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Ivan was a most unusual Marriage Guidance Counsellor. 
He was independently wealthy due to a very fortunate 
Inheritance from his Great-Uncle. Ivan was his only 
surviving relative and benefitted hugely from his 
Great-Uncle's wonderful business skill.

Since Ivan knew that he had no commerce skills at all, 
every company he inherited was sold before he had the 
chance to damage their business. The money was 
carefully invested, so that it returned a generous 
monthly sum to him. Ivan only withdrew two cash 
amounts from the Inheritance. These were used to pay 
for places in Marriage Guidance and Hypnotherapy 
courses. He also bought an office in a new building 
containing many different professional consulting 

After completing his Marriage Guidance Diploma and 
Hypnotherapist course, Ivan moved into his new 
workplace. It was a richly furnished office with a 
large couch, desk and chairs. One wall was darkened 
windows, while another had floor-to-ceiling bookcases. 
The opposite wall had full-height storage cupboards. 
Ivan's carefully designed office also had a shower and 
toilet in an adjoining en-suite. He hired a very 
efficient woman, Diedre, to keep track of his phone 
calls and appointments when they began to arrive. She 
was informed that her hours of work would be very 
flexible, but that she would always be paid as if she 
was there full-time. The reception area also had 
Ivan's qualifications diplomas prominently displayed 
in frames behind the receptionist.

Ivan placed small advertisements in several 
neighbourhood newspapers. These gave his 
qualifications and claimed that he had a sure-fire 
approach to curing marriage problems.

It wasn't long before the phone calls began to come 
in. Deidre carefully made the required appointments 
and kept Ivan informed of his work schedule for each 
day. When she expressed her surprise at the unusually 
large time spacing between each appointment, Ivan told 
her, "I have other business commitments and only do 
this Marriage Guidance Counselling as a community 

Usually it is the wife who first contacts a Marriage 
Guidance Counsellor. She asks questions like, "What 
will it cost? Do we both attend, together or 

Ivan always answered that "The first session is free. 
Initially, I only see the wife. After that first 
session, you can decide whether you think that I can 
help you or not. Following sessions will have a 
sliding scale of fees, but will never be more than $ 
50 per session." This extremely low fee was 
deliberately set so that the wives would often be able 
to pay for the counselling without telling their 
husband about going to a Marriage Guidance Counsellor.

MGC – Week 1:

Because he really didn't need to work, Ivan had slept 
late and enjoyed a leisurely buffet breakfast at a 
nearby Club. That Thursday, Deidre had booked a new 
prospective client, Linda, in for a late morning, free 
introductory session on her rostered day off. Ivan 
looked the consummate medical professional. He wore a 
suit with bow-tie and carried a laptop computer in an 
expensive leather case. When Diedre brought Linda into 
his office, Ivan stood, introduced himself and 
respectfully shook her hand. Linda was so nervous that 
she was visibly trembling. Ivan gently steered the 
shaking woman to a chair. When she was seated, Ivan 
offered her tea or coffee. After the drinks were made, 
Ivan sat in another chair on the opposite side of a 
low coffee table.

Ivan noted that Linda was a beautiful young woman. He 
saw that she was well-endowed, possibly with firm size 
C tits; a smooth, fair complexion; long natural blonde 
hair; slender waist and long legs. Unfortunately, her 
beauty was disguised by her overlong skirt and loose 
blouse. She wore no make-up and had her hair tightly 

In his best professional manner, Ivan asked her to 
tell him about herself while he typed-in her details 
on his laptop. He recorded that Linda was 23 years old 
and had been raised by strict religious parents in a 
small rural town. She moved to the City for her 
University education and stayed to work, where she met 
her husband, Alex. Linda slowly revealed that she was 
married two years ago. However her marriage was going 
so badly that she didn't think that it would last to 
her third anniversary. Ivan did not discuss her 
marriage problems then, but gently probed her for 
information about her childhood, teenage years, 
University life and work to give him an overall 
picture of what made this young woman tick.

At the end of the hour, Linda was visibly relaxed. 
Ivan reassured Linda that if she chose to continue 
working with him, he was sure that she would be able 
to improve her marriage and make it well past that 
third anniversary.

Linda had decided to continue with Ivan and his 
Marriage Guidance Counselling, so during the week she 
made an identical appointment.

MCG - Week 2:

In her second session, Ivan asked her to discuss what 
she thought was going wrong in her marriage and what 
her husband was saying was wrong. Linda began by 
saying that she still loved her husband. She was very 
embarrassed to finally say that their love-making was 
the problem. It took Ivan a few tries to eventually 
get sexually repressed Linda to use the term, "Having 
sex", but she was so inhibited that she could not say 
"Fucking". She said that her husband complained that 
they did not "Have sex" often enough. Alex also loved 
watching porn videos and even made her watch some with 
him to see what he wanted her to do with him, but 
Linda was shocked and would not do any more than have 
"normal" sex in the missionary position, as 
infrequently as possible.

"No wonder her husband was unhappy with her," Ivan 
thought. "It was obvious to Ivan that it was Linda's 
strict religious upbringing that had screwed her up so 
much that she could not really enjoy sex, or have any 
variety in her sex life."

Ivan got Linda to make an early Thursday afternoon 
appointment for next week.

MCG - Week 3:

By the time Linda arrived, Diedre had already been 
given the afternoon off, much to her delight. Ivan 
escorted Linda into his office and made her a cup of 
coffee as usual. Almost as usual. Before Linda 
arrived, Ivan had emptied a quarter of a capsule of 
Rohypnol into the bottom of her coffee cup. As Ivan 
made her coffee in front of her, Linda had no idea 
that she was being mildly drugged.

When the drug had made Linda drowsy, Ivan asked how 
many men had fucked her. Linda told Ivan that she was 
a virgin when she married Alex and had only "Made 
love" to him. When he asked her "Do you ever 
masturbate?" Linda replied, "Never. I think it is 
disgusting!" Ivan again asked Linda what was wrong in 
her marriage. He made her explain explicitly how she 
and her husband had sex. Alex kissed her, but Linda 
did not like his tongue in her mouth. "It is dirty." 
Linda let him fondle her tits, but did not like to 
have her nipples sucked. Alex was allowed to give her 
cunt a four-finger feel to get her wet, but not 
allowed to put any fingers inside her. "It is 
unhealthy." Then he was allowed to fuck her until he 
came. Linda did not say that she enjoyed the sex, but 
only did it when she had to, at the insistence of her 
frustrated husband. With this poor sort of sex, Ivan 
was surprised that her marriage had lasted 2 years!!

