Thursday, 29 August 2013


I was married at twenty-one, a few months before college 
graduation. Everyone -- especially my parents -- said it 
was a foolish thing to do, but after twenty years of 
marriage it's pretty obvious we've beaten the odds. I'll 
admit to a self-destructive streak in the early days, 

Marie's parents were card-carrying rednecks, for one 
thing, and her older brother was a holier-than-everyone 
Bible-thumper. After the first few months, I went to 
great lengths to avoid them. They lived about two hours 
away and when my wife went home for visits, which was 
four or five times a year, she went by herself. There 
was also a younger sister, Michelle, who seemed like a 
nice enough kid, but she was only fourteen at the time 
of our marriage and I didn't pay much attention to her.

After two years of reasonable success in the real world, 
I decided I was going to need a graduate degree in order 
to compete, so I went back to school on the side. It 
took me two full years and a summer of part-time 
classes, but I did okay. However, with Marie and myself 
both working full-time, plus my schoolwork, our social 
life was pretty thin for awhile.

Toward the end of that time, my sister-in-law, now 
nineteen, got fed up with her parents (good for her, I 
thought), dropped out of the junior college, and fled to 
the city to find out whether she could make it on her 
own. We invited her to stay with us for a few weeks 
while she got herself organized, and she was grateful 
for the use of our sofa-bed.

It was really kind of nice having Michelle around. I was 
twenty-six but working so hard I sometimes felt forty. 
My sister-in-law had turned out tall and slender, with 
long, natural-blonde hair -- very pretty and 
unremittingly cheerful. She lightened the household 

My mother-in-law had, of course, called several times to 
whine to my wife about her other daughter's defection 
and Marie, dutiful daughter that she was, drove up 
Friday night of the second week to try to placate her. 
After four years of marriage, I'd gotten used to not 
sleeping by myself and I woke up earlier than I had 
intended Saturday morning.

I thought about rolling over and closing my eyes again 
but I immediately began making mental lists of all the 
things I had to do, so I gave up, climbed out of bed, 
and located the bathroom by dead reckoning. Then I 
pulled on a pair of ragged cutoffs and wandered out to 
the living room shirtless and barefoot.

Michelle was sprawled face-down on the fold-out sofa, 
half under the covers. She mumbled something and half-
opened one eye. "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you," I said 
softly as I headed for the coffeemaker.

"S'okay," she murmured. "'Morning..." Then she flexed 
her shoulders backward and groaned.

"Are you okay?" I poured in the water and hunted for the 
plug end of the cord.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm just not used to this bed. My back's 
stiff." I stood in the entrance to the little kitchen 
and watched with amusement as she kicked off the covers 
and grasped her ankles, trying to arch her back. I could 
hear muffled crackling sounds. She groaned again.

"Would you like me to work the cricks out of your 
shoulders?" I asked tentatively.

"God, would you?" Michelle turned her head on the pillow 
and smiled. "That would be great, really." She settled 
herself expectantly as I walked over to the bed. One of 
my old T-shirts that she'd borrowed as sleeping gear 
rode high on her smooth-looking thighs, but she didn't 
seem shy about it. I'd simply made a friendly offer but 
now I was wondering what my real motives were.

I sat beside her and swept the long, fine hair up over 
her shoulders and out of the way. I'd learned basic 
muscle massage as a teenager working at the YMCA, so I 
had some idea what I was doing. Her shoulders felt 
slender and a bit bony under my fingers. I separated the 
stiff muscle layers and worked inward toward her neck; 
Michelle made little pleasure sounds and bent her head 
forward as I got up into her hairline. I'd already 
noticed the lack of bra straps beneath the T-shirt.

When I grasped the narrow points of her shoulders, she 
extended her arms behind her back so I could lift up and 
stretch her shoulder-blades. Her profile from above and 
behind -- arms constrained behind her back, head 
drooping forward with hair scattered across her pillow, 
the presence of her small breasts made more obvious by 
the taut cotton of her shirt -- sent uneasy ideas 
flashing through my mind and caused a stirring in the 
front of my shorts.

