Thursday, 29 August 2013


A gunshot rang out and immediately the Cadillac started 
to swerve and slew alarmingly. With a grating crash it 
mounted the crash barriers, snapped the bridge rails 
like matchsticks and plunged fifty feet into the winter 
swollen river. The driver of the pickup, and his rifle 
toting passenger, stopped and surveyed the dark tumbling 
waters. No one struggled from the inverted wreck which 
was sinking fast. Satisfied, they pulled away. 

"Where the hell am I? And who the fuck are you?" 

"You could call me your destiny." Said the figure 

"What the fuck does that mean? What the fuck is going 

"I am here to complete an assessment on you." 

"Fuck You! Now how the fuck do I get out of here?" 

"You don't." Smiled the figure. "At least until your 
assessment is complete." 

"You better let me go man. Or your ass is grass." 

The finger waggling furiously under his nose did not 
cause his smile to slip a millimetre. 

"I feel that I am being somewhat lax in the performance 
of my duties. So I will explain your situation to you. 
So if it is alright with you I will continue." 

He cocked an interrogative eyebrow. 

The pimp shrugged. Suddenly not looking quite so self 

"Yeah, OK, whatever." 

"Thank you. As you can see you are no longer, as you 
call it, living. In fact you have died, fairly quickly I 
might add, from a single 7.62mm high velocity bullet to 
the head. For you information it was delivered from a 
vengeful ex-boyfriend of one of your, err, stable." 

The annoying smile remained. 

"What the fuck? What do you mean dead?. I don't feel 

"A common reaction, but you are surely dead. Now it is 
up to me to complete an assessment as to where you go on 
to from here, in the great celestial journey. His 
omnipotence has ordered it, the one whom you call God 
<He consulted his notes> Ah I see that you have 
professed to being a disbeliever.  You now have a chance 
to modify your views on this subject. I'm sorry I am 
wandering off the subject, please forgive me." 

He took the quick hunch of the shoulders as 

"As I was saying we have to complete an assessment. I 
would like to point out to you that I don't actually sit 
in judgment on you. The very opposite is true. I am to 
discuss the areas of concern with you and you will 
actually make the decision. I do believe that is fair 
and in this place you will find that we are always fair. 
Before we begin do you have any questions?" 

"Do you mean that this is where you decide whether I'm 
going to hell or not?" 

The smile broadened. 

"If you like. In fact the concept of heaven and hell is 
something that was thought up by humans. We did try, 
through various prophets and seers, to modify 
humanities' views but in the end we decided that it was 
easier to let you believe that than to try and educate 
you into what really does happen. 

"If it makes it any easier let me suggest that there are 
various manifestations of your soul and we are here to 
agree on what your next manifestation will be. I'm sorry 
if it seems so complex. There is so much for you to 
learn and so little time. I will try my very hardest to 
help you to understand. I hope you find this 

"Yeah. Just get on with Ok?" Nervous. 

"Thank you. Now I must explain that your decision making 
may be assisted by us examining some of the 
relationships that you had with other humans. I'm sure 
you understand that this is our greatest concern for it 
will have a profound effect on what you manifest into 
during your next phase." 

"What d'you mean?" 

"Please indulge me and I will tell you <he glanced at 
the notes again>. Fine. Now let's see your occupation is 
described here as a trader in human misery. I believe 
that is correct." 

"What the hell does that mean? I didn't trade in no 
misery mothafucker." 

"I think you will find our assessment is correct, after 
all we have been monitoring you since you entered that 
particular manifestation, as we do for all of our 
subjects. Let me give you an instance. Do you remember a 
female-human called Mandy, whom you renamed Pussy?" 

"Fuck! She's long gone man." 

"Yes she has. Eight years ago in your years. She died of 
an overdose of a mind altering substance if you are 
interested. According to our records she was nineteen 
years old and was previously at a College studying 
medicine. You incarcerated her soon after she had had 
the misfortune to suffer forced sexual intercourse with 
numerous male humans. 

"Just at the point where she most needed help and solace 
from another human you forced her to undergo a further 
series of deliberate sexual assaults. You denied her her 
freedom and, through fear and intimidation, you forced 
her to start selling her body for the gratification of 
others and the enrichment of your pocket. I can see from 
your look of wonderment that I am correct." 

"Err, yeah man. 'Cept you ain't quite got it right, she 
was a natural hooker man. She just loved to fuck." 