Under the influence of the light drugging, Ivan made 4 
suggestions to Linda and reinforced them with 

* First, he told her that her panties were 
uncomfortable, so she should take them off in the 
toilet before going home and not put any panties for 
the rest of the day. In the future, she would find 
panties uncomfortable, so she would not wear them 
whenever she could.

* Second, when she got home, Linda was told to 
masturbate until she reached orgasm. Ivan met 
resistance to this suggestion, but overcame it with 
continuous repetition, telling Linda that it was part 
of fixing her marriage.

* Third, Ivan told her to consider how hypnosis can be 
very useful in fixing people's problems.

* Fourth, Linda was instructed to "Make love" to her 
husband that night, with as much enthusiasm that she 
could muster.

When Linda left Ivan's office, he was pleased to note 
that she went immediately into the reception foyer 
toilets and came out with her face slightly flushed 
with embarrassment. He knew that she would be going 
home without any panties on.

MGC - Week 4:

In her fourth Thursday afternoon MGC session, Linda 
readily agreed that hypnosis may help with her 
marriage problems. She had positively responded to 
Ivan's drug-induced suggestion from last week. He 
asked her how comfortable her panties were. Linda 
replied that they were very uncomfortable, but she 
wore them to avoid feeling exposed. Ivan suggested 
that she go into his en-suite to remove them. An 
embarrassed Linda returned, but said she felt much 
better. Ivan reassured Linda that as he was her 
Marriage Guidance Counsellor, there could be nothing 
between them that was embarrassing. To emphasise this, 
he asked her if she had masturbated last week. 

Ivan was very pleased at her response. She explained 
that she had masturbated for the very first time until 
she reached orgasm. She was very surprised at how much 
pleasure her masturbation had given her and she was 
sorry that she had not done it before. Linda also said 
that she had even masturbated several times since. 
With some prompting, she volunteered the information 
that she had made love to her husband the night after 
her last session. Linda said she did not orgasm, but 
enjoyed it more than usual and Alex was very happy. 
Ivan said that as their Marriage Guidance Counselling 
sessions continued, she would gain even more pleasure.

"So will I." he thought.

When Linda was lightly drugged last week, Ivan had 
given her the suggestion that hypnosis could be 
helpful. As a result, when he again suggested it this 
week, Linda was agreeable to letting Ivan hypnotise 
her. Ivan got out a quiet metronome and a crystal on a 
delicate gold chain. With the quiet ticking and the 
swinging crystal accompanying Ivan's soothing voice, 
he soon had Linda in a shallow Trance. He gave her a 
keyword, "Sexylinda" which could be used to instantly 
put the young woman back into a Trance. Each time the 
keyword was used, he instructed Linda that she would 
experience pleasure, feel more relaxed and go into a 
deeper Trance.

While Ivan had Linda in a deeper Trance after using 
her keyword several times, he made another 4 
suggestions to her:

* First, that wearing a bra was also uncomfortable, so 
she should take it off and wear one as infrequently as 
possible. If she had to wear a bra to work, or with 
some clothing, it must only be a low-cut design.

* Second, just the thought of having her tits sucked 
would arouse her.

* Third, she would very regularly think about having 
her tits mauled and sucked for the rest of the week, 
this would arouse her so much that she must masturbate 
every day.

* Fourth, she was to go home and wait for Alex to come 
in. When he arrived home, she was to kiss him deeply, 
put his hands on her tits, then encourage him to suck 
them. She would find herself so aroused that she was 
to let her husband fuck her in any position he wished.

After Ivan woke Linda, she thanked him for helping her 
with her problems, then left his office. On the way 
out, Ivan saw her go immediately into the toilets. 
When she came out, he could see her lovely tits moving 
freely under her blouse. The very modest, heavy-duty 
bra had gone.

MGC – Week 5:

Next week, Linda came in for the same afternoon 
appointment after Diedre had gone home. Ivan asked 
Linda to sit in the armchair opposite him. As soon as 
she sat down, he said "Sexylinda". Linda lay back in 
the chair in a deep Trance, with a slight smile on her 
face, as she experienced pleasure at returning to a 
Trance. Ivan told her "You will remain under the 
Trance, but you will be wide awake and willing to do 
anything I tell you to do." He asked her if she was 
wearing panties. Linda replied, "No." Ivan said, "Lift 
your skirt and show me." At first Linda hesitated, but 
slowly lifted it until he could see her cunt and its 
blonde fuzz. Next he said, "Think about having your 
tits sucked." Linda sat for a short while, then began 
to squirm in her chair as she became aroused. 

She moved her hands up to cup her own tits and start 
pulling on her nipples. Ivan asked, "Do you need to 
have your tits sucked?" "Oh, yes." replied Linda. Ivan 
knelt down beside her chair and told her to unbutton 
her blouse. His eyes took in the lovely sight before 
him. Linda's tits certainly fitted their promise when 
he had first seen them through her clothes. They were 
definitely a size C, firm and high on her chest 
despite their size, with large aureoles and her 
aroused nipples sticking out. They were just waiting 
for some attention.

Ivan leant over her chest, taking her right nipple 
deeply into his mouth. He began a rhythmic sucking on 
her tit-flesh. At the same time, Linda worked her left 
nipple with her hand. Ivan released her right nipple 
before moved further over her. He licked his way 
around her left tit, pushing her hand away until he 
reached her nipple. Linda was squirming in her chair 
as he sucked vigorously on her swollen nipple. She was 
enjoying the sensations enormously, but did not 

Now it was time for 4 more suggestions:

* First, Ivan told her to shave her cunt bare when she 
got home. She was to flash her shaved cunt at her 
husband whenever possible, feeling pleasure and 
arousal at each exposure. If Alex commented on her 
changed behaviour, Linda was to say, "I am trying to 
become a better wife and please you more."

* Second, when her husband, Alex, got home, Linda was 
to show him that she was not wearing panties or a bra, 
then let him suck her tits. She was then to open his 
jeans to cup his balls and stroke his cock before 
letting him again fuck her at least twice this week, 
in any position her chooses.

