Monday, 26 August 2013


Tom Aaron jumped out of the cab in front of County 
General Hospital, getting soaked to the skin as a 
summer thunder storm swept across Cobb County. Shaking 
off as much water as he could, Tom looked to find the 
correct bank of elevators that would take him to Dr. 
Golden's office on the tenth floor. 

Seeing one of the elevator doors beginning to shut, Tom 
broke into a sprint and stuck his arm into the closing 
doors and made them bounce back open allowing him 
entry. When he finally settled into the front corner of 
the elevator in front of the floor selection panel, he 
noticed a pretty young woman of about twenty-two or 
three leaning up against the wall at the back of the 

He nodded a cursory hello and turned back to wait for 
his stop on ten. Just as the elevator passed the sixth 
floor there was a hard bump and all the lights went 
out. The elevator was not moving and they were standing 
in pitch darkness. Before either of them could say any 
thing an emergency light in the back corner popped on 
filling the elevator with a soft eerie yellowish light.

Tom turned to the raincoat-clad girl and said, "It 
might be a power outage from the storm, and we may be 
here for a little while." 

The girl now looking very forlorn said, "I've got an 
appointment with my baby doctor in five minutes, I hope 
I'm not late!"

After fifteen minutes and still no power, Tom sat down 
on the floor to rest, and the young woman who had 
introduced herself as Sandra, still stood in the corner 
not moving an inch. As the two made small talk, Tom got 
the distinct impression that Sandra was very 
uncomfortable. He couldn't exactly put his finger on 
it, but she kept her arms folded in front of her and 
she fidgeted from one leg to the other.

Finally Tom asked her if she had a problem. Shaking her 
head yes, Sandra slowly removed her coat and revealed a 
truly massive chest on such a slim body! Tom knew he 
was staring but couldn't help himself! Just watching 
Sandra breath was a treat in itself! 

Sandra then said, "I had a baby about six weeks ago, 
and I've always been large busted, but since I got 
pregnant they have just grown and grown! Now I have to 
wear a 40DD bra! I nurse my baby at least six times a 
day, but I produce way more milk than she can drink, so 
I use a breast pump at least twice a day to relieve the 
pressure. This morning my pump broke down and I was 
going to pick up another one at my doctor's office, but 
now we're stuck in here and my breasts are really 
getting sore." 

Tom couldn't believe his ears! Here was a pretty young 
woman talking about her over-sized breasts as if they 
were talking about the weather! Not knowing what to 
say, Tom just nodded and said he hoped that they would 
be out soon and that she could see her doctor soon.

Another half hour went by and still no movement. Sandra 
was now growing more desperate! She had been whimpering 
for a good ten minutes and now was starting to tear up 
from the painful pressure. Sandra was holding her huge 
tits, one in each hand, trying to relieve some of the 
strain that their sheer bulk was causing.

Tom, trying to act the gentleman, asked if there was 
anything he could do to help.

Still massaging her chest, Sandra looked at him and 
said, "When my baby sucks on them to get milk, I can 
feel the tightness go away. If you could maybe suck 
them for me, maybe the swelling would go down a 

Dumbfounded what she had asked of him, all he could do 
was nod his head "yes". 

Sandra quickly unbuttoned her loose fitting top and 
dropped it to the floor. Right in front of his face was 
an industrial strength bra that was doing it's best to 
hold back a tidal wave of tit flesh! Sandra unhooked 
her bra and let it slip of her slim shoulders. Her huge 
tits were tipped with large nipples that were almost a 
deep shade of purple! The tips were long and firm, the 
result of nursing a baby six times a day!

As Sandra sat down next to Tom, her breasts swayed back 
and forth just inches from his face. Now sitting 
against the elevator wall, Sandra asked Tom to lay on 
his back with his head in her lap. She guided a hard 
nipple into his mouth and said, "Come on baby, let 
Momma feed her big boy!"

Tom started sucking on the huge nipple and soon his 
mouth was full of thin sweet tasting milk! The more he 
sucked the more he wanted! After about fifteen minutes 
Sandra removed the nipple only to replace it with it's 
heavy twin! 

By now Tom's pecker was hard as a flagpole! His head 
being held and caressed by this beautiful young girl 
who was cooing softly as he sucked the milk from her 
big chest. His heart jumped in his chest when he felt 
her begin rubbing the front of Tom's pants.

When she found his erection Tom heard a moan come from 
her lips. "Baby's a naughty little boy," she said, as 
she rubbed up and down the shaft of his thick pecker 
through the material of his pants!

Finally when Tom thought that he couldn't take it any 
longer, Sandra moaned, "Time for Momma to suck baby." 
She unzipped Tom's pants, slipped her small hand into 
his open fly, and pulled out his engorged organ!

He had never felt such a delicate touch as the one this 
young huge titted woman was now giving to his straining 
cock! Because of the massiveness of her chest, Sandra 
was able to lean over and take his prick into her mouth 
and not even pull the nipple from his lips! As delicate 
as were her fingers, her mouth was another story! She 
became a bitch in heat as she began to deep throat his 
entire shaft! Both of them moaned and groaned as they 
sucked each other, he on her huge nipple, and her on 
his manly blue steel!

The mutual suckfest went on for about five minutes when 
Tom's balls tightened and his cock shot his load of hot 
jism into Sandra's mouth! As he shot his seed into her 
mouth, Sandra began her own orgasm simply from the 
intense sucking that Tom had been giving her engorged 
boobs and at the knowledge that she'd brought him off! 

Sandra moaned lustily, "The baby gives me orgasms all 
the time when I nurse her! Ever since I got pregnant I 
can get off on my tits all by themselves!"

Just then the lights came on and the elevator started 
to move! 

Both Tom and Sandra leaped to their feet and struggled 
to get their clothes on! Sandra didn't even have time 
to put on her bra! At the tenth floor there were people 
waiting to get on the elevator. Tom stepped out and 
gave Sandra a wink as the elevator quickly filled up. 

Sitting in the waiting room Tom looked out the window 
as the sun came through the clouds. A guy sitting next 
to him said, "Some storm, huh?" Tom looked at him and 
replied, "Yeah, some storm alright!"

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