"I'm afraid you are not correct in that judgment. She 
was frightened and disgusted up until the day she died. 
For your interest she was actually a virgin up until the 
day that she was assaulted and fell into your hands. I 
really don't think that you really believe that either 
judging by the number of beatings you administered to 
her when she <again he consulted his notes> 'got out of 
line' as you called it. 

"Incidentally don't feel sorry for her she ended up 
judging herself as passing from one phase to another and 
is, as we speak, growing up as the only son of a very 
wealthy couple. Let us carry on.  Now we can discuss 
Violet. Do you remember her?" 

"Yeah man. She was my top bitch, she loved me man you 
ain't got nuthin on me there." 

"I'm afraid we do. You see she was absolutely terrified 
of you and was prepared to undertake the most loathsome 
tasks in order to save her from abuse by you. Our 
records indicate that she had an unusually low threshold 
of pain and so she was very suggestible if violence was 
offered. You forced her to have sexual intercourse with 
up to fifty male humans per day. 

"You also, by the sheer weight of the terror in which 
she beheld in you, forced her to punish the other 
unfortunate females that strayed into your orbit of 
influence. She conceived two children, of which you 
forced her to abort one. I believe that you thought she 
had been killed too. In fact she was rescued by her 
brother who, by chance, recognised her on the street and 
secreted her away in a safe house. She now lives in New 
Rochester and is married with one child." 

"I'll get that bitch." Mumbled the pimp. 

The smile continued, blithely. 

"I think I must remind you that you are dead and so you 
have no influence in terrestrial matters at this time. I 
will continue if I may? Fine. Now we come to the case of 
Marie-Anne. She had run away from home after a rather 
pointless argument with her parents. You had met her at 
the transit authority bus terminus and had sexually 
tortured her for a number of days before she gave in to 
your commands and became one of your whores. 

"I see that she was sixteen when captured and is twenty 
five now. She has had sexual intercourse, of some 
description, with thirty nine thousand five hundred and 
twenty three men and is, as we speak, indulging in a 
rather unpleasant act for which the male is being 
charged two hundred dollars." 

"Good girl." 

"I rather think we take a different view on that. She 
will find out about your demise later today and will be 
forced to join Guiseppe Vincenza's stable later this 

"That sonofabitch. Fuck him." 

"If it makes you feel any better he will die next year 
in a knife attack. Marie-Anne will be dead next week, 
she will be beaten by Guiseppe for trying to escape and 
will suffer a ruptured spleen. Even after all the ill 
treatment she will still regard you as a better master 
than Vino." 

"There you go you see. Maybe I ain't such a bad guy 
after all." 

"As I stated before we will not be sitting in judgment 
on you. So whether I find you good or bad does not enter 
into the equation. Shall I continue?" 

"Yeah. Go for it." He was feeling a little more 
confident. A confidence that drained from him, drip by 
drip, as the catalogue of sexual tyranny unfolded. Girls 
he barely remembered were brought up, discussed and 
their present whereabouts were revealled. Most of them 
were in far better positions (One of them was even a 
male rabbit in New Zealand!) which meant that they had 
passed through a particularly harsh manifestation. 

Finally the litany of terror ended. Seventy three girls 
had worked for him at one time or another. He had earned 
nearly two million dollars from the enforced use of 
their bodies. 

"It looks bad huh?" 

"As I said before it is not up to me to sit in judgment 
on you." The smile was becoming annoying now. 

"So what happens now?" 

"You choose your next manifestation." 

"Look. I err...What do you suggest?" 

"It's not really up to me to make suggestions, however 
as you asked..." 


Lotitia Scot. Lotty. A small, unhappy looking girl stood 
shivering on the street corner hoping to hustle a couple 
of tricks before her man came around. At least she could 
get into the warmth of a John's car for a few minutes. 
Her man had decided that she had to wear her miniskirt 
even though it was ten below and the wind howled through 
the darkened streets. 

Suddenly she sensed someone beside her. She turned and 
was about to ask whether the stranger wanted to party. 
Then she noticed the smile. Reaching back through her 
memory she thought she recognised it but, try as she 
might, she couldn't think from where. 

It was a smile. No more, no less. No warmth, no heat. A 
non judgmental smile. 

"I've just dropped by to see how you are getting on in 
your role," said the smile. 

"What the fu....." said Lotty. 

But he was gone. 

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