Sunday, 19 August 2012


Part 1 - Hot Wife Bridesmaid/Cuckold Husband 

As I sit watching my lovely wife, Alana, fuck another 
man, I can't help but wonder how it got to this point. 
How did I let this happen? Why am I so turned on by it? 
Listening to my wife moan in pleasure, I think back to 
where it all began.

We had met four months before we were married, she was a 
clerk at the courthouse and I was a successful attorney. 
She was just so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off of 
her the whole time I was in court. 

After court was concluded, I made it a point to approach 
her with a question about what had gone on in my case. 
As we talked, I knew that this was the woman for me. 
Alana is strikingly beautiful, with amazing green eyes 
and long, thick dark hair. She was 36 years old when we 
met last year and she still turns heads as she walks 
down the street. She is 5'4" tall, and even though she 
carries a little extra weight in her butt and thighs, 
she has an amazing body. 

Sitting there at her desk, I had to really concentrate 
on looking into her amazing eyes for fear that she would 
catch me looking down at her tits, which stuck out 
prominently from her sweater and looked to be about D-
cups. She was recently divorced when we met and was 
struggling to support herself and her three young sons. 
Her ex-husband was a dead-beat and a cheater who had 
left town earlier that year. 

As I mentioned, I am a successful attorney and I was 
fairly well known around the court as one of the most 
eligible bachelors in town. I make a very good living, 
have a nice house and I am a decent looking guy for a 40 
year old. Although I had never come close to marriage, I 
had several long-term romances and enjoyed a fairly 
active sex life. 

Despite my nervousness, I must have made a decent 
impression on her. Every time I would run into her in 
the courthouse, she always smiled and greeted me warmly.

Two weeks later, when I was in court on another matter, 
she approached me and bluntly asked me, "Why haven't you 
hit on me yet?" I was totally taken aback. I don't even 
remember what I stammered in reply. She continued by 
stating, "Every damn lawyer in this courthouse has hit 
on me the first time they come in here... as if I want 
to sleep with most of these clowns. Every time you come 
in and you keep staring at me. So, why don't you ask me 

I finally found my voice and said, "Sorry about the 
staring. You're a very beautiful woman, as I am sure you 
know, and to be honest you are exactly my type. But, 
having worked in these courts awhile, and knowing my 
fellow lawyers as I do, I figured you had been hit on so 
many times that you were probably sick of it."

She smiled at me and told me that she appreciated the 
fact that I was a gentleman and that if I did ever 
decide to ask her out, she might say yes. Just as the 
words "What are you doing tonight" were about to leave 
my lips the judge took the bench, court was called to 
order and she walked to her desk. I spent the next hour 
painfully waiting for a break in the proceedings so I 
could ask her out. 

We started dating and she was everything I had hoped she 
would be and more. In addition to her classically Irish 
beauty and amazing body, she was funny, smart and fun to 
be with. By our third date I knew I was going to ask her 
to marry me, even though we had not yet slept together 
and, in fact, I had not even seen her naked.

On our fourth date, she had dropped her kids off with 
her parents for the night, and I knew that there was a 
good chance I would get to sleep with my new love. After 
dinner and a nightcap at a nice restaurant in town, we 
headed back to my place to watch a movie I had on DVD 
that she wanted to see. 

Before we could get the movie started she was all over 
me in an aggressive, sexy manner. She sat me down on the 
couch, turned the lights down low, turned on my stereo 
and proceeded to do a slow, sexy striptease and lap 
dance, spending a lot of time grinding her ass on my 
crotch and generally teasing me to the point I felt like 
my dick was going to burst through my pants. 

I have always had a submissive side and been turned on 
by women who take charge sexually, so Alana was really 
getting me going with her aggressive, take charge 

Her sexy dance continued, and once she was down to her 
matching bra and thong panties I couldn't take it 
anymore. I pulled her down on top of me and started 
kissing her deeply. We kissed and groped each other like 
teenagers. When I reached for the clasp on her bra, she 
stopped me, wagged her finger in my face and said, "Not 
yet big fella."

She pushed me back on the couch and knelt down between 
my legs. She then proceeded to remove my shoes, socks, 
pants and underwear, all the while staring into my eyes. 
Then, she leaned forward, still holding my eyes with 
hers and started go give me the most amazing blowjob I 
had ever received.

She started by slowing and gently licking my balls while 
also stroking my shaft up and down. I was just about 
ready to burst when she backed off just a bit. She then 
started to lick my cock from top to bottom, swirling her 
tongue around the head. The sensation was wonderful and 
just when I thought I would never want the licking to 
stop, she started sucking. Her mouth engulfed my shaft 
in a warm and wet paradise. 

She bobbed up and down, alternating between slow, 
sensual licking and fast, aggressive sucking. As she 
sucked and slurped on my dick, the sights and sounds 
were almost too much for me to bear. This woman really 
knows how to suck a cock. 

She continued to take me right to the edge and then pull 
back. The sucking and slurping noises she was making, 
along with the feel of her mouth and tongue on my dick 
were absolutely incredible. She knew just what she was 
doing. She sucked with abandon until I was just about to 
explode, and then slowed almost to a stop and then 
started again. 

