheel when she had plunged into the 
ditch. But the one factor that was scaring her the 
most, was the complete blackness that was engulfing her 
when she woke up.

She could hear people talking next to her. At first 
Anna couldn't remember what had happened to her and 
what she was doing in this strange place, then the 
memories of her accident came back to her and she 
realised that she probably was in a hospital bed. A 
nurse was in the process of giving a pill to a woman in 
the bed next to her. She and the woman were also 
talking about the foul weather they were having and in 
no way were they trying to be quiet about their 

But in spite of the intense pain that she felt, it was 
the noises that she could hear coming from many 
different sources that preoccupied her the most. Why 
should there be so much noise if it was in the middle 
of the night? Then it occurred to her that the room was 
not dark at all. She probably had a bandage over her 
eyes and this was why she couldn't see any light.

Slowly, with more pain being registered by her brain, 
she brought her right hand over her eyes to check if 
indeed there was a bandage there. Nothing. There was 
absolutely nothing covering her eyes. It took her a few 
more seconds before she began to understand. No light, 
no bandage; then if finally registered in her mind that 
she was blind. It had to be since her eyes were wide 

For the next ten minutes she dared not move, hoping 
that she would wake up from this nightmare and that it 
would all go away. Her heart was beating fast now and 
she was almost on the verge of panicking. She had a 
strong impression of suffocating. With her sense of 
sight now gone - an experience she had never had before 
and hadn't even bothered to think about she felt very 
scared; it bothered her much more than all of the pain 
she felt at that moment.

When the doctor came later to examine her again, he was 
very surprised to discover that she couldn't see. For 
the next few days, she remained in the hospital and 
more doctors came to see her. Two of them were eye 
specialists and they did many tests on her eyes. Later 
they told her that there was nothing wrong with her 

It seemed that the shock of the accident had done 
something to her mind and the blockage of sight was 
inside her brain and it had nothing to do with her 
eyes. Anna was dismissed from the hospital five days 
after her accident and her husband took her home. She 
was legally blind now and even though the doctors did 
predict that her sense of sight would suddenly come 
back, it was a small consolation to her.


It was now over three months since Anna had lost her 
sight and she had pretty well resigned herself to being 
sightless for the rest of her life. Just a few months 
before her accident, Rico had been gradually trying to 
win her into accepting to have sex with another man 
while he watched, but she went into a fit when she 
heard him asking this. 

He did try to coax her some more and he even promised 
her that he was never going to ask her to let him have 
sex with another women if she did that. All he wanted 
to do was to watch her having sex with another man. But 
each time they talked about that matter she got more 
and more angry at him and he finally had accepted the 
fact that this was never going to happen.

He knew that now that she was blind she was going to 
react even more strongly about the matter, so he didn't 
bother to ask her again. Instead he simply tried to 
forget about it. But an incident occurred just a few 
months after her accident, and what he witnessed then 
became the seed of an idea that germinated in his mind.

It was a sunny Saturday morning and Rico was watering 
the flowers in the backyard. The yard was completely 
enclosed by a fence since as soon as Anna had arrived 
home from the hospital, he hired two carpenters to 
built the six foot high wooden fence around the back 
yard. Even in her blindness she could roam at will 
there with a minimum of danger.

On that particular morning, Anna wasn't aware that her 
husband was in the fence-enclosed yard. Since her 
accident, he had taken to the habit of telling her 
where he went whenever he was in or around the house so 
that if she needed him she could call him, but on that 
morning he hadn't done that.

As he was slowly pouring water on the flowers, he 
suddenly saw Anna slowly walking out of the back door 
and into the yard. She had her hands turned upward as 
if trying to feel if rain was falling but she was 
actually trying to detect the heat of the sun instead. 
Rico watched her without saying a word. He loved to 
observe her when he knew she was not aware of it and he 
never failed to marvel then at the beautiful sight that 
she was. 

She had long light brown hair and her thick full lips 
with her high cheekbones gave her the appearance of a 
pre-historic goddess. Because of the heat on that 
particular day, she had dressed in a short off-white 
mini skirt made of thin material, and she also had on a 
matching, light brown halter-top.

