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Las Vegas in the early to mid '70s was very different 
than it is now. Circus Circus was a big deal back then 
when I moved there from the mid-west with my new 
husband. I was 17 and just out of high school when I 
married the first man who asked me. 

Jack was quite few years older than me and had just 
gotten his contractors license in Nevada when we met 
while he was visiting his relatives back home. We moved 
to Las Vegas and he did quite well, getting into the 
beginning of the building boom.

By the mid-70s when I was 22, we still didn't have any 
children. We fucked like bunnies the first few years, 
but had tapered off by the time I was 21. I was the 
oldest in a large family and wanted a large family of 
my own. We'd never used birth control, and I was a bit 
worried when Jack seemed to lose interest.

By the time I was 21, I knew when my fertile periods 
were. I started going out to bars wearing what I called 
my "fuck me" clothes, pick up a guy, give him a hand-
job or blow-job in his car, and then come home to tell 
Jack all about it. It really turned him on, and we 
again fucked like bunnies during my fertile periods. I 
always told Jack both because it turned him on, and 
because I sometimes caught glimpses of him in the bar 
while I was flirting with the guy. When I'd get home, 
the hood of his car was always warm.

I'd been doing this for over a year, still with no 
pregnancy, when I met a man on the first day of a 
fertile period when I was 22. It was a Saturday. He was 
aggressive. He even got his hand up my skirt and under 
my panties while we were sitting at the bar. Although 
mini-dresses were still popular in the mid-70s, we 
didn't wear thongs then, so he needed my cooperation to 
finger my bare pussy while seated at the bar. I saw 
Jack in the corner of my eye, but pretended not to see 
him as usual.

Inside his car, I went down on him, but he stopped me 
before he blew. The top of my dress was around my waist 
and my bra was off by then. He raised my skirt, took 
off my panties, and did what no one had ever done to me 
before. He licked my pussy. I've since learned that he 
was an expert pussy-licker. I was about to have my 
third orgasm when he stopped and climbed on top of me. 
I realized he had dropped his pants and freed his cock. 

My "No! Don't!" turned into "Oh, my!" and then into 
"Yes! Yes! Fuck me, you bastard!" as he got his cock 
into me. He made me come I-don't-know-how-many times 
before he came inside me. He took me again before 
driving me to my car. We spent several minutes outside 
my car with him fingering me to another couple of 
orgasms before letting me go. He kept my panties and 
made me promise to visit him at his hotel room at 5:00 
that morning to get them back.

When I got home, the hood of Jack's car was still warm. 
I'm sure my makeup was smeared and I looked a mess. I 
could feel the man's come running down my leg. When I 
got into the house and saw Jack, I said, "He took me."

Jack said, "I know."

I said, "I wanted him to."

Jack asked, "Did you enjoy it?"

I said, "He was really very good. He wants me to go to 
his room at 5:00."

I proceeded to tell Jack everything. Jack was so turned 
on, he fucked me for hours without my removing my 
dress. My bra was in my purse, so the dress was all I 
had on. Finally at 5:30, I asked Jack, "Do you mind if 
I go see him?"

Jack let me go.

This was the start of an incredible week. I went to the 
man's place and realized I didn't even know his name 
while knocking on his door. I was still in just my 
dress and hadn't washed. After he opened the door and 
let me in, he asked me what happened, and I told him 
all about Jack. This got the guy excited, and we fucked 
with my dress around my waist again. We finally 
introduced ourselves in the shower afterwards. I'll 
call him Dan. I'm Rachel. Dan was in his mid-thirties.

I lost my anal virginity that Sunday. Jack got my ass 
Sunday night after I told him about Dan. All week, I'd 
be fucking Dan during the day or fucking Jack at night. 
They were both so excited knowing what the other was 
doing to me, I didn't get much sleep that week.

Wednesday morning, Dan bought me a French maid outfit, 
and that evening, I served him and some of his clients 
(he was in Las Vegas on a sales trip) while they played 
cards. I was the prize for the winning hands. That 
night, I learned the joys of having a cock in my pussy 
and another in my ass at the same time. They tried 
having one in my mouth too, but I was having multiple 
orgasms and was unable to concentrate on the one in my 
mouth. I also became a prostitute that night, as they 
left me a hefty tip before they left. Jack and I didn't 
get any sleep that night as he was so excited after I 
told him.

Thursday after a leisurely fuck with Dan, we just 
rested with me laying on top of him, his cock softening 
in me. I said, "Boy, they wouldn't believe what I've 
been doing back home."

