Saturday, 21 January 2017


I am a rep for a hardware wholesaler and my territory 
is a large and mainly rural area. I travel about half 
my time but manage to make it home every weekend.

I stopped for lunch on my way to see my next client. I 
wasn't feeling well and tried to get some soup into me 
but was having trouble getting it down. One minute I 
would feel hot and sweaty, the next as if a wind 
straight from the North Pole was blowing right through 
me. And to make matters worse I was sitting next to a 
table with some jerk bragging about some broad he was 

It was my own fault for coming in. I knew the guy was 
in here; I saw his bright red Caddy convertible parked 
out front. The guy himself wasn't hard to recognize 
either - he only stands about three feet high. I had 
often wondered how he reached the pedals of his car.

"Yes, she's a real goer!" I heard him say to the guy 
sharing the table with him. "She'll do anything I ask, 
she's a real slut. She gobbles up my dick whenever I 
ask and just loves it up the ass."

I tried to ignore the demented ravings of this lunatic 
and concentrate on my lunch, but his piercing voice 
just wouldn't stay out of my head.

"She's a real good looker too. Tall and well built; 
tits you wouldn't believe. Married too. I don't know 
what her dork of a husband's like, but he obviously 
isn't feeding her enough dick."

I changed tables, moving as far away as I could. 
Unfortunately the room wasn't that big and he had one 
of those voices that carried.

"I take her out to my favorite strip club. She likes to 
take her clothes off and dance and let guys feel her 
up. She's really keen on one of the other strippers, 
too. You should see them going at it. It sure makes my 
dick hard."

I managed to close my mind to the filthy monologue for 
a few minutes and ate some of the soup. I suspected his 
experiences were just pure fantasy. My attempt at not 
listening didn't last long.

"...and when I said to her, 'Baby, I want you to suck 
both of us off,' she started drooling! Actual drool 
down her chin. Before either Harry or I had even got 
our dicks out. Next time you're in town, look me up. 
I'll have her suck you..."

I'd had enough. I got up and paid for my mainly 
untouched soup and left.

"...and I've got some nude pictures of her if you guys 
want to..."

The other men in the cafe were gathering around the 
dwarf's table as the door closed behind me.

By the time I got another twenty miles down the road I 
was really suffering. I called my next stop and told 
them I wouldn't be coming, and headed the ninety miles 
back to the city. How I made it I'll never know; I 
don't remember half the trip. It was dark by the time I 
got home. I knew my darling wife Leanne would put me to 
bed and make me feel better.

* * *

I drove into the garage behind the house and just sat 
in the car for a while, hoping Leanne would notice I 
was home and help me out of the car as waves of heat 
and cold alternately passed over me. After they stopped 
I got myself out.

I left the garage and walked the short distance between 
the garage and the back of the house to the back door. 
Loud rock music was coming from the downstairs bedroom 
we used as a family room. Leanne didn't normally listen 
to that type of music so I peeked through the tall 
bushes and into the window to see what she was doing. 
Since the room's window faces the garage wall we had 
never got around to putting curtains in.

What I saw froze my heart. Leanne was sitting, naked, 
on the floor, her hands behind her for support, her 
legs slightly bent and apart, and her long, light brown 
hair hanging on the floor behind her. That is, naked 
except for a frilly red garter belt, sheer stockings 
and red high heels. I didn't even now she owned a 
garter belt. And those shoes! They had ankle straps and 
must have had at least five inch heels. Her other 
clothes were strewn all over the floor. The dwarf from 
the restaurant was straddling her stomach, his short, 
bandy legs barely reaching around her. 

The dirty pervert was still wearing his undershirt and 
his socks. He was rubbing some sort of long stick on 
her breasts. It took me a while to realize it was his 
cock. It was huge, ten to twelve inches long, and 
thick. It would have looked big on an ordinary man, On 
him it looked gigantean.

One of the smaller windows was open so I could just 
made out what was being said.

"Come on Arnie," I heard Leanne say. "Put it in my 
mouth. I want to suck your fuck stick." With her right 
hand she wiped some spittle off her chin.

I was flabbergasted. My wife never swears; she hardly 
ever says "damn". To hear her use language like that 
was too much for me. I had to leave.

I couldn't tear myself away.

The dwarf rubbed the head of his cock on my wife's face 
and around her lips, smearing the bright red lipstick. 
She had her mouth open and her tongue out trying to 
catch it. When she couldn't, she put her head back and 

"Come on, Arnie, stop teasing and let me taste it."

I watched in amazement as my modest and virtuous wife 
sucked and slurped on his large cock. Once when I had 
suggested she put my penis in her mouth she called me a 
dirty pervert and slept in the spare bedroom for three 

I was only a couple of yards or so from them and could 
see everything. The dwarf had reached down and was 
pulling on one of her nipples.

"That's right, baby, suck on that monster. Do it right 
and I'll give you a drink of my cum. Would you like 

To my horror I saw her nod and redouble her efforts on 
his big root.

"Oh, baby," he continued, "you're the best cocksucker I 
ever met. You like sucking on my dick? Does it turn you 

Again she nodded.

I leaned over and threw up. I couldn't watch any 
longer. But some horrid fascination made me stay. When 
I looked through the window again, the dwarf was 
handing my wife a bottle of Jack Daniels. She put the 
bottle to her lips and took a couple of gulps. I have 
never seen Leanne drink more than one glass of wine. I 
don't even keep any liquor in the house. Now she was 
drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle. She passed 
the bottle back to the dwarf who drank from it, too, 
before putting it on a nearby table.

Leanne lay down on her back with her knees up, rubbing 
herself between the legs. The dwarf straddled her head 
and rubbed his big, hairy balls all over her face. He 
stopped them directly over her mouth. She opened up and 
sucked them in.

"Oh, baby. Suck those nuts. Hum for me. Make my dick 
harder than it is."

She hummed for him. My beautiful, young wife was on her 
back sucking on the balls of a midget and humming. 
While getting the hum job, the dwarf grabbed the bottle 
from the table and had another drink from it.

Having had enough of the hum job the dwarf scooted down 
and placed his cock between Leanne's large breasts. She 
pushed them up and wrapped them around his cock.

"Ah, baby. You've got the best tits for fucking I've 
ever known. You're a real hot cunt, you know?" He said 
as he moved back and forth.

"Oh, Arnie," she responded, "shoot your cum all over my 
face. Right in my mouth." She opened her mouth and 
obscenely stuck out her tongue.

"Not yet, baby. I want you to do something else for me. 
Come on. You know what I like."

"Please, Arnie," I heard her say, her fingers busy 
between her legs. "Fuck me. Stick that dick right up my 
cunt. Fuck me good. I need to feel your big cock up my 

I still couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Yeah, baby, I'll fuck you all right. But you got to do 
this first."

I wanted to go. Morbid fascination made me stay. I 
watched the dwarf hop off of Leanne and, after grabbing 
the bottle from the table, hobble over to my easy 
chair. Scrambling up it, he turned around and waited 
for her, his hard-on sticking out obscenely.

My wife crawled over to him on her hands and knees, her 
breasts swaying as she went. Saliva dribbled down her 
chin. She had a lustful gleam in her blue-grey eyes and 
she growled softly. It wasn't until then that I noticed 
the loud music was no longer playing. 

As she approached him he stuck one of his feet towards 
her. Taking the toe of his sock between her teeth she 
slowly pulled it off. Then she licked his toes while 
the dirty little pervert cooed with glee, taking the 
occasional drink from the bottle. The procedure was 
repeated on his other foot. I threw up again.

By the time I had finished puking she had is cock in 
her mouth again. Still on her hands and knees she 
slowly rocked back and forth, her breasts swinging with 
her movements. I watched as she took more and more of 
his long penis into her mouth. 

The dwarf encouraged her with words like, "that's 
right, baby, eat it all," and "take it right down your 
throat," and "your the best cocksucker around". After 
about a minute of trying, she finally had his entire 
length in her mouth. I couldn't see how she did it, how 
she didn't choke. 

Five or six times she went down until her lips touched 
his pubic hair, then moved back until only the tip of 
the penis was in her mouth. She would look up at him at 
these times and, licking his knob, smile, repeatedly 
asking if he liked what she was doing.

At this time I seemed to be in the room with the two, 
as if I had somehow flowed through the window glass. 
Another polar wind blew through my hot and sweaty body. 
Nothing seemed real, except what I was watching.

The dwarf had rolled onto his back on the seat of the 
chair and had his deformed legs up in the air. Leanne 
had moved closer and, holding his cock out of the way 
with her hand, was licking his balls. He was going 
crazy, yelling, "Lower, lower!"

To my horror, she went lower. Now holding his over-
sized testicles out of the way she ran her tongue up 
and down the crack of the dwarf's ass. With his hands 
he spread his ass cheeks apart and she stuck her tongue 
into his ass hole.

I've been married to this woman for six years, I 
thought. This woman teaches Sunday School. How can she 
do this? How could I not have know she is really a 
dirty whore?

"Oh, baby, suck my ass, french my asshole!" screamed 
the dwarf. "Stick your tongue all the way in. Taste my 
shit. Oh, it feels so good. Oh, baby, you're the best."

I was appalled. In contrast, my wife loved it, forcing 
her tongue up his rectum as far as she could, moaning 
with lust the entire time. The dwarf continued to 
encourage her in her filthy job until she finally 
rolled onto her back. She raised her legs to her chest 
and spread them, rubbing her cunt lasciviously.

"Come on, Arnie, you promised to fuck me. Stick your 
dick in my fuck hole. I need it badly. You promised. 
Fuck me. Make me come." She was delirious with desire.

The dwarf jumped off my chair. "Here I come, baby," he 
said, waddling towards her. "Open those legs wide for 
the fuck of your life." With that, he put the tip of 
his penis on my wife's vagina and shoved it into her.

After watching everything that had previously happened, 
Leanne's reaction still surprised and shocked me. As 
the dwarf plowed away at her, she bucked and moaned and 
yelled out obscene things, screaming at him to fuck her 
harder. His cock was so long he couldn't get the entire 
thing into her; at least two inches remained out of her 
pussy with each of his down strokes. I watched with 
dismay as the dirty whore came, thrashing about on the 

With her orgasm finished, the dwarf told her to get up 
on her hands and knees. With her ass pointed at him he 
entered her from behind, doggy style. Leanne's hanging 
breasts, their nipples hard as rocks, bounced as he 
thrust into her. Her second orgasm racked her body 
shortly afterwards.

"Ok, baby," the dwarf said, "you know what comes next."

"Oh, yes, Arnie," she begged. "Do it. Do it hard. Fuck 
me in the ass!"

"Hold still, then," The dwarf warned, "if you want my 
dick up your shit hole."

"Oh, yes," my whore-wife said, still bouncing with 
anticipation. "In my shit hole. In my shit hole."

The dwarf smacked her hard across the ass. "Hold still, 
then!" he commanded.

Leanne held still. The dwarf positioned his enormous 
cock against the entrance to her bowels. Slowly he 
pushed it into her while she implored him to go deeper. 
With very few pauses, the dwarf slid his entire penis 
up my wife's ass.

He fucked her ass with vigor, his balls bouncing on her 
pussy. When he thrust in, she pushed back, making sure 
every inch of his cock got into her. She said all sorts 
of filthy things about how she loved a big dick up her 
ass as he fucked her. After five minutes of this his 
face started to contort.

"Quick, I'm ready. I'm going to come."

When he said this, Leanne quickly spun around. Grabbing 
the base of his cock, she put the dirty thing in her 
mouth and pumped it with her hand. It didn't take long 
before he erupted. Pulling his cock from her mouth, he 
sprayed his cum all over her face. The first stream hit 
her between the eyes. The rest squirted on her nose and 
cheeks, and in her open mouth. It dripped off her chin.

"Oh, baby," he said, still squeezing cum on her face, 
"you're the hottest cunt I've ever fucked. You're the 

Leanne rolled over onto her back. Her legs were facing 
the window so I watched her finger her pussy as the 
dwarf got dressed.

"Sorry, I've got to go," he said to her. "Business, you 
know." Before he left he took a twenty dollar note from 
his wallet and threw it down on her recumbent body. 
"Here," he said, "buy something nice for yourself." 
With that, he picked up the half full bottle of Jack 
Daniels and left.

My wife ignored the money and continued to finger 
herself until she had another orgasm.

* * *

I must have returned to the car after that because the 
next thing I remember was Leanne gently shaking me. 
"Please, Gerry, wake up!" I heard from about one 
hundred miles away. Slowly I regained consciousness. 
Leanne was shaking me. I looked up into her lovely, 
caring face. Then I remembered the dwarf.

"Come on, Gerry, I'll get you into the house and get 
you cleaned up. You're so hot! I'll get you straight to 

I looked up at her. She was so beautiful and such a 
good wife. I tried not to remember what I had seen, but 
couldn't. There were tears in my eyes. I knew what she 
was, now.

I looked down at myself. My suit was covered in vomit. 
I was so cold I shivered. I knew I was not well and 
would have to depend on this woman a little longer. She 
helped me out of the car and into the house. 
Struggling, she got me up the stairs and into the 
bathroom where she stripped my clothes off and wiped me 
with a warm rag. I just couldn't believe this warm and 
tender person was the same whore I had seen earlier 

"I only found you because I was looking for the cat. I 
noticed the back end of the car sticking out of the 
garage. How long have you been there?" she asked.

