Monday, 20 March 2017


This story was inspired by the new feature on Doctor 
Dan's site "Ask the Doctor". It's a question for Doctor 
Dan from a confused husband caught in a very bad 

Doctor Dan,

I have a problem and I don't know what to do. I find 
myself in a situation and I feel that everything is out 
of control and I'm gasping for air. Let me tell you 
everything from the beginning so that you can have the 
whole picture.

It all started about 4 months ago. One night my wife and 
I were talking about each other's fantasies to spice 
things up and get us in the mood. I revealed to her that 
in one of my hottest fantasies I'm a young boy of about 
15 years old and I have sex with older women. This didn't 
shock her at all. In fact when we had sex that night she 
encouraged me to talk more about it and play things out.

"Come on sweetheart tell me more." She said as I slipped 
inside of her.

"They're all older and want to teach me. Sometimes I get 
them pregnant while their husbands are away."

"Did you ever get to have sex with an older woman?"

"No it's just a fantasy, but I would do anything to get 
to actually watch a grown woman have sex with a boy."

She began to get very hot. Her pussy was as wet as I've 
seen it in a long time.

"Come on honey fuck Mrs. Stone's pussy while her husbands 

"Oh your so wet Mrs. Stone," I said giving into the role 
of the younger man.

"I'm wet for you Billy (using the name I went as, as a 

I moaned out as I thrust into her body. The sounds of her 
over wet pussy sucking on my cock filled the room. It was 
fast becoming the best fuck session that we've had in a 

"Oh your so young and handsome Billy. When you need to 
cum do it up in me."

"Oh Mrs. Stone." I moaned out.

She really started to thrust back against me and I knew 
that she was getting close to an orgasm. This fantasy had 
quickly heated her up also.

"Oh Billy keep fucking me I'm gonna cum. Come on make me 
cum. AH! AH! AH! AAHHHHHH!!" she screamed and ground her 
hot pussy on to my cock.

"Oh so hot. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum too." I cried 

"That's it Billy cum in my married pussy. Cum in my belly 
and get me pregnant William will never know."

"Ah. AH. AHH!!" I moaned out cumming deep into my wife's 
still spasming pussy in one of shortest fuck sessions 
we've had in along time. It felt like the biggest load 
that I had ever shot. Like my soul had just been forced 
out of my cock. After that first fuck I stayed hard just 
like a teen, and we fucked again, twice!


After that we played with that fantasy a few more times. 
Then one day she called me at work to ask when I would be 
home. She seemed excited on the phone. Replying that I 
would be home shortly she said that she had a surprise 
for me. Hanging up I began to wonder what it would be. 
From the tone in her voice it made me think of something 
sexual. Maybe she was finally going to let me have anal 
sex with her I thought with a small smile. Arriving home 
I found a note attached to the front door.

"My love I have something waiting in the bedroom for you. 
When you come in be very quiet and go to the bedroom. 
This is important. If you make any noise it will ruin the 
surprise. Your loving wife, Mary."

"Be quiet? Whatever it is I don't think it's anal." I 
said a little glumly but still very interested. I did as 
I was told and quietly slipped inside. Putting down my 
things in the living room I moved to the bedroom. Almost 
immediately I heard sounds of sex. I felt like I had been 
punched in the stomach. All the air rushed out of me and 
I was struggling to breath. 

"She's having an affair!" I thought. I stood in the hall 
sweating and feeling nauseous. Trying to summon up the 
courage to face her and her lover I slowly began to move 
towards the bedroom. The sounds grew louder as if to mock 

"Oh yea fuck me. Fuck my wet pussy. Fuck it good." She 
moaned out.

"Oh Mrs. Stone" a quivering young mans voice spoke.

Had she taken a boy to bed?! She must have. The note, the 
fantasy! She was doing this for me! A new excitement 
washed over me and I moved the last few steps to the 
bedroom. Lying sideways on the bed so that when I came to 
the doorway I could clearly see everything, was my wife 
and a boy who couldn't be a day over 15. His small 
hairless ass rising and falling as he thrust into my wife 
of 10 years body. I could see his slim cock and lightly 
haired balls as he drove himself into her. Her open sex 
was wetter than I have ever seen it during our marriage.

"Oh Mrs. Stone your so fucking beautiful," the young boy 

"Oh Todd fuck me, fuck me and make me cum." She growled.

Watching her tits shake as the young boy fucked my wife I 
became incredibly aroused... His body was straining with 
the force of his thrusts. The muscles on his ass and back 
stood out clearly as he powered into her body. It was my 
dream! This lucky boy was living my dream. My cock 
strained painfully against my pants but I knew that I 
couldn't risk jerking off. If the boy finished and saw me 
it might ruin everything. My wife then noticed me in the 
doorway. Looking right at me to let me know that she was 
talking to me she said, "I love it!" Still looking at me 
she asked "Todd are you sure your only 14?" 

The boy didn't say anything at first but when my wife 
asked him again he said, "Yea I just turned 14."

"Am I your first pussy Todd?" she asked breathlessly as 
she looked at me with eyes laced with lust.

"Yea you're my first," he said not pausing.

She moaned out then and looked Todd in the face. "Come on 
baby cum in my pussy again. Shoot your cum up in my 
married pussy again."

She kept urging him on. By her babbling I knew that she 
was getting close and wanted to finish with him. She 
achieved her goal because in a moment young Todd locked 
groins with my wife and ejaculated his teen sperm into my 
wife. They lay thrashing about in mutual orgasm on the 
bed. At a wave of my wife's hand I backed into the 
bathroom and quietly shut the door enough so I wouldn't 
be seen but could hear them talk.

"Oh Mrs. Stone you're incredible."

"Thank you Todd. Your sure you never fucked anyone else 

"No ma'am I never did. Only my hand."

"Well now you fucked me and you were wonderful. That was 
the best fuck that I have ever had."

"Better than you husband?" he asked.

"Better than my husband." She confirmed. I was a little 
hurt but I didn't mind. It was hot!

"Slide out of me now. Wow! Look at all that cum. I didn't 
think a person could cum so much."

"I'm sorry," he said dejectedly.

"No sweetheart I like it. I thought the first time you 
came in me you had a big load but wow. We're going to 
fuck again you can bet on that."

After he was dressed she led him to the door still naked 
with his cum leaking down her thigh. They kissed and he 
departed. Coming out of hiding she smiled when she saw 

"I picked him up walking. He lives down the street."

"I Love you." I said.

"So then you liked it?"

"Of course but Mrs. Stone can I fuck you now?"

"Maybe Billy. We'll have to see."

In the bedroom she lay back on the beck exposing her cum 
covered cunt. Her dark pubic hair was all matted with 
teenage cum and mature pussy juice. As I undressed she 
started to talk to me.

"We fucked once before you got here. He was so hot for me 
he came in my pussy quick." As she spoke I couldn't take 
my eyes off her pussy. It looked so hot. Covered in teen 
cum, all red, open and used. 

"He came in my unprotected married pussy just like you 
wanted to." She began to finger her pussy with her two 
middle fingers. As she did cum leaked out. "He's going to 
fuck me again. I want you to hide in the closet and 

I couldn't hold out any more and mounted my wife and once 
again in record time I added my seed to that of Todd's in 
my wife's pussy.

Todd did fuck her again and I did hide in the closet. It 
was absolutely everything I had hoped it would be. I 
jerked off in the closet and spilled my seed on the floor 
as Todd sent his into my wife. It was also the greatest 
thing for our marriage. My wife and I began to have sex 
more often. We were like newlyweds again. 

We played at the fantasy that I was a boy more and more. 
Mary changed also. She started wearing sexier clothes and 
wearing make up more often, even while just staying at 
home. She even shaved her pussy like one of those porno 
girls, just a little path to her pussy. She started 
dieting and lost weight. In three months since the first 
time that we had talked about my fantasy my life couldn't 
have been better. I even got a raise and promotion at 
work. That was all before I started noticing other 
things. We hardly ever drink soda but there was always 
some in the house now. 

Sometimes when I would get home there would be multiple 
cans in the trash. I didn't think anything of it at first 
but then I started to notice more things that put it into 
a disturbing context. She had begun to smoke pot. We had 
enjoyed a little weed when we had access but several 
times I would come home and smell it. She said that a 
friend of hers had come by with some and they had smoked 
a little. I found douche bottles in the bathroom trash 
more and more. 

I asked my wife if she was having more sex with Todd and 
she replied no. We had discussed it and I was fine with 
then as long as I could hear all the details and get to 
watch, as well as fuck the shit out of her if I still 
could after. With the promotion are sex live started to 
dwindle. The fantasy of me playing the horny little boy 
began to lose its novelty for her it seemed. 

In a month we had gone from having sex everyday to 
practically nothing. There was always an excuse. She 
didn't want to. She was tired etc. When another month 
passed and I finally got her to have sex with me she made 
me use a condom, something that I hadn't done in years. 
Her excuse was that she ran out of birth control pills 
and hadn't gotten her prescription filled yet. I was an 
understanding husband and that night spilled my seed into 
a latex bag rather than the pink fleshy walls of my wife. 
Three days later things would get worse.

I arrived home early and found my wife watching TV. She 
was a little disheveled which was not normal for her now 
that she had changed into the sexy thing that she is. She 
commented that she had fallen asleep on the couch and 
woke up when she heard the car when I asked. 

I had no reason to think that she lied until I went into 
the bedroom. I saw a sock on the floor. It was a boy's 
sock. It was dirt as only a boy can get them and white 
with two red strips around the top. I don't have any 
socks like that. It was on my side of the bed on the 
floor. I bent down to pick it up and saw a videotape. 

I didn't know what it was but I suspected something bad. 
I went to piss in the bathroom and saw two cum filled 
condoms in the toilet. She was fucking around! She was 
hiding it from me. I had told her that I was fine with it 
as long as I knew and could participate but now she was 
hiding it. She was cheating on me. That night she refused 
sex again. She wasn't in the mood. 

The next day was Saturday. She got ready and said that 
she had errands to do and that she was going shopping 
later and wouldn't be back until at least 5pm. She left 
at eleven all dressed up and would be gone all day. I 
found the tape after a very lengthy search and played it.