* Third, each day she would feel the need stroke her 
newly bare cunt and insert her fingers, frigging 
herself until she orgasmed. Afterwards, she would feel 
the need to lick her fingers, enjoying the taste of 
her juices.

* Fourth, she would start wondering what semen tastes 
like. Each time she thought this, she would become so 
aroused that she would masturbate, whenever possible.

As his instructions were becoming more complex, Ivan 
repeated them. He brought Linda out of her Trance, 
then put her deeper back under with her keyword. She 
was then instructed to repeat her instructions back to 
him. Satisfied that Linda had everything right, Ivan 
brought her out of her Trance again. He asked her, 
"How do you feel?" Linda replied, "I feel wonderful. I 
am so relaxed, yet feeling wet and horny." Ivan noted 
how far Linda had come with only a few sessions. Her 
husband was in for a good night, or even a good week.

MGC - Week 6:

One week later, Linda was back for another afternoon 
session. As usual, she sat in the armchair opposite 
Ivan, but this time her demeanor was different. She 
had obviously changed out of her work uniform. Linda 
was wearing a shorter skirt than usual, so when she 
moved her legs apart, her bare cunt was flashed at 
Ivan. Her loose blouse had been replaced by a 
stretchy-material, button down top. The material 
completely outlined the shape of her beautiful tits, 
while her erect nipples were perfectly displayed. 
Linda did not even wait to be put in a Trance. 

She unbuttoned her top, then begged Ivan to suck her 
tits. What was a man to do? Such an invitation could 
not be refused. He mauled her tits, cupping them and 
gently squeezing them before pleasuring each nipple in 
turn. Ivan was surprised when Linda's aroused 
squirming changed to convulsions of ecstasy as she had 
a wonderful orgasm.

When Linda had relaxed back into her armchair he said, 
"Sexylinda". As before, he told Linda "Although you 
are in a Trance, you will be completely awake. Tell me 
how your week went." Linda said, "I have been keeping 
my cunt shaved. Alex loves it. He hardly got in the 
door after work before I had him sucking my tits. When 
I knelt down to fondle his cock and balls, he could 
hardly believe it, but he didn't stop me. I kept going 
until he had pre-cum pouring out of his cock and all 
over my hands. I licked it off then knelt down on the 
floor with my cunt in the air. 

He was so stunned that he just stood there with his 
erect cock sticking out of his jeans until I said 
"Fuck me, please fuck me!" He pushed his jeans down 
and knelt behind me. I was so wet that he was able to 
plunge his cock straight into my cunt. I have never 
had such an orgasm. When he had filled me with his 
semen and pulled out, I brushed my fingers across my 
cuntlips to collect some of our combined juices. He 
was very surprised when I licked the fluids off my 
fingers. They were delicious."

Ivan said, "I have something even more delicious. Have 
you ever wondered what semen tastes like directly from 
a cock?" Of course she had, since Ivan had implanted 
the suggestion last week. He continued, "You can taste 
my delicious semen straight from the end of my cock." 
Linda got up out of her armchair. She came over to 
Ivan's chair to undo his trousers. When his erect cock 
was free, Linda gave it some strokes until his pre-cum 
was dribbling out. She licked it up with relish, then 
slowly lowered her mouth over the end of his cock. 

At first she just moved her lips up and down over the 
head while her tongue licked around it. When Linda had 
adjusted to the size and feel of Ivan's cock in her 
mouth, she began to slide her head down more, so his 
cock slid further into her mouth at each stroke. Ivan 
knew that deep-throating was not yet possible, but 
would come later. He said to Linda, "I am about to 
cum. Don't swallow it yet, but just hold my semen in 
your mouth."

Linda felt Ivan's cock stiffen even more and the head 
swelled in her mouth. Ivan groaned with pleasure as 
Linda then felt a series of rapid pulses move up his 
cock. With each pulse, a squirt of semen was pumped 
into her waiting mouth. Despite wanting to hold all of 
his semen, some was forced out of her mouth and ran 
down her chin. Pulling his cock from Linda's mouth, 
Ivan said, "Show me the semen." Linda tilted her head 
back slightly before opening her mouth to show him 
that it was full of his cock cream. "You can swallow 
it now." said Ivan. With a gulp, Linda swallowed her 
first mouthful of semen. She then used a finger to 
wipe the excess off her chin before licking it off and 
also swallowing it. Ivan said, "Next, I want you to 
lick my cock clean." Linda leant forward to begin her 
task. Her tongue licked up and down his still erect 
cock, as well as down to his balls, to clean him up 

Ivan asked her, "How did you like that?" Linda 
replied, "That was wonderful. I never dreamed that 
semen could taste so good. I wish that I had become a 
cock-sucker a lot earlier. Think how much of Alex's 
semen I could have enjoyed." She asked, "Did I do 
good? Did you enjoy it?" Ivan was still glowing after 
the pleasure he had received. He reassured her, "For 
such an inexperienced cock-sucker, you were wonderful. 
With a bit more practice you will be able to take my 
cock completely into your throat. To deep-throat me 
and have my semen squirt directly into your throat." 
Linda beamed with pleasure at the thought.

"You have given me intense pleasure, now it is time 
for me to pleasure you." said Ivan. He told her to sit 
on the edge of the armchair, lean back, pull up her 
dress and open her legs. Ivan moved forward and down 
until his face was only centimetres from Linda's 
shaven cunt. He saw that her cock-sucking had aroused 
her intensely.

Her cuntlips were swollen and wet, with her clit so 
swollen that it was poking out of its hood. He gently 
blew on her cunt. Linda shivered with anticipation. 
Ivan lowered his head further until the tip of his 
tongue was just moving up and down her slit. He licked 
up far enough to barely flick her clit. As he touched 
her clit, Linda's body jumped. 

Ivan then licked her cunt completely, with his tongue 
going as far into her hole as it could reach. Linda 
was writhing with pleasure, lifting her hips, trying 
to push her cunt further onto Ivan's tongue. It didn't 
take long for Linda to explode in pleasure. She 
screamed in ecstasy, shuddering with her orgasmic 
spasms, but Ivan did not let up on his tonguing of her 
cunt. Eventually, Linda had to push him away when she 
could not take any more.

Ivan was pleased that his receptionist, Diedre, was 
not at her desk this afternoon. She certainly would 
have heard Linda's cries of pleasure.

