Monday, 15 October 2012


The last year I turned 21 and everything started to 
happen all at once, as if all my life I was waiting for 
the beginning and finally there it was. Last year my 
mom Estella, for all intents and purposes, left my 
stepfather. He's a total dick who is borderline insane, 
bi-polar, and a womanizer. He had it coming. They were 
married for 6 years, with him being sweet and charming 
in cycles, and then being a massive, controlling 
dickhead for the rest. 

Twice she'd left him, but for complicated reasons she 
went back...and he promised he would change. Of course 
he was lying through his teeth. Now she's left again, 
for good. Hoorah! I heard the news of divorce from my 
mom on telephone because I was living away from home 
for almost two years. I wanted to know more but mother 
asked me to come and meet her, as there are lots of 
other things worrying her. 

On reaching home I found mother living alone. She was 
now past forty but still has the face of woman many 
years younger than she actually is. I did admire her 
figure; her tits were small with almost no sag, her 
thighs and ass firm. Her dark brown eyes are large and 
warm and her tummy has just the right amount of bulge 
to it. 
The next news given to me by Mom was that my nineteen 
year old sister Juliana had married a man old enough to 
be her father. I was really shocked to hear because in 
my eyes my sister was smarter than me. I still asked 
why my sister did such a silly thing. To this my mother 
said that Juliana's boyfriend made her pregnant. That 
son of bitch betrayed her as soon as he learned the 
news of her unwanted pregnancy. Luckily or unluckily a 
divorced friend of family knew about her state and 
asked her to marry him. As he has no child from his 
first marriage he was ready to adopt my sister's child 
as his own. 'Does Juliana have another choice?' Mom 
asked me and I felt that I could not answer this 

All at once, it seemed like people had decided to tell 
their lousy secrets. My real dad, a longhaired, door-
to-door household cleanser salesman too, unburdened 
himself to me in a convertible a few blocks from my 
mother's house, telling me that he's a faggot, after 
all, not even bisexual, but purely gay, despite the 
fact that he married my mother and, evidently, had sex 
with her at some point. Although he pretended that he 
didn't know I'd been kept in the dark, it was, in fact, 
a secret and came as a complete shock.

I remembered the time when my parents divorced each 
other. I was fourteen then and still considered a 
child. None of my parents felt a need to tell me 
anything about their divorce. Mom sometimes asked 
Juliana and me to lye with her when she was relaxing. I 
remembered that during that period mother gave up on 
the string of so-called boyfriends who followed the 
divorce -- before she married the dentist, Peter 
Starke, when I was sixteen. 

By the time I turned eighteen all of us that is Mom, 
Juliana and me realized that Peter Starke is a burden 
in our lives. 

I never got the girls because of I had a complex of a 
smaller cock. I've never known what to say to girls. I 
ended up telling them about something I've read, or 
some tiny, useless fact that I heard somewhere. I asked 
my mom in the kitchen one morning, "Do you think I'm 
good-looking? I mean all the genes are there." 

"Men don't have to be good-looking," said my mother, 
"The world is ruled by ugly men married to beautiful 

I took a sip of juice and asked again, "But am I good-

This time she ignored my question altogether and asked, 
"Are you having sex or not?"

"I don't think I have to answer that," I said, 

My mother looked at me. "You should have sex."

I was meeting my mom after a short break but it had 
begun to dawn on me how strange she really was 
becoming. She seemed to be two very different people. 
In the daytime, she was amply gracious, refined, 
generally connected and straightforward. But she rarely 
slept -- because she suffered from terrible nightmares 
that made her wake up screaming. 

I just wanted to cheer her up. One day I saw mother 
standing in front of the dressing table with her back 
to me, brushing her hair. She was wearing one of her 
shortest and sheerest gowns and it showed off her 
exquisite figure to an extent I never imagined 
possible. It was black and silky, and so damn short 
that it hardly covered her tempting behind.

My cock began to swell uncontrollably. I'd sneaked up 
behind her and slipped my hands under her arms and 
grabbed both her tits. At the same time I'd embedded my 
hard cock in the fold of her dressing gown. Looking 
back one could hardly call my actions 'subtle' or 
'cautious' or even 'measured'. She's spun round, pulled 
her gown tight across her body, and looked at me in 

"Rick, don't put your hand there. You must stop 
touching me! Rick, move your hand... NOW!!"

"Oh..." I'd muttered. "I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't think 
you'd mind. I thought..."

"You know what your problem is? You need a girlfriend 

"Do you know where I can find one"? I asked.

"Ask a girl your own age," she replied, "Really Rick, 
you are a handsome boy. You are witty and intelligent."

"You know very well what size my cock is and how I feel 
about it."

"The right girl for you will not care about any of 
that. She will care about you. Besides a big dick 
sometimes rubs the insides of a girl raw."

"What I learned so far is that it took a monster cock 
to satisfy a woman."

"I don't think this is a subject, we should continue 
talking about," she finished.

