Sunday, 25 August 2013


My wife, Shirley, and I were married on a small island in 
the mid-pacific in the early 1990's. I was working for a 
private defense contractor at the time I met her. I was 
instantly infatuated with her from the time I met her. 
Her long black hair, curvaceous body and pouty lips were 
enough to make most men go crazy. 

We returned to the States in the late '90's and I began 
my career in nursing at a large hospital in California. 
Shirley took classes in business at the local college and 
began her career a couple of years later at a black-owned 

She had been working there about a month, when she came 
home on day and announced that the company was having a 
party at a local hotel. It was $50 per couple and 
included the hotel room. Sounded good to me. So I said, 
"Yes, of course, sweetheart." She smiled demurely as I 
gave her the check.

The party happened about two weeks later. Shirley dressed 
up in a tight mini skirt with plenty of cleavage. Her 
firm breasts looked like they were going to bolt out of 
her tight blouse. I always liked the way she wore her 
make-up when she knew she was going to a party. She 
finished dressing and putting on her make-up and we were 

We arrived at the hotel reception room and I was amazed 
at how many people there were. I hadn't spoken to Shirley 
much about her job, but I took it for granted that the 
business was a small enterprise. Such was apparently the 
case. We checked into our hotel room. I could tell that 
she was in the mood to party. We freshened up a bit then 
went downstairs to the reception room. She introduced me 
to her boss and co-workers.

I was mildly surprised that there was not one Black woman 
to be seen, only Oriental and White, for the most part. 
We traded some small talk then sat down at a table and 
ordered a couple of drinks. We finished those quickly and 
ordered two more and two more after that. I could tell 
that she was beginning to feel her oats. One of her co-
workers, a tall, muscular Black fellow asked her to 
dance. She accepted, with my permission, and started 
shaking her booty like I had never seen her do before 
when I danced with her. She was gyrating all over the 
dance floor.

After a few dances her partner escorted her back to the 
table. She was breathing heavily and smiling at the same 
time. I asked her partner if he would care to have a 
drink with us and he accepted. His name was Jamal and he 
worked in the same office as Shirley. We engaged in some 
small talk and he again asked me if it would be ok to 
dance with her again? I nodded in the affirmative. This 
dance was a slow one. I watched as she put her arms 
around his neck and drew closer to his muscular body.

I found myself getting turned on by watching the two of 
them. I passed it off as the alcohol working. I watched 
as their bodies gyrated against one another. I could tell 
she was turned on as she kept pressing into him. Again I 
dismissed that as the alcohol working. They returned and 
we talked more.

I noticed their eyes meeting on several occasions and 
exchanging smiles. I also found myself thinking strange 
thoughts. I was thinking of the three of us going to the 
hotel room together. The more I thought about it the more 
turned on I became. I finally blurted out, "Jamal, would 
you like to join Shirley and I in a few drinks in our 
room?" He appeared to be taken aback by what I said, but 
shook his head in the affirmative. 

By the time we reached the room, my cock was so hard I 
couldn't control myself. We had stopped by the store on 
our way to the hotel and had picked up some brandy. We 
had a couple of drinks and then I suggested that we all 
make ourselves "more comfortable." 

Shirley and Jamal looked at me in a questionable way. I 
explained that the sight of the two of them together 
aroused me and I would like to carry it further. I then 
asked them to tell me what was on their minds, no holds 
barred? Both of them said that the thought was inviting.

I found myself also blurting out, "Jamal do you think you 
could persuade a friend of yours to join us?" He found 
that totally astonishing but said that he would go back 
downstairs and find someone. I also found myself setting 
up a scene. I wanted Jamal and his friend to knock on our 
door. When we answered they would barge in and force 
themselves on Shirley, tying me up in the process.

About a half hour later there was a knock on the door. I 
answered it and Jamal and his friend did exactly what I 
had requested. They barged in grabbed me and tied me up. 
Then they moved toward Shirley and grabbed her 
forcefully, ripping off her clothes as she pretended to 
fight them off, finally submitting. They were kissing her 
all over. Running their long black fingers over her 
breasts and down her firm stomach to her wet pussy. There 
they stuck their long fingers into her twat and began 

When she was on the verge of cumming, they withdrew. One 
of them began to flicker his tongue down her firm belly 
finally reaching her aching pussy. He tongue entered as 
she screamed out. Jamal's friend, Bobby, was kneeling 
over Shirley as she fumbled with the zipper on his pants. 
I could see the huge bulge and was really turned on when 
she finally unzipped it and took it out. It was huge! 
Probably way over 10 inches. She grabbed it and began 
stroking it as Jamal continued to dart his long tongue in 
and out of her hot, wet pussy. She was moaning loudly.

I was growing harder as the action intensified. Bobby 
grabbed her long hair FORCEFULLY as she wrapped her big, 
firm lips around his massive black cock. Taking in more a 
little at a time. Finally only a couple of inches were 
showing. She sucked it furiously. She had never done this 
to me before and now I was watching as two total 
strangers were fucking my wife!

Bobby pushed her away forcefully and verbally abused her. 
She moaned with pleasure at this abuse. Bobby got between 
her legs and started massaging her rock-hard clit. She 
was moaning loudly now.

Finally he started sliding that black massive cock into 
her. Her moans turned to screams as he started pumping 
her rhythmically like only Blacks can do. She screamed 
like a banshee when he shoved it hard and deep into her, 
her fingernails clawing his back. Pumping her harder and 
harder. I could not believe how long this fine Black 
specimen of a man could fuck my wife. I was just as 
turned on as she was.

Then Bobby rammed his whole cock into her as both of them 
screamed in ecstasy. He withdrew and Jamal now got 
between her legs. She pushed him away playfully and 
gestured for him to lay an his back, which he did. She 
put his Black manliness into her mouth and sucked him 
until his cock was hard. Although he wasn't as long as 
Bobby, he was massive.

She then mounted him and started gyrating around his big 
black cock, sinking deeper into her. Her long black hair 
was flying as she started pumping him. She altered her 
circular gyrations with a hard up and down motion. She 
was screaming wildly as she pumped him. Bouncing on his 
hard Black cock, harder and harder until both of them 

It has been a few months since that night. Jamal and 
Bobby have since moved in with us as Shirley found she 
couldn't live without their massive black cocks, and 
neither could I.

I am now the cuckold husband serving their every desire 
and loving it. 

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