Her mouth was so warm and so wet and she looked so 
amazing with her beautiful green eyes locked on mine. 
After awhile I could not hold back any longer. I 
practically shouted, "I'm gonna cum!"

She didn't miss a beat. She kept sucking and looking 
into my eyes as I shot a load of cum that seemed like it 
would never end. She kept my cock in her mouth, 
swallowing most of my cum and kept slowly and gently 
sucking my dick as it softened in her mouth. Then, she 
sat up next to me and kissed me deeply, sharing the last 
bit of my cum with me. It was a bit of surprise, but not 
unpleasant. It was my first time to be "snowballed."

After the amazing blowjob was over, she pulled me to my 
feet and led me to the bedroom. I turned on some low 
lights and removed the last of my clothes as she lay 
down on my bed. Before I could mount the bed next to 
her, she told me to turn out all the lights. I obeyed 
her command and the room was completely dark. 

I then climbed into the bed and started to kiss her, 
while again trying to remove her bra and thong. She 
again stopped me and told me to take off her panties. 

Alana told me she wanted me to make her cum. I started 
to climb on top of her to make love to her, but she 
stopped me. She pushed my head down towards her pussy. I 
kissed my way down her body until I was between her 
thighs. When I got down there, I found that she was 
completely waxed and smooth as could be. I teased her by 
kissing the inside of her thighs and only grazing her 
pussy with my lips and tongue. After a couple of minutes 
of that, she grabbed my head and pulled me tight to her 

I dove in and did my best to give her as much pleasure 
as she had given me. I sucked her pussy lips and stuck 
my tongue inside of her. I licked and sucked and made 
humming noises while licking and sucking. I would gently 
tease her clit, then go right back to her pussy. She 
loved it. She moaned and writhed as I continued to work 
on her with my mouth and tongue. 

After about 10 minutes she clenched her thighs around my 
head and shuddered with an orgasm. Her thighs held my 
head tight for over a minute as she shook and cried out 
in please. 

After she had calmed down, I climbed up next to her and 
again started to kiss her. I tried again to remove her 
bra, but she stopped me and said, "Not yet mister. Just 
fuck me hard now." 

My cock had come back hard and strong from the earlier 
blowjob, so I followed her command. I spread her thighs 
and mounted her. She was still wet from my oral 
attention and I slid right into her. As I slowly started 
to slide my cock in and out of her pussy she wrapped her 
legs around my back and pulled me tight. 

She ground her pussy and clit against me and we rocked 
back and forth. Her pussy felt incredible pushed tight 
against my body. It took only two minutes of fucking 
before she started shaking and moaning as a second 
orgasm ripped through her body. 

After her orgasm, she pushed me off, turned over and 
told me to do her doggy. Needing no further invitation, 
I knelt down behind her and pushed my cock back into her 
amazing pussy. Grabbing her hips, I started to slowly 
fuck her. She urged me on harder, pushing back against 
me and telling me, "Do it, fuck me harder, harder!" I 
started to pound away, my body slapping against her ass 
and thighs. It wasn't long before I felt my balls tingle 
and then shot my second load of the night into this 
amazing, sexy woman. 

As we lay next to each other sweaty and out of breath, 
she told me that this was the first time she had been 
with a man in over a year and that she had not been with 
anyone since her no good, cheating husband had left. She 
said when he left she had sworn off of men for good, but 
now that she had met me she was ready to try again.

I asked her if I could see her tits now as I tried to 
reach for the clasp of her bra. They looked so big and 
full in her bra, I was dying to get a good look at them 
in their naked glory. She stopped me again and told me 
she had something to tell me. 

She explained that after breastfeeding three children, 
her tits sagged terribly. Her once spectacular D cup 
boobs now resembled deflated balloons. In bras they 
still looked great, but she was not happy with them and 
actually thought that her sagging tits were one of the 
reasons her ex had left.

I could not have cared less and told her so. I told her 
that she was the sexiest woman I had ever been with. I 
let her know that I had loved her aggressive, take 
charge attitude toward sex and that no matter what her 
boobs looked like, she was the hottest woman in the 

Alana was the woman I had been looking for my whole 
life. I had always had a thing for beautiful, brunettes 
and for sexually aggressive women. And, in Alana I had 
found one who was great in bed and apparently love to 
fuck and suck.

Over the next few months we got together as often as we 
could. I met her three sons, as well as her parents and 
things progressed nicely. Because of the time she spent 
with her boys we didn't get as much time to have sex as 
we would have liked. I discovered that she had an almost 
insatiable sexual appetite and that she loved sex. She 
gave great head, loved to have her pussy eaten and could 
come quickly and powerfully just from fucking. She was 

Four months later we met we were married. We had a small 
ceremony in the backyard of my home. I lived in a 
spacious house set on just over two acres, so there was 
plenty of room for my new family. 

As a pre-wedding present, I had paid for Alana to have a 
boob job. Because I had enough money, we were able to 
get a great doctor who did a wonderful job on her tits. 
They looked fantastic and she was very proud of them 

After the boob job she began to dress in an even more 
sexy way than she had before, wearing lots of low cut 
tops and going braless whenever she could. She got many 
lustful looks from men. Secretly, I imagined scenes in 
which she allowed men to see her tits or even totally 
naked. The idea of other men seeing her nude really 
turned me on, but I was afraid to tell Alana. Instead, I 
just encouraged her to continue to dress as 
provocatively as possible.