However, what attracted Rico's attention the most was 
the fact that in her hurry to get dressed, she had paid 
no attention to her thin skirt at the back and the hem 
was caught in the elastic band of her panties at the 
waist. Since it was impossible for her to look at 
herself in the mirror, as most women would do after 
getting dressed, she was completely unaware of this 

As she slowly moved around in the yard, he could see 
her nice long legs at the back and most of her panties 
bulging as her round bottom pressed the material of the 
undergarment. She slowly walked in front of him just a 
few feet away. He was careful not to make any noise so 
that she would not be aware of him since he was finding 
a lot of erotic pleasure in watching her half exposed 

Yes, she was a lovely sight to see and he soon felt his 
manhood twitching in his pants as he feasted his eyes 
on the splendid sight just a few feet in front of him. 
Of course he had often seen her half naked and also 
completely naked in the house; he did know all the 
hidden details of her body, but the fact that she was 
unaware of his watching her, added a special delicious 
wickedness to the situation. After all she was his wife 
and he wasn't doing anything he had not done hundreds 
of times before.

Just then, the newspaper boy being his first time on 
the job instead of leaving the paper on the front porch 
as the previous paper boy used to do, entered the yard 
through the opened gate of the wooden fence. He was in 
the process of putting the paper on the picnic table 
when he saw Anna slowly walking toward him. He nodded 
to her at the same time that he deposited the newspaper 
on the table before him.

But since he hadn't talk to her, Anna remained unaware 
of him and she simply went on past him. All of a 
sudden, he saw the pinned up skirt at her back and then 
she was next to him. She continued to walk very slowly 
as if he was not there. Soon he was in for a spectacle 
that he was never going to forget. Her long and smooth 
looking legs, as well as the back of her thighs were 
all exposed, then higher still her splendid panty 
covered butt was there for his eyes to see. 

It then became evident to him that this beautiful 
woman, only partly clothed and slowly walking past him, 
was blind and she was not aware of her half naked 
condition. Now that he knew that she could not see him 
and that she was completely ignorant of his presence, 
he remained very quiet and he even turned around to see 
more of the splendid sight as she went past him. But 
when he did turn, he soon saw Rico in his line of sight 
as Anna slowly walked between them.

Before he had time to say a word, Rico signaled to the 
paperboy placing his index over his lips so that he 
remained quiet. The thirteen-year-old boy understood 
immediately that Rico did not want the half naked women 
to be aware that she was being watched so neither of 
them moved.

Anna stopped near a flower bed close to the fence and 
both of them saw her slowly reaching for one of the red 
roses that she already knew were there. She then bent 
her body to smell the perfect rose she was holding in 
her hand. Since she had her back to both observers, 
they could not fail to see her round and well formed 
thighs from the back, even the swells of her cunt lips 
were visible through her stretched white panties.

By now, Rico had a huge erection; when he looked at the 
newspaper boy he noticed that he also had a tremendous 
one and worst still the front of his beige shorts had a 
darker stain just about where the head of his cock was 
underneath. By all evidence, the erotic sight of Anna's 
half nakedness had made him ejaculate in his 

Both Rico and the boys waited until she finally entered 
the house; only then did Rico walk toward the newspaper 
boy and he explained to him that his wife was blind and 
he hadn't wanted to scare her; this was the reason he 
had signaled him to remain quiet. 

Of course, both Rico and the boy knew that there was 
another much more important reason for them to have 
observed complete silence. But both accepted this 
explanation from Rico and the paperboy simply turned 
around and left through the gate without saying a word.

Ever since that incident, Rico's mind kept returning to 
that scene. He had clearly seen the lust in the boy's 
eyes as he watched his wife slowly walking in front of 
him. This brought old fantasies back to Rico's mind, 
how much more wonderful, he told himself, it would be 
to see another man fuck her.

Then it hit him. What if he could get someone to fuck 
her while she believed he was the one doing it? Could 
it be done? These thoughts were often in his mind, 
especially as he watched her undress each evening 
before going to bed.


A few weeks went by and it got to be an obsession with 
him. Rico soon made up his mind that whatever the 
outcome, he had to watch her fuck another man. But 
since she would certainly not be willing do so, he knew 
that he had to make use of the fact that she was blind 
to do this.

He then began to imagine schemes where he could put his 
plan into execution. After many hours of imagining all 
the different possibilities offered to him, he came to 
the conclusion that the best way to have her fuck with 
another man would be for him to begin the lovemaking in 
the living room. Then while she stood with her belly 
resting either on the back of the couch or on the back 
of the arm chair, he would get behind her as if to 
insert his erection in her. Then at that precise 
moment, just before he got into her, the switch could 
be made.  