"I got here just after dark," I said. I noticed the 
startled look on her face but she quickly covered it 
up. "I was too weak to get out of the car," I lied.

"That was three hours ago," she said. "You poor 
darling. Here's your pyjamas. I'll help you get them 

She put me to bed and took my temperature. When the 
thermometer showed my temperature was 104°F, it 
frightened her a bit. While she went to call the 
doctor, I lay in bed, the room spinning around me. 
Freezing cold spells were followed by hot sweats. 
Leanne returned to tell me she couldn't reach the 
doctor but his wife advised I take some aspirin and 
drink plenty of water. I took the pills proffered by 
Leanne and swallowed them with the water. She wiped my 
hot forehead with a cool rag and told me she'd sleep in 
the spare room so she wouldn't bother me.

I wanted to mention what I had seen but couldn't bring 
myself to do it. I watched, a great sadness 
overwhelming me, as Leanne left the room.

* * *

The room continued to spin around me and the hot and 
cold flushes got no better. I was surprised when Leanne 
came back into the room. She sat down in the chair 
beside me, tears in her eyes.

"Gerry," she said, quietly. "I am so sorry. I know what 
you saw tonight. I never meant to hurt you. Please 
believe that."

I looked up at her. I didn't want to talk about it but 
I heard myself say, "How did it happen? How did you 
ever meet that creep?"

"He's not a creep!" she said, defensively. Then, 
realising her position, she became more contrite. "It's 
a long story. I realize that you're not well and would 
rather not hear this right now, but Reverend Walters 
says confession is good for the soul.

"One night, about six months ago, three of the girls at 
the office asked me to go to have a drink with them. 
You were up north so I figured it wouldn't hurt 
anything. Three hours later, with hardly anything to 
eat, they talked me into going to a night-club with 
them. I knew I shouldn't, but I was a bit lonely and 
had had a few too many drinks.

"We got to the night-club, had a few more drinks and 
watched the people dancing. I was approached by more 
than one man who asked me to dance but I turned them 
all down. At the bar, sitting on a stool, we noticed a 
dwarf. He looked at us and the girls were making jokes 
about him. Then he approached us, introduced himself 
and asked me to dance. The other girls thought this was 
a great joke and cajoled me into accepting his offer. 
We danced to a couple of songs and I returned to my 
table. The girls were howling with laughter.

"Soon after I had to go to the ladies. When I was 
returning to the table, Arnie approached me again. He 
was upset. He said he knew we were making fun of him. 
You know I don't like people who make fun of others and 
felt ashamed of my behavior. He said I could make it up 
to him by going out with him the next night. I told him 
I was married and couldn't but he called me a cold 
hearted bitch like the others and wished he had never 
danced with me.

"Taken aback by his harsh words, and because I was 
probably a bit drunk, without thinking I agreed to go 
out with him and gave him my name and address. I knew I 
shouldn't have, but it just came out. He said he'd see 
me tomorrow night and left. When I got back to the 
table the others wanted to know what he said to me. I 
told them he asked me for a date. This brought more 
peals of laughter which made me angry. I told them they 
shouldn't be so cruel. We all left shortly after.

"The next day I had a hangover and didn't feel well at 
all. I still made it to work where the girls I'd been 
out with teased me about upcoming my date. I lied and 
told them I'd given the dwarf a phony name, too 
embarrassed to tell them the truth. The kidded me about 
it all day.

"That night I had dinner and got ready for a night of 
watching TV. I was sure Arnie would not show up. At 
seven thirty the doorbell rang. I froze with fear. I 
went to the door, turned the outside light on and 
looked out the peephole. There was no one there. 
Suddenly there was a rap at the door. I jumped. I still 
could not see anyone out the peephole so I opened the 
door a crack.

"Outside stood Arnie. He had a bunch of flowers in his 
hand. He asked if I was ready. I told him through the 
crack that I couldn't possibly go out with him. He got 
angry and started calling me names so I shut the door 
on him. I was shaking but thought that he would leave. 
As I was looking through the peephole to see if he'd 
gone, I heard a voice behind me. I had forgotten the 
back door wasn't locked.

"He berated me for breaking my promise. I felt awful. 
You know I pride myself in keeping promises, so I 
finally relented. I figured one date would not hurt 
anything, my obligation would be finished and I'd never 
see him again.

"I went upstairs to change. I put on a tweed skirt, a 
cardigan over a white cotton blouse, and flat shoes. 
When I came down, Arnie got angry with me, saying he 
wouldn't go out with his mother dressed like that. He 
insisted I put something on a bit sexier so he wouldn't 
be embarrassed in front of his friends, and to wear 
some make-up. I went back upstairs and changed again.

"This time I wore a short skirt, silk blouse and higher 
heels. I also put on some lipstick and eye make-up. 
When I came down for the second time, Arnie was sitting 
on the couch, drinking from a bottle of whiskey. He 
said that was better. Then he shocked me by asking if I 
had stockings and a garter belt instead of the panty 
hose I was wearing. I suddenly realized that, because 
he was so short, he could see quite a way up my skirt. 

Holding my hands in front of me and pressing the skirt 
to my legs to block his view, I told him I didn't. He 
then ordered me to remove the panty hose and go bare 
legged. I seemed to be in his control so I obeyed. As I 
walked back up the stairs, I could feel his eyes on me, 
looking up my skirt. For some reason, I don't know why, 
it thrilled me a bit and I didn't make any attempt to 
cover myself. On my way up he told me to lose the bra, 

"I came back down, without panty hose and braless. This 
seemed to please Arnie and, for some strange reason I 
can't explain, pleased me, too."

By this time in her story, I noticed Leanne was 
stroking the inside of her thighs. I suddenly realized 
the story was turning her on.

"We went out to his car," she continued, "And got in. 
We went to a small bar where he seemed to know 
everybody and we had a couple of drinks. He introduced 
me to everyone as his new girlfriend. This shocked me a 
bit but the alcohol had loosened my inhibitions enough 
so I just smiled and nodded.

"After a few hours and more drinks than I should have 
had - nervousness I suppose - we got back in his car. I 
thought he was taking me home but, instead, he took me 
to a strip club. At first I refused to go in with him 
but he insisted and I felt my resolve crumble. When we 
entered there was a woman dancing on stage. She was 
completely naked, flaunting her body at all the men 
watching her. Much to my dismay, Arnie took me right to 
the front by the stage and we sat down. The girl came 
dancing towards us, squatted down right in front of me 
and spread her legs. I could see everything and was 
very embarrassed. I didn't know where to look."

"Leanne," I interrupted, as forcefully as I could. 
"Your hand!"

She looked at me, then realized her hand had made its 
way up her night-gown where she was slowly stroking 
herself. She quickly pulled the hand out.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't mean to..."

"Go on with your story," I said. It was killing me but 
I had to hear it through. I felt so bad I thought I 
might die any second anyway.

"Arnie seemed to know everyone at the strip club, too. 
This time he introduced me as his new piece. I didn't 
understand what he meant by that at the time. After a 
watching a few more dancers and having a few more 
drinks, Arnie started a conversation with the man 
sitting on the other side of me. He knew the man and 
they talked about various things. I was so mesmerized 
by the dancers and the alcohol I hadn't noticed that 
Arnie had unbuttoned my blouse until I felt his hand on 
my bare breast. I gave out a yelp and pulled my blouse 
back together. The man sitting next to me had seen 
everything. Both he and Arnie laughed.

"Arnie told me that I was a grown woman and had a fine 
set of tits that others would like to see. I wasn't so 
sure, but let him pull my blouse open anyway, exposing 
my tits to the men around us. They all agreed that my 
tits were world class as Arnie rubbed and squeezed 

Leanne's hand had sneaked under her night-gown again. I 
was too sick, tired and broken hearted to say or do 
anything about it.

"Arnie and the man wanted me to get up on stage and 
dance for them. I refused. Arnie took me home shortly 

"In the car, Arnie asked when he could take me out 
again. I told him it was impossible, that I was married 
and couldn't just date strange men. My resistance to 
his overtures was down but I tried to be as adamant as 
I could. He countered by asking if being seen in 
company with a midget was embarrassing to me. I told 
him that it didn't matter how tall he was, I was 
married and that was that.

"When we got to the house I got out and went to the 
door. To my surprise, Arnie was right behind be. I told 
him I had to work in the morning and needed my sleep. 
He said he was only coming in for a night-cap, showing 
me the bottle of whiskey he had. I tried to argue with 
him but it was futile.

"In the house he poured us both a drink. It was neat 
whiskey. We sat on the couch and my head was spinning 
so much I put it back and just sat there saying nothing 
at all. I could feel Arnie unbuttoning my blouse again. 
When I objected, he said he'd been looking at my tits 
all night long and asked why it should be any different 
now. I was beyond resisting so I let him fondle and 
kiss my breasts.

"In spite of my intentions, it felt good. I could also 
feel a tingling sensation between my legs. This 
increased when Arnie put his hand under my skirt and 
stroked me between my legs. I am ashamed to admit, but 
I gave in to my lust. I let Arnie do whatever he wanted 
to me."

By this time, Leanne's hand was rubbing the area 
between her legs with intensity. In my dream-like 
state, I wondered how long she could keep this up 
before she had an orgasm. I remember thinking that the 
dwarf must have a powerful hold on her.

"He removed my blouse and then my underpants. He pulled 
me so I was at the edge of the couch. Then he spread my 
legs wide and started licking me. It felt so good. I 
sat there and luxuriated in the feeling. It just felt 
so good. I didn't want him to stop. I found my hands 
rubbing my nipples. Arnie licked me and licked me and 
wouldn't stop. I felt the orgasm building up in me and 
- aaaaaaaagh, aaagh, aaagh, oh, oh, oh, shit, that was 

Leanne sat quietly for a few minutes, her body forward 
and her head resting on my leg. The dwarf had made her 
come again, and he wasn't even in the room. I felt 
small and humiliated. Finally she sat up.

"Oh, no. I'm so sorry," she apologized. "That wasn't 
meant to happen."

"Go on with your story," I said without enthusiasm.

"After he made me come, he took his clothes off. I was 
amazed at how big his dick was. He told me to suck it. 
I told him I had never done that before but he 
insisted, saying turnabout was fair play. It felt huge 
in my mouth. After a few minutes he put it into me and 
fucked me. I had two more orgasms before he left. You 
were coming home the next day so we arranged to go out 
the next week when you were gone again.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she said. Her head was back 
down on my leg and she was sobbing. "I didn't mean to 
hurt you, you must believe that. I love you so much I'd 
never hurt you on purpose."

I lay there, absently stroking her hair. Her confession 
seemed more than words to me; I could actually see what 
happened as she talked. It was if she were infusing the 
images straight into my mind. I was numb, but I loved 
her, too, and felt bound to forgive her and protect her 
from this situation she had got herself into.

"There, there," I said, comfortingly. "Now that you 
told me, you won't be bothered by him any more. I'll 
protect you. You won't have to see him any more." As I 
said it, I felt Leanne stiffen.

"But we have a date for tomorrow night," she said.

"That's all right," I said. "I just won't let him in. 
I'll tell him you are my wife and you don't want to see 
him any more."

"But I promised."

"This is one promise you will just have to break."

She didn't answer. Finally she got up, kissed me good 
night and left the room.

* * *

The room spun in one direction while my bed spun in the 
other. I seemed to be hot and cold at the same time. I 
once woke to see Leanne sitting in a chair next to me. 
She was naked. The dwarf was standing on the bed next 
to me pointing his enormous cock at Leanne's face. She 
had it in her mouth while he encouraged her to suck it 
harder. Too weak to stop it I turned away but the image 
stayed with me.

I woke again. I was in the family room. Leanne was 
naked and on the floor on her hands and knees. The 
dwarf was behind her with his cock up her ass. Leanne 
was barking like a dog. I went over to the dwarf and 
pushed at him but I had very little strength.

"Leave my wife alone!" I yelled at him.

"Piss off, you prickless bastard," he said to me.

I tried to grab him but he was gone. So was Leanne. I 
fell to the floor.

Later I woke and felt the presence of people in the 
room. One was touching me. I struggled to get away 
without opening my eyes. I couldn't. Finally they left 
me alone.

Once again I woke. I could see daylight behind the 
drawn curtains. Leanne had a glass to my mouth, 
encouraging me to drink. I could smell whiskey. I went 
back to sleep.

Yet again I woke. Leanne was standing in the room 
dressing. She was wearing only a short red skirt and 
the red shoes. I watched her full breasts jiggle as she 
applied make-up to her face. I don't remember her 

The next time I woke I was standing on the landing of 
the stairs. A bell was ringing. I recognized it as the 
doorbell. I watched Leanne walk to the door and open 
it. The dwarf walked in with a bottle of Jack Daniels. 
She squatted down and they exchanged a passionate kiss, 
after which they both took a drink of the whiskey.

I struggled down the stairs into the living room, 
having to pause twice to allow the stairs to stop 
spinning. When I arrived in the living room the dwarf 
looked at me with a triumphant glare while Leanne was 
looking down at the floor. Leanne had on a red skirt 
and a sheer red blouse. I could clearly see she wasn't 
wearing anything under the blouse.