As Linda laid back in her armchair, shaking with 
exhaustion, Ivan began to give her another 4 

* First, when she was awoken from her Trance, she was 
to remember everything that had happened, but to 
remember it with pleasure, like she had learned some 
new skills.

* Second, when she got home, Linda was to give her 
husband a blow-job as he came in the door after work. 
She was also to think what it would be like to deep-
throat a cock.

* Third, Linda was to encourage her husband to finger-
fuck her. Allowing him to insert as many fingers as 
possible, as well as stimulating her clit, until he 
made her orgasm.

* Fourth, Linda was to fuck her husband at least 3 
times this week, in different positions, or locations 
each time.

Ivan woke Linda from her Trance. She smiled at him, 
thinking back through the events of the last hour. 
Ivan watched as she walked unsteadily out of his 
office. He knew that under that short skirt, Linda was 
not wearing any panties and the sway of her tits 
showed that she was not wearing a bra. Her hairstyle 
was now less severe and her clothing much more 
revealing. Anyone who saw her as she left the building 
would know that this was a very sexy woman.

MGC - Week 7:

Ivan's receptionist, Diedre, was becoming very curious 
about Ivan's regular long Thursday afternoon 
appointment. So curious that she went to a Security 
Shop and bought a digital video camera which was 
concealed inside an ordinary looking book. Before, 
Ivan came into work, she put the 'book' among the 
others in his bookshelves. The camera was movement 
activated and would record whatever was happening in 
Ivan's office. As usual, when he arrived, Ivan gave, 
Deidre the afternoon off work. He went back into his 
office to await Linda's arrival.

When Linda arrived, Ivan smiled knowing that under her 
short skirt, her cunt was shaved bare and not covered 
by any panties. Linda sat opposite Ivan, as usual. But 
today it was Linda who surprised him. She pulled her 
skirt higher and moved her legs apart to flash her 
swollen cuntlips at him. He could see the pleasure in 
her face as she appreciated how exposed she was and 
that a man was appreciating her female loveliness. 
Ivan said "Sexylinda" to put her into a Trance, then 
asked her how her sex-life was now going. 

Linda flushed with pleasure as she recalled everything 
that had happened between her and Alex that week. 
Linda said, "Alex is a very happy man with the new 
sexy wife I have become. He was stunned when I barely 
let him in the door before kissing him and opening his 
jeans to hold his wonderful cock. Then when I slid to 
my knees to take his cock in my mouth, Alex leant back 
against the front door to support himself as I gave 
him his first blow-job." 

"Did you enjoy it?" Ivan asked.

Linda replied, "I thought his cum was delicious as I 
swallowed every drop." She continued, "That evening, 
Alex was walking around with a big smile on his face, 
but his smile widened further when I lay naked on our 
bed after my shower and begged him to finger my cunt, 
then fuck me senseless."

Ivan told Linda to show him how well she had learned 
to fuck. Linda was no longer embarrassed by the word 
"Fuck" and loudly called out to Ivan "Fuck me harder!" 
as he plunged his cock into her kneeling body. Ivan 
then held still. Linda immediately began to move 
herself back and forwards on his cock, but Ivan 
stopped her before she orgasmed. He picked up a bottle 
of lubricant from the coffee table, poured it on his 
middle finger, then gently stimulated her arsehole. 
Linda said that nobody had ever touched her arse 
before. The new experience added to her sensory 
overload as she felt Ivan's cock swell and pump her 
full of his semen. Linda started to have a screaming 
orgasm until she collapsed flat on her belly while 
still impaled by Ivan's cock.

After they had both showered, including a quick stand-
up fuck, then dressed, Ivan gave Linda another 4 

* First, Linda was told that she had a very low gag-
reflex. She was to regularly poke her fingers into the 
back of her throat to confirm this and further reduce 
the strength of her reflex.

* Second, she was to wonder what it would be like to 
deep-throat a cock.

* Third, Linda was to encourage her husband to finger-
fuck her again before being encouraged to lick and 
suck her cunt. Something she had never allowed him to 
do before.

* Fourth, Linda was to fuck her husband at least 4 
times this week, in different positions, or locations 
each time.

After repeating the instructions and having Linda 
repeat them back to him, Ivan instructed her to 
remember everything that had happened with pleasure 
and without remorse. She was also instructed not to 
reveal to her husband anything sexual that she and 
Ivan had done.

Ivan then woke Linda from her Trance state. She gasped 
at what she had been doing with Ivan. When Linda left 
Ivan's rooms, she had a sexy inner glow and a wide 
smile caused by the pleasure that the sex with Ivan 
had given her.


Early next morning, well before Ivan came into work, 
Deidre had a small job to do. She retrieved her book 
video camera from Ivan's bookcases and downloaded its 
contents into her desk computer. Deidre then began to 
watch the video. Since the book-cam was movement 
activated, there was not a lot of vision without any 
activity. She was shocked to see what Ivan had been 
doing with Linda. Under hypnosis, his patient was 
certainly having her sexual inhibitions removed. Linda 
was being retrained to become an uninhibited slut for 
Ivan, as well as making all her husband's wet dreams 
come true.

Well before the video had ended, Deidre's knickers 
were soaked. She had her hand up her skirt and with 
two fingers deep inside her cunt, as she was frigging 
herself to repeated orgasms.

After watching the video, Deidre knew that she had to 
get some of the action involving Ivan and Linda. She 
thought long and hard about how to best confront Ivan 
with what she knew, before ensuring that he made her 
part of Linda's therapy.

When Ivan arrived at his office, Deidre called him 
behind her desk to show him the video that she had 
recorded. Ivan became flustered, then angry, then 
embarrassed as he obviously became aroused watching 
the incriminating, but nevertheless, very sexy video. 
He asked Deidre, "What are you going to do with that 
video?" She replied, "Certainly I will not do 
something stupid like take it to the Police, but I do 
want to join you in solving the marriage 'problems' of 
Linda and many others in the future."

Ivan knew that Deidre had caught him out, so he had no 
option but to agree.

Deidre took charge. She was also excited after 
watching the video, but without masturbating this 
time. She reached out to grasp Ivan's cock through his 
pants and said, "We both have a problem that needs to 
be taken care of." Deidre rose from her chair, then 
walked over to lock the office door. She took off her 
knickers before sitting down in the chair. Ivan was 
almost frozen with shock. He had been standing still 
beside her chair as the morning's surprise events 
unfolded. He made no move as Deidre unzipped his pants 
to get his engorged cock out. She leant over, wrapped 
a hand around it and put the knob in her mouth. 