Of course he was aware that not a word should come out 
of his mouth since she would be able to tell her 
husband's voice from that of this man. But he was aware 
that when they made love together, they seldom talked, 
if you didn't count the moaning and grunting.

He could hardly wait now that he knew exactly how it 
could be done. Rico was so anxious to watch another 
man's cock slide into his wife that the simple 
possibility of this happening made him extremely hard. 
Therefore so as to get his wife used to the habits of 
fucking in the living room, he began to have sex with 
her in there a few times a week. On many occasions he 
also had her while she was standing with her belly 
resting against the back of the couch.

For her part, Anna always welcomed the invitations of 
her husband to have sex anywhere in the house. Even 
though she would not allow him to convince her have sex 
with another man, she greatly enjoyed making love with 
him, especially now that she was blind. More than ever 
now, she needed the regular body contact with her 
husband; not only did it reassure her but it also 
brought pleasure into her life of darkness. 

Now that she was blind, there were many fewer 
opportunities for her to enjoy the pleasures of life 
that everyone else took for granted. There was no more 
watching of television for her, no more knitting, and 
or course she no longer could read her favourite books 
or the newspapers. So, it was only to be expected that 
she began to show much more fervour in fucking with her 

Of course, Rico noticed this wonderful change in his 
wife and instead of discouraging him in his plan, it 
only added to his desire to see her being fucked by 
another cock. He could hardly wait for this to happen. 
He couldn't exactly say why he felt so strong an urge 
to watch her do this; all he knew was that even the 
thought of this was exiting him to the utmost. What 
exactly he would do if he could proceed with his plan 
he didn't know, but one thing was certain, he really 
wanted this to happen. 

First of all, he had to be a witness to the sight of 
this man's cock slowly sliding into his wife; he also 
wanted to hear her moaning and squealing in joy as this 
was happening to her. To be able to watch her plump, 
round bottom pushing back to meet this man shoving. 

In the back of his mind even though he didn't admit it 
to himself there was that spark of bawdiness there that 
made him wish for his own cock to be entering her cum 
filled cunt afterward. Although he didn't admit it, he 
really wanted this to happen. 

To see cum from another man's cock oozing out of her 
cunt, to see her swollen lips afterward, very red and 
all smeared with their combined juice, was a dream for 
Rico. Each and every time he viewed these scenes in his 
mind, he would lick his lips while his cock reacted .

He would then have to find release with his wife.

About then, another important event occurred in his 
life, an event that was to change his life completely, 
since it gave him the real possibility of executing his 
wicked plan. One day as he was leaving his house, he 
noticed that a new couple was moving into the house 
next door. They were in the process of unloading boxes 
from their cars and Rico went to have a chat with them 
so as to welcome them.

"Hi. My name is Rico Lockwell and I live in the house 
next to yours."

He could tell that the man was a year or two older than 
his twenty eight years, and he also noticed that he was 
about the same height that he was and also very 
handsome with light brown hair and a thicker moustache 
than his own. When the man saw him, he the box he had 
in his hand down and he extended his hand to Rico.

"Glad to meet you, my name is Paul Pasteur and this is 
my wife Linda."

As Rico walked toward Linda, he noticed something 
peculiar about her. She was extremely thin. She had a 
pretty face with long black hair, but at the same time, 
her face was very pale and she did not look very 

"Nice to meet you mister Lockwell," she said to Rico as 
she extended an extremely pale and thin hand to him.

Rico shook her hand; it felt damp and cold in his own 
hand. He then turned toward her husband and offered to 
help them with the moving of the boxes. While talking 
with Paul, Rico learned that he had bought the house 
and they were moving in. They were going to live in 
Pine Hill from now on since the company he was working 
for was opening a new plant in Pine Hill. They had no 
children and his wife Linda had a very weak heart, she 
thus had to be extremely careful so as not to over 
exercise herself.

Half an hour later a big truck with two men in it came 
to their house to unload some furniture and before Rico 
left he invited them over to meet his wife.

