Wednesday, 28 August 2013


It had been several years since Nicki had slept with 
anyone else, and our sex life was adequate. Not 
spectacular, but good enough. She was now 38 and was 
losing interest in some activities. In particular, she 
seemed to almost completely lose interest in sucking 
cock, and had definitely decided she didn't want me to 
cum in her mouth any more. She said she didn't know 
why, but it just started turning her off. 

I thought this was strange considering her past 
experiences and the fact that she had probably 
swallowed several hundred of my loads over the years. 
Anyway, back to the story. Let me describe her. She is 
about 5' 2", somewhere around 125 pounds, good body, 
about 36-27-35, dark black hair, blue eyes, and a 
pinkish complexion. She has terrific legs and a round, 
tight ass. She has some scarring from giving birth to 3 
children by C-section (which has kept her pussy very 
tight). She is in good shape, though the scarring has 
created a small paunch, which is often mistaken for a 
slightly big waist.

Pressures of life had started getting to her and she 
made a habit of getting away on her own for a few days 
each spring. Until this year, it had been a trip to 
visit her parents and sisters. 

However, her family recently moved to within a two hour 
drive and she saw them a lot more often, so that 
wouldn't do this year. In talking with a Terri, mutual 
friend of ours, they decided to go on a short trip 
together - down south where the weather was warmer. 
They decided on Hilton Head Island since Nicki got a 
substantial discount at a hotel there which was 
affiliated with her employer. They took off on a Sunday 
night and planned to drive through the night and arrive 
there in the morning.

Let me take a moment to describe our friend, Terri. She 
is blond and very sensuous, but not the thin attractive 
type. She has a few large features, including her 
breasts, and sometimes has a weight problem. But, she 
carries it very well and is very cute. She also has a 
wild streak. She spends a lot of time screwing around 
and even visited swinger clubs with one of her previous 
employers. Back to the story.

They had a wonderful time. They hit various pubs and 
bars at happy hour, got badly sunburned on the beach, 
and visited the magnificent plantations in the area. On 
their first day, they became acquainted with a young 
man in his early twenties who worked at the resort. 
Just on a friendly hello basis. 

Later that evening, they ran into him again at a 
Mexican restaurant where he worked a second job. They 
became friendly and he offered to point them to some 
interesting places. Over the next couple of days, the 
women flirted with him as women are apt to do in these 
situations - nothing really serious, just some fun.

On their last evening, they ate at the Mexican 
Restaurant and Matt, the young man, was on duty. They 
sat in his zone and talked and flirted all during the 3 
hours they were there. Terri seemed intent on 
embarrassing him with her sexual innuendos. When they 
got up to leave, Terri slipped a note into the check 
wallet for Matt. The note said to come by their room 
after he got off and had the resort name and room 
number. She didn't tell Nicki about it until much 

After visiting several drinking establishments, neither 
woman was feeling much pain, except for the more 
intense areas of sunburn. About midnight, Terri 
remarked that they had to get back to the hotel to rest 
up for their return trip in the morning. She added that 
she left the note for Matt and he got off duty at 

I spoke with Nicki shortly after they got back to their 
room, it was about 12:15, and she told me she had a 
great time and told me of some of the night's 
adventures, including the note to Matt. I asked her 
what they would do if he showed up and she said she 
would let Terri handle him. A few minutes later, she 
said there was a knocking on the door. Terri opened it 
and it was Matt. Nicki said she had to go but would 
call me in the morning after they awoke. Turns out she 
called me about 2am and had a very interesting story to 

Terri had invited Matt into the room and he produced a 
bottle of Tequila, a 12-pack of Coors Lite, and a 
bottle of Chablis. He said he didn't know their 
preference so he decided to cover al the bases. Terri 
shouted "shooters!" grabbed the Tequila and went to 
gather some glasses. 

They had a few shooters and talked, with Terri and Matt 
getting more and more friendly. It was clear to Nicki 
that something was going to happen. She felt helpless, 
though, because she felt too drunk to wander out of the 
room at 1am alone, but was uncomfortable staying. She 
told them she was going to take a long soothing bath 
and they had the bedroom to themselves.

In her bath, she could hear Terri giggling, occasional 
moaning, and more giggling. She let her imagination run 
wild with what was happening in the other room. This 
got her quite aroused and very horny. After about an 
hour, Nicki was getting a little water-logged and had 
to get out. She thought the coast was clear as she 
hadn't heard anything for a while. She threw on her 
robe, slowly opened the door and loudly announced she 
was coming out.

Entering the bedroom, she saw Matt sitting in the arm 
chair with his shirt unbuttoned and naked from the 
waist down. Terri was on the floor between his legs 
with her dress pulled back to reveal her breasts. She 
was slowly sucking on Matt's cock.. Nicki started to 
leave, but Terri stopped long enough to tell her to 
stay, that they were almost done and Matt had to leave 
soon anyway.