Before I could reconsider what I was doing, I got up and 
moved around to the head of the bed. I reached down at 
both sides of her waist and took hold of the hem of the 
shirt, gathering it upward and exposing a very 
attractive backside partly concealed by purple bikini 

"Let me move this out of the way," I suggested quietly 
and calmly. I was trying to sound disinterested but it 
was very difficult with the sudden tightness in my 
throat. She hesitated a long moment, then lifted her 
upper body; the T-shirt was gathered under her armpits a 
moment later. Then I simply kept on -- easing the 
sleeves off her folded elbows, slipping the neck-hole 
over her head. At first, she kept her upper arms pressed 
against her sides, protecting her breasts from view.

My pulse speeded up at the sight of her long, lightly 
tanned body with its narrow ribcage and slender waist. 
She really didn't look nineteen. And I was encouraged by 
her silent lack of protest.

I justified having removed her shirt by industriously 
massaging her shoulders and back for a quarter of an 
hour and she relaxed again. Her eyes fluttered shut and 
she finally folded her hands under her cheek. Her smile 
and soft animal sounds of appreciation seemed to mean 
she was enjoying whatever it was that was happening to 

By the time I'd finished working on Michelle's back, I 
was kneeling beside her legs, staring at the barely 
concealed cleft of her small, firm bottom. Her buttocks 
clenched and relaxed as if she could feel the warmth of 
my gaze. I slid my hands slowly up and down the backs of 
her legs, from her slender ankles to the tops of her 
thighs, just a thumb's breadth from her crotch. She 
shifted her legs slightly but didn't say a word as my 
hands wandered. I wondered what her response would be if 
I stopped being relatively harmless and made a serious 
effort at seduction. My erection was growing and 
stiffening and the adrenalin rush was making my hands 
shake and my mouth dry up.

I took a deep, silent breath, hooked my fingers 
carefully under the elastic, and slowly rolled those 
tiny panties off her lovely little ass. Michelle seemed 
to be ignoring me until I had a thin roll of purple 
cotton stretched across the lower boundary of her 
buttocks. It was caught between her thighs, and between 
her body and the sofa-bed; to go any further in removing 
her last bit of clothing, I would have to tug and jerk 
her panties down her legs, which would destroy any 
vestige of casual contact. It might break the spell and 
force my sister-in-law to acknowledge what was going on.

Then Michelle turned her head the other way, apparently 
determined to leave me entirely on my own. This is as 
far as she'll let me go, I thought. Well, I could still 
get a lot of pleasure from stroking and petting that 
slim young body.

But then she sighed lightly and shifted her hips in such 
a way that her rolled-up panties were released. She 
seemed to be pretending to have fallen asleep again; her 
nonchalant movement was meant to seem coincidental. She 
wasn't going to do anything to assist me in this game of 
chicken, but she was willing to be done to.

I slipped the small handful of material off her feet and 
sat back to let my eyes wander over her nakedness. I 
reached out -- oh, so gently -- and slowly stroked each 
of her cheeks, letting my thumb trail along the crevice 
between them. The tiniest of shivers traveled across her 
ass; she was reacting whether she wanted me to know it 
or not.

Now, I had a choice: I could try to work my way between 
her thighs from behind, which would involve a lot of 
ungraceful pushing and prodding. Or, I could try to roll 
my young sister-in-law over on her back -- but if she 
chose not to cooperate, the whole adventure would end 
right there. Or, I could continue to work with what I 
had, take a minimum of chances, and see what developed. 
Being unwilling to lose what I'd already gained, I 
chickened out and went with the third option.

I could still improve the odds, though. My cutoffs were 
old and loose-fitting and I was able to stand, shuck off 
the shorts without moving the zipper, and kneel again on 
the bed in only a second or two. My cock was at full 
arousal now; it was probably just as well that Michelle 
had turned her head away or the sudden shock of seeing 
what she had wrought might have spoiled everything.

Again moving slowly and gently, I shifted over and 
straddled those pretty thighs, carefully laying my rigid 
cock along the crevice of her ass. Then I bent forward, 
running my tongue up her spine to her neck. Her 
shoulders trembled when my penis twitched between our 
bodies. She couldn't pretend to be asleep or uninvolved 
any longer.

My tongue reached the shell of her ear. I pushed the 
strands of hair away and whispered very softly, "Do you 
have any idea how pretty you are, Michelle? And how 
sexy?" My warm breath in her ear sent another little 
shiver down her neck and her shoulders hunched.

"What are you doing to me?" she replied shakily.