Ivan quickly found that Deidre was a very experienced 
and talented cocksucker. It didn't take long before 
she had to take her hand away as Ivan's cock 
disappeared down her throat. Ivan began to gently 
face-fuck Deidre, but his speed increased quickly as 
he was able to go from just inside her lips to balls-
deep with each increasingly frantic stroke. When he 
said, "I'm going to cum!" Deidre pulled back far 
enough that his cream was deposited on her tongue. 
When Ivan had removed his wet cock, Deidre tilted her 
head back and showed Ivan her mouth full of cum. After 
swallowing the mouthful, she said to Ivan, "I can 
never get enough of that taste and the wonderful 
sensation as a man's cum slides down to my belly."

Deidre slid down until her cunt was at the edge of the 
chair, she pulled her dress up and opened her legs as 
wide as the chair would allow. Ivan was still in a 
sexual daze when Deidre pulled him down between her 
thighs. "Now it's my turn. Let's see what your tongue 
to do." Of course, Ivan did not resist the offer of a 
wet cunt to pleasure. He licked up and down her cunt 
lips, gently pulled on her clit hood with his teeth, 
then plunged his tongue as far as possible in her love 
tube, while his nose rubbed her clit. 

Deidre threw her head back, her mouth agape with 
pleasure while her hips were thrusting harder back at 
Ivan's mouth. Ivan nibbled her clit as he thrust his 
middle finger into her. Before Deidre had any chance 
to protest, the well lubricated finger was pushed into 
her arse. This had the effect of tipping Deidre over 
the edge. She could only repeatedly say, "Oh!" as a 
series of intensely pleasurable convulsions rippled 
through her body.

Now it was Ivan's turn to take charge. He pulled 
Deidre up from the chair to a standing position. She 
just stood there on jelly legs while Ivan opened her 
blouse buttons. He put his hands inside her bra and 
cupped each of her tits. With shaking fingers, Deidre 
opened the front clasp of her bra to give Ivan better 
access to her tits. Ivan began to alternately lift and 
gently squeeze her tits. He supported each melon while 
gently pulling at each of her nipples with his finger 
and thumb. When both nipples had become erect, he 
removed her blouse and bra before pulling them more 
firmly until her tits formed a cone shape. Deidre was 
on fire as her tits were mauled.

Although both Ivan and Deidre had just recently 
orgasmed, they were not finished yet. Ivan pulled 
Deidre into his inner office by her tits. Without a 
hint of protest, Deidre allowed herself to be laid 
over the arm at one end of Ivan's consulting couch. 
Her face was in the cushions, while her knees were 
just off the floor. With her weigh supported by the 
front of her thighs, Deidre was in the perfect 
position for a fuck from the rear. Ivan did not waste 
any time. He immediately plunged his reinvigorated 
cock into Deidre's sopping cunt. 

However, he didn't stay there long. Much to Deidre's 
disappointment, he pulled his cock out of her. As she 
turned back to ask him why, she felt the answer. Ivan 
took his cock in hand to push the head into Deidre's 
arse. When he popped into her, Ivan paused a moment 
for Deidre to adjust to the anal intruder, but Deidre 
did not want to pause. She immediately pushed herself 
back towards Ivan so that he was encased deeper in her 
arse. Ivan gripped her willing hips and pushed hard 
until his balls were slapping on her cunt. 

Deidre erupted into an uncontrolled thrusting back 
onto the wonderful cock filing her bowels. Ivan 
couldn't last long with this mighty stimulation of his 
cock. He held himself still to let Deidre do all the 
work, then he leant over her hips, grasped her around 
the waist and began his own series of convulsions as 
his balls emptied into her bowels. As Deidre felt the 
explosion of Ivan's cum inside her, she also exploded 
into another body-shaking orgasm.

After Ivan had removed his now deflated cock from 
Deidre's arse, she arose from the couch and said, 
"Time for a shower! Are you coming?" As they were both 
sticky with sweat, cum, and cunt juice, Ivan had no 
hesitation in joining Deidre in the en-suite shower. 
Deidre was surprised that Ivan's cock became 
reinvigorated as they sensuously lathered each other. 
She knelt down to again enjoy the feel of his cock in 
her mouth and throat, but after already cumming twice 
that morning, Ivan was in not in any hurry. He 
eventually pulled Deidre to her feet and took his turn 
pleasuring her.

Through a torrent of water, he vigorously licked her 
cunt and nibbled her swollen clit. Deidre in the 
throes of so much pleasure that she even leant back 
against the cold tiles without noticing their 
temperature. As Ivan stood, he placed his cock at the 
entrance to her unresisting cunt, before impaling her 
in a single stroke. Because of the difference in their 
height, Ivan keep his feet apart and Deidre stood on 
tiptoes. This meant that Deidre was hardly able to 
move between Ivan and the shower wall, but Ivan fully 
fucked her until both exploded again.

Back in the reception area later, Deidre said, "Next 
Thursday, I want you to give Linda some new 
instructions when she is back in her hypnotic Trance." 
Ivan listened with a smile that indicated that his 
life as a MGC was going to become even better.

Week 8:

When Linda arrived for her Thursday afternoon 
appointment, Deidre was not at the reception desk as 
usual, but she did not know that Deidre's attendance 
was going to change next week. Ivan had told Deidre 
that Linda must be convinced that a threesome was her 
idea, so she would have to be patient for another week 
Linda must have changed her clothes after finishing 
work at lunchtime, as she was wearing a crop-top that 
hid none of the wondrous size, firmness and shape of 
her tits. Her nipples were erect and clearly showing 
through the thin fabric. Ivan also knew that Linda 
would not have been wearing any panties under her 
short skirt. Any male travellers on her bus must have 
had eye-strain and trouble keeping their cock under 

Linda sat on Ivan's couch, not knowing that Deidre had 
put her book video-cam back into the bookshelf. Ivan 
now knew it was there. He and Deidre were both looking 
forward to reviewing this MGC session tomorrow.

