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A few years ago I was living for a while in Mitchell 
County in very rural southwest Georgia. I'd been 
through a rough time, what with a psychologically and 
emotionally abusive director at the theater where I 
had been working and being badly dumped by a 
girlfriend I was really keen on, so my sister and her 
husband had suggested I get out of Chicago for six 
months and move south to help them build their house 
out in the sticks. 

They offered to feed me and house me in return for my 
labor. I had nothing going for me in Illinois, and, 
given the opportunity to avoid a winter, I readily 
agreed. While they were building, they had rented a 
small house in Camilla, the county seat, and the only 
town of any size for some miles around. I slept in 
the second bedroom. 

To keep my hand in with acting, to make a little 
money, and to meet some women, I decided to set up 
the Camilla Theater Workshop for interested locals, 
focusing on improv and games. I found a perfect 
indoor sports hall to rent for three hours a week, 
put up some flyers around town, and was amazed to 
attract over 40 people for the first meeting. Numbers 
tailed off a little over the weeks, but there were 
about 25 people every Tuesday night. I charged $5 per 
participant for a three-hour workshop. Some people 
came every week without fail, others from time to 

Most of the regulars were women; some were 
attractive, some were flirts, some were both, some 
were neither. My absolute favorite was Debbie, whom I 
described to my sister as my physical ideal. She was 
very blond, very pretty, very curvy, tiny waist, 
5'3", no more than 110 pounds. Unfortunately she was 
married, which meant that, although she was number 
one in the attractive category, she did not feature 
in the flirting one. Her husband joined her at the 
first two or three workshops, but it was clear the 
only reason he was there was to keep her company. 

He must have had a big dick, because otherwise I 
couldn't begin to imagine what she saw in him. He was 
very ordinary-looking, and a total dork, awkward, 
shy, uncoordinated, unimaginative, and frankly 
useless at acting. Thank goodness he gave up 
attending very quickly. She, on the other hand was a 
really good little actor, and I'm not saying that 
just because she was so sexy. She was a natural. She 
had great comic timing, grace, inventiveness, 
charisma, and presence. With the combination of her 
talent and her looks, she would be well armed for 
success in the tough world of professional acting. I 
found myself thinking about her a great deal of the 
time, and looking forward to Tuesdays, when I would 
be sure to see her.

My time down south was coming to an end. About 10 
days before I was due to leave, I had a sexy dream 
about Debbie, after which I knew I had to communicate 
my feelings to her. I wrote this letter, which I put 
in a sealed envelope tucked under the windshield 
wiper of her car the evening of the last workshop. 

"Dear Debbie,

I've been watching you closely over the last few 
months and there are a couple of things I have to 
tell you. Both might come as something of a shock, 
but I'm asking you to read this with an open mind. 

The first is that, with your looks and your talent, I 
think you could find well-paid and regular work as a 
TV actress. My advice, for what it's worth, is that 
you head up to New York, and get yourself a part on a 
soap opera. I know it is easier said than done, but I 
do really think you can succeed. 

I'm heading back north in a few days, and I can't 
leave without saying the second thing, which is that 
I am incredibly attracted to you. You are simply 
gorgeous. I have dreamt of making love to you all 
night, and regret that I've been unable to say 
anything sooner.

I've enjoyed getting to know you a little.

Best of luck always in whatever you do.

Joe x"

I fully expected never to see her again after that 
final workshop.

A couple of days before heading back north, I had 
taken my car to a mechanic for an oil change and a 
once-over to ensure that it would make it back to 
Illinois safely and reliably. His shop was near the 
house, so I had walked home, and was taking it easy 
on the couch, reading. It was a hot day, in the mid-
80s, not unusual for April in South Georgia. My 
sister and brother-in-law had gone out to their 
property for the day, so with no cars outside the 
house it appeared as though no one was home. 

As I was reading, the house shook gently, meaning 
someone was walking up the stairs to the front porch. 
I went to the front door to see who was there. It was 
Debbie! She was dressed in soft yellow Capri pants 
with a side zipper, and a fairly tight pink and 
yellow striped top that showed off her bust nicely. 
She blushed deep red when she saw me, obviously 
startled, and said, "Oh, Joe, it's you. I didn't 
realize anyone was home. I was just leaving you this 
letter." I saw then that she was holding an envelope 
with my name on it. "I'll just leave it and go."

"No, wait, I can't let you just run off like that. 
How rude would that be? Come in, please, it's a hot 
day, have a glass of iced tea."

"Oh, no, I don't want to bother you. It's OK, I'll 
just go."

