Sunday, 28 August 2016


My wife Julie and I decided to take a well deserved 
vacation to the Caribbean. After some research we 
decided on Jamaica. I went on-line to look at the 
different resorts, as we looking for some privacy. I 
found a small exclusive resort called Goldeneye. It was 
expensive but very private. I searched on-line at work 
and printed a bunch of articles on the resort so I 
could take my time at home and read through everything 
later that night.

After dinner I sat down with a glass of wine and 
started reading the articles, while my sexy wife was 
getting our son ready for bed. She is a natural blonde, 
5' 4," with an incredible body and 34C chest. She bears 
a striking resemblance to actress Daryl Hannah.

Most of the articles described the resort, amenities 
and of course, prices. One article I noticed was 
different. It was a blog and mentioned that Goldeneye 
was known as a place to go where well-to-do travelers 
can discretely explore their sexual fantasies with the 
local islanders. That was all it said, and it did not 
go into any further details. None of the other articles 
mentioned anything like that, so I wasn't sure if it 
was a joke or possibly true. 

Thinking about it gave me an immediate hard on, as I 
pictured my beautiful blonde wife taking on an 
islander. Just then, my wife came downstairs and asked 
me if I had decided on a resort yet. Acting on impulse, 
I divided the articles in half, and slipped the blog to 
the bottom of the pile and handed her the papers, 
asking her to read the ones I did not yet get to. She 
got herself a glass of wine and sat on the couch across 
from me and began to read.

After about a half hour and a glass of wine, she was 
getting closer to the bottom of the pile. She was tipsy 
at this point from the wine, it doesn't take much, and 
my heart was beating wildly not knowing how she would 
react to the final page. Finally she began reading the 
final page and I noticed she showed no reaction as she 
read it. She did not say anything and got up to get 
ready for bed. She dropped her pile of articles in the 
kitchen trash and
asked if I was coming to bed. I said I would be right 

When I got up to the bedroom I was surprised to find my 
wife lying on her side in bed in a sexy blue see 
through nightgown. Her beautiful 34C breasts were 
barely contained in the thin material and her nipples 
were very erect. It was obvious she was not wearing 
panties. She smiled and told me to take out my cock, 
which I immediately did. She proceeded to give me a 
fantastic blow job and then had me lie on my back. She 
grabbed by cock and lowered herself, still wearing the 

She was very wet, and she started to ride me like a 
wild animal, with her tits falling out of her nightgown 
and bouncing all over my face. Obviously, something had 
turned her on and I suspected it might be the article 
that she read. I had a tremendous orgasm as I pictured 
her in my latest fantasy. As we prepared to fall 
asleep, she told me that Goldeneye looked very nice and 
that I should book the trip. I fell asleep with another 
raging hard on.

Six weeks later we were flying to Jamaica. When Julie 
returned from the restroom on the flight I noticed she 
had removed her bra. She smiled at me and said she 
would not be needing one for the next five days. She 
had never done that before.

We checked into the resort and were escorted to our 
room by Lewis, a coal-black local who told us he would 
be taking care of us for the next five days. He showed 
us around the villa, which had an incredible outdoor 
shower just outside the bedroom. The large bed was 
covered by netting hanging from the ceiling. 

Lewis told us we had the choice of eating in the main 
building a short walk away of he could bring us our 
meals to eat in the villa. While he explained this I 
could see him discreetly stealing glances at Julie's 
hard nipples poking through her shirt. She noticed as 
well but made no attempt to cover up. He told us before 
he left that he was available for anything that we 
desired during our stay. Julie seemed to blush a little 
at that comment.

After we unpacked Julie decided to try the outdoor 
shower while I relaxed with a drink and a good book. 
When Julie came back into the room wearing only a 
towel, I lost interest in my book very quickly. She 
walked up to my chair and seductively let the towel 
slide to the floor. I was surprised to see she had 
completely shaved her pussy. The nipples of her 
beautiful tits were standing straight out. She led me 
to the bed and immediately climbed on top and rode my 
cock while be more vocal than usual. I was hoping her 
moans of passions would not carry too far outside of 
our open windows. 

Afterwards, while snuggling in bed, I asked her what 
had gotten into her. She smiled in a seductive way and 
confessed she had been extremely horny since we 
arrived. For dinner, we decided to go to the main 
building and meet some of the other guests. Julie wore 
a short black spaghetti strap dress that was low cut, 
and showed ample cleavage. She was not only bra less 
but decided panties were not needed as well. Only one 
other couple was there at the time. Karen was an 
attractive brunette in her mid 30's wearing a skin 
tight dress. 

Her husband Mike was in his fifties and seemed very 
wealthy. We learned that this was the second time that 
they had stayed at Goldeneye, and they had the villa 
along the path to ours. During several after dinner 
drinks, I noticed that Mike could not take his eyes off 
of Julie's cleavage. While Mike and I talked guy talk, 
I did overhear Karen tell my wife that the massages 
given here were an amazing experience, and she might 
want to try one. Shortly thereafter, Karen and Mike 
excused themselves while we stayed for another rounds 
of drinks. 

After about 30 minutes, we were both feeling pretty 
tipsy. We decided to take a walk around the grounds 
before it got too dark outside. As we walked down the 
path, we noticed one of the hotel stewards entering 
Karen and Mike's villa. We made our way to the beach. 
While sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean, I slid 
my hand up Julie's thigh. She responded by opening her 
legs a Little wider. My finger found her pussy to be 
very wet. "Let's go back to our room and fuck," she 
whispered in my ear.

As we made our way down the path to our room, it was 
now very dark outside and there were very few lights 
along the path. As we passed by Karen and Mikes villa, 
we heard what sounded like a scream, and then nothing. 
"Did you hear that," Julie asked. I nodded and said, 
"Lets see if everything is OK." There was light coming 
from a single window in their villa, but we had to 
leave the path and walk through the dense foliage to 
get closer. Julie was clearly uncomfortable with this, 
but I convinced her we should take a quick look and 
make sure everything was OK.

We were several feet from a partially open shuttered 
window. Lying on the bed was Karen, naked and to our 
surprise, she was kissing their steward, also naked, 
who was lying on the bed next to her. Her hand was 
stroking his very large black cock. I could hear a 
voice that sounded like Mike, but we could not see him 
from where we stood in the darkness. 

The black man then laid flat on his back and we watched 
in awe as Karen straddled him. She reached back and 
grasped his black cock and began sliding up and down on 
the huge shaft while throwing her head back in ecstasy. 
Julie pulled my arm and motioned for us to get back to 
the path. I reluctantly followed her and we quickly 
made it back to our villa. Once inside, with the door 
closed, she said, "Oh my god, I can't believe we just 
saw that."

"Do you think anyone saw us?" I told her it was too 
dark. "They must be swingers!" "Or just adventurous," I 
said. Julie asked me to get her a glass of wine while 
she drew a bath. "I need a drink to calm dawn after 
that." She was soaking in a bubble bath in the tub as I 
brought her some red wine. Looking at the hard on 
poking from my pants, she asked if the scene turned me 
on. I smiled and told her that I would be waiting for 
her and went to refill my drink.
When I returned to the bedroom she was lying in bed 
with the mosquito net draped over the bed. Her hair was 
pulled up and she was wearing nothing but a set of red 
silk thigh high stocking, which I had never seen 
before. I quickly undressed and slipped into bed next 
to her. She immediately went down and me with gusto. 
Between her amazing tongue and the memory of what we 
had just witnessed, I quickly shot a huge load in her 
mouth. Surprisingly, I stayed hard and climbed between 
those red stockings. 

"Mmmh," she purred as I rubbed my cock against her wet 
and swollen pussy lips. "Fuck me baby, I need to be 
fucked badly." While I playfully started to ease just 
the head of my cock in and out of her, I asked her if 
watching Karen and her black stud turned her on. 

"God yes, it was hot. Did you see the size of his cock, 
it was huge. As I slid in deeper, she arched her back 
in orgasm. I never felt her so wet. "I'm so horny baby, 
keep fucking me. "Pretend that a large black cock is 
fucking your pussy," I whispered in her ear. "Oh god," 
she moaned, "fuck me with your big black cock," and 
exploded in an intense orgasm, as I came along with 
her. We both lie side by side, breathing heavily. 

I looked at her and she was covered in sweat, panting. 
"Did you like our little fantasy fuck, baby," I asked. 
"Mmmh, yes, it was wild, but I could never cheat on you 
darling, it's just a fantasy." I told her it would not 
be cheating if I was there and OK with it." Are you 
saying you want me to try that while we are here, she 
panted. "No one would ever know, except for us," I 
said, she seemed to think about that. 

"I don't know if I could go through with it," as she 
climbed on top of me and eased her pussy down on my 
hardening dick. "Maybe we should arrange a that massage 
that Karen suggested, and see what happens," I 
suggested. Julie did not answer but immediately started 
to come again like a wild woman. I was beginning to 
think this might actually happen.

The next morning she did not mention anything from the 
previous night. We ordered breakfast to our villa. 
Julie was wearing a red bikini which was quite 
revealing, and she looked fantastic in it. Lewis 
arrived with our food and set it up for us. Julie did 
not bother to cover up in front of him. While eating, I 
noticed her nipples were hard and poking through her 
bikini top. She was aroused! After breakfast we went to 
the beach to catch the boat for out snorkeling trip. 
Two other couples were with us on the trip. 

Our guide was a local who was wearing a t shirt and 
those stretchy cycling shorts, which did nothing to 
conceal the outline of his cock snaking down his leg. I 
caught Julie sneaking a peak at it from time to time. 
It was then that I decided to make the next move that 

For dinner we ordered a meal delivered to our villa. 
Julie was dressed in a tight blue sundress. While Lewis 
was filling our wine glasses, I asked him how I could 
arrange a massage for Julie? Her eyes widened in 
surprise and I thought she might object, but she said 

Lewis politely smiled and told us that he was a 
licensed masseuse. He said he could arrange a massage 
after dinner in either the resort spa or in our room. 
Julie intently looked at me but was silent. I said that 
our villa would be fine. He said he would return at 8 
p.m. and left. Julie asked me if I was sure I was OK 
with this, because she was unsure. I told her to relax 
and enjoy the massage, and to see what happened. 

During dinner she downed several glasses of red wine, 
and was feeling no pain at all when Lewis knocked on 
our door at 8. While he unfolded his table, Julie 
excused herself. Lewis finished the table and then lit 
some native Jamaican incense. I asked if he minded if I 
watch, and he smiled and said, "No problem mon," in a 
thick Jamaican accent. 

I lowered the lights and lit some candles, hoping not 
to make it too obvious as to my intentions. Julie 
returned wearing a white terry resort robe. Lewis held 
up a large white towel and politely looked the other 
way as Julie slipped out of her robe and laid face-down 
on the table. She surprised my by wearing only skimpy 
transparent black panties. Lewis covered her and folded 
the towel so that only her ass was covered. 

Julie turned he head to the side and was looking at me 
while Lewis mixed up some scented oils and spread some 
on his large black hands. He asked her what type of 
massage she would prefer? Julie asked him what types 
there were to choose from. He told her we offer hot 
stone massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, 
and a Jamaican Special. Julie selected the deep tissue 
and he went to work on her back and shoulders. 

