Wednesday, 18 September 2013


My wife and I had been married for over 15 years before 
we began to discuss each other's fantasies. I am 42 and 
Andrea is 38, although, she looks more like she is in her 
late twenties. She is not a movie star in the looks 
department, and then neither am I! Andrea is 5'4", Auburn 
hair, 34-C breasts, with extra thick and long nipples 
that are super sensitive. I often had the thought, that 
if a guy could get as far as her nipples, he would get 
all the way!

Another fine feature is her legs. She has a gorgeous 
formed pair. I see other guys turn their heads and look 
as we walk by when she is dressed in a skirt and heels. 
Three children left their toll in the form of stretch 
marks, but all in all she is one sexy woman.

Anyway about the fantasies. I would tell her mine, and 
then ask for hers, she always seemed to be keeping 
something back. Until last New Years Eve. We went over to 
some friends of ours and had dinner and played cards and 
drank wine. When the night was over, Andrea had just a 
little too much wine for the night. She is not a very 
tolerant drinker and it doesn't take much to get her 

On the way home she snuggled up next to me in the car and 
began rubbing my cock through my pants. Before we got 
home, she had unzipped me and was sucking me. When I 
pulled into the drive, she stopped and told me I'd get 
the rest in the house. The kids were spending the night 
over at my parent's house, so we were free for the night.

Once in the door, Andrea pulled up her tight skirt, to 
reveal that she had on NO panties. She never needed 
stockings or panty hose due to tanning, on a regular 
basis. My recently softened cock began to stir as I 
followed her bare ass and glimpses of pussy hair between 
her legs, upstairs.

We began to slowly play with each other in bed. I asked 
her if she had remembered any more fantasies. She began 
moaning as I started to suck a rock hard 3/4-inch nipple 
into my mouth. As I was sucking, she related that she had 
a fantasy when she was a lot younger, but didn't know if 
she was going to tell me about it. I kept asking for her 
to tell me and she resisted, until I squeezed her tits 
together and bit down on both nipples at the same time. 
She squealed in pleasure and said, "Alright, I'll tell 
you, but promise you won't get mad?" 

I promised, wondering what it could be, since we had 
covered her wanting two cocks at once, screwing another 
guy with me watching etc. But as she began, my heart 
began to beat faster and faster. She told me that it 
really wasn't a fantasy, but when she was 15, she used to 
have a dream. She had a black teacher in school, and 
quite often she would dream that she was on a couch and 
he was fucking her. I moaned as she continued to describe 
the dream. I reached down and slid a finger into her. She 
was sopping wet and as I grazed her clit she went into 
orgasm. (The fastest yet).

I encouraged her to continue describing the dream as I 
rolled her over on top of me. She quickly guided my 
hardness into and began undulating her hips. We had one 
of the most intense orgasms of both of our lives. It was 
the best I can remember having up until then. So from 
then on, we would describe her screwing two blacks at the 
same time. We even rented videos with black men and white 

One in particular was noteworthy. We were laying on the 
bed, watching with me behind her with my cock in her 
pussy. We were just lazily pumping and trying to make the 
feeling last. The scene on the video was showing a pretty 
blond in the shower with a black guy. He didn't have an 
enormous cock, as we thought. It was about the size of my 

They got out of the shower and he sat down on the toilet 
lid while she knelt and sucked his cock. After a few 
minutes, she stood and turned around and straddled his 
hips and sat down on his cock. They were both facing the 
same direction, so you could really see her tits bounce 
as she fucked him. There were several close-ups of his 
black snake pistoning in and out of her.

Suddenly the camera panned way back and showed a black 
friend enter the bathroom as though he had surprised the 
couple. He was fully dressed. The couple kept fucking and 
the girl began to rub the cock of the newcomer. You could 
tell by the beginning bulge that this guy was bigger than 
the one in her cunt. Neither Andrea nor I were ready for 
just how big!

Stripped to only a pair of jockey shorts, he had too much 
cock to contain in the shorts and pulled the leg band 
aside, to let it out some. Andrea let out a loud gasp and 
her cunt clamped down firm on my cock at the sight! 