She and Todd were in the kitchen when someone with a 
camera came in. They were laughing as my wife made three 

"Hey bro!" Todd called to the cameraman.

"Turn that thing off Gary." My wife said. She seemed a 
little embarrassed

"Oh, come on baby it ain't hurt' in you none." The 
cameraman replied playfully.

"You boys are going to be the death of me." She said with 
a smile and returned to the sandwiches.

Todd wrapped his arms around my wife and ground his groin 
into her ass.

"Your so hot baby, ahhh..." 

My wife once again stopped making the sandwiches and let 
Todd grope her breasts from behind. She let out a throaty 
moan that I loved so much.

"You going to let us fuck you in the ass today Mary?" 
asked the cameraman.

"Yea you said you'd let us do it up your ass today." Todd 

Rounding on the boys she replied, "You don't have to be 
so crude about it."

"Come on you said that we could" Todd whined.

"Yes I'll let you fuck me in the butt after lunch but I 
don't know why you want that so much. I can't understand 
why men want that so much." She said bringing the 
sandwiches to the table.

"How come you never let your husband do it?" ask the 

"Because I don't want to do that."

"But you'll let us?"

"Yea that's right."

"He would be jealous."

"Well my sweet he is never going to find out is he?" she 
said moving to the cameraman.

"You boys eat I'm going to get changed"

"Ok" they replied in unison

"Dude I still can't believe we get to fuck this babe."

"I know it's so unreal."

The next scene was the camera going towards the bathroom 
a few minutes later. They barged in on my wife in the 

"What are you boys doing?"

"We wanted to watch."

"I'm just going to douche so my pussy is all clean for 
you boys."

"Man I got to see this" said Gary the cameraman

"You've never seen a woman douche before Gary?" My wife 
asked playfully.

"No Mrs. Stone, I never have."

"Sit on the toilet and watch."

Angling so that everything could be caught on camera she 
inserted the nozzle into her sex. Her clit was visible so 
you could tell she was aroused. With a squeeze she sent 
the cleansing mixture up into the recesses of her vagina 
and then it spilled back out cascading down her beautiful 

"Dude that's cool."

My wife laughed at his naivet.

"Yea man the first time I saw it I was blown away." Todd 

After several more squeezes the bottle was empty and she 
washed up. The camera looked over to Todd who had 
stripped off his clothes and was slowly stroking his hard 

"Dude what are you doing?"

"I'm just getting ready."

"Are you horny Todd?" asked my wife playfully.

"Hell yea we haven't fucked all week and my balls are 

"Alright then lets get going."

My wife led them to our bedroom and she lay back on the 
bed with her legs spread and one arm propped up holding 
her head.

"Ok turn the camera off and lets have a little fun."

"We want to film it"

She sat up on the bed. Her feet on the floor she spread 
her legs and touched her pussy.

"You want to film you two fucking me and cumming in my 
married pussy? Is that what you want?" Her voice was 
playful and thick with lust. I missed that side of her.

"Oh yea," they both said excitedly.

"Come on the Gary get naked then. I want Todd to go 

"Oh yea she know who gives the best loving." He said 
trying to be slick. He strutted forward waving his cock 
like a divining rod. They came together like lovers, 
kissing and groping before she fell back with him between 
her legs.

"You want me to eat you?"

"No I'm hot enough already. Just put your cock up in me 
and give me what I need."

She moved her pelvis forward and lifted her legs up so 
that he could put her legs over his shoulders and easily 
slide into my wife. Gary for his part was an excellent 
armature porn cameraman. He got a nice close up of Todd's 
slim teen cock sliding into my wife's very wet cunt. All 
three seemed to moan out when Todd bottomed out. They 
kissed hungrily once again before he started to thrust. 
She would make little thrust to meet him every time he 
plunged into her. After a short time I could hear the 
slurping sounds of their union.

"You boys like fucking me? Huh? You like me being your 

"Oh yea bitch" Todd gasped out as he trust.

"Look at me" Gary said

She turned to look into the camera.

"You like fucking young guys?" He asked

"Yea I love it." She was breathing hard now. "I love it!"

Todd looked over to the camera and was smiling as he 
fucked my wife on camera.

"I'm getting ready baby. I'm gonna shoot."

"Cum in me. Cum in my pussy. I'm not protected. I want 
you both to get me pregnant today. Please cum in my 
fucking pussy. Make my tummy fat with a baby. Come on cum 
in my pussy. Cum in my pussy. Cum in my pussy."

"AHHHH! Fuck," Todd thrust up into my wife and sent his 
sperm into her fertile womb.

He supported himself on his arms and looked down at her.

"You want us to knock you up?"

"Oh god yes, quick slid out of me so Gary can have a go."

Switching places the camera got a good view of my wife's 
cunt leaking boy seed. Even though I felt betrayed and 
hurt I still found it exciting and had to jerk off. Gary 
was next.

"I'm sorry that you had to have sloppy seconds but when 
you have my ass you can go first."

"Yea! That will be great." With that he slid into her 
cunt and began to fuck hard and fast.

She was constantly moaning as he fucked her. Todd got 
down between their legs and got a good shot of his cock 
going in and out of her pussy. Cum had leaked down her 
ass and dripped to the floor. 

Gary had a larger cock than Todd and by the amount of 
juice my wife had coated his cock and balls in she loved 
it. It wasn't long after that he thrust and sent his seed 
into her as well.

The tape went on to show them having sex in the living 
room. Deliberately in front of the windows. My wife true 
to her word allowed them both to have anal sex with her. 
The tape ended with them discovering I was home and 
dashing around.

After the tape was over I felt hurt, sick, angry. I 
wanted to do something. I love my wife and want to be 
with her. She originally fucked that boy because it was 
my fantasy. Now she wants to have their baby. I love her 
and want to keep her. I don't want to raise someone 
else's kid. I don't know if she is pregnant yet. How can 
I win my wife back?

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Selepas balik dari Lumut, Sam selalu hubungi emak angkatnya yang dipanggil Ma. Setiap hari mereka wasap. oleh kerana Ma seorang suri rumah maka Ma banyak masa untuk membalas wasap Sam.

Apabila Sam bertugas baru dia tak dapat wasap dengan emak angkatnya. Sam yang caring menyebabkan Ma rindu dan selalu menunggu nunggu wasap dari Sam. Setiap pagi Sam akan wasapnya tanya sudah minum atau belum. Sam yang caring habis menyebabkan Ma seolah-olah jatuh cinta dengan anak angkatnya.

Pagi itu Sam baru balik bekerja maka dia video call Ma.

"Ma buat apa tu," tanya Sam.
"ma nak mandi," kata Ma.
"mana abah?" tanya Sam
"Abah dah pergi ke KL," jawab Ma.
"Ma pakai tuala ke? Ma buka sikit nak tengok tetek Ma," tanya Sam
"Nakal lah Sam. Mana boleh," kata Ma.
"Pleaselah Ma. Sam rindu nak tengok tetek Ma," kata Sam.
"Okay," kata Ma sambil buka tualanya dan terserlah teteknya yang besar.
"Ramas puting tu Ma," kata Sam
"Okay," kata Ma sambil meramas puting teteknya.
"Sam stimlah," kata Sam sambil melancap batangnya dan dia tunjuk batangnya yang stim kepada Ma.
"Sam nak tengok cipap Ma. Baring Ma," kata Sam.
Ma pun baring di atas katil sambil kamera handphonenya fokus kepada lubang buritnya.
"tembam cipap ma," kata Sam.
Sam semakin laju melancap dan terpancut air maninya melihat Ma main cipapnya dengan jari.
"Dah keluar Sam?" soal Ma.
"Dah Ma. Love you Ma," kata Sam yang menamatkan video call.

Sejak hari itu mereka selalu video call apabila abah tiada di rumah. Bila abah ada mereka hanya wasap sahaja. Abah yang sporting tak kesah melihat Ma wasap dengan Sam.

Suatu pagi Ma terkejut melihat kereta kancil bunyi hon di depan rumah. Rupanya Sam buat surprise datang ke KL tanpa memberitahu Ma.

"Abah tahu ke Sam datang?" soal Ma yang mempelawa Sam masuk ke rumahnya. Di rumah itu abah tinggal berdua dengan Ma kerana anak anak semua sudah kahwin dan duduk berasingan.

"Sam dah beritahu masa on the way tadi," kata Sam.

"Tolak pukul berapa?" tanya Ma.
"Jam 6 pagi tadi lepas kerja," kata Sam.
"Mengantuk Ma," kata Sam lagi.
"Naik ke tingkat atas tidur di bilik tengah," kata Ma yang menunjukkan bilik kepada Sam
"Tidurlah dulu. Nanti pening pula," kata Ma sambil membiarkan Sam tidur di bilik itu.

Tepat jam 1 Sam bangun tidur dan mandi dan selepas itu dia turun ke bawah.

"Nasi dah siap Sam. Jom makan," pelawa Ma yang lihat Sam sudah segar.

Lepas makan masa Ma basuh pinggan, Sam peluk Ma dari belakang.

"Rindulah Ma," kata Sam
"Ma pun rindu juga. Sam yang goda Ma sampai Ma tak boleh buat kerja," kata Ma yang membiarkan dirinya dipeluk Sam.

"Esok Sam nak pergi ke Medan. Kalau Ma nak ikut Sam belikan tiket kapal terbang,"kata Sam yang mengucup bibir Ma. Ma membalas kucupan itu sambil menghisap lidah Sam.

"Kalau abah izinkan Ma ikut Sam," jawab Ma.
"Sam dah beritahu abah. Abah kata ikut Ma lah," kata Sam.
"kalau begitu petang ini Sam beli tiket," jawab Ma.
"berapa hari nak pergi," tanya Ma
"Tiga malam," jawab Sam.

Lepas itu mereka pergi ke bilik di sebelah dapur untuk melepaskan rindu. Sudah sebulan mereka tidak bertemu maka permainan sex mereka petang itu amat mengasyikkan.

Sam romen Ma bertalu talu. Sam hisap lidah Ma dan Ma hisap lidah Sam. Sam buka t shirt Ma yang berwarna merah. Tinggal coli yang berwarna pink. Sam buka coli itu dan tersembul tetek ma yang agak besar. Sam hisap tetek itu bertalu talu. Kiri dan kanan. Ma akui buah dada adalah alat Ma yang paling sensitif.

