Sunday, 25 August 2013


My wife and, along with her ebony friend Janice, had 
been planning this vacation for years. We had scheduled 
to rent a cabin in the mountains several states away 
and was driving to enjoy the countryside along the way 
when our car was starting to overheat. We had gotten 
off the main road a long time earlier thinking we had 
found a shortcut and hadn't seen a house in miles. 

The road was turning into a gravel road and we was 
starting to turn around with the car on hot, when Pat 
my wife saw the lights of a house upon a nearby hill. 
Having no choice, we continued on our quest with the 
car starting to boil over. When we arrived, we found 
the house to be a run-down place but lights were in the 
window so we pull over and knocked at the door.

An elderly man in his early 50s and a chubby lady about 
the same opened the door. I introduce myself as Bob, my 
wife Pat, and her friend Janice and the trouble with 
the car. The man said there was nothing that could be 
done tonight but we was welcome to have dinner with 
them and stay overnight. We were hungry ourselves and 
eager to accept his hospitality.

We seated ourselves at the table and ma as the man 
called her prepared our plates for us. Two extra plates 
were prepared and soon their kids Sam about 20 and 
Paula about 18 appeared. The man was in overalls and 
the women had on cotton dresses, which reminded us of 
the older days. My wife Pat and Janice had on sexy 
outfits and couldn't help noticing the kids were 
staring at their tits throughout the meal. I noticed it 
also but was also aware that ma and Paula didn't have 
any bra or panties on which kept my attention focus on 

The kids were saying vulgar things that I thought was 
very unruly for kids their age when I found myself 
falling asleep at the table. Soon I started to pass out 
as I glanced at my wife and Janice already head down at 
the table.

We were awaking the next morning by both the farmer and 
his wife totally nude in front of us. We were all tied 
up. Both hands to each other, both feet to each other, 
and a long cord between the hands and feet. It was sort 
of like a hog-tie but looser and we was lined in a row 
with no clothes on at all. We was all starting to 
complain while both ma and pa started to whip us with a 
belt they had in hand and told us to be quiet. 

They said they have been waiting on some new slave toys 
to play with for years now and we were going to be it 
so we better do as we was told or else. The kids had 
arrived with items that looked like a stick. We were 
commanded to get on our hands and feet with our asses 
up and not to let our knees touch the ground unless 
they gave us permission. A few hits with the belt and 
we complied with their instructions.

"Pa, why don't you go with the kids and watch them play 
with the girl toys while I enjoy the boy toy for 
awhile," ma said. The kids had gotten behind my wife 
and Janice as she was talking and pointing our their 
twinkling little assholes to each other.

Both ladies started complaining immediately and 
swearing at ma when I heard both of them screaming. The 
kids had some kind of a low voltage cattle prod and 
were putting it on their asses.

"You better get your asses moving or the kids will have 
to put them up your butts," Pa said. That was all as 
needed at the women crawled out the room with their 
asses twice as high in the air as their heads. The kids 
were laughing and saying how funny their big asses 
looked waddling out.

When they had departed, ma turned to me and said she 
had a belt and cattle prod and wouldn't hesitate to use 
them with pleasure if I disobeyed her for a moment. I 
responded that I understood as she sat on a stool 

"Crawl around the room, while I play with my pussy 
watching you." She told me. I immediately began the 
crawl routine I had seen my wife and friend do earlier 
but it was hard not to put the knees down after a 
while. She got up and placed the cattle prod on my ass 
a couple of times while I was crawling to remind me it 
was to stay high. 

After about 20 crawls around the room she commanded me 
to come to her and grabbing my hair shoved my face with 
force into her crotch and eat her. Her scent was heavy 
from all the earlier playing around, but I dared not 
disobey because of the earlier events. She came two or 
three times and then had me suck on her tits before 
turning around and presenting me her large ass in my 
face. I knew what was expected and began to service her 
ass in earnest. She was in heat after a while, and 
turned around and started to masturbate her pussy on my 
face till she came again.