Although not fully erect, he must have been at least 11 
inches long then. The shorts cam down and the girl began 
sucking the head as she continued to pump up and down on 
the other cock. As she sucked, Andrea began to moan and 
kept moaning. Once fully erect, the guy pulled out of her 
mouth. Andrea immediately began to climax around my cock!

Although not particularly thick, the cock on the screen 
was now a good 13 to 14 inches in length. The guy wrapped 
both his hands around the shaft starting at the base, in 
a baseball bat type grip, then the girl did the same with 
both hands. There was still 3 inches of shaft and the 
head exposed for her to suck on! 

I had been concentrating momentarily on the sight on the 
screen, when I realized that Andrea was gasping for 
breath and going crazy and still climaxing. It brought me 
over the edge and I emptied into her, as she screamed out 
loud. We lay there for at least 5 minutes, not moving, 
but Andrea's whole body was shaking! And she kept gasping 
and commenting on the huge cock on the screen. 

The guy finally pulled out of the girl's mouth and she 
jerked him off into her open mouth. She got cum all over 
her face and quite a lot in her mouth. My cock had stayed 
hard from Andrea's gyrations, and as the guy began to 
shoot all over the blonde's face, Andrea went into 
another wild climax! 

Once again she brought me over the brink with her and I 
sprayed her cunt walls as she bucked like a bronco. The 
tape ran out and Andrea could not move for over 10 
minutes, she was so exhausted! Later she told me she had 
never in life been so turned on as when she saw the size 
of that black cock.

We kept the video for two more days. And each time was 
wild as we fast forwarded to that bathroom scene and 
fucked as we watched. The second night, I had fucked 
Andrea 3 times while watching the tape and was asleep, 
and exhausted. I awoke abruptly to either a sound or 
motion. Andrea had the tape on; her legs spread wide and 
was fucking herself with a long thick cucumber she had 
gotten out of the refrigerator. The scene excited me, but 
only a twinge could be felt in my cock.

When Andrea realized I was awake, she said, "OH GOD 

She began to suck me off and luckily I had some energy 
left. I don't know what she would have done if I hadn't 
been able to fuck her! Needless to say, I awoke later 
that morning with a sore cock, but satisfied.

Well the video finally wore off and we returned to a 
little bit more of a normal sex routine again. That is 
until last month! And that's really what this story is 

Andrea and one of her girl friends had joined a new 
health spa in town.
I didn't know why that particular one until the second 
day that they went. Since the spa was not that far from 
my office, I thought I would surprise the girls and take 
them out to lunch after their workout.

The place was quite plush and immaculate. I approached 
the desk and asked the girl behind it, where I might find 
my wife. She looked onto a computer screen and said, "She 
is in the steam room getting ready for a massage."

Since she was obviously going to be busy for a while, I 
asked the girl if I could see my wife.

She asked, "Do you want the observation room?"

I had no idea what she was talking about and told her so. 
She said, "I'll show you, but first lets see some ID to 
prove who you are."

Bewildered by now, I produced my wallet and drivers 
license, which she carefully examined, and then checked 
the computer screen. 

"Okay sir, should I put it on your wife's bill?"

I stammered yes, starting to get a little bit intrigued. 
Follow me the girl said. We went down a long corridor and 
stopped at a locked door at the end of the corridor. It 
was unlocked by the girl, and we went into an even 
smaller walkway like it was a space in between walls, 
which is as it turned out, just about that. The hall was 
only about 20 feet in length. There were 4 doors, two on 
each side. She led me to the last one on the right and 
had me wait while she opened the door and stepped inside. 
She came out and gave me a knowing smile and said. 
"Alright sir, you can go in, your wife should be there 

I stepped into a small cubical as she closed the door 
behind me. There was a recliner style seat, which faced 
what appeared to be a one-way mirror. I could look 
through the glass into a well-lit room, that had a 
massage table in the center, a small credenza with towels 
and bottles on it. Those were all the furnishings in the 