Next morning I saw mom preparing for a bath I jokingly 
asked whether she wants me to wash her back. To my 
surprise she agreed. When I was young my mother used to 
ask me (or my sister) to wash her back. I even used to 
take shower with her until she married Peter. 

As I entered inside the bathroom mom had finished 
undressing and was turning on the shower. As soon as we 
were wet, mom turned off the water. Then she turned 
around and told me to wash her back. Mom's biggest rule 
was hands were to stay in back and above the waist.

The one thing I always did first, was to soap up my 
dick. I would then accidentally rub it into her ass 
crack as many times as I felt I could get away with. 
This morning was no exception. I rubbed it slowly into 
her bum crack. What she did next was intended to teach 
me a lesson. She bent down and grabbed my lower leg. 
Then she yanked it out from under me. I slammed into 
the shower wall. Since I had my hands on mom's 
shoulders at the time, I pulled her down with me. As I 
hit the wall I felt something slide over my dick. Mom 
yelped as that happened.

"That was a mean trick mom," I told her.

"Mean nothing," she hissed. "What is mean is that you 
impaled your dick in my ass."

Now the feeling of moist warmth surrounding my dick 
made sense. I adjusted us so that mom was bent over, 
with me standing behind her.

"Gently, gently," mom kept whispering. I then began to 
move very slowly in her. "You nasty boy, slamming into 
a lady's ass like that could really hurt her," she 
finally said.

After a couple minutes of me gently moving back and 
forth in her mom said, "You can pick up the pace now. I 
finally got used to having you back there." I picked up 
the pace. It didn't take long until the friction of her 
ass against my dick, caused me to come. After I came I 
remained hard.

I asked mom if she wanted me to continue. She did, so I 
did. It was really a nice feeling, now that I was doing 
it for the sheer pleasure of fucking, and the urge to 
cum was temporarily sated.

Finally mom told me, "Stop, my ass is really sore." I 
stopped and we finished our shower.

Later during breakfast, I told mom that I was puzzled 
how she could take Peter's huge dick but have trouble 
with mine. She told me that it was the difference 
between her cunt and ass. Also it was the initial 
violence with which we began. "After all," she told me. 
"If I rammed even a small rod up your ass it would 
hurt." Put that way, I definitely could understand her 
initial pain.

"Now, about your spying on Peter and me..."

"Mom," I blurted, interrupting her. "I didn't spy. Your 
door was open."

"Well I guess in the future, I will have to be more 
careful about my door." She smiled to let me know she 
was joking. "Really, by keeping my door open slightly I 
thought it would make you horny enough to go after a 
girl your own age."


No more sexual contact took place between us all 
through the day. Both of us tried to act normal until 
we met again for dinner. Our conversation lagged at 
that point. We both concentrated on the meal. As usual, 
mom stuffed herself. Finally she pushed herself back 
and said,

"If I eat any more I will explode."

"Go ahead and relax mom. I'll get the dishes." I told 
her. She mumbled her thanks and left the room. That 
left me to clean the dishes alone. I was glad to give 
her some time to get relaxed. Ten minutes later, I 
entered her room. She didn't disappoint me. There in 
the middle of the floor she was sprawled out on a 
blanket. I lay down next to her and placed my head 
against her tit.

"Make sure you don't put any pressure on my stomach," 
was her only demand. 

Since her stomach was not what I wanted to put pressure 
on at that moment, I obeyed her demand to the letter. 
Her tit on the other hand, well I did push against it 
with my head. Soon I got daring and placed my lips on 
her nipple through the thin robe. There was no 
complaint. Soon I even managed to pull the robe open so 
my lips could reach her nipple without the robe in the 

When my lips touched her bare nipple her only response 
was, "Oh, Baby, you really shouldn't do that." 

Since she did not say stop, I kept going. In the past 
she had always used the word "stop" when I went to far. 
We even had joked that stop was our safe word since mom 
always used it just as things were getting interesting. 
I merely moved my lips slightly and said, "Wrong safe 
word." Then I put my lips back on her nipple and 
started gently sucking it. It stiffened and mom 
groaned. "Oh baby," she murmured. Then her hand reach 
down and started caressing my thigh. She stayed away 
from my dick, but her hand on my thigh was enough to 
encourage me to continue. I reached down and started 
caressing her mound. To my surprise she was not wearing 
panties. Soon my fingers were inside her cunt lips and 
gently stroking. 

"You better stop that now baby," she told me. Then she 
rolled over on her side away from me. I thought it was 
over, but then she started moving her ass against my 
body. I took the hint and placed a finger against her 
rosebud. A soft groan was the only sound she made. My 
finger, still wet from her cunt, slid in easily. Not 
wanting a repeat of this morning, when I had rammed 
into her, I was very gentle. Soon her ass started 
lubricating. When it was really wet I placed my dick 
against her.

"Not yet baby," mom said stopping me yet again.