It was an erotic site watching his glistening black 
hands slide over my wife's oiled back. Julie seemed to 
be enjoying it and I noticed a slight moan as he 
kneaded her lower back. I had a raging hard on as I 
watched, wondering what, if anything would happen. He 
asked if she wanted her legs done, and she said yes. 
Lewis moved the towel up so that most of her panties 
were visible and began to work of her feet first, and 
then gradually higher. 

As he massaged her thighs, his fingers were getting 
very close to her private areas. She told him that he 
had magic hands, and he laughed and said thank you. 
Julie was looking right at me when she surprised me by 
asking him what the Jamaican Special was? Lewis 
explained that it was a very special, complete body 
massage. He looked at me when he said it was very 
erotic, very discreet, and something reserved for open-
minded couples only. 

There was about 30 seconds of awkward silence, and then 
Julie shocked me by saying she would like to try it. 
Lewis smiled and asked her to turn over on her back. 
Julie hesitated for a moment and then turned over, 
showing her perfect pear shaped tits with bikini tan 
lines to our black masseuse. 

The towel was now on the floor, leaving Julie in just 
her tiny panties. Julie was breathing heavily as Lewis 
applied oil to her flat abdomen. He then asked if he 
could massage her breasts, and she whispered "yes." Her 
nipples became rock hard as his black hands worked 
their magic on her tits. She began to quietly moan and 
rotate her head from side to side. 

It was then that I noticed a large bulge in his shorts. 
He looked at me and I smiled my approval to him. With 
that, Lewis asked Julie if he could remove her panties, 
which she nodded OK. She lifted he hips and he pulled 
he panties down her legs. Julie looked at me and asked 
me if I was OK. When I nodded yes, she told me she 
loved me. It was really going to happen.

Lewis poured more oil just under her belly button and 
started to work it in, moving closer and closer to her 
shaved pussy. When his fingers reached her pussy, she 
slightly opened her legs to give him access to her 
womanhood. She was swollen and wet. Julie was panting 
now, and when he slipped a long black finger inside of 
her, she arched her back and exploded in a huge orgasm, 
releasing all of the erotic tension that had been 
building up. 

"Oh my god, that was amazing," she told him. He smiled 
and told her there was more to come if she wanted. 
Julie told him she was never with a black man before, 
and she was nervous. He told her that he would be very 
gentile and she could stop whenever she wanted. 

"Have you ever fantasized about a big black cock?" as 
he unbuckled his shorts and they dropped to the floor. 
He wore no underwear and a semi hard large black cock 
about 9 inches long pointed towards the table. She did 
not answer but just stared at his massive tool. As he 
pulled his shirt over his head, Julie reached out and 
grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it. "I promise not 
to disappoint you," he said as he offered her his hand 
and she took it, and he led her to our bedroom. It was 
an amazing sight, Julie, her body covering in 
glistening oils, following him to the bed.

She was no longer shy, she looked like an animal in 
heat. The nipples on her tits were very swollen and 
pointed towards the ceiling. He motioned for her to sit 
on the edge of the bed, which she did. He stood 
directly in front of her and she reached out with both 
hands and started to stroke his black cock, which was 
growing. She pulled him towards her mouth and he 
stepped forward, she began licking the coal black head, 
then down the shaft, and finally his large balls. She 
then took him into her mouth, but could only fit about 
four inches. He was fucking her mouth and he asked her 
if she liked his black cock.

"Mmmh, it's delicious, so big, so black." A few minutes 
later, Lewis announced he was going to come. Julie did 
not pull away or stop, and he groaned loudly as he 
filled her mouth with large amount of him come. Julie 
did not swallow it, but let it drip out the sides of 
her mouth where it covered her tits and legs. 
Amazingly, Lewis did not lose his hardness, and 
instructed Julie to lie back on the bed. She excused 
herself to use the bathroom, and returned with her red 
stockings on. 

She looked amazing! She bent down and gave me a wet 
kiss as she walked by and laid on the bed. She opened 
her legs wide to her new black lover. Lewis knelt 
between her legs and rubbed his 10 inch cock all over 
her swollen and dripping pussy lips. "Tell me what you 
what," he said. Julie panted "fuck me with your big 
black cock." 

Lewis smiled and eased the head in. Slowly he pushed in 
and out until it was about halfway in, and Julie cried 
out in a big orgasm, soaking the bed with her juices. 
Lewis then began sucking on Julie's tits as he fed more 
and more of his black hose into her tight pussy. Her 
wet pussy was making obscene slurping sounds as he 
pushed in and pulled out, and she started having almost 
continuous orgasms, screaming how much she loved his 
big black cock. 

He announced he was going to come and she just moaned, 
"Give it to me," and he unloaded into her pussy. I shot 
my load on the floor. Lewis pulled out of her pussy 
with a slurping sound and excused himself to the 

I walked over to her and gave her a deep kiss. She 
noticed my hard on and told me to sit in the chair. She 
then knelt between my legs and began to give me an 
amazing blow job. At the same time, Lewis emerged from 
the bathroom and knelt on the floor behind Julie, who 
moaned loudly as he rubbed his cock over her ass and 
pussy. He reached around and fondled her beautiful tits 
with both hands. Julie pulled her mouth off of my cock 
and said, "Oh god, he's going to fuck me with that big 
black cock again."

She was stroking my cock as he slid into her again. "Oh 
baby, that black cock is inside of me again, I love it. 
Oh fuck yes." She lowered her mouth onto my cock and I 
erupted into her, which she swallowed. She then told 
Lewis to get on the bed, and she climbed on top and 
straddled him, taking in his entire length in one 
motion. She began to ride him like a wild woman, while 
he grabbed and sucked her luscious tits. I lost count 
of how many times she orgasmed. 

Finally, they both came together and she rolled off of 
him, totally exhausted. Lewis quickly got up and put on 
his clothes. As he folded up his massage table, he 
thanked us for an amazing time, and gave Julie a kiss 
goodnight. By the time I got back from walking to the 
door, Julie was asleep.

We had great sex again the next morning, and she 
thanked me for the adventure. We had Lewis return every 
night for the rest of our vacation to service Julie, 
who seemed could not get enough of his big black cock. 
We are already planning our return vacation next year.

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Didesak hawa nafsu tinggi dan segera disenggamai, aku tidak peduli lagi jika dikatakan pelacur oleh mertuaku seksi bernama Pak Handoko yang sudah berusia sekitar 57 tahun.
Sengaja aku meremas dan meraba pantat bulatku di depan Bapak mertuaku yang sedang duduk. Usaha ini adalah untuk menggodanya. Berlagak seperti pelacur yang sedang melayani pria hidung belang, aku benar-benar ingin segera disenggamainya.
“Puaskan aku Pak. puaskan menantu binalmu ini, please,” rengek ku memancing nafsu bapak mertuaku.
Dirudung nafsu tinggi dan tidak tertahankan lagi, aku gelap mata dan rasa maluku hilang. Aku bahkan dengan berani menyentil klitoris vaginaku, dan memasukan jari ke lobang surgaku.

Aku mendesah pelan dan menggelinjang enak, tanpa hiraukan mertuaku terus memandangku.

“Paaaak!!!.. Dina keluar!!..,” desah nikmatku saat cairanku keluar.

Tubuhku gemetar dilanda gelombang orgasme di hadapan pria yang notabene Bapak Mertuaku. Pak Handoko.

Aku sudah tak sanggup berdiri di hadapan Bapak mertuaku. Aku sandarkan tubuhku dengan sisa-sisa tenaga, sementara vaginaku masih berdenyut hebat. Aku bergegas ke kamar tidurku dan merebahkan tubuhku disana.

Aku tertidur cukup lama. Saat membuka mata secara perlahan, kutatap pintu kamar tidurku masih terbuka lebar. Aku terkejut.

“Ya tuhan. Apakah dia Pak Handoko?,” bathinku mempertanyakan sosok pria di belakang tubuh telanjangku.

Kuhirup nafas dalam-dalam dan mencoba mengendus aroma pria dikamar tidurku. Dari aroma khasnya, aku yakin jika dia Pak Handoko.

“Astaga…. dia benar-benar Bapak mertuaku…”

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Entah karena gengsi atau malu, yang jelas aku tak berani menunjukkan kepada Pak Handoko jika saat itu aku sudah benar-benar terjaga. Satu hal yang bisa aku lakukan saat itu adalah, hanyalah berpura-pura tidur.

Sebuah tangan kasar menyentuh pantatku. Sentuhan sangat ringan seolah-olah dia juga takut jika aku akan terbangun. Sentuhan berubah menjadi rabaan. Dari rabaan berubah menjadi remasan.

Pelan tapi pasti, Bapak mertuaku mulai mempermainkan tubuh telanjangku. Awalnya Pak Handoko hanya mengusap pantat, mengelus paha, meraba pinggang hingga pada akhirnya, tangan mesum Bapak mertuaku mulai meremas-remas daging bulat pantatku. Diperlakukan tidak senonoh seperti itu, gairahku bangkit kembali.

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Lendir vaginaku seolah tak pernah ada habisnya, ia akan selalu keluar setiap kali aku merasakan gelombang birahi sekecil apapun. Dengan terus berpura-pura tidur, secara inisiatif aku mencoba untuk membalas godaan Bapak mertuaku dan menggerakkan tubuhku seolah merasa agak terbangun.

Bukannya aku membuka mata dan menegur ketidak sopanan Bapak mertuaku yang saat itu sedang meraba-raba tubuhku, aku malah berpura-pura tidur lagi. Bedanya, aku mulai berani mendorong pinggulku ke belakang, sengaja menyajikan pantat bulatku ketangan Bapak mertua kesayanganku itu.

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Tahu alam bawah sadarku merespon tangan mesum Bapak mertuaku, tak beberapa lama, aku mendengar gemerisik pakaian dan yang aku tahu, kasur tempat tidurku sedikit berguncang. Aku yakin jika saat itu Pak Handoko sedang melepas semua pakaian yang menempel di tubuhnya. Dan setelah telanjang bulat, kembali ia memposisikan tubuhnya searah denganku serta meletakkan tangan mesumnya di pantatku sambil berbisik pelan,

“Ohhhh Dina! Mengapa kamu menggoda bapak seperti ini nduk? Mengapa kamu tidak minta bapak secara langsung.

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Apakah kamu ingin bapak senggamai vaginamu nduk?,” tanya Bapak mertuaku.

“Kalo memang itu yang kamu mau, OK nduk…. Ok… Bapak disini sekarang!… Bapak sudah siap melayani semua kebinalanmu…” tambahnya sambil terus mengusap dan meremas pantat bulatku.

Mendapat perlakuan mesum seperti itu, aku sudah pasti tak akan mampu menahan birahiku. Nafasku mulai memburu dan detak jantungku berdetak semakin cepat.

“Dina…! Dina Sayang…! Ya Tuhan… Tubuhmu begitu indah nduk… Tubuhmu begitu menggoda… Jika seandainya Budi bukan anakku, bapak rela nduk memperebutkan dirimu dengannya…. Bapak rela nduk menukar hidup bapak demi bisa mendapatkan kenikmatan dari tubuhmu… Bapak rela…”

Mendengar kalimat dari Bapak mertuaku, apa yang bisa aku katakan untuk ini? Aku merasa benar-benar tersanjung. Aku merasa benar-benar senang. Namun karena saat itu aku masih dalam kondisi berpura-pura tertidur, aku merasa tidak berani bangun. Tiba-tiba, tangan mesum Bapak mertuaku yang semula meremas-remas bongkahan pantat bulatku pindah, naik kearah pinggang, lengan dan akhirnya berhenti di samping payudaraku.