As I sat down in the comfortable recliner, I was 
flabbergasted at the set up. This must be where men pay 
to spy on their wives! There was a bolt on the door on my 
side so the door could be locked if I chose to. Up in the 
right corner of the mirror was a speaker, with a sign 

On the wall to my right was a small towel rack, which had 
a damp and fragrantly scented washcloth and a small hand 
towel neatly arranged. To my left on the wall was a small 
night light illuminating a sign and a buzzer? The sign 
read ring buzzer if you need anything. Later we found out 
that you could obtain drinks while in the booth!

I sat there for about ten minutes and got impatient. I 
was just about to get up and leave, when one of two doors 
in the massage room opened. There through the door came 
my Andrea! She had a large towel wrapped around her body, 
and a small hand towel around her hair like she does at 
home when her hair is wet. I could see small beads of 
water here and there on her skin. She had obviously just 
came out of the shower. Andrea jumped up and sat on the 
massage table, she had her back to me.

About a minute later the other door in the room opened 
and in stepped a young black man. I say young, when 
compared to us; he was about 20 or so. He was dressed in 
only a leather loincloth that covered his cock and balls. 

He greeted Andrea and smiled as he came around behind 
her. His ass was bare and he glistened as if he had oiled 
his skin. He took Andrea's towel off of her head and 
began brushing her hair as he reached under the table and 
grabbed a blow drier that was hung there. For the next 5 
minutes he brushed and blow-dried her hair as she sat 

He hung the blower back under the table and as he went to 
the credenza, said, "Please lie on the table stomach 

My cock began to twitch and my heart started beating 
faster as Andrea got off the table, turned and faced me. 
She undid the knot of the towel around her and opened it; 
She was completely nude under the towel. She held it open 
as she threw her left leg onto the table and then lay 
face down. The towel covered her backside from below her 
shoulders to mid thigh.

The masseuse brought over a small stand with what looked 
like a small pan of oil with a small flame under it to 
heat it. As he lightly dipped his hands in the oil, he 
spoke again. 

"I am named ZIMBA Ma'am, please let me know as we go 
along if there are any areas you would like me to pay 
special attention to." 

Andrea was silent until the hands went to her neck and 
began a slow rubbing. I heard a deep moan come from her 
lips. I was thankful that the masseuse was standing on 
the opposite side of the table so I had a good view. Then 
it dawned on me that he knew someone may be in the 
cubical watching. So naturally he would be on that side.

The towel was moved down to the small of her back and he 
worked his way over her back slowly. Andrea's head was 
turned towards me, and I could see the look of 
satisfaction on her face. Zimba (Ha Ha) moved the towel 
up now, and exposed my wife's cute little ass! I watched 
as his eyes drank in her nakedness. Instead of starting 
on her ass cheeks, he went to her feet, and rubbed his 
knuckles into the balls and arches of her feet. This was 
no rip off; he knew what he was doing.

After traveling up each thigh to the cleft of her ass, he 
moved up and began to rub the oil into each ass cheek. It 
wasn't until then that I took notice of his loincloth. He 
seemed to be semi erect under it. By the looks of the 
mass, he was well hung. The loincloth was tied at each 
hip with a rawhide thong. As he massaged Andrea's ass 
cheeks, he would quite often dip between them and make 
contact with her inner thigh and possibly her pussy slit 
from behind. Because each time he did, Andrea would moan 
and squirm a little on the table.

When finished, he picked the towel up and very 
professionally held it up high in front of his face and 
said. "Time to turn over Ma'am, do you desire the towel?" 
To my surprise, I heard Andrea in a nervous voice. "NO I 
don't need it" as she turned over and laid on her back. 

Zimba hung the towel under the table and dipped his hands 
in the oil again. It was at this time, that I realized 
that my cock was as hard as steel. Here was my darling 
wife, laying on her back stark naked in front of a black 
stud with a loincloth on. The loincloth now seemed to 
slightly stand away from his body.