Sam lurutkan kain batik Ma. Maka tinggal seluar dalam pink sahaja. Sam buka seluar dalam Ma. Ma sudah telanjang bulat di atas katil bujang itu. Ma pegang batang Sam dalam seluar dan dibukanya seluar Sam. Tersembul batang Sam yang besar. Ma pun hisap batang Sam seperti makan ais skrim.

Selepas itu Sam ramas cipap Ma. Sudah basah. Sam jilat cipap Ma dan sekali sekala Sam gigit kelentit Ma. Ma sudah stim.

"Masuklah. Ma tak tahan dah," kata Ma.
"Okay," kata Sam sambil masukkan batangnya ke dalam cipap Ma.
"Besarnya," kata Ma.
"Masa main kali pertama dulu kenapa Ma pejam mata?"soal Sam.
"Masa tu malu," jawab Ma.
"Sekarang dah tak malu?" tanya Sam.
"Dah banyak kali bersama malu apa," jawab Ma sambil ketawa.

Petang itu mereka main dengan pelbagai stail, missionary dan doggy. Ternyata Ma puas dengan permainan Sam yang muda itu.

Dua kali Ma capai orgasme ketika Sam jilat cipapnya dan ketika Ma duduk di atas Sam. Abah yang mati pucuk tidak dapat beri kepuasan sex kepada Ma. Mujur anak angkatnya ada untuk mengatasi masalah gersang ini.

Sekurang-kurangnya Ma tidak curang dengan orang lain. Dia hanya curang dengan Sam dengan kerelaam abah yang tidak kesah mereka berdua main  asalkan Ma puas.

Petang itu bila abah balik ke rumah ma tanya betul ke abah izinkan Ma ikut Sam ke Medan. Abah kata ikutlah peluang kenali tempat orang.

Malam itu selepas makan abah naik ke biliknya. Tinggal ma dan Sam tengok tv. Mereka duduk di atas sofa sambil beromen. Lepas tengok tv Ma masuk tidur di bilik  Sam sampai pagi.

Jam 6 pagi baru Ma masuk ke bilik abah. Abah yang tersedar dari tidur tanya dah berapa kali main dengan Sam.

"Petang semalam satu kali. Malam tadi dua kali. Masa tengok tv pun kami main atas sofa. Ganas betul Sam," kata Ma.

"Abang cemburu ke?" tanya Ma.

"Saya tengok awak happy bila Sam datang. Selagi awak happy, oklah. Bila saya mati nanti boleh awak kahwin dengan Sam," kata abah.

"Takkan Sam mahu nikah dengan orang tua. Dia sekadar suka suka sahaja," jawab Ma dan terus dia
masuk ke bilik air untuk mandi junub.


The vacation last year started like every other. Susan my 
wife and I had decided on a Jamaican holiday. Married for 
9 years, we were looking for some kind of adventure. Sex 
was pretty straight, that is no swinging. Susan recently 
turned us on to x-rated movies to spice things up. In 
fact it was a movie we had recently seen, that had given 
us the Jamaican vacation idea. Looking back, I remember 
how turned on Susan got during an interracial scene. We 
actually watched that movie twice, and the sex was 
Our first day in Jamaica, we lay out by the pool, Susan 
had on a small bikini that really accentuated her great 
figure. Susan is 5'5"and about 120 pounds. She has long 
brown hair and an athletic body. Susan's breasts are 
natural and more than a handful, with thick dark nipples. 
The resort was one Susan had found on the Internet. The 
place was a little run down, but very inexpensive, and 
big with Europeans. 

While laying out, we noticed a number of single white 
women, who had taken up with the local men. Several of 
the men by the pool were sporting really incredible 
bulges which at one point drew a remark from Susan to the 
effect that the myths about black men was surely true. I 
thought little of that remark at the time. 

That night we decided to go clubbing. We had gone to a 
couple of places and had a few drinks. Feeling buzzed, 
Susan asked the taxi driver to take us to a local's 
hangout. Susan was wearing a short little sundress that 
showed off her great figure and ample cleavage. The 
driver who took every opportunity to check Susan out, 
suggested a small club. 

"I'm sure you will like the place miss, not sure about 
the mister," he said with a wink and a smile that exposed 
a gold tooth. 

Susan was high, and said she felt adventuresome, so we 
agreed to go to the place. The bar was small and dark. We 
ordered drinks and as our eyes adjusted to the light it 
became apparent that I was the only white guy in the 
place. On the other hand there were several white women 
in the club, who had hooked up with locals. I later found 
out it was a place tourist women went to go native. 

In fact, right next to us in a booth was a young petite 
redhead, who was getting mauled by a Rastafarian. Based 
on the way she was grabbing him, she was loving every 
minute of it. Sue was facing their direction and was 
getting quite a show. 

"Honey I think she's going to fuck him right here. She 
just unzipped him and, oh my God he's huge," Susan said, 
gulping down her drink. 

I got up to get another round and to get a better look at 
our amorous couple. Sue was right the guy was big. The 
redhead had her right hand curled around his shaft and 
was pumping away. Ordering a drink, I turned around to 
see a tall black man talking to Susan. He offered his 
hand and Susan took it, following him on to the dance 

They danced one fast, then a slow number. During the 
second dance I could tell he was holding Susan close to 
his body. The man was about 6'5" and seemed to tower over 
Susan by a foot maybe more. I'm not the jealous type and 
really though nothing of it. In fact, I've seen lots of 
guys hit on Susan and if anything have always found it 
strangely exciting. 

When Susan returned to the table I jokingly asked if her 
new friend was as big as our friends in the next both. 
"Believe it or not he maybe bigger," she said. Susan then 
proceeded to tell me that she could feel his cock up 
against her and that it was very hard and very large. 

My wife seemed animated, as she described her dance with 
the tall black man. I was about to ask her if he had 
turned her on, when the waiter walked up with a couple of 
shooters. My wife new friend had just bought us a round. 
Susan lifted her glass to him and swallowed the shot. 

A few minutes later our friend walked up with a couple 
more shooters. "Since you enjoyed the last ones, I 
thought why not a couple more," he said in a deep voice. 
He introduced himself as James, and with a big smile 
asked if he could sit down. Susan was quick to insist 
that he join us. 

We made small talk for a while; during that time James 
did little to hide his attraction to Susan. As I said, my 
wife is a stunner, and James never took his eyes of her. 
Susan at the same time appeared mesmerized by him, 
staring at James and totally enthralled with his every 

After a couple more shooters, he asked Susan to dance 
again. I could tell Susan was tipsy from all the drinks 
she had had. As James led her by the hand out to the 
dance floor, she swayed from the liquor. Susan can be 
quite provocative when she has a little to drink and 
James was quick to take advantage. The first song was a 
fast number and by the time the song was over James had 
pulled Susan close to him. 

James had his leg pushed up against Susan's cunt and was 
grinding away to the beat of the music. I knew Susan was 
getting turned on; by the way she opened her legs as they 
danced. I probably should have interceded, but I was 
excited by what I was witnessing. During the next slow 
dance Susan's eyes were closed as she rested her head on 
his chest. I was starting to get a little alarmed as 
James let his hands drop to her butt. 

I expected Susan to stop him, but if anything she seemed 
to pull him closer. I could see that James was saying 
something to Susan, as he would, from time to time, 
nuzzle her ear. When the dance ended I lost the two of 
them in the crowd. The last I saw of Susan was James 
leading her away from our table, towards the other end of 
the club. 

After five minutes I decided to look for them. There was 
a dark hallway at the back corner of the lounge. I 
entered the hallway and as my eyes adjusted to the dark I 
could make out a couple leaning against the wall. The 
man, black had his back to me and his shoulders prevented 
me from seeing the woman's face. I could tell she was 
white because I could see her tanned shoulder and part of 
her breast. The top half of the woman's dress had been 
pulled down around her waist. 

The black man was leaning over the woman and was sucking 
and biting the woman's left tit. The woman meanwhile was 
working on his pants in a frenzied manner. The man's hand 
was between the woman's legs, when I saw him tear her 
flimsily panties off, discarding them to the floor. Then 
the man crouched down and the woman lifted her left leg 
high in the air as the man dipped and moved his body up. 

I realized they were about to fuck right there in the 
club. The thought never entered my mind that the woman 
was my wife. This woman was wild with lust. My dick was 
very hard as I watched the man lift the woman 
effortlessly off the ground. In the dim light it was 
difficult to see how large the guy's cock was, but there 
was no mistaking the pleasure it gave the woman as he 
entered her. It was the voice that I recognized first.

"Oh god, you feel so good," the women moaned out loud. I 
did a double take as I realized the voice belonged to 
Susan. "Oh fuck that feels so good, fuck me with your big 
cock," she exclaimed. I had never heard Susan talk like 
this before. 

James lifted Sue off the ground easily all the while 
pumping his cock in and out of her. Susan's moaning 
increased, announcing her first orgasm. James moved with 
powerful strokes as he fucked Susan; bring her to an 
incredible orgasm. Every now and then he would stop, 
almost teasing Susan to ask for more. "Don't stop, 
please, it feels so good," she would say. 

The scene was so erotic that suddenly I felt my cock 
start to spurt. I tried to keep myself from cumming by 
grabbing my dick, but I still came. Meanwhile Susan was 
already cumming again, "Oh don't stop, fuck me, keep 
fucking me! Oh your cock is so good!" she kept repeating.

James's movements began to quicken as he came closer to 
cumming. "You like black cock don't you girl, tell me," 
James commanded. "Yes, yes cum in me, fuck me, oh you are 
so fuckin good," Susan slurred as she came once more. 

Suddenly, James bellowed and he slammed Susan against the 
wall as he impaled her on his cock. His pace quickened 
still, as he shot his hot cum deep into her cunt. I 
wondered for the first time if they had used protection. 
I knew it was to late to change things now, as I watched 
James repeatedly pump my wife full of his black seed. My 
mind reeled with what I had just witnessed. Confused, I 
hurriedly went to the men's room were I cleaned the mess 
I had made of my trousers.
When I returned to the table, James was sitting there 
with a sly smile on his face. "Susan is in the ladies 
room, fleshing up. We went outside for some air, you 
don't mind, do you?" James said, more of a statement than 
a question. I mumbled that it was okay, and for the first 
time I was a little frightened by his demeanor. 