"Debbie, you're not bothering me, I was just sitting 
reading. Come in, I insist."

She was hesitant, but eventually agreed to come in. 
She perched on the edge of the sofa while I brought 
her a glass of iced tea.

"So let me see this letter, then," I said, smiling. 
The poor girl looked terribly nervous. She really was 
incredibly pretty. Her straight blond hair was parted 
down the middle and fell below her shoulders. Her 
heart-shaped face (the impression was strengthened by 
her hairstyle), featured big, big blue eyes, a 
slightly turned up nose, a sweet bow mouth with full, 
curvy lips, and the cutest, sharply defined teardrop 
shape between her nose and her top lip. She wore 
mascara so you could see her eyelashes, but no other 
makeup. She said, "Oh, I wish I—" but then stopped 
herself and handed me the envelope. I sat down at the 
other end of the sofa from her, to her left, opened 
the envelope, and pulled out a sheet of pale pink 

"Dear Joe,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I have 
enjoyed the workshops very much, and I've learned a 
lot. I'll have to think about your suggestion.

I have dreamt of making love to you all night, too, 
night after night. I can't imagine anything more 
wonderful. But I am married and I'd like to think I 
take my vows seriously.


Debbie x"

Well! This was quite unexpected. She was lusting 
after me, too! If I played my cards right, I'd have 
my fingers and maybe more inside her within the next 
20 minutes. There were possibilities in her use of 
the phrase 'I'd like to think I take my vows 
seriously.' Not 'I take …' I knew I could exploit 
that. But how? 

As it was a hot day, all I was wearing was a pair of 
overalls, with no shirt and no underpants either. I 
could just whip the overalls off and be naked in 
front of her. No, too brash, she'd just run. I feared 
that the adrenaline rush was clouding my judgment. 
Quickly, now. It was only a short note, so I couldn't 
pretend I was taking ages to read it. I decided to 
play it as it came, with no set plan. That way I 
could be more flexible in my responses.

I glanced over at her. She was looking down at her 
feet. God, she was so cute! I made my mind up that 
the moment she said 'No' or 'Stop,' I would do the 
gentlemanly thing, but until that point, I was going 
to go for it. With my eyes glued to her face, looking 
for some clue or reaction, I said, "Well, this is 
certainly unexpected. I acknowledge you for having 
the courage to bring the letter over to my place, and 
then to come inside when you knew I was here and 
would read it. It's kind of exciting to think that 
we're both so attracted to each other, isn't it?" 

She didn't speak or move, so I went on. 

"There's one thing in your letter that has me a 
little curious, Debbie. You say you'd like to think 
you take your vows seriously. You don't say that you 
actually do take them seriously." Easy, now, this is 
the critical moment. "If you do take them seriously, 
why are you still here? If you don't, I have the same 
question: Why are you still here?"

Sheesh. This was about the most convoluted seduction 
spiel I'd ever made. I wasn't sure if I could keep 
track of it myself! She looked up from her feet, 
turned her head to me and said quietly, "I don't 
know. I do know I shouldn't stay, but I can't leave. 
Not yet."

Keep going, Joe, she hasn't said no yet. We weren't 
quite at the point of no return, one way or the 
other. She needed a little more softening up. Time 
for a move. "Well, I think I know why you're here." I 
reached over and with the back of my right hand 
touched the outside of her leg a few inches above the 
knee. She seemed to shrink from the touch momentarily 
– I thought she might be about to slap me – but then 
she pressed back against my hand with her leg, fairly 
forcefully. She wasn't pushing me away, she was 
responding. Yes!!! Thank you, God! I got her!! I 
started stroking her leg, now, instead of touching 
it, and then I shifted down the sofa till I was 
sitting right beside her.

With my left hand I reached up to her face and turned 
her head towards me. Very, very slowly I moved in for 
a kiss. She looked at me with big eyes and whispered, 
"I shouldn't stay, Joe." She didn't pull back, 

"You are, though," I whispered back, and gently 
kissed her on the mouth, a series of short meetings 
of lips, each with our mouths slightly wider open 
than the previous one, each a little longer than the 
last. I slowly gave her a little more tongue, and in 
a minute we were kissing pretty passionately. Oh, 
yes. This was going to be really good. We were going 
to fuck, I knew it. I knew I couldn't mess this up 
now. Patiently, though, don't rush it, just reel her 
in nice and easy. In anticipation of the pleasures to 
come, my cock had gotten semi-erect, but the 
bagginess of the overalls meant that for the time 
being she was unaware of it, luckily. I didn't want 
to frighten her away. I moved my hand down to her 

"We shouldn't, Joe," she said. 