To my surprise, he again went down to the end of the 
table and began massaging her legs. From his vantage 
point, he was looking straight into Andrea's pussy slit. 
As he ran his hands up the front of both thighs, I 
watched as he got close to her pussy, he extended both of 
his thumbs so they would come in contact with her cunt 
lips. Each time Andrea let out a little gasp. He moved up 
and kneaded each thigh, in doing so; her slit would open 
and close with the motion. Zimba's eyes seemed glued to 
my wife's slit as he did it for quite sometime.

By this time, I could hear Andrea breathing heavily, she 
was turned on! My cock was aching in my trousers, so I 
unzipped and released it as I slowly began to stroke it 
as I watched. Zimba did her rib cage, and then applied 
fresh oil to her breasts and began to knead them. At the 
position he was standing at, his crotch was only inches 
away from my wife's face. As he began to gently tweak her 
nipples, Andrea moved her head from a straight looking up 
position and turned to face the loincloth.

My cock jumped in my hand as I watched her right hand 
come over across her body and she pressed it against the 
front of the loincloth. She dropped the arm nearest him 
off of the table and I saw her hand go under the 
loincloth. "OH My god." She breathed as I watched her 
hand move under the leather cloth. "Does this come off?" 
She breathed as she failed to await an answer and untied 
one hip string, then the other.

Zimba stepped slightly back, and the cloth fell to the 
floor. "MMMMMMM" was all I heard my wife say. His cock 
was semi erect and arched way out, with the head pointing 
straight down. He was at least 8" at this point, and 
quite thick. A lot thicker than the guy in the video. 

Andrea had his balls in her left hand. She slid her hand 
under his shaft and lifted it, causing the head to point 
towards her. With a moan she moved her head forward and 
began sucking Zimba's cock! He groaned and threw his head 
back in pleasure. Andrea is one hell of a cocksucker, and 
I knew what he was feeling. 

He moved his hand down her belly towards he pussy. Her 
legs seemed to automatically spread as he reached his 
target and slid a long finger into her. Causing her to 
gasp and expel air out around the thick shaft in her 
mouth. Only now the shaft did not require her to hold it 
upright. It was as stiff as mine was at the moment. Only 
he had me by a few inches at least. He was a good 9 or 10 
inches fully erect. Andrea took almost 3/4 of him in, 
causing him to groan as he fingered her cunt.

I could tell by the way his hips were moving and his 
facial expressions that he was getting close to shooting 
his jizm into my wife's mouth. I had to stop stroking my 
own before I came. I was excited beyond belief! Zimba 
pulled his rod out of Andrea's mouth with a loud plop. 
"No let me" was all she could say as she watched him move 
to the end of the table. He reached under the table and 
pulled up a set of stirrups like they have in a 
gynecologist's office. He locked them in place and 
scooted Andrea down and guided her feet into the 
stirrups. GOD what a sexy position she was in NOW!

Zimba reached under the table and brought out a small 
stool, which he sat on. He moved forward between my 
wife's spread legs and slowly began to lick her cunt. He 
was good I'll say that! I counted 3 strong orgasms, and 
he still was sucking when Andrea cried out. "P... P... 
Please put it in!" "OH please fuck me. I can't stand it 
anymore P... P... PLEASE! As He stood, his cock seemed 
even to have grown harder and longer from licking her 
slit. He moved forward and as my wife screamed out her 
joy, he slowly sank his meat fully into her. 

I couldn't stand it any more! I don't know if it was 
allowed or not but I had to get in there. I tucked my 
boner painfully into my pants, almost causing it to shoot 
off as it rubbed. As I exited the cubical, I noticed a 
small door to my right, at the end of the hall. I opened 
it and it led into another hall to the right. At the end 
of that hall there was another door to my right. I opened 
it and stepped into a small bathroom, with a shower. 
There on some wall hooks, hung my wife's clothes. This 
was where she had showered before I saw her enter the 

Opening the door on the opposite wall and stepping 
through, I was in the massage room. There in front of me 
with his right side to me was Zimba, his massive prong 
pleasuring my wife. She had her eyes tightly shut and was 
kneading her tits and nipples so hard, I could see the 
finger imprints on them. Zimba looked at me startled like 
and started to say something when he saw me. I held my 
fingers up to my lips in a shush gesture. He watched as I 
pulled my hard cock out and then smiled as I walked 
forward and right up to my wife's head.