We honeymooned for a week on Maui, and that is where 
this strange odyssey that has me watching my beautiful 
wife fuck another man began. 

On our second night, after a round of vigorous fucking 
and sucking that saw me come twice and her many times, 
we put on our swimsuits and headed for the pool to cool 
off. It was almost midnight and we figured we would have 
the place to ourselves. Alana was wearing a very 
revealing bikini top and thong set. 

We found a secluded spot in the resort's pool and 
cuddled together under the water. There was a waterfall 
right behind us, with water cascading down from the hot 
tub that was hidden behind the rock waterfall. We were 
enjoying ourselves and I playfully removed her top, 
figuring nobody was around. She seemed to really enjoy 
the adventure and I was secretly hoping someone would 
come by and see her topless. I had brought our camera 
and was about to grab it and take a picture of my hot 
wife when we heard something.

The sound of the waterfall had prevented us from hearing 
two college-aged boys approach us. They were only ten 
feet away when they caught our attention. Alana ducked 
behind me, but this really did nothing to hide her newly 
magnificent tits.

The boys asked if we had seen a bathing suit float by. 
It seemed that on a dare, their friend had removed his 
suit in the hot tub, and then one of them had jokingly 
thrown it into the pool. Their friend was stuck in the 
hot tub without his suit and they had failed to bring 
towels with them, so he could not leave.

I told them I had not seen it, but started to act as if 
I was looking around. As I moved away, Alana was left 
totally exposed. I noticed that both of the boys were 
trying to conceal their growing erections. Figuring to 
have a little fun, I asked one of the boys to grab our 
camera and take a few pictures of us in the pool. 

He was more than happy to oblige and he snapped several 
shots of us. Alana at one point allowed me to lift her 
high enough out of the water that the boys got a great 
look at her new tits and they snapped a great picture of 

Just then the swimsuit floated by us. Alana grabbed it 
and then amazed me by walking to the edge of the pool, 
stepping out and walking away toward the hot tub without 
putting her top back on. Both the boys and I followed 
quickly behind.

Alana got to the hot tub, still proudly topless, and 
asked the third young man if he was missing something, 
holding out his swimsuit. His chin hit his chest in 
surprise as my beautiful wife stood before his, with her 
tits out for him to see. He shyly asked if he could have 
his trunks back. She eyed him for a minute before 
telling him, "Well, since you are sitting there staring 
at my tits, it is only fair that I get to see you, too. 
If you come out here and get it, you can have your suit 

The boy paused, clearly confused about what to do. Alana 
waited for a few seconds and then turned as if she was 
going to leave. The boy pleaded, "Please, can I have my 
trunks?" But, she stood firm, demanding that he come and 
get them. 

He said, "Uh, I can't really come out now. I have this 
big problem."

Alana told him that it was nothing she hadn't seen 
before. So, the boy climbed out of the hot tub, and now 
it was my turn to be surprised. This young man was 
sporting biggest erect cock I had ever seen, which says 
a lot since the only erect cocks other than my own that 
I had ever seen up to that point had been in porn films. 
His dick was massive. 

I could tell that Alana was surprised, too. She stood 
there with her mouth agape as the boy walked up and 
claimed his swimsuit. He pulled it on over his massive 
erection. Alana finally found her voice and said, "Well, 
nice meeting you boys" and we turned and went back to 
our room. She walked the whole way there topless, 
seemingly having forgotten to claim her top that I had 
been carrying.

When we got back to the room, she practically jumped me. 
She pulled my swimsuit off and threw me down on the bed. 
She then removed her bikini bottom and without any 
hesitation climbed onto my cock and started riding me. 
We fucked like animals. It was pure passion. She rode me 
and pulled my hands onto her tits. I twisted and tweaked 
her nipples and she bucked up and down on my cock. It 
wasn't long before she was screaming and shaking in the 
most powerful orgasm I had ever seen her have. This 
pushed me over the edge and I came deep inside her.

After our fuck was over, I asked what had gotten her so 

She said, "I don't know. It was something about showing 
off naked in front of those boys. Plus, that one guy had 
such a big, beautiful cock; I just got very horny and 
needed some hard, passionate fucking."

Something in my expression must have told her that what 
she said was of concern. She immediately started to tell 
me that she loved my cock and didn't want to have sex 
with anyone else, ever. My dick is not huge, probably 
average at best. Even though most guys will tell you 
there are big, I have always accepted that my almost but 
not quite six inch prick is not the most impressive tool 
in the box. But, I have always worked hard to learn how 
to use it right and also made sure that I was great at 
giving women oral, to make up for what might be 
considered a shortcoming.

But, something about the way Alana talked about that 
cock got to me. The lust in her voice actually turned me 
on a bit. I asked her if she had ever had a cock that 

She blushed a little and sort of stammered that it 
wasn't anything she thought about. I could tell she was 
holding back. I gently pushed her about it.

She finally admitted that her ex-husband had a really 
big cock. His was as large as the kid we had seen that 
night. She told me the only reason she had stayed with 
the cheating bastard was because of his big dick, and 
that was probably why he was able to get so many women 
to cheat with him, too.