"Nothing you don't secretly want me to do, I think." I 
made my cock twitch. "And you're having quite an effect 
on me, too." I nibbled the edge of her ear and she 
trembled again. At the same time, my palms were easing 
around her ribs and under her body. Almost reflexively, 
she raised herself up a couple inches to allow me 
access, and suddenly her small, round breasts were 
warmly cupped in my hands. I caught her nipples between 
my fingers and her breathing stalled. "Why don't you 
turn over and face me?" I suggested quietly.

"You... you know why," she stammered.

"Tell me."

"Because you'll want to... to put it in." Her voice was 
faint and a bit plaintive.

"Maybe you want me to, Michelle. We're lying here naked, 
aren't we? What is it you *really* want to happen?" I 
still had to get her to commit herself.

"I dunno, I dunno..."

I responded to her uncertainty by squeezing her tits 
enough to make her aware of how stiff her nipples had 
become. Then I raised my hips to free my cock, which 
immediately began to drill straight down toward her 

After a moment, she whimpered as her ass wiggled beneath 
me and her thighs parted just enough. I followed up my 
advantage, pushing down and forward until the tip of my 
penis reached the warm, moist entrance to her cunt. I 
couldn't actually enter her from that angle, but I 
rubbed myself back and forth against my target until a 
flush rose up her neck and across her cheek.

Michelle buried her face in the pillow and tried 
unsuccessfully to smother a ragged moan as her warm 
bottom began rising to meet my slow exploratory strokes. 
The whole experience of seduction felt wonderful... but 
I realized suddenly that if I continued humping her 
pretty little ass,my apparently inexperienced sister-in-
law was likely to have an orgasm from that alone, and it 
would all be over.

I eased myself out and moved to the bed beside her, 
letting my vibrating erection brush her waist. And I 
immediately slid two fingers down into the warm spot my 
cock had just vacated. She didn't draw her legs together 
and I was able to stroke her moist lips and ease one 
fingertip just inside.

"You can't hide, sweetheart," I said softly. "Turn over 
here toward me. You know I'm not going to hurt you."

She gave a kind of frustrated sob and when she levered 
herself up on her elbows, her face only a few inches 
from mine, I saw the glitter of tears. "I never did this 
before," she said. I must have looked blank -- she was 
nineteen, after all -- because she added, "I've never 
been naked -- or in bed -- with a boy... a man. I've 
made out plenty of times,... but I'm a virgin." She 
blinked and chewed her lip.

That put a rather different complexion on things. I was 
willing to seduce a pretty young girl, even my sister-
in-law, in the way of sport and from motives of purely 
physical lust. But depriving her of her virginity.... 
That seemed a much greater responsibility, even to me.

During the few seconds it took me to mull this over, 
Michelle's eyes wandered over her shoulder. She focused 
on my engorged penis, jutting out like a bowsprit, and 
her eyes widened and her cheeks went red. She swallowed 
and turned over on her side, slowly and gracefully. Then 
she looked me straight in the eye, stretching her arm 
along her flank in a deliberately sexy pose.

I took in the rigid pink nipples, the muscles fluttering 
on her flat stomach, the sparse blonde curls at the 
joining of her slender thighs. The invitation couldn't 
be much more obvious.

I stroked her cheek; her chin lifted and her eyes 
drooped shut. I leaned forward and fastened my lips on a 
nipple, sucking it in and running my tongue across the 
tip. Her sharp intake of breath was loud in my ear and 
she steadied herself with her free hand on my shoulder -
- the first time she had touched me that morning.

I nudged her over onto her back as I sucked at her 
marvelous tit and she went, slowly but willingly enough, 
I thought. I stroked her thick hair with one hand while 
the other slid down her stomach and caressed the silky 
mound above her pussy. Her thighs parted again, as if by 
magic, and I began a cautious exploration of her molten 
center. There was no hurry and I wanted my sister-in-law 
thoroughly aroused. I wanted an involved partner, a 
mutual seducer.

She jerked a little when I drew a fingertip across her 
emerging clit. "God! I can feel that all the way to my 
toes!" she said hoarsely. I traced the outline of her 
labia and carefully plumbed her depths, coming back to 
tease her protruding clit every few seconds. Her 
breathing became more and more ragged.

Tugging at her nipple, I finally let it pop out of my 
mouth and maneuvered myself down the length of her body. 
I parted her thighs and nuzzled the little patch of 
blonde hair, inhaling the heady fragrance that wafted up 
from her glowing cunt. Then my tongue went to work, 
separating those full pink lips and licking at the 
bright red bud I found there.

