Monday, 2 September 2013


It was a tragic day for Andrew's family when a car 
carrying all the women of his family was hit by a drunk 
driver. The car had carried Andy's mother Beth, his 
sister Sally, his daughter by Beth Jenna, his daughter 
by Sally Marcia. The women were having a girl's night 
out, hoping to get some action. Their deaths left 
Andrew and Benny, his son by Beth, all alone.

With his female relatives gone, Andrew knew his family 
line with its incestuous tradition was threatened with 
extinction. The thought of fucking someone outside his 
family sickened him horribly and he refused to do it.

Andrew also had to deal with increasing sexual 
frustration. He had never had to masturbate before as 
he had always had his mother, sister, or daughters to 
take care of him. He tried to relieve his own tension 
by hand but realized that masturbation simply couldn't 
compare to the cunts, mouths, asses, and hands of his 
mother, sister, and daughters. 

'I miss them so much!' he thought tearfully. He 
wandered into Marcia's old room. When he opened the 
door, he was met by the most incredible ass his eyes 
had ever seen. The creamy white backside, dressed in a 
black thong, swayed back and forth gently and 
alluringly as its owner bent over, digging through 
Marcia's underwear drawer.

'Marcia!' was Andrew's first thought. His cock rose to 
attention immediately, eager for relief at last.

'Eek!' The ass's owner gave a cute, feminine squeal of 
surprise as he caught his father staring at his thong-
clad ass.



"Were you trying on Marcia's clothes?"

"Mm-hmm." Benny nodded without meeting his father's 
gaze, his face red with embarrassment. Andrew marveled 
at how much his little boy looked like a little girl. 
His resemblance to Marcia was amazing. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," said Andrew, and he meant it. After so long 
without his girls, his boy in slutty girl's clothing 
was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

"You…you're not mad?" Benny asked.

"Not at all. From now on, wear girls' clothes at home 
if you like."

Benny's eyes lit up. "Thanks so much, Dad! They remind 
me of Marcia."

"Me too." Andrew smiled at his son before retreating 
into his bedroom, the image of Benny's round, white ass 
still burned into his mind. For the first time ever, 
masturbating gave Andrew some actual relief.

But that relief was only temporary as Benny's ass 
continued to haunt Andrew's dreams. It didn't help that 
Benny had started wearing his late sister's slutty 
outfits. His favorite was a transparent silken 
nightdress with a very short dress that allowed his 
panties (when he wore panties) to peek out from 
underneath. Andrew found it harder to think of Benny as 
a boy and easier to think of him as a girl. If only he 
could get pregnant, their family could continue.

One day, while watching the TV, Andrew found the answer 
he'd been waiting for. A report detailed an 
experimental formula that could alter a man's body, 
turning his anus into a birth canal and his rectum into 
a uterus. Not wasting a moment, Andrew got on the 
phone. Posing as a university researcher, he was able 
to have a vial of the new formula delivered to his 

The next morning, he poured the vial into Benny's 
breakfast orange juice. It took every ounce of his 
willpower to not shoot his load in his pants as he 
waited for his son to come down from bed. 'In a few 
minutes I'll be fucking my little girl,' Andrew thought 
eagerly. He had started to unconsciously think of his 
son as his daughter. 'In nine months she'll be poopin' 
out my baby!'

When Benny came down in his white tank top and pink 
panties, Andrew's hair-trigger cock once again 
threatened to shoot his seed uselessly in his shorts. 
He had tied his blond hair up into short little 
pigtails, adding to his girlish appearance. With an 
unsuspecting "Hi" to his father, Benny began eating his 
breakfast, innocently gulping down his juice.

Finishing his breakfast, Benny got up. "I have to get 
dressed for school," he said, sounding displeased at 
changing into boy's clothing. As he turned to leave, 
giving his father a view of his cute panty-covered 
bottom, he stopped and clutched his stomach.

'It's working! It's almost time,' Andrew thought 
eagerly. He surreptitiously undid his fly underneath 
the table, his dripping cock springing free. The head 
knocked the top of the table.

"I feel kind of funny," said Benny.

"You should stay home from school," Andrew said a bit 
too quickly and eagerly.

"I don't feel BAD, just funny. My insides are squirming 
around but it feels kinda nice," said Benny. Andrew 
could see his son/daughter's little cock making a tent 
in his pink panties.

Andrew couldn't wait any more. He jumped to his feet, 
revealing his eager cock, and grabbed his eight year 
old son. He bent Benny over the table and yanked down 
his girly panties, revealing the incredible buttocks 
that had haunted his dreams for so long. He also saw 
Benny's cute little girl-cock.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" Benny asked nervously as 
his father pressed the head of his cock on the outside 
of his puckered anus.

"Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl," Andrew said 
breathlessly. "Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl in 
the ass!"

'His little girl?' Benny thought. The idea of being his 
daddy's girl appealed to him and he stuck out his cute 
butt like his sisters often would, eager to receive his 
father's huge cock.

