Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Four knights huddled around a fire in the naked 
countryside eating rabbit and drinking from their water 
bags. They were on a quest to slay any evil in the 
Kingdom's farthest reaches and find the source of some 
strange lights and going-ons in the area as of late. 

Apparently, many castle guards had observed strange 
lights around the farthest edges of the woods and the 
King sent his favorite knights to cure the fear of the 
people. It had been 4 weeks travel and they were deep 
within the forest that surrounded the valley the castle 

Buckonir, the leader, was a large man in height and had 
long blonde hair that reached his waist when unbound. 
His feminine features and slim build belied his 
horrible strength. Next to him was Smitson, simply 
called Raven, for his love of black clothing and his 
short, but heavy build. Beside him were the Gutenstein 
cousins, Dog and Marc, both average build with long 
brown hair and a savage faces. 

The men were not in a joking mood tonight, as fear 
crept into them. "So were the first to explore these 
woods, aye?" said Raven, looking at the filled mouth of 
Buckonir. "Yes, who knows what be in this cursed 
forest... trolls, ogres, orcs... but they are no match 
for our blade's bite." He said calmly. "The sun will 
rise soon, so lets sleep well tonight." At this, the 
group removed their armor and weapons, and laid on the 
ground still chewing on their  straw beds, closing 
their eyes. 

"Ye know, from behind you look like a maiden Buckonir," 
Dog cooed and the group roared in laughter. "How long 
has it been since you have laid with a woman? Oh you 
never have," smiled Buckonir. At that Dog pretended to 
laugh and go to sleep, never mind the insult.
The group was already moving through the woods at first 
light, heading north, towards the area of the lights. 
The forest had been dark, alien and mysterious for all 
the days they moved through. The air was far colder up 
here, and frost coated the pines in the immediate area. 
The oxygen was thin, dragging on the men's endurance, 
since they had been steadily climbing uphill through a 
mountain forest. The streams were chucked with ice and 
the grown was white with snow. 

After 2 hours of nonstop trudging, they stopped to make 
camp and rest for around an hour or 3. "I'll get wood, 
Dog and marc will get meat and you get some water 

They all split into separate groups immediately. Raven 
carried skin bags and small pails with him near a 
stream collecting ice to melt. He noticed the smell of 
fresh water, and decided to follow it, too tired to 
care what might be around. He found a little, flowing 
stream. As he gathered water from the stream he looked 
up further to see a wide lake. He moved up to one of 
the most beautiful icy lakes he had ever seen, but 
suddenly a large splash moved him to drop his equipment 
and unsheathe his sword. 

Tense, and tight, his eyes darted quickly around the 
lake surface. What made him drop his guard in disbelief 
was when a naked woman rose out of the water, her long 
curly black hair raining ice water and freezing 
droplets sliding down her breasts. Her light muscular 
build was lightly tan. It made no sense ay all. 

"Hey! MAIDEN!" he yelled but the woman only turned 
slightly, smiled and lazily walked through the trees. 

Raven could not believe his eyes. He ran furiously back 
to the camp to find Bucknir stoking a fire. "BUCKNIR!! 
I found PEOPLE!! UP here!" he gasped. 

"People?! What kind of people?!" He alarmingly uttered. 

"I don’t know... I saw a woman in the ice lake, she was 
not scared, I’m sure we can track her!" Raven gasped. 
Bucknir yelled for Marc and Dog who came running, 
blades at the ready. "We found people here, or 
someTHING, but we gonna find it aye?!" Bucknir 
The men quickly found the tracks near the lake and 
traced them through the icy forest, eventually 
happening upon what seemed like a tiny village. The 
homes were made with wood and mud, but large and in the 
distance stood what seemed to be a stone temple unlike 
anything they have seen. Bucknir placed his hand on the 
sword handle and slowly walked in, yelling, "We come in 
peace, please speak to us, we come from the southern 
Kingdom of the Valley!" 

Immediately they were surrounded by dozens of women! 
The women were dressed in fur and walked around them 
confusingly, women of all ages, yet no older than 40 
but no younger than 17. They touched the knight's faces 
and slowly began to smile and giggle. 

"I like this place," said Dog. 