Michelle's hands locked in my hair and squeezed in 
rhythm with the soft "Oohhhh..." sounds I heard. When I 
sucked in the head of her clit and touched my teeth to 
it, she jerked and began frantically tugging at my head.

I was afraid I had frightened her, that she had finally 
reached her limit. But when I raised my head to reassure 
her, she murmured, "Do it..." I paused and she repeated 
more firmly, "Do it! Put it in... please! I won't tell 
Marie, I promise -- but you've gotta do it to me, 
*now*!" My cock grew even stiffer, if that was possible.

As I sat up, I cupped my hand over her pussy and 
squeezed lightly; she moaned and moved her head back and 
forth. Her eyes were shut tight and her hands now 
clutched the pillow behind her head. If I just climbed 
on and stuck it in, she'd stay hidden behind her eyelids 
the whole time -- which wasn't what I had in mind at 

Michelle was a little startled when I slipped my hands 
under her shoulders and scooped her up. "Come up here on 
my lap," I said as I settled myself so she could get her 
legs around my waist. I helped herraise herself up with 
a hand under her ass from behind. It was a good thing 
she was so slender or we might not have managed it. 
"Keep your eyes on my face," I said. "Watch me as I 
watch you." And I eased her down onto my waiting cock.

I'd already discovered she had no hymen and I entered 
her easily enough, though it was a wonderfully snug fit. 
Her eyes widened as I filled her up and she clutched at 
my shoulders. I pulled her hips even closer and she 
began to pant, mouth open. The sexual flush covered her 
from breasts to hairline and at that moment she was 
absolutely beautiful, radiant with discovery.

Holding her hips, I began thrusting in and out, just a 
little at first. Her arms went round my neck and I 
steered her into a long, hot kiss. My tongue pushed into 
her mouth as my penis pushed into her vagina. She shook 
with a combination of arousal, shock, and muscle 
tension, but she sucked on my probing tongue with 
newfound abandon. Then her lips were at my ear, 
whispering. "Ohhhh, it's wonderful, it feels so, so 
nice, oh, I never knew."

"Fuck me back, sweetheart. Work at it if you like 

She dug her heels into the bed and pulled her groin hard 
against mine. "Oh, yes, oh, fuck, ohhhh... uhhhhnn..." 
She trailed off into a grunt of animal pleasure.

The penetration was great and the closeness of our 
bodies was terrific, but I couldn't move freely enough 
to bring this girl to the kind of climax she deserved. I 
bent my knees out of the way and tipped her over 
backward without quite losing genital contact. 

Michelle lifted her long legs, intending to hook them 
around my back, but I urged them on upward until her 
trim ankles were over my shoulders. I leaned forward, 
bending her in half, and pushed into her hard enough to 
make her gasp. We got into the rhythm and I plowed her 
furrow wide and deep.

As I increased speed, Michelle's face went scarlet and 
sweat droplets appeared on her forehead and coursed down 
her cheeks. She was beyond speech, gasping and grunting 
as she worked to get me even deeper inside her. Finally, 
her face tensed and she bared her teeth and closed her 
eyes tight. The rapid spasms in her enveloping cunt were 
like a velvet hand milking me and that was all it took. 
I went through a few heart-stopping spasms of my own as 
I shot fountains of semen into her depths.

Her legs fell loosely to the sides and she stared at me 
with a look of disbelief. As a parting gesture, I leaned 
forward to gain friction against her throbbing clit and 
thrust -- hard -- several times before I succumbed to 
limpness. Michelle twitched and jerked, and giggled a 
little in response. Then my erection was deflating and 
withdrawing of its own accord, and an expression of loss 
passed across her face -- and that meant a lot to me.

I lay on my side next to my exhausted and red-faced 
sister-in-law and stroked her hair out across the pillow 
as I caught my own breath. She was still peering deep 
into my eyes, as if she couldn't believe what had just 
happened to her, so I leaned over and kissed her softly. 
She responded and blinked, and then sighed deeply.

"Wow..." she whispered. Talk about understatement. "Now 
what do we do?" That started me thinking fast. This 
whole thing had been very spur- of-the-moment and I 
certainly hadn't thought about "after." Naturally, I 

"What do you want to happen, Michelle?"