Thinking that she had hurt my feeling, she immediately 
started to tell me that it was not important how big I 
was. But, then she looked down and saw that my dick was 
getting hard again. At my age, three times in a night 
was already a surprise, but something about the way she 
was talking started to get me hard a fourth time. 

As she watched my dick grow, she asked, "What's going on 
down there?"

I admitted that seeing her practically naked in front of 
those college kids had given me a bit of a thrill. 
Seeing them lust after my wife had turned me on, and 
then seeing her eye that massive cock on the third kid 
had thrilled me even more. I even told her that 
sometimes I fantasized about other men seeing her naked.

She asked me what I would have done if she had taken off 
her bottoms in front of them. I didn't say anything in 
response, but instead I pulled her to me and started to 
lick and suck on her nipples. 

We were both getting turned on by this little game. She 
started talking about how she was thinking about getting 
all three of those boys into the hot tub with her and 
all of them getting naked. Then, she would let them 
touch her tits and pussy under the pulsing, warm water. 

I was really getting hot as she talked. She was talking 
about all the fun she could have with those three young 
cocks when she pushed me over on my back and climbed 
over my face. My wife's cum filled pussy was now right 
over my mouth and she was facing my now hard cock.

She said that she would start massing their big cocks 
under the water until they were all nice and hard. Then, 
she would invite them all up to our room. As she said 
that, she pulled my face into her messy, wet pussy. I 
could taste our combined juices as she ground her pussy 
on my mouth.

She said that when they got up here, she would have them 
sit on the edge of bed in a line. She would turn on some 
music and give them each a nude lap dance, just as she 
had done for me our first night together. She would let 
their hands roam freely over her body and she would rub 
her tits in their faces and on their dicks. She would 
tease them until they were all nice and hard for her.

I was now devouring her pussy. I was as turned on by her 
as I had ever been. I couldn't get enough of her pussy 
or her story. The fact that I was tasting my own cum 
didn't slow me down a bit as I kept eating her.

She kept her story going, and she said she would then 
get on her knees and give each one of those young boys a 
hot, wet blowjob. I would have to sit there and watch 
and listen as she sucked all three. She would suck each 
one in turn until they had all cum in her mouth. 

I kept eating her. She was now rubbing my rock hard 
dick. I was imagining the sight of my beautiful wife, 
with her dark hair falling down her back, her tits 
rubbing against the boys' thighs as she sucked their 
cocks. The images in my mind were vivid and they were 
bringing me close to another orgasm.

Her story continued as she said how after each of the 
boys had gotten their blowjob, she would lay back on the 
bed. She would invite them all to take a turn fucking 
her. She would start with the smallest dick and finish 
with the boy with the monster cock she had seen step out 
of the hot tub. She described how she would feel as he 
fucked her with his giant dick and how he would make her 
cum over and over again.

That did it. While I continued to eat her pussy, I felt 
my fourth orgasm of the night begin. Alana sensed it, 
too, and she dove down and took my cock into her mouth. 
I came immediately and she took my entire load into her 
mouth and then a massive orgasm ripped through her body.

She fell off of my face and lay down next to me. 
Immediately she pulled me into a deep kiss and when our 
mouths opened she passed my entire load of cum into my 

Afterward, when we had both calmed down, we started 
talking about the evening. I admitted that watching her 
topless in front of the boys had been a turn on and that 
hearing her talk about fucking those boys and their big 
cocks had been even more of a turn on. I admitted that I 
had always enjoyed erotic stories about men watching 
their wives fuck other men while the husband watched. 
Those stories had always been the ones that I would 
really cum the hardest to when I read dirty magazines.

Alana told me that while she didn't lie when she said 
she was happy with my six inches, she did sometimes miss 
a really big cock sliding into her pussy. 

I asked her why she had made me eat her after our fuck 
and about the "snowball" after I came. She said that she 
was enjoying exploring her dominant side. Her ex had 
always been the aggressive one, and she was really 
getting into being the one who controlled the action and 
that I was willing to do whatever she commanded. Getting 
me to eat my own cum had been a real turn on, she said, 
as it demonstrated that I was willing to do anything for 

After talking some more, we both agreed that the cuckold 
story she had shared was a fun fantasy, but that was all 
it was likely to be, a fantasy.

Or, so I thought.

For the next several months, our sex life continued to 
be great. As before, we could not fuck as often as we 
would have liked, due to having three kids in the house, 
but when we had the chance, we fucked and sucked with 
great passion. And, from time to time, we would talk 
about the fantasy of her fucking other men while I 
watched. This never failed to get us both hot and lead 
to many nights of passionate sex.

Our sex life also became more and more about Alana being 
the dominant one, with me taking a more submissive role. 
She would share my cum with me after each blowjob she 
gave me, and would from time to time make me clean her 
pussy with my tongue after we fucked.

About six months after we were married, we were 
scheduled to attend a wedding of Alana's good friend 
Jennifer and her fiancé Mark. Alana was going to be a 
bridesmaid in the wedding. The dress she was to wear was 
a two-piece, with a long skirt and sleeveless top. It 
was in a shade of purple that looked great on my wife.

We went to Victoria Secret the week before the wedding 
to pick out some really sexy underwear for her to wear. 
We knew we would be spending the night in the hotel 
after the wedding and it would be a good chance to get 
in a night of some serious sex, so we wanted something 
special for her to wear.

