Friday, 30 August 2013


Air Force wives face special challenges especially if 
the hubby is a flight crew member and is often gone for 
a few days, a few weeks or even months. The periods of 
separation present periods of loneliness, boredom and 
thoughts of fantastic sex with someone who is near. 

There is an old military saying that, "when one is not 
near the one they love, they love the one they are 
near." Actually it is my opinion that there is a lot of 
truth in this little adage for the men as well as their 
women. Once one starts cheating, it becomes not only 
easy, but seems to become a goal at times.

This is a short story about one time when my husband 
was gone for two weeks on a mission. Any wife can be 
faithful for two weeks, or can they? I was a bit bored 
and had decided to go to the enlisted club for the 
Friday night fish special, eat, have a beer, and go 
home. I filled my plate from the buffet, had eaten all 
I wanted and relaxed to enjoy the remainder of my beer 
when the waitress brought me another beer and said, 
"This is from a secret admirer."

She nodded to my right rear and I glanced around to see 
a very handsome young black airman smiling and lifting 
his bottle as to toast me. I acknowledged his gesture 
by lifting my bottle and smiling. This is all it took 
as he walked over and asked if he could join me as he 
was alone and assumed I was alone also.

Of course what middle aged married woman would not be 
flattered to be "hit on" by a handsome young man like 
this one, WOW! As he sat down he introduced himself as 
Rob from Mississippi. 

We chatted and I revealed my situation and that my 
hubby was out on a mission and would not return for 
another week. He said he joined the Air Force 6 months 
ago and left the girl he was going to marry back in 
Mississippi. He talked about how much he missed her and 
wished she could come and visit him but it was out of 
the question for the time being. 

I was feeling a bit of a tingle down between my legs as 
I had some naughty thoughts about what he was missing - 
his loving I would bet, and if he was thinking of using 
me as a substitute for his girl friend's charms. Well, 
I thought, I will make some little comment that has a 
double meaning so I said to Rob, "I bet you are not 
only missing her but what she does for you, and 

Rob looked at me and said, "Yes and that too. I bet you 
miss the same thing when your husband is gone," and 
sort of chuckled. I giggled and said that I could not 
deny it.

I had no intentions of cheating but those little devils 
inside me were taking charge of my mind and body and 
telling me that this young black stud was what I 
needed, and I needed him tonight. I could feel the 
wetness down between my legs as I started having 
visions of us going to bed together for a night of 
sheer pleasure. 

We became flirtatious and I looked him in the eye and 
said, "Rob, why did you pick on me tonight? What do you 
see in this old white married woman? You are so young 
and handsome." I could see beads of sweat breaking our 
on his forehead and thought, "If he thinks he is 
sweating now, wait till I get his black body between 
these hot white legs.

Rob replied, "Now that is a tall order but I will try. 
I was alone, lonely and bored tonight and you looked 
like you were as well. I notice that you are a very 
beautiful and sexy woman. I hope you don't mind but I 
am really attracted to you. I know I am black and you 
are white and married but I was hoping that you would 
not mind spending some time together sort of chatting 
and enjoying the evening."

"Of course I like you and being black is no issue. Gee 
any woman would be pleased to be noticed by you." (Now 
I knew that the next move was mine and I wanted him in 
my bed tonight with out fail.) "Rob," I continued, 
"Would you like to go to my place and listen to some 

Rob looked into my eyes and smiling, in a low tone 
said, "I was hoping you would ask."

We got into my car and drove a short distance to my 
house and I put on some soft slow dancing music and as 
I removed my shoes, Rob took me into his arms and 
pulled me tight and placed a wet full kiss on my mouth 
as I kissed him back We were then were grinding our 
bellies together like two horny teen-agers.

As we danced, Rob moved his hands to my bottom pulling 
me tight against his now hard manhood as I pushed back 
with my womanhood. After some three dances I knew we 
both wanted to get on with mingling our bodies in 
unbridled passion. I took Rob by the hand and led him 
to the bedroom where I had a candle lit on a table in 
the room, I could see his jet black face glistening in 
the candlelight. It sent a passionate chill down my 
spine as I thought of how that body was going to feel 

I took the initiative and fumbling, removed his shirt 
and kissed his muscular hairy chest till I reached his 
belt buckle, unbuckled his pants, unzipped them and 
dropped them to the floor as he stepped out of them. I 
looked for a moment at the white shorts that were 
hiding his ebony hard rod. I was shaking all over as I 
removed the final barrier and gently took his black rod 
in my hand and kissed it as he let out a slow deep 

I moved up and kissed him on the mouth again and told 
him that I loved his young black cock and could hardly 
wait to feel it deep inside me. With that he started 
pulling my white blouse and black bra off moving down 
to my black skirt dropping it and removing my black 
lacy panties, parting my hairy lips and kissing my 
clit. I was so excited I almost had an orgasm right 

I knew by the sweat that was all over his body and the 
way he was groping me that we better get together soon 
if I wanted to enjoy that lovely erotic young hard 
black rod before it shot its load into space.

I moved to the bed and opened my legs to receive his 
black cock deep inside me as he started pumping fast 
and furious. I soon felt his cock throbbing and pumping 
his black seed deep inside my waiting womb. I 
immediately went into an explosive orgasm making me 
shake all over and then going stiff as he pumped the 
last of his seed into me. I then I went limp, exhausted 
with pleasure. He slumped over me exhausted and said, 
"Baby, You have really busted this black boy's nuts 

I kissed him and said, "I am so glad because you have 
sent me into orbit and back. I am going to take you 
away from your girl friend and keep you all to myself," 
and giggled.

He drifted off into sleep as I snuggled up to him and 
went to sleep myself. I awoke the next morning as the 
sun came into the room. I thought I might have been 
dreaming but I knew that I was not as I looked at my 
young black lover and realized that this older white 
wife still had what it took to bust a young studs balls 
and really good at that. I was so thrilled that he had 
noticed me. I looked down at his limp manhood and 
realized how different it was this morning and how 
satisfied he looked and how satisfied I knew that I 

I smiled as I realized that it was in my power to bring 
his limp black rod back to life...

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