“Oooohhhh….” Rasanya begitu berbeda.

Pak Handoko kemudian meraba pelan daging payudara sebelah kananku. Dan dengan perlahan, beliau mulai meraba, mengusap dan meremasnya.

“Ohhh Tuhaaannn….!” Merasakan perlakuan mesum Bapak mertuaku, aku seperti merasa berada dipenjara. Aku bisa merasakan nikmat sentuhannya tetapi tidak bisa bereaksi lebih banyak.

ANEH melihat tubuhku yang masih terdiam, Bapak mertuaku semakin berani melakukan aksi mesumnya. Beliau dengan sengaja memajukan tubuh telanjangnya dan menempelkannya ke tubuh telanjangku dari belakang. ASTAGA aku bisa merasakan, batang panas yang sangat panjang menempel diantara celah pantatku. Batang yang aku tahu pasti sedang berusaha menunjukkan kebesaran dan kekokohannya pada diriku.Pasti Bapak mertuaku saat ini sudah sangat terangsang.

Terbukti dari batang penisnya yang sudah terasa begitu keras mendorong daging pantatku.

“Batang berkedut Pak Handoko mertuaku sudah ada di dekat celah kenikmatanku….”
“Sepertinya batang berurat Bapak mertuaku sudah siap untuk menjajah lubang kewanitaanku…”
“Sebentar lagi, batang panjang Bapak suamiku pasti bakal memuaskan vagina milik istri anaknya…”

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Tiba-tiba aku merasa serba salah. Di satu sisi, aku yang masih berpura-pura tidur dan sama sekali tak berani membuka mata, namun disisi lainnya, aku sangat mengingikan untuk dapat menanggapi semua kemesuman Bapak mertuaku.

“Dina…. Tubuhmu seksi sekali nduk… Bapak benar-benar tak bisa menahan nafsu…” bisik lirih Bapak mertuaku ke telinga kananku “Bapak benar-benar ingin menikmatin tubuh indahmu ini…” tambahnya lagi.

Aku tetap terdiam. Tetap berpura-pura tidur. Tiba-tiba, aku merasakan tangan mesum Bapak mertuaku menulungkupkan jemarinya dipayudara kananku. Meraba, meremas dan memilin putting payudaraku dengan gemas. Garusan dan usapan kulit tangan kasarnya di kulit payudaraku, membuat bulu kudukku merinding.

“Ooouuuhhhh….” Desah nafasku tertahan. Remasan tangan Bapak mertuaku terasa begitu nikmat.

Walau Mas Budi, suamiku sering sekali meremas dan memilin putingku, tapi entah kenapa rasanya sangat berbeda dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh Bapak kandungnya ini. Pak Handoko, Bapak mertuaku, terus meremas payudaraku dengan perlahan.

“Tetekmu benar-benar besar nduk… Sampai tak muat tanganku meremas daging bulatmu ini…” ucap Bapak mertuaku sambil sesekali mengecup lengan dan bahuku.

Perlahan, remasan tangan Bapak mertuaku dipayudara kananku semakin kuat. Sepertinya ia sengaja ingin membuatku terbangun. Namun. Entah kenapa, walau sudah jelas beliau mengajakku untuk melakukan perzinahan, aku masih benar-benar malu dan takut. Walau aku masih berbohong dengan berpura-pura tidur, tubuhku seolah mengkhianatiku.Cerpen Sex

Wajahku mulai bersemu merah, nafasku mulai menderu, payudaraku mulai mengeras, puttingku mulai mencuat, dan vaginaku semakin membasah. Semua karena perlakuan mesum Bapak mertuaku. Pak Handoko masih terus merangsang tubuh diamku. Berulang kali beliau meremas dan memilin payudaraku demi mendapat respon dariku. Hingga tiba-tiba tangan mesum beliau berpindah dari payudaraku dan meraba vaginaku.

“Sepertinya sudah ada yang keluar nduk,” kata Pak Handoko, mulai memilin-milin rambut kemaluanku sembari menggelitik klitorisku yang sudah mengeras.
“Nduk… Ternyata kamu sudah siap dientot ya…?” tambahnya lagi.

Aku tak menjawab pertanyaannya. Aku hanya bisa terus berpura-pura tidur. Padahal, jika Bapak mertuaku tahu yang sebenarnya, aku sudah benar-benar sangat menginginkan tawaran beliau.

“Iya pak… iya… aku sudah benar-benar sange… aku sudah sangat ingin ditusuk oleh kontol besarmu… entot aku pak…” pintaku dalam hati. Kuhembuskan nafas panjang dan terus berpura-pura tidur.

Melihat responku, tiba-tiba Bapak mertuaku menusukkan salah satu jemarinya ke dalam celah vaginaku.

“Hhhhssssshhhh Ooouuuhhh….” Teriakku tertahan dan secara reflek aku memundurkan pinggulku.

Akibatnya, pantatku menabrak penis Pak Handoko yang sudah berkedut hebat. Di depan vaginaku ada jemari tebal yang mulai mengocok vaginaku, dan di belakang pantatku ada batang raksasa Bapak mertuaku yang sudah siap menusuk. Maju kena, mundur kena. Malu, sungkan, geli, merinding, pengen, semua emosi bercampur menjadi satu. Emosi yang pada akhirnya hanya menyimpulkan satu kata. NIKMAT.

“Kamu sudah siap nduk…?” Tanya Bapak mertuaku lagi.
“Kamu terus tidur saja nduk…biar bapak yang bakal memuaskanmu….”
“OOhhh… jangan goda aku lagi pak… aku sudah nggak tahan lagi… Buruan pak… Buruan senggamai menantumu binalmu ini….” pintaku dalam hati sambil kembali menarik nafas panjang.
“Hmmm… Okelah nduk… bapak anggap kamu juga ingin segera merasakan kenikmatan bersama-sama… Siap-siap nduk… Bapak bakal memuaskan birahimu….”

Seolah mampu membaca kata hatiku, Pak Handoko segera menyelipkan telapak kaki kanannya di antara kedua kakiku, dan dengan perlahan ia mulai mengangkat betis kaki kananku keatas. Mencoba untuk membuka celah vaginaku lebar-lebar. Dan setelah betisku terangkat, ia segera memajukan pahanya dengan tujuan mengunci paha dan kakiku supaya tetap membuka. Cara yang unik sekali.

“Panas sekali…” kurasakan penis besar Pak Handoko yang tiba-tiba menempel pada mulut vaginaku.
“Memek kamu benar-benar hangat nduk…. Gemuk…” bisiknya pelan sembari mulai memajukan pinggulnya.

Dan dengan tangan kanannya yang masih mengobel celah vaginaku, tanpa kesulitan beliau menempelkan batang penisnya yang sudah mengeras panjang pada pembukaan celah vaginaku.

“Pasti memek kamu sempit sekali ya nduk…?” ucap Pak Handoko yang mulai memajukan batang penisnya.
“Inilah saatnya…. Inilah kenikmatan yang aku tunggu-tunggu sejak lama…”
“Ayo tusuk pak… tusuk memek anak menantumu… setubuhi istri anakmu…”

Kumundurkan lagi pantatku guna menyambut batang kejantanan Bapak mertuaku. Kubuka kakiku lebar-lebar dan bersiap-siap merasakan kenikmatan darinya. Dan karena saat itu vaginaku sudah benar-benar membanjir basah karena cairan kenikmatanku, dengan sekali dorong, penis raksasa Bapak mertuaku itu dapat menguak liang tubuhku.

LOOOOHHHH…ternyata Pak Handoko tak segera melesakkan kepala penisnya ke dalam celah kewanitaanku. Beliau malah sengaja menggoda birahiku dengan cara menggesek-gesekkan batang penisnya di mulut vaginaku. Maju mundur, maju mundur, maju dan mundur. Berulang kali Pak Handoko menggaruk lubang kenikmatanku dari luar.

“Ssshh….Enak nduk…?” desah Pak Handoko pelan sambil terus memaju mundurkan pinggangnya. “Luar memeknya aja sudah legit gini… apalagi lubangnya ya nduk…pasti menggigit sekali…” tambahnya.

Tiba-tiba, Pak Handoko menggenggam telapak tanganku dan membawanya turun ke selangkanganku. Di tempelkannya tanganku pada selangkanganku dan meminta jemari lentikku untuk mengurut kepala penisnya setiap kali kepala penis itu muncul dari gundukan vaginaku. Dan dari situ, aku bisa tahu jika Pak Handoko memiliki penis yang istimewa. Merasakan ada suatu keanehan dibawah sana, aku yang masih berpura-pura tidur, mencoba untuk melirik kearah selangkanganku.

“Astagaaaa… ternyata penis Pak Handoko benar-benar panjang…” kagumku yang melihat batang hitam milik Bapak mertuaku berulang kali nongol dan tenggelam di balik tonjolan daging gemuk vaginaku.

Walau sudah melewati tubuh bawahku, aku masih bisa melihat kepala dan sedikit batang penis Pak Handoko.

Penis yang ada di bawah selangkanganku itu terlihat begitu mengkilap karena terbasuh oleh lendir vaginaku. Dan karena gesekan-gesekan batang berurat millik Bapak mertuaku itu, aku merasa vaginaku menjadi semakin gatal.

“Ooouuugghhh pakk… Jangan siksa aku seperti ini pakk… aku sudah nggak tahan lagi…” ucapku dalam hati.

Berulang kali, Pak Handoko menggodaku. Memaju mundurkan pinggul dan batang penisnya. Namun alih-alih mendapat kenikmatan akan sodokan batang berurat miliknya, aku hanya merasa gatal karena gesekan batang penisnya di mulut vaginaku.

“Aku harus bisa memasukkan penis itu ke dalam vaginaku…” Aku sudah kehabisan akal, tak tahu harus berbuat apa. Hingga tiba-tiba terbersit sebuah ide.

Untuk beberapa saat, Pak Handoko masih saja menggodaku, menggesek-gesekkan batang penisnya diluar mulut vaginaku. Membiarkan jemari tanganku mengurut kepala penisnya dari depan vaginaku setiap kali ia mendorong dan menarik batang penisnya.

“Lendir kamu banyak sekali ndukk.. ” bisik Pak Handoko sembari menarik penisnya mundur “Bapak suka memek yang becek seperti ini… bapak suka…” tambahnya lagi ketika akan memajukan penisnya.
“Inilah saatnya….” Girangku. “Ayo sodok pak… buruin majuin batang tititmu keras-keras…”
“Aku harus gunakan jemari tanganku yang masih berada di depan selangkanganku..”

Ketika Pak Handoko memundurkan pinggangnya, aku sengaja mengarahkan kepala penis Pak Handoko ke dalam mulut vaginaku. Dan benar seperti prediksiku, ketika beliau memajukan penis dan pinggulnya, jemari tanganku yang menahan penis itu supaya maju kedepan, secara otomatis membelokkannya kearah mulut vaginaku. HEEEEEGGGGGG….nafasku mendadak tersekat, jantungku mendadak terhenti dan kesadaranku mendadak memudar.