Alana was to be paired up with a groomsman named Steve, 
who lived about three hours away from us. We had met him 
at the engagement party for Jennifer and Mark. He was a 
handsome guy, tall and with a good body. Jennifer had 
shared a story with my wife about a time that Jennifer 
had actually slept with Steve when she and Mark had just 
started dating. Jennifer told my wife that Steve had the 
biggest dick she had ever fucked. When Alana shared that 
fact with me, she had a slight twinkle in her eye and it 
made me start to imagine watching Steve fuck my wife.

On the night before the wedding, at the rehearsal 
dinner, Alana spent a lot of time with Steve, both 
during the wedding rehearsal and sitting next to him at 
the dinner. He had a reputation as being a real lady's 
man, and I could tell he was making a big effort to 
charm my wife. She seemed to be enjoying his attention, 

After dinner several members of the wedding party, 
including Steve, Alana and I, went to the hotel bar for 
some drinks and dancing. The bar had a small dance floor 
and a DJ, and it attracted a pretty lively Friday night 

Steve had come to the wedding stag, so he spent a lot of 
time dancing with other people's wives and girlfriends, 
in particular my wife. They really seemed to have hit it 

Almost everybody was fairly drunk as the party went past 
midnight. At one point while chatting with a couple of 
the wedding guests, I looked out to the dance floor and 
saw Alana dancing very closely with Steve. Their 
crotches were grinding together and his arms were 
wrapped around her waist. His hands were on her ass and 
he was pulling her into his body. 

As I watched the action on the dance floor, I tried to 
continue the conversation I was having. It was getting 
more difficult as I watched my wife hump Steve on the 
dance floor. Moments later I excused myself saying I was 
going to get a drink. I wandered closer to the dance 
floor to continue to watch my wife and Steve. As I 
walked, I had to slouch over to hide my growing 

They danced their sexy dance for one more song, and then 
Alana came walking over to me. She had lust in her eyes. 
My wife grabbed me, pulled me against her body and 
kissed me hard. She then pulled me out of the bar and 
practically dragged me up to our room.

When we got to our room, she ordered me to strip and lay 
down on the bed. When I was lying on my back, my average 
sized dick pointing straight up, she started a slow 
strip. While she stripped, she told me about her dance 
with Steve.

She said that she had really enjoyed his company that 
evening, and that the more she danced with him, the more 
she found him attractive. As she peeled off her bra, she 
said that he had started to try and touch her tits and 
ass while they danced, and that she had let him feel her 

She told me to start stroking my cock. I reached down 
and wrapped my hand around my shaft and started to beat 

Alana went on to tell me that as they were dancing, she 
could feel Steve's hard dick rub against her. She said 
that Jennifer had told the truth and that he was really 
well hung. She said that she started to get dripping wet 
feeling his big cock rub against her ass and pussy as 
they danced. She then peeled off her panties and started 
to rub herself while I continued to beat off.

She started to rub her pussy and asked, "Do you like 
hearing about what I did with Steve?"

"Yes, I do." My cock was really hard as I kept stroking 

"Did you like watching him dance with me and touch me?"

"Yes, I did, very much."

With lust in her voice she asked, "Would you like to 
watch me fuck his big dick?"

As she said that I shot my load onto my stomach and 
chest. Several large jets of cum shot almost up to my 

"I guess that is yes," Alana said as she crawled onto 
the bed. 

She scooped up some of my cum on her finger and held it 
to my lips. Holding her sticky finger just over my mouth 
she asked, "From now on, do you promise to do whatever I 
want and let me do whatever I want?" 

I nodded my agreement.

"If you are really willing to do whatever I want and to 
never say no to anything I want, I want you to lick my 
finger clean of your spunk."

I pulled her finger to my mouth and sucked it clean.

"Good boy," she said. "Now get down there and make me 

I lay down between her thighs and stared at her 
beautiful, wet pussy. She was so excited she was 
practically dripping. I leaned in and started to gently 
lick her pussy lips. She grabbed my hair and pulled me 
tight and urged me to lick her harder. It took her only 
minutes to climax.

After I was done, she kissed me briefly on the lips and 
said, "You are a good little boy. Tomorrow is going to 
be very interesting." She then rolled over, pulled my 
arm around her and fell asleep.

Because of all the alcohol the previous evening, I 
wasn't sure if Alana would remember all that had gone on 
when we woke up the next morning. But, as I was in the 
shower getting ready to go to breakfast, Alana joined me 
under the warm water. She started to stroke my cock and 
asked me if I was still willing to go along with 
whatever she wanted. I told her I was. She stroked me 
for a few more seconds and said, "Good. Now wash my 

After I had washed her hair and scrubbed her body with 
some scented soaps, she had me dry her off and help her 
dress. We then headed out for breakfast and to do some 
shopping before the wedding.

As the day passed, Alana continued to tease me by asking 
if I was ready to do all she asked and if I was willing 
to let her do whatever she wanted, with whomever she 
wanted. Every time she mentioned it I could feel my cock 
stir. The day passed slowly in anticipation of the 
excitement of the evening.

The wedding was held in the early evening at an outdoor 
estate and park. The bride and her attendants were 
allowed to use the downstairs bedroom of the house on 
the estate to dress and get ready for the wedding. 