Without even putting Linda into a Trance, Ivan asked 
how sex with her husband had gone that week. Since 
Ivan had allowed Linda to remember with pleasure what 
had been done in each session, she was completely 
uninhibited in describing what had been happening 
between her and her husband, Alex. Linda said that 
Alex was a very happy husband. When they went to bed 
Thursday night, Alex was encouraged to suck her tits. 

After a good tit mauling, Linda pulled him down 
between her legs and begged him to suck and finger-
fuck her cunt. Alex was completely surprised at this 
development, but responded with enthusiasm. Linda had 
several orgasms before begging Alex to "Fuck me! Oh, 
please give me all of your wonderful cock and fuck 

Alex had been very pleasantly surprised by the 
loosening-up of his formerly repressed and 
unresponsive wife, but even he was shocked to hear 
Linda use the word "Fuck". But not too shocked to do 
it. Alex moved up the bed and slid his rigid cock 
straight between Linda's widely spread legs. After 2 
years of unresponsive sex from his formerly sexually 
repressed wife, Alex was making up for lost time and 
missed fucks. He pounded Linda so vigorously that she 
began to slide up the bed. When her head reached the 
bedhead, Alex stopped fucking, turned Linda over and 
continued to fuck her from behind as she pushed back 
against his thrusting cock.

Linda said that her husband was now a man with a smile 
on is face. They had fucked standing up in the shower, 
on the edge of their bed and on the loungeroom couch. 
Alex had even fucked Linda as she bent over the 
kitchen table.

When Linda had completed describing her sex-filled 
week with Alex, Ivan said "Sexylinda". Using her 
hypnotic trigger immediately put Linda into a deep 
Trance, with a slight smile as she felt the pleasure 
that was part of Ivan's control over the now helpless 

Ivan asked Linda about her gag-reflex. After Ivan's 
hypnotic suggestions last week, of course Linda told 
him that she had a very weak gag-reflex. In fact, 
Linda said that she was wondering what it would be 
like to deep-throat a cock. To further reduce her 
gagging, she had even been regularly poking her 
fingers into the back of her throat.

Linda was told that now would be a good time to test 
her reflex. She immediately came around the coffee 
table and opened Ivan's trousers. When his erect cock 
sprang out, Linda licked her lips before plunging her 
mouth down over him. Ivan shuddered, overcome by the 
pleasurable sensation as he immediately felt his cock 
reach the back of Linda's enthusiastic mouth. 

Linda coughed and backed off from Ivan's cock before 
plunging down on him again. She did this three more 
times until Ivan's cock was completely wet from her 
saliva and there was no gagging reflex. On the fifth 
time that Linda plunged down on his cock, Ivan felt 
himself slide into her throat until his cock was 
completely encased by her mouth. Linda didn't know 
what to do next until she felt a need for air. She 
pulled completely back off Ivan's cock and asked him, 
"Am I doing it right?"

Ivan immediately informed her that it certainly felt 
right to him. He advised her to move his cock in and 
out of her throat while timing her breathing. Linda 
swallowed his cock again. Taking Ivan's advice, she 
was able to breathe between Ivan's plunges into her 
throat. It didn't take long before Linda felt an 
increase in the hardness of his cock, followed by a 
swelling of the head. Ivan said to her, "Take a deep 
breath." He then thrust his cock full depth into her 
throat and held it there making short thrusting 

Ivan gave a groan of intense pleasure as pulse after 
pulse of his semen was pumped into Linda's oesaphagus. 
He pulled his cock part way out. Linda took a deep 
breath and swallowed. She then proceeded to gently 
lick and suck the extremely sensitive head of Ivan's 
cock as Ivan sat back, incoherent with pleasure.

While his softening cock was still in her mouth, Ivan 
told Linda to have a pleasurable memory of everything 
that had just happened, before waking her from her 
Trance. He waited to see what Linda's response would 
be. She blinked three times, then sucked him deeper 
into her mouth and began to slide her lips back and 
forth along the length of his cock. When he was fully 
hard again, he said, "Your turn." 

Ivan laid Linda on her back along his couch. Without 
being told, Linda bent her legs and splayed them 
fully. Ivan grasped her tits and pulled her nipples 
while his tongue and lips went to work on Linda's 
cunt. Her lips opened like a flower as every part of 
her cunt was nibbled, licked, nipped and finally 
fucked by Ivan's tongue. Linda was rolling her head 
from side to side, bucking her hips and pushing Ivan's 
head harder into her cunt.

While Linda was on the edge of ecstasy, Ivan 
lubricated a finger with her cunt juices and pushed it 
into her virgin arse. At first Linda froze, but 
relaxed and returned to enjoying the attention of 
Ivan's mouth as he slowly moved his finger in and out 
of her formerly virgin hole.

It didn't take long for Linda to have ripples of 
pleasure rolling through her body. She had repeated 
orgasms so powerful that her head fell back, while her 
arms and legs were completely splayed as far as 

In her semi-conscious state, Linda was barely aware 
that Ivan had lifted his head and moved up along her 
body. Her cunt was wide open and soaked, so Ivan's 
cock slipped smoothly into Linda in a single thrust. 
Linda erupted into a fucking frenzy. She was moving 
her hips and lifting her whole body so that Ivan was 
given the ride of his life. Now it was Linda's turn to 
be incoherent. Her cries of "Fuck me!" and "Fuck me 
harder!" were reduced to meaningless sounds of 
pleasure. More orgasms rippled through Linda's body as 
Ivan he obeyed her earlier cries. At last he could 
hold back no longer. His balls contracted against his 
body and tingled as they were completely emptied into 
the cunt of Ivan's patient.

When both had recovered from their sexual frenzy, it 
was time for a shower.

Back in the office, Ivan said "Sexylinda" to put Linda 
back into a Trance, then gave her 4 more instructions:

* First, Linda was to think about how pleasurable it 
could be having sex with another woman.

* Second, think about the pleasures of taking part in 
a threesome with Ivan and another woman.

* Third, Linda was to think about having anal sex and 
to practice stimulating her arse by inserting one or 
more of her fingers.

* Fourth, Linda was to give her husband, Alex, the 
week of his life. She was to deep-throat him as much 
as he wanted and fuck him senseless.

As usual, Ivan got Linda to repeat back these 
instructions before he brought her out of her Trance. 
After making another appointment for the same time 
next week, Linda went home almost in a daze. She was 
feeling pleasure from being in her Trance and the 
residual pleasure of her sex with Ivan. She knew that 
Eric was going to love this week.