When Susan returned to the table she was quite drunk and 
told me she wanted to go back to the room. We said 
goodnight to James and grabbed a taxi. In the car Susan 
passed out and I literally had to carry her back to the 
room. Laying Susan on the bed I began removing her dress. 

Her panties were gone and the lips of her cunt were 
swollen and cum was still oozing out. A large amount of 
cum was still drying on the insides of her thigh. Susan's 
left breast had a large bite mark near her nipple, which 
was also swollen and extended. Susan and I had been 
trying to have a child for the last two years, now I 
couldn't help wondering if James had given her his child. 

I felt a strange mixture of rage and excitement as I 
placed my finger to Susan's cunt lips. The light brown 
hair of her neatly trimmed bush was matted with dried 
cum. Susan's pussy was sopping wet as my finger 
penetrated her inter folds. Susan stirred and turned over 
as I withdrew my finger. My finger was coated with thick 
stringy cum. Just then I wanted Susan more than ever. 

Spooning up behind her, I easily slid my dick into her 
hot cunt. Susan started to protest, mumbling she was 
tired, but I was too hot to stop. I was buried to the 
hilt on my first stroke. Her pussy was so wet and loose I 
couldn't believe it. The vision of her fucking James in 
the hallway filled my mind, causing me to cum in just two 
or three thrusts. I came very hard mixing my sperm with 
that of James. Susan immediately turned away from me, 
forcing my dick to slip out of her pussy. I went to clean 
my cum covered dick, and returning, found Sue sound 

The next morning, I awoke to find Susan fresh out of the 
shower, in her bikini. "I'm going down to the pool and 
get a Bloody Mary, my head is pounding. Please don't let 
me drink like that again. I got so drunk last night I 
fell against the bathroom stink bruising my boob. Look," 
Susan said, showing me the dark purple hickey James had 
given her. 

Susan didn't mention our having sex and I realized much 
to my chagrin that she didn't remember. I reminded Sue 
that I had set up a golf lesson and 18 holes for the 
remainder of the morning and most of the afternoon. Susan 
gave me a kiss and left for the pool. I laid around for a 
while showered and walked over to the window, which 
looked out on the pool. 

I still hadn't decided how I would breach the subject of 
Susan's indiscretion with James when I received my next 
surprise. There, sitting in a lounge chair next to Sue 
was James. James had removed his shirt and even from the 
window I could see his lean, well-muscled body. His skin 
was blue-black in the sun. I could tell Susan looked a 
little distressed. 

I saw Susan gather her things and start heading back in 
the direction of the room. She had gotten about half way 
when James got up and followed. I didn't know what to 
think, so I decided to hide out in the closet. Susan 
entered shortly there after, and went into the restroom. 
Moments later there was a nock on the door. Sue asked who 
was at the door and James answered. 

"I told you what happened last night can never happen 
again. I was drunk and you took advantage of me," Susan 
said through the door. 

"Open the door," James commanded. 

Susan cracked the door and James pushed his way in. 
"Don't give me that shit girl, last night you couldn't 
get enough Jamaican cock. You know and I know that now 
that you had a taste of this cock, all you can think 
about is when your going to get it again," James said, 
all the while walking closer to Susan.

"I'm married, my husband could be back at any time, 
please don't," Susan started to say, when James took her 
in his arms and kissed her.

At first Susan's arms were hanging limp by her sides, but 
James was not to be denied. Holding her tight his thick 
lips smothered her mouth and when she tried to speak 
James worked his tongue into her mouth. At first, Susan 
brought her hands up against his chest in protest. Then 
as the smoldering kiss continued, I saw Susan's hands 
begin caressing the coal black arms of her lover. 

James moved his hand up her back and untied the string to 
her top. Breaking the kiss, Susan said, "I can't do this, 
I could get pregnant."

"It's a little late for that girl after last night, but 
if you want me to pull out, I will. Now take that bathing 
suit off, so I can take care of you good."

"This is crazy, I mean," but before Sue could finish her 
sentence, James pushed her down on the bed. Then throwing 
her top to the floor, James kissed his way down to 
Susan's nipple and began licking and sucking in earnest. 
Susan's dark nipple's thickened and grew from the 
attention James was giving them.

Susan loves to have her nipples sucked on and any pretext 
of resistance was soon gone. Her hands went to his head, 
as he sucked her nipple to full extension. At the same 
time he worked her bathing suit bottoms down to her 
knees. Susan then kicked them off, signaling James that 
his conquest was complete. 

James probed her pussy lips with his large fingers. As 
his fingers dipped in and out of her pussy, I could see 
they wet with Susan's moisture. Susan in the mean time 
had started groping at James's cock. 

"You're so big, I'm so amazed I took it all last night," 
Susan said her breathing becoming more rapid. 

I knew she was rapidly approaching orgasm, as was I. 
Susan's body shuddered with an orgasm as she came all 
over James's hand. O God I'm cumming so hard," she moaned 
as she bit down on James shoulder. 

"Undo my pants," James said. 

Susan quickly untied his shorts. For the first time I saw 
his cock. I have always though of myself as being average 
about 5 to 6 inches and about 2inches thick. James was a 
good 9 inches long and at least 3 inches thick. Susan's 
hand could barely wrap around the base of his cock, as 
she lovingly caressed him. Susan's nipples were rock hard 
and her pussy was making sucking sounds as James worked 
two fingers in and out of her.

"Last night was like a dream, I mean I knew you were big, 
but I just thought it was my imagination. Now laying here 
with you I can't believe this is actually happening. I 
want you so bad, I just can't help myself," Susan moaned 
in resignation. 

Smiling, James rolled on top of Susan and with one hand 
placed the head of his cock against the folds of Susan's 
swollen cunt. Then he started rubbing it up and down her 
slit. The effect on Susan was devastating. Susan was 
looking down between her legs at what James was doing. 
I'm not sure if it was the contrast of their skins or 
just the massive tool James was rubbing on her clit but 
she was rocked by an incredible orgasm. 

I too could no longer hold back and came, and came hard. 
At the same time Susan was rapidly getting frustrated. 
Please James don't tease me "'she begged, as James rubbed 
more vigorously. I though you were afraid of getting 
pregnant?" James said his voice dripping with sarcasms.

"Just pull out before you cum, now please fuck me with 
your big cock," Susan was rocked with yet another orgasm 
as I watched. To say I had placed myself in a difficult 
position would be and under statement. 

Now that I was over the initial excitement of watching 
these two, my thoughts turned to more serious matters 
like; was my wife falling for this guy, was he about to 
impregnate her. I probably could have stopped both these 
things from happening, had it not been for the fact that 
I was standing in the closet in my underwear. 

I watched helplessly as James began sliding his big cock 
into my wife. Inch by inch pumped it into Susan. Susan 
was completely enthralled, as she watched him work that 
black cock into her pussy. "You are incredible, it feels 
so good," Sue kept repeating. My jealousy was forming a 
huge knot in my stomach. Susan had never said these 
things to me. As James rammed his cock deep into Susan 's 
cunt she raped her legs around his hips and came again, 
very hard. 

James had worked his entire cock into my wife's cunt and 
she was more than enjoying it, she seemed crazed. Susan's 
pussy lips seemed to cling to James's cock with every 
stroke. James began picking up the pace, his balls 
slapping up against her ass, was quite audible, even from 
the closet. "Yes oh yes it's so good, don't stop," Susan 
started repeating. 

Suddenly I watched James tense and I realized he was 
about to cum. Susan seemed to be saying cum in me and 
James was there to oblige. Instead of pulling out, James 
plunged his cock deep into Sue's pussy. Then, James 
groaned like a bull as he sent his seed flooding into 
Sue's pussy. Susan's eyes seem to glaze over as he 
continued pumping his cum into her. "OH yes! That's it, 
cum in me! Cum in me! I can feel it!" Sue cried out. 

Rivulets of his cum began appearing around the base of 
James's cock as his stroke slowed. The pulsing jets of 
hot cum, sent Susan into a mind numbing orgasm, that left 
her body convulsing in pleasure. Finally James collapsed 
on Susan, but he didn't roll off. James holding Susan 
tight, rolled over on his back, holding Susan in place. 
They laid there some time, Susan on top, with James 's 
semi hard cock imbedded in her cum soaked pussy. Susan 
then began covering James's face and neck with kisses, 
all the while telling him how good he was, and how great 
she felt.

After about five minutes, Susan tried to get up, but 
James insisted that she stay on top of him. James claimed 
he wasn't finished, that he wanted to make love to her 
again. Susan said she could feel his cock still pulsing 
from time to time as his sperm shot deep into her hot 
pussy. James said that he wanted to make sure that she 
stayed wet and didn't want any of his cum to leak out. 

"Do you want me wet or pregnant? I can't believe I let 
you cum in me a second time. What if I'm pregnant, how 
will I explain a black baby to my husband," Susan moaned 
in frustration. 

"Sorry girl, but it felt to good to pull out. Now admit 
it, you love having this black cock fill you up with cum. 
Besides it's to late to worry about getting pregnant, 
lets enjoy ourselves," James answered. 

I realized then, he wanted to get Susan pregnant, but 
like Susan said, after the previous night it hardly made 
a difference. James kept his massive cock fully imbedded 
in Sue for about ten minutes while they made small talk. 
Then I noticed a slow rhythmic movement to Susan's hips. 
James was getting hard again. Now stretched and well 
lubricated from the large amounts of cum James had 
deposited in Susan's pussy, she had no problem taking all 
of him. 

Susan moved into a crouching position and placing her 
hands on his chest and began pumping up and down on his 
black meat. Susan was stroking her cunt up and down the 
entire length of James's cock. Susan loves this position 
and while she has tried it with me several times, she 
clearly liked it more with James. I have a tendency to 
slip out when Susan really gets going. 

James on the other hand was so big, that even with Sue 
taking large strokes, his cock never slipped out. Susan 
soon worked herself into a sweat that left her body 
covered with a thin sheen of moisture. The base of 
James's cock was white from the juices of his and Susan's 
cum. I had never seen my wife so excited.

