Wednesday, 21 August 2013


We were in her Van, parked at the top of the cliffs
at Black's Beach the first time I brought the subject up. I
had always wanted to watch my wife fuck another guy while I
watched, but she didn't want any part of it. 

        Maybe my girlfriend would be more  receptive to the
idea.  Our affair was over a year old at the time and calm-
ing down some from the frenetic start we enjoyed.   I asked
if she had ever thought  about  making  love to two guys at
once, she said that she had,  but never had an  opportunity
to try. 

        I told her that I could  make  it happen if she was
interested.  From the way her kisses increased in intensity
I felt I had my answer.   The first questions were who, and
how do I know he doesn't have any diseases,  good questions
in this day and age. I told her I had a good friend at work
that I'd known for many years,  married and not active out-
side of his marriage but had been talking  about  how bored
he was getting.   Having made a couple of cruises with him, 
and seeing him in the shower the added bonus was he happen-
ed to be hung like a horse. (Almost).    She asked if I had
said anything to him, and I said that I hadn't  but  if she
was  interested  I  would  drop  a hint  and  see  what his
reaction would be.  

        With her approval I did.  His reaction  was  fairly
predictable, at first he thought I was kidding but got very
interested when I assured him it wasn't a joke. 

 About two weeks later, when our time had just about
expired at our  favorite  pay  by the hour motel I asked if
she wanted me to give Jerry a call,  I knew  his  wife  was
working and if he was home he would be alone all afternoon.

        She said well, I don't know but what the hell, so I
got dressed and called Jerry up from the pay phone outside.
He was home, I asked  him if  he felt like some company,  I
still  think  he  didn't  believe I was serious but he said
sure, c'mon over.  The ride from Point Loma to North County
was very quiet,  a lot of silent looks back and forth.  She
was very nervous and so was I.    She  held  my  hand  very
tightly as we walked up to Jerry's door and  rang the bell.

        He met us with a cold beer and after nervous intro-
ductions we went  upstairs  to  his computer room.  I could
tell he was impressed,  she's a very  pretty lady and has a
trim figure to match.  The beer and Jerry's quick  wit soon
had us relaxed.   He put an X-Rated movie in the VCR and we
commented how we had been watching movies all morning.   He
had  picked  this  one  very  carefully,  the TV screen was
filled with 2 guys and 1 girl.   We watched  quietly  for a
while,  my dick was trying to rip its  way out of my Levies
and the air was so thick with  sexual tension you could cut
it with a knife.   

       We were sitting on the floor in front of  the TV and
Jerry asked if anyone wanted another beer.   I said yes and
bring back the Cuervo too.  While he was gone I leaned over
and pulled her to me and we started kissing like  there was
no tomorrow.  By the time Jerry got back we  were stretched
out on the floor and I was fumbling with her belt. The same
belt I had unhooked  a  hundred  times  was all of a sudden
giving me problems.  I said please give me a hand here man,
I can't get this undone,  Jerry laid down beside us and  we
very slowly unsnapped her jeans.   I moved down to her feet
and took off her sneakers and socks,   Jerry had her  jeans
unfastened and  she  picked  her  hips off  the floor so he
could slide them down her legs and off.  

       I moved  back up and pulled her sweater up and  over
her head,  now she was only  wearing  white bikini panties,
Her pink  nipples  were  hard  and  we quickly each started
sucking on them while  taking  off our own clothes.  When I
finished  undressing I moved down and  started  kissing and
sucking on her between the legs, through her panties.  When
I looked up she had  Jerry's dick in her hand and was open-
ing her mouth to take it in.    He was impressive even when
only partially hard.   I left her panties on and  continued
to eat her until her  crotch  was  totally soaked,  I moved
over and  watched  her suck  Jerry's  dick,  I knew he  was
enjoying it cause she loves to  have a man in her mouth,  I 
asked  if I could have a shot of that and he pulled back to
let me take his place.   By this time I  knew she was ready
to fuck him,  and like she was reading my mind  she  pulled
her panties off and opened her legs wide.

      Jerry moved between her legs and I asked him to kneel
cause I wanted to watch his dick slide into her,  He rubbed
the  head  up  and  down  her  crack several times and then
almost like he was teasing,  he put the head in,  I watched
her cunt lips spread as he pushed in and  then  they closed
back  around  his  shaft  as  he got deeper inside her.  He
started thrusting slowly, each  time  he  went  in  farther 
until finally he was fully buried. I watched her face as he
started to slam into her and knew she was loving it.  

       I moved up and touched her mouth  with  my  dick and
she took me in as well as she  could considering  that  she
was being  pushed  through  the  carpet by Jerry's thrusts.
Jerry started  pumping  harder  and I knew he  was going to
come and that was  enough to bring me over the edge,  as he
filled  her pussy with come I filled her mouth.  We kind of
lay there in a heap for a while,  we were all grinning like
bird fed cats.

       I had always thought that a  threesome  would be fun
and I was right.  I leaned  over  and  sucked  one  of  her
nipples into my mouth and got it all wet,  we had just fin-
ished passing the Cuervo around and I shook some  salt onto
her nipple, licked it off and took another shooter,  by the
time came to get dressed and leave we had salted just about
every part of our bodies you could imagine.  It turned  out
to be the best day I  have  ever  had with my lady,  we got
together  pretty  regularly after that,  until Jerry trans-
ferred back East,  I'm still seeing her  on occasion but we
never have enjoyed another threesome.

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