"God, I don't know!" She was becoming nervous. "I just 
had my ticket punched, didn't I? Are we lovers now? And 
what happens if...?" She stopped and bit her lip.

The pregnancy thing. Yeah -- pretty stupid of me. Marie 
was on the Pill and there were no condoms in the house 
even if I'd thought to use one. Well, no point in 
sweating that right now. I stroked her cheek and smiled 

"Sweetheart, don't worry unless there's something to 
worry about, okay? The odds are against it, though." I 
paused and got my mind in order. "Yes, I guess we are 
lovers ... for this morning. But this morning won't 
happen again, Michelle. Don't get me wrong -- I'm not at 
all sorry it happened. Making love with you is 
astonishing!" She gave me a melting look that made my 
tongue tingle. This wasn't some bimbo I'd just fuckedand 
I felt suddenly and surprisingly protective toward her. 
"But letting this develop into an affair would be a bad 
idea. It would spoil everything." Michelle nodded slowly 
in agreement.

I touched her cheek again. "We just made love -- but 
you're not *in* love with me, you know that as well as I 
do. I guess I was just the right guy in the right place 
and time. Someone you know, someone you could trust not 
to hurt you. And I'm pleased I was your first. But don't 
let yourself think you're suddenly *in* love. It's not 
the same thing." 

I gave her my best intimate smile. "I think I'm always 
going to be a little sweet on you, Michelle. But I 
really am in love with Marie." She kept watching me, 
didn't even blink. "I guess that sounds hypocritical, 
doesn't it? Especially lying here in bed with another 
woman, but--"

She turned on her side to face me and touched a finger 
to my lips. "I know what you're trying to say. I do, 
really. If I thought we were going to be sneaking off to 
motels or something, I'd feel really bad. I'd feel 
really guilty. But I feel so good, now that I-- now that 
we've fucked--" (she pronounced it carefully and only 
blushed a little) "--I guess there's no room for guilt. 

"I like staying here with you guys, too, and I don't 
want to have to worry about what might happen every time 
I'm alone with you. I mean, what *I* might do," she 
giggled as I was about to protest. "If we can agree not 
to fuck ever again, it'll all be okay, won't it? And 
I'll be able to remember later how nice it was, doing it 
with you. I'm glad it *was* you..."

What a sweetheart. I scooted closer and kissed her 
again, long and lingeringly. Not passionately, really, 
not at first, though my arm slipped around her waist and 
I hugged her close. She cuddled back, bending her knee 
and stroking my leg with the sole of her foot. It was 
her fingers twined in the hair at the back of my head, 
teasing and tugging -- that was what did it. 

My cock woke up more quickly than my mind did, rising 
and twitching toward her damp crotch. She felt its 
prodding, of course, and leaned against me as she hummed 
a little in her throat.

From her waist, my hand moved to stroke the silky curves 
of that pretty ass. Her hand slipped down to tentatively 
grasp my erection. It twitched again in her warm hand 
and when our kiss tapered off she looked down to watch 
as her fingers explored its renewed rigidity. It was 
delicious torture -- and she knew it, too, because she 
shot me a knowing glance and squeezed playfully. God, I 
wanted her, almost worse than the first time!

I did an abrupt end-for-end flip so Michelle could get 
better acquainted with my penis, up close and personal. 
I didn't expect her to suck my cock and I didn't suggest 
it -- but the girl kept surprising me. After stroking it 
a few times, she scrunched down and wrapped her hot 
little tongue around its head. My toes curled at the 
exquisite sensations and it was my turn to moan 

Her hips twisted at my urging and I fastened my lips to 
her bottom, kissing and licking and nibbling her sweet 
flesh. It must have tickled because she shivered, 
sending tiny seismic waves across her ass. It was 
beautiful to watch.

When she sucked my cock into her mouth and caressed my 
balls with her free hand, I knew I had to return the 
favor. I turned her back on her side and nudged her 
thighs apart; she cooperated willingly and I wondered 
just what all she had done with her boyfriends, short of 
fucking them.

Michelle's pubic hair, what little there was of it, was 
damp and matted and tasted wonderfully of sex. She 
trembled again when I sucked on her mound and combed the 
hair between my teeth. Then I was sucking at her tender 
labia, darting my tongue all around the edges of her 
cunt, pushing my nose into her steaming depths. And 
reservations I had about tasting my own fluids in her 
were overcome by a desire to grab a ladder and climb up 
inside her. She reacted by trying to push her crotch 
even farther into my mouth and by squeezing and tugging 
at my testicles.