They stood next to each other. In her heels Leanne was 
about six feet tall, almost twice as tall as the dwarf; 
he didn't even come up to the waistband on her skirt. I 
saw the dwarf put his hand on her knee, then watched as 
his hand slowly moved up her leg until it disappeared 
under her skirt. Never looking up, Leanne parted her 
legs a bit. I saw the thin fabric of the skirt move as 
the dwarf played with my wife's pussy.

The glare never left the dwarf's face. Finally he said, 
"Come on, baby, we're going."

They turned and left the house, Leanne still staring at 
the floor. As the door closed behind them I tried to 
call Leanne's name but the word caught in my throat and 
came out as a croak. I collapsed on the couch.

Suddenly I was in a dark room with loud music. It was 
very hot. I couldn't remember how I got there. I was 
standing at the back of the room watching a naked woman 
dance on a stage in front of a group of men. It was 
Leanne. She squatted in front of each man and let them 
touch her breasts and pussy. Another woman with bright 
red hair came out on the stage. She took off her 
clothes and she and Leanne danced together, rubbing 
their bodies on one another.

The music stopped, then started again. I was in my bed. 
I got up to find the source of the music. The floor 
pitched under me and I nearly fell over. I left the 
room and stood on the landing. The music was coming 
from downstairs.

I sat down and looked through the balustrades into the 
living room. Leanne was dancing with a tall black man. 
All she was wearing was a blouse, shoes, stockings and 
garter belt. I could see the patch of light brown hair 
between her legs as she twirled around. I felt a chill 
wind blow through me.

The dwarf approached her, yelled something I couldn't 
hear and gave her her skirt and panties. When he turned 
his back, Leanne threw the clothes on the floor and 
gave him the finger. She returned to dancing with the 
Black who began touching her between her legs. She 
threw her head back and laughed.

The dwarf came back. He yelled at her again and they 
argued. I couldn't hear a word they said. Finally, with 
reluctance, Leanne put the panties and skirt on an 
continued dancing with the black man.

The dwarf went to the front door and opened it. Two 
people came in, the red headed stripper from the strip 
club and a weaselly looking man with a pencil thin 
moustache. He was wearing a hat. The Stripper was 
wearing a flimsy light green dress with thin straps. It 
looked to be at least a size too small and her enormous 
breasts looked ready to burst out of it at any time. 
She went over to Leanne and they embraced and kissed.

Meanwhile, the Weasel took a camera out of his bag. He 
took pictures of the women kissing, sucking on each 
other's tongues and touching each other. After they 
undressed one another he took pictures of them sucking 
on each other's nipples. He took close-ups of my wife 
licking the Stripper's pussy and of the Stripper 
licking Leanne's. The dwarf directed the women while 
the Weasel took more pictures.

The Weasel took a large dildo from his camera bag and 
tossed it to the Stripper. She used it in my wife's 
cunt for a while then pushed it up her ass. Leanne had 
at least one orgasm. The big Black approached the two 
women. They unzipped his pants and pulled out his 
penis. It was as big as the dwarf's but appeared 
smaller on his larger frame. Leanne took the black cock 
into her mouth and soon had it all the way in. She then 
gave it to the Stripper to suck while she licked his 

I hung onto the balustrades as the house lurched. My 
vision blurred. When it cleared I seemed to be much 
closer but still hanging on to the posts. The Black now 
had his pants off and sat on the couch. My wife 
straddled his lap with his cock in her. The dwarf was 
sitting, naked, on the couch next to the Black and the 
Stripper was sucking on his enormous penis. I think I 
heard the dwarf say, "Fuck her, Harry, fuck her." The 
Weasel continued to take picture after picture.

I blinked and the tableau changed again. The Black was 
on his back on the floor. He was naked. Leanne was on 
top of him with his cock up her cunt. Holding the 
dwarf's prick, the Stripper positioned him so he was 
behind my wife. She placed the tip of his cock on 
Leanne's brown ass hole and helped him push it in. 
Leanne was going out of her mind with lust. 

I had never seen her so wanton before. They fucked like 
that for several minutes while the Weasel continued 
taking pictures. When the dwarf was ready to come, the 
Stripper pulled his cock out of my wife's ass and 
sucked him until his cum spurted in her mouth and 
dripped down her chin.

Leanne got off the Black and took his penis into her 
mouth. She sucked on it until he came, letting it 
squirt all over her face. The Stripper licked the cum 
off Leanne's face while the Weasel got more close-up 
shots. The Stripper got on her back on the floor and 
Leanne lay on top of her in a sixty nine position. They 
licked each other's pussies while the men watched and 
passed a bottle of Jack Daniels around.

It seemed to me I was watching a dirty movie with 
complete strangers in it, not my wife. The whole 
episode had a surreal, dreamlike quality. I was numb, 
beyond feeling, beyond being upset about my wife's 
behavior. It wasn't my sweet and innocent wife down 
there; it was some dirty, slutty whore doing those 
things. I had seen enough, though I don't remember 
going back to bed.

* * *

A ringing in my ears woke me. It was the telephone 
beside the bed. I answered it, noticing daylight behind 
the closed curtains. It was Leanne.

"Hi Gerry? How are you feeling?"

"Where are you?" I asked.

"At work, of course, silly," she replied. "It's ten 
o'clock. Where did you think I'd be?" I wasn't sure. 
The sounds behind her certainly sounded like her work. 
"I called to see how you were. The doctor said you 
should be feeling better now. You gave us a scare."

I was feeling better. The dizziness and hot and cold 
spells had passed. I still felt very weak and extremely 
thirsty. I told her this.

"What was wrong with me?" I asked.

"The doctor thought it was food poisoning." The damn 
sausages I had for breakfast. I thought they had tasted 
funny. "I was really frightened when I found you in the 
car Wednesday night. You thrashed and moaned and yelled 
things I didn't understand. The doctor said high fever 
often causes hallucinations. I'm so glad you're feeling 
better now."

"I'd better call my boss and tell him I won't be in 
today," I said.

"Don't worry about it," Leanne said. "I called him 
yesterday and told him the doctor said you should stay 
home for the next three days."

"Yesterday? What day is it?"

"Friday," Leanne informed me.

"Friday? What happened Thursday?"

"You were very sick."

"Yes, I guess I was."

"The doctor said that if you were feeling better today 
you could have something to eat. Nothing heavy, just 
boiled eggs and dry toast."

"Ok. I am very hungry. I'll go fix something now."


"Yes, Leanne?"

"I love you very much. You know that, don't you."

"I love you too, Leanne."

"See you when I get home. Call me if there's anything 
you want."

"Bye," I said and hung up.

During the last part of our conversation the word 
"hallucinations" kept going over and over in my mind. 
Of course. That explained it. Leanne was a good wife. I 
had obviously hallucinated all that stuff about her.

I laid back in the bed and thought about it. It started 
to make sense. The depraved stories of that dwarf in 
the restaurant had stuck in my mind and I had 
hallucinated that it was my wife he was seeing. It all 
fit in place, all the things I thought I saw my wife do 
with him. Harry I remembered the dwarf mentioning. 

Why he was black in my hallucination I don't know - 
maybe some deep seated fear. The Stripper I remembered 
from a time my boss took me to a strip show when we 
were in Chicago. The pictures and the photographer were 
part of it, too. The photographer looked like some 
gangster out of a 30's movie. People just don't look 
like that today.

I got out of bed and nearly fell to my knees. I was 
weaker than I thought. I made it downstairs to the 
kitchen and drank two glasses of water, I was that 
thirsty. I boiled two eggs and made myself some toast. 
As I ate it I reflected how lucky I was to have such a 
wonderful wife. I was very happy with my life. That was 
until I scraped the egg shells into the garbage pail 
and found the empty Jack Daniels bottle.

Friday, 20 January 2017


Aku adalah seorang peniaga restoran. Manakala suamiku seorang ahli perniagaan yang sering berulang alik ke Kuala Lumpur.Ali, suamiku mempunyai pemandu baru, Rais yang berusia 22 tahun.

Oleh kerana dia bukan orang pekan kami maka dia tumpang tidur di bilik belakang di pejabat suamiku yang terletak di atas restoranku. Restoranku memang restoran yang dibuka 24 jam. Aku mempunyai ramai pekerja yang dibahagi kepada tiga shift. Dari jam 8 pagi hingga 4 petang, anak pertamaku,Laila yang menjaga restoran. Dari jam 4 petang hingga 12 malam,anak keduaku, Ramlan pula yang menjaga restoran manakala 12 malam hingga 8 pagi, anak ketigaku, Ramli yang menjaga restoran.

Oleh kerana aku boring di rumah biasanya setiap malam aku pergi ke restoran sekejap melihat pekerja-pekerjaku beroperasi. Ketika kusampai di restoran pada jam 8 malam itu kulihat Rais sedang makan. Sebagai pemandu suami, dia makan free di restoran itu.

Sebelah malam jika suamiku keluar dia tak guna pemandu. Sebalikya dia memandu sendiri bertemu dengan kawan-kawan politiknya. Selepas sembang politik, jam 2 pagi baru dia balik ke rumah. Aku biasanya jam 11 malam sudah balik ke ruamh tidur kerana pagi esoknya aku kena bangun awal untuk pergi ke pasar pula.

Aku join meja Rais dan turut makan dan minum bersamanya.

"Asal mana Rais," tanyaku
"Saya berasal dari Muar,Puan" jawab Rais.
"Jangan panggil Puan. Panggil kak aja," kataku.
"Rais ada facebook?" tanyaku
"Ada. Kenapa kak?"tanya Rais
"U tolong buat facebook untuk kakak boleh? Nanti lepas makan u balik ke ofis, u buka komputer dan u buat e mail untuk kakak. lepas tu buat facebook untuk kakak ya?'kataku.

"okay," kata Rais dan terus balik ke ofis suamiku.

15 minit kemudian aku pun naik ke ofis di atas restoranku. Aku ada kunci ofis dan bila kubuka pintu ofis kudapati Rais sudah berada di meja kerani yang ada komputer di atas meja. Aku duduk di meja sebelah yang ada desktop juga.

"Saya dah reka e mail kakak dan dah buka facebook untuk kakak,kakak add saya dan terus boleh chatting dengan saya," kata Rais yang sudah bersedia dengan facebooknya di meja sebelah.

Facebookku belum ada gambar kerana aku tak mahu anak-anakku tahu aku ada facebook. Maka aku chatting dengan Rais yang ada di meja sebelah.

"Hai. Buat apa tu?" kata Rais
"Buka facebooklah," jawabku.
"Siapa lelaki bertuah yang membuka dara facebook kakak?' tanya Rais.
"U lah. Buka dara facebook buat apa, kalau buka dara perempuan ok juga?"kataku bercanda.
"kakak masih ada dara ke?Hahaha" tawa Rais.
"Kakak minum jamu. Kalah anak dara.Hahaha",jawabku
"Sedapnya kalau dapat rasa,Hahaha," kata Rais.
"Gatalnya," kataku sambil mencubit pahanya.
"Aduh sakitnya," jawab Rais ketawa.

"Rais, i nak mandi kejap boleh. Panas sangatlah malam ini. I pinjam tuala u," kataku. Rais ke bilik belakang untuk ambil tualanya. Aku ikut ke bilik belakang yang menjadi bilik tidurnya. Dalam bilik itu ada tilam dan bantal serta almari kain.

"U ada panau tak? nanti i pakai tuala u, berjangkit dengan i," kataku.
"Tak adalah," jawab Rais.
"U buka baju u," arahku. Rais membuka t shirtnya dan menunjukkan tubuhnya yang sasa. Aku membelek di hadapan dan belakang tubuhnya. sah tak ada panau.

Aku terus mencapai tualanya dan membuka baju dan kainku di hadapan Rais yang duduk di atas tilamnya.Aku terus berkemban dengan tuala yang singkat itu. rais menelan air liur melihat betapa putihnya kulitku.

"U tunggu i di sini. I takut sorang masuk bilik air. U tak payah main facebook lagilah," kataku. Rais diam membisu menerima arahanku. Aku terus masuk ke bilik air di sebelah bilik Rais.

Lima belas minit kemudian aku masuk ke bilik, kulihat Rais yang tidak berbaju itu berbaring di atas tilam.

"U dah mandi?" tanyaku.
"belum lagi" jawab Rais.
"Ambil tuala ini," kataku.

"Tak apalah kak. Saya pakai kain pelikat buat kesat tubuh saya, " kata Rais mencapai kain pelikatnya dan terus ke bilik mandi. Aku lihat di meja depan cermin ada odorono, bedak dan minyak wangi Rais. Aku pakainya dan aku masih berkemban dengan tuala sementara menunggu air kering di tubuhku.

Lima belas minit kemudian Rais sudah mandi dan dia memakai kain pelikat sahaja tanpa baju. Aku duduk di atas tilam sambil membelek majalah Mangga yang ada di situ. Rais turut memakai minyak wangi,odorono dan bedak.

Masa Rais menyikat rambutnya di hapan cermin aku memeluknya dari belakang.

"Besarnya tubuh u," kataku sambil memeluk erat tubuhnya yang sasa.
"Jangan kak nanti tuan tahu," kata Rais.
"Tuan dah lama keluar jumpa kawan-kawan politiknya," jawabku.
Rais memalingkan tubuhnya dan aku raba seluruh tubunnya.
"U ahli sukan ke?" tanyaku

"saya selalu pergi gym angkat berat," jawab rais.
"patutlah tubuh u sasa," kataku.