“SAAAAKKKKIIIITTTTTTT…….” Hanya satu kata itulah yang bisa aku rasakan ketika batang penis berukuran besar milik Bapak mertuaku secara paksa menerobos rongga kenikmatanku.

Secara reflek, karena menerima tusukan tajam dari penis Pak Handoko, tubuhku menggeliat maju kedepan. Berusaha menjauh dari hujaman batang penis Bapak mertuaku.

“Wwwoooooaaaaa…..” pekik Pak Handoko keenakan ketika tiba-tiba merasakan batang penis yang didorongnya maju ternyata berbelok keatas dan masuk ke dalam vaginaku.” Enak banget nduuukkkk….”
“GILAAA….” Desahku dalam hati “Sakit sekali…!!!”

Aku tak pernah tahu, jika sakit yang aku rasakan bakal seperti ini. Walau saat itu vaginaku sudah berlumuran lendir pelicin dan sudah siap menerima penetrasi sebuah penis, aku tak pernah tahu jika sakitnya akan benar-benar pedih. Sepertinya vaginaku yang sebelum-sebelumnya hanya menerima sodokan penis kecil milik mas Budi, belum terbiasa untuk dapat menerima batang super besar milik Pak Handoko. Dan aku tahu, jika aku ingin cepat mendapat kenikmatan perzinahan ini, aku harus sesegera mungkin beradaptasi dengan ukuran dari penghuni baru vaginaku.

“aku harus mampu menahan rasa sakit ini…” keluhku dalam hati. Mencoba untuk tak menghiraukan rasa pedih di vaginaku.Cerpen Sex
“Memek kamu benar-benar basah nduk…” kata Bapak mertuaku dengan nada keenakan. “LEGIT….”

Berulang kali, Pak Handoko mencium tengkuk dan pundakku dari arah belakang. Mencoba untuk memperlancar jajahan batang penisnya yang sudah setengahnya terbenam di dalam celah kenikmatanku. Dengan sedikit tekanan, Pak Handoko kemudian mulai menggerakkan pinggulnya maju dan menusukkan batang panjangnya ke dalam vaginaku. Karena aku sudah benar-benar merasa terangsang, rasa sakit itu perlahan menghilang dan berubah menjadi rasa geli nikmat.

Sekuat tenaga aku mencoba merenggangkan otot-otot vaginaku, membiarkan batang nikmat ini menggaruk kegatalan yang ada di dalam rongga kewanitaanku. Hingga setelah beberapa saat, tak ada lagi hambatan yang dirasa ketika batang penis Bapak mertuaku menusuk celah kenikmatanku. Mulai dapat meluncur dengan cukup mudah.

“Enak sekali memek kamu nduk…. jauh lebih enak daripada memek istriku yang sudah kendor…” puji Bapak mertuaku sambil menyentil-nyentil daging klitorisku. “Dan satu lagi yang kusuka dari memekmu nduk… Lendirmu benar-benar banjir…”

Ada sedikit kebanggaan dan keanehan yang kurasa dari ucapan Bapak mertuaku barusan. Bangga, karena pujian yang dilontarkan Bapak mertuaku akan kenikmatan dari jepitan vaginaku. Dan aneh, karena Bapak mertuaku berbeda dengan banyak pria lain yang menyukai vagina keset, ternyata Bapak mertuaku lebih suka vaginaku yang berlendir.

“Ya Tuhan, perzinahan ini terasa sangat nikmat…” ucapku dalam hati.
“Ayo pak… setubuhi aku… tiduri menantumu… hamili istri anakmu…” pintaku dalam hati sambil terus menyuguhkan pinggulku ke arah belakang.

Perlahan tapi pasti, gelombang orgasmeku mulai datang.

“Gila nduk… lendir memekmu sepertinya tak ada habisnya…” ucap Pak Handoko yang kali ini tangannya menggempur klitorisku dengan gemas.
“Memekmu wangi dan rasa asinnya bikin ketagihan….” Berulang kali, Bapak mertuaku mengobok vagina basahku, membasuh jemari tangannya dengan lendir pelumasku,

lalu mengisap bersih-bersih dengan mulutnya.

“Beda sekali dengan ibunya Budi…. Memeknya sepet… bikin sakit kontolku aja…”

Kembali aku disbanding-bandingkan dengan istri Pak Handoko. Dan kembali aku merasa tersanjung mendengar kalimatnya. Bapak mertuaku memang penuh dengan kejutan. Terbukti ketika aku sedang mencoba mendalami kenikmatan baru dari persetubuhan terlarang kami, tiba-tiba beliau mencabut batang penis panjangnya dari vaginaku.

“Memek kamu pasti rasanya enak sekali ya ndukk…?” tanyanya tiba-tiba.

Dengan cepat Pak Handoko memutar tubuhnya, membungkukkan kepalanya kearah selangkanganku dan menggantikan sodokan batang penisnya dengan lidah kasarnya.

“Enak sekali pak,”.

Baru kali ini aku merasakan kegeli-nikmatan dari sebuah lidah pria. Sebenarnya, sudah ratusan kali mas Budi meminta diriku supaya mau untuk menerima seks oral darinya, tapi karena aku merasa vagina bukanlah anggota tubuh yang pantas untuk dijilat, ratusan kali pula aku menolaknya. Rasanya aneh, risih, geli, jijik dan ngilu. Sama sekali nggak ada nikmat-nikmatnya. Namun, entah kenapa ketika melakukan seks oral dengan Pak Handoko, aku merasa begitu menikmatinya. Aku merasa benar-benar keenakan. Rasanya benar-benar berbeda jika aku melakukan dengan suamiku.Cerpen Sex

“Aku pengen terus bisa melakukan perzinahan ini… aku menikmatinya… aku tak ingin segera berakhir…”
“Ya Tuhaaannn… enak sekali…” desahku dalam hati.

Karena aku masih berpura-pura tidur, aku tak bisa banyak-banyak mengekspresikan diriku. Aku hanya bisa terdiam sambil menggigit bibirku keras-keras setiap kali aku merasakan kenikmatan dari jilatan lidah Pak Handoko. Lidah pria tua itu seolah menari-nari di dalam vaginaku, menggelitik setiap senti pori-pori vaginaku..


Sepertinya, Bapak mertuaku ini memiliki jutaan tehnik bercinta yang membuatku ketagihan. Dengan hanya mendorongkan lidah dan menjilat rongga vaginaku, tiba-tiba aku merasa seperti di ambang orgasme.


Berhasil! Orgasmeku datang dan vaginaku memuncratkan cairan kenikmatannya. Tubuhku bergetar dan mengejang hebat. Aku tak sanggup berpura-pura tidur lagi. Aku sudah tak mampu menahan nafsu birahiku lagi. PERSETAN jika Pak Handoko menganggapku wanita murahan. Yang jelas, saat itu aku sudah benar-benar merasa ingin mendapat jutaan kenikmatan darinya. Aku yang semula diam, sekarang sudah berani memegang lembut kepala Bapak mertuaku yang sedari aku orgasme, masih saja berada di selangkanganku. Namun sekuat apapun aku berusaha menjauhkan kepala beliau dari selangkanganku, sekuat itu pula ia mempertahankan posisinya supaya tetap menjilati vaginaku di bawah sana.

“Memek kamu benar-benar enak nduk…. ” Ucap Pak Handoko sambil membenamkan mulutnya di liang vaginaku, menghisap kuat-kuat rongga kewanitaanku. Ia seolah tak membiarkan ada sedikitpun lendir orgasmeku yang terlewat olehnya.


Pak Handoko memang ahli merangsang wanita, karena beberapa saat setelah orgasme, birahiku mulai kembali lagi. Semua itu hanya ia lakukan dengan lidah ajaibnya. Dengannya, aku merasakan surga.

“Sekarang giliran bapak ya ndukk….” Ucapnya sambil tersenyum. “Bapak bakal ngehukum mantu bapak yang nakal…. Hehehehe….”

Dalam satu gerakan cepat ia kembali ke posisi semula, memutar tubuhnya, merenggangkan kakiku dengan pahanya dan menempatkan penisnya kearah pangkal pahaku.

“Kamu sudah siap ndukk…?” Tanya Pak Handoko yang mulai menggoda birahiku lagi dengan cara menggesek-gesekkan batang penisnya di luar mulut vaginaku.
“HHHhhhhhhhhh………….” Aku tak menjawab. Aku hanya bisa menghela nafas panjang.
“Siap-siap ya nduk… bapak mau masukin kontol besar bapak ke memek sempit menantu nakalnya….”

Karena vaginaku yang masih berlumuran lendir pelicin, dengan sekali dorong beliau mampu memasukkan seluruh batang penisnya ke dalam vaginaku. HHEEEEEGGGGGHHH…Sejenak, aku merasakan lagi rasa penuh dan sakit akibat sodokan penis besar Pak Handoko yang buru-buru itu. Namun, beberapa saat kemudian rasa sakit dan penuh itu perlahan sirna. Tergantikan oleh rasa gelijang geli dan nikmat yang tiada tara. Kembali aku merasakan keanehan pada tubuhku. Jika biasanya, setelah orgasme aku merasakan ngilu pada vaginaku dan menolak segala macam stimulus, namun kali ini, aku tak merasakannya sama sekali. Malahan yang ada, aku merasa begitu ingin segera merasakan sodokan-sodokan kasar Bapak mertuaku.

“Apakah aku sudah berubah menjadi wanita binal? Wanita pelacur yang selalu gatal akan siksaan penis-penis pria lain…?”

Sodokan sodokan batang penis Pak Handoko semakin dalam. Setiap kali beliau menyodok, semakin dalam pula gatal yang aku rasakan pada dinding vaginaku.

“Akhirnya nduk….Mentok….” ucap Bapak mertuaku yang tiba-tiba memeluk tubuhku dari belakang. “Bapak bisa memasukkan seluruh kontol bapak kedalam memekmu….”

Kami menggunakan “spoon position”. Posisi yang memungkinkan persetubuhan dengan cara memeluk dari belakang. Perlahan tapi pasti, Pak Handoko mulai menggerakkan pinggangnya, menusukkan batang raksasanya dengan gerakan super lambat. Saking lambatnya, aku bisa merasakan urat-urat yang menonjol di sekujur batang penisnya menggaruk dinding vaginaku.Cerpen Sex

Bersetubuh dengan Bapak mertuaku, aku baru sadar jika penis bisa memijit, aku juga baru sadar jika penis bisa menggaruk kegatalan dinding vagina, dan aku baru sadar jika penis bisa menjadi seperti vacuum yang menyedot serta mengisi kenikmatan di liang vagina wanita. Semenjak bercinta dengan Pak Handoko, aku merasa seolah kenikmatan darinya mampu membalik pemikiranku tentang bercinta dengan mas Budi. Benar-benar berbeda. Jika dibandingkan, bercinta dengan suamiku sekarang terasa begitu aneh.

Bersama suamiku, aku hanya merasa geli, capek, dan terkadang risih. Sehingga secara tak langusng, aku seolah menjadi kurang tertarik jika harus bersetubuh dengan penis kecil suamiku lagi. Bersama Pak Handoko dan batang penisnya yang sebesar botol air mineral, aku merasa berbeda. Ritme, tehnik, dan ukuran kejantanan mereka jauh berbeda, sehingga ketika bersama Bapak mertuaku itu, aku seolah tidak bisa menolak segala macam kenikmatan yang ia hujamkan kedaam liang vaginaku.

