Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I was trying to get sleep while traveling on the bus 
line, but it just wasn't possible. Finally I got up and 
walked to the door of the bus. I leaned out and saw a 
really long queue of vehicles in front of us. It would 
surely take them hours to clear this up, I thought. I 
got down from the bus, and looked around to see if I saw 
anyone I might know. Up ahead there was a crowd of 
people, apparently discussing the situation. I walked up 
to the group. "This is going to take all day," a man 
with a leather jacket was saying.

"Oh no, that will be too late for me," an old lady 
standing behind him said. "I have to visit my sister who 
is in the hospital, I don't have time for this kind of 

There was a lot of fuss and people were cursing the 
road. Finally I got bored and walked toward the trees at 
the road's edge. I walked a little into the countryside, 
pretty sure that the bus wouldn't move for hours now. I 
walked in what were apparently fields just sown and I 
could see a hut some distance away. 

I headed toward it more out of boredom and curiosity 
than anything else. It was a typical thatched roof hut 
one sees all over India. I peeked inside and found no 
one there. I went in and looked around. I saw a big 
barrel of water in a corner. I came out of the hut and 
just strolled around, trying to get my mind my troubles. 
It just wasn't working.

I'd been horny all day and the effort to sleep on the 
bus was my answer to the continuous arousal I'd been 
experiencing for so long. Seeing that no one was about I 
decided to undress and walk around naked for a while, 
you know, to work out the kinks so to speak.

I removed my pants and shirt and my underwear and stood 
there naked in the farmyard. The breeze felt great 
against my nude body. I decided to be brave and walk 
around in the buff since there was no one around anyway.

I walked back towards the hut and sat down on a bench by 
the door. Suddenly I saw a group of young boys walking 
into the clearing from the trees. I thought of running 
to where my clothes were but that would bring me into 
their view for sure, so I just slipped into the hut and 
watched from there.

Five boys, about 16 years of age were talking animatedly 
among themselves. It seemed as if they had come there to 

Suddenly one of them pointed towards my clothes. They 
all ran to the spot where I'd lift them. Now I could 
hear what they were saying.

"Whose clothes are these?" a voice said "Hey, I thought 
I saw a girl wearing the same clothes walking out here 
from that bus over there."

"She was roaming around sometime ago. A real cute girl, 
must be in college," another voice said.

There was a sound of laughter and jeers. Apparently his 
friends thought he was making it up.

"You mean this girl you saw is now naked somewhere 
here?" a voice said.

"Yes, she must be, otherwise she must have changed and 
left the clothes here to dry," the earlier voice said.

"But what if she is having a bath around here 
somewhere?" an youth said, "This could be a chance to 
see a naked girl in real life."

What he said apparently went down well with his friends 
because there were sounds of approval. They started 
discussing the possibility of the pond nearby where I 
might have gone. After a lot of discussion, they decided 
to split up and look around and shout loudly if anyone 
found me.

I could sense an anxious excitement in their voices. 
They all split up and most of them went toward a thick 
bunch of trees hoping to find me there. 

One boy was coming toward the hut though. He came near 
the doorway and looked around as if to make sure no one 
was there. Then he unzipped his jeans and pulled himself 
out and started peeing. 

From where I was watching, I could get a good view. His 
penis was semi-erect; no doubt from the discussions 
about a nude girl roaming the countryside, and it was 
about 4 inches long. He was just a kid really; I thought 
to myself, he'll grow later on.

After he finished peeing, he zipped his pants again, but 
the sight of a young dick woke up the slut inside me 
again. I've had many men and never turn down an 
opportunity to try another. 

It might be hard to fathom why a pretty twenty-five 
year-old woman would fuck just about any man she has the 
chance to, but that's me, and has been me ever since I 
was in my early teens. I wanted to have this boy right 
here and right now.

I walked up to the door and stood there, just 5 feet 
from where he was. He looked at me with surprise in his 
eyes. I raised my hands so that my tits looked more taut 
than they already were, and looked at him with hooded 
eyes. He stood transfixed and did not yell for his 

I turned around so that he had a full view of my 
backside and walked back into the darkness of the hut. 
As I expected he followed me.

"Ever fuck a girl before?" I asked him. He was staring 
at my body and just shook his head in a negative answer. 
"Then you'll need some guidance I suppose."

I walked toward him until I was standing in front of him 
and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"You can touch me if you want." I said. He immediately 
put his slightly dirty hands on my breasts and started 
massaging them gently. This made my nipples even 
stiffer. I had his shirt off in no time. He had a nice 
lean well-toned torso. 