Rais lebih tinggi dariku dan aku terus mengangkat kakiku supaya dapat mencium bibirnya. Lama bibir kami bertautan. Rais sudah tidak tahan lagi terus meramas tetekku. Kami terus berbaring di atas tilam.

Rais memghisap tetekku dan akhirnya dia menjilat nonokku. aku tak lupa menghisap kotenya yang pajang dan keras itu. Teruna Rais kuragut malam itu. Bila kotenya meneroka lubang nonokku dia terkejut kerana lubangku sempit mengalahkan lubang anak dara sedangkan aku sudah ada anak lima. Sebagai perempuan kita kena jaga nonok kita dengan selalu minum jamu. Kami pun main pada malam itu sebanyak dua kali. Suamiku ada penyakit kencing manis. Maka kotenya lembik. Maka aku puas bermain dengan Rais yang sebaya dengan anakku.

Tepat jam 11 malam aku turun ke restoran melihat pekerjaku beroperasi. Lima belas minit kemudian aku balik ke rumah tidur dalam kepenatan sesudah makan pucuk muda.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


My husband and I married at a very early age. We were 
both 19 years old. He used to go out and party with his 
friends while I stayed home most of the time. 

My husband and I are both mixed race. His father is 
polish and his mother is from Spain. I am mixed 
background too, a very light brown girl I guess you 
could say, or high yellow some would say. Well my 
husband and I, we had that in common. 

We got along great, but sex got really boring at times. 
He was the only man I had ever slept with in my entire 
life. He invited me out with his friends one night. 
Mostly all of his friends were white boys. They were 
real down to earth guys and laid back. They were really 
friendly towards me, especially Sean. 

Sean went to high school with me and my husband the 
year we first met. I admit, I always had a secret 
attraction for Sean. There was something about him that 
made me go nuts! He was very tall and had light blonde 
hair cut short, sea blue eyes, and smooth white skin 
and a sexy cute voice. He talked like a true stoner. 

We all sat around in a circle listening to "Pink Floyd" 
and passing the bong. My husband got up and sat with 
his friends on the other side of the room. I went over 
to sit with him, then he shouted, "Go back to your 
seat! I'm talking here!" 

I went over to my seat. I felt embarrassed. Sean's eyes 
were still watching closely. I was hoping that he 
didn't see what had just happened, the music was 
awfully loud, but I think he still saw it, and maybe 
heard some of it. 

I saw him get up and announce that he had to go to bed 
and get up for work early. He just got a job at some 
bakery. We continued to all sit in the circle. My 
husband ignored me the entire time. I was the only 
female by now, Sean's two sisters left, and one of 
their female friends too. I had to pee, and asked where 
the bathroom was. 

"Are you that stoned that you can't remember?" My rude 
brother in-law asked. 

I sighed "No I can't."

"Follow your way to the left up the stairs okay honey," 
he laughed. 

I went through the dark hallway and up the stairs 
trying not to fall down. I saw the light from the 
bathroom. I went to the room without the light across 
the hall for some reason and opened the door. 

Sean sat up from his bed, "Hey, what are you doing 

I went to him and sat on his bed,  "Hey Sean, When you 
left it got boring."

"Ohhh?" he whispered.

"Yea," I whispered. "So, can I officially give you a 
goodnight kiss?" 

"Hell yea," he whispered back.

And we began to kiss for a long time. Then I got up and 
left the room, and went back downstairs. My husband was 
ready to go home. We were living with his parents a 
couple of houses down the street.

"Come on let's go," he said.

Back at the house I washed myself in the showers warm 
water. As I touched my body with the soft lathery 
washcloth and my hands I could only think of Sean's 
kisses. I wondered what it would feel like to have him 
inside me? After all, I had only been with my husband 
and no one else. I tried to block it out, and rinsed my 
body thoroughly along with the thoughts, I towelled off 
and went into the bedroom of my husband. He lay in the 
bed waiting for me. I put my hair into one braid that 
hung down to my hips.

"You know what I want," he said.

"I am too sleepy and tired" I said. He had ignored me 
all night long, and that made me feel bad. I didn't 
want to have sex with him. He fell asleep before I did. 

I don't know what came over me.

I got up from the bed naked, and put on sandals and an 
oversized t-shirt. I slipped out of the bedroom. My in-
laws house was a very big one with strict security. I 
was afraid I would get caught but, I wanted to be 
daring now. I wanted to do something new... break out 
of my shell.

I crept down the stairways and into the family laundry 
room and out to the brick patio...through the flower 
gardens. I went in the darkness past Miss Emma's big 
backyard and all the way to Sean's.

I hid behind the bushes...I saw Sean's older brother 
was all raging drunk and blasting his car stereo. He 
peeled out of the driveway like a madman. He had left 
the doors wide open. I slipped into his bedroom door 
and into the hallway. I was so nervous...What if I got 
caught? What would I say? I couldn't think about that was too late to think about all of that. I 
slipped up the stairs and into Sean's bedroom. I closed 
the door behind me.

He was sleeping softly, the moonlight hit his face and 
made it look so angelic as he slept. I got on my knees 
and pulled down his boxers.

"Hey!" he was jerking away "Hey what's going on!"

"Sean let me!" I sighed.

"No" he insisted pulling me off his dick.

"Let me please. Its me..." He looked at my face and 
then smiled.

"Mmmm just let me. I really want to..." I moaned as I 
took his smooth white 7 inches of cock in my mouth. 
Mmmm, I sucked and licked it soooo goood! He started 
moaning like he didn't want me to stop.

"Ohhh hell yea! Damn! Hell yeah!" he moaned. I sucked 
and sucked him until he was grabbing me with his hands, 
trying to pull me on top of him fast. I climbed on top 
of him, and pulled off my t-shirt. I was not wearing 
any panties. My sandals flopped onto the floor loudly. 
I straddled over him and sat down on his hard dick. 

My heart pounded in my chest as his hands guided me up 
and down on dick. His hands were on my breasts 
squeezing. I was up and down on his cock until we both 
couldn't control ourselves any longer! He was pushing 
me up and down on him so hard and so fast! We were both 
breathing so wildly -- until I felt his cum spurt 
inside me and I came. His hands caressed my ass while 
he looked into each other's eyes, panting for breath. 

"Lie down on me. Come here girl," he whispered, pulling 
my down to his chest. 

"But what about Blane? What if he find out and..."

He cut me off, "Don't worry about him. Lie down here 
with me. Relax," he kissed my forehead. I laid down on 
him, and he wrapped his arms around me tightly. I lay 
there for some time, finally falling asleep in his 

On this one particular afternoon in May...

My husband Blaine and I were over at Sean's house. We 
were all up in his room laughing and taking bong hits. 
I wanted to go to the kitchen for munchies. I closed 
Sean's bedroom door behind me, and looked around the 
hallway to see if the parents were around, so that I 
could raid their refrigerator and cabinets. I slipped 
into the kitchen, which was next to the steps leading 
to the basement.

"Hey," a guys voice said. I turned around to see Sean's 
older brother Mark standing by the sliding door. 

"Oh hey," I said. I didn't feel to comfortable around 
him. He was one of those guys who would rather get 
completely buzzed and smash up stuff... he wasn't 
mellow like his younger brother Sean at all. Instead of 
listening to Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead, he'd rather 
blast DeathMetal music or something.

"So your Blaine's lil wifey," he said.

"Yea," I reached on top of the refrigerator and grabbed 
a bag of chips.

"Nice ass," I heard him say.

I could feel his eyes raking over my body, I felt 
uncomfortable and tried to hide behind the bag of 

"Where's your girlfriend Christie?" I asked. I tried to 
bring her up so that he would maybe stop staring so 
hard at my body and saying rude stuff like 'nice ass'.

"We broke up," he said.

"Oh," I slowly started walking towards the doorway.

I went back into the bedroom.

"Hey, wanna beer?" he asked.

"Uhhhh no thanks," I kept walking.

He walked over in front of me and his face got closer 
and closer like he was gonna kiss me or something.

"Hey no thanks! You know I'm married," I said.

"Yea well, you sure don't act like it. Not from what I 
heard," he grinned. He grinned like his brother Sean, 
but Mark's eyes were like cold icy blue, kinda scary. I 
didn't like looking into them.

"LOOK! I don't know what you heard but go away," I 

He grabbed my arm, "Wow your such a Bitch!"

I really thought he was a pig now. I went back in the 
room with Blaine and Sean, and sat on the bed with 

"What's wrong?" Sean asked.

"Your brother's a lame pig," I said, tearing open the 
bag of chips. Blaine and Sean started laughing "BUXX 

We stayed there for most of the day, then went home.

Back at Blaine's parents house, the phone rang, it was 

"Yeah? What do you want?" I asked.

"Is Slick home?" Mark asked.

"No. He's not," I said.

"Hmm... must be out with some chicks," he said.

"Fuck you," I said and slammed down the phone.

Blaine hadn't been coming home lately. I'd end up in 
the kitchen watching his mom peeling potatoes and 
talking about their old farm they moved from. I'd sit 
there bored out of my wits, and horny as hell. We 
rarely even had sex anymore, and when we did... it 
sucked most of the time. I missed that time that Sean 
and I were together. It was the first time I'd been 
with another man besides my husband. The phone rang 

"Hello?" I answered.

"Uh hey, listen. I've got some really good green funk 
over here. I mean the "Kind Stuff". Why don't you come 
over and try some," it was Mark again.

"Yea well why would I want to. You're a rude ass!" I 

"Well come on, its some good stuff," he said. I wasn't 
too sure about this. Mark just seemed sneaky for some 
reason. He was also more experienced with a lot of 
things, and I heard that he had been pushing up on 
people's girlfriends and that he had been violent with 
Christie. But everyone said she was making it up. And 
he was Sean's brother bad could he be? I was 
bored. It was getting later and later, and Blaine still 
wasn't home.

I stood at the back sliding door reluctant to knock. 
The door slid open "Oh hey! Come on in," Mark grinned. 
I stepped into his room. It was dim lit with big lava 
lamps in the corners, and black lights on the ceiling. 

"Have a seat," he motioned for me to sit in the chair 
next to his bed.

"Where's Sean?" I asked, feeling very awkward.

"He's gone to the store right now," he said.

He packed the bong and then he started lighting the end 
and taking hits. I held my arms close, like hugging 
myself. The room felt weird and dark. All the lava 
lamps were pretty weird too. 

"So how old are you anyways," Mark asked, getting a 
choker off his major hit.

"I just turned 21," I said.

"Oh, so you're about my little brother's age. You 
Blaine and him are around the same age," he smiled.

"Yea," I said. "How old are you?"

He grinned in a really weird way as he said, "Oh I'm 
24. I'll be 25 soon." He was wearing a tank top, 
exposing all his tattoos on his muscled arms.

I had heard stories about him. Christie was only 16 and 
she was his former girlfriend. Oh, that was so gross! 
"What a pervert!" I thought to myself, just like his 
Dad. There had been stories about his Dad cheating on 
the mom with younger girls too. Those two were so 
disgusting. And here I was sitting in his bedroom? What 
was I doing there?

"Uhmm well I had better go," I said.

"Noooo no! Have a beer," he pulled out three cases of 

"Look, I know Blaine is hardly there for you anymore. 
You must get lonely at home, waiting up late for him 
all night long," he said in a soothing warm voice.

I sipped down the beer slowly, listening to his voice. 
He was right, I did feel lonely most of the time. I 
hated it. 

Mark smiled, "Listen, I understand you. I know what 
you're going through. It's gonna be okay. I think 
you're so beautiful, and Blaine doesn't appreciate 

I felt my eyes tearing up, I hadn't been called 
beautiful by my husband since high school. Since we had 
been together married, all I had heard from his mouth 
was, "You're hot. Lets do it!"

But Mark was calling me beautiful, it felt so good!

I wanted to hear more of his words. I continued to sip 
down the beer until it became 6 beers somehow. On my 
7th I started feeling so dizzy, "I-I better go," I 

"Have another bong hit," Mark insisted, handing it to 
me. I took one more then coughed so hard, I though I'd 
throw up. 

"Come sit next to me. Lets talk more," he said.

I went over and sat next to him. He began to stroke my 
hair, "Wow I love your long hippy hair. Your never 
gonna cut it are you?"

"No," I giggled. I hated when I got all giggly after 
taking several bong hits. He got up and turned on his 
CD player super loud, blazing out DeathMetal.

"Your so cute like this, like a little girl. Usually 
your such a bitch," he said. "Bitches need to be taught 
a lesson, but you... I betchya have a real sweet tight 
lil pussy."

My eyes widened, I couldn't believe what he just said.

"I have to go," I tried to say as I stood up and fell 

"No, let me help you up," he said as he helped me right 
back onto his bed. I had a beer in my hand as he got 
closer to me. His face was really close to mine. 

"So, what color are those nipples. Your one of those 
mulatto chicks right? Are they pink or brown or red? 
Let me see what they look like," he said.

"No. No I don't want to," I tried to push him back away 
from me.

"Bet I can make em really hard," he said.

He shoved me on my back, and slid his tongue in my 
mouth. His breath tasted like Heineken and potent herb. 
I kicked my legs, hoping to kick his balls really hard. 
He moved up to lay directly on top of me. I couldn't 
move at all!