Andrew pushed his way into Benny's ass. Though the 
formula had altered his virgin anus to accommodate 
larger objects, it was still so tight. Andrew grabbed 
his son's hips to keep his balance, the intense 
sensations in his crotch threatening to make him 

"Ooooh…AH YESSSSSS…" Benny hissed in pleasure as the 
cock made its way up his anal passage to his rectum 
where, unknown to him, a fertile egg was waiting for 
his father's seed.

"OH GOD YEAAAAH!" Andrew, uninhibited, screamed his 
pleasure as his seed rushed into his child's bum. All 
his lust and frustration burst from his loins in liquid 
form, filling his son's bowels. "Daddy's gonna make his 
baby girl pregnant. I'm gonna make a baby right in your 
ass, Benny!"

Benny knew that a man couldn't get another man 
pregnant, but the thought of getting pregnant just like 
his mom, grandma, and sisters was so arousing that he 
would happily feed his father's fantasy. "Oh, yes 
Daddy!" he said, his voice sounding higher and more 
feminine. "Make me pregnant! GET MY ASS PREGNANT! MAKE 
let out a huge squirt of semen onto the cool tile 
beneath the table.

After what seemed like an eternity, Andrew's cock 
finished spewing his seed and softened. Pulling out, 
Andrew knelt down and smothered his son's perfect ass 
with kisses, licking up the sperm that dribbled from 
his butthole. Benny swayed his ass back and forth in 

Afterwards, Andrew grabbed Benny's face and gave him a 
long, passionate kiss. "From now on, we'll tell 
everyone your name is Penny, not Benny," said Andrew. 
"We'll move far away where no one knows us. You'll be 
my wife, my daughter, and my son and you'll get to wear 
girls' clothes all the time. Just you, me, and our 

"Oh Daddy, I'm so happy!" said Benny, tears in her 

Andrew and "Penny" moved across the state and settled 
in a beautiful suburb. Benny wore girls' clothes when 
he was clothed at all. Andrew home-schooled Benny, 
though they spent almost all their time fucking. They 
kept to themselves as an unmarried pregnant person, 
especially an unmarried pregnant BOY, would arouse too 
many questions (and people). 

When they weren't fucking, Andrew was on the Internet 
or watching television, researching the formula that 
Benny had taken. When he found out that all tests of 
the formula had resulted in multiple births, he 
immediately mounted his son again, cumming inside his 
ass five times before finally resting. Benny would 
spend his time lying in bed, enjoying the feeling of 
his father's warm sperm in his rectum, coating the 
walls of his anus. He loved how sexy, beautiful, and 
feminine it made him feel.

It wasn't long before Benny realized that his father's 
fantasy of impregnating him was no fantasy at all. His 
belly bulged like any other pregnant girls'. His once 
flat male breasts grew to B-cups as they started 
leaking milk. But Benny wasn't angry about being 
knocked up without his knowledge. The girls in his 
family got pregnant without any complaints. Why should 
he be any different?


Andrew came home from grocery shopping to find his son 
naked, his bulging pregnant belly displayed 

"Hi, Daddy." Benny turned around and spread his ass 
seductively. "Wanna fuck?" Andrew's answer was, as 
always, yes.

Benny bent down to receive his father's cock. It was an 
uncomfortable position, but the pleasure he was about 
to get would more than make up for it. Andrew grabbed 
Benny's now girlishly-long blonde pigtails like the 
reins of a horse and pulled his son back onto his cock.

"Oh…Oh! OH NO!" Benny shouted. Andrew felt a huge gush 
of liquid burst from his son's ass all over his cock.

"My water broke!" Benny said worriedly. He was nearly 
panicking, but his father was deaf to his cries. The 
feeling of anal contractions combined with labor 
contractions on his cock was far too pleasurable to 
give up. 

"This feels so fuckin' cool!" shouted Andrew. "I'm 
gonna get you pregnant again and again so I can fuck 
your laborin' ass."

"Daddy, please!" said Benny, with tears in his eyes. 
"The babies are coming."

Fortunately for Benny, Andrew hit his orgasm soon 
enough, spewing his babies with cum as they made their 
way into the world. When he returned to his senses, 
Andrew led his son into the bedroom. Benny lay down on 
his back but Andrew told him to lie face down on his 
hands and knees with his ass in the air. This was a 
very uncomfortable position for Benny, but it would 
make the birthing easiest. Andrew took his position 
behind his son's sexy bottom.

"Okay, honey, push!" said Andrew. "Just like pooping!"

Andrew watched in fascination and lust as the first 
baby's head pushed its way out of its male mother's 
ass. Benny's anal ring stretched to impossible sizes to 
accommodate his child's body. After hours of labor, the 
other child followed. Andrew found the whole process so 
sexy he came in his pants several times without 
touching himself.

As his son/daughter/wife lay resting on the bed, Andrew 
inspected his two beautiful, healthy children. They 
were both boys.

'Hmm,' thought Andrew. 'I'm going to need more of that 
formula soon.'

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