"We are, though," I replied, giving her tit a gentle 
squeeze. It was so wonderfully firm! She didn't stop 
me, so I started to rub it. I could feel her nipple 
hardening under her clothes. Impulsively I put my 
tongue in her ear and started licking it fairly hard. 
It tasted bitter, but she really liked that, gasping, 
wriggling, moaning.

"Oh, Joe, that drives me nuts! It feels so good." I 
noticed that her legs had parted a little, so decided 
it was time to make another move.

"You know, I'm not really sure when my sister and 
brother-in-law are going to get home, so maybe we 
should get ourselves a little privacy in my room 
instead of having them find us on the sofa." The 
walls were paper thin, so if they did come home, 
whatever we'd be doing wouldn't exactly be private, 
but at least they wouldn't see us. I stood up, took 
her hand, pulled her to a standing position, and 
walked over to the door of my room.

"We shouldn't, Joe," she said. By way of response I 
opened the door for her with a gallant little bow. 
She went in and sat on the very edge of the bed. It 
was time to make my intentions perfectly clear. I 
unclipped the suspenders on my overalls, with a 
flourish threw them back over my shoulders, and let 
the pants fall to the floor. I stepped out of them, 
stark naked. My cock was hot, big, almost fully hard. 

She gasped, but her only movement was to open her 
legs a little and put her hand in her lap. "Oh my 
god, Joe!" She couldn't take her eyes off my boner. 
"Oh my god!" she said again. "It's even more 
beautiful than I had imagined." She sat still, her 
mouth open a little, flushed, now alternating her 
glance between my dick and my face. I couldn't tell 
if her complete passivity was for real or if she was 
teasing me a bit, but after a few moments I twigged 
that she was expecting me to take the lead every step 
of the way. She had done her bit just by showing up. 

Although there is something incredibly sexy about one 
person being fully clothed and the other naked, I 
really wanted to see her body and get my hands on her 
flesh, so gently I pulled her to her feet. "Let me 
undress you," I said, expecting her to whisper 'We 
shouldn't, Joe.' But she stayed silent. I reached 
behind her, undid the buttons down the back of her 
top, and slid it off her arms. Her bra was white, 
lacy, and had a tiny light blue decorative bow in 
front. It pushed her breasts together enough to make 
a small but quite heavenly cleavage. 

I could hardly wait to suck on those tits. I moved 
down to her Capri pants, undid the button and the 
zipper, and slid them down over her hips and to the 
floor. Her panties matched the bra. I held her hand 
while she stepped out of the pants. Her skin was 
absolutely flawless, honey-colored, smooth, soft, 
with very pale, very fine hairs on her arms and 
belly. I was incredibly turned on. Her curves were 
just the prefect proportions. 

As I reached behind her again to unclasp her bra, she 
said, "We shouldn't, Joe." 

"I know, but we are." The hook and eye came undone 
quite easily and as she held her arms out for me to 
take the bra off, there were her tits in plain view. 
God, they were gorgeous, curvy, firm, just perfectly 
shaped. Her nipples were small, very pink, made for 
sucking on. Somehow I resisted the temptation to 
start doing that there and then. All in good time, I 
figured. Nearly there now. 

I slid my hands down the sides of her torso and 
rolled her panties down. As they cleared her hips I 
got my first glimpse of her mound. Her pubes were 
silky-looking, pale blonde at the extremity of her 
bush, smoothly darkening toward her clit, where they 
were a rich chestnut brown. I wanted to fuck her so 
badly, and I was about to. Thank you, God! 

I squatted down in front of her to help her step out 
of her panties, and kissed her lightly just below the 
belly button. She giggled. "You have a magnificent 
body," I said. "It's even more beautiful than I had 
imagined." I deliberately echoed her words about my 
dick. "I'm really excited." I gently butted her belly 
with my head, and she sat back on the bed. "Lie 

"We shouldn't, Joe." We both knew that this was a 
pretty weak attempt to stop what was by now 

"I know, but we are. Lie down." She did so, and I 
picked up her leg and started kissing the inside of 
it down by her ankle. I quickly moved up to her knee, 
and then to the inside of her thigh. The soft flesh 
there is always one of my favorite places on a woman. 
I could smell her cunt and my dick was so ready to 

As I approached her pussy, she said, "Joe, don't, 
please." My heart fell. I thought she was about to 
tell me we were through. "My—I don't really like it. 
Let's just do other things." No problem, I was quite 
happy to forego eating her if she didn't want me to. 
There were enough other places to kiss her, after 
all. I let go of her leg and clambered up on to the 
bed beside her. 

