Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Angered by her argument with her boyfriend Mike,
 Lisa had wanted some time to think alone.  She had sad-
 dled her black stallion  'Buck'  and was now riding him
 west along a ridge top.

 Lisa decided  that  perhaps  some time away from
 the male  of  her  species was  what she needed,  which
 might  be  difficult  to  accomplish  because she was a
 ravishing 20 year old.   And Lisa's  mind  was  just as
 interesting as her body.    She had a warm  inquisitive
 curiosity about life and applied her  prodigious  IQ to
 experience the maximum physical pleasure  whenever pos-
 So there she was,  riding  her  horse  at a slow
 pace, her  long  thick  black hair just touching Buck's
 rump and she was taking in  the  pretty  morning.   Her
 full  breasts  swayed with each step the horse took and
 her nipples were  growing  erect from the friction with
 her flannel shirt.   She was also  becoming  moist from
 the rhythm  of  the  stallion's steps and Lisa was soon
 yearning for sexual contact.

 She unbuttoned the top two  buttons of her shirt
 and squeezed the nipple of her right breast. She decid-
 ed to find a quit place to dismount and pursue physical
 pleasure unrestricted.

 There was a small shaded pool in a ravine to her
 left and she trotted down to it,  got off the  horse to
 let him drink.   She took his saddle and bridle off and
 let him graze.

 Lisa looked around  and  felt  that the area was
 secluded  and  that  nobody was around, so she took off
 her shirt and wiggled out of her tight dungarees.   She
 ran her hands down  her stomach then  down  between her
 legs parting the lips of her pussy,  revealing the pink
 moistness inside.   Slipping the  index finger deep in-
 side, she slowly rubbed her clit.  Yes, she was getting
 hot indeed!

 Lisa  glanced  around  to  make  sure  that Buck
 hadn't wandered too far off and found that  he  was in-
 tently  watching  her.   She  walked  over  to  him and
 scratched  him  between the  ears  and  he  sniffed her
 breasts.  She also noticed the thick black hose  of his
 flaccid penis hanging between his legs.    Lisa had no-
 ticed it several  times  before and had always wondered
 what it would look like erect. . .

 Rubbing her hand  along  his  back,  Lisa walked
 down his  left  flank  to  examine  his maleness from a
 closer view point.   She slowly reached under his belly
 and ran her fingers down its rubbery length.

 "My, my,  what do we have here?",  she  wondered

 His cock was now fully  distended  and  becoming
 erect.  The effect  on  Lisa was electric.  She dropped
 to her knees and started slowly  pumping  him with both
 hands, wondering how big she could make it get.

 Bucks jet black cock  was now rock hard and Lisa
 estimated it to be a little over  20"  long  had to use
 both  hands  to  encircle it.   A drop of slippery ooze
 appeared from the slit  on the end of his bloated cock-
 head, Lisa stuck out her tongue  and  touched it.   The
 taste was little salty.
 If you could ask  Lisa  why  she was doing this,
 she would be unable to answer your question.   The girl
 was caught up in the moment, lust filled her hart.  The
 stallion had been bathed that afternoon,  and his fresh
 smell and taste was just carrying her along in a sexual
 frenzy. No reason, little understanding why.....

 She licked all around the  bulging  head and ran
 her tongue down his impressive length,  then back up to
 the tip.   She  parted her lips  and pushed a little of
 the head into her mouth.  Her hands resumed their pump-
 ing motion and she pushed as much of the prick into her
 mouth as she could.   Bucks massive cock began to throb
 and Lisa knew what was about  to  happen.   She removed
 one hand  from the animals cock and slipped two fingers
 up her cunt.   Her other hand quickened it's pace. Sud-
 denly a huge blast  of  cum  shot into her mouth.  Then
 another.  The hot, white liquid filled  her  mouth  and
 she  took a  big  swallow  but it was filling her mouth
 faster than she could swallow it.   Lisa  took the cock
 tip from her mouth and got a blast of cum  in  her face
 and on her bouncing breasts.    Another jet and she was
 covered,  another  and  the sperm was  dripped onto the
 ground, globs were dripping from her rock hard nipples.

 Her own orgasm peaked as her pussy clamped  down
 on her fingers wiggling within.  Buck continued to pump
 thick globs of cum onto her breasts and stomach.   Lisa
 and  her  horse  shared  their orgasms for several more
 moments before they were spent.

 Lisa's head was spinning so she sat back to  re-
 gain her balance. She was literally covered with sticky
 cum. Buck's cock was growing limp and receding back in-
 to it's sheath and he was grazing on grass again.

 She slipped into  the  cool  pool  of  water and
 rinsed herself off. The clear water felt good and help-
 ed her regain her senses.  She got out of the water and
 stood  in  the  sun  to dry, and as she was letting the
 sunlight caress her, she pondered her experience.   She
 wondered what made the  idea of having sex with a horse
 so appealing and decided that  it  was a combination of
 things.  First it was taboo. "Normal"  people didn't do
 those things  and  the thought of doing something taboo
 made  the  act more exciting.  Second the mere sight of
 that enormous black cock excited her.

 "Too bad I'll never feel that monster slide into
 me", she thought as she slipped into her blue jeans and
 shirt.  "The size of it would surely put me in the hos-

 As she hoisted  the saddle  onto buck's back she
 thought, "Well, maybe it could be done, if I grease his
 cock up good and go very slowly . . .

