Tuesday, 27 August 2013


My own particular kink is to watch my wife, who is 36, 
being fucked by young boys of about 16. I travel into 
London each day for work and therefore have ample 
opportunity to contact many young boys kicking around 
the streets.

They are only too pleased to sink their rampant young 
pricks between the warm, fleshy white thighs of an 
attractive, middle-aged woman. This invariably takes 
place in the car on a common or some other lonely open 
space. After being dubious at the beginning, my wife now 
loves it and seldom fails to reach a climax while having 
a fuck with the boys.

One youngster of 16, with his football boots slung over 
his shoulder came with us once and produced quite a 
thick 6" prick. All told, it was up my wife for 
something like half an hour. He was almost six feet tall 
and really made the car bounce while he shagged her. He 
spunked inside her twice before we drove him home.

We are very careful not to entertain anyone under age. 
But once we were caught out when a boy, who swore he was 
just 17, admitted that he was only 15 after he had 
fucked my wife. We have been very careful after that. 
There are a lot of desperately frustrated youngsters 
about, just longing to slip their cocks into women. It 
must be good that they get relief from an experienced 
woman, instead of messing about with younger girls and 
perhaps getting them into trouble.

We find that cleanliness is sometimes a problem. A few 
times if the youths have not been clean when they 
removed some clothing, my wife has not allowed them to 
fuck her. On these occasions she wanked the boys off 
instead or sat with her skirt up, showing her thighs and 
suspenders while the boys tossed themselves off.

Sometimes, if a particular youngster is nice, I let them 
walk off into the bushes and then I creep up quietly ten 
minutes later while they are fucking and sit down to 
watch them. Invariably, when they are finished they sit 
and watch while I mount my wife and fuck her. I wish 
someone laid on such facilities for me when I was a kid!


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