We lay on our sides, kissing, and with my left hand I 
caressed her body, moving ever closer to her sex. 
Slowly, gently, I moved around her belly, her thighs, 
her butt, passing my hand over her quim but not 
touching it. She pushed her hips up towards my hand, 
seeking cunt contact. I moved my mouth away from hers 
down toward her breasts. Her nipples were nice and 
firm, rubbery, chewy. I bit down gently on one and 
she moaned. As I finally slid my fingers down over 
her very wet slit and into her honey box, she moaned 
louder. I pushed my hand up inside her fairly firmly, 
and she moaned louder again. 

"Debbie, I've been dreaming of this for so long. I 
can hardly believe it's happening." As my fingers 
rotated on her g-spot she started squirming and when 
I stuck my tongue back in her ear I thought she would 
fall off the bed, she was thrashing around so much. I 
quieted her down by removing my tongue, and rolled on 
top of her, ready to fuck. 

"I'm on the pill, so you can cum inside me," she 
said. Just what I wanted to hear. She lay back with 
her knees up and I positioned myself over her. My 
cock was rock hard and needed no guidance from a 
hand. I pushed the head up against her lips and 
gently slid in all the way in one sublime, long 
thrust. She opened her eyes very wide as I began 
pumping in and out of her glorious little cunt. 

Oh, God, did she feel good. She was really tight, 
giving my cock a nice firm massage, in and out, in 
and out. I love fucking women who are married to 
someone else; the fact that they know they shouldn't 
be doing it with me just makes it all the more 
pleasurable. After a little while I knelt up, pulled 
her hips up, and held onto the underside of her 
thighs so she had just the top of her back, her 
shoulders, and her head on the bed. She was small 
enough to make this pretty comfortable, and it gave 
me the most wonderful view of my dick disappearing 
into the rich folds of her pussy. She was making the 
sweetest little gasps and moans, looking up at me and 

After a few minutes of this, between gasps she said, 
"Lie me down again, Joe." She started rubbing her 
tits in a circle and pinching her nipples a bit. Her 
cunt was so wet and luscious I knew it wouldn't be 
long before I came, but I wanted her to first. I 
propped myself on an elbow, reached down, and started 
stroking her clit very gently, round and round in 
tiny circles. "Oh, God, you're going to make me cum!" 
I started fucking her faster, all the while feather-
light with my fnger on her little rosebud. "Oh, God, 
Joe, I'm gonna cum. Ahh, aaah, I'm almost there. Oh, 
please, yes." 

I stuck my tongue back in her ear and that sent her 
over. She screamed and rode me up and down like a 
horse on a carousel. I'd never experienced the kind 
of incredible thrusts that were suddenly erupting 
from deep inside her. I was sure that she was going 
to writhe right off me, but somehow she stayed 
impaled as her hot juices gushed down over my cock, 
seemingly for minutes on end. 

Her whole body was flushed red. As her movements 
gradually subsided into squirms and she caught her 
breath, I took my finger off her clit and my tongue 
out of her ear, and went to work on her cunt in 
earnest with my dick. It didn't take long. I 
stretched my legs out to get good torque and hammered 
into her. As the cum came rocketing up into her 
willing pussy, I silently looked into her eyes which 
were open wide; she looked surprised, almost, at the 
power of my orgasm. 

I collapsed on top of her and after a few minutes of 
gentle motion while my cock resumed its normal size, 
she suddenly said, "Oh, Joe. I must go. I shouldn't 
have stayed. I'm sorry."

"There's nothing to be sorry about, sweetheart," I 
said. "You're gorgeous, you think I'm gorgeous, we 
said so with our bodies and had a fantastic time. 
That's all." She wriggled out from under me and 
quickly got dressed. She was upset and I was really 
hoping she wouldn't start crying on me. We'd had a 
great fuck. Why spoil it?

"Don't tell anyone about this, Joe, OK?" she pleaded 
as she stood by the bedroom door, fully clothed, 
ready to leave.

"Sure. Your secret is safe. See you on TV, I hope. 
Remember my advice." And she was gone, leaving a 
sweet memory, no regrets for me, and a wonderful 
smell of cunt juice that my brother-in-law remarked 
on when they got home a couple of hours later.

That was about four years back. A couple of weeks ago 
I was reading TV Guide, and there on the Soaps page 
was … her picture. She had done it! She had taken my 
advice and gone into acting. Debbie Mason had been 
nominated for a Daytime Emmy for playing an ingenue 
in some crappy daytime soap and was just as cute as 
ever. Nice to know that I'd fucked a starlet on her 
way up.

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