Thursday, 19 September 2013


We pulled up at the car park that overlooked the beach 
and sucked air in unison, the sight that greeted us was 
perfect 5ft and offshore beach breaking heaven. 

I hadn't been surfing in quite a while so I could hardly 
wait to feel the first rush of cold water down the back 
of my wetsuit. 

There were a few people surfing but it was by no means 
crowded and I could see larger set waves going unridden. 

We began to unpack the surfboards from the roof of my 
car, my buddy Mark wasted no time in jumping into his 
wetsuit and running off with his surfboard under his arm. 

"Hey Mark what about the luggage," I shouted after him.

"Leave it till later man," he called, as he disappeared 
around the corner towards the beach. 

I considered leaving it and heading for the waves, but 
there was a box of food in the car boot that I had to get 
inside soon or it would spoil. 

So as quickly as possible I unpacked the car and began 
the short walk to the cottage we had hired for our 
fabulous week of surfing and larking. 

I reached the cottage and fumbled in my pocket for the 
key, but before I could find it the door swung open and a 
lady introduced her self as Jody the owner of the 

At a guess she was about mid thirties but obviously 
looked after herself with an athletic figure and the kind 
of healthy skin colour that comes with living by the 

She apologised for still being in the cottage when I 
arrived, only the surf had been that good that she had 
been late cleaning it from the last occupants, I assured 
her it was no problem and that I intended to be surfing 
myself as soon as I had dumped the bags. 

She offered to walk to the beach with me and point out 
the best spot to line up for the best waves. 

We went back inside and I searched amongst the bags for 
my wetsuit, I couldn't believe it when I realised I had 
left it behind, the look on my face must have given it 

Jody asked what was wrong and I explained how I had left 
my wetsuit at home. 

"No problem, I own a surf shop in the town come down with 
me and I'll do you a good deal on a new one," she 

Well what could I do the sea in the UK is cold all year 
and you just have to have a wetsuit or you freeze your 
balls off. 

We strolled through the streets and Jody explained that 
the cottage had been her father's who had died three 
years ago now, she used the revenue gained from renting 
the cottage to open the villages first surf shop and now 
things were going great for her. 

As we strolled down a narrow lane a young kid on a 
skateboard came flying around the corner and nearly 
knocked Jody over, she fell into my arms to avoid him and 
as I helped her back upright I smelt the sea on her hair 
and skin. 

We reached the surf shop and Jody introduced me to the 
guy behind the counter, we chatted for a short while then 
she showed me downstairs to the wetsuit store. 

I browsed the rack and picked out a couple I was 
interested in, Jody explained how important it was to get 
the size of your wetsuit correct and that she would 
measure me first. 

She skipped off into the back of the store to fetch her 
measure and as she left I got a good view of her bottom, 
she was wearing a pair of ladies board shorts that left 
little to the imagination, I instantly felt my groin 

When she returned I was looking the other way at some 
surfboards leaning against the wall, she playfully 
flicked my arse with the tape measure using it like a 

She giggled at me as I yelped and span round in mock 

"OK get your kit off," she demanded still laughing. 

I was slightly worried now as I had a slight semi-
erection and I didn't want Jody to think I was some sort 
of pervert, but I had no choice and took off my t-shirt 

"Come on shorts as well, I can't measure correctly if 
your gonna be a shy boy," she teased. 

I smirked and took down my shorts, I have a pretty good 
body not huge but defined, Jody looked me up and down and 
nodded her approval, I laughed at her and we exchanged 
flirty looks. 

She came in close to me and measured around my chest and 
stomach then she knelt in front of me to measure my 
inside leg. 

As she pressed the tape against my thigh I visibly 
jumped, she looked up and placed a reassuring hand around 
the back of my thigh. 

I was in trouble now and could feel an erection growing 
and there was nothing I could do to stop it! 

She seemed to be taking an age to measure my leg, but 
with hindsight she must have been teasing. 

I was wearing a pair of briefs which were now bulging and 
the tip of my helmet had just began to peak out above the 

Suddenly Jody broke the silence. 

"I can't measure you properly with that thing in the way. 
It would be my pleasure to make it go away," she said, 
looking up at me. 

I just nodded unable to speak, my mouth had just dried up 

I just stood there as she slowly peeled down my pants, my 
cock sprang out and bobbed in front of Jody's face, she 
wrapped her fingers around my thick shaft and began 
slowly pumping it back and fourth. 

I could feel my legs wobbling. 

Jody rose up as she continued wanking me and pushed her 
body against mine, we kissed slow and long with just a 
few tentative touches of each other's tongues. 

I rubbed her breasts through her t-shirt, which made her 
lean into me and sigh. 

I was now near cumming which she must have realised as 
she moved to my side and cupped her hand over my helmet. 

I groaned as I gushed shot after shot of hot cum into 
Jody's hand, when I was drained she fetched some toilet 
paper and cleaned up, we kissed a little while longer. 

Then she said that she felt compelled to explain herself 
to me as I must think her a slut. 