Less than a month later, Rico and Paul were very good 
friends and so were Linda and Anna. Often during the 
week, Linda would cross over to keep Anna company and 
soon the two women were telling each other their 
secrets. So it was that Anna told her husband that 
Linda and Paul had not had sex in the last year since 
the doctor had forbidden Linda any kind of strong 
emotion since it could be fatal to her.

When Rico learned this, an idea began to develop in his 
mind. He told himself that if Paul was not having sex 
with his wife, then he was probably starving sex wise 
and therefore he would be the perfect candidate to fuck 
Anna. Further more, Paul had about the same body 
structure that he had, even his voice was deep much 
like his own. The more he thought about it, the more it 
appealed to him, and soon Rico was trying to find a way 
to talk to Paul about his plan.

One day while the two women were talking in the house 
and Paul was sitting in the yard with Rico, he began to 
talk about his plan to Paul.

"Your wife told Anna that your sex life was not exactly 
as it should be on account of her illness. It really 
must be very hard on you."

Paul looked at him a few seconds, and he proceeded to 
he explained everything to Rico.

"Difficult is not the word, it is hell. I have needs 
like any other man, and to be frank with you, we don't 
have a sex life at all. Of course I never complain to 
Linda since she has enough trouble with her health as 
it is, but it is extremely difficult for me also."

"You mean to tell me that you and Linda don't have sex 
at all?"

"Nada. Not once in the past year and honestly, I don't 
think we will ever have it again."

"Wow, how awful that must be. I don't know how I would 
cope with that if it happened to me. Since Anna's 
accident, when she lost her sight, she is a tiger in 
bed and she wants sex all the time. Sometimes she is 
too much for me."

Rico knew that it was a mean thing to say since his 
neighbour sex starved and here he was bragging that he 
had too much of it. But he felt that it was the only 
way he had to introduce what he had in mind.

"You don't know how lucky you are then. I wish I was in 
your shoes."

They looked at one another in silence and for a while 
Rico believed that Paul knew exactly where he was 
leading him.

"Do you find my wife attractive?" he asked Paul.

"Of course she is pretty, you have the most beautiful 
wife on the block; you must realise how lucky your 

Then Rico went straight to the goal and he said to him, 
"Would you like to fuck her?"

Had a car gone through the fence just then, Paul 
wouldn't have been more surprised. Again, he looked at 
Rico, speechless, then finally he said. " Did I hear 
You correctly?"


There was a long pause and a loud silence as if each 
man could hear the thoughts of the other.

"Why would you let me do that?" said Paul

"Because I want to see her fuck another man, but she 
doesn't want too."

"Then the matter is closed. You can't force her to have 
sex with another man if she doesn't want to do it."

"But I have a plan and she will not know she is having 
sex with another man; she will think she is doing it 
with me."

Rico went on to explain his plan to Paul. He told him 
exactly how it could be done and how they could make 
use of the fact that Anna was blind. He could tell that 
Paul was very interested and even though he didn't 
agree immediately, he did say that he was going to 
think about it. Paul's main objection was that if Anna 
was to discover their scheme and then tell Linda about 
it, the shock could kill his wife.

It was therefore agreed that they would have a trial 
session, and instead of Paul fucking her, he would just 
be a spectator. Rico would undress her and then have 
sex with her. All this of course without her being 
aware that they had a spectator. To this new 
arrangement, Paul immediately agreed. It was quite 
evident; judging by the bulge in his pants, that he was 
now very eager to see Anna's hidden charms.

The date was set for Saturday evening of the following 
week. Paul explained to Rico that his wife Linda on her 
doctor's recommendation - always took a sleeping pill 
before going to bed and she slept in her own bedroom 
since there was no question of having sex with her. As 
soon as she was asleep, he would slip into his dressing 
gown and cross over to Rico's house . From there, all 
he would have to do is to let himself into Rico's house 
and be very quiet.

So it was that the following Saturday evening, after a 
wonderful supper that Anna had prepared, Rico and his 
wife were sitting on the living room sofa and sipping 
wine while they talked and listened to the soft music 
from the stereo. If was a romantic setting and it never 
failed to place Anna in a romantic mood. On this 
particular evening, Rico made sure to pour his wife 
much more wine than she would ordinarily drink.