“Ssshh….. oooohhh…hhhsss….” Merasakan sodokan-sodokan penis Bapak mertuaku, mau tak mau mulutku mulai mendesah.

Acting pura-pura tidurku tak lagi aku hiraukan. Kenikmatan ini tak mampu lagi aku tahan dan bendung.

“Enak nduukk…?” Tanya Pak Handoko sambil terus menyodok-nyodokkan batang penis panjangnya pada vaginaku.
“Eehhhhmmmmm…. Ssshhhh….” Aku tak menjawab, hanya bisa mengangguk dan mendesah lirih..
“Gak usah pura-pura tidur lagi yang Dina sayang… ” ucap Bapak mertuaku sembari mengecup tengkuk leherku.” Bapak tahu kok jika kamu menikmatinya….”
“Ehhhmmmmm…. Oooouuugghhh….” Jawabku lagi.
“Mau ganti posisi nduk…?”
“SShhh… Oooouuugghhh….” Lagi-lagi aku tak menjawab, hanya menganggukkan kepalaku pelan.

Merasa sodokan nikmat penis Pak Handoko, aku sudah tak lagi peduli jika beliau tahu selama ini aku hanya berpura-pura tidur atau sudah terbangun. Bagiku tak ada bedanya. PLOOOPPP…suara yang terdengar ketika Pak Handoko mencabut penis panjangnya secara tiba-tiba dari vaginaku.

“Telentang ndukk…” pinta Pak Handoko singkat. Tampaknya Bapak mertuaku benar-benar yakin jika aku mau menuruti permintaannya.

Benar saja, aku menggerakkan tubuhku kekanan dan telentang pasrah, menunggu sodokan tajam penis Bapak mertuaku. Di hadapannya entah kenapa, aku selalu bisa pasrah, mirip boneka yang selalu menuruti perintah pemiliknya. Dengan perlahan, Pak Handoko mengangkat betisku dan meletakkannya di pundaknya. Kali ini ia sepertinya ingin menggunakan posisi misionaris. Pak Handoko menyetubuhiku dengan kekuatan penuh. Batang penisnya menghujam dengan cepat. Keluar masuk dengan diringi suara kecipak lendir kenikmatanku. Saking cepatnya, ada busa putih yang keluar dari vaginaku seiring keluar masuknya batang penis Bapak mertuaku.

“Bapak mau keluar nduk… bapak mau ngecrot…” bisik Bapak mertuaku dengan tak menghentikan sodokan tajam penisnya.

Tak beberapa lama kemudian, aku merasakan jika tubuh Bapak mertuaku mulai bergetar. Nafasnya menderu dan matanya terbalik, putih.

“Keluar dimana ndukk….?” Keluar dimanaaaaaaa….?” Tanya Pak Handoko padaku ketika ia akan mendapatkan gelijang kepuasannya.

Namun sebelum aku sempat menjawab pertanyaannya, beliau keburu ORGASME.

“OOOOUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH DinaAAAA…..” teriak Pak Handoko lantang sambil menghujam-hujamkan batang penis besarnya sejauh mungkin ke dalam vaginaku.

Segera saja, aku merasakan 7 kali semprotan air mani panas di dalam dinding vaginaku, dan beberapa detik kemudian orgasmeku pun menyusul. Orgasme bersama Pak Handoko, aku merasakan klimaks yang benar-benar NIKMAT. Penisnya berkedut dengan hebat, seolah menggelembung dengan besar.

“Bapak puas nduk…Bapak benar-benar puas…” ucapnya padaku sambil tersenyum. “Makasih ya nduk… istri baruku…”
“Istri baruku….?” Aku tak percaya akan ucapan beliau barusan. Apa maksud dari kalimat “istri baruku…?”

Masih merasa terheran-heran akan perkataan Pak Handoko barusan, kembali ia melakukan satu hal yang selama ini tak pernah aku duga-duga. Tiba-tiba Pak Handoko memajukan wajahnya dan mencium mulutku. Beliau menciumku dengan bertubi-tubi, seolah tak akan ada lagi hari esok. Mendapat ciuman dari Bapak mertuaku, seketika aku menjadi bangga dan tersanjung karenanya. Pipiku merona dan aku pun mulai memagut mulutnya, membalas ciuman dari Bapak mertuaku.

Baca JUga Cerita Sex Duda Dan Janda

“Istri baruku…. Istri baru Pak Handoko… Istri baru Bapak mertuaku…”

Berulang kali lalimat tersebut terngiang-ngiang di terlingaku. Aku yakin sekarang Bapak sudah jatuh ke dalam dekapanku. Dari cara menciumku, aku bisa tahu jika baginya, aku seolah wanita yang benar-benar ia inginkan. Setelah ejakulasi Pak Handoko menjatuhkan tubuhnya disampingku, tengkurap dengan wajah menghadap kearahku dan tangan yang memeluk perut rampingku.

Melihat Bapak mertuaku kecapean, aku hanya bisa kembali pasrah, telentang menghadap langit-langit kamar dan mencoba mengatur nafas. Kami berdua sangat lelah, tapi puas. Pak Handoko terus menciumi tubuh telanjangku.

Tangan yang semula terdiam di atas perutku mulai digerakkan naik untuk menjelajahi payudara besarku. Beliau mulai mengelus dan meremas payudaraku perlahan, mencoba menenangkankan hatiku karena perzinahan yang baru saja kami lakukan.

Kutatap pria tua yang ada di samping kananku, kuperhatikan dalam-dalam raut wajah kepuasan yang ia tampilkan. Sambil terseyum Pak Handoko mulai tertidur. Usapan dan remasan tangannya pada payudaraku mulai terhenti, dan suara dengkuran lirih mulai terdengar. Kuhirup nafas dalam-dalam sambil membisikkan sesuatu di telinganya.

“Aku ingin penis bapak tiap hari!!,” kataku sambil ciumi daun telingannya.

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A childhood trauma was still giving nightmares to my 
lovely wife. In the middle of the night she would get 
up like a jolt of lightening had struck and then 
perspire and stare at the blank walls. She would start 
mumbling and groaning. It was driving both of us nuts 
and I narrated this to a drinking buddy. He looked 
shocked and said that it was a coincidence that his 
wife too had seizures similar to this. They, like us, 
had tried every possible medication and prescription. 
Even psychoanalysis didn't help. But he told me that 
eventually she was able to overcome the irritating 
behavioral problem with help from a hypnosis 
practioner, an experienced old man who had many years 
of experience at this kind of a thing. He gave me the 
contact of the guy whose name was Dr. Slammer.

My wife is a homemaker so without even asking her I 
took an appointment with Dr. Slammer. When I told her, 
she was really appreciative. On the appointed day, a 
bright sunny Sunday morning, we went to meet Dr. 
Slammer at his clinic which was also his home. He met 
us at the door, dressed in shorts and sandals, and 
escorted us to his counseling room. He was very tall 
and gaunt, very gentle and fatherly; grandfatherly I 
should say, with his grey frizzled crew cut hair and 
hunched back and long, rather skinny limbs.

He made us comfortable and offered us some exotic tea 
which was indeed very calming. He paid some compliments 
to my wife and started asking some questions which 
could lead to him diagnosing the problem. Finally, he 
said he was ready to try hypnosis to see what deep 
emotions were troubling my wife. My wife was nervous 
and held my hand tightly but the gentle old black 
doctor patted her reassuringly. He asked me to sit by 
the side and not interrupt the proceedings as doing so 
could have dangerous psychological consequences on the 

He then took out an old shiny silver medallion and 
started swinging it in front of my wife's eyes. "Relax, 
my dear, and concentrate on the coin," he said in a 
very soothing, comforting voice, the baritone voice was 
even making me sleepy. "Your eyelids are heavy with 
sleep... you are entering a dark, warm tunnel, there's 
a lovely fountain, the sound of which is so pure, so 
beautiful... you have no choice but to fall asleep... 
my dear, we all love you so much... all you want to 
right now is to fall in a deep sleep...yes, darling, my 
love... you are on your way to a deep sleep... go on... 
hmm... sleep, dear sleep... yes, there you are. Now I 
am going to ask you a question and you must respond as 
best you can. Are you asleep?" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes," I heard my wife's heavy sleep-laden voice.

"Okay, now I will count to three and you will slump in 
your seat comfortably and will not remember anything 
that happens before I snap my fingers three times. Once 
I snap my fingers you will wake up and will not 
remember anything at all. Is that clear?"


"One. Two. Three." I had heard how hypnosis worked but 
I was still surprised when my wife actually slumped 
exactly the way she does when she falls asleep. "Can 
you hear me?"


"Now I will ask you some questions. You must answer all 
my questions honestly. What is my name?"

"Dr. Dick Slammer." Dick, how she knew his first name, 
I wondered as even I didn't know this...but then my 
eyes rested on a name plate on his desk saying Dick 

"Why are you here?"

"Mmm, I don't know. I often get restless at nights and 
gets fits."

"What kind of fits?"

"Hmmm, like, like a yearning for something."

"What do you yearn for?"

"I don't know..."

"Is it something that you desire? Like some material 
tangible thing?"

"No. I am very content with all the things my husband 
provides for me." My chest swelled with pride.

"What do you yearn for, then?"

"I don't know. It's like a dull ache in my body. Like I 
am incomplete."

"Is it some sexual desire?" Dr Slammer shifted in his 

"I don't know. Maybe it is."

"Are you happy with your sex life?"

"Yes. I wish it was more than just once a month though. 
But I know my husband works hard and may not be in the 
mood all the time."

"Do you want to have sex with him more than once a 
month? Have you told him?"

"No way. If I told him I want sex everyday, maybe even 
few times a day, he would think I am a whore."

"So you want to have sex everyday and prefer more than 
once a day?" "Oh yes. Please. I want sex all the time. 
I desire so strongly to stuff myself with something all 
the time, especially when I am all alone in the day."

"So do you stuff yourself with things when you are 

"Hmmm, I... I..."

"I asked you to be honest with every answer. Please 
answer me. Do you stuff yourself with things when you 
are alone?"

"Err..hmmm, yes, I do."

"What exactly do you stuff yourself with?"

"I have tried different things. Like pens, paper 
knives, the handle of my husband's golf clubs, 
cucumbers, bananas, egg plants, beer bottles... oh... 
everything... that... ah... makes me feel good."

"Why does stuffing yourself with these things make you 
feel good?"

"When I do not have anything in 
feel empty. The walls of my pussy feel itchy, like they 
want something to rub against them, scratch them, 
caress them... oh... my... god..."

"Are you feeling okay right now?"

"Yes... no... no... I am feeling the same as I feel in 
the middle of the nights... empty. I feel like I need 
to fill me up...with something hot and thick and very 
long... argh... argh..." I was getting a bit 
overwhelmed as I noticed my hypnotized wife's fingers 
slowly inching towards her pussy. Oh sweet Jesus!

"Tell me, have you ever thought of having sex with 
someone besides your husband?"

"No..." I was relieved till she added in a low, pitched 
whisper, "yes... yes..."


"Because I do not like to stuff myself with dead 
objects. I want a live real penis... I mean cock inside 
me, scratching the itch in my burning pussy."

