Thursday, 29 August 2013


If it weren't against the rules she would have worn ear 
plugs all night long. As it was she could only get away 
with that when Jerry wasn't around. Jennie worried about 
her hearing sometimes, as the pounding music poured out 
of the speakers all around the disco.

Still, it was a great job, with good tips, and she 
needed it if she was going back to college in the fall.

She'd only been here a couple of weeks, but was already 
adept at picking her way through the crowded dance floor 
and even more crowded tables in the near darkness, with 
the lights flashing and the mist swirling around her 

Like all the girls she wore a high heels, a tight black 
mini skirt, black stockings, a white blouse with a red 
bow tie, and a black hip length jacket. Her hair, which 
she would have liked to tie up tightly, was hanging 
loose around her head and flowing over the shoulders of 
her black jacket in a golden wave of silk.

Well, that was just as well, the better she looked the 
more tips she made, and if the swirling hair made her 
job more difficult, the money was worth it. She smiled 
constantly, displaying her perfect white teeth and full, 
sensuous lips, wanting the customers to like her.

Her long legs, perfectly sculpted and tapered, were also 
big helps in her quest for high tips, and though she 
suffered the occasional grope, she knew the mini-skirt 
was well worth it. It was a sexist world, she sighed, 
and if her long legs, her shapely behind and her pretty 
face got her more money, well, who was she to complain.

She smiled at a half drunken guy in a blue suit as she 
passed. His eyes gleamed as he looked at her, and she 
knew he was staring at her ass and thighs as she moved 
on. He said something which she didn't make out. One 
thing the loud music was good for was droning out dirty 
comments from perverts.

She went to the bar and got a half a dozen drinks for 
table seven, groaning as another old fogey song came 
over the sound system. The disco catered to the thirty-
something crowd, and so played music not to the taste of 
a nineteen year old college girl.

She took the drinks back to the tables, mentally 
calculating what her tip would be from the group of 
people there. Tonight would be a good one, she thought, 
the place was packed.

She delivered the drinks, smiled prettily, then turned 
and made her way across the edges of the dance floor. 
Somebody in the crowd managed to dart a hand out and 
grope her breast, and she almost dropped the tray of 
empty glasses.

She turned and glared at the crowd but couldn't make out 
who's hand it had been in the near darkness and blinking 
lights. She went on to the bar, thinking of how she'd no 
doubt look back on this place with fondness when she was 
a lawyer.

The saw by the clock over the bar that it was nearly 
twelve. She had to call her mother every two hours. It 
was the only way to keep her from calling here. She 
thought the place was a den of iniquity that would 
surely lure her little precious virgin into hell.

Well, in fact she wasn't a virgin, and though there were 
drugs in evidence here and there, most of the people 
here were middle class yuppies and used only booze to 
get themselves high.

She pushed her way through the crowd, catching just the 
tips of someone's fingers as the guy tried to slip them 
under her skirt. She cursed them all as dirty old men 
and got through to the other side, going out into the 
entrance hall, then turning left and going up the stairs 
to the women's bathroom.

There was a long line of women waiting outside and she 
knew it would take forever to get in to use the phone in 
the powder room. She turned and went down the hall past 
the men's room. Just around the corner were several 
wooden phone booths.

Even up here the music pounded furiously, for the 
management had been kind enough, or stupid enough, she 
thought, to install speakers up here. There was even a 
drunken couple dancing up the hall.

She got into one of the phone booths and closed the 
door, dimming out about ninety percent of the noise. The 
phone booths with their nearly sound proof walls and 
doors were one of the few things in this place she 
approved of.

She dialed home, told her mother she could go to bed, 
that she wasn't taking any drugs and wasn't going to run 
off with a greasy Arab or some hairy-chested playboy, 
then hung up with a sigh. She turned and opened the 
door, and was immediately assaulted by the blaring 

It made her pause for a second, and then from out of 
nowhere someone was shoving her back into the phone 

"Hey!" she yelled, the words drowned out by the music. 