He had already unlocked the kitchen door in the back 
and he had even left it open half an inch so that it 
wouldn't make noise when Paul got inside the house. But 
the possible noise that Paul could make didn't bother 
him that much. He had purposely set the volume of the 
music just a notch higher than usual and any noise 
being made by Paul as long as he didn't slip and fall 
flat on the floor would be lost in music from the 

 When the agreed time of eleven thirty arrived, Rico 
became very nervous. He was in the process of 
exchanging kisses with his wife and he had turned on 
all the lights in the living room so that Paul could 
have a splendid view. Then as he was bending over his 
wife, kissing her, he saw Paul appear in the kitchen. 
He was wearing a long red dressing gown.

Rico then told his wife that he was going to turn down 
the lights in the living room, he knew that she had 
never been too fond of exposing her nakedness even to 
him. He got up, and walked toward the light switch, 
then instead of turning off the lights, he gave a 
signal to Paul to enter into the living room. As Rico 
went back to sit next to his wife, Paul went to sit in 
the arm chair just opposite the sofa where he would 
have a front row view of the action.

The minute Paul was seated, Rico began to hug his wife 
telling her at the same time that it was now very dark 
in the living room and if she was ready for a little 
romance he was in the mood for it.

First he proceeded to kiss her hungry lips and as he 
did he reached for her breasts over the white blouse 
she was wearing. He could feel her nipples under the 
combined material of the blouse and bra. He knew that 
Paul was going to go out of his mind when he laid his 
eyes on her voluminous breasts and he became in a hurry 
to expose them to sight. 

As they kissed, he proceeded to undo all of the buttons 
of her blouse and as soon as this was done she assisted 
him in taking off the garment. Her generous breasts 
were overflowing the cups of her bra and he had trouble 
keeping his hands off them. While giving her another 
passionate kiss on her lips he reached behind her back 
and unhooked her bra; then he proceeded to remove it 

Her tits were now completely exposed to Paul's eyes. 
Never before had he seen such a magnificent sight, he 
then knew that whatever the price he would have to pay, 
he had to kiss and suck on those breasts. He watched 
Rico mauling and lifting them and even from twelve feet 
away he could well judge how firm they were. 

Her thumb-sized nipples were the exact colour as that 
of her hair and each aureole surrounding them, was of a 
much lighter shade of brown having a circular surface 
as big as the bottom of a drinking glass. His cock was 
now extremely hard under his gown and it was twitching 
erratically as though it was eager to be released so as 
to have a look at the heavenly sight.

He silently watched Rico squeezing then pressing his 
wife's breasts and finally applying his lips on them 
and sucking each nipple in turn. By then, Anna was 
hugging him and trying to shove her bosom even more 
against his lips and all the time she had her eyes 
closed as if in deep concentration and intense passion. 
Rico could even hear her long and heavy breathing while 
she kept mumbling words of encouragement in her 
husband's ears.

All of a sudden, Paul saw Rico's hand moving along 
Anna's thighs as he proceeded to lift her black skirt 
all the way up around her waist exposing her white, 
french-cut panties. This was too much for Paul. He 
reached under his gown and he took his cock out, he 
then began to slowly stroke it as he watched the couple 
on the sofa.

When Rico realised that Paul was holding his cock in 
his hand, he whispered in his wife's ear to help him 
remove her skirt completely. She was now in her panties 
only and he knew she was quite a sight to see. For a 
couple of minutes, he rubbed her cunt over her panties 
as he made her open her thighs very wide so that Paul 
could see everything he was doing to her. Then he 
realised that she was ready to be fucked. He helped her 
take off her panties, which he then threw at Paul.

So as to give Paul the best possible view, Rico made 
Anna sit on his lap with her back resting against his 
chest as he sat on the sofa. He then told her to take 
his cock in her hand and to place it between her cunt 

Paul was mesmerised by what he was seeing. Anna was now 
completely naked and he could see her half opened cunt 
lips through the short brown reddish hair partly hiding 
her hole. He next carefully watched her take hole of 
her husband's cock and aim it at the entrance to her 
vagina. He now felt as if he was in a dream and he 
wished that he could be the main participant of this 
dream, because right there just a few feet before his 
eyes, he saw the cock of his neighbour slowly sliding 
through the portal of heaven.

Rico remained lodged inside his wife in that manner for 
long minutes. He wanted to give Paul plenty of time to 
register this heavenly scene in his mind. Then he 
slowly began to fuck his wife. In and out went his 
erection and the more this went on, the more Anna moved 
on his lap, grinding her butt against him and meeting 
his shoves with pushes of her own. 