"Have you had sex with someone besides your husband?" 
Dr. Slammer looked uncomfortable, like he had trouble 
sitting still, and he looked at me with some amused 

"Not willingly. With my husband's father. But I didn't 
want it. He stayed with us for one month and one day, 
when my husband had to go out of town for business, we 
drank till we were senseless. I actually don't remember 
him fucking me, but the next day when I woke up, I 
found him sleeping naked in my marital bed and I found 
that my pussy was full of something creamy, which, when 
I tasted, I realized was sperm. He must have fucked me 
when I was blacked out. But I pretended I was still 
asleep when he woke up, cursed himself and quickly 
disappeared from my room. We both pretended like it 
didn't happen. But my restlessness disappeared for a 
couple of weeks."

"So you fucked your husband's father only once?"

"Err, actually no. I coaxed him to get drunk in the 
afternoons when my husband was at work, and almost 
everyday, I pretended to pass out. Most of the times I 
wore short dresses and no underwear. I passed out 
exposing my pussy or ass or tits and he almost always 
fucked me raw with his humongous uncut cock. Once he 
called the dirty black man who works as janitor in our 
building where we lived that time and made him fuck me, 
he thought I had passed out and didn't know 
anything...but I knew it because the dirty black 
janitor smeared his smelly cock on my lips and fucked 
my mouth a little bit before fucking me with his 
horsecock. much he came inside my horny 
pussy... oh... I wish he was here right pussy 
is on fire."

"Okay. So it was just your father-in-law and the black 
janitor who fucked you besides your husband?"

"Well, there was this time when my husband invited his 
gym buddies for a barbeque at out current home. We were 
all drunk and by 10pm my husband had passed out. I saw 
his friends Aditya and Jesse pissing in the backyard. 
Although I was very pissed at such silly behavior I 
couldn't take their long hard cocks out of my mind. 

"Anyway, I knew they were drunk so I quickly lied down 
in the grass behind them pretending to have passed out 
and sure, I must have looked convincing because the 
next I knew, they both took turns fucking my brains 
out...Jesse's uncut cock was really smelly like he had 
not had a shower for three days and he is in the 
construction business and after a hard day at work he 
had come to the party straight from work... oh Dr. 
Slammer was he funky? But I loved the way he smeared 
his cock cheese at my mouth and pushed it inside with 
his smelly rock hard cock, his uncut skin sliding over 
my lips. 

"Aditya's black cock was also funky, like he had just 
fucked his sister's big ass... but between both of 
them, they left enough potent sperms inside my pussy to 
make about a million babies. Luckily I took the morning 
after pill the next day otherwise surely I would have 
pair of twins - black and white - by now. Oh dear... 
what a thought it is? How horny is it making me to 
think of some strange smelly cock leaving its smelly 
potent cum inside my fertile pussy... oh god... my 
pussy is hungry... oh Dr. Dick are my 
doctor isn't it? Do something. Give some hot black 
salami food to my hungry pussy."

"Err, I am sorry that is not very professional, my 
dear," Dr Slammer was stammering, his forehead was 
shiny with perspiration and his shorts were 
uncomfortably tented with a huge hard-on. He was trying 
hard to hide it from me.

"Dr Dick Slammer... oh what a name... slam your dick in 
my hot, burning pussy doctor... don't be nice to me 
like my husband... he is too soft... I want it hard... 
from a real man who can reach the depths of my lusty 
pussy... come on doctor light my fire... the moment I 
entered I saw the outline of your black cock... it 
looked like it would do the job brilliantly... oh 
fuck... Dr Slammer... slam me... with your big black 
cock... do it now... before my husband comes in... I 
promise I will make him suck your cum out of my 
steaming creampied pussy like I made him do before... 
he never found out when he sucked his own father's seed 
from my pussy... or even the black janitor's... Aditya, 
Jesse, Ronald, Jason, Leroy, Manoj, Santosh... oh fuck, 
what a nasty woman am I, to have fucked all his buddies 
and to have made him suck their baby-making sperm 
straight from my hot over."

My wife was delirious. It was exactly like the fits she 
got in the middle of the night and I was 
terrified...and excited beyond any porn. Dr. Slammer 
was rubbing the large lump in his shorts. Finally, he 
grunted and unbuckled his shorts and let them drop to 
the floor. His skimpy white underwear was bursting to 
contain the monster confined inside. He pulled his cock 
out but the force was such that combined with the force 
and because of the shorts lying at his ankles, he fell 
down. I rushed to grab him but ended up hitting the 

In the tangle both of us fell on each other, his 
massive, heavy black hairy balls landing on my face. 
The musky and sweaty manly smell was so strong that I 
felt a bit weak in the knees. We lay there for a few 
minutes as his cock hardened some more and dripped some 
pre-cum sauce on my forehead. Then, smiling, he got up 
and in doing so his long and fat cock rubbed more pre-
cum sauce on my face. Its uncut tip kissed my lips and 
left a sticky slimy train in its wake.

My wife was still writhing. In her induced state of 
sleep, she had ripped her own panty apart and was 
brazenly fingering her pussy like a slut. She was 
uttering obscenities at Dr. Slammer and calling him to 
fuck her burning pussy brainlessly. Dr Slammer, 
finally, obliged. He didn't waste time in rubbing his 
purple cock head along the pussy slit. He didn't waste 
time in fucking her mouth (or my mouth). But he went 
straight for the bull's eye - her puckering, winking, 
inviting sloshing pussy. 

She calmed down just as the 10-inches of Dr. Slammer's 
fat black meat hit base. She purred like a content 
kitten and started milking Dr. Slammer's fat cock with 
her pussy lips and muscles. Both of them were so 
overworked that the fucking didn't last long. In five 
nasty minutes of brutal, no-nonsense pure animalistic 
fucking, Dr Slammer defied his age of 70 and showed he 
was more virile than a breeding stud. He fucked her 
with the energy of an 18-year-old. And then he came. He 
came buckets... thick, smelly, lumpy, yellowish cum of 
an old black geezer like him... he collapsed on top of 
his patient for a while and then pulled out. A sticky 
slimy flood started dripping out of my wife's beaten, 
red, swollen, and puffed up pussy.

"You better suck it clean otherwise she will know she 
was fucked by me after the session is over," Dr Slammer 
said in a professional voice, at the same time rubbing 
the knobbly ugly black deflating cock on my face. I 
gave a few sucks to his cow's teat like cock and then 
got to work at sucking his fresh sperm from my wife's 
still steaming pussy. Once she was dry, I rearranged 
her clothes and hair as best as I could. Dr. Slammer 
then snapped his fingers thrice. Tch. Tch. Tch. And lo 
and behold, my slutty wife was transformed into a shy 
demure faithful wife polishing her wedding band with 
her skirt's fabric. "Thanks doctor," I said, "What 
would be the follow up now?"

"Well, I would recommend we continue the therapy and 
you better observe her behavior at nights. If the fits 
recur, call me and I shall arrange for a house call," 
he said and winked at me before adding, "But I 
sincerely hope you don't mind if I bring a friend or 
two because they are learning the tricks of the trade 
from me."

My mouth went dry when I said, smilingly, "Sure, no 
problem Doctor."

Just when my wife shyly said, "Thank you Dr. Slammer," 
and turned around to leave, I noticed that Dr Slammer 
had forgotten to wear his shorts, they were still 
laying at his feet, his long black cock still dripping 
the remnants of sperm from its wrinkled tip. My eyes 
rolled heavenwards and the Doctor grinned ear to ear 
realizing our folly. But I don't think my cock-crazed 
and cum-hungry wife noticed anything at all. I left 
hoping she would get a fit soon. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016


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Dia masuk ke bed tub, aku pun menggeser badanku hingga aku terduduk di tepi bed tub. Kemudian dia naikkan pahaku sampai posisiku mengangkang, kutarik batang kejantanannya sampai menyentuh kemaluanku lalu kuusap-usapkan di klitorisku. Aku menggelinjang kenikmatan. Perlahan aku masukkan kepala kejantanannya di depan liang senggamaku dan Redi mendorong pantatnya yang otomatis menyodokkan batang kejantanannya ke liang kewanitaanku.

“Aaachh.. kamu nakal Redi..” erangku. Kemudian bibir kami saling berciuman dengan ganasnya, saling lumat dan saling memagut. Sementara itu kurasakan gerakan Redi sudah makin cepat dan cepat, dia naikkan kaki kiriku ke bahunya sambil setengah melingkar ke lehernya. Dia gerakkan memutar pantatnya, kuremas-remas buah dadanya sambil kami terus berciuman. Tiba-tiba dia melepas ciumannya dan.., “Aaacchh.. sayaang..” dia memekik sambil memeluk erat tubuhku.

Kurasakan kebali air maninya membasahi dinding rahimku. Kemudian kucium dia dengan mesra sambil kubelai-belai. Kudorong dia sampai dia terlentang dia. Lalu aku aku menikmati Penisnya yang masih tegang dan menjilat sisa spermanya yang masih tersisa, kusedot dan kukocok lagi agar semakin keluar. Setelah istirahat sebentar, kami mandi bersama. Aku menyabuni dia dan dia menyabuniku bergantian. Rupanya air hangat membuat dia terangsang dan membuat kami tak tahan kami bergumul lagi di kamar mandi.

Paginya penghuni kos kuceritakan malam yang dahsyat bersama Redi. Ini membuat mereka penasaran. Aku yang hanya mengenakan lingeri seksi bercerita ke yang lain, sementara Redi masih terkapar setelah semalam kuhajar habis habisan beberapa ronde. Kami yang hanya mengenakan pakaian dalam seadanya antusias mendengar ceritaku.

Disaat bersamaan Redi muncul hanya mengenakan celana pendek. Tubuhnya yang atletis kelihatan sekali. Aku menahan air liur untuk menikmati seperti semalam. Ingin sekali aku menelanjanginya lagi, sayang pagi ini bukan jatahku. Sesuai perjanjian pagi adalah milik bersama dan Redi berhak memilih siapa diantara kita. Redi duduk diantara kami bertiga yang hanya mengenakan pakaian dalam yang seksi.

Haaai … pagi, sapanya. hai juga sapa kami dengan penuh arti. Rupanya dia terangsang melihat kami hanya mengenakan pakaian seksi. Aku bisa melihat dari Penisnya yang mulai mengeras dari celana yang dipakainya. Kamu ngaceng ya … kata Rita. Boleh dong aku merasakannya ….. video tips oral seks mengulum penis Seperti tak sabar … Windi mendekati dan tanpa basa basi, mendekat dan memegang Penis Redi dan membuka celana Redi .

Wowwwww …. indah sekali. serempak kami berkomentar. Windi Song sudah dekat Redi dengan sigap meremas Penis Redi sementara tangan meremas dada Redi Song bidang. Ini Penis yang gue cari. kata Windi. Sayagnnya pagi ini aku hanya bisa menyaksikan aksi mereka. Kali ini aku di tugaskan merekam adegan mereka.

Windi yang sedari tadi asik dengan Penis Redi langsung memainkan dan memilinya sementara Redi terlihat mendesah merasakan kenikmatan. Dilepasnya celana Redi dan Penisnya yang sudah ngaceng langsung mengacung berdiri dengan gagahnya. wowwwwwww …. Windi makin antusian dan meremasnya ujung Penis Redi. Sambil memainkannya dia mulai menjilati tubuh Redi mulai perut, dada dan lehernya.