Nicki was a bit out-of-sorts, but also very excited. 
There was literally nowhere in the room she could go 
without this sexual act being in plain sight. She 
decided to lay back on the bed and watch. She offered 
comments about how nice his cock looked and on the 
techniques Terri was using. After a few minutes Terri 
told her she should come show her. 

Nicki blushed and told her she couldn't. She got up to 
go fix another drink, which caused to her pass right 
next to Terri and Matt. She downed another shot 
quickly, then poured a glass of wine. 

She was now only a few feet away and had a perfect view 
of Terri's mouth sucking in Matt's hard cock. She was 
about half of his 7 or 8 inches with slow strokes, 
stopping on when her lips were around the head to swirl 
her tongue around it. Matt alternated between watching 
and laying his head back with eyes closed.

Terri told him to relax and give her "some more". Nicki 
asked about that and Terri told her she had already 
sucked him off once. The first time took only a few 
strokes and was too fast for her to get into it. She 
said she really wanted to fuck him but her sunburn 
really hurt, especially on her ass. 

Nicki asked how long she had been at it and Terri 
remarked it had been about 20 minutes, but she couldn't 
get him to shoot again. Matt added that this was normal 
for him, quick the first time and a real long lasting 
hard-on every time after that. The women looked at each 
other and Terri said, "Now I know, I am sorry I can't 
fuck him!"

After several more minutes, Matt commented that he 
really had to leave and Terri sounded disappointed that 
she hadn't been able to get him to unload again. She 
asked him to really relax and give her a few more 
minutes. Matt said he really wanted to cum too. He said 
his balls were beginning to ache and he could stay 
about 5 minutes more, but really had to get going.

Terri started sucking again while Nicki looked on. A 
few minutes passed and Terri mentioned that perhaps it 
wouldn't work and her mouth and neck were starting to 
get sore also. Matt had an incredibly disappointed look 
on his face, but agreed. Terri sat back away from him 
to stretch.

At the moment, Nicki rushed over and lowered her mouth 
to his cock, sucking it into her mouth. She kneeled 
between his legs and bobbed her head on his hard 
member. Then she stopped and licked along its length 
and took his balls into her mouth. Terri watched and 
commented "Go for it girl!" Nicki smiled and said they 
couldn't send him away like that.

She returned to the head of his cock and pursed her 
lips. She slowly started sliding it into her mouth, 
over her tongue, and into her throat. A second or two 
later, she had his whole cock in her mouth and her nose 
pressed into his pubic hair. Terri and Matt gasped in 
unison. Nicki then skipped her lips up and down his 
shaft, sliding the head of his cock into her throat on 
each stroke.

This went on like this for a short while, Matt started 
humping his cock into her mouth as well. It soon looked 
like he was fucking her mouth. Nicki was really 
moaning, almost as load as Matt was. Terri then did 
something completely unexpected. She reached under 
Nicki's robe and started fingering her clit. This set 
Nicki off in convulsions as her orgasm hit her. While 
she was cumming, she put her mouth in high-gear on 
Matt's cock.

She could feel the cock in her mouth getting harder and 
seemingly longer as it entered her throat on each 
stroke. She ran her tongue over it and sucked its 
entire length. Then, Matt screamed "Oh, my God - I'm 
going to cum!". Nicki removed her mouth and motioned 
Terri over. Terri took his cock into her mouth and had 
just closed her lips over the head when he started to 

She tried to swallow all of it, but a few drops managed 
to get past her lips and onto her cheek. She sucked on 
him a few more minutes, until his hardness subsided. He 
looked wiped out and said he really had to go, but he 
wanted to stay. They agreed as they needed their rest 
for the drive back home early in the morning. He 
dressed, kissed each of them deeply, and then left.

Terri told Nicki she looked like she had fun. Nicki 
said she had never been that turned on sucking a cock 
before. She had always looked at it as "servicing the 
man" which wasn't very arousing on its own. Certainly 
as part of a long love-making session.

Bother women were a little embarrassed at their own 
actions but chalked it up to the liquor and the sexual 
tension in the room. Terri asked Nicki why she didn't 
let Matt cum in her mouth. Nicki responded that, while 
she knew I allowed her to fool around if she wanted to, 
she really didn't want to. 

Terri said "Don't you think that taking a young man's 
hard cock into your throat falls into that category?"

"I guess so, but I feel a little better about it this 
way. I really didn't do much more than kiss a part of 
his body, you are the one who actually sucked him off! 
And anyway, isn't this place called Hilton HEAD?" said 

Terri said the issue was up to debate. Matt would have 
cum even without Terri's mouth and that was all due to 
Nicki's sucking, which then made it an official blow-

They talked about it a lot during the 10-hour ride home 
and Nicki got really turned on again. By the time she 
arrived home, she was hot-to-trot. I certainly made out 
well from that, but that's another story.

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