After the ceremony there was a garden reception. The 
wedding party all sat at the head table and there was 
dance floor in front of their table with the guest 
tables on the other side. I sat at a table right next to 
the dance floor and across from where Alana sat at the 
head table. She was sitting right next to Steve. 

During the dinner I could see that she was enjoying 
Steve's attention. The top part of her dress barely 
contained her magnificent tits, and she looked very 
sexy. I knew she was wearing her brand new sheer bra and 
thong panties that we had bought that week, and as I 
watched her and Steve, I imagined him seeing her as she 
removed her sexy undergarments.

During dinner, my wife and Steve spent a great deal of 
time talking closely to each other. I thought I even saw 
Alana's hand in Steve's lap two or three times.

After dinner there was lots of drinking and dancing. As 
she did the night before, Alana danced quite a bit with 
Steve. Again she danced close with him, and allowed his 
hands to roam free. I sat in my seat and watched it all 
with a growing erection. 

While a slow song was playing Alana and Steve danced 
with their bodies pushed tightly together. I saw Steve 
lean down and whisper something in Alana's ear. She 
hesitated for a second and then looked over at me. She 
then shook her head, as if she was saying no. 

They continued to dance and a few minutes later her 
whispered in her ear again. This time she paused, then 
nodded. Steve got a big grin on his face and then took 
Alana by the hand and led her off the dance floor 
towards the house where the bridesmaids had gotten 
ready. I waited a moment and then followed.

When I got to the house, I paused for a few moments, not 
sure if I really wanted this to happen. I was torn. I 
couldn't believe I had let things get this far. I had 
promised my beautiful wife that she could do whatever 
she wanted with whomever she wanted. I had basically 
given her permission to fuck Steve. Did I really want 
this to happen?

My answer was pushing against my zipper. My cock was 
hard as rock and my pulse was racing. I had to admit 
that I was very excited about the idea of seeing Alana 
fuck Steve. Trembling with excitement, I stepped quietly 
into the house and towards the room where the women had 
changed earlier. As I approached the room I heard the 
sounds of two people passionately kissing.

I peeked through the door and saw them locked in a 
lustful embrace. Steve was practically lifting my wife 
off the ground as he groped at her ass while they kissed 
deeply, their tongues tangled together.

Alana pulled back and pushed Steve away. I was both 
happy to see her put the brakes on this affair but also 
disappointed that our fantasy seemed to be coming to a 
halt. I thought she was about to tell Steve that she 
couldn't go through with all this. I was wrong.

Instead of stopping things, she reached behind her back 
and started to undo her top. She slowly and sensually 
removed the top of her two-piece dress, revealing her 
sheer bra. She then reached back and unclasped the bra. 
She slowly let the shoulder straps fall, holding just he 
cups over her tits.

"So Steve, you want to see these?"

He could only nod. 

She lowered the bra and then let it fall to the floor.

"You like?"

Steve nodded again.

She then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the 
floor, revealing her sexy thong panties. She did a slow 
turn and then faced Steve again.

"So, what do you want now, Steve?"

He walked over and grabbed her and pulled her tight to 
him again and kissed her deeply. I could feel their 
passion from my vantage point peeking through the 

While they continued to kiss, Alana pulled back 
slightly, reached down and started to unbutton and unzip 
Steve's pants. She then pushed them down to the floor. 
His cock popped free. It was exactly as she had 
described it. His dick was at least nine inches long and 
looked very thick. 

Alana was still kissing him and started stroking that 
monster cock. I was tempted to take out my cock and 
start beating off, but held back since I was more 
exposed standing outside the room and didn't want to get 
caught if someone came inside.

Alana guided her lover to a chair in the room and pushed 
him down into it. She then knelt between his legs and 
looked with lust at his giant prick. 

She took his cock into her hand and started stroking it 
slowly up and down. Then she leaned forward and started 
to lick his balls as she continued to stroke his cock.

I couldn't believe how excited I was watching my wife 
suck another man's dick. My own prick was straining for 
release, but I knew I could not take it out. It would be 
bad enough if someone came in and caught my wife naked 
giving another man head, but to have me watching and 
beating off at the same time would be even worse.

As I watched, Alana stopped licking Steve's balls and 
started to lick and kiss his long shaft. She kept 
stroking it with her hand as she covered his cock with 
saliva. Finally she took the head into her mouth and 
started to suck. 

Steve was leaning back and enjoying what my wife was 
doing to him. Alana has always given great head and this 
was one of the best blowjobs I had ever seen her give. 
She was really taking her time, sucking and stroking his 
cock first fast, then slow. She would take it out of her 
mouth and stroke the shaft while going back to licking 
his balls.

Steve was moaning his approval while telling her to 
"keep sucking it baby" and "yeah, suck that dick." His 
urging only made my wife work harder. She was clearly 
enjoying this man's dick as she sucked and slurped. She 
was blowing him so enthusiastically I thought that the 
sounds of her blowjob would soon be heard all the way 
back to the wedding. 