Sampai akhirnya dia melumat habis-habisan bibir Redi, sementara tangan kirinya masih meremas dan memilin Penis sementara tangan kanan mencengkeram leher Redi. Redi pun kewalahan meladeni Windi yang makin liar tak terkendali. Sementara kami hanya melongo adegan mereka. Kami memang hanya menyaksikan saja dan menikmati aksi mereka, agar bisa menikmati pemandangan indah ini dan tidak mengganggu kenikmatan Windi.

Lagi asik-asiknya melihat adegan Windi tiba-tiba aku dikejutkan kedatangan temanku Soni dan Ilham. Aku lupa memang sengaja mengundangnya untuk melepaskan gairahku. yang tak kuduga mereka datang berdua.

Suasana rumah kos yang sepi sangat mendukung aksi kami merangsang kami. Kemudian aku ajak mereka ke kamarku. Tak menunggu lama, aku mendorong Soni di ranjang segera kulumat bibirnya. Baju yang seksi yang kukenakan sudah aku tanggalkan tinggal celana dalam dan BH hitam yang menempel. Sementara Ilham masih melihat aksi kami.

Tak tinggal diam kuajak dia join. Di sana tubuhku aku menikmati lagi dan lagi. Aku pun makin menikmatinya juga. Karena gairah kami yang tinggi maka kami lakukan berulang-ulang. Sampai disaat kuhisap milik mereka dan tiada cairan yang mereka keluarkan di mulutku dan liangku. Kurasakan tak ada semburan.

kuterdiam menahan nafas dan agak terkaget dengan sentuhan Soni. Kurasakan putingku mengeras dan menegang membuat aliran darahku terangsang keseluruh tubuh. Rasanya nyilu dan nikmat membuat seluruh tubuhku merinding dan lemas. Perlahan mengalir ketonjolan didekat saluran kencingku. Kemudian kurasakan bibir vagina dan anusku berdenyut-denyut. Kusadari aku terangsang. Untung Soni tak menyentuh selangkanganku.Cerpen Sex

“Udah Son, lepasin tangannya dong!” ucapku sambil kedua tanganku melepaskan kedua tangan Soni dari dadaku. Walaupun sebenarnya kusuka, tapi kutolak karena aku terangsang. Kurasakan sebuah bibir mencium kupingku. Mataku melirik ke arah wajah tersebut dan kulihat sekilas wajah Ilham. Sesaat kuterdiam kembali. Nikmat di dalam darahku mengalir kembali. Bibir Ilham kemudian melumat daun telingaku.

Kurasakan nikmat dan lembut mulut Ilham dan membuatku tidak dapat mengelak dan menolak. Perlahan lidah Ilham menjulur masuk ke lubang telingaku. “Aaahh..” hanya itu yang bisa kuucapkan. Daguku terangkat tinggi. Kurasakan putingku mengeras dan menegang menjadi sensitif. Kurasakan nyilu dan nikmat di putingku.

Tampaknya Soni tak mau kalah. Segera tangannya meremas-remas dadaku. Perlahan kurasakan mulut Soni melumat bibirku. Lidahnya menjilati semua yang ada di mulutku. Aku hanya bisa terdiam tak bergerak, kurasakan pikiranku melayang jauh. Birahiku mengalir di dalam darahku. Tubuhku semakin sensitif dan haus akan sentuhan. Terlintas di pikiranku berharap mendapatkan yang lebih lagi. Kurasakan buaian tangan Ilham di pahaku sehingga membuat daerah sensitif di selangkanganku semakin menjadi. Kurasakan rokku perlahan diangkat Ilham. Tangannya mengelus-elus pahaku dari daerah paha luar, dalam dan sampai di belahan selangkanganku.

Kedua tangannya menggerayangi buah dadaku. Kurasakan putingku menegang nyilu yang nikmat. Birahi mengalir dalam darahku membuatku terangsang. Kemudian kami bertiga duduk. Dan tak lama kemudian tubuhku kali ini dirangkul oleh Ilham. Tangannya mengelus dan meraba pahaku, kemudian perlahan menyusup di pahaku. Tak lama kemudian celana dalamku yang membentuk belahan kemaluanku terlihat jelas. Tangannya bergerak dari bagian paha luar, dalam, dan selangkanganku. Terasa bibir vaginaku berdenyut dan sensitif. Sebenarnya tanpa mereka sadari aku sedang menikmati kejadian ini dan aku terangsang. Aku berusaha menyembunyikan perasaan ini.

“Vina.. Paha kamu mulus.. putih.. kulit kamu lembut ya,” sahut Ilham dengan kedua tangan Song menikmati tubuhku. Sesaat kemudian kurasakan tangan Soni mendekap salah satu buah dadaku yang sedang terangsang. Sesaat nafasku tertahan kemudian batinku terdiam. Kurasakan nikmat di dadaku. Putingku sedang dialiri darah birahi. Perlahan daguku terangkat tinggi. Akhirnya nafasku berburu.

rahasia birahi pria wanitaTampaknya Soni tahu bila aku terangsang. Tanpa basa basi lagi aku melakukan permainan selanjutnya. Perlahan tangan Soni yang mendekap dadaku turun dan menyusup bhku. Kurasakan tangan Soni menyentuh kulit perutku dan menyusup sampai mendekap dadaku yang tertutup BH dan kemudian meremas-remas. Daguku terangkat tinggi. Kemudian bibir Soni kurasakan mengecup dan mencuimi leherku. Mataku terpejam dan kugigit lembut bibir bawahku.

“Oouuhh..” dengan pelan desahan itu keluar dari mulutku. Semakin kukeluarkan suara dari mulut maka semakin mereka menjadi. Kurasakan tali BH-ku terlepas dan BH-ku mengendor. Entah siapa yang melakukannya. Kurasakan tangan Soni mendekap dadaku secara langsung. “Aahh,” kurasakan. Dadaku diremas-remas lagi dan kemudian kedua putingku dimainkan oleh Soni. Nikmatnya!

Perlahan BH dan kaosku diangkat. Udara pun menyentuh putingku langsung dan merangsang tubuhku. Celana dalamku dibuka Ilham. Kaos dan BH-ku dilepas Soni. Rokku tidak ketinggalan. Pakaian yang menyelimuti tubuhku berserakan entah berada dimana.

Akhirnya tiada sehelai kainpun di tubuh ini. Semakin tubuhku polos semakin buaian udara merangsang tubuhku. Rasanya tubuh ini ingin dinikmati. Perlahan tangan Ilham membuat kakiku mengangkang lebar. Rasanya buaian angin merangsang paha dalam dan daerah kemaluanku dan membuatku berharap untuk mendapatkan kenikmatan. Kurasakan bibir Ilham menyentuh dan mengecup bibir vaginaku. Daguku terus terangkat tinggi dan dadaku reflek membusung seakan menyodorkan diri. Kurasakan seperti ada setrum Song mengalir dari bibir vagina ke seluruh tubuh.

“Oouuhh..” dengan panjang kuucapkan. Kurasakan tangan Soni meremas dadaku dan memainkan putingku. Ah, dua titik sensitifku terangsang. Dengan reflek dadaku kubusungkan sesampai-sampainya. Tampaknya Soni tidak diam melihatku begini. Segera ia menghisap salah satu putingku lagi. Ah, sekarang ketiga titik sensitifku terangsang. Kurasakan jari-jari Ilham perlahan masuk ke liang vaginaku. Lalu keluar lagi dan akhirnya keluar masuk dengan cepat dan serakah. Kurasakan birahiku melayang dan terangsang membuatku pasrah dan menikmati cara mereka yang sedang menikmati tubuhku. Kurasakan kemaluanku basah. Anusku juga terkena air yang mengalir.

Tampaknya Ilham mengetahui hal ini. Perlahan salah satu jarinya masuk ke anusku. Semakin lama anusku licin dan jari Ilham dapat keluar masuk mudah. Akhirnya jari-jari Ilham keluar masuk dikedua liang tubuhku. Nikmat kurasakan dan entah mengapa semakin kusodorkan kedua liangku ke arahnya. Bibir Ilham menikmati daerah pinggang dan perutku. Aah, seperti listrik mengalir dalam darahku dan juga daerah daerah tubuhku Song mereka sentuh.

Tunjukkan aksi liar anda pada suami Akhirnya kuterbaring dan kulihat dia melepaskan celananya. Kulihat miliknya terhunus dan ia tujukan ke liang vaginaku. Setelah itu dia kutelentangkan dan kukerjai dia habis-habisan. Kurasakan sentuhan miliknya di bibir vaginaku. Perlahan-lahan masuk. Dagu dan dadaku terangkat tinggi.

“Aaahh..” kuucapkan sambil akhirnya milik dia menancap dalam di liang vaginaku. Kemudian ia keluar-masukkan. Kurasakan gesekan Penisnya keluar masuk. Nikmat rasanya sampai-sampai anusku berdenyut-denyut. Mataku setengah terpejam dan kadang-kadang tubuhku goyang karena tak tahan merasakan nikmat. Sekilas terlihat Soni melepaskan celananya.

Kulihat miliknya lalu ia tempelkan ke mulutku. Kurasakan di bibirku dan tampaknya aku menyukainya. Perlahan miliknya dimasukkan ke dalam mulutku. Entah mengapa mulutku terangsang. Lalu kudekap milik Soni dengan tanganku. Kuayun-ayunkan dan kuhisap dengan mulutku. Kurasakan seluk beluknya dan kunikmati dengan lidah dan mulutku. Kujilat, kuhisap, kutelan dan seterusnya.

Beberapa saat kemudian kurubah posisiku jadi mengungging. Dengan begini mulutku dapat menikmati milik Soni yang terhunus. Perlahan kurasakan kenikmatan yang berbeda. Milik Ilham perlahan ia cabut dari liang vaginaku Kadang ia keluarkan dulu dan kemudian dia tancapkan lagi. Tampaknya ia sengaja. Karena setiap tancapan aku mendesah karena merasakan nikmat.

jadilah dewi sex Beberapa saat kemudian kurasakan banyak cairan yang menyembur dari milik Soni. Karena kubenar-benar terangsang maka kurasakan nikmat. Lalu kutelan dan entah mengapa malah membuatku tambah terangsang. Setelah habis kulepaskan hisapanku. Soni terdiam. Ilham menarik pundakku. Sehingga ia dapat memelukku dari belakang. Tangannya meraba-raba dadaku.

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Kurasakan ia berdiri dan aku tergantung di miliknya yang menancap. Kulihat Soni menghampiriku lagi. Kurasakan miliknya ia tancapkan ke liang vaginaku. Ah, aku diapit. Kurasakan kedua liangku mereka masuki. Dan akhirnya kami sama-sama sampai puncak dan puas.

Karena sudah malam akhirnya kami jalan keluar bertiga. Kami jalan-jalan dengan mobilku yang kaca filmnya hampir 100%. Kami main di utara Jakarta. Kemudian kami buat mobil goyang sampai jam 04:00 pagi. Tentu kami melakukan istirahat. Dan kami keluar dan balik jam 04:00 lebih. Tampaknya gairah seumur kami memang fit. Ilham dan Soni bergiliran menyetir.