Soon she was humping his cock within her with much 
energy and enthusiasm. Her breasts were rhythmically 
thrashing around in circles as they fucked, and 
squealing and moaning noises came out of her mouth as 
if she was possessed by a spirit. The frenetic fuck 
went on for long minutes and Anna was now loudly 
telling her husband to fuck her faster still. Then all 
of a sudden Rico began to ejaculate within his wife as 
waves of pleasure seized him.

Rico had completely forgotten about Paul in the last 
few minutes. When he looked in his direction, he saw 
that he was no longer sitting in the arm chair but he 
was standing just a few feet from them. He still had 
his cock in his hand and he hadn't made himself come 

Anna was now resting with her back pressing against 
Rico's chest; she seemed exhausted because of all the 
excitement and also because of the tremendous amount of 
thrashing and humping she had done while she had fucked 
her husband. Rico took his left hand off his wife's 
left breast and he signalled to Paul to reach for her 
it. He knew that as long as she didn't feel three 
different hands at the same time on her breasts, she 
would never know the difference.

The instant that Rico saw Paul's hand make contact with 
his wife's breast his own cock began to regain all of 
the hardness it had lost in the last few minutes. He 
watched his friend press, lift and pinch her left 
breast and he felt his wife reacting to it as she 
constantly moved her body on his lap.

Rico suddenly had an idea. With his free hand, he 
reached for his neighbor's cock and he began to whack 
him off while Paul was fondling his wife's left breast. 
It did not take long before he felt the sighs of Paul's 
approaching climax. Then when he figured that he was 
about to explode, he aimed the tip of Paul's cock right 
over his wife's patch of hair and above her lips.

He figured that since his neighbor's sperm would be at 
body temperature, she would not notice it or if she did 
she was going to assume that is was her husband's 
juice. He let the first blob hit her curls of hair just 
over her cunt and then he aimed lower and each 
succeeding blob got nearer to her cunt's lips until the 
last few shots got exactly in-between her swollen lips.

His cock was now out of her cunt and he could see 
Paul's sperm dripping in-between her cunt lips. Letting 
go of Paul's cock, he indicated with his hand that he 
should go back to the chair. Before she had a chance to 
come back to reality, he took his cock in his hand and 
after rubbing it in Paul's sperm; he shoved it 
completely within her. Never would he have imagined 
that it could feel so good. Her cunt was slippery 
beyond belief; he could feel himself sliding so easily 
in her.

Each time he would pull halfway out of her boiling 
hole, he could hear these squishing noises which were 
made because of the great amount of their combined 
juices in her vagina. But more important still, the 
fact that he was now fucking his wife while she was 
full of another man's sperm was his dream come true. 

He could well imagine the millions of spermatozoon that 
Paul had deposited in her, twisting and wiggling in her 
vagina, each trying to enter her uterus in search of 
her fertile egg. It then occurred to him that for the 
last four years he had never taken any precaution so as 
not to impregnate her. Could it be that Paul's sperm 
could do the job that so far he hadn't been able to do?

What if she did get pregnant from him? The thought of 
Paul's sperm deep inside her at that very moment and 
also the possibility that she might get pregnant from 
him, made his cock extremely hard within her and he 
knew that he would easily get another wonderful orgasm 
within her if he wished.

But he wanted more; he wanted Paul to actually fuck her 
and he wanted it now. She was a little drunk from all 
the wine and what better time was there than now. He 
suddenly pulled out of his wife, explaining to her that 
he wanted to fuck her while she was standing behind the 
sofa with her belly resting against its back as they 
had done on numerous occasions. But before doing this, 
he suggested to her that they each should have another 
glass of wine. 

He did pretend to have some difficulties to see the 
bottle of wine in the darkness so as to let her know 
that it was still dark in the room. Once her glass was 
filled to the rim, he poured himself just a little 
since he wanted to be completely in charge of his 
faculties in the coming event. They talked a little and 
kissed for a few minutes while he encouraged her to 
finish her wine. She told him how good their last bout 
of fucking had been and how wet she felt.

As soon as she had finished her wine, Rico helped her 
off the sofa and while pretending to have trouble 
finding his way in the darkness he guided her toward 
the back of the sofa on which that they had just been 
sitting on. They were both completely naked now and as 
soon as she was in position with her butt raised high 
and the portion of her body that was above her waist 
resting on the high back of the sofa, he got in 
position behind her.