He was a big guy, his arms thick, muscles hard on his 
chest. He was black, and wore an expensive silk suit, 
his dreadlocks hanging down over his shoulders. His 
teeth gleamed white as he forced her back against the 
wall and mashed his lips against hers. She cursed and 
tried to push him off as one of his hands seized her 
hair and the other slid between her legs, forcing her 
leg up and back.

"Let me go, you fucker!" she snarled, pounding on his 
chest with her small hands. He tore at her hair, forcing 
her head back. She gasped in pain, then gurgled as his 
tongue shot into her mouth. Her shoulders were slammed 
back into the corner of the phone booth and her left leg 
shoved up high and hard against one wall.

His hand jammed in between her thighs then, squeezing 
her pussy through her panties. He seized them and tore 
them from her with one powerful jerk. She tried to 
scream again but his mouth covered hers and his body 
crushed her into the back of the phone booth.

The music screamed around them and people passed by in 
the near darkness, either not noticing or assuming they 
were a pair of lovers. Nobody interfered as the man 
undid his zipper and brought his cock out.

Jennie cried out in shock and fear when she felt it 
pressing against her naked pussy. She struggled with new 
fury, but her left arm was crushed between one wall and 
her body and her right was easily pushed back by his 

His face was rough, needing a shave, and he had a large 
mouth. His eyes gleamed cruelly as he stared at her, and 
then she grunted and cried out again as his black cock 
entered her and thrust up high into her belly.

She tried to scream again but his mouth mashed down on 
hers, locking tightly as his tongue slithered inside her 
oral cavity like a maddened snake. His hips pounded 
against her thighs, ramming her left leg back against 
the wall again and again.

His cock drove up high inside her. It was long, and very 
thick. Jennie gasped and her eyes teared from the pain 
as the fat organ stabbed into her repeatedly. His hand 
gripped her thigh again, shoving it back and holding it 
against the wall as he pumped more smoothly.

Her mind was in a state of shock that she could be 
assaulted right here inside the club and nobody would 
help. She could see nothing beyond the man's massive 
body. Her own body was shielded from the sight of the 
few patrons who passed by.

The man clutched her soft buttocks and his fingers dug 
into the warm flesh, clawing hard at them. She whimpered 
helplessly, then grunted and moaned in despair as she 
felt him force a finger up into her asshole.

Her crotch and thighs ached as he continued ram his 
lower body into her. He kept firm control of her head, 
holding tightly to her curly blonde hair, yet even when 
she held her face still and submitted to his oral rape 
he continued to tug and twist her hair.

He pulled his mouth from hers at last, sniggering loud 
enough for her to hear in the small, soundproof booth.

"Dirty white whore," he leered. "Like it, baby? Wagging 
your ass around all night! Think you can do that and not 
get fucked you little slut? You fuckin' blonde bitches 
always want black cock anyway. Don't ya! Hah?!"

He stuck his tongue out and licked a long trail up the 
side of her face, then licked her forehead and along the 
underside of her jaw. He let go of her hair at last and 
she groaned in relief, but his hand slipped up between 
their bodies and clutched her right tit, mashing it 
through her blouse.

He tore her shirt open, simple enough as it closed down 
the front with snap buttons, then ripped her thin bra 
and groped her bare tits as his cock continued to thrust 
up into her fuck pipe.

Jennie had stopped trying to fight and was just waiting 
for him to finish, her mind and body both numbed by the 
sudden brutal assault. 

He continued to ram his sex into her for several long 
minutes before he groaned and halted with his organ 
buried inside her guts. She imagined the sticky wads of 
cum spurting into herself and cringed inwardly.

She was relieved though, that he had cum, that the 
attack was done. No doubt he would now leave.

He seemed in no hurry to do so, though. He continued to 
lick and kiss her face, his hand groping, squeezing her 
breasts, fondling her nipples, pinching and pulling at 
them so they hardened. 

She felt his cock softening and he eased himself 
backwards, but made no effort to open the door and leave 
the little booth, instead he gave her another awful 
leering smile and pushed down on her shoulders, forcing 
her down onto her knees on the floor of the booth.

She was facing his flaccid cock and he gripped her hair 
again as he rubbed the cum stained prick across her 

"Suck it hard again, white girl, and I'll throw you 
another fuck," he said.