Then horns blew and the women pulled out large scimitar 
blades from under their four aimed at the knight's 
throats. Raven was about to fight back when a large red 
haired woman about 6ft 4 and muscular as a man, walked 
towards them. "I am Kala, and these are my people! Why 
are you here knights of the south! Drop your blades or 
die, we have archers all aimed at your heads!" 

The knights dropped their blades and looked at Bucknir 
for the next move. "We are just searching for the 
source of strange lights, we have no quarrel with you. 
The king of..." but before Bucknir could finish Kala 
continued. "Yes, yes, so you are here to find lights? 
Well, you must be tired. Come, we will feed you, and 
celebrate the visitors," she bellowed. 

The blades dropped and the knights were led to a large 
wooden building by giggling women.

3 women to a knight lead the knights into little rooms 
with very large tubs. The men were stripped and pushed 
into the hot water, surrounded by giggling ladies. Kala 
lead Bucknir into a room with a tub, and undressed him 
quickly like a child. 

"I don’t understand..." he muttered, but the big woman 
picked him up like a baby, and sat him in the tub. 
Bucknoir  was in shock, naked in a hot tub with a woman 
like a goddess. She then stripped herself quickly 
exposing huge breasts and a stomach ripped like 
bubbling metal. 

Bucknir was still taking it all in when she climbed 
into the tub with him and pulled him to her. "Now hold 
on... WHATS GOING ON!?" he yelled and pushed at her, 
but her strength was too much for even him. 

"Relax and enjoy," she said as her hand fished for his 
quickly hardening penis. 

He gasped when she found her target, Her other hand 
grabbing his buttocks and pulling him unwillingly 
towards her. His shock spiraled out when he felt 
himself slide into a tight, warm hole. Her legs wrapped 
around his hips and she held herself up with her hands 
on the edge of the tub. 

She stared him in the eyes, as she used her legs to 
vibrate him in and out of her clenching pussy. Bucknir 
looked at her huge breasts in shock at how even if he 
pulled back, the power in her vagina would not free him 
even if he did try to pull free. He was merely a puppet 
moving not on his own accord, as she used her legs and 
pussy alone to pump him furiously. 

He gave in to being powerless and felt the fluid in his 
balls bubble up slowly. Then she stopped, and sunk into 
the tub with him, still holding him. She laid on her 
back, still floating, and bounced him up and down on 
her pussy like a doll. He screamed as he came, flooding 
her pussy with sperm. But she kept going like nothing 

Bucknir never felt so powerless in his life and 
oversensitive penis trapped in her begin to suffer with 
pain from the overstimulation. 

"STOP! Please STOP!" he groaned as he pushed at her 
but, her rock body never stopped and she just stared 
him in the eyes. Bucknir's nerves in his ground 
screamed with torture as the pumping never let up. In a 
painful fury he beat at her stomach and chest, but the 
rock hard body never stopped. He could hold out no 
longer and screamed in pain. He screamed for his 
comrades and pushed at her but the onslaught never 
stopped and none came. 

"I won't stop till I’m done," she gasped in his face. 

Bucknir screamed in pain as she grinded him upside the 
wall of the tub. His legs and arms thrashed in the tub 
as the pain crept up his penis to his prostate. After 
what seemed like forever and his voice grew barely 
audible and hoarse, the stopped and moaned loudly, he 
laid back with relief but then she sped up and her 
walls vibrated on him. He screamed but the pain stopped 
as she caught her breath and quit. Bucknir lay limp 
over her shoulder, gasping for breath, still clenched 
to her tightly. 
Suddenly a loud, guttural scream came from across the 
hall. It was Dog. There was the sound of a fight and 
naked feet on the wooded floor. Dog slid in the room, 
falling on his back, naked, erect, and bound, his hands 
firmly kept to his side by a belt like structure. He 
looked at the limp Bucknir, and ignored the fact of his 
exhaustion, panicky yelling, "These women are 
unnatural, their monsters, we must leave now!" 

Bucknir, gained new strength and shoved the woman 
holding him, but nothing happened. His energy flowed of 
him into the steamy water. The sound of naked feet came 
loud down the hall, and the three women that led Dog 
into the tub appeared naked and wet. But they were 
hermaphrodites, their sopping wet vaginas, dripped and 
their huge 8 inch dicks dripped pre-cum. 