I dawned on me finally that if we kept this up I was 
going to waste my last opportunity with Michelle by 
coming in her mouth or across her breasts. Not a bad 
thing ordinarily, but far inferior to a galloping fuck. 
I was squeezing and massaging her buttocks and I decided 
that what I really wanted was to feel that gorgeous 
little butt pressed into my groin as I entered her from 

Pulling my head reluctantly from between her thighs, I 
asked hoarsely, "One more time?"

My cock left her mouth with a soft *pop* and she 
groaned, "God, yes! Oh, please!"

I got up on my knees and pushed her gently onto her 
stomach and then got around between her legs. I held her 
hips and she quickly pulled her knees under and raised 
her ass for me. I guess I knew even at the time that 
part of the appeal that rear-entry has always had for me 
is the symbolically vulnerable position it puts the 
woman in. But my sister-in-law's best physical feature 
was her perfectly smooth, tightly muscled little butt. I 
wanted to study the way it moved when I got into her 
cunt again.

I stroked the warmth between her legs, fingers tracing 
the paths my tongue had blazed earlier. Michelle hunched 
and then arched her back and I heard a soft, yearning 
"Oohhhh..." escape her lips. My fingertips drifted up 
the soft dividing line and paused at her asshole; I 
pressed lightly against the rubbery ring and she tensed 
and hissed in between her teeth. I knew she wasn't ready 
for a wiggling forefinger in her rectum, but I was 

Then I was sweeping the entrance to her cunt with the 
head of my cock and she trembled again and whispered, 
"Put it in -- ahhh -- do it, do it, please!" And I was 
inside her, clasped by that hot, electric passage. She 
wiggled her bottom side to side as I pushed in deep and 
I could feel the unconscious flexing of her vaginal 

As narrow as my sister-in-law was through the hips, her 
waist was even more slender and my view of the back side 
of her young body from above was truly beautiful and 
truly sexy. Even the way her slightly bony pelvis 
protruded at the sides was arousing, in a waifish way. I 
continued to run my hands over her thighs and to squeeze 
and pinch her butt as I thrust in and out. 

The force of my plunges rocked her on her elbows and 
knees; she clutched at the sheet to keep her balance, 
but from the way her ass was banging back to meet my 
movements, I knew she was getting off on this little 
control fantasy as much as I was. Still I didn't let 
myself get carried away. 

Part of me wanted to wrap a double handful of that 
luxurious blonde hair around my fists, like drawing in 
the reins on a pony, but that might have frightened her. 
I'd never had my penis in a girl's rectum, either (my 
one attempt with Marie had been a washout), and I ached 
to fuck this lovely young girl's ass... but I knew that 
wasn't even a possibility. But my cock seemed happy -- 
joyful, even -- with the present arrangement.

After the first few minutes, Michelle couldn't maintain 
her posture and had to let her knees slide out from 
under her, but I stayed buried in her as we settled. I 
spread out my knees on either side of hers and urged her 
legs together. Our snug fit became even tighter and I 
was almost able to imagine that I *was* fucking her in 
the ass.

I took up the rhythm again and was delighted when she 
humped back at me, her muscular bottom thrusting 
vigorously up against my groin. Her fingers spread out 
beside her head and then balled into fists. I covered 
her hands with mine and stretched them out far to her 
sides, like a crucifix. It increased the illusion of 
control and her body writhed as I pumped.

As we climbed the mountain, her breath rate increased 
and her grunts rose in pitch to squeals. I was nibbling 
at her neck and nipping her shoulders and she shivered 
and shuddered as I grazed. I stuck my tongue in her ear 
and exhaled warmly and heavily; Michelle hunched her 
shoulders and wiggled even more. 

When I came a moment later, I was gasping like a pearl 
diver rising to the surface. That sound in her ear 
helped push her over the edge as well... and the fact 
that I bit down on her earlobe a little harder than I 
had intended. She squeaked and jerked -- and then the 
rest of her jerked and trembled for thirty seconds.

We lay like the dead for awhile, hardly moving as we 
gulped air. I managed to get up on my elbows to relieve 
the weight on her, but I stayed inside her as long as my 
exhausted cock would cooperate. I kissed her shoulder 
and she purred contentedly, apparently in no hurry to 
move either.