After about five minutes, James, smiling up at Susan told 
her he was about to cum. I could tell James was supremely 
confident that Susan wouldn't stop. James was right. This 
time it was Susan who told him to cum. "Fuck me, I want 
to feel your cock cum in me," Susan exclaimed as she too 
began cumming again.

"You want me to cum in you," James taunted. 

"Yes cum, please cum in me," Susan kept repeating. 

James obliged Susan, by flooding her cunt once again with 
his black baby making sperm. The scene was so erotic, 
that I to had come again, in spite of the fact I was 
insanely jealous. Susan collapsed on top of James totally 
exhausted. After what seemed like an hour, the two lovers 
went into the shower together. I used that time to leave 
the room through the sliding doors out the back.

Returning later to the pool, I found Susan and James 
having drinks. I still didn't know how I was going to 
handle things. I certainly didn't want to confront Susan 
in front of James. Mainly because I didn't know how he 
would react. Additionally, I never really considered the 
fact that Susan might actually fall for the guy. 

Finally, the fact of the matter was that I found the 
entire scene incredibly exciting. I was sure neither 
James nor my wife realized I had seen them. I was 
surprised to find Susan drinking soda. Susan loves a 
drink when laying by the pool, but Susan said she didn't 
feel like drinking. 

James then suggested that we try a beach up the coast 
from the hotel. Susan wanted to go, so I agreed. The 
beach was off the beaten path and fairly deserted. There 
were two other couples, down the beach from us, which 
were quite nude. Susan never hesitated, taking her cloths 
off as soon as she laid down her towel. 

I guess the shock registered on my face, because Susan 
said, "I thought you knew this was a nude beach. After 
all you said you wanted to go to one." 

Of course Susan was right, we had talked about it before 
we arrived at the island. I just though it would be the 
two of us, and not with some guy who had just fucked the 
hell out of her. On the other hand the shock which 
registered on my face came from the fact that Susan's 
pussy was now devoid of hair. 

Susan catching my stare, explained "Oh I did it for you, 
you like?"

What could I say? Susan had no doubt, shaved for James. 
Susan's clit and pussy lips were still swollen and red. 
James took off his cloths and I followed suit. The rest 
of the afternoon was strange to say the least. I felt 
like a third wheel, the way the two of them carried on, 
talking and laughing. 

At one point I had just come out of the water, when James 
had Sue take a picture of us together. I realized, a 
little late, that James wanted Susan to compare us, 
physically. The asshole wanted to humiliate me. There I 
was with two inches of water-shriveled dick, next to this 
tall, chiseled, black man, with a thick 6-inch cock, and 
he wasn't even excited. 

Pissed, I decided to get something to drink, leaving 
James and Susan alone. I walked to the car, drove half a 
block and returned to watch. Sure enough James didn't 
waste any time. Susan was crouched over him, sucking his 
big cock. I was to far away to see well so I left 
returning an hour later. Walking up I was surprised to 
almost catch them fucking again. James rolled off Susan, 
when I was less than 100 yards away. 

Walking up, I could tell they were nervous, but I didn't 
say anything to them. I caught a glimpse of Susan's cunt 
as she turned over on her stomach and saw a large glob of 
cum dripping down her slit. James saw me staring and I 
wondered what he was thinking. Before leaving the beach, 
James invited us for dinner, at his home. I protested, 
claiming I was tired, but Susan really wanted to go, so 
off we went.

James had a modest home, clean, and sparsely furnished. 
James wanted to use the shower first, so that he could 
prepare dinner. James walked into his bedroom and without 
a hint of modesty striped to his birthday suit, all the 
while speaking to us. After he entered the shower, again 
leaving the bathroom door open, I commented to Susan 
about his lack of modesty. 

Susan quick to take his defense, pointed out we were just 
on a nude beach with him. It was hard to argue with that 
logic, and so I had to put up with the same behavior from 
Sue. When James came out of the bath, he casually toweled 
dry in front of us. Susan then proceeded to take off her 
swimsuit in front of James, then she got in the shower. 

The strange thing was, that between being jealous, I was 
also getting excited again. I wanted to see them together 
again. I knew given the chance, James would fuck her 
again, so I devised a plan. At the same time seeing my 
wife parade around nude left me wanting relief. I 
followed Susan into the bathroom. Then removing my cloths 
joined her in the shower. Susan had just started to soap 
herself and was surprised by my entrance. 

"Your not angry I see," Susan said, glancing down at my 
semi hard dick. "I thought you were angry with us because 
of the cloths thing. It really was silly of you, leaving 
us at the beach, then getting angry just because James 
took off his cloths in front of me."

"I'm not angry, I just felt left out and the way the guy 
is flirting with you, I became a little jealous," I said. 

Taking my dick in her hand, Susan quickly had me hard and 
asked, "If I didn't know better I think it turns you on 
watching James flirt with me, does it?"

At that moment it was difficult to respond and staring 
into Susan's beautiful eyes, I kissed her. My dick became 
very hard as Susan stroked it. The image of Susan fucking 
James began to flood my mine. I remember trembling with 
desire as my hand worked between her legs. My fingers 
slid between her pussy lips, finding her vagina 
saturated. I knew that Susan's pussy was filled with her 
lovers cum, but when she gently nudged my shoulders I 
went down on my knees. 

Susan then uncharacteristically placed her leg on the tub 
edge, causing her cunt to slightly gape open. Then at the 
same time, she placed both hands behind my head, 
smothering me with her cunt. Reluctant at first, I could 
smell the strong scent of sex. I licked at her clit, a 
salty taste, perhaps the sea, or was it the taste of 
another man. My mind raced with different thoughts as I 
buried my tongue even deeper. 

Suddenly, I could have sworn I heard the door, at the 
same time feeling a rush of cool air. I attempted took 
look back, but Susan holding my head firm, told me not to 
stop. Susan started to tremble as I lapped at her pussy. 
I felt as if some one was watching me. I became even more 
excited as I sensed Susan becoming more excited. "I want 
you to play with yourself, I want you to make yourself 
cum, are you touching yourself," Susan asked.

All I could do was shake my head and groan. I had never 
heard Susan talk like this to me before. Looking up at 
Susan's face I could see her looking towards the door and 
smiling. Then she closed her eyes and shuddered, as she 
started to cum. 

I too came, though this was my fourth time in 24 hours, 
and was little more than a dribble. I heard the 
unmistakable sound of the door clothing just then. "Did 
James see us?" I asked Susan.

Sheepishly she nodded yes, "Don't be angry, He caught me 
by surprise and your kisses felt so good." I told her I 
wasn't angry and was actually turned on thinking he was 

James prepared a nice dinner and kept my wine glass full. 
We went clubbing for a while, then returned to the hotel 
for after a nightcap. Susan and James wanted to go to the 
hot tub, but I declined telling them I was tired. I 
followed them out to the hot tube minutes later. From my 
vantage point I could not only see them, but was close 
enough to listen. Susan was telling James, how exciting 
it was to have James watch us in the shower.

"I wonder if he knows we made love, Steve has been acting 
weird lately. Last night I tried to act like I was asleep 
and he started feeling me up. I was still soaked with all 
your cum. I'm sure he could tell, but he didn't say a 
word, in fact he put his penis in me and came very 
quickly. Then this afternoon I was sure he saw us. Again 
instead of saying anything, he ends up eating me out."

"I have a friend who recently became involved with a 
white married couple. The husband it seems, liked to 
watch his wife get fucked by other guys, then he would 
eat them out. Today at the beach I caught Steve staring 
at your pussy,. I'm pretty sure he saw some of my cum 
running down your leg. Maybe your hubby likes the idea of 
me fucking you, since he hardly has the tools to do it 

"James, don't say mean things, my husband has more than 
enough to satisfy me." I was happy to hear my wife go to 
my defense since that last comment by James stung. James 
lifted Susan effortlessly on to the edge of the hot tub. 
Then he spread Susan's legs wide exposing her hairless 
pussy, still dripping from the hot tub. Then taking his 
cock in his hand he started rubbing his cock head up and 
down her slick pussy lips. Susan was fixated, and bit her 
bottom lip as he continued the teasing. 

"What was that you were saying about your husband 
satisfying you," James said as he slipped the head of his 
cock into Susan's wet pussy. "Dam you, your so good," 
Susan moaned. "Do you want me to stop, or do you want all 
of this black cock".

"Don't stop, put it in all the way. Stop teasing me 
please," Susan begged. "Then tell me what you want me to 
do with this big black cock, do you want me to fuck you 
with my cock, because if you want me to then you have to 
say it," James demanded.

"Yes I want you to fuck me, I want your big cock in me, I 
want you to fuck my pussy. I want you to cum in me." I 
was stunned, my wife was literally begging this guy to 
fuck her, to make her pregnant. At the same time I was 
incredibly excited. The problem was that my dick was 
hurting from cumming 4 times in less than 24 hours. The 
same could not be said for James, who was now slamming 
his cock so hard into Susan, that his balls were making a 
loud audible slapping sound. 

Susan became so vocal, that I was afraid some one would 
come to the tub to see what was happening. The sight of 
Susan fucking that big black cock was too much for me and 
I came. This time only a drop or two of cum came out. My 
dick and balls literally ached. I zipped up and was about 
to leave, when James billowed like a bull. His black seed 
once again filling my wife's fertile cunt. Susan too 
cried out in orgasm, as her nails dug into her lover's 
ass in an effort to drive him deeper. Jet after jet of 
hot sperm was injected deeper into my wife's pussy than I 
had ever been able to deliver.

Returning to the room, I got in bed and pondered the 
situation. On the one hand the whole scene was terribly 
erotic. On the other hand I'm not naive. My wife was 
falling for this guy hard, not to mention the fact, that 
there was a good chance she was already carrying his 
child. I heard them come into the room and faked being 

Some time later Susan slipped into bed and fell fast 
asleep. The next morning seeing Susan's nude tanned body 
was too much for me. Pulling back the sheets I looked her 
over. Her breast's now had a couple of small bite marks 
along with the hicky James had previously given her. Her 
Pussy now cleanly shaved was even redder and more swollen 
than before. Susan stirred and smiled up at me, then with 
her hand extended, invited me back into bed. How could I 
resist. I knew almost immediately what she wanted. Susan 
gently nudged me into eating her pussy. 