My cock was extremely hard and come was leaking on the 
floor. She laughed at me calling me a pig and left only 
to come back later with a small pail. 

"Time to milk my cow," she said, as she got behind me 
and had me return to the crawl position. She took my 
cock and started to stroke it like a cow tit. Every 
once in a while she shove a finger in and out my ass 
and say don't come yet, Daisy. I couldn't stand it any 
longer and came all in the bucket. 

It was the largest amount of cum I have had in years 
and my ass was shaking with the organism as her finger 
was still in it. She was extremely mad and tied a rope 
around my neck and dragged me crawling behind her 
outside the house and to a cage filled with mud like a 
dog pen. I was tied to the edge. She left me and I 
squatted down so I could finally look up for once. The 
sight I saw was unbelievable to me.

My wife was crawling the yard with stripes on her body 
and barking like a dog while the boy was behind pissing 
on her ass. Janice had faired no better, as she was 
tied to a wagon with her ass pointed up and the girl 
sitting inside it, hitting her ass with a long switch 
as she pulled it along. Ma had joined pa on a nearby 
bench and was giving him a blowjob while he shouted 
encouragement at the older kids.

After a while, Janice was released. Pat and her had to 
lick each other pussy on the ground while the kids 
edged them on with switching of their asses. When they 
laid in exhaustion on the ground, the daughter Paula 
came and got me out of the mud cage as I crawled behind 
her to the water hose where she washed me down and not 
very gentle either. The hose was then carried to Janice 
and my wife as they fought to get off each other as the 
hose splashed hard on their bodies.

We were then told to go to ma and pa and squat on our 
hunches to await more instructions to which we hastily 
did. Pa had come all over ma mouth several times as 
they finally turned back to us.

"You are now nothing more than toys for our use," ma 
said. It is over 40 miles to the next town and there 
several other families close by have slaves like you 
that are not as gentle as us are. "Your car has been 
drove in the creek so it's a long walk if you make it. 
You can agree to be our slaves till we tire of you and 
let you go or you can take your chances with the 
neighbors whom I seen brand their slaves with hot 
irons. In the meantime, entertain us by crawling around 
the yard some more. Your asses are so cute." 

We began our crawling, as the kids would slap our asses 
occasionally saying get-a-long doggie, doggie. We mooed 
every so often for their pleasure and shook our 

After our trip around the yard, we were all brought 
back to where Ma and Pa were sitting with red asses. Ma 
suggested it was time to milk the girls so both men 
took a seat on the chairs while ma and her daughter 
grabbed Pat and Janice by a tit and led them to the 
men. Both girls were begging, but ma and her daughter 
ignored them and put the men cocks in their mouths. 
They gathered two stools and sat on them on each side 
of the women.

"It's pretty easy," ma said, "since ya don't have any 
milk, we will let the men feed you some while we milk 
your tiny tits."

Neither woman could complain with their mouths stuffed 
with cock but quickly got the message as Ma and her 
daughter grabbed both tits in their hands and started 
pulling downward in with a quick motion. It didn't take 
long for Pat and Janice heads to start bobbing up and 
down on the men cocks. I could hear their grunting as 
their tits were pulled and the men moans. Finally, Pa 
came and then the son before their tits was released 
from the women hold. From where I was squatting, their 
tits were pretty red and their mouths were covered with 

Pa got up from the stool as both men turned around so 
that their hairy asses were pointed at the women. Pa 
told the women to lick their asses to get them hard 
again because they wanted to fuck their pussies. If 
they failed to get them hard, he was going to go get 
the dog from the kennel and let him fuck them. Knowing 
they had little choice, Pat shoved her face in Pa big 
hairy ass and started to lick in earnest while Janice 
proceeded to lick the son's. My cock was hard again 
from watching the ladies when ma laughed and turned to 
her daughter.

"I think it's time milk the bull again," she said, 
pointing at my cock sticking straight out.