Finally, though, I rolled off to lie sweating on my 
back. She found my hand and squeezed it. "I don't 
believe this," she said quietly. "How am I ever going to 
find someone of my own who can do this to me?"

That was very flattering but I laughed anyway. 
"Michelle, you won't have any trouble at all finding 
someone -- that's my prediction for the year." I 
interlaced my fingers with hers and we lay holding hands 
for awhile. Finally, I sighed and squeezed her hand. 
"Time for me to get up, I'm afraid." I couldn't stay in 
her bed forever, much as I might want to.

When I stood and stretched, Michelle bounced out right 
behind me. How did she recoup her energy so quickly? 
Well, she'd certainly lost her earlier shyness because 
she slipped her long arms around my neck and kissed me 
lightly while deliberately brushing her tits across her 
chest. I let my hands rest easily on her waist and 
didn't try to follow up on the kiss; our passions were 
temporarily sated and our embrace was one of easy 
affection. Then she rubbed noses with me Eskimo-style 
and smiled.

"I still don't quite believe we did all this. That *I* 
did it. But I'm glad I did. You can't stay a virgin 
forever and this was so much better than it would have 
been giving in to one of the boys I dated. Everyone 
lives at home back there; you have to do it in a car or 
on a picnic table or someplace uncomfortable like that. 
And you have to hurry before someone catches you with 
your pants down. And it's such a small town that if you 
have sex with a guy, three days later *everybody* knows 
all about it. I guess that's the main reason I waited so 
long. I think I'm going to like living in the city."

She winked and bumped my hipbone with hers, and I 
grinned back. Her smile went soft again as she added, 
"You're a terrific first lover, too. I'm really lucky." 
We shared a last slow, soft kiss and then Michelle 
headed for the bathroom. I pulled on my shorts and threw 
out the cold coffee.


Marie got back late Sunday, tired from all the driving 
and worn out by her mother. But she assured her sister 
that the Old Woman would get over it. She hit the sack 
early so I joined her and we put in a hour or so of 
cuddling and relaxed lovemaking before drifting off to 

Michelle resumed her job-hunting on Monday and landed a 
spot as a bookkeeping clerk before the week was out. 
Another week, and she'd found another girl with an 
affordable apartment who needed a roommate. She also 
made sure I knew she had started her period.

There were hugs all around when we helped her get moved 
in. My sister- in-law and I exchanged casual pats and 
shoulder-squeezes and Marie was obviously pleased that 
we got along so well. Michelle and I did not exchange 
significant glances or other gestures and I played fair 
by not grabbing her ass (though I certainly enjoyed 
watching it). If Marie suspected anything had occurred 
between us -- which I doubted -- she gave no sign of it.

Two years later, Michelle married a young accountant 
she'd met at work and set about having a family. They 
stayed in the area and after their two girls started 
school, Michelle went back to work part-time... not 
because they needed the money but because she had too 
much energy to be "just" a housewife. She and I 
continued our warm and affectionate relationship and her 
husband and I also discovered mutual interests, so about 
once a month Michelle and Phil would come over for the 
evening, or we'd go over there, or we'd all go out 
someplace together.

Marie and I worked hard at having kids of our own but we 
never managed it. Low sperm count, they said, but I've 
never counted them. In retrospect, Michelle probably 
never had to worry about getting pregnant by me. She's 
quite content, however, to allow me to lavish all the 
attention and avuncular adoration I like on my nieces. 
Both girls are in high school now, breaking hearts by 
the dozens.


Michelle and Phil invited us to join them at Turnpike 
Stadium last Saturday (the Forty-Niners were in town on 
a road trip and the corporation of which Phil is now CFO 
owns a skybox) and we all went back to our place 
afterward for hot strudel. Naturally, the ice cream was 
gone and I announced that I was making a run to Tom 
Thumb for a gallon of French Vanilla. Michelle stopped 
me with my hand on the front doorknob and asked if I 
would mind some company on my errand of mercy. How could 
I mind?

As I was backing down the driveway, my sister-in-law 
shifted around in her seat, reached over, and tickled 
the back of my neck. That surprised me; we hugged 
frequently but this sort of intimate touch was 
different. I glanced over at her grin and said "What's 
gotten into you, kid?"