Rico signalled to Paul to get his gown off and to come 
and stand behind them. He stroked his wife's back and 
breasts while kissing her at the back of her neck for a 
while, then as if getting ready to get into her he 
pulled back a little and he let Paul take his place.

Anna didn't notice that a different pair of hands was 
now touching her. Paul let his hands roam over her body 
and then over her breasts while his hard cock was 
pressing lengthwise between her legs. In the meantime, 
Rico remained very close to the cuddling couple just in 
case his wife would say something and expect an answer 
from him. He stood very close behind Paul; then on a 
sudden impulse, he got on his knees and he looked 
between Paul's half parted legs. He could see his 
extremely hard cock rubbing lengthwise between her lips 
which were now very swollen. Each lip was tightly 
pressed around Paul's cock all along its length and 
everywhere there was much juice glistering in the 
strong light of the living room. Even as he looked he 
could see some still oozing out of her hole.

He couldn't stand it anymore, he reached with his hand, 
and he pulled on Paul's cock. This had the effect of 
making Paul pull back a little and thus bring the head 
of his cock in line with his wife's half opened hole. 
Then being very careful so as not to touch her with his 
own hand, he aimed the purple head of Paul's eager cock 
right on target between her swollen and opened lips. 
She reacted instantly by shoving her butt backward and 
he had just enough time to remove his hand so that it 
wouldn't touch her eager butt. He then watched Paul's 
cock sliding inside his wife very slowly, first the 
head disappeared, and then she became completely 
impaled on his cock.

Paul soon began to thrash about hammering into her very 
depths and all the time his testicles would swing 
hitting her rear hole. It took her very little time 
before she began to react to the systematic fucking. At 
first she started to squeal a little, then the noise 
she made changed to a constant moaning.

Rico was stunned by his wife's reaction. So as to 
observe her facial expression, he went to stand in 
front of the sofa less than a foot from her face. Her 
eyes were closed but her lips were half parted. Her 
expression seemed to indicate that she was in great 
pain. But Rico knew that pain was not the cause of her 
expression but pleasure was, sexual gratification and 
intense pleasure from the cock that was poking her. She 
was making a lot of noise now and he was glad that he 
had previously took the precaution of shutting all the 
windows, since she would certainly have been heard by 
the neighbors if he had not done so. Once again, he 
went back to stand behind Paul; he got on his knees 
again so as to watch Paul's cock going in and out of 

Paul was now in the seventh heaven of delight. Until 
then, he had almost forgotten how good it could be to 
feel his cock lodged deep in a beautiful and willing 
woman. Then before he could prevent it, he began to 
ejaculate a tremendous amount of thick juice within 
Anna's vagina. But because of the fact that he hadn't 
had a woman for so long, his cock remained extremely 
hard and he just kept on pumping into Anna's 
overflowing cunt.

As Rico watched Paul's cock indecently going in and out 
of his wife, he was amazed to see the inner folds of 
her cunt clinging tightly around his cock as he pulled 
half way out of her. It appeared as if her cunt was 
reluctant to let the pillar of flesh be pulled out of 
her; he could even hear the squishing noises it made 
when he plunged into her. 

Gradually he began to see the appearance of a white 
froth coating Paul's cock as well as the lips of his 
wife's cunt. Then all of her sudden there appeared 
thick whitish juice on Paul's cock each time he was 
pulling out of her fuming hole. More and more juice was 
also pouring at the bottom of her cunt and it was 
flowing in glistering strands along her thighs. 

It then occurred to Rico that Paul was ejaculating 
within his wife.

Paul fucked her for another fifteen minutes, which 
ended with another large load of sperm in Anna. By that 
time she had half passed out due to the combination of 
wine and the extra long bout of fucking she had just 
had. As soon as Paul pulled out of her Rico got behind 
his wife and he helped her to their room. The instant 
that she hit the bed she fell into a deep sleep.


The events of this memorable evening were the fuel for 
many hours of discussion between Rico and Paul for the 
next couple of days. There was soon an agreement 
between both men that these erotic sessions with Anna 
were going to be a regular happening. As to what 
evolved from these tricky encounters with Anna, this is 
another story.

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