"Your getting good at this, it feels so good to have you 
lick my pussy out. Stick your tongue in deeper, I want 
you to lick me deeper. Does it taste good?" 
All I could do was moan affirmatively.

"Now play with yourself again. I want you to make 
yourself cum again while you lick me. C'mon, do it, do 
it," Susan repeated.

Even though my dick was really aching, I couldn't help 
myself. Susan was working herself up to orgasm when she 
felt me start to cum. A drop or two of an almost clear 
liquid shot out. At first, Susan though that I had not 
cum. Of course she was a conciliatory, telling me it was 
okay that I came so quickly. At the same time I could 
sense her disappointment, and displeasure. My balls hurt 
so badly, there was no chance for seconds. 

I had another early tee time, and couldn't miss this one. 
What I wasn't prepared for was James having spent the 
night on the sleeper. I really had no alternative, but to 
leave the two of them alone. When I returned they were 
out by the pool. The next few days were much the same, 
except that little by little none of us were could refute 
what was going on between Susan and James.

A day before we were to leave, I played just nine holes 
and decided to call it quits. Thinking that Susan and 
James were by the pool I returned, I returned directly to 
the room. Entering the bedroom I surprised them in bed. I 
for whatever reason acted like I had walked in on 
strangers, excusing myself and leaving. Susan quickly 
threw on a t-shirt and followed me outside. 

"We were going to tell you, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for 
you to find out this way," Susan went on. "If you want a 
divorce, I understand and won't fight you".

Susan was very emotional and so was I. I told her I knew 
about them for some time. That I still loved her, and 
that I didn't want a divorce. Susan then told me she 
wasn't sure she felt the same way. She told me that she 
had become quite serious with James. This was no surprise 
to me. During the last few days, I could see how 
infatuated she had become with James. The big surprise 
came when she told me she would be staying on for a few 
more days. Of course, I tried to talk her out of it, but 
she insisted. Susan left the hotel that morning and moved 
in with James. I stayed on in Jamaica for an additional 
week, but couldn't persuade Susan to come home.

Susan returned home two weeks later. Susan told me that 
James had applied for a student visa and would be joining 
her in a couple of months. The next few months were hell. 
Susan of course was pregnant. I had moved into the guest 
room, so she would be more comfortable. Susan wanted a 
divorce, but I still held out hope that we could work 
things out. I delayed signing papers or looking for an 

Things got really sticky when James arrived. He was 
really pissed that I was still there, until I agreed to 
continue paying the mortgage. For the first month I had 
to endure James constantly asserting his dominance over 
Susan. Old fashion, he expected Susan to clean his cloths 
and prepare all his meals, chauffeur him around and put 
in 40 hours at work.

Susan who was five months along had really begun to show, 
was exhausted all the time. On top of all his demands, he 
expected sex were and when ever he wanted it. More than 
once I walked into the living room to find Susan sucking 
his cock. This was when James knew full well I was at 

Two months before giving birth, Susan was crushed, to 
find out that James had taken up with her best friend, 
Ellen. James moved out within the week, and Susan and I 
got back together stronger than ever. Susan gave birth to 
a big healthy baby boy a couple of months later. I would 
be lying if I told you that at first I didn't feel some 
resentment every time I saw Susan's son, he looks like 

That was a year ago, things change. I love the boy now, 
as if he were my own. James lost his student visa and had 
to return to Jamaica. Susan has been working out and 
looks great. Her nipple are a lot larger, do to breast-
feeding, but otherwise, you never would know she had a 
baby. She quit her job, and now is a full time mom.

Sex is better than ever between my wife and I. I never 
told her, about how I had watched her and her lover 
making love. Some how, I felt partially responsible for 
the whole affair since I could have prevented it and 

We get lots of looks whenever we go out with the baby, as 
you can imagine. Of course the knowing looks we get from 
some black men are less than subtle. Many of those black 
men openly stare or make passes, right in front of me. 
Once you go black, you can't go back. I wonder if the 
saying is true and how much Susan misses her Island man.

Saturday, 18 March 2017


Sekitar awal tahun 90an aku dan bini aku pergi makan angin ke Jakarta. Kira-kira second honeymoon le tu. Masa tu kami pergi berdua aje. 2 orang anak kami tinggal di kampong dengan nenek mereka. Kami melancong dari Jakarta ke Puncak langsung ke Bandung. Kira-kira 2 hari terakhir kami balik semula ke Jakarta. Oleh kerana nak jimat duit, 2 hari terakhir tu kami tinggal di hotel murah dekat dengan Toko Sarinah. Oleh kerana betul-betul di pusat Kota Jakarta, senanglah kami nak jalan-jalan shopping.

Siang hari tu setelah penat berjalan, kami pulang ke hotel agak lewat petang. Didepan hotel tu terdapat banyak penjaja dari kain batek, buah-buahan dan sebagainya. Dalam banyak-banyak penjaja tu ada seorang Wak menjual jamu. Biasanya di Jakarta yang menjual jamu adalah kaum ibu. Tapi yang ini wak yang aku kira dalam sekitar umur 50an.

Kami pun mendekati wak jamu tu sambil aku bertanya jamu kuat untuk lelaki. Wak tu dengan senang hati mengesyorkan jamu kuat lelaki yang katanya bisa ngentot sampai satu jam. Kuat dan luarbiasa katanya. Sambil tu dia juga mengesyorkan jamu untuk wanita yang memberi semangat seksual dan mengetatkan lubang senggama. Selamba aje wak tu cerita akan kebaikan jamunya sambil muka bini aku jadi merah padam samaada malu atau pukinya dah basah. Oleh kerana terlalu berminat lalu aku pun minta wak tu membancuh ramuan jamu tu untuk diminum segera.
Satu gelas untuk aku dan satu gelas lagi untuk bini aku. Sambil tu aku beli lagi beberapa paket untuk di minum kemudian hari. “ Yang ini tongkat madura. Bagus untuk Ibu. Cara pake nya cuma cocok kat anu Ibu 15 minit sebelum ngentot. Nescaya anu ibu ketat dan biasa perah kontol bapak. Luarbiasa ni.” Kata Wak tu pada bini aku. Tersengeh-sengeh bini aku bila mendengar keterangan Wak tu. Setelah membayar harga jamu-jamu tersebut dan sebelum beredar wak tu sekali lagi memberikan nasihatnya. “Cuba malam ini keberkesanan jamu saya. Bapak sama Ibu bisa ngentot sampai pagi. Ini saya beri tangkal nikmat untuk Ibu – gratis. Kalau ibu pakai nescaya daya seksual ibu bertambah baik dan bapak makin sayang.” Langsung dipegangnya tangan bini aku lalu diikatnya tali tangkal tu di pergelangan tangan.

Kami mengucapkan terima kasih pada Wak dan terus masuk ke hotel. Aku lihat Wak tu tersenyum lebar sambil melambai-lambai kepada kami. Masuk ke bilik aku terus masuk bilik air untuk mandi. Bini aku membuka tv sambil duduk di sofa kepenatan. Suasana diluar sudah gelap dan oleh kerana dah makan tadi jadi malam ni khas untuk acara mengongkek saje lah piker ku. Keluar dari bilek air aku tengok bini aku dah telanjang bulat sambil membelek-belek tongkat madura yang di beli tadi. Kemudian diangkatnya sebelah kaki ke atas katil sambil menjongkok cuba nak menjolok tongkat madura tu ke lubang pukinya. “ Eh susah lah nak masuk, abang tolong jolokkan”. Terus bini aku menelentang kat atas katil sambil mengangkang luas-luas. “Cepat bang” sambil menghulurkan tongkat madura kat aku. Lantas aku mencapai tongkat tu sambil membongkok merapatkan muka kat indah bini aku. Otomatik batang aku mencanak naik melihat pemandangan indah itu. Tangan kiri aku menguak bibir indah bini aku sambil pelan-pelan menjolok masuk tongkat madura sampai masuk habis – aku kira adalah lebih kurang 5 inci tenggelam dalam lubang indah bini aku. Kemudaian aku rapatkan kaki bini aku yang terkangkang tadi. “Biarkan dalam 5 minit “ kata ku sambil mengelap badan yang dah mula berpeluh-peluh.

Aku tengok bini aku memejamkan mata. Puting teteknya menegang dan mukanya berpeluh-peluh mungkin menahan rasa birahi yang teramat sangat. Konek aku tegang dengan urat-urat timbul. Aku belek-belek konek aku -lain macam pulak tegangnya, terasa besar semacam padahal konek aku cuma 6 inci aje panjangnya. “Yang, mujarab betullah jamu Wak tadi. Abang dah rasa tak tahan nak menutuh ni.” Bini aku kata” cepatlah apa lagi – keluarkan tongkat madura ni” sambil di kangkangkan semula kaki nya. Aku pun terus menguak bibir indah bini aku sambil ku cuit-cuit biji indah. Mengeletek bini aku sambil berbunyi “ah,ah ah”. Aku tarik keluar tongkat madura pelan-pelan sambil ibu jari aku terus memainkan biji indah.

“Pergi mandi dulu”. Kata ku. “Karanglah – kita mainlah dulu” balas bini aku – dah tak tahan lah tu. Bini aku terus duduk di birai katil langsung menarik konek aku yang tegang semacam. Di kulumnya macam aiskrim. Lapar betul gaya bini aku ni. Hisapannya pun luarbiasa betul tak macam biasa. Kemudian bini aku menelentang semula dengan kaki terkangkang “cepat bang – jolok”. Sebagai orang berpengalaman aku tak lah gelojoh sangat. Sambil melutut, aku jelirkan lidah menjilat biji indah. Pelan-pelan sekitar bibir pukinya lepas tu kat lubang yang ternganga tu. “Uh ah uh ah” bising betul mulut bini aku. Air indah nya mengalir banyak betul. Maknanya dah terlampau tak tahan la tu.

