Monday, 26 August 2013


My friend Brian and I had been out all night drinking, 
when I decided it would be good to go back to my place 
for a nightcap.

We arrived home and my wife was in bed sleeping, we had 
not been getting on to well for a while and if I wanted 
to fuck her I had to just about rape her, but that was 
okay in my mind because she was my wife and it was her 

I poured us a couple of drinks and we sat around and 
talked everything under the sun; finally getting around 
to the subject of sex. When my friend told me he hadn't 
had a woman in over 6 months, this got me thinking 
about how great it would be to watch someone fuck my 
wife's ass. I asked Brian if he was up for it. 

He looked a little unsure, but I wasn't and quickly 
talked him into it. I could tell he was a horny son of 
a bitch by the time I was finished listing my wife 
Angela's assets.

I think it was the alcohol that did it but now that the 
idea was in my mind I had a raging hard on.  I decided 
that I would go into the bedroom and help my self to 
her body as I usually did. Then I'd give he a real 
surprise with Brian.

Angela just used to lie there when I did this and 
didn't respond at all. I quietly told Brian to strip 
off and wait outside the bedroom door for my signal. 
When he was naked I saw that his cock was a good 8" 
much bigger than I'd thought it would be. God I wanted 
to see that big old honker buried in Angela's hairy 
little pussy.

I went into the bedroom and took off all my clothes, 
and slipped into bed beside my wife, I slipped my hands 
around to her tits and began to squeeze them; she 
pushed my hand away and told me to fuck off. I guess 
she must have been mad at me for staying out all night.

I just sat up pulled the bed sheets down and pulled her 
nightie up over her waist, I got hold of her panties 
and began to pull them off, she grabbed my hand and 
tried to stop me, but as usual I was too strong for her 
and I had them down to her knees and then past her 
ankles within a few moments.

I spread her legs and she stopped fighting me, Angela 
knew if she fought it would just take longer and the 
outcome would be the same.

I started rubbing her clit and spread her pussy lips 
apart, she was dry. I told her I would have to get some 
KY jelly from the bathroom and not to move. I left the 
bedroom; Brian was waiting just outside the door 
watching us.

I got the KY jelly and squirted some on Brian's fingers 
and watched as he nervously spread it on head of his 
cock. The room was dark and Angela would not know the 
difference, I thought.

Brian went in and pushed the door open, there were no 
words spoken, but I could hear the springs on the bed 
make a noise, so I knew he was on the bed, and soon he 
would be spreading the KY jelly into Angela's dry 
little hole.

After a few seconds I heard Angela's voice, "Shit 
that's cold," then I heard her squeal a little and the 
springs started making a rhythmic noise.

The noise grew louder and I could here Angela's 
breathing coming in gasps. My cock was so hard but I 
didn't want to touch myself in case I came I wanted to 
save it just a little longer.

Now Angela was really screaming. I slipped my hand 
around the door and found the light switch and flipped 
the light on. I saw Angela's legs wrapped around 
Brian's waist as they humped each other.

My wife was startled by the sudden light and looked 
straight at me and then screamed, "You bastard."

Brian grabbed both her ankles and really started to 
pound her pussy, not letting her struggle out from 
under his thrusting body.

After a few minutes of fucking her vigorously Brian let 
out a loud groan and thrust one last time and held her 
tight as he shot his load into her well-fucked hole.

As he pulled out of my wife I could see his come 
spilled out of her pussy and running down her inner 
thighs onto the sheets.

As Brian rolled off her Angela now tried to get up from 
the bed but now it was my turn. I pushed her back flat 
onto the solid sheets and took Brian's place between 
her legs.

She tried to fight me off but her pussy was too wet to 
offer any resistance and I buried my cock in her and 
pumped away like a dog. It didn't take long for me too 
blow my load to mixed with Brian's.

After a while when it was all over and Brian had left, 
Angela said to me, "I hope you enjoyed that because 
that's the last time you'll ever get your cock in to 

Needless to say we're no longer married but I think it 
was worth it. I'm sure Brian thinks so too...

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