"Oh god! What's happening?" I breathed, I felt 
completely suffocated from his body weight. He had too 
much muscle mass, and it felt like he was crushing my 
stomach. He pulled the front of my sundress down and 
kissed my cleavage slowly with his tongue, then 
trailing down to my areolas.  

"Stop it! Get off me! Get off me please!" I was crying 
and trying to push him off. Every time I tried to push 
him his arms got stronger, and he started squeezing my 
entire body really hard until I stopped. I was so 
afraid now. His cold blue eyes stared into mine while 
he continued to explore my body. My flip-flops had 
fallen off.

"I need to get my flip-flops," I used every excuse to 
get away.

"Shhh," he kissed and licked underneath my breasts and 
then took his finger under my sundress, and inside my 

"Ouch!!!" I sobbed. He grinned, "It's tight and 

"Get off me!" I screamed trying to punch at him he 
grabbed my wrists really tight until it hurt like hell. 
I wanted to rip the earrings out of his ears!

"I want to make love to you... the way your man doesn't 
do" he whispered as he began to undo his belt and 
jeans, and pull out his long, white dick. Before I knew 
what was happening, he was inside me. The pain was 
really intense as he shoved it inside and out really 

I felt myself cumming, and he continued to thrust. He 
pulled it out, and I could feel his licking my wet 
throbbing pussy. His fingers pinched my nipples as he 
kissed it delicately. His tongue probed inside my twat 
hole, I could feel his tongue ring rubbing all against 
it. He got on top of me and put his dick inside me 
again and began to drive it so good! He grabbed my 
shoulders really tight and began to pump harder and 

I felt his dick beginning to get stiffer and swell 
inside my body! He was getting ready to cum!

"No please! You'll could get me pregnant! Please!" I 

He ignored me and continued to pump it like there was 
no tomorrow. I felt him as he came inside me. 

"What if you got me pregnant?" I said weakly, I was a 
complete wreck inside. My heart was beating so fast.

"Yea what if," he grinned.

"You JERK!" I sobbed.

He licked my cum from his fingers...

Monday, 16 January 2017


Kurenung anak sulungku yang sedang bermain. Wajahnya amat berbeza bila dibandingkan dengan adik-adiknya. Dan bila wajahnya aku pandang, kenangan lama yang menjadi rahsia diriku kembali menghantuiku. Rahsia ini aku simpan kemas. Suamikupun tidak mengetahuinya. Rahsia ini akan kusimpan kemas hingga ke akhir hayatku.

Aku terkenang peristiwa tujuh tahun lalu ketika aku mengajar di sebuah sekolah rendah di pedalaman Pahang di perkampungan orang asli. Waktu itu aku baharu lima bulan berkahwin dan terpaksa berpisah dengan suamiku yang bertugas sebagai pegawai bank di Pulau Pinang. Dengan perasaan berat pada usia 25 tahun aku melangkah longlai mengharungi arus sungai menuju ke perkampungan orang asli tersebut.

Sekolah tersebut kecil sahaja. Muridnya tak sampai 200 orang dan ada enam orang guru bertugas di sana. Empat guru lelaki dan dua guru perempuan. Aku dan kawanku Yati tinggal di sebuah rumah yang dijadikan kuarters guru. Rumah tersebut agak terpencil di atas bukit sementara sekolah berada di kaki bukit. Jarak kuarters ke sekolah lebih kurang 500 meter. Aku dan Yati hanya berjalan kaki melalui jalan tanah merah sempit berulang alik dari rumah ke sekolah.

Masyarakat orang asli di perkampungan itu baik dan ramah. Bila berselisih kami sentiasa disapa dan ditegur. Jika aka kenduri kendara kami akan diundang. Tapi kadang-kadang kami perlu berhati-hati kerana mereka menganut animisme iaitu menyembah roh nenek moyang. Hanya ada beberapa keluarga sahaja yang telah menganut agama islam.

Kerap kami guru-guru menerima pemberian dan buah tangan dari mereka. Pisang, ubi, tebu, telor ayam dan pelbagai lagi hasil ladang mereka akan dihantar ke kuarters kami. Mereka akan datang ikut suka mereka. Jika kami tak ada di rumah, buah tangan itu akan ditinggal di beranda.

Pada suatu hari Sabtu ketika Yati ke sekolah mengajar murid-murid bermain bola jaring, aku tinggal sendirian. Selepas mencuci pakaian dan mandi aku hanya mengenakan kimono dan berehat di ruang tamu sambil membaca majalah hiburan. Terdengar suara memanggilku. Aku menjenguk melalui jendela dan melihat dua orang remaja orang asli menanggung setandan pisang dan seikat jagung.

“Cikgu, ini ada pisang dan jagung untuk cikgu.”

Aku membuka pintu dan menyuruh mereka meletakkan barang yang dibawa ke dapur. Aku rasa mereka baru pulang dari kebun kerana ada parang kecil terikat di pinggang mereka. Remaja orang asli tersebut kelihatan baik dan sopan. Aku rasa usia mereka mungkin dalam lingkungan 18 atau 19 tahun. Perawakan remaja masih jelas kelihatan.

Selesai meletakkan pisang dan jagung di dapur mereka kembali ke ruang tamu. Aku bangun untuk mengucapkan terima kasih kepada mereka. Di sinilah kesilapan yang aku lakukan. Ketika inilah titik hitam dalam sejarah hidupku bermula. Kerana terburu-buru bangun dari sofa, tali kimono yang membelit pinggangku terburai dan badanku yang tak berbalut terdedah.

Kedua pemuda tersebut terbeliak memerhatiku. Buah dadaku yang tak berbalut dan kemaluanku yang tak ditutupi terbentang jelas di hadapan mereka berdua. Mungkin kerana panik aku terlambat menutup auratku dan aku menjadi tontonan percuma kepada remaja orang asli tersebut.

Salah seorang remaja tersebut yang agak besar badannya merapatiku dan memelukku dari belakang. Aku cuba meronta tapi pemuda tersebut merangkulku makin kemas.

“Kamu jangan apa-apakan saya, nanti saya menjerit.”

“Cikgu boleh menjerit sekuat hati, tak ada orang yang mendengar.”

Aku menyadari bahawa kuarters kami memang jauh dari kediaman lain. Sia-sia aku menjerit dan bila melihat remaja di hadapanku memegang parang di pinggangnya aku menjadi kecut. Perasaan takut mula menjalari seluruh sarafku. Jika aku tersilap laku parang tersebut mungkin mendarat di leherku. Aku akhirnya berdiri kaku. Tak berdaya melawan dan jika melawan pun kudratku tentu tak seimbang dengan kudrat kedua pemuda tersebut.

Kimono yang kupakai ditarik dan dilondehkan. Sekarang aku berdiri kaku tanpa seurat benang menutup diriku. Wajahku yang cantik, kulitku yang putih gebu menjadi daya penarik dan membangkit nafsu buas kedua remaja tersebut. Aku dapat mengesan yang remaja di hadapanku merenung tanpa berkelip tertumpu ke kemaluanku yang dihiasi bulu hitam halus. Bulu yang sentiasa aku trim tersebut menjadi sasaran sepasang mata remaja orang asli yang berdiri di hadapanku.

Pemuda yang memelukku mula bertindak. Rambutku yang baru saja dicuci dengan shampoo dicium. Aku dapat merasa hidungnya menghidu dan mencium seluruh rambutku sementara kedua tangannya masih memeluk badanku erat. Bila saja aku bergerak, tangannya makin kemas memelukku.

Puas menghidu rambutku, tangannya mula beraksi. Gunung kembarku diramas-ramas dan dipicit-picit. Tangannya yang kasar itu dapat merasai payudaraku yang lembut dan kenyal. Mungkin dirasainya seperti memicit belon. Tak puas dengan memicit, pemuda orang asli itu kemudian membalikkan badannya dan mengisap puting tetekku yang sebesar ujung jari kelingking. Dihisap puting tetekku bergilir-gilir kiri kanan. Badanku bergerak-gerak menahan kegelian.

Bibir lebam tebal remaja orang asli makin mengganas mengisap puting tetekku yang berwarna merah muda. Kontras sekali bibirnya yang hitam dengan kulitku yang putih. Aku geli. Kemudian separuh tetekku telah berada dalam mulutnya. Tetekku dinyonyot ganas. Aku benar-benar geli dan sedap. Nafsuku bangkit sungguhpun aku tahu aku sedang diperkosa. Mungkin kerana agak lama terpisah dengan suamiku dan sudah sekian lama tak dibelai oleh lelaki yang bergelar suami. Kemaluanku mengemut dan aku rasa cairan panas mengalir lesu di lorong sempit kemaluanku.

Badanku dipeluk erat. Mungkin nafsunya telah memuncak maka ketiakku pula menjadi sasaran. Ketiakku yang mulus licin ditenung penuh ghairah. Keharuman aroma ketiakku diciumnya. Bau asli ketiakku benar-benar merangsang nafsunya. Seluruh badanku akhirnya menjadi sasaran pemuda tersebut. Segala lekuk tubuhku dielus dan dicium. Dadaku dicium sepuasnya, kemudian turun ke perutku yang kempis dan akhirnya tundunku yang berbulu halus menjadi sasaran berikutnya. Dicium agak lama tudunku yang membengkak macam tempurung kelapa.

Kedua pahaku kemudian dipegang erat. Dikuak agak kuat sehingga kedua pahaku terkangkang. Pahaku yang terbuka berada betul-betul di hadapan muka remaja orang asli. Pahaku yang terkangkang mendedahkan bibir kemaluanku yang ternganga. Bibir dalam yang dua keping itu berwarna merah jambu dah teramat lembab. Tanpa lengah lidah kasar sudah bersarang di lurah nikmat. Kemaluanku dijilat dan dihisap bibir lebam hitam. Kelentitku menjadi sasaran remaja tersebut. Biji kacangku yang agar besar dan panjang dihisap kuat hingga aku bergerak ke hadapan. Kenikmatan menjalar kesekujur tubuhku. Kesedapannya tak mampu kuterangkan. Mataku terpejam.

“Harumlah burit cikgu,” tiba-tiba budak yang berada dicelah kangkangku bersuara.

Bila kubuka mataku aku melihat remaja orang asli yang hanya memerhatiku telah bertelanjang bulat. Batang zakarnya yang berwarna coklat kehitaman itu terpacak di pangkal paha. Aku lihat senjatanya keras terpacak dan cairan jernih keluar di hujung kepalanya yang membengkak tapi masih dibungkus kulit kulup. Baru kusedar yang budak orang asli ini tentunya bukan beragama islam. Bagi mereka budaya berkhatan bukanlah kebiasaan mereka.

Puas menjilat dan meneguk cairan hangat yang banyak keluar dari lorong nikmat kepunyaanku, pemuda yang berjongkok di hadapanku berdiri tegak. Baju dan seluar yang dipakainya ditanggalkan. Agaknya orang asli tak biasa memakai seluar dalam. Sekarang kedua remaja orang asli berdiri telanjang di hadapanku. Badan pemuda tersebut taklah besar mana. Agak kurus dan berkulit hitam kerana terbakar matahari. Melihat kepada kemaluan mereka yang telah terpacak tegang, ghairah mereka pastinya amat menggelegak bagai lahar gunung berapi.

Aku diarah untuk melutut. Kedua mereka menghampiriku dan menghalakan kedua zakar mereka ke mukaku. Zakar berkulup itu taklah besar. Lebih kecil berbanding kepunyaan suamiku yang berketurunan mamak tanjung. Mereka merapatkan kedua batang sederhana besar itu ke hidungku yang mancung. Secara terpaksa kepala pelir separuh terbuka ku cium. Bau aneh menerpa ke lubang hidungku.

Selepas beberapa minit menghidu bergilir-gilir, mereka mengarahku supaya menjilat kepala separuh terdedah itu dan kemudiannya seluruh batang orang asli itu aku kulum dan kemut. Agaknya kurang nikmat akhirnya kedua mereka menarik kulit kulup ke pangkal hingga kepala licin warna hitam terloceh. Kepala yang terloceh itu dimasukkan semula ke dalam mulutku yang hangat. Aku sedut dan hisap bergilir-gilir. Kemudiannya secara serentak kedua batang coklat kehitaman itu aku masukkan ke dalam mulutku serentak. Aku lihat badan kedua remaja tersebut bergetar dan keduanya meringis kesedapan.

Walaupun terpaksa, nafsuku memuncak juga. Cairan panas makin banyak membasahi bibir buritku. Bila nafsuku makin naik, makin rancak aku kulum dan sedut kedua batang remaja tersebut. Mungkin pertama kali mereka melakukan seks maka tak sampai lima minit badan mereka mula menggigil dan cairan hangat secara serentak memancut laju menerpa kerongkongku. Aku telan saja benih remaja orang asli tersebut.

Aku kira kejadian hitam dalam hidupku berakhir di sini. Tapi sangkaanku salah. Selepas beberapa ketika tenaga remaja orang asli ini pulih dengan cepat. Kemaluan mereka yang tadinya mengecut kembang kembali. Tangan mereka meramas dan melancap batang pelir masing-masing supaya bertambah keras. Aku diarahkan merangkak di atas permaidani ruang tamu.

Salah seorang dari mereka bergerak ke belakangku. Batang pelir yang mula keras diarahkan ke rekahan kemaluanku yang sememangnya telah basah.