The redhead chuckled to herself and turned Bucknirs 
face to watch his friend. Dog pushed away, but the 
combined force the girls turned him over. One of the 
girls placed at a strange steel device over his feet, 
tying them together. Long metal tubes projected out the 
side of the device, spreading Dog's legs wide like in a 
birth position. 

In one last gust of defiance he yelled a curse as a 
petite blonde girl with a cute innocent face settled 
between his legs. His throat grew hoarse as his eyes 
squinted and his mouth yelled a scream that could split 
eardrums when she shoved the huge pink head into him. 
Her dainty little hands pushed on his chest, but her 
other part was roughly pushed into his anus. One of the 
other girls, the one from the lake, put a metal ball in 
his mouth. 

His eyes opened wide and his mouth opened to reveal a 
clear rubber like coating over his teeth. The same girl 
sat on his face, easing her member down his throat, not 
just his moth and actually down the esophagus. A tiny 
tube poked out the side of his mouth allowing him to 
breath, while the pale butt and long black hair bounced 
up and down on his face, fucking his throat. His chin 
was swallowed by her pussy, soaking his neck. 
The third girl, and tall blonde with small breasts 
eased in the tub behind Bucknir. He suddenly realized 
whats going to happen and thrashed violently, but the 
big woman held him firm. The little girl no more than 
18, spread his cheeks and he felt a hardness pushing at 
his anus. "No! No! No!" 

AAHHH!!" Her 10 inches were halfway inside his gut, the 
thick intruder literally ripping his insides. Blood 
clouded around his butt, but the little girl behind him 
kept pushing like a mad bull, drooling. He looked at 
Dog, who was sobbing in pain as the petite blonde girl 
between his legs moaned and rolled her head in a circle 
in a slow but numbing orgasm. 

The black haired girl was already standing up, pulling 
the contraption from his mouth. He threw up at the 
extraction, only a cup full of pure white cum, spilling 
forth, over his face and nose. Dog slumped into 
unconsciousness then, and the little blonde pulled her 
limp dick from his bleeding anus. Bucknir also feinted 
when the girl in his butt began to moan and her penis 
doubled in girth, spewing two handfuls of burning cum 
in his stomach. 
Bucknir awoke, groggily, inside a stone room, filled 
with green light. As he looked he up his adrenaline hit 
the roof to not only see this was not a dream, but his 
best friend Raven was laying on a table limp, eyes 
rolling into his head with 4 girls violently fucking 
him. One normal like girl was riding him violently, 
while two underneath him were doubled up in his anus, 
gushing blood. His mouth was full as well. 

The lady in his mouth pulled her member out and coated 
his face in cream. All the others moaned in unison, 
crushing his body with their hips. When they got off of 
him, he lay still, not moving. "Well, he wasn’t enough 
men to lay with 4 women now was he" said a familiar 
voice to Bucknir's side. It was Kala. "You men are so 
much more fun than those machina."  

Bucknir suddenly realized he was chained to the wall by 
strange devices. "What are YE!?! DEVIL!!!" he roared. 

Kala chuckled to herself. "Not a devil, but a human 
like you, just made better by the masters."

When Bucknir looked at a wall to his side, he was 
pictures of large headed, gray beings with huge black 
eyes, doing things to women with strange tools. "These 
demons be ye masters..." he said in a low voice.

"Yes, but they’re not demons, they call themselves 
Kghu," she said relaxed. "Want to meet one?"  She 
walked away from him, but the part of the wall he was 
attached to give way and floated behind her. 

They entered an all metal room, while a young girl 
around 13 was on a table, aliens flurrying around her 
body with blades, tools, needles and robots in their 
hands, making her "better". Kala bowed and put her 
hands on her head. One of the aliens took notice and 
rubbed her chin, with love like for a pet. He looked at 
the man on the floating slab and went back to work like 
nothing was amiss, which it wasn’t... to him.

"Where's my men?" Bucknir shouted. 

The aliens never noticed but Kala did, decking him 
across the face. Blood poured from his eye and his lip. 
They left the room, the slab always behind her. "You 
wanna see your men, you disrespectful bastard!" she 
said. "Well, I'll show you."

They entered a huge stone hall they needed into a 
gigantic room. The room glowed blue and had a cool air 
to it. Bucknir looked up and lost his cool right then. 
A huge woman about 33 feet tall with white hair lay on 
a huge soft table resting, her fingernails and lips 
blue tinted. "Snow goddess, your servant is here to 
feed you," Kala yelled.

