Sunday, 25 August 2013


When I first arrived here from Taiwan with my husband
in 1975, we were desperately poor.

Lu worked fourteen hours a day, I worked six, and we 
lived in a tiny camping trailer that was up on blocks
on a little plot off a country road.  The first winter
was very hard, we'd never experienced those kinds of 

One night, there was a blizzard. I was making our food, 
while Lu sat at the little table, when we were shocked
to hear a knock at the door.

I opened it to a large American man, with a hat and a 
long woolen coat.

The road was iced, and his car had gone into the ditch.
`I saw your lights... do you have a phone?'

`No. no phone,' I replied in my [at that time] hesitant 

`Ask him in and close the door!' said Lu, in our 
language.  The man had to duck his head to enter and he 
took up about half of the interior with his bulky body.

Lu asked him to remove his coat and sit, and we shared 
our food with him.

He wore an expensive suit under his coat, and an 
expensive looking gold wristwatch.

He was big and loud and foreign, but he told us stories 
of the area and of himself, and we were enthralled by 
our new friend. He lived several miles further up the 
road, in one of the big houses that were up there.

The snow kept piling up, and it was too dangerous to 
take him home in our old car. He would have to spend 
the night.

So we all crawled into the little bed, sharing what
quilts we had.

I was against the wall at first, but after I had gotten
up once, I ended up in between the men.

I was shocked and dismayed when I felt his big alien 
hand on my skinny bottom. That he should betray our 
hospitality like this! I didn't want trouble, that was
for sure. This fellow was big, rich, powerful, a native,
while we were foreign, small, and poor.

His hand was so big that he could hold my bottom like a 
two balls in the palm of his hands. He silently stroked 
and squeezed me, and slowly I felt one of his big
fingers venturing deeper.

I shivered in fear when he put his penis against my 
behind, pushing it between my thighs. He reached over 
my hip, and pulling up my nightshirt away, then slid
his hand into my underwear and started playing with my 
wispy pubic hair.

I could hardly breath, I was so afraid! What would 
happen if Lu woke to find this man doing this to me?
I knew that it would end badly, so I kept very still.

His penis was slowly rubbing itself up against my pussy 
lips, but at that angle, there was no chance of entry 
without help. It felt very large indeed and curiosity
got the better of me. I reached down to see what it
would feel like. A white man's penis, a big white man's
big penis. My little hand couldn't even close around it,
and it was long, too.

He put his finger into me... I ran my hand over the huge
head of his manhood... Lu slept on...

He pulled me backwards, so that the top of his shaft was
at my entrance.  I pushed it around the corner, into me.
Slowly, oh so slowly, he slid it deeper and deeper until
I felt his pubic hairs against my bottom.

It was truly amazing to be so filled. I had never even 
imagined such a feeling.

It was impossible for him to move, of course. The trail-
er would have rocked and Lu would have woken. But he 
rubbed my sensitive spot with his fingers while we lay 
still in that position, and I squeezed his stiff penis
with my muscles hard each time he made me climax, so he 
would know.


Lu drove him home the next morning, after the snowplows
had cleared the road.  I cried, thinking of the evil
that I had done, the betrayal of my husband. At least
the foreign devil had never ejaculated, I thought. My
one consolation.

It was about a week later that I heard his car drive up
to our little trailer. I looked out the window, and saw
him. He pulled around behind the woodpile, where his car
would not be visible from the road.

I thought my heart would explode as he knocked on the 
flimsy door.

`I just wanted to say thanks for putting me up the other
night...' he began.

I looked at him coldly. As coldly as only an oriental 
woman can, while my heart raced.

`Please!' he cried, `please talk to me!' He took my tiny
hands in his, looking up at me sorrowfully as I stood 
above him in the doorway.

I stood back and he entered, and took me into his huge 

I just melted, my hate and self-loathing turning to
lust. He kissed me, something Lu never did. He tasted
big, rich, and American.

Soon we were naked on the little bed, and I took his 
penis in my two hands, to worship it's power, the power 
of this big white man. To have him so, in my grip, 
willing to do my bidding, was a thrill unlike any I had 
ever known before.

All the promise and wealth of this new rich country 
seemed to be here, in my two hands, in the little bed
in the pitiful little trailer. It entered me, filled
me, and satisfied me again and again.

I asked him afterwards, why he had come back. Why 
had he come for me when there were all those big-
breasted blond American girls he could have?  His one 
hand spanned my entire bottom as he put the other 
behind my head, bringing my mouth to his. I felt his 
tongue pass between my lips, entering my mouth as his 
penis had entered my vagina. And then I felt his penis, 
still inside of me, start to stir again.

`You are more woman then any of them could ever hope 
to be' he said to me, proving his statement with his 
rapid growth inside me.

Again he took me to great heights, so strong yet so 
gentle, so caring. Loving me, cherishing our forbidden 
time together.


His wife, hearing of our hospitality in the storm, in-
vited us for dinner. It was a bit awkward, but we all
managed. She was a gracious hostess, a good woman. I
felt she was my sister, my secret sister, that only I
knew about.

He came to the trailer many times after that. He was 
always careful about his timing, and that no one should 
see his car. He taught me how to give him pleasures, 
and he gave me much pleasure.

He gave Lu a job, and our fortunes started to improve. 
We moved into an apartment.

I wanted to leave Lu, and move in with my lover and my
sister, but it was not to be. He said that she wasn't 
that kind of woman, and slowly we moved apart.

Many years later, before he died, Lu told me that he had
known of my infidelities. I was very ashamed, but he 
loved me, and forgave me.

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