After a few minute of sucking, Alana looked up into her 
lover's eyes and said, "I want to taste your cum. 
Please, cum in my mouth." She then dove back down on his 
cock, sucking with utter abandon. Her head bobbed up and 
down on his dick quickly as the slurping sounds 
increased. Steve started bucking his hips and I could 
tell he was shooting a giant load of cum into my wife's 
mouth. She kept sucking as he came, never letting his 
dick leave her mouth. Slowly he started to calm down and 
my wife let his softening cock fall from her mouth.

"My god, that was incredible," Steve told her.

My wife replied, "This cock is incredible. Do you think 
you can get it hard for me again?"

Steve looked around sheepishly. "Uh, maybe we should 
find someplace a little more private. Do you think you 
can come back to my hotel room?"

"I would love to come back to your room, Steve."

Steve asked, "What about your husband?"

"Don't worry about him," my wife said, "He will go along 
with whatever I say. But, if you want to fuck me, you 
have to do as I say, too. Will you do whatever I say?"

"Yeah, baby, I'll do whatever I have to do if I can fuck 
you," was Steve's reply.

"Good, then get your pants on and let's get out of her." 
Alana then got up and put her skirt and top back on, 
leaving her panties and bra off. She then told Steve to 
wait five minutes before coming back out as she had to 
talk to her husband.

I quickly stepped outside the house and waited for her. 
She came out seconds later and walked right over to me 
and kissed me deeply, shoving her tongue into my mouth. 
I could taste the remnants of Steve's cum in her mouth.

"I saw you watching me," she said as she reached down 
and grabbed my hard as a rock dick. "I see you liked 
what you saw. Steve's dick is amazing, isn't it?"

"Yeah," I said, "it's pretty damn big. Are you really 
going back to his room to fuck him?"

Alana looked into my eyes and said, "No." Seeing my 
disappointment, she laughed and continued, "No, I'm not 
going to his room. You are going to drive us all back to 
the hotel and we are going to our room so you can watch 
him fuck me."

My cock grew even harder in her hand. She gave it one 
last squeeze and we walked back to the wedding. After 
congratulating the happy couple, we went and collected 
her things from the changing room and sought out Steve. 
We found him by the bar, sipping a beer.

Alana asked him if he was ready to go. He looked from 
her to me and back again, clearly confused by what was 

"Don't worry, my husband knows what is going to happen. 
He watched us while I was sucking your cock and now he 
is going to take us back to the hotel and watch us 

Steve seemed stunned. Alana turned to walk away and said 
over her shoulder, "Coming or not?" He put his beer down 
and followed us as we left the wedding.

When we got to my car, Alana and Steve got in back while 
I drove. The hotel was normally a five minute drive from 
the estate, but I was so excited we made it in three 
minutes. While I drove, I could hear my wife and her 
lover going at it in the backseat. When we got to the 
hotel, I turned and saw that during the short drive 
Steve had already gotten my wife's top open and was 
sucking on her magnificent tits.

As we got out of the car, Alana pulled her top closed, 
but did not button it. We walked quickly through the 
lobby to the elevator. Once in the elevator, Alana took 
her top completely off and pushed Steve against the wall 
and again kissed him deeply. 

When we arrived at our floor, Alana just turned and 
walked topless toward our room with no cares as to 
whether anyone saw her.

Steve and I followed. I got to the room and unlocked the 
door and stood aside as my wife led her new lover into 
our room. As she walked, she unzipped her skirt and let 
it fall to the floor. She stopped next to the bed and 
stood there nude and looking sexy as hell. 

"Steve, get your clothes off now and get over here and 
fuck me."

He didn't need any further instructions as he began to 
quickly strip off his tuxedo. He was naked in seconds 
and they tumbled onto the bed together. 

I watched as my wife and her lover kissed all the while 
letting their hands roam over each other's bodies. 
Steve's dick was again hard and impressive. I sat down 
on a chair next to the bed and watched as my wife 
stroked his huge cock, getting it nice and hard for the 
fucking that was sure to come.

After a few minutes, Alana laid back and spread her 
thighs, urging Steve to mount her. He climbed on top of 
her and started to rub his big dick up and down her 
pussy lips. She moaned with excitement and urged him to 
enter her. He continued to tease her for a moment and 
then suddenly sunk his entire giant member into my 
wife's pussy in one stroke. 

Alana cried out in pleasure as Steve began to fuck her 
slowly. She wrapped her legs around his back, urging him 
to fuck her deeper and faster. His nine-inch cock was 
buried balls deep in my wife and she loved it. She 
pulled him tight with her legs, moaning and crying out 
as less than two minutes into their fuck a massive 
orgasm ripped through her body. 

Even as the orgasm was coursing through her she kept 
urging him to fuck her harder and deeper. Steve took her 
legs and put them over his shoulders and he sat up on 
his knees and started to pound hard into her pussy. They 
were like two animals now, as they fucked hard and fast. 
They were both grunting and moaning. 

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. As I mentioned 
when I began, I couldn't believe I was watching my wife 
fuck another man and I couldn't believe how turned on I 
was by watching it.

I was getting very excited watching what was going on, 
but was not sure what to do. I wanted to release my cock 
and stroke it while I watched, but wasn't sure if I 
should. I was also slightly embarrassed to do so in 
front of Steve and his monster cock.

My mind was made up for me by my wife. As Steve 
continued fucking her, she looked at me and said, "Take 
out your cock and start stroking." 