 "The  thought  of  what  she was considering was
 causing her loins to stir again and  she quickly pushed
 the notion out of her head.

 "Maybe  some  day,  big guy"  Lisa  said  as she
 patted Buck's neck and rode off.

  * * * *

 Lisa had her big black stallion, Buck, where she
 wanted him; in the riding stall,  he  was  well groomed
 and she  was  naked.   After her experience with him at
 the pool,  Lisa was determined to pursue her sexual in-
 dulgence with this fantasy stud.

 She closed and  bolted  the  stable  doors.  The
 morning sunlight streamed through the east windows onto
 the floor casting small hard shadows where it  couldn't
 reach.   Lisa's  heart was pounding in her chest at the
 exciting thought of what she was about to attempt:  she
 was going to have her horse fuck her!

 She strode over to the mount's stall,  where  he
 was intently  munching  a  feed bag of oats and crooned
 into his ear,  "Now we'll see if I can take what you've
 got  to  give".   At  that  she ran her hands along his
 flank, reached under his belly  and  massaged the bulge
 where his cock would  appear.   The soft  velvety  skin
 felt  like  it  was  too sensitive to handle, the whole
 idea too bizarre to pursue  when  the  head of his cock
 slid  out  into  her  hand.  And then she couldn't turn
 back.  She was no longer a thinking,  rational,  civil-
 ized human being; she was a driven and obsessed animal,
 not considering the potentially disastrous consequences
 of what she was about to attempt.

 Lisa dropped  onto  her  knees transfixed by the
 sight of  the  enormous black penis  appearing  in  her
 hands.  It kept  sliding  out  and  out until it looked
 like a small arm in her hands..   She lifted the member
 to her mouth, parted her lips and took  the bulb of the
 cock into her mouth. She slid her tongue under the head
 and could feel the animal's cock throb  every  time his
 heart took a beat.

 Lisa's hands  began slowly stroking the shaft of
 the cock and it began to  become  hard . . .  and much,
 much bigger!   Lisa took the cockhead out of her mouth,
 closed her eyes and  rubbed  the meaty pole on her face
 and then on her beautiful breasts.  She slid the bloat-
 ed head over her nipples until they became erect.   And
 all the while the cock became bigger and bigger.

 Lisa got up and grabbed a container of lubricant
 and went back  to  her  work.    She applied a generous
 amount to the end of buck's cock and  began coating the
 shaft of the pole.  When she had about  12" of his dick
 lubricated she removed one slick hand and slid 2 of her
 fingers  into  her  steaming slit and strummed her clit
 with her thumb.  She slowly rocked back on the wiggling
 fingers in her body and  spent  several long moments in
 increasing waves of pleasure.   Her  hand  was  full of
 slick  black  cock,  of  enormous  proportions, quickly
 slipping  over the fat head  and  down  its length. Oh,

 It was time for the moment of truth.  She got up
 and led the  steed  over  to  a  bed which consisted of
 several strategically  placed bales  of  straw  covered
 with a wool blanket.  She positioned the horse over the
 arrangement and slid underneath him.

 His bulk and it's implied  strength seemed a bit
 overwhelming.  Lisa reached down between  her knees and
 grasped the cock of her dreams.  She rubbed the bloated
 head between the  lips  of her pussy and gasped as Buck
 hunched up his hind quarters  and let loose with a pel-
 vic thrust that easily slid the entire  end of his cock
 past  the  girl's  cunt  lips,  stretching  them to the
 limit.  It was in!

 Throwing her head side to side as more penetrat-
 ed, she felt it enter  her tight cervix, stretch, push,
 a scream escaped her lips.   Bucking  her  against  the
 bales  of hay,  her mount crashed into her with a meaty
 whomp of flesh against  flesh,  driving  her  into  the
 bales of hay.

 She  could  feel  the  engorged  head   scraping
 through  the  length  of her over-stretched cunt,  as a
 wave of pain/pleasure rippled through the entire length
 of her body.

 On and On he humped, she gasped, her breath com-
 ing short in  her  lungs  as she  was thrown  again and
 again into the hay.  Another orgasm ripped  through her
 like fire and  suddenly  Buck froze,  buried as deep as
 she was able to take him. Two feet of Horse cock throb-
 bed in her as he started the spurt.  She could feel hot
 jets of cum burning into her, filling her, the pressure
 of  the  semen  pushing it past even the tight seamless
 fit of the gigantic cock within, finally streaming past
 and squirting out  of  her red cunt.  She lay, panting,
 part of the horse weight on her,  unable to  move,  the
 cock  still  pulsating,  more and more cum leaking from
 her,  draining down her legs  and forming a pool on the

 Finally, after minutes,  Buck reared up, pulling
 his still huge  member from her cunt so quickly that it
 made a loud sucking pop.  Cups of semen flowed from the
 pulled cork.   Weakly Lisa put her  hand  to her gaping
 cunt,  groaning as  her  hand was covered in hot sticky
 fluid as she explored the damage to her poor Pussy.

 With a thrown  back  head,  Buck wandered to the
 Water bucket and drank his  fill.  Lisa turned and slid
 down the  bales,   falling into the water-trough with a
 squishy thud and closed her eyes.

 Minutes? Hours? later, she awoke to the sound of
 a gasping of breath,  there  stood  Mike  with a stupid
 look upon his face. "Wh-What?" He stuttered.

 "Oh God" she thought to herself......

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