Budak orang asli ini tahu apa yang perlu dibuat. Kepala hitamnya diarah ke lubang buritku. Sekarang baru kuperasan yang kepala pelir remaja orang asli ini lebih besar daripada batangnya bila kulupnya terbuka. Dari cerita yang kudengar, kepala jenis ini di sebut kepala singa. Kepala licin mula mengacah-acah muara kemaluanku. Kepala hitam tak terus menyelam. Remaja orang asli memain-mainkan kepala pelirnya di ujung kelentitku. Aku geli. Aku sedap. Aku nikmat.

Remaja yang satu lagi berdiri di hadapanku. Kulupnya yang separuh terbuka itu dihalakan ke mulutku. Aku mengulum dan mengisap secara terpaksa. Sekarang kedua mulutku atas dan bawah disumbat dengan batang butuh remaja orang asli.

“Masukkan, aku tak tahan lagi,” tanpa sedar aku bersuara bila remaja di belakangku hanya bermain-main saja di bahagian luar buritku dan menikam-nikam kepala singanya ke kelentitku.

Remaja yang berada di belakangku faham. Kepala singa gagah menanduk-nanduk permukaan buritku. Tiba-tiba kuterasa kepala singa membelah bibir kemaluanku dan kepala sederhana besar itu dah bersarang di muara sempit. Remaja orang asli menekan lagi, separuh dah terbenam. Lubang sempitku sendat. Zakar hitam maju mundur di buritku. Kontras, batang hitam terbenam dalam burit merah muda. Pemandangan ini membuatku makin terangsang.

Sekali tekan dengan agak kuat seluruh batang hitam terbenam dalam rongga sempit kemaluanku. Dinding kemaluanku mengemut-ngemut, meramas batang keras. Terasa batang keras tapi kenyal sendat dalam lubang burit. Aku rasa seperti batang bulat kenyal yang dibuat dari getah. Bila ditarik keluar kepala singa itu aku rasa seperti isi kemaluanku tertarik keluar. Sungguh lazat. Kenikmatan menjalar seluruh badanku. Aku mengejang. Cairan hangat memancar keluar dari rahimku.

Remaja orang asli ini pun tak mampu bertahan lama. Hanya beberapa minit mulutnya mula mengerang dan seketika kemudian aku rasa cairan hangat menerpa pangkal rahimku. Setelah melepaskan beberapa das tembakan, pemuda tadi terkulai layu terkapar lesu di lantai.

Pemuda yang tadinya berada di hadapanku menarik keluar pelirnya yang basah lencun dengan air liorku. Aku disuruh tidur telentang di permaidani. Dia menghampiriku dan menolak pahaku dengan kedua tangannya hingga aku terkangkang luas. Lubang buritku ternganga menunggu tujahan kepala pelir. Tanpa lengah remaja kedua membenamkan batang senderhananya ke lorong nikmatku. Dengan mudah saja kepala kulup itu menyelam kerana cairan pelincir membanjiri buritku.

Digerakkan batang pelirnya maju mundur. Bila pelirnya selesa dalam kemaluanku maka remaja itu merapatkan badannya ke badanku. Dipeluk badanku erat sementara mulutnya mengisap potong tetekku. Aku geli dan nikmat. Gerakan maju mundur makin pantas. Tiba-tiba badan remaja orang asli mengejang. Matanya terpejam, nafasnya makin tak teratur. Gerakan punggungnya makin laju. Dinding cipapku sengal dan ngilu. Tiba-tiba terdengar keluhan keras keluar dari mulut ternganga. Cairan panas terpancut di mulut rahimku. Cairan kental hangat menbasahi rahimku. Badanku dipeluk erat bila benih-benihnya disemai ke rahimku.

Direndamnya batang hitam beberapa ketika dalam buritku. Batang keras beransur melemas dan mengecut dalam lorong hangat. Pelan sekali remaja orang asli menarik keluar batang pelirnya. Kulihat batang hitam basah kuyup dilitupi oleh buih-buih putih. Terjuntai lemas di celah kangkang. Kepala licin kembali tertutup kulup.

Aku diancam agar tidak menghebahkan perkara ini. Kerana ketakutan aku patuh. Dan kerana kepatuhanku maka kejadian ini berulang setiap kali aku tinggal sendirian bila temanku Yati ada urusan di sekolah.

Selepas beberapa bulan aku mula muntah-muntah dan aku pasti anak yang aku kandung adalah hasil semaian benih remaja orang asli. Suamiku tak menaruh curiga kepadaku dan kejadian ini menjadi rahsia hidupku.

Saturday, 14 January 2017


George Nelson was just putting the finishing touches 
trimming the shrubs near the front entrance of the 
mansion when he saw the big black limo drive up around 
the circular drive. George watched as the door opened 
and the chauffeur got out of the big car.

Abu was the Mr. Coleman's chauffeur and I suppose you 
could consider him his personal body guard and 
assistant. Abu walked past George nodding his head as 
he walked through the front door.

Abu didn't speak much and had a very intimidating 
appearance. Abu was black, very dark complectioned with 
a shaved head and maybe six-five in height, two hundred 
seventy-five in weight. 

George and his wife Mandy also worked for Mr. Coleman, 
his wife took care of most of the cleaning inside the 
mansion while George's responsibility was to take care 
of the grounds and maintenance.

The mansion had more than forty rooms including seven 
bedrooms in the main house. A chief prepared meals and 
an additional maid took care of the laundry and beds.

George and Mandy lived in the small care taker cottage 
near the rear of the estate. Mr. Coleman seen that 
everyone was comfortable and George couldn't complain 
because everything was paid by Mr. Coleman including 
the car George and Mandy drove.

Bob Coleman was a rich real estate investor who had 
millions and at fifty-six had never married or had 
children. He liked to call everyone that worked at the 
mansion, his children.

George and Mandy had been working at the mansion for 
several months, they had been married for two years, 
Mandy was twenty-seven and George had just turned 
thirty. Their plans included children and a house like 
any other typical young married couple.

When the care taker job came available, George and 
Mandy came for the interview along with about a hundred 
other couples. Mr. Coleman didn't beat around the bush, 
he came right out and told them his main reason for 
hiring them was because he liked petite blonde woman 
and Mandy fit that type perfectly.

George loved his wife, and George knew he would marry 
Mandy the first day they met. George remembered seeing 
her for the first time while on vacation. Mandy was 
laying out in the sun in a pink bikini. They got 
married the following year and soon after, George was 
laid off from his job with the bank which brought them 
to here.

George walked back to the cottage where Mandy greeted 
him at the front door. George said, "You must have 
finished early today?"

Mandy replied, "Yes. Mr. Coleman had me dusting 
everything in his office again. I don't really think it 
needed cleaning, I think he just likes starring at me 
all the time."

George said, "You know if likes you, he told us that 
when we hired in here. I wouldn't let it bother you too 

Mandy replied, "It's just that he asked me so many 
questions today. He wanted to know when we were going 
to have kids, did I want to breast feed, would I prefer 
a boy or a girl."

George laughed and replied, "Honey. He's only trying to 
be nice and you have to remember that he doesn't have a 
family of his own so maybe he feels like you're his 

Mandy said, "It's funny you should say that, because he 
told me exactly that today. He told me that someday 
when we had children that he would like to adopt them 
as his grandchildren."

George laughed again and replied, "Great! We can hit 
him up for the college funds when that time comes." 
George kissed Mandy as he put his arms around his 
petite wife.

Mandy held her husband who was about six inches taller 
than she was. Mandy being only five feet tall and 
ninety-seven pounds was very tiny. Mandy looked up at 
her husband and said, "It's just that he is always 
starring at me, like he's trying to undress me with his 

George replied, "Honey. Most men try and undress you 
with their eyes. I can't help it that I'm married to 
such a gorgeous woman like you." George kissed her one 
more time before she went into the kitchen.

Later that week, Mandy was called into Bob Coleman's 
office early one morning for a meeting. Mandy sat 
waiting to see what the meeting all about when Mr. 
Coleman walked in smiling and sat down and said, 
"Mandy, I just wanted to tell you I'm very pleased with 
your work here at my home that I'm going to raise your 
salary one hundred dollars a week."

Mandy smiled at Mr. Coleman and replied, "Thank you 
very much, and I can't wait to tell my husband. I'm so 
excited and want to thank you so much."

Bob Coleman smiled at Mandy and said, "I want to ask a 
little favor of you if I may, I want to show you a 
picture of a maid uniform that I thought would look 
charming on you and would like to know if you would 
wear it here at the mansion."

Mandy took the picture and saw a woman wearing a 
somewhat revealing maid uniform. It was mostly black 
with white trim and cut very short, exposing most of 
her legs and had a low-cut square cleavage. 

Mandy was speechless but didn't want to insult Mr. 
Coleman just after giving her an increase with her 
salary that she said, "OK. It looks a little shorter 
than I would normally wear but I'm willing to give it a 

Mr. Coleman looked very pleased when she accepted and 
said, "Thank you very much for considering my little 
suggestion. I'll have you go into town in the morning 
to get yourself fitted for the dress. Here are the name 
and address where you have to go and I hope to see you 
wearing your new uniform this weekend."

Mandy didn't say anything to George about Mr. Coleman's 
request, she just figured she would model it for him 
once she got the dress herself.

The next morning, Mandy went into town to get herself 
fitted for her new uniform. They had a size one in 
stock and would ship two other sets to her later that 
week. They even had a pair of matching black high heels 
for the uniform.

Once Mandy got home, she tried on the new uniform which 
came with a black bikini style underpants and the woman 
at the store said not to wear stockings so her legs 
were bare. Mandy sat on the edge of the bed putting on 
the heels as she pulled the straps around her ankles 
and stood up and walked into the mirror.

Mandy stood in front of the full length mirror, turning 
around as she checked out every angle looking at 
herself in the dress.

Mandy adjusted her boobs in the under wire dress as she 
starred into the mirror as she thought to herself how 
the dress pulled them up enhancing her cleavage to 
there best advantage.

It was very short, revealing her legs entirely up to 
her ass and only if she didn't bend over could she keep 
anyone from getting an eye full of her little round 
bottom. George always patted her ass and saying she had 
an adorable little bubble butt.

George had come back for a snack and was waiting in the 
kitchen when she walked out and turned in a complete 
circle giving him a good look at her new uniform.

George smiled at his wife as he took a good look and 
said, "Wow. You're ready for Halloween really early."

Mandy replied, "Ha. Ha. That's really funny because 
this is what Mr. Coleman picked out for me to wear as a 
regular uniform."

George walked close to his wife putting his had on her 
ass from underneath the dress and said, "Now I can see 
why that old fart wants you to wear this dress."

Mandy replied, "Stop making jokes about the dress and 
tell me what you really think I should do."

George took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to leave 
that decision up to you on this one. Myself, I don't 
mind if my wife has to show some legs to her boss in 
order to get a raise now and than."

Mandy said, "George. You're not helping me very much on 
this, what if that Mr. Coleman wants something more 
than me wearing the dress?"

George put his hands on her shoulders and said, "Honey. 
I think your jumping to conclusions, just make him 
happy and keep an eye out to make sure he isn't going 
to try anything else."

Mr. Coleman was very pleased with the little outfit he 
had asked Mandy to wear around the house. It wasn't 
very practical but either was Mr. Coleman.

The most uncomfortable situation about wearing the 
dress was the fact that Abu the black chauffeur gave 
Mandy some very long and intimidating stares whenever 
he saw her.

The very next Christmas, Mandy and George received a 
surprising bonus in the amount of five thousand 
dollars. Mr. Coleman was a generous man when it came to 
sharing his fortune and because he was very fond of 
Mandy, he made sure she was very comfortable.

Valentines day arrived and Bob Coleman had a very 
special gift for Mandy that morning. He gave her a 
certificate for dinner for two at his very exclusive 
country club plus another bonus of twenty-five hundred 

Mr. Coleman had Mandy seated in his office as he gave 
her those gifts and said, "I have a little proposition 
I would like to propose to you. You don't have to give 
me your answer today because I want you to think about 
it and discuss it with George over dinner this evening 
at the club."

Mandy sat listening to her boss wondering what he might 
have in mind for her. Naturally it couldn't be that bad 
if he wanted her to discuss it with George.

Mr. Coleman sat with his hands folded together and 
said, "Mandy. You're a very beautiful young lady and I 
admire you dearly, like my own daughter. Since I've 
never married, the chances for me to ever become a 
parent or grandparent are very slim these days." 

Mandy listened to Mr. Coleman in great anticipation as 
he continued to say. "I would be willing to pay you and 
your husband, the amount of one million dollars to have 
a baby for me."

Mandy was shocked at his proposal and said, "Oh Mr. 
Coleman, that's so sweet of you to consider me but I 
really don't think my husband would want me to be 
inseminated with your sperm. George and I have plans to 
have our own children in the near future."

Mr. Coleman said, "Mandy. It wouldn't be my sperm you 
would get but of another man I admire as my Son. Please 
don't make up your mind tonight, talk about it with 
George and if you say yes to my proposal, I'll give you 
an extra five hundred thousand dollars."