Next morning, Deidre retrieved the bookcam from Ivan's 
consulting room and downloaded the movement-activated 
video into her computer. However, this time she did 
not view it until Ivan came into his office.

As usual, Ivan arrived for "work" late in the morning. 
By then, Deidre was literally dripping with lust. She 
even had to go to the toilet and wipe the excess 
wetness off her pussy or she would have left a wet 
spot on the back of her skirt.

When Ivan arrived, he placed a 'Back in 1 hour" sign 
on the outer office door and locked it. He and Deidre 
then sat behind the reception desk to watch a replay 
of yesterday's "Marriage Guidance Counselling" session 
with Linda. It didn't take long before, Deidre was 
sitting with her legs wide apart. Her tits were 
hanging out of her bra and unbuttoned blouse. Ivan was 
using one hand to happily cup and squeeze them, or 
pull on their nipples. His other hand was under 
Deidre's skirt, rubbing her lips, playing with her 
clit or inserting varying numbers of fingers into her 
cunt. Meanwhile, Deidre had taken Ivan's engorged cock 
out of his slacks and was giving it plenty of 
attention by stroking and squeezing it.

As soon as the video finished, Deidre said, "I can 
swallow a cock better than Linda."

Ivan thickly replied, "Show me." And Deidre did. After 
licking up and down his length to wet his cock, Deidre 
swallowed his full length directly into her throat. 
She held her nose against Ivan's belly and began a 
series of swallowing movements that left Ivan unable 
to move. He just let Deidre breathe, plunge down onto 
his cock and swallow until the inevitable happened. 
Deidre pulled back a bit to enjoy the taste of his cum 
in her mouth as Ivan's cock pulsed uncontrollably.

Deidre removed her skirt and told Ivan to slide down 
in his chair. She climbed up onto the chair arms so 
her cunt was in Ivan's face and said, "Eat me! Eat me 
until I cum!" Naturally Ivan obliged. Just as he had 
done to Linda yesterday, he licked, nibbled and tongue 
fucked Deidre until she exploded in pleasure. Deidre 
climbed down off the chair and said, "Now fuck me! 
Fuck me completely!"

Ivan stood. He grasped one of Deidre's nipples and 
used it to lead her into his Consulting Room. Deidre 
was pushed down over the high arm at one end of his 
couch so that her delicious rump was pointing directly 
at Ivan's cock. In a single movement, Ivan encased his 
cock in Deidre's welcoming cunt. In this position, 
with her thighs against the high couch arm, Deidre was 
virtually unable to move. Ivan teased her cunt for a 
short while, by staying completely inside his 
receptionist and making the smallest possible 
movements. As she expressed her frustration, Ivan 
said, "Your cunt is now for my pleasure, so be quiet!"

Ivan almost fully withdrew his cock, until only the 
head was just between her sodden cuntlips. With all 
his strength, Ivan plunged his cock full-depth into 
Deidre's waiting cunt. She gave a gasp of pleasure, 
then more as Ivan repeated the move several times.

Ivan pulled his cock out of the cunt trying to hold 
him in. He put a hand on Deidre's back to hold her 
down and guided his well-lubricated cock into her 
arse. Deidre wasn't ready for his move, so her muscles 
vainly tried to resist his entry. 

It only took a moment before Ivan felt Deidre's ring 
loosen on his cock as she relaxed. Even if she had 
resisted his entry, it would have been futile. Ivan 
was easily impaling Deidre on his cock. Just like when 
he was in her cunt, when Ivan was fully encased in her 
bowels, he teased her for a short while, by staying 
completely inside her and making the smallest possible 
movements. As she again expressed her frustration, 
Ivan said, "It is now your arse that is now for my 
pleasure, so stay quiet!"

Following his earlier actions, Ivan almost fully 
withdrew his cock, until only the head was just 
between inside her arse ring. With all his strength, 
Ivan plunged his cock full-depth into Deidre's willing 
arse. As before, she gave a gasp of pleasure, then 
more as Ivan repeated the move several times. Holding 
her hips, Ivan started a vigorous fucking of Deidre's 
arse. Deidre did not stay quiet, but loudly expressed 
her pleasure at her wonderful ravishing she was 
experiencing. As Ivan approached his climax, he was 
thrusting faster and faster. Deidre exploded into a 
loud anal orgasm, then it was Ivan's turn. He 
vigorously pumped his semen into Deidre's bowels with 
a roar of delight.

Week 9:

On the following Thursday, when Linda arrived for her 
MGC appointment, she was surprised to be greeted by 
Ivan's receptionist. Deidre had always been absent 
when Linda arrived for the previous 8 weeks. Linda was 
even more surprised when Deidre accompanied her into 
Ivan's consulting room. Without any explanation, Linda 
was seated on the couch with Deidre sitting beside 
her. Ivan immediately said "Sexylinda". Linda's 
hypnotic trigger word put her into a Trance at once.

Ivan asked Linda how her sex life had been this week. 
Without any embarrassment or hesitation, Linda said, 
"We fucked like bunnies all week. Eric has had his 
cock in my throat and in my cunt every day. It has 
been a wonderful 7 days, possibly the best ever in our 
married life."

In response, Ivan said, "Well, Linda, there are only a 
few more things that we need to discuss for your MGC 
sessions to be approaching their conclusion. Tell what 
you have been thinking about between fucking sessions 
with your husband, or even while Eric has been fucking 

Linda replied, "Strangely, I have been thinking about 
the unknown pleasures of having sex with another 
woman. I have also been thinking about taking part in 
a threesome with a man and another woman."

Ivan was not surprised, as these were exactly the 
suggestions that Ivan had hypnotically implanted 
during Linda's last session.

He said, "Linda, I have brought Deidre into our 
session for exactly that reason. Deidre what do think 
of Linda?