Aku teruskan jilatan maut dan tiba-tiba, “bloop” aku terasa macam di tolak keras. Aku tergolek langsung tersandar kat dinding bawah tepi katil. Aku tak boleh bergerak macam kena ikat dan tak boleh nak bersuara. Terkejut yang teramat sangat dengan apa yang berlaku. Sekeling bilik masih terang benderang dan bini aku masih terkangang di birai katil betul-betul depan mata aku. Dan aku masih tak boleh bergerak tersandar didinding telanjang bulat dengan konek masih tegang. Heran, aku dengar bini aku masih mengerang kuat kesedapan macam pukinya masih sedang kena jilat. “Cepat bang jolok tak tahan uh. Ah uh ah” keloh nya. “Bang - nak terpancut ni, ah ah ah ah.” Sah memang bini aku dah klimaks tu – bergegar bontotnya dengan kaki macam menendang-nendang. Hebat sungguh.

Tapi siapa pulak yang menjilat bini aku sedangkan aku dibawah tak boleh bergerak. Tiba-tiba kaki bini naik keatas macam huruf V macam ada orang pegang. “Uh uh pelan-pelan bang – konek abang besar betul uh uh” Aku tengok lubang bini aku tenganga besar ya amat macam ada botol oren masuk. Bibir pukinya bergerak-gerak macam mencengkam batang keluar masuk. “Uh besarnya, sedap bang sedap”. Bising betul mulut bini meracau-racau kesedapan. “Enjut kuat lagi bang enjut ah ah ah ah “ Aku rasa suara bini aku boleh dengar sampai keluar bilek. Mau satu hotel ni dengar kot. Badan bini aku bergegar-gegar macam orang tengan menutuh. Katil berbunyi sedangkan cuma bini aku sorang atas katil tu. Tiba-tiba bulu roma aku berdiri lain macam – “hantu kut” bisik hati ku.

Aku cuba bergerak tapi tak boleh. Kacau betul. Bini aku tengah main dengan hantu kot. Atas katil, bini menungging pulak. Botot lebarnya tepat mengadap muka aku. Lubang pukinya kembali terngaga besor betul. Bontotnya bergerak kedepan belakang macam orang tengah main doggy style. “Uh uh ah aha sedapnya bang laju lagi laju lagi” suaranya menggila. Kali ni bertukar posisi pulak – bini aku mengangkang macam menunggang – tentunya ada belali masuk dari bawah. Badannya mengenjut-ngenjut, payu dara melambung-lambung sambil suaranya meraung-raung kesedapan. Gila betul. Entah apa yang dipeluknya lepas tu mulut ternganga macam mengisap konek. Macam-macam pesen pulak aksi bini aku.

Aku cuma boleh tengok dengan mulut ternganga tapi konek aku masih keras tegang. Seronok pulak tengok bini aku macam tu. Main dengan mahkluk yang aku tak nampak tapi bini bertarung entah berapa kali dah di klimaks aku pun tak tahu. Akhirnya aku agak telah lebih sejam bini aku begitu dia meraung hebat tanda klimaks yang dasyat langsung dia tergolek terlentang senyap. Dua tiga minit aku rasakan macam dah tak ada apa-apa pergerakan diatas katil. Senyap aje. Tiba-tiba badan aku rasa boleh bergerak. Aku dah boleh bergerak – lantas cepat aku bangun melihat di katil.

Bini aku terlentang terkangkang luas sambil mata tertutup. Mungkin tertidur kepuasan kot. Aku dekati bini aku sambil tangan memegang pukinya. Mak datuk lubangnya ternganga luas – mesti lunyai dikerjakan dek hantu tadi. Badannya berpeluh-peluh lencun. belali aku masih keras, tak kan tak dapat apa-apa. Pelan-pelan aku menenggek atas bini aku. Ku masuk kan konek aku pelan-pelan. Mak ai longgarnya. Celaka betul hantu ni. Terok bini aku dikerjakannya. Aku rapatkan kaki bini aku biar lubangnya rapat sikit. Kemudian aku enjut pelan-pelan. Bini aku tersedar –“ ish abang ni tak puas lagi ke.” Aku tak peduli aku terus henjut lagi. Lubang indah nya lencun namun ada rasa lagi. Aku terus mengenjut. “Kuat betul bang malam ni, bagus jamu Wak tadi” kata bini aku sambil mata nya masih pejam. Lepas tu senyap langsung tertidur. Terkial-kial aku mengenjut kayu mati sampai akhir terpancut juga.

Aku menelentang terkelip-kelip. Dalam kepala otak seribu satu persoalan tentang kejadian tadi hinggalah aku terlena. Terjaga dari lena kira-kira dah subuh sebab kedengaran sayup-sayup suara azan. Bini aku pun terjaga. Kami berdua masih telanjang bulat dan konek aku tegang nak terkencing. “Hu best lah malam tadi.. abang macam superman”. Kata bini aku sambil membelai konek aku. “ Ai .. malam tadi besar semacam sekali ganda dari biasa. Yang ni kecik aje”.. “ Ye ke.. awak nampak konek abang besar?. Balas aku. “Malam tadi besar bang, saya isap pun tak muat dalam mulut.” “Abang pun saya tengok garang semacam – badan macam hulk. He he he.” “ Petang nanti kita cari Wak semalam – beli lagi jamu dia” bini aku menyambung.

Dalam hati aku mungkin Wak tu bela hantu raya yang boleh menyerupai aku. Itu sebab bini aku nampak yang menutuhnya malam tadi adalah aku sedangkan aku dah tergolek kat bawah tak boleh bergerak. Tak boleh jadi macam ni. Bini aku merangkak kat kangkang aku lalu di isap nya konek aku. Semangat jantan aku datang balik. Bini aku meyuakan bontotnya kat aku – 69 style. Aku jilat biji nya – mengeletek dia sedap. Terus menungging, bini aku mintak aku balun dari belakang. Aku pun tak buang masa, dah lah malam tadi cuma dapat sisa aje. Pagi tu kami main boleh tahan lama juga tapi bini aku tak berapa ghairah macam malam tadi. Mungkin dia rasa berbeza sangat. Tak perasan pulak yang dia klimaks ke tidak. Aku aje yang mengenjot semacam. Akhirnya kami terlelap semula sampai jam sepuloh pagi.

Kejadian malam tadi tak ku ceritakan pada bini aku. Takut dia terkejut. Nanti hysteria pulak , nahas jadinya. Cuma aku agak terganggu tak tahu nak buat macam mana. Bayangkan bini kena main orang lain – sikit punya haru ke. Tapi terpaksa buat selamba aje lagipun tak luak pun lubangpuki bini Cuma aku takut bini aku tuntut kontol yang lebih besar lepas ni. Kat mana aku nak urut bagi besar? Kacau….

Lewat tengahari kami keluar ke Tanah Abang untuk shopping sebelum berangkat pulang esok. Sambil jalan-jalan bini aku cakap “ agaknya kontol orang indon besor-besor ye bang”. “Dia orang makan jamu, ilmu dia orang pun tinggi bab main ye” ujarnya lagi. Aku cuma boleh jawab “agaknye le..” Aku tengok muka bini aku merah semacam – biasanya perempuan yang ghairah seksnya tinggi dan puas, muka dia orang ni berseri-seri. Aku tahulah – kalau bini aku tak dapat kontol seminggu mukanya loyo semacam.

Sambil membeli belah bini aku sempat berpesan nak cari Wak semalam nak minum jamunya lagi. Ah… kacau dibuatnya. Dah mula ketagih la tu. Aku agak Wak tu memang bela hantu raya. Mungkin dah banyak bini orang dikerjakannya termasuklah mangsa terbarunya – bini aku. Kalau dibuatnya lagi macam malam tadi – macam mana ye? Tak terdaya aku memikirkan jalan penyelesaian. Teringat aku cerita tour guide kami sebelum ni, Indonesia adalah Negara mistik, banyak perkara pelek-pelek. Orang Indon ilmu batin dia orang memang hebat. Itu sebab Negara ini umatnya banyak lebih 100 juta orang. Dia orang , orang susah dah tentu kurang aktiviti social lain. Jadi nak ngisi masa lapang – ngongkek aje keja dia orang. Tu yang banyak anak.

Lewat petang kami pulang semula ke hotel. Bini aku tak sabar-sabar nak jumpa Wak jamu tu. Lega aku bila Wak hantu raya tu tak ada petang tu. Tak meniaga kot atau takut aku belasah. Bini aku macam tak puas hati, di tanyanya pada penjaja lain mana pegi Wak jamu tu. Mereka semua jawab tak tau. Masam muka bini aku bukan kepalang. Kami masuk ke bilik dan bini tak ada mood nak berbual. Aku biarkan saja dan dalam hati aku suka bukan kepalang- nasib baik… lega. Bini aku duduk disofa sambil nonton tv dan aku membuka pakaian nak mandi. “Yang jom mandi”. “Abang mandi lah dulu” jawab bini aku. Aisehmen tak da can lah nak berseronok.

Keluar dari bilek mandi aku tengok bini aku dah tak ada dalam bilek. Mana pulak pegi nya. Cepat-cepat aku pakai seluar pendek, tiba-tiba pintu terbukak. Bini aku masuk. “Hah pegi mana” tanya ku. “Turun ke bawah mana tau Wak jamu ada” ujarnya “tapi tak ada lah bang. Tak best lah macam ni” rungutnya lagi. Sepanjang malam tu kami cakap banyak. Bini aku sibuk berkemas – besok nak balik. Mata aku pun dah mula ngantuk – “jom tidur” ajak ku. Bini aku pun menanggalkan t-shirt dan kain sarongnya. Biasa lah bini aku kalau tidur memang bogel habis. Seluar dalam pun tak pakai. Aircond pun tak berapa sejuk jadi bini aku menelentang atas katil tak pakai selimut. Sambil digaru-garu pukinya. “Nak kontol ke?” tanya ku. Bini aku diam aje tak ada respond. Tangan nya merayap kat kontol aku – di kocok-kocok nya. Mencanak naik kontol aku. “ Apasal kecik aje? Rungut bini aku. Cis.. tercabar kelakian aku. Terus aku berpusing membelakangkan bontot aku . Merajuk konon.