The huge woman stirred, eyeing her with red eyes. 
Bucknir saw Marc tied to a slab like him. 5 women in 
robes detached his spent frame and moved to the 
goddess. She smiled and opened her huge legs wide, her 
vagina dripping with a yellow slime. 

Marc was obviously drugged as he could barely lift his 
head. The women in robes laid him on the goddess' 
table, his feet pointed towards her vagina. The vagina 
eased open like a plant, yellow fluid washing his body. 
Long pink tendrils eased out, wrapping around him, like 
a squid’s arms. The arms slowly pulled him inside. 

Once his feet felt the warm flesh, Marc tired to fight, 
but his strongest efforts were restrained to moaning 
and slow jiggles. He moaned and grunted loudly and 
twitched fast and hard as his head disappeared between 
the giant pussy lips. 

Bucknir became sick as he could hear the moans and 
screams from the vagina deafen, while a small bulge 
moved up the goddess' mound. The mound moved, then 
stopped and disappeared around her stomach region like 
a wave smoothing out on a ocean surface. 
The goddess belched and lay her head back on the table. 
The robed women and Kala cheered, jumping up and down. 
She raised her huge head again, white hair flowing down 
her face, red eyes on Kala. 

"I want more, more life," her voice thundered. 

Poor Dog was brought out, screaming and fighting 
against his bonds. Kala walked over to him and wrapped 
her hands around him. The restraints let go and she 
placed his struggling frame on the table. The huge 
tendrils flew out again, wrapping around each limb and 
his mouth. Kala let go, and the tendrils pulled him 
towards the opening pussy. Bucknir heard a high pitched 
scream as the long brown hair disappeared between the 

The goddess began to rub her breasts as the lump around 
her gut jiggled and fought, then a high pitched scream 
like a whistle echoed from her belly, abruptly cutoff 
followed by stillness. The lump disappeared, and she 
belched again followed by cheering. 

Bucknir closed his eyes and muttered to himself cursing 
himself for becoming aroused. The bright red eyes 
focused on him, and the voice thundered in the acoustic 
room. "Calm him, then feed me." 

"Yes goddess," Kala answered and she moved her hand for 
the robed to move towards Bucknir. One woman knelt 
behind him, massaging his naked balls firmly, the 
other, a long haired brunette, grasped his member and 
engulfed it down to the balls. Her throat rhythmically 
rubbed the head causing him to ejaculate fact. Bucknir 
slumped in his cuffs, dripping sperm down the still 
sucking girl's mouth. Kala then motioned for the girls 
to move away, and she grabbed him. 

He was placed on the table and felt the warm, wet 
tendrils wrap around his feet. He had lost his hope and 
fight, and was sleepy from the intense work over. 
"Before I die, just tell me goddess, what are you, what 
is going on?" he muttered to her. 

"I will tell," she thundered. "Before I dine."

"The Kguh came from the sky and took a group of girls 
as their pets... us. They used magic and tools to make 
us special. I am most special, I was the first made and 
the mightiest. I lead us in protect. When the day 
comes, I will rise and we will take new lands. We are 
the Amzany clan. Now you know, farewell," she said 
almost lovingly. 

With that the tendrils jerked sliding his back along 
the yellow slime on the table. He felt almost sleepy as 
the warm fleshy walls began to surround and touch him. 
The heartbeat eased him as he held his breath inside 
the goddess.  He kept moving until he stopped. 

He braced himself for the pain, and instantly long 
tentacles with needles engulfed his body. Once the 
needles entered, a fluid so hot like fire pulsed in his 
veins, turning his muscles to goo. Before he could die, 
he was sucked into a painfully tight tunnel which 
closed around him, drowning him with pussy juice. He 
inhaled goo and everything went black.

The room cheered as the goddess belched. She rose to a 
sitting position and smiled at the small people around 
her. "The time is almost upon us," she cooed. "Let us 
find more people for pleasure and let us breed more to 
increase our race." Unknown to the fallen knights, the 
girls impregnated each other rarely, but now the 
goddess was ready to begin a mass breeding, even 
bringing new women for fresh genes to their stock. 

The time was upon them...

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