"She is beautiful." said Deidre. "Such luscious lips." 
Deidre gently rubbed a finger across Linda's lips, 
then leant in to kiss her fully on the mouth. Linda 
initially pulled back in surprise, but soon was 
responding to Deidre's kiss, opening her mouth and 
entwining tongues as they kissed deeply. Deidre broke 
the kiss and said, "You also have wonderful tits. I 
can see your erect nipples through your top." When 
Deidre's hand palmed her tit, then tugged at a nipple, 
Linda gave an involuntary sigh. She said, "That feels 
wonderful, please don't stop." That was Deidre's 
signal for a complete mauling of Linda's tits. She 
palmed both tits and tugged at both nipples before 
removing her top. Deidre again kissed Linda deeply 
while she continued to play with her tits. Shortly 
after, Deidre began to suck on Linda's nipples. She 
even strongly sucked a large part of each of her whole 
tit into her mouth while laving it with her tongue. 
Linda was becoming so aroused by her tit mauling
 that she lifted her skirt and started playing with 
her clit.

To Deidre's surprise, Linda pushed her away from her 
tits and against the back of the couch. She turned to 
kiss Deidre fiercely. While Linda's tongue was deeply 
in Deidre's mouth, she began to reciprocate the tit 
mauling that Deidre had just given her. It didn't take 
long before it was Deidre with her top off, with 
Linda's mouth working on her tit-flesh and nipples. 
Linda even took the initiative and began to play with 
Deidre's cunt. Linda was not shocked to find that 
Deidre was not wearing any underwear.

Ivan suggested to both women that they strip 
completely. He laid Deidre on her back on the couch, 
then laid Linda on top of her in a soixante-neuf 
position so they could eat each other out. As they got 
into devouring each other's cunts, Ivan also stripped 
and knelt astride the women. While Linda and Deidre 
were eating each other, he lubricated a finger and 
began to push it into Linda's arse. 

At the moment of penetration, Linda lifted her head to 
protest, but felt Deidre suck on her clit while she 
experienced the pleasure of Ivan's finger gently 
fucking her in her virgin hole. Almost instantly, 
Linda had her first orgasm of the afternoon. When her 
body stopped shuddering, she returned to licking 
Deidre to her orgasm.

While still finger fucking Linda, he thrust his cock 
into her sopping wet cunt. Deidre's tongue was pushed 
aside, but she continued licking along the bottom of 
Ivan's cock and up and down Linda's stretched 
cuntlips. She alternated her licking with sucking on 
Ivan's balls.

Linda felt like she was in Heaven with pleasure after 
pleasure washing through her body. Her cunt was 
stuffed full with Ivan's cock plunging in and out of 
her. Linda was loving the taste of Deidre's cunt and 
was thoroughly enjoying wringing orgasms out of her 
just by licking and sucking on her cuntlips and clit. 
.Deidre was also doing incredible things to her with 
her tongue and Ivan was even stimulating her arse and 
inserting more fingers.

When Ivan pulled his fingers out of her arse and 
withdrew his cock, Linda lifted her head again. She 
turned to look at Ivan with a puzzled expression. "Was 
her pleasure over?" she wondered.

Ivan didn't say anything, but took his cock and placed 
the head against Linda's arse. She nodded and he 
pushed the head past her sphincter. Linda was 
pleasantly surprised to find that there was no pain 
after she had been stretching her own arse during the 
week. Ivan grasped her hips and began to push into her 
bowels. After each forward movement, Ivan would 
withdraw slightly before making the next deeper 
movement. Linda was amazed to see his cock 
disappearing into her arse. When he was balls deep, 
Ivan began a powerful fucking. Deidre now had full 
access to Lind's cunt and continued her licking and 
sucking. Linda returned to her work on Deidre's cunt.

It didn't take long before both women were shuddering 
with pleasure again. Ivan increased the speed of his 
anal fucking of Linda as his own pleasure neared. In 
response to Ivan's fucking, Linda began to lift her 
hips to push back against his thrusts. When Ivan 
grunted his pleasure as his semen flooded her bowels, 
Linda had her first anal orgasm. Wave after wave of 
muscle spasms rippled down her body. She even had to 
stop Deidre trying to work her cunt again because she 
was too sensitive.

While the girls recovered and had a juice, Ivan washed 
his cock in the shower, then returned to his office. 
He said, "Want more girls?" Both nodded, wondering 
what else Ivan had in mind. They didn't have to wait 
long to find out. Linda was placed on her back on the 
coffee table. Her head was hanging off one end and her 
lower legs were hanging off the other end. Ivan knelt 
near Linda's head and placed his half-soft cock in her 
mouth. Deidre lost no time in kneeling at the other 
end of the table. She leant over 7 attacked Linda's 
cunt with her mouth. Ivan's cock responded quickly to 
Linda's sucking. 

At full erection, he began to push his cock into her 
throat. Linda was amazed at herself taking part in 
this 3-way action. Her senses were almost overwhelmed. 
When she orgasmed, her body movements while deep-
throating Ivan, caused him to cum immediately into her 
throat. After Ivan withdrew, Deidre said, "My Turn!"

Ivan had to get the girls to rest and get a drink 
again. The Viagra that he had taken was certainly 
doing its job. Now with Deidre laying back on the 
coffee table, he was able to deep-throat her while it 
was Linda's turn to attack Deidre's cunt with her 
tongue and lips. After cumming twice, it took longer 
for him to pour his semen down Deidre's throat, but 
she wasn't complaining. This gave her more time to 
reach several orgasms as Linda enjoyed her task.

At the end of the session, everyone showered and 
dressed. Ivan gave Linda four hypnotic instructions, 
as usual;

* First, she was to pleasurable remember everything 
that had happened with himself and Deidre, but she was 
not able to tell anyone.

* Second, she was to encourage her husband, Eric, to 
fuck her in the arse.

* Third, she was to suggest to Eric that a threesome 
might be fun.

* Fourth, she was to continue to "fuck like bunnies" 
with Eric.

After getting Linda to repeat these instructions back 
to him, Ivan woke Linda from her Trance. She beamed at 
him with pleasure, then left. Ivan knew that Eric was 
going to have a wonderful week.

On the following Monday, Deidre came into Ivan's 
office and said, "Linda just rang me. Eric has found 
out that Linda has been coming to Marriage Guidance 
Sessions. He feels that there is no need for any more 
Marriage Guidance Counselling since they have such a 
wonderful sex life. Linda was now sure that her 
marriage was going to last well beyond her third 
anniversary!! She thanked you for all your work and 
will not be coming to any more sessions."

Both Ivan and Deidre were disappointed that there 
would not be any more fun during Marriage Guidance 
Counselling sessions with the very sexy and versatile 

However, Deidre said, "Now, Ivan, tell me about your 
regular Tuesday afternoon appointment...."

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