Such a contrast to the old men in the bus. I had his 
jeans and his underwear down in no time too. Then I 
stood back as if to appraise his body. "Hmm, not bad, 
not bad at all, tell me really, how old are you?" I 

"I'm, uh sixteen," he answered as if he was embarrassed 
by his age.

"Good, good." I said smiling, "Now lie down on your 
back. Yes that's right, right there on the dirt floor of 
the hut."

He was on the ground in a flash, his dick, all of 4 
inches of it, erect like a dark flagpole. I stood above 
him, my legs on either side of his waist and looked down 
at him. He was staring at my pussy and looked 

Slowly, I squatted, descended on him and taking his cock 
inside me, positioning him expertly with one hand. I 
heard him gasp. He was a virgin, and I was deflowering 
him, the feeling gave me a kick.

Then looking into his dark wide eyes I started rocking 
back and forth, riding him for both our pleasure. He 
began whimpering and I started moaning as well as our 
rhythm picked up. It felt so good to have a penis in me, 
and such a young stiff one.

He slowly reached up and started pinching my nipples and 
the pain of his dirty rough fingers grubbing away at me 
breasts added to the arousal. I bent down once in a 
while and licked his hairless bronzed chest. 

In a few minutes his young body was jerking under me and 
he was shooting his cum into me. I think I could 
actually feel his spurts, but the kid went limp 
immediately after that. I rolled off him and lied down 
on the ground next to him. The kid got up.

"That was wonderful, was I good, miss?" he asked as he 
started wiping the cum off his dick with a rag from the 
table nearby.

"Yes, you were fantastic, but why don't you go and shout 
for your friends to come here? They would enjoy this 
experience too I think," I said as I fingered myself at 
the thought of a boy gangbang.

He nodded and put two fingers in his mouth to let out a 
typically Indian whistle. In a few moments four pairs of 
legs were falling over each other. The whistle meant an 
erotic dream, which they had never expected to find. And 
there I was, much more than they had dreamed of. 

There I was laying naked on the dirt floor of the hut 
obviously just freshly fucked by the boy already there 
and I know I looked like I wanted it from them, I said, 
"Hello boys, your friend here just fucked me, who wants 
to be next?" 

They all started babbling in awe, milling around but 
they were hesitant to make the first move. I realised 
that I would have to orchestrate the thing if I wanted 
to make this work. These boys were rank novices and this 
was the first time they had probably seen a nude woman.

"What are you names?" I asked

"Akshay!" said a tall athletic type

"Pravin!" said a short wiry lad

"Amar!" said a fat guy restlessly.

"Mandar!" said another tall guy.

The boy I had just done turned out to be Harish. 

I had them all first removed their clothes. What amused 
me was that they were behaving in a very obedient 
manner, not doing anything unless I instructed them to, 
and waiting patiently for my instructions.

In a few minutes they were all standing side by side 
like prisoners awaiting inspection, but their dicks were 
as stiff as could be.

They all had dicks like any 16 year olds would have I 
guess, except for fatty who had a longer one, maybe 
about 9-inches long which would put any average grown up 
to shame. When he was fully clothed he looked like 
someone I wouldn't sleep with at any cost. But now it 
was his tool that I was imagining inside me. The 
athletic guy was pretty good too.

I decided to save fatty for the last. I thought I would 
start with the smallest in the group. No reason to get 
all stretched out and not be able to feel a live teenage 

"Pravin, lie down on the ground," I said to him and he 
quickly obeyed me. I stood above him and lowered myself 
on to his neat little shaft. I was already wet and 
sloppy from Harish's cum and I slid him home in a flash. 
Then watching his reaction I started pumping up and down 
and he started to squeal.

"Ohh, ahhhh, ohh god that's, ohh, oh," he said in a 
squeaky voice.

I motioned to the athletic boy Akshay to come over to 
me. I reached for his stiff cock and put it in my mouth. 
I grabbed his balls and began to massage them as I 
sucked him off. He was visibly shocked and the reaction 
of the other kids made me wonder if they even knew about 
oral sex.

I turned all of my attention to sucking his cock and 
stopped humping Pravin. Almost instinctively, Pravin 
started pumping up at my cunt. I soon had the whole of 
Akshay's dick in my mouth and I kept sucking it in and 
out. I scratched at his dick a little with my teeth as 
well just to add some excitement. 

Akshay must have gotten the idea by then because he 
gripped my hair with both of his hands and started 
jerking his hips forward in a fast rhythm, fucking my 
face like a wild boy.