"Well, today's an anniversary, were you aware of that?"

I considered the possibilities. No birthdays that I 
should be expected to know. Not her wedding anniversary 
and certainly not mine. I shrugged, shook my head, and 
waited to be enlightened.

"It was twenty years ago today," she began crooning 
softly in my ear. "...And you really taught me how to 
play..." She stuck her wet little tongue in my ear for a 
moment and I nearly ran up on the curb. I tried to stare 
at her cat-and-canary grin and watch the road at the 
same time. We hadn't ever discussed that morning of 
reckless passion, not once in twenty years. 

I replayed my memories occasionally but I'd kept my 
promise and we'd become the closest of friends -- but 
that was all. And neither of our spouses had ever had 
reason to question my relationship with Michelle. But 
neither had I been counting the years.

She must be right, though. I was a well-maintained 
forty-six and she was a trim and still very pretty 
thirty-nine. God, she'd doubled in age since our 
encounter. How was that possible? Michelle was watching 
me work through my repertoire of facial expressions.

"About a year ago, I was reading through one of my old 
diaries," she said, "and I suddenly realized how many 
years it had been. I even marked it on my calendar, can 
you believe that? Twenty years since my first fuck. How 
are we going to celebrate such an auspicious occasion?" 
she added with a twinkle.

"I'll think of something," I smirked as I pulled into 
the supermarket parking lot. Michelle had a lot of fun 
while we wandered up and down the aisles, clinging to my 
arm and blowing in my ear and batting her lashes. I kept 
glancing around to see if anyone I knew was in the 
store, especially anyone who might know Marie by sight, 
but I lucked out. My sister-in-law's playfulness didn't 
embarrass me but I didn't want to have to explain the 
reason for it to anyone.

On the drive back, I said, "You're right: We ought to do 
something to commemorate your deflowering."

We both thought silently about that for several blocks. 
Michelle finally asked, in a very cautious tone, "What 
did you have in mind, exactly?" I was turning the corner 
onto my block.

"Well, you can invite me over for a wild weekend. Just 
get rid of your husband and kiddies. We can demonstrate 
to each other what we've learned in two decades."

She tried to simulate shock but lost it in a fit of 
giggles. "And you can kiss my ass!"

I pulled into the driveway and paused with the garage 
door opener in my hand. "Frankly, my dear, I would be 
delighted." And I gave her a Rhett Butler sneer.

I expected a witty rejoinder but as the garage door went 
up, Michelle got up on her knees facing away from me and 
smiled. "I expect that could be arranged." I pulled into 
the garage rather hastily as she began pushing her pants 

I set the brake and watched her in disbelief as the door 
closed and left us in dim shadows. Her slacks and her 
black satin panties were bunched around the top of her 
thighs and she'd gathered her shirttail up around her 
waist. Her lovely bottom was just as I remembered it -- 
smooth and firm and luscious. For a woman pushing forty 
who'd had two kids, she had a remarkably young ass.

I figured I only had a few seconds before Marie or Phil 
wondered why we hadn't arrived in the kitchen yet and 
came out to investigate. I stroked one silky cheek and 
murmured "Beautiful..." Her bawdy grin became softer. I 
scooted closer and put my hands on her hips, then bent 
to plant a wet, lingering kiss beside the cleft dividing 
her butt. Michelle sighed a little. What she'd intended 
as a ribald joke had become a kind of reaffirmation.

Before she could move, however, I bent a little farther 
and fastened my mouth on the soft flesh near the bottom 
of her ass, sucking in hard and biting down just a 
little. Michelle smothered a squeal and tried to push me 
away but I hung on to her and increased the vacuum. When 
I finally let go and sat back, she shot me a venomous 
look before trying to peer down her own backside, but a 
smile kept trying to break through. "You bastard! If you 
gave me a hickey..."

"I certainly hope so," I replied with a broad smile.

"And how am I going to explain to Phil how I got a 
sucker-mark on my butt?!"

"Don't explain it. Let him wonder. Probably be good for 
him." I nodded sagely.

She snorted as she pulled up her pants. "Yeah -- and I 
love you, too. I guess I'll just have to cover my ass 
for a few days... so to speak."

Both our spouses gave us odd looks as Michelle and I 
entered the kitchen with the gallon of French Vanilla, 
arm in arm and roaring with laughter.

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