She explained that I was the first man she had touched in 
18 months after a very messy divorce, I assured her that 
I understood and that I found her very attractive and 
would love to take her for drinks, to my amazement she 

She fitted me for the wetsuit and I joined my buddy for 
the remainder of the afternoons surfing, but I couldn't 
take my mind off Jody, I know that she was about ten 
years my senior but something had clicked between us. 

I told my friend that he would have to amuse himself for 
the evening as I had a date with a beautiful lady. 

I met Jody from the surf shop at 7:00pm as arranged and 
we walked to her apartment so she could change. 

It was a really lovely evening and Jody took my hand as 
we walked through the streets. 

"Fancy a walk on the beach?" she asked. 

"Sure," I said.

We took off our shoes and walked on the beach a while 
before heading back to her place. 

She had a great apartment right on the beach, she told me 
to make myself comfortable while she took a shower, she 
strolled out of the room and a few minutes later I heard 
the shower start. 

It was just like the movies, I looked up and could see 
through the open door Jody's naked body in the mirrors 
reflection, she was about to step into the shower and 
must have left the door open for my pleasure. 

I had no choice but to get my aching cock out and 
masturbate whilst watching Jody in the mirror, she had to 
know I was watching but she never looked up, she just 
stood upright with her eyes closed and begin gently 
rubbing her erect nipples her other hand moved to her 
pussy which was shaven apart from the obligatory 
Hollywood strip. 

I had a great view and unfastened my jeans and tugged 
them off quickly followed by my shirt, I don't think I've 
ever had such a large erection as I sat naked watching 
the sexy Jody masturbate in front of me. 

After a few minutes of mutual masturbation and voyeurism 
Jody looked up and we made eye contact, she strode from 
the bathroom, her body was moist from the steam of the 
shower and her pussy was moist from lust for my massive 

She came right at me consumed by desire and virtually 
leapt onto my lap, she immediately straddled my cock and 
pushed her soaked vagina against my throbbing helmet, 
there was slight resistance before I slid my shaft deep 
inside her !!! 

She leaned into my body and nibbled my neck as I pushed 
my groin up to gain maximum penetration, she leaned back 
which allowed me the opportunity to suck at her nipples, 
and we were both panting heavily. 

Over Jody's shoulder I could see our reflection in a 
large mirror, her perfect arse was spread and I could 
clearly see my cock sliding in and out of her soaking 
pussy, we were both near orgasm as I reached around and 
rubbed my finger around her arse hole, this tipped Jody 
over the edge and she had a huge orgasm, quickly followed 
by myself as I pumped hot semen deep inside her. 

She stayed put with my cock still inside her as we kissed 
passionately, I could feel the mixture of sexual juices 
running from her and coating my balls, she gently began 
gyrating, I could feel my erection returning.

Her gyrating moved up a gear as we began round two, only 
this time once I was fully erect she climbed off my cock 
and moved down onto the floor pulling me with her. 

Once on the floor she went to work on my cock, gently 
running her tongue around my slippery helmet, her bottom 
stuck in the air to the right of my face and I could see 
her pussy peeping out between her thighs, I pulled her 
across me so that she straddled my face, her pussy was 
totally soaking with a mixture of our cum, I pulled her 
down onto me and pushed my tongue in deep, my nose rubbed 
against her arse hole and she gave out a moan. 

Her pussy tasted amazing the mixture of juices and the 
aroma had my head spinning, I nibbled at her clit and she 
pushed down hard against my tongue and nose, every time 
my nose even touched her ass hole she would wiggle in 
delight and gasp out load, she continued to work on my 
cock by now taking most of it into her mouth and sucking 
off all the juices of her own pussy. 

I couldn't fail to notice how sensitive her ass hole was 
so I gently rubbed my finger in her pussy juices and 
began pushing it into her hole, she came almost 
immediately and then again a minute later, I felt close 
to cumming myself so I pushed her down my body so her 
back was to me and lifted her onto my cock just for a few 
thrusts so as to coat it in lubricating juices. 

She seemed to get the idea as she lifted herself off my 
cock and began lining up her ass with my shiny helmet, it 
took a couple of pushes but the slippery juices I had 
been rubbing in with my nose did the trick and my cock 
slowly slid into her ass hole! 

It felt amazing, so tight and enveloping, Jody came 
immediately as she began to pump up and down, I leaned 
forward and reached around her so as to rub her breast, 
this action forced my cock right up inside her and she 
groaned noisily before another huge orgasm, the 
contracting of her ass hole started my own orgasm and I 
began pumping copious amounts of hot spunk into her arse, 
we slumped to a halt and Jody leaned back against me 
panting and gasping for air. 

We stayed like this for a few minutes before she rolled 
off my cock and lay next to me with her head on my chest, 
neither of us spoke but we both knew that it had been the 
best fuck we had ever had. 

We remained inseparable for the whole of my holiday, in 
the mornings we would fuck then go surfing then fuck and 
eat, then go to a pub or restaurant then fuck all night. 
It was the best holiday anyone could have had, so when it 
was time for me to go home I just couldn't bring myself 
to leave her, that was two years ago and we are still 
together living a dream. 

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