I leaned over and said. "Does it feel good baby?"


Then it registered on her that it wasn't Zimba's voice 
she had heard!
Her eyes flew open and stared into mine. "OH GOD HONEY 
BUT H... H... HOW!

I straightened up and pushed my hips forward thrusting my 
cock into her face! When she saw my cock, a look of 
relief came across her face and she moaned loudly as she 
took me in. I was so hot, I had to pull out several times 
to prevent from shooting. I'd hold her hand and squeeze 
tightly as she thrust back at the black monster inside of 
her pussy.

Zimba, finally met his match and asked. "Ma'am do you 
wish me to cum
inside of you?" Squeezing my hand tightly, Andrea

Until we started sharing our fantasies, I was always in a 
state of arousal, when I thought back to my dreams as a 
teenaged girl. I also had a very real experience with a 
Black man while I was in high school. I had not told my 
husband about it until after his writing. He became so 
excited, after hearing it that I received an orgasm with 
his tongue and then another with his hard cock unloading 
deep into my pussy. So I should begin with my teenage 
experience first.

I was 16 at the time, I had lost my virginity a year 
earlier to a boy I was going steady with. Prior to us 
going "All the way". I used to either jerk him off or 
suck him off. Sucking was his favorite and mine also.

I was a cheerleader for the football team at school. It 
was my job to go to the storeroom and get equipment out 
and get it ready for practice. The storeroom was located 
underneath the East bleachers, right in the center. It 
was a very isolated spot, since you were visible to no 
one unless they came down under the stands.

One day as I was heading for the storeroom, I came upon 
old Bill. He was an old Black man who did field 
maintenance and sometimes janitor work at the school. He 
hadn't seen me coming. He was standing at the corner of 
our storage shed, taking a piss. I stopped in my tracks 
when I saw what he was doing. I was kind of embarrassed, 
but mostly turned on! In his hand, he was holding the 
biggest cock I had ever seen, and he was soft. I felt my 
pussy, begin to tingle as I watched the large stream of 
piss exit from his piss hole.

His stream finally quit, and I let out a gasp as he shook 
the last drops from the enormous head of his cock. He 
looked up and saw me standing there watching him. He 
excused himself and tucked his cock back in his zipper. I 
didn't say anything as I unlocked the storage shed. 

He came up to me and asked me not to say anything that he 
had to go and it was along way to the toilets. I told him 
not to worry, and went about my task. But I could not get 
the vision of his large cock out of my mind. That night, 
I masturbated several times while envisioning what I had 

It was about three days later that I once again ran into 
him under the stands. He was very pleasant and we chatted 
for a few minutes. I don't know what possessed me at the 
time, but I asked him if he had to go again. He said he 
did, but was waiting for me to leave. 

I asked him if I could watch! He thought for a moment, 
looked around to be sure we were alone, and pulled out 
his cock! I was trance like as I walked right up to him 
and wrapped my tiny hand around the thick shaft. He 
groaned and let me direct his stream of piss as I held 
his beautiful cock. Once done, I shook the drops off as 
he had, and he replaced it back into his pants.

It became almost a ritual for the next few days. I held 
his cock as he pissed. After the third time, instead of 
just shaking the drops off, I began to slowly masturbate 
him. I was in awe as he grew to at least 10 inches long 
and very thick. My fingers could not touch as they were 
wrapped around his girth.

