Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I was driving in his husband’s convertible SAAB along 
the curvy lanes of the coastline. The autumn air was 
delightful, the fragrance and colour of dry leaves so 
rich and warm. Susan and I had got off from work early, 
so that I could teach her how to park properly, for she 
had just had her driving licence for a week. She had 
been my colleague for over two years now and was having 
a difficult time with her marriage. 

Like so many women, who had husbands working away 
across in mainland China, her husband had started a 
second home in China. Lately, she found it hard to 
concentrate on her work in office and I had overheard 
heated conversation between her and her husband over 
the phone. 

Sometimes she wept quietly in her own working cabinet. 
As the only male staff in the department, I did not how 
to comfort her, although I would very much like to lend 
her my shoulder. The only thing I could do is to act 
normal and talk about other thing to take her mind off 
her problem.

As an effort to become more independent, she had 
started to learn how to drive and she told me a week 
ago that she had passed her driving test, but had 
problem with her parking technique. I volunteered to 
help and said that a few private lessons should put her 
right. This was the first of such lessons. She had on a 
light yellow silk skirt, a sky-blue blouse and matching 
scarf on her neck. She looked attractive and smart. 

Susan was slim and graceful, not busty, but her legs 
and butt were adorable and I am a leg and butt man. We 
had the hood down and were going round the curves and 
bends in rather high speed, the wind was pressing the 
front of her skirt again her breasts and I could 
clearly see her nipples sticking out high and proud 
through the silky material. Her legs pressed tight 
together as we accelerated, she was excited by the 

Finally, we reached a small beach side parking lot 
where I thought was a perfect place to teach her how to 
park. We exchanged seats and I started to teach her 
when and how to backup the car into the parking space. 
She kept making mistakes, she pretended to listen to me 
and eyeball me with those beautiful watery eyes of her, 
but I knew her mind was some place else. 

When dusk fell we were the only ones left in the 
parking lot and I said we better called it a day. All 
of a sudden, she started to weep and muttered, "I don’t 
know why he is leaving me for that cheap chick of his?"

"She is nothing but tits and ass…, Kevin. You are a 
man, can you explain to me?" She whimpered.

"I had no idea, some of us like the shape more than the 
mind." I said looking at her tearful eyes and handing 
her a tissue to sneeze on.

"I thought I can keep him from temptation by providing 
good sex. I suck his cock every week when he is back… I 
talk dirty to him in bed… I ride him like a horse… I 
even let him fuck my ass even though I dislike it. I 
act like a whore, but the bastard still prefers that 
slut of his…" She sobbed. 

I was aroused by this explicate detail description of 
sex life and by now a bulge had started to develop in 
my pants. She noticed it and started to place on her 
hand on it soothing it like it was pet dog. I was just 
about to utter my protest, when she cut me short 

"I am going to fuck your brains out… to let you know 
how good I am…Kev!" She sobbed and sniveled. 

Regardless of what I might have to say or how I might 
react, she started to unzip my pants and sank her head 
down to lick my fully erected cock. My God, she was 
good; her lips were sliding up and down the full length 
of my shaft, occasionally sucking, squeezing and 
milking my cock head with her tongue and mouth. She 
grabbed my cock with one hand and with the other she 
started to squeeze her braless tits and message her own 
cunt. She looked me in the eyes lustfully, with her 
juicy mouth half open, like a mean cat.

With that dominating look on her face, she pushed my 
chest, let down and pushed back the car seats so that I 
can lie flat on my back. She might not be a very good 
driver but she surely knew how to operate the other 
functions of the car expertly. I began to wonder that 
it was not the first time she did it in a car, for the 
whole operation was smooth and swift. She continued to 
pump her head up and down my prick as if it was a 
piston, kneeling between my tights…

My engine or rather her engine was raving so fast that 
all I could do was to look at the stars above and gaze 
at her furious movement until I felt the crisis coming. 
I groaned and pumped my cum into her mouth jet after 
jet, it came so strong that I had to sit up for every 
jet of hot steaming semen that I ejaculated. She milked 
me dry with her hand and savored my cum like licking up 
ice-cream from a cone.

She climbed on the seat and straddled my lap, with one 
hand she started to message my drain tightened balls 
and with the other she started to fondle her own 
breasts under her blouse. I moved my hands up cupping 
her globes, they were tight, soft and comfortable to 
message on. When I started to flicker her tits with my 
fingers she let out a small cry and throw her head 

I began to unbutton her blouse and I noticed that she 
had kept herself in good shape; her breasts were not 
big but well proportioned. She had a middle line 
separating her front muscles from her cleavage down to 
her belly button. With her creamy skin she looked like 
a marble statue under the blue moonlight, not cold but 
warm and sensual. I bended up to suck her tits, holding 
her firm tight ass. She moaned and groaned and started 
to grind her pussy on my hip bone. When my sucking 
became too intense for her, she arched back her waist 
and whispered urgently…

"Fuck me, Kev! I need you inside me," She took off her 
panties but not her skirt, turn around quickly with her 
back on my chest and guided my now fully erected cock 
into her warm wet cunt, "Kevin, drive in hard like you 
drove this car round the bends this evening... Oh, I am 
coming already!!!"

I guessed she had not been fucked for a long time by 
her husband, as soon as my cock is inside her she came 
like the opening of a floodgate, the inner muscles of 
her cunt were convulsing on my cock uncontrollably and 
when it stopped she let out a long sigh and lie back on 
me, letting me continue to fondle her breasts and kiss 
her neck.

"Thank you Kev! I needed that, otherwise I will go 
nuts." She said, taking my hand giving me a thank you 
kiss on the back of my hand.

After the unexpected episode in our lives, we became 
much closer at work and off work. The encounter somehow 
helped her through her marriage crisis; she re-
established her confidence and divorced her husband. 
She continued to take private lesson from me, her 
parking skills was no better but she sure did know how 
and where to park my prick.

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