Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I have been an avid masturbator for years and really 
enjoy my times alone. That was until I got Butch, my 
Doberman. He is now included in my every session no 
matter what it is. I have trained him to mount me and 
fuck me just as I like, along with eating my pussy. He 
will do whatever I tell him to. 

It all started after my husband got him as a watch dog. 
I was laying there playing with my pussy on the couch 
as he watched. I took my wet fingers and offered them 
to him. He started to lick my juices from my fingers as 
I watched his huge cock start to grow very large. I sat 
on the edge of the sofa and spread my thighs, opening 
my wet pussy wider as I fed him more of my cunt juices. 
He continued to lick my fingers as I pulled his head to 
my dripping snatch.

I felt his tongue as he started to lick my pussy. It so 
hot as the heat from his long tongue lapped at my slit. 
The more he licked me, the wetter my cunt became. I was 
really enjoying it as he licked every part of my wet 
pussy. I must have cum four or five times that first 
time he licked me.

The first time I tried fucking a dog was during one of 
our fuck sessions, I told my husband about the dog 
licking my pussy. He loved hearing about it as he 
slammed his cock to me a lot harder as I went through 
the story about Butch. He was hammering my pussy with 
his big cock as he asked, "Would you like him to fuck 
you too?"

"I would love to have him fuck me if you help me. That 
is if you want to watch me being fucked by a dog." I 

"Get on your hands and knees, bitch and I will get him 
up here to slide his cock to you." He said as he blew 
the load of hot cum so deep into my pussy.

I got on my hands and knees as he said and he called 
Butch up onto the bed as I felt him jump up. My husband 
then got my ass high into the air and rubbed my wet 
cunt until my juices were flowing out of me. He took my 
juices and held his hand out to Butch as he licked my 
cum from his fingers. He knew the smell of it and his 
cock grew bigger. My husband then positioned him up 
onto my hips with his paws at my sides as he took that 
doggie dick into his hands as he slowly jacked it up 
and down. Butch was loving it as his cock grew so 

"You do know that his cock will swell up inside your 
pussy and you won’t be able to get him loose until he 
cums, don’t you?" he asked. "The head will be so big 
when it swells up."

"I can handle that. I think it would be great to have 
him hung up to me." I said. 

 I felt my husband as he opened my pussy to accept that 
big dog cock. Then I felt the thick head as he guided 
it to my wet cunt. The head slid in without any 
problems because I was so wet! Then he started to fuck 
me. His cock was going so deep as he hunched it so fast 
to me as my husband took his hips and slowed him down. 
Butch slowed down and seemed to understand what was 
expected of him as he slowly fucked me with his doggie 
cock. It was feeling so good as I began to feel it 
touching my womb, deep inside my horny pussy.

My husband moved around and took my head into his hands 
as I saw he wanted me to suck his cock as the dog 
fucked me. I opened my mouth as I took his cock into my 
mouth while Butch was pumping his cock in and out of my 
pussy. I slowly took my tongue and licked around his 
cock as my husband fucked my mouth. 

His cock was very large also as I felt the thick head 
start to bump the back of my throat as I sucked on his 
cock. I felt his hot meat in my mouth as I licked and 
sucked on that big cock. I was loving the two of them 
fucking me this way as I came from Butch’s doggie cock 
hitting my sweet spot. It felt so good!

I glanced towards the mirror and saw myself there, on 
my hands and knees with a dog fucking me from the back 
and my husband fucking my face as the sight drove me to 
another hard cum as my entire body shuttered with 

I started to really suck his cock as I felt that 
massive cock growing so large as the doggie cock began 
to swell inside me. I knew that I had both of them on 
the verge of cumming as I worked my ass to accept more 
of Butch’s cock. He was so deep in me and my husbands 
cock was starting to throb as I felt the doggie cock 
start to expand so deep within me. I felt the big head 
as it grew quite large as it pounded my womb with its 
humongous dog dick.

I felt my husband as his cum started to shoot its wad 
to me, filling my throat with his hot cum as he pushed 
my head downward as it was gagging me as he blew his 
hot load down my throat.

I swallowed every drop I could as his cock emptied its 
huge load, letting some spill out onto my chin as I 
continued to suck on his meat. The doggie cock inside 
me was so huge now! It was filling every crook of my 
pussy and the head was so big as I felt it pounding 
into my womb as his cock started to throb. 

I knew he was ready to shoot his load of doggie cum 
into me as I felt him hold that huge cock against my 
womb as he started to erupt. His cum was so hot as it 
filled my burning pussy, that doggie cum was so good as 
it continued to flood my pussy. I felt his cock as it 
throbbed each time he shot another load of cum to me, 
just as my husband finished emptying his load of hot 
cum down my throat. I was loving the feeling of both 
their cocks shooting their hot cum in me as I screamed 
out in pleasure from the fucking I was getting. 

When they withdrew their cocks from me, their cum was 
all over me. My face and chin was covered in my 
husbands cum and my thighs and pussy was covered in hot 
doggie cum as I rolled over onto my back. I had cum so 
many times as they each had pounded me with their huge 
cocks. I was full of fresh, fucked cum and I lay there 
enjoying the feeling as my pussy dripped the doggie 

"Wait until I teach him to fuck you in your ass while I 
fuck your pussy," he said, "I know you will love that, 
you slut."

 This was my first time to be fucked by a dog and as I 
have said, now he is trained and I get it anytime I 
want, anyway I desire..

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