I continued to stroke him as his breath began to come in 
gasps. I watched and felt as his cock got even harder. He 
reached out and grabbed one of the beams to steady 
himself, as his cock erupted. I moaned as I watched 
stream after stream of his cum launch out of his cock. I 
have to this day never seen a guy cum as much as he did. 
I felt my pussy leaking as I slid my hand up and down his 

To keep it short, we would meet under there at least once 
a week and I would jack him off. He never tried to touch 
me, he was satisfied with my hand jobs. Now I said he was 
an old guy. By that I mean he was definitely old for me. 
He was around 50 or so. He loved it especially when he 
would sit and I would kneel before him and wrap both of 
my hands around his monster and stroke until climax.

Finally, as all good things must come to an end, he 
announced that he would be leaving for Florida to start a 
business with his brother or some thing like that. So the 
last day of school would also be our last meeting. I felt 
very bad, since I had gotten to love jacking that Black 
cock, and then letting my boyfriend fuck me for relief. I 
always had a secret fear of Bill asking to put his 
monster in my pussy. I'm quite sure that it would not 
have fit then. Today I could accommodate him. But he 
never once tried any thing like that.

A week before school ended, we met as usual. Only this 
time I decided I would make it special for him. I jacked 
for a few minutes and then began to lick the head of his 
cock. He loved it and gently held my head as I took the 
head and about 1 inch of shaft into my mouth. 

When he shot into my mouth, I was able to swallow most of 
it, before he again filled my mouth with his cum. We met 
once more after that, and I again sucked his cock for 
him. This time he came what seemed the most since we had 
met, and I drank every last drop. That was my Black 
experience, which I am sure contributed to my later dream 
of being fucked by my Black teacher.

When my husband brought home the video of the bathroom 
scene that he described, that was the turning point for 
me. I almost went crazy when I saw that huge penis in the 
movie! I couldn't get enough fucking to even begin to 
satisfy me! As he told you, I went in desperation one 
night and got a cucumber to try and satisfy me even. If 
he hadn't gotten hard and fucked me then, I believe, I 
would have gone out onto the street and fucked the first 
guy I came to, I was THAT Turned on!

So when my girlfriend told me about the new SPA that had 
opened up, that discreetly offered Black masseurs, and 
sex was also an option if, willing to pay for the option. 
I had to go. Before my husband watched me with Zimba, I 
had already been with two other masseurs. The second one 
had a bigger cock than Zimba. He stretched me quite a 
bit, but I loved every minute of it.

With Zimba, I was already turned on in the shower before 
even getting my massage. Then when he began rubbing my 
thighs and causing my cunt lips to open and close, I was 
horny as hell. His cock was so beautiful I had to suck 
it. I had not sucked the other two guys. 

But I was hot as hell this time in. When I saw my 
husband, I was scared to death at first, but when I saw 
his hard cock, I breathed a sigh of relief, because I 
knew he was turned on as much as I was. I no sooner took 
his cock in my mouth and I felt a series of continual 
small orgasms start. 

The thought of being seen taking a big black cock in my 
pussy by my husband blew my mind. Had I known at the time 
that he had watched me suck, I would have been even more 
turned on. That's why, I called Zimba back after he shot 
his cream into my pussy! I wanted to suck his cock while 
my husband watched!

Since then, we have even filmed some of the massages with 
me and a black cock! Our sex life is better than ever! We 
were able to talk one of the masseurs into coming to our 
house (For Pay) and filming and shooting some pictures of 
me and him. We are going to get them scanned and upload 
them to our favorite adult BBs. The thought of my picture 
being seen as I am sucking a BIG BLACK COCK or taking it 
into my cunt is a turn on! 

I can just imagine, guys jerking off while reading this 
and looking at the GIF, and shooting their hot cum all 
over the place. My pussy is sopping wet from the thought 
and from writing this. My husband is playing with my 
nipples and its time to pay attention to the hard cock he 
is pressing into my ribs as he stands along side of me. 
I'm going to blow him first, then take him into my horny 

Can't let too much energy go though. We are expecting a 
masseuse called LONGO this evening. My girlfriend has had 
him, but I haven't. She said that he is a good 13 inches, 
but not too thick. That would make him about the same 
size as in the video. I CAN'T WAIT!

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