The money had got Mandy's attention but she replied and 
said, "Mr. Coleman, I'll talk to George about this but 
I can't make any promises right now."
Mr. Coleman replied, "Mandy. I know the proposal I just 
gave you is very much out of line and will respect your 
decision either way. I want you to know that if you 
were to agree that I would adopt the child and take 
full responsibility for his medical expenses and 
college and everything including your future children 
you and George conceived."

They got up as Mr. Coleman walked Mandy to the door and 
said, "Please talk to your husband and tell him 
everything I just told you. If either of you has any 
question, we'll have a meeting and we'll discuss the 
whole process."

George and Mandy were sitting down eating dinner at the 
club that night and George chewed on his food while 
thinking about Mr. Coleman's proposal. Mandy said, 
"George. I know its more money than we could make in 
half our life time but it's crazy to think of having 
some strangers baby."

George replied, "People do it all the time for much 
less money than he offered us and I think we should at 
least give it some more thought."

Mandy replied, "George. I thought we were going to have 
our own baby soon and besides, I don't even know whom 
he has for a donor. He mentioned someone he thinks 
dearly of and considers his Son."

George looked around the room making a joke and said, 
"It must be one of these fine gentlemen here tonight." 
He held up a glass and said, "Honey. I'll collect the 
sperm samples and mix them in this glass and see who 
the lucky guy is going to be."

Mandy kicked her husband under the table and said, 
"George. This is very serous and you're making a big 
joke out of it."

George replied, "OK. I think we should at least go and 
talk to Mr. Coleman together and find out all of the 
details and we can decide after we hear what he has to 

Mandy took a deep breath and said, "George. You don't 
understand, but I don't think I even want to do this."

George looked at his wife and said, "Look. Honey. I 
think we should at least hear what Mr. Coleman has to 
say, he's been very nice to us and we owe him that 

Some couple days later, Mandy and George were listening 
to Mr. Coleman as he talked about all the details about 
his proposal he made to Mandy.

Mr. Coleman was speaking and said, "You see. I would 
have all the papers made that would state that Mandy 
would have my donor's seed planted in her with all of 
the procedures clearly written."

George asked, "Mandy and I were wondering who the donor 
you had picked out might was and if we could meet with 

Mr. Coleman replied, "George. Mandy will meet him when 
that time arrives but I want to keep his identity 
confidential until that time. I can assure you both 
that he is the perfect donor that matches all the fine 
elements your beautiful wife will provide this child." 

George and Mandy sat listening to Mr. Coleman as he 
continued saying, "From the moment this child is born, 
you won't ever have to change a diaper or be burdened 
to feed this baby during all hours of the day. You're 
only providing the pleasure of my own Son or Daughter 
and knowing that half of those genes will be coming 
from you, makes me very proud."

It took George and Mandy two weeks before they made 
their decision and finally agreed to the proposal and 
were ready to sign the documents.

Mr. Coleman had a check in the amount of five hundred 
thousand dollars made out as the signing bonus he 
promised Mandy. In all, there were more than fifty 
pages in the contract and each page had to be signed 
and initialed. 

One section in the contract stated that Mandy would 
spend as much time as needed to conceive this child in 
a special suite in the mansion. George would not be 
allowed to visit Mandy during this period. 

The other section of the contract that alerted George 
to a problem was the fact that he would have to be 
fitting with a chastity device chosen by Mr. Coleman to 
begin wearing immediately.

George was assured that the device was only a 
precaution that Mandy would not conceive a child by the 
wrong donor.

Mandy patted her husband on the back and smiled as she 
said, "Honey. You agreed to the contract as much as I 
did, I guess your going to have to live without sex for 
a while."

Mr. Coleman asked Mandy. "You are going to stop taking 
your birth control pills immediately so George has to 
wear this device, surely you understand."

Later that evening, Mandy and George were looking over 
their copy of the contract they had signed. George had 
an appointment the next morning with a nurse that was 
coming to the mansion to fit him with the chastity 

Mandy was reading a paragraph in the contract stating 
that conception may take several weeks and during that 
period she would be confined to a special suite 
beginning two weeks prior to the donor taking occupancy 
in the said suite.

Mandy didn't understand all of the fine print but 
clearly couldn't understand why the donor would have to 
even visit the same suite she would occupy. 

The following morning, George was standing in the room 
with the nurse as she had him apply ice to his penis 
which would cause him to shrink down in size to enable 
the nurse to fit the chastity device on him.

After several minutes the nurse took the pack of ice 
from his hand and hurriedly began to place the metal 
tube on George's penis. The head poked through the end 
and a metal strap fitted around his testicles and a 
small padlock was clicked on that strap.

The nurse told George. "Make sure you keep this very 
clean, it won't rust in water so don't be afraid to use 
soap and lather around it. Mr. Coleman will have the 
key to the lock I placed on you."

After the third day, George was beginning to finally 
adjust to having his penis locked in that tube. His 
testicles had been stretched to fit the strap around 
them but he wasn't feeling as uncomfortable as he was 
at the beginning.

Mr. Coleman had a Doctor visit with Mandy the day 
before and gave her a bunch of prescriptions she had to 
begin taking that day. George didn't have a clue about 
any of them but assumed that Mandy was aware of what 
the Doctor had prescribed for her.

George remembered hearing the Doctor tell Mandy that 
they were some things that would help her conceive and 
others that helped make her feel relaxed.

George was watering plants out near the pool when Abu 
the chauffeur walked out wearing only a thin swim suite 
and walked up to George and said, "Good Morning." 

In all the time that George stayed at the mansion, he 
couldn't ever remember that man saying anything to him 
before. Abu would only nod his head when he saw him. 
Abu sat on a lounge chair not more than several feet 
away from George. 

George starred at his swim suite and noticed the huge 
bulge between his legs as he sat down in the chair. 
George had always been aware that some black men were 
built fairly largely. He also couldn't understand the 
man laying down in the sun because he was as black as 

George went about doing his choirs and cleaned the pool 
while Abu got up and dived into the water. He got back 
up using the stairs next to George and spoke in his 
really deep voice and held onto something around his 
neck and said, "You should come into the water, it's 

George smiled and said, "Thanks, I have my work to 
finish up this morning." George couldn't help but 
notice the object around Abu's neck. It was a gold 
neckless with a gold key hooked on it.

George froze and thought about his chastity tube and 
wondered if that was the Key from his lock. Could the 
nurse have given it to Abu instead of Mr. Coleman?

It sent shivers down his spine thinking about that key 
around Abu's neck George tried hard not to think it was 
the key but Abu seemed to go out of his way for George 
to notice the key he was wearing. 

George wondered if Abu had any idea about the contract 
him and Mandy had signed and did he know about the 
chastity tube he was wearing?

George was finishing arranging pool chemicals next to 
the bath house about the same time Abu walked in to get 
changed. Abu stood next to the locker and pulled his 
swim suite down his legs and George couldn't help but 
notice the man's massive looking cock spring free.

George was trying to act discrete and kept watching 
from the side as Abu walked past him into the shower. 
Abu had the largest cock he had ever seen on any man, 
he remembers back in high school seeing some of the 
black guys in the shower but most of them he considered 
normal compared to Abu.

George figured he was 11" or even as much as 13" long 
and George looked down at his own arm comparing his arm 
thickness to Abu's cock and shook his head thinking 
that Abu maybe larger in thickness than his own arms. 
His testicles seemed large too but George only got a 
short glimpse of the large loose sack.

George smiled to himself as he walked outside thinking 
about carrying around something that big in his pants. 
He would scare women away when they got a look at it 
for the first time.

Mandy was packing the clothes she wanted to take during 
her stay in the mansion as George walked into the 
bedroom door. George gave his wife a kiss and said, "I 
still don't understand why you have to spend so much 
time in the mansion during that process, can't they do 
that in a few hours?"

Mandy replied, "Oh George. I'm only going to be right 
in that house over there and you can call me anytime 
you miss me. Maybe I can sneak you up to my suite when 
Mr. Coleman isn't looking."

George said, "I'll be all right, I don't want to do 
anything to risk losing the rest of the money since 
we've gone this far."

Mandy embraced her husband as she starred out the 
window and could watch Abu going into the Mansion. 
Mandy said to George. "Abu. He's been so friendly and 
nice to me the past several weeks, and I was afraid of 
him at first and when I got my new uniform, he almost 
followed me everywhere in the mansion."

George replied, "He even spoke with me the past few 
days and today he suggested for me to go into the pool 
and swim with him"

Mandy said, "Look. He even bought me these flowers this 
morning when I was cleaning the library so I brought 
them here and put them in a vase."

George replied, "I saw him changing today in the pool 
house and that guy is larger than any normal man I ever 

Mandy laughed, "George. What were you doing looking at 
his penis for anyway? What if he were to see you, he 
would think you were weird or something."

George said, "I couldn't help but see how large he is 
because he seemed to be flaunting it around this 

Mandy was adjusting the flower arrangement as she said, 
"Abu was originally from Africa and do you what his 
name means in African?"

George laughed and said, "Let me guess. It means he is 
a man with a huge dick?"

Mandy replied, "George. Stop making jokes about him, 
he's really nice once you get to know him. The meaning 
of his name in African is simple. Father."

George listened to his wife as she continued saying, 
"Abu told me his family allowed Mr. Coleman to bring 
him here to the Untied States to attend college and has 
taken care of him just like his own Son. Mr. Coleman 
also brought Abu's family here and they live in New 

George replied, "Well. Mr. Coleman has the money to 
help people like Abu to attend college and pay for a 
whole family to live here."

Mandy went on to say. "Abu has cooked African meals for 
me during lunch and he is a fabulous cook. He taught me 
much about his culture in Africa and gave me a special 
wrap that women wear when they are trying to conceive a 
child. He told me it was for good luck."

George said, "I wonder why has taken an interest all of 
a sudden, I suppose what that means is, Mr. Coleman 
mentioned his plans to Abu."


The next day Mandy moved her things into the suite Mr. 
Coleman had prepared for her while George pondered the 
idea of living by himself for a few weeks. Mr. Coleman 
had already figured out something to keep George busy 
for the next months working on a cabin he had purchased 
in the mountains about 200 miles from the mansion.

Mandy thought it was a good idea that George kept busy 
while she was staying at the mansion and sending George 
over to do work at Mr. Coleman's new cabin would be a 
real treat for him.

George said goodbye to Mandy before driving out to the 
mountains making sure she was comfortable and had 
everything she needed.

Mr. Coleman visited Mandy soon after George had gone 
and said, That Abu would be staying in the suite next 
to her suite and there was a connecting doorway between 
the two suites. Mr. Coleman said he would be back in 
the morning to speak to her before he went up to the 
mountain cabin for a couple days to check on the 
progress and would speak to George while he was there.


That evening, Abu knocked on her door and came in with 
a dinner tray which he prepared another African meal 
for her. Mandy had put colorful wrap Abu had given to 
her on and he seemed excited she was already wearing 

Mandy stood up and twisted around showing Abu the wrap. 
It was very colorful made of cotton with multiple 
colored flowers and came all the way down to the floor 
but left her shoulder's bar above her breasts.

Mandy smiled at Abu and said, "How do I look in it? Is 
it what you had expected?"

Abu smiled at Mandy and he patted her belly with the 
palm of his hand making her nervous as she caught 
herself knowing he didn't mean any harm as he said, 
"Your belly will grow with a strong healthy child and 
make Abu very proud."

Mandy smiled at how Abu was so excited about her 
carrying a baby for Mr. Coleman's donor as she replied, 
"Well. You'll have to wait about nine months to have a 
look at this child. I'm sure that someday you will make 
a good Father yourself and you can spoil your baby like 
Mr. Coleman will spoil this one."

Abu replied, "Abu will spoil this baby too, and Mr. 
Coleman will be a good Grandfather to the baby."

Abu continued saying, "The wrap you wear symbolizes a 
strong healthy boy as big as Abu and the yellow flowers 
insure the Mothers protection against sickness and keep 
her strong."

Mandy smiled and noticed the gold chain around his neck 
which held a key and asked Abu. "Does that key you are 
wearing around your neck have any symbolic meaning or 
is just something your wearing?"

Abu smiled as he replied, "In our village, a new father 
must wear an article that belongs to the Mothers' old 
lover to show everyone in the village that he has won 
her heart and will carry his child."

Mandy didn't have a clue, what he meant but said, "It 
sounds very traditional, is there more to that 
tradition or is that it?"

Abu stood up and said, "I'll be right back." He walked 
out of the room and brought back a pair of scissors and 
sat down next to Mandy. Abu reached over and took a few 
long strands of Mandy's long blonde hair and cut them 

Mandy said, "Abu. What are you doing with my hair?" 
Mandy brushed it back with her hand as she watched Abu 
place the scissors down and began to tie her hair in 
small knots around the key on his neck.

Mandy smiled and asked, "Abu. Why did you cut off my 
hair and tie it around your chain with that key?"

 Abu replied, "In our village, a man must wear a lock 
of hair from the woman he has taken as his mate."

Mandy sat and starred at Abu not really making the 
connection with herself as Abu's mate and about to ask 
him another question when someone knocked on the door.

Mr. Coleman was there and said, "May I come in and talk 
Mandy, or are you busy with someone?"

Mandy told him to come in and Mr. Coleman smiled when 
he saw Abu sitting on the bed and said to Mandy. "I see 
you've already learning Abu's customs wearing the wrap 
around you."

Mandy said, "Abu was telling me about a custom in his 
village with a lock of hair from the woman he chooses 
to be his mate."