Kepala otak aku masih terbayangkan aksi-aksi malam semalam. Aku menelentang balik tak boleh nak lelap. Aku pejamkan mata. Tiba-tiba aku rasa badan aku macam di tindih, aku tak boleh bergerak… sesak nafas aku . Aku cuba menjerit nak panggil bini aku… suara pun tak keluar. Bulu roma aku tegak berdiri --- his.. datang lagi ke hantu semalam? Aku dengar suara bini aku mendesah. “uh..uh…ah” Aku tengok kakinya terkangkang luas. “Jilat lagi bang” bila pulak aku jilat pukidia???? Bontot dia terangkat-angkat.. Cilaka hantu raya jilat bini aku ni. Tiba-tiba bini aku menungging – bontot nya mengadap kat aku. Lampu bilek masih terang benderang jadi memang jelaslah aku tengok pukinya. Dahlah bontot lebar, dengan bulu berselirat tak pernah cukur, bontotnya menggelitik keatas kebawah. Lubangnya ternganga luas macam ada senjata tumpul yang masuk. “celepok… celepok “ bunyinya. Mesti konek hantu raya yang tengah menghunjam pukibini aku. Meraung-raung bini aku kesedapan. “besornya… sedap bang sedap. Lagi bang lagi uh—uh—uh ahhhhhhh…”

Bising betul suara bini aku. Aku takut orang kat luar bilek boleh dengar. Malu aku. Kali ni tukar pesen pulak… bini aku terapung diudara.. tangannya macam memeluk seseorang, kaki pulak bersilang macam bersila mengepit sesuatu. Mesti Hantu Raya tu dokong bini aku – main berdiri pulak tu. Kepala bini bergoyang-yang kebelakang sambil bontot maju mundur. Gunung papayanya melambung-lambung. payu dara bini ku memang boleh tahan besarnya. Putih melepak masih tegang. Puting hitam tegang besar macam jari kelingking. Merintih-rintih bini aku. Sedap lah tu. Katil bergoyang-goyang “kriut…kriut “ bunyi nya. Kemudian bini aku berdiri pulak menghadap dinding. Di tonggekkan bontotnya yang dah sedia tonggek tu, sebelah kaki terangkat, tangan menumpang dinding. Bontot tonggeknya bergerak depan belakang macam kena sodok… Ish ish asyik sungguh pemandangan. Kontol aku tegak keras semacam. Aku pulak yang syok.. tapi masih tak boleh bergerak.

Kali ni aku tengok macam-macam aksi pulak lebih hebat dari semalam. Menelentang , menelangkup, mengiring, menungging, menunggang cakap aje apa pesen. Semua ada. Untuk sekian lamanya aku cuma dapat melihat. Akhirnya selepas satu jeritan klimaks yang cukup agung bini aku senyap terlentang terkangkang diam. Aku tak tahu berapa kali dia klimaks tak sempat nak kira. Seketika kemudian aku dah boleh bergerak. Hatu raya tu mungkin dah belah. Puh lega… Satu pean mistik yang tak pernah ku bayangkan selama ini. Menakutkan, seram tapi syok pun ada.

Pelan-pelan aku duduk… termangu-mangu. Bini aku dah berkeroh tidur.. mulut ternganga sikit. Puas, penat lah tu. Cadar berselerak bantal selimut entah kemana, macam baru kena tsunami. Hebat. Aku jolok jari telunjuk dalam pukinya. Mak ai longgarnya lencun, tapi tak ada pulak macam air mani lelaki. Mungkin hantu raya tak ada air mani. Nasib baik.. kalau tidak bunting bini aku dapat anak hantu raya. Aku jolok-jolok tak rasa apa pun. Aku angkat bontotnya sambil membelek –belek pukibini aku. Aku tengok lubang jubor ternganga merah menyala. Cilaka .. hantu ni jubur bini aku pun ditalanya. Cis.. aku pun tak pernah dapat selama ni. Dia pulak yang rasmikan burit bini aku. Terkejut aku menengok pemandangan ini. Dua-dua lubang bini aku menganga luas. Ada bau taik sikit. Alamak.

Aku bangun ke bilek air membasahkan towel. Aku lap pukinya dan jubur bini aku. Sambil aku belek-belek bibir pukinya. Berserabut bulu indah. Ku ambil pisau cukur, aku lapik bontotnya dengan towel. Bini aku masih tak sedarkan diri. Pelan-pelan aku cukur bulunya. Bulu kat kat tepi jubur pun aku cukur. Ha..hah..ha dah botak. Licin tapi merah merah lebam kena balun dek hantu raya. Aku tengok jam dah pukul 1 pagi. Hish lama betul bini aku sontot. Padan lah dia tidur tak sedar diri. Kena cukur pun tak tahu.

Tiba-tiba aku terpandang tali tangkal kat tangan bini aku. Tangkal yang diberi oleh Wak jamu kelmarin. Mesti jampi wak dengan tangkal ni yang dah menoda bini aku. Pelan-pelan aku tanggal tangkal tu. Ku ambil lighter lalu ku bakar tangkal tu dalam bilek air. Cis mengapa aku tak tersedar akan tangkal tu. Mesti diguna-gunakan bini aku dengan tangkal ni. Celaka.

Naik semula ke katil aku cium-cium pukibini aku. Sedap baunya. Aku ludah-ludah lubang juburnya. Selama ni aku mintak tak dapat jadi malam ni mesti aku nak juga. Aku lipat kaki bini aku keatas. Aku masukkan batang aku pelan-pelan kat jubur dia. Hem… masih ketat. Aku enjut pelan-pelan.. sedap oooh. Aku enjut dan enjut akhirnya terpancut aku. Memang sedap. Padanlah orang suka main dengan bapok. Main jubur sedap rupanya. Aku padam lampu bilek langsung merebahkan badan sebelah bini. Langsung tertidur.

Pagi aku terjaga.. bini aku menumbuk-menumbuk kat badan aku. “Apa-hal, apa hal” aku terkejut. “Abang, main burit saya mlam tadi” “berdosa tau bang” muka bini aku menyinga semacam. “Aik.. malam tadi awak tak marah pun.. suka lagi ada aku jawab balik. “Ye ke bang… abis tu bulu dah habis botak ni abang punya kerja kan!” jawab balik bini aku dengan nada yang reda sikit. “Awak yang suruh cukur – tak ingat ke” aku sergah dia balik. “Ye ke.. tak ingat lah bang”. Aku ketawa geli hati. “Sakit tau jubur orang, lain kali main kat depan aje, belakang no entry – abang jahat” kata bini aku. Sambil jalan terkengkang-kengkang masuk ke bilek air bini aku merungut-rungut entah apa yang di sumpahnya. Mungkin dia lupa apa berlaku malam tadi. Mungkin tangkal tu dah aku bakar – dia tak tahu apa-apa.

Kami pun cepat-cepat bersiap. Sebentar lagi kenderaan ke Airport akan menjemput kami. Sambil berjalan ke Lobby aku peratikan bini aku jalan masih mengengkang. “Burit sakitlah, cipap gatal-gatal pulak sebab tak ada bulu” bisik bini aku. Aku cuma boleh tersengeh aje. “Selamat siang ibu, bapak” sapa dua orang budak hotel berselisih dengan kami. “Wah meriah sekali tadi malam ya pak !. “ bisik budak hotel tu kat aku. Aku cuma boleh tersenyum tersipu-sipu. Mungkin malam tadi mereka dengar suara bini aku meraung kena balun dek hantu raya.

Celaka punya hantu raya...naik rabak bini aku kena balun.


Bored with my life I decided it was time to spice it up. 
Walking into my photo studio, I turned on the outside 
lights and turned on the "Open" sign. Nothing really 
scheduled that day, I signed onto my Internet site and 
updated my sales page. I changed my current ad to read, 
"Young Girls Needed for Top Modeling Agencies. Call 201-

After updating my website, I did the same to my email 
Junk-Mail address book and started sending emails to 
thousands of unsuspecting users. Maybe there would be a 
way to add some of these pictures to my private website. 
My subscribers would want to see even younger naked 

Finishing my coffee and today's newspaper, I checked my 
email and did some Internet surfing. Around 11am the 
phone rang, 

"Northside Photography," I answered.

A very excited female began asking questions about my 
new website ad. Seems she had been trying to get her 
young daughter started in modeling and wanted to setup 
an in person interview. After explaining the costs 
involved, we set the time for 1pm.

After I hung up, I checked the hidden video cameras in 
the changing room and made sure they had fresh tapes. 
There were four video cameras in the room. Each 
positioned for the best shots and angles. I also checked 
to see that the remote start and stop buttons still 
worked properly. This remote buttons allowed me to turn 
the videos on when they entered the changing room and 
off when they exited.

Before 1pm, I had four more calls and four more 
interviews. I set one for later that day, and the other 
three for the following day. This was going to work!

* * * 

"Hello, I'm Eileen Munz and this is my daughter, 
Tracey," the young mother said walking into my studio. 
Standing next to her was her young daughter. She stood 
about 4 and a half feet tall, and carried several 
outfits on hangers. She was beautiful. 12 or 13 years 
old, long blond hair, slender, no hips yet just straight 
up and down, budding young breasts and a pretty smile. 
She was simply beautiful.

"Welcome to Northside Photography." Handing the young 
pretty mother some forms and brochures, I told the young 
girl to slowly turn in a circle. This was not only going 
to be money making, this was going to be fun.

After discussing prices and opportunities with the young 
mother, I had her sign the consent papers and a contract 
for today's shoot. We walked back inside the studio, the 
young girl placed the extra outfits and I began snapping 

She was a natural. Her tight young body stretched in 
different angles as she tried to imitate the famous 
models. Her half-smiling, half-ambivalent expression and 
flowing blonde hair was very exciting. "I really think 
she had promise," I told the mother. 

After taking a roll, I took the young mother aside and 
told her I needed some provocative shots for her 
portfolio. Her mother told her to change into her 
nightclothes, and I watched the young girl walk into the 
changing room. I walked to the table and picked up the 
remote video switch and turned it on.

After a few minutes, Tracey returned in a short semi-
see-thru purple nightie. I couldn't tell if she wore 
panties. She walked back into the lights and began her 
same style of posing. 

"Wait!" I said, "These pictures have to be more grownup, 
you might say. I need you to pretend you're showing off 
your body to your new boyfriend. You know, show me want 
you think your boyfriend would like. Do you think you 
can do that?"

"Tracey," her mother said, "Like we practiced 

With those words, this young 