Dan asked, "Why's that?"

I answered, "Well, back home in..." (I mentioned my 
home town) "...I was a preacher's daughter and raised 
very conservatively."

Dan mentioned my home town and said, "You're from there 
too? What do you mean, conservatively?"

I could feel him start to get hard again. I said, "My 
mother didn't approve of my first boyfriend, and he was 
the Sunday school teacher's son!"

Dan asked, "Wait a minute. Is your maiden name...?" (He 
mentioned it) "...and the Sunday school teacher Mrs....?"
(He mentioned her name.)

He was really hard now, and moving inside me, 
distracting me. "Yes. Oh, yes. I lost my virginity to 
him. We even used a rubber the only time we did it."

He said, "I'll bet neither of your mothers liked it. 
I'll bet they both put a stop to it. I'll bet neither 
of your fathers understood why! Oh, God! You might want 
me to stop."

"No! Keep fucking me! How do you know so much?"

"I'm your father! I'm his father too!"

"Oh God! I'm coming again!" He flooded me at the same 

Afterwards, we lay there and talked. I asked, "How can 
you be my father? You're not much older than me."

He named by brothers and sister, then named the Sunday 
school teacher's children. He said, "I started really 
young, around 12, and am the father of all of you. As 
far as I know, your father and your boyfriend's father 
never found out. Both of your mothers knew about the 
other, though."

I asked, "How can that be?"

He said, "Have you ever wondered why you and your 
brother and sister all have chestnut hair while both of 
your parents are brunettes? Why the Sunday school 
teacher's children are all strawberry blonds when their 
parents are both blond?"

Dan was a carrot top.

I remembered growing up with several other reddish 
haired children. I asked, "Are our mothers the only 
ones you seduced?"

"Oh, no. I made many women pregnant before leaving town 
to go to college. They were all married. I'm not sure 
they all knew about each other, but I know your mother 
and the Sunday school teacher knew about each other. I 
think they suspected some of the others, as they saw 
the way the women treated me after it was known they 
were pregnant. Actually, before they were obviously 

I said, "I'm fertile this week. Is there a chance of 
you getting me, your daughter, pregnant?"

"Absolutely. Say, I'm sorry. I wouldn't have had you at 
the party on Wednesday if I'd known you were my 

"That's OK. I enjoyed it. So did Jack. And I want to 
have children. You sound confident that you can get 
your own daughter pregnant."

He said, "It won't be the first time."

I must have looked stunned, because he said, "No, I 
won't tell you about it. Ask your mother. She might 
have suspicions."

I did ask her later, and learned that she thinks Dan is 
the father of all his brothers and sisters. At least, 
of the first six or seven of them. There's a 13 year 
gap between him and his next-oldest sibling, a sister. 
His mother was only 13 or 14 when she had him. She 
thinks all the red-haired children of my age group in 
our town were fathered by Dan. She said Dan's oldest 
sister got pregnant when she was 13, but isn't sure who 
the father is. The baby also had red hair.

He looked at me and said, "I have something serious to 
tell you. I'd been told this by my parents, but didn't 
learn it for real until I was in college. If I've 
gotten you pregnant and you have a boy, he's likely to 
be a very horny little devil. You have to teach him to 
seduce only married women, as it can be devastating for 
an unmarried woman to get pregnant." While no longer so 
true, it was still true in the 70s. 

"I learned the hard way while in college. The little 
guy might even try to get into your pants. I'll be up 
to you if you let him. Teach him to respect women. If 
you let him into your pants, teach him how to be a good 
lover. Teach him that `no' means `no.' If he's like me, 
he'll be a good salesman and can turn a `no' into a 
`yes,' so watch him."

I've followed his advice.

Before he left on Saturday, I told him, "I don't want 
this to end. Will you be coming back?"

"Yes, I'll be coming to Las Vegas every month. I'd like 
to see you again, too."

And he did. He met Jack the following month, and the 
both of them shared me. Jack enjoyed feeling Dan's 
prick inside me while they both fucked me. Dan was by 
once a month for a couple of years after that, until 
his sales territory was changed.

Oh, I did get pregnant that week. It was Dan's, as my 
son has auburn hair, redder than mine. Dan was in town 
for the birth, as was my mother. I thought my mother 
was too old to get pregnant again, but I have two more 
sisters and a brother. You see, Dan was around long 
enough to get me pregnant two more times and met my 
mother at each birth.

I showed my mother this story before submitting it.

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