I put my hands around his thighs and he started fucking 
my mouth in full earnest, showing him that I liked it.

Meanwhile I could tell that Pravin had started shooting 
his cum inside me. It was several short spurts and then 
he went limp inside me. I lifted my ass up and got his 
penis out of my cunt. I pushed Akshay back a bit and was 
now squatting and sucking him off. I was surprised that 
he had lasted so long. He was furiously jerking at my 
mouth and was tugging at my hair. I pushed him away and 
coughed a little.

"What happened? Did I do something wrong?" he asked.

I assured him that he had not done anything wrong and 
beckoned Mandar over.

"Stand behind me," I said to him and he did so.

Then I went down on all fours and arched my back so that 
my hips jutted up and my pussy was accessible from 
behind. I wanted him to take me doggy style while I 
continued sucking off Akshay.

"Now thrust into my pussy, hurry up fill me!"

He kneeled down and pushed his dick towards my snatch. 
He hesitated a second and then pushed it in. I told him 
to start fucking it in and out. And he flowed my 
instructions. He was a real natural at it. Maybe he'd 
had had sex before or had seen some movies, because as 
soon as he had settled into rhythm he put two fingers in 
my asshole and stretched it a bit. This always turns me 
on and I let out a cry of pleasure.

I would have shouted a bit more, but Akshay took my head 
an re-inserted his dick into my mouth. Now two boys were 
banging me at two ends and I was in heaven. The feeling 
of young Akshay's dick thrusting past my tongue and into 
my throat was just about enough to make me come. But the 
feeling of the boy's smooth hot skin covering my back 
and ass as he enthusiastically thrust into my pussy from 
behind was making me absolutely crazy.

In a few seconds Akshay tightened his grip and let out 
his load of cum. I wasn't really in the mood for 
swallowing at that moment so I removed his cock and let 
him shoot on my tits. 

Meanwhile I was nearing my own orgasm as result of 
Mandar's skillful fucking. "Harder!" I cried and he 
realised that I was enjoying his efforts. He increased 
his tempo and stretched my anus even more. I started 
coming in loads and started shouting my lungs out, 
grunting and groaning. He too started groaning and we 
had a perfectly synchronized climax.

Afterwards he drew out of me and stood up. I stood up 
too, and gave Mandar a wet kiss on his lips with my cum-
smeared lips. 

Now the only one that remained was my fatty with the big 
dick, Amar. I called him towards me. His big dick swung 
as he walked. As he came near me, I held his dick in two 
hands and marveled at it.

I bent in front of him and told him to fuck me doggy 
style just like Mandar had. He pushed his monster into 
my cunt in one quick thrust. It was painful at first 
because I hadn't taken in someone this big for ages. He 
seemed to tear apart my insides at first but slowly as 
he humped me in a rhythm, it started feeling a lot more 
erotic than painful.

He fucked me for sometime when I suddenly moved forward. 
He looked puzzled.

"Put it in my asshole now Amar," I said. 

He looked shocked.

But I was serious and put my hand behind and took his 
young cock in my hand and put its head between my bum 
cheeks and with both my hands separated my asshole.

He decided to go ahead with it and gave a massive lunge. 
I shrieked out in pain as about an inch of his big dick 
entered my anus. In a few thrusts, he had most of his 
dick inside my ass.

After I'd had time to adjust to him I told him to start 
pumping it. He was now in no mood to take orders from me 
and thrust in further. The pain was unbearable. I let 
out a very loud shriek.

He started fucking me anyway. My eyes had been closed 
for a while now I was concentrating of staying relaxed 
as his monster dick thrust deeply into my bowels.

He kept on pumping for about 5 minutes and then finally 
came. I could feel his hot fluids spurting into my 
flaming asshole; it was almost soothing after his 
violent attack. Then he took his dick out of my 
sodomised ass and I opened my eyes and saw that a crowd 
of about 20 men had gathered around us. They had come 
there after hearing my cries and had seen that I was 
willingly being fucked by a groups of teenage boys.

What happened after that is a kind of a haze. I remember 
being fucked by all those 20 men in different positions 
and in some cases many times by the same men. I even 
passed during the ordeal.

This big gang of men used me for about 3-hours and it 
left me totally exhausted. Finally towards the crack of 
dawn, I remember some man dressing me and carrying me to 
the bus. I was plonked on a seat at the back. I couldn't 
even sit properly, my ass hurt so badly, so I lay on a 
seat on my stomach. I fell asleep after sometime and 
when I woke up I felt almost sated.

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