Mr. Coleman looked down at the lock of hair hanging 
from Abu's neck and smiled and said, "I see Abu has a 
lock of your hair already so I won't have to tell you 
who the father of your baby will be since you already 
know who he is."

Mandy had a blank stare on her face as she just figured 
out what everything was about and said, "Mr. Coleman. 
Abu is going to be the Father of the baby I'm going to 

Mr. Coleman placed his hands on her shoulders and said, 
"You don't know how excited Abu is knowing that you are 
going to be the Mother of his child."

Mandy's mouth opened and she hesitated looking for 
words to say and replied, "But. Mr. Coleman. I didn't 
know Abu was going to be the Father of the baby. I... 

Mr. Coleman cut Mandy off before she could get her 
whole sentence out and said, "Of coarse he will be the 
Father of this baby. You do remember going over the 
contract and stating that the donor would be of my 

Mandy stood standing next to Mr. Coleman in shock as he 
mentioned their contract and remembered he did say that 
it would be a donor of his choice but never imagined it 
would be Abu.

Mr. Coleman said, "Mandy. I'm sure that comes to a 
shock to you but Abu has been a Son to me since he was 
a small child and it's a dream of his to find the 
perfect mate which happens to be a blonde white woman 
like you."

Mandy finally replied and said, "Mr. Coleman, you 
didn't tell me the donor was going to be a black man."

Mr. Coleman said, "Mandy. I made myself perfectly clear 
that the donor I had picked was someone I treated as my 
own I didn't think it made any difference since you're 
only having this child for Abu and your going to be 
paid a great deal of money as stated in our contract."

Mandy replied back saying, "What about my husband 
George, what will he say when he returns from your 

Mr. Coleman said, "George agreed to the same contract 
as you, that the donor would be my choice. Let me give 
you one of these to help you relax." Mr. Coleman gave 
Mandy a pill and walked over and poured her some water.

Mandy swallowed the pill as Mr. Coleman said, "That 
pill will help you relax and now I'll leave you alone 
with Abu so you can start working on conceiving that 

Mandy's eyes got big as Mr. Coleman just told her to 
start working on that baby and said, "Mr. Coleman. I 
don't understand what your asking me to do?"

Mr. Coleman replied, "Mandy. The contract clearly 
states that the baby would be conceived in a natural 
manor and both you and George both agreed to all the 
details when you signed the contract."

Mandy said, "But. Mr. Coleman. I'm a married woman and 
I can't have set with another man. It would be cheating 
on him if I did this without George knowing about it."

Mr. Coleman kissed her forehead and said, "Don't you 
worry about George, I'm going to meet with him tonight 
and we'll have a long talk? You must not look at this 
as adultery and look at it as fulfilling this man's 
dreams and your contract."

Mandy looked at Abu who was still sitting on the bed 
than looked back at Mr. Coleman and said, "Mr. Coleman. 
I'm afraid I won't be able to go through with this, I 
need George here so we can talk."

Mr. Coleman tilted Mandy's chin up and looked into her 
eyes and said, "You'll be all right here with Abu. He 
is really a gentle man and will not force himself on 
you I promise. I'm going up to the cabin and all I'm 
asking you to do is talk to Abu and see what we can 
work out while I talk to your husband."
Mr. Coleman bent down and kissed Mandy's forehead and 
continued to say. "I love you like my own daughter and 
wouldn't let anyone harm you. Now you get some rest and 
I'll see you in three or four days."

Mandy stood watching as Mr. Coleman shut the door 
leaving her alone with Abu as she tried to gather her 
thoughts and glanced over at Abu who had his head down 
looking fairly sad.

Mandy kneeled down near Abu and said, "I hope I didn't 
hurt your feelings, it's just that I wasn't prepared 
for what Mr. Coleman had told me."

Abu replied, "I understand, I think I'll go back to my 
room now." Abu got up and walked back to the adjoining 
suite and shut the door leaving Mandy pondering what 
she was going to do about the little dilemma she was 

Mandy tossed and turned most of the night laying in her 
bed carefully thinking out every possible solution she 
could think to get herself out of the dilemma she was 
in at the moment. Her mind kept going back to George 
and how much he was depending on that money to help 
raise there own family.

George certainly didn't expect her to have sex with Mr. 
Coleman's donor and Mr. Coleman should have made it 
more clear that she was expected to conceive this child 
in this manor. Mandy and George had considered the 
money so much that they didn't read in between the 
lines very well.


The next morning Abu knocked on Mandy's door and 
brought in a special breakfast he had prepared for her. 
Abu had baked a special bread for Mandy along with eggs 
and specially prepared meat. 

Mandy said, "Thank you. Abu. You've been very sweet to 
me." Mandy took a few bits out of her food and said, 
"This is so good, and you're such a good cook."

Abu started to walk back out of the room while Mandy 
ate when she said, "Wait. Would you like to stay here 
and join me for breakfast?"

Abu smiled as he turned back toward Mandy and said, 
"I'll go and get us some coffee and we will talk."

Abu returned a few minutes later handing a cup of 
coffee to Mandy just the way she enjoyed it. 

They sat talking for hours that day as Mandy told Abu 
about her childhood and growing up in Florida and Abu 
shared his memory's as a child to Mandy which was very 
sad until Mr. Coleman came into his family's life and 
decided to help.

Apparently, Mr. Coleman was traveling with a relief 
group that was trying to feed the hungry when he met 
Abu and they became friends when Abu was only five 
years old.

Abu's culture was so much different from Mandy could 
have ever imagined and she had learned so much since 
they became friends. That evening they sat watching 
television until Mandy fell asleep.

Both Abu and Mandy were sitting on the sofa when she 
had fallen asleep and woke up a few hours later lying 
in bed. Everything was quit around Mandy as she looked 
around the room and glanced over at the clock and saw 
that in was after two in the morning.

She had no idea how she got into the bed and when she 
felt below the covers, she could feel the wrap she was 
wearing during the day still on her. Abu most have 
carried and put her in the bed when she fell asleep.

Mandy felt something next to her head on the pillow 
next to her own and turned the light on and found a red 
rose lying on the pillow. Abu had placed it there when 
he brought her to bed last night.

Mandy picked up the rose and smelled its scent as she 
placed it in the glass of water that was still sitting 
on the night stand next to the bed. Mandy certainly 
didn't blame Abu for any of this as she got up out of 
bed and walked down the stairs into the pantry.

Mandy searched around until she found the liquor and 
picked up a bottle of whisky and opened the 
refrigerator door looking for a bottle of soda than 
picked up a glass and walked back to her room.

Mandy sat in bed making herself several drinks in a row 
and drinking them down just as fast as she could and 
looked at the rose in the glass of water. Mandy got up 
out of the bed after drinking more than half the bottle 
of whisky and into the bathroom to pee. 

Mandy stood up and almost fell down as she grabbed hold 
of the sink and held onto it for support until she 
regained her balance. Mandy unwrapped the wrap she was 
still wearing leaving herself naked and carefully 
walked back into the bedroom and sat on the bed.

The room was spinning around her as she tried to get 
herself up over to her bag and fell onto a chair next 
to the dresser and leaned down and retrieved a bottle 
of perfume in the bag.

Mandy gave herself a squirt around her breasts than 
dropped the bottle on the floor near her bag and 
carefully walked back to her bed.

She reached over and turned the light switch off 
leaving the bedroom dark again as she laid back down on 
the bed and tried to regain her thoughts feeling the 
room spinning around her.

Mandy lifted herself off the bed and carefully put her 
feet on the floor and held onto the night stand as she 
stood up. Mandy balanced herself until she was able to 
slowly walk toward the door that connected the two 
suites and grabbed the handle of the door and held it 
for a moment catching her balance again.

She gently turned the handle and the door opened and as 
she held onto the door frame, she slowly walked into 
the room searching for the bed. Mandy was feeling 
around until she grabbed the post on the foot board.

The room was fairly dark as Mandy felt her way around 
to the side of the bed and climbed up and put her head 
on the pillow. Mandy was feeling more of the effects of 
the liquor she consumed so quickly and closed her eyes 
to try and keep the room from spinning around.

Mandy turned on her side acing toward the center of the 
king size bed wondering if he was awake and watching 
her. The room was very dark and quite until Mandy heard 
the sound of key sliding along the gold chain and knew 
he had just moved.

Her mind was thinking wondering if he was awake and if 
he knew she was there and how long before he would 
touch her naked body. Most of all, Mandy wondered if he 
would wake up and take her that instant.

Mandy's eyes were closed as she reached over and 
touched her left hand and played with her wedding rings 
with her fingers and thought about her husband George 
and wondered what he was doing that very instant.

That very moment, Mandy felt his warm hand gently touch 
her naked hip and felt as it slowly moved around toward 
her smooth round ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. 

Mandy opened her eyes but couldn't see a thing as she 
imagined him starring at her with his eyes. The hand on 
her ass began to slowly move to feel her soft white 
skin as Mandy moved her leg up and straddled it over 
his body.

The hand on her ass began applying pressure by pulling 
her toward him as she placed her arm out feeling her 
way around his thick neck and began to move her face 
forward until her lips found his in the darkness.

Mandy gently kissed his lips as he began to respond to 
her touch and pulled her more tightly against his body 
until she felt her pussy come in contact with his large 

He began to kiss her back as Mandy parted her lips and 
felt his tongue enter her mouth as she gently sucked 
it. Mandy's hand now rested on the back of his head as 
she held him tight as they remained locked in the 
passionate kiss.

His hand was moving again only this time he was moving 
down between her legs from behind her letting his large 
fingers came in contact with her pussy. He gently 
rotated his fingers until they were coated with her 
wetness than slowly began to insert a finger into her 
slit lightly touching her clitoris giving it 
stimulation as she arched her hips with his movements.

Mandy lowered her hand along his body feeling her way 
down until she felt his stiff cock point out between 
his legs. She remembered at that instant what her 
husband had said about this man being so well hung.

Mandy moved her fingers along the shaft feeling every 
vein and every little bulge than lowered her hand 
further and began to massage his testicles in her 
fingers. Her mind was thinking again as she kept 
feeling his large testicles knowing that they contained 
the life he was going to put inside her.

His fingers were still probing inside her playing with 
her clitoris making her hips squirm as she held onto 
his large testicles than kissed him once more before 
she raised herself steadying herself on his chest and 
straddled his body with her small frame.

Mandy was sitting on his thighs with his cock touching 
her pussy between her legs as his hand grabbed the back 
of her head and pulled her down for another kiss. His 
free hand was now massaging her tits as her tongue 
entered his mouth.

Mandy raised her ass and reached down to hold his cock 
in her small hand and guided it toward the entrance of 
her pussy and waited for Abu to enter her.

Abu placed his hands on her ass and held her above him 
as she rocked her hips and applied pressure making the 
head of his cock pop into her pussy. Mandy stiffened as 
she felt him enter her and froze for a moment as she 
adjusted to his massive size.

Mandy began to rock her hips again as he tightened his 
grip on her ass keeping her impaled above him as she 
sank further down his shaft. Mandy held herself up by 
placing her hands on his chest as she rotated her hips 
around making him slid inside her more.

Mandy tilted her head back as she enjoyed the feeling 
of his thickness inside her pussy. The liquor had 
relaxed her body enough to help her stretch to 
accommodate this man inside her. Mandy's ass was almost 
touching his massive thighs as she began moving herself 
up and down his cock.

Abu spoke his first words to her and said, "You smell 
beautiful, like a fresh-cut rose." His hands were 
placed on her ass as she began to ride his cock and as 
each downward thrust was made, Mandy gasped for air. 
Mandy's pussy squished each time his cock went deep 
inside her as Mandy continued to struggle for air.

Mandy began to tremble as her body quivered and she 
began to cum sending shivers throughout her tiny body.

Abu at first thought he was hurting her and slowed his 
strokes until Mandy said, "No Baby. Keep fucking me."

Mandy's body quivered a few more seconds until she 
relaxed as he continued to fuck her. Abu gently twisted 
himself around until he laid her down on the sheets and 
climbed on top of her and began to fuck her.

Her pussy was still making those sounds as he kept 
fucking her making the entire bed shake. Mandy was 
holding her legs back for Abu giving him as much access 
to her pussy as possible. His strokes were beginning to 
slow down into longer more gentle strokes as he grunted 
and began to shoot his seed deep into her womb.

Abu's body was still jerking as his seed shot into her 
and Mandy locked her legs around his ass keeping him 
locked inside her as he slowed down and stopped keeping 
himself buried deep inside her pussy for several 

Abu slowly pulled himself out and the head of his cock 
popped out of her pussy followed by a thick glob of his 
cum. Abu placed the head back into her pussy and shoved 
himself back inside her including the glob of cum that 
was beginning to form at the entrance of her pussy.

Abu gently kissed her lips as he held himself deep 
inside her for what seemed like minutes until he 
finally backed himself out of her and laid down on the 
bed next to her.

Abu placed the palm of his hand on her belly and 
whispered. "Abu's baby will be growing inside your 
belly very soon." Abu moved his hand up to her tits and 
began to massage them as he continued to say. "The baby 
will have plenty of fresh milk from its Mother."

Abu's hand slid back down to her belly where he rested 
it near her navel as she took her own hand and placed 
it on top of his as they fell asleep.