Her heart sank and she groaned in misery. Not only was 
he staying but down here she was all but invisible to 
any passersby, for the sides of the booth were all wood 
up to waist height, and glass only from there. Down on 
her knees nobody could see she was even in the booth.

The man jerked sharply on her hair and pushed his soft 
black cock against her lips. She had no choice but to 
open her mouth and take the thing inside. She sucked on 
it as she drew it in, her tongue rubbing carefully along 
the underside of the head.

He continued to grip her hair, now with both hands as he 
sighed in pleasure. Jennie's mind was no completely 
numb, almost detached from her body as she sucked 
mechanically on the man's already growing erection.

Soon she was bobbing her lips back and forth on the 
hardened organ as he slowly humped his hips in and out, 
fucking the cock into her face. Her hands dropped limp 
at her sides and she simply knelt there as though 
anaesthetized while he pumped his thick meat into her 

He pulled harder on her hair, forcing the dazed girl to 
her feet again, turning her around and jamming her face 
first into the back of the phone booth. She felt him 
jerk her mini upwards and felt his hands on her behind.

His finger pushed into her anus again, and pumped 
slowly, then withdrew. A moment later she felt his 
erection pushing against her little round hole. She 
thought little about it, being too numbed by then. His 
cock eased up into her asshole with slow jabs.

It forced her anus wide and the pain was sharp, but did 
not last long as he drove the thing all the way up into 
her guts. She felt his balls pressing against her 
buttocks as he gnawed on the side of her throat and 
ground his hips into her.

His cock moved around inside her rectum as he brought 
his hands around her and cupped both breasts, squeezing 
them hard. He slowly began to pump his cock, using short 
strokes at first. His right hand slid down her bare 
belly and in between her thighs, rubbing at her slit, 
his finger searching for her clit.

He rubbed her fuck button as he did a slow motion grind 
into her anus, his cock pumping slowly, now moving from 
side to side, his pants scraping against her soft ass 
flesh, his zipper pinching her anal opening.

She didn't move, had hardly the strength or awareness to 
stand up. Her face was still pressed into the back wall 
of the phone booth as his heavy framed body moved 
against her.

In her dulled state it was some time before she became 
aware, in a vague sort of way, that her body was feeling 
pleasure. She took little interest in it, though 
acknowledging the pleasurable feelings. Her breasts were 
hardened, flaring with heat as his fingers moved into 
and around them, her clit was sizzling with lust as his 
fingers continued to rub, stroke and squeeze the little 

The pleasure grew, eating away at her detachment, slowly 
drawing her back into herself, to the awareness of the 
raw sensuality gripping her loins, to the sensations of 
steaming heat streaming through her bloodstream, 
rippling up and down her nervous system.

Her eyes blinked in wonder and dazed consternation. She 
felt her body flying higher and higher, her belly 
heaving and churning and raging, a massive vortex of 
blistering sexual heat tearing through her innards.

"No," she whimpered.

Then her head jerked back as a sudden spasm of lust 
burned through her spine. She gasped for breath, the 
wind all but knocked out of her. Her forehead fell 
against the wall, then her head jerked back again, even 
further, her back arching as muscle spasms wracked her 
body and her mind reeled under frantic sensations of 
blaring ecstatic release.

She came with a furious crescendo of shrieking sexual 
eruptions, her body jerking and shuddering as though 
undergoing a violent seizure.

Somewhere in the midst of it she felt a flood of liquid 
heat blasting up into her asshole, felt it coating her 
insides with sticky, steamy goo. 

She couldn't think straight, could hardly think at all, 
knew nothing but glorious pleasure that ripped the air 
from her lungs and the thoughts from her mind, leaving a 
quivering frame of flesh behind.

And then she was sinking down, down, to the bottom of 
the booth, turning, her back against the wall, her legs 
spread as she slid to one side to be propped against a 
wall, staring dull eyed at the floor.

The man left quickly, but she remained there, sitting on 
the floor, staring, her eyes starting to flutter even as 
her chest heaved. She drew in great lung-full of air and 
groaned weakly. 

Finally, after several minutes, she pulled herself to 
her shaky feet and stumbled out into the darkened hall 
and the blaring music, leaving her torn panties behind.

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