Her daughter and her led me to another lawn chair. Her 
daughter sat down and told me I better lick her pussy 
good if I wanted to come. Unlike the women earlier, I 
was in need and needed no encouragement as I plowed by 
face in her pussy and started licking like it was my 
first time. Ma gathered one of the stools and returned 
behind me. Sitting down, she grabbed each of my balls 
in her hand and started to pull them like she did 
earlier with the women. The pain was horrible as I 
thought she was going to pull them off. 

I needed release bad but there was no way with the 
pulling it was going to come anytime soon. When the 
girl came on my face. She got up while ma sat in her 
place. I started to plow my face in her big hairy cunt 
when ma suggested instead I service her ass. Lifting 
her legs on the lawn chair legs, I was presented a 
close up view of her large hairy ass. 

Hesitating for a moment, I felt her daughter grab my 
balls from behind and started to pull them as her 
mother had done earlier. I pushed my tongue in her ass 
and started licking for about five minutes before I 
came all over the ground with my face still planted 
deep in her butt. With my butt going up and down, I 
continued to lick till ma was satisfied and had gotten 
herself off with her hand.

Laughing, ma got up and petted my head as we all turned 
to watch the action on the side. By now, the men were 
shoving their big cocks up my wife and her friend's 
pussies while they were begging for more. I could tell 
Pat was in heat and needed relief the same as I did 
earlier. I could see the ladies bodies shake from their 
orgasm but the men kept plowing into them till they 
came. As the men withdrew and walked in front, the 
ladies need no encouragement as they eagerly opened 
their mouths and began cleaning the cocks.

Ma released our hands and foot tie ropes so we could 
stand but our hands and feet were still tied together. 
We was then led to hose where the kids washed us while 
we had to assume various positions for their 

"Time for the sluts to prepare our meals," ma said, as 
her and the daughter each grabbed Pat and Janice by an 
ass cheek and started leading them in the house. The 
women were wiggling their ass to their new mistresses 
so they could get a better quip on them.

The men had me bend over while they shoved a small 
plastic handle in my ass and tied a bag to my cock. 
They were laughing at sight of my cock and ball, 
telling me what they was going to my wimpy ass later 
and their new sluts. I was then told to pick up any 
trash in yard with my mouth and put it in the bag. To 
get me started, pa took off his belt, had me bend over, 
and walloped my ass several times before I started 
running around the yard. His son was laughing and sat 
down in the chair to supervise while pa went inside. 

I must have picked up trash for at least 30 minutes 
before the kid told me to come to him. He untied my bag 
and had me kneel before him and beg to worship his ass. 
With no escape and the fear of the belt again, I got 
down on my knees while he shoved his hairy ass in my 
face. Relief finally came, when I heard pa call out for 
us to come in to eat. The kid tied a rope to my cock 
and balls and led me back into the house.

The family had already eaten when we arrived and ma and 
her daughter was having fun feeding Pat and Janice. 
Both my wife and her friend had carrots shoved deep 
inside their butts and they were eating food tidbits 
from a woman breast or pussy. Every once in a while 
they would put something in their ass and have the 
women eat it out which they did without hesitation. 

The women were laughing, calling piggy and doggie while 
they were ate and begged for more. Ma was telling them 
later, they was going to get their asses fucked by real 
women as she kicked Pat between the legs and told her 
to be sure to lick the area clean after she eats the 

They had laid a dog bowl on the side and I was told it 
was for me as I crawled to it with ass high and started 
to eat. While I was eating, they were talking about 
playing more games with us later on. The men were 
suggesting turning me into a woman since I didn't have 
a cock anyway while the daughter was suggesting things 
to put in my ass. They all agreed that a good spanking 
was in order after the meal for arriving at their house 
with a stuck up attitude.

I could tell from the grunts of my wife and friend, 
there would be no complaints there as I continued to 
eat. Damn, why was my cock getting hard again.

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