Remembering that I had promised I would do whatever she 
wanted me to do, I dropped my pants to my ankles and 
took my dick in my hand and started beating off for my 

Seeing my dick in my hand triggered another orgasm for 
my wife. She bucked and screamed with pleasure as Steve 
kept fucking her.

After her orgasm subsided, my wife pushed Steve off for 
a second while she turned over and got on her hands and 
knees. "Please, Steve, fuck me some more," she said as 
she offered him her pussy. He knelt behind her, grabbed 
her hips and started to fuck my wife again. 

The sights and sounds were almost too much for me. 
Watching my wife get fucked from behind by another man 
while she moaned in pleasure, begging him to fuck her 
deeper, was almost too much for me. I was about to cum 
in my hand when Alana told me to stop stroking. "You 
can't come yet!" she commanded me. I stopped stroking, 
but continued to watch my wife and her big-dicked lover.

Steve's cock was pounding Alana's pussy from behind. He 
was fucking her so hard I could hear his thighs slapping 
against her ass. Alana said she was coming again and 
Steve buried himself as deep as he could as he also 
came. After a brief moment, he pumped into her pussy 
several more times, clearly depositing his cum deep in 
my wife's body.

They fell onto the bed in a heap. My wife lay on her 
back with Steve lying next to her on his side. His 
prick, now soft but still long and thick, lay against 
her thigh. They kissed gently as his hands rubbed her 
tits and stomach. Alana's thighs were open and I could 
see her stretched out pussy lips, as well as a thin 
trickle of Steve's cum starting to leak from her.

Turning to me, Alana said, "Sweetie, can you see what he 
did to me? Can you see how beautiful my pussy looks all 
stretched out and open?"

I stared at her pussy as a little more of Steve's cum 
started to leak out. She said to me, "Oh god, that was 
such a good fuck. Honey, I need you to help me out. I am 
so hot and wet down there. I need you to soothe me. Take 
off your clothes and come over here and lick me clean."

I hesitated. Watching my wife fuck another man was one 
thing. This was a fantasy we had shared for awhile. Even 
eating my own cum from her pussy was okay. But, to eat 
another man's cum from her pussy was almost too much for 
me to handle.

Sensing my reluctance, Alana looked at me sternly and 
said, "Remember, you promised you would do whatever I 
wanted. Well, I let you enjoy watching me fuck Steve, so 
now get down there and eat his cum for me."

My submissive side took over and I relented to my sexy, 
aggressive, dominant wife. First I stripped and then I 
lay down between her legs and teased her by kissing her 
thighs, my face just inches from Steve's soft cock. 
Then, I worked my way to her pussy. By the time I got to 
her lips, Steve's cum was practically pouring out of 
her. Even though it was the second time he had cum that 
night, he had clearly shot a large load of cum into her. 
I started to lick and suck her pussy, as she had ordered 
me to do, taking mouthfuls of his cum as I went.

As I sucked all of her lover's cum from her pussy, my 
wife kissed him and told him what a great lover he was. 
She told him she loved his cock and that he could fuck 
her whenever he wanted, as long as he let me watch each 

After a few minutes she told Steve to get out of the 
bed. He went and sat in the chair I had been in while 
they fucked. She then pulled me up next to her and 
kissed me. She whispered in my ear, "Did you like that?" 
She felt my hard dick as is pressed into her thigh and 
said, "I guess you did. You loved watching Steve's big 
dick fuck me. You loved eating his cum from my pussy. 
You're my sweet little cuckold now, aren't you?"

I could not speak. I just kissed her and held her tight. 
"Yeah, you have done well. You deserve a reward." And 
then she pushed me on my back and kissed me. Then she 
started to lick her way down toward my dick, stopping to 
lick and tease my nipples, something I always enjoyed.

When she reached my dick, she didn't take her time. She 
took me into her mouth quickly and started to suck me as 
fast as she could. Less than a minute later I shot my 
load into her mouth. As I still lay on my back, she came 
up and kissed me with an open mouth, letting my entire 
load of cum spill into my mouth. She then told me to 
swallow it all, which I did.

My wife then turned to Steve and said, "See, my cuckold 
will do anything I want, including eating two loads of 

Steve was still soft as he sat watching us on the bed. 
When Alana asked him if he could get his dick hard 
again, he just shook his head no. "Sorry, but I am wiped 
out. You wore me out." 

My wife then said, in her commanding voice, "Well, then, 
you're no good to me anymore. Get your things and get 
out. If you can't fuck me anymore, we're done for the 

Steve pulled his pants and shirt on, gathered the rest 
of his stuff and left.

Alana pulled me close to her and we snuggled together, 
holding each other's nude bodies closely.

She put her mouth next to my ear and moaned, "Honey that 
was great. Thank you so much for tonight. I love you so 
much and I love that you are so secure that you let me 
fuck Steve. Please tell me that what I did and said 
tonight didn't hurt you."

I held her close. I had loved every second of what had 
gone on that evening and told her so. I told her that I 
loved her aggressive, dominant, sexy side and that I was 
very happy with what had happened and that I hoped we 
could do it again soon. I told her that I would always 
do whatever she wanted and I would always let her do 
whatever she wanted.

Alana fell asleep in my arms. As I lay there holding my 
beautiful wife, I wondered what future adventures we 
would share together.

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