She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. She only 
wanted to make my cock wet. As soon as she dropped a 
big amount of saliva over its head she let it go from 
her mouth. "Go gentle at first," mom then said. I did. 
My dick was placed against her ass, and very gently I 
started pushing in. Soon I was all the way in. Then I 
started moving. Mom moved back against me, but her 
movements were slow. I felt my orgasm start building. 
"Cum in my ass," Mom demanded. I was only too happy to 
oblige. Then I shot into her. Shot after shot was sent 
up her hot ass.

"That was great baby," mom murmured.
We lay together for a while like that. Then mom's 
breathing became even, and I knew she was sleeping. 
There was disappointment that we could not continue, 
but still I knew how lucky I was to have an 
understanding mother like mom. I woke up the next 
morning on a blanket and found that Mom was curled up 
next to me. Her robe was bunched up around her waist. 
My penis was resting in the crack of her ass. 
Remembering yesterday, I started getting hard. I 
wondered if mom would like to be awakened by my dick 
entering her. It was tempting, but not tempting enough 
to risk our new relationship.

I thought about what we had started yesterday. 
Physically it was great. Emotionally it was unsettling. 
Here she had raised me. Everything from changing my 
diapers to making sure I was ready for my first date. 
Now we were lovers. Could I handle that? Could she? And 
the kind of lovers we were. Would we ever have penis to 
vaginal sex? I decided that for now my dick would lead. 
I really did not want to go back to the way our 
relationship was. So far the sex had been great. Mom 
seemed to have enjoyed it also. Would she still enjoy 
it, both emotionally and physically? 

Mom turning in her sleep interrupted my reverie. Her 
eyes opened and she looked at me. I could tell she was 
remembering how we had gotten here. She also seemed 
troubled. Then she seemed to make up her mind. She put 
her hand to her mouth and got a large dollop of saliva. 
She then began rubbing it on my dick. "I cannot make 
any promises about the future of our relationship, but 
for now, lets fuck," she told me.

It was the best idea I had heard all morning. I tried 
rolling on top but she stopped me saying, "I do not 
think I am ready for that yet. You at least are still 
technically a virgin, and I do not think I should take 
that from you, but we can have a repeat of yesterday." 
She then rolled over on her side presenting her ass to 
me. Since she was ready to let me have her ass, I would 
take it. I still wanted to have vaginal sex, but for 
now, that would have to wait. Gently I began working my 
dick up her ass.

Mom loved it. "Fuck my ass," she told me. I started 
pushing into her harder. "Ram me with that little dick 
of yours."

I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or angry at her 
comments, but since she seemed to be enjoying it I 
decided to follow her instructions. I started ramming 
my dick into her. Mom didn't say anything else. At 
least nothing that could be understood. I wasn't in the 
mood for talk either. The way her ass gripped my dick 
was great. Before long I was coming. I shot up into her 
so hard that it was almost painful. Soon I began 
returning to earth. Mom slowly did too. Finally she 
opened her eyes and smiled at me. "I think that little 
thing of yours is addictive," she told me. "Now let's 
take a shower.

Just after the shower mom let me look at her cunt 
closely. She had a delicate mound of hair that I could 
see surrounding the slightly pouting vulva. It was 
beautiful, just as I would have fantasized it to be. 
Not too protruding and yet pouting enough to show a 
crease clearly building to her mostly obscured clitoral 
region. I kissed the lips of her cunt with my mouth. 
She didn't resist at a though I did see a tightness 
around her eyes then as though she were trying to keep 
them shut against their will. 

I stroked her vaginal crease parting the labia gently. 
Just beneath the surface she was wet. Not moist, wet! 
With no further ado I dipped my index finger into her. 
She arched slightly to receive. I pushed it in, soaking 
it in her juice and feeling her insides. Slick and 
warm. I began a gentle in out motion that she ever so 
slightly began to match.

There was no turning back I had to fuck her.

We experienced vaginal sex that day. Mom's only comment 
before I drove home in her cunt was, "You really 
shouldn't, still I have never been able to refuse 
anyone who did my ass good. After all, the way to my 
heart has always been through my ass. Now fuck me 
stud." With her being used to Peter's dick, mine didn't 
do much for her. 

I stopped for only the briefest moment before 
penetrating her to savor the moment then I pushed my 
penis into her. As I pushed in to full burial she 
moaned and pushed against me. I grabbed her breasts 
from either side then and began to fuck her. I squeezed 
and pinched her breasts now without hesitation and slid 
in and out of her with bold and forceful strokes. She 
heaved and pushed with me now. All at once she opened 
her eyes. I looked down on my mother then and let go 
just as she found orgasm. I emptied myself deep inside 
her then. In exhaustion I laid down on her keeping 
myself still inside her.

Afterwards mom did say that I could fuck her cunt 
anytime. Still vaginal sex isn't our favorite sexual 
activity. Our favorite is ass fucking, and with my dick 
being the perfect size, mom says so at least, we do 
lots of fucking. We still have to come to grips with 
the emotional aspects of our relationship, but for now 
the physical part is great.

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