Dan diperjalanan tiada sehelai kainpun di tubuhku. Kondisi kaca mobil yang memungkinkan sehingga selepas dari mojok aku pun masih bercinta dengan mereka. Sampai-sampai penjaga karcis pun tidak melihat tubuh polosku. Diperjalanan aku duduk di belakang dan mereka bergiliran bercinta denganku.
Mungkin karena tubuhku yang lebih unggul dari cewek-cewek lain jadi mereka tidak menyia-nyiakan kesempatan yang jarang ini. Dan mereka terus menikmati tubuhku.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Sometimes when I get a bit horny I like to write about 
one of my sexual encounters. This is one of those 
times. Of course I even get hornier when I write about 
it, so hopefully you will have the same experience as 
you read this story.

I am a married white woman and at the time was 40 years 
of age. A mature white wife, as they say. I was working 
in a large store at the time. I knew when I first met 
Tony I was drawn to him by some mystical power and as 
time passed he seemed to be attracted to me as well. 
Tony was a young, handsome, muscular, black guy with 
very black skin and a beautiful smile that showed his 
pearly white teeth. His eyes danced and twinkled in a 
very sexy manner. As time passed, I found myself day 
dreaming about he and I being lovers. Of course I knew 
that I was older and he was surely attracted to the 
younger, sexy, and more attractive women. We often 
talked in the lunchroom about different things. One day 
he mentioned that he would like to have some little 
extra jobs to make some more money. He mentioned yard 
work, painting, and general things that he might do. I 
kept that in mind as I pondered the thought of him 
doing some things around our house. My husband (Paul) 
had rather be fishing or golfing than mowing the lawn, 
or painting, or washing the cars. 

My thought process was working trying to determine if 
Tony would be interested in doing my lawn, hummmmm, 
well, maybe my husband would be happy for him to do 
some things in order to free him to do some of the 
things he enjoyed. Perhaps Tony might just like to help 
my hubby's wife, hubby had not been taking care of her 
very well lately. I felt a warm tingle in my thighs as 
I thought of Tony and him having his way with a white 
wife, after all, most black men want to get into a 
white wife's panties as a matter of bragging rights 
among their brothers. I became obsessed with the idea 
and one day asked my husband if it would be OK for Tony 
to do our yard on Saturday's so he could have more time 
fishing or golfing as I knew how much he enjoyed them. 
(I was thinking of how I would be enjoying my Saturdays 
doing what I love, if it worked out).

Paul said, "Gee Honey, that is a great idea. I could 
use the time to relax and do some enjoyable things 
after a hard weeks work. Sure get Tony to help around 
here if he wants to. He could help us a lot I am sure. 
Of course you could relax some as well."

At lunch the next day, I said to Tony in a quite voice, 
"How would you like to do some things for me on 

I did not realize how it sounded but Tony got a slight 
grin on his face and leaned over the table toward me 
and said in a low voice, Sure, Brenda, I am available 
for anything you need."

I blushed and said, "Oh Tony, I mean for money."

"Well, he said, "If you insist," and chuckled. 

"Tony stop it now. Do you want to do our yard work? 
Paul likes to play golf or fish on Saturday so we could 
use the help."

"Sure! I could use the extra money," as he grinned and 
looked me with his dancing mischievous eyes, reaching 
under the table and squeezed my leg as he got up to go 
back to work. "See you Saturday, Brenda."

I was speechless as I nodded approval, still feeling 
his touch as my loins warmed and I took a deep breath 
wondering if he really wanted me or was I reading too 
much into his teasing words. 

Now I had a few days to plan my moves for Saturday. If 
he wanted me I was going to make sure that he did not 
miss any signals on my part. How to act, what to say, 
what to wear etc were all in my mind as I thought of 

That evening, I showered and as I toweled off, I looked 
into the mirror and saw my 5 foot 9 inch frame as I 
turned and looked at my still perky 36-c breast 
wondering if Tony would like what he saw. I knew that I 
was 40 but I still had a nice firm body. I ran my 
fingers through my black pubic hair as I thought of how 
Tony would feel the moisture and spread my lips, that 
is, if he wanted to... I was day dreaming about this 
hard bodied young stud thinking of how eager to breed a 
white wife he would be... yes I would submit to his 
sexual needs and take him like a bitch in heat. Yes my 
young stud, while the main dog is away, this old bitch 
will let the young stud dog breed her. 


Saturday came and Paul departed with a kiss on the 
cheek and said, "If Tony does a good job, have him 
back. Have a good day and see you later this evening."

"OK, Darling. Have a good time. I will keep a check on 
Tony's work."

Tony came as planned and got the mower out of the 
garage and went to work. As planned, I had on my sun 
top showing some nice milky white cleavage, and some 
clinging knit bottoms without panties, that showed my 
nice round butt and shapely legs. I watched as Tony 
mowed without his shirt on, his muscles rippling under 
his jet-black skin. I looked at his chest covered in 
kinky hair, as he started to sweat making his body look 
like polished ebony. I was thinking of how I would like 
to walk up to him and run my hand all over that body 
and perhaps get a feel of his butt. I knew my juices 
were already starting to flow. 

Taking a pitcher of ice water out to the patio, I 
called to Tony to take a break and have some ice water. 
He come over and sat at the table, and as he sipped, I 
noticed his eyes moving up and down my body as if to 
say, "Damn woman, I want to get some of your ass."

I found my self smiling and asked Tony, "I was just 
wondering, Tony, at my age if I am still attractive? 
You know how women are. They are always concerned about 
keeping their youth."

"Brenda, you really are a sexy woman I must say. You 
sure turn a lot of heads at work. I must admit that you 
have an affect on me."

"Oh, Tony, Cut it out now. I just wanted some 
reassurance. You know I am married, well, it is nice to 
have a young man tell you these things, it is good for 
a woman's ego," as I giggled. 

"You are a very sexy woman in my book. I know I would 
never have a chance with you, being black and all, and 
you being married, but if I had the chance, well, I 
could be influenced, if you know what I mean."

I giggled again, and said, "Tony, you are making me 
feel like a teenager. You need not be concerned about 
being black as if I had the chance I would not hesitate 
to rub that black body on mine, of course I know, well 
you know, oh, damn it Tony, uhhhhh!"

"Brenda, I think I better finish my work here before I 
get carried away and I go too far, well you know what I 

"Go ahead and finish the yard work and I will have you 
some more ice water," as I smiled and gave him a peck 
on the cheek. As I rose up, I notice that his eyes 
traveled to my crotch, which make me aware that I was 
wet down there. It was obvious and I was sure he had 
not missed it.

I sat in the house and watch every move that Tony made, 
getting more and more horny by the minute. I wanted his 
black ass and I was certain that he wanted my white 

Tony finished and put the mower in the garage and came 
into the breakfast nook and accepted the cold water I 
offered him.

"When you finish your water, I have you a bath ready in 
the whirlpool tub," I informed him.

I directed Tony to the bathroom and waited until I 
heard him get into the tub, then I entered and walked 
over to the tub and asked, "Room for one more?"

To that Tony smiled replied, "Sure, come on in!"

As Tony watched, I slowly removed my sun top, then my 
shorts, standing for a moment as Tony looked intently 
at my body and mumbled, "Damn, you are a hot momma. 
Come to yo sugar."

I stepped into the tub and we immediately went to each 
other frantically exploring each other's bodies. I 
moved my hand to his crotch and captured his now erect 
manhood, which told me that his mind was already 
planning to get him some white wife ass. I knew that he 
was not going to have to beg me, as I was shaking all 
over with anticipation of having that hard black pole 
in my sweet honey pot. I felt like a teenager again, 
about to loose her cherry to a horny young impatient 
stud. I knew I was a 40-year-old married woman but I 
could not help but feel like a teen again. 

We got out and toweled each other off, then Tony pulled 
me to him in a lovers embrace, parting my lips and 
running his tongue into my mouth as I eagerly accepted 
my young admirers advances. 

I whispered to my young black lover, "Yo Momma is ready 
to take care of her baby." Let's move to the other 
room. We moved to the bedroom where I had the covers 
pulled down revealing white satin sheets. We both 
lunged together in a lovers embrace, as we pulled each 
other tighter and tighter.  I could tell that Tony was 
totally aroused as his hard cock was pushing hard 
against my pelvic region knocking on my door asking to 

Tony then moved down trailing kisses until he reached 
my clit where he circled it with his tongue. He slurped 
my juices, which were now flowing like a fountain. He 
was driving me crazy with his tongue as it circled and 
plunged in and out and licked my juices over and over 
again. He moved his manhood around to be over my mouth 
as I cuddled his black balls and licked the slowly 
seeping nectar from his cock head. He moaned and 
trusted into my mouth almost chocking me. As I caressed 
his balls in their sack, I knew that I would make him 
empty them into my white womb very soon.

Tony then moved above me as I opened my legs as a 
welcome sign as he used his black cock to party my wet 
lips and entered my waiting white hole. His lips met my 
eager lips as he plunged deeper and deeper into my 
husband's private playground. I knew that I was giving 
his wife's white ass to a young black stud.

"Oh Tony, Baby, I'm all yours. Take me. I want you 
Baby. I need you."

"Yes, I'm going to take care of my Momma. I'm so 
fucking hot for your white married ass. I'm going to 
make you my white bitch." 

Tony was not pumping deep and hard as I eagerly met 
every stroke with sheer horny lust. I wanted this young 
black stud. I was giving him all I had and he was 
giving me all he had. We were now sweating and slipping 
as we clung to each other trying to not miss a stroke. 
I could feel his fully loaded black stud balls knocking 
on my back door telling me that they were going to 
explode in me. My womb was now starting to contract in 
anticipation of the final moment when my young black 
stud would shoot his load deep inside me. 

I could tell we were both on the edge as I dug my nails 
into Tony's buttocks and screamed out, now sugar, now, 
Momma is going off."

To this, Tony thrust deep and hard and stiffened as I 
felt his cock pulsating pumping his black seed deep 
inside my womb as the cervix tightened around his pole 
keeping every drop as his black balls emptied into me. 
I was now shaking, and then I relaxed as we slumped 
into each other's arms gasping for air knowing that we 
both had exploded in harmony. Tony laid on top for a 
few minutes as his manhood deflated, then he slip off 
and we laid side by side in each others arms without 
saying a word giving each other a little kiss now and 
then and caressing each other as two spent lovers would 
do, drifting into sleep. 

We must have gone into a deep sleep as I awoke to 
notice that it was mid afternoon and Paul would be home 
soon. I looked over at Tony and admired the young 
handsome black man, knowing that I had been up to the 
task and had busted his black balls good. Even his 
deflated manhood was beautiful, as it lay limp in a 
patch of kinky black hair, matted in juices form both 
of us.

I woke Tony with a kiss on the cheek and a whisper that 
it was time to get up and out before my husband found 
us together like this. Tony smiled and said, "Yes 
Momma. Anything you say," and laughed. "I sure wish I 
had me a hot Momma like you".

I replied, "My young black stud, You now have my 
husband's hot Momma any time you want her, well at 
least when he is not looking... You know, it is like 
the pack of dogs, when the Alpha dog is not looking, 
the young stud dogs get some of the momma dogs ass."

We both laughed and Tony dressed and kissed me and as 
he left he pinched my ass and said, "Keep it hot for me 
Momma. Yo young black stud will return."

Need I say that I reported to Paul that Tony's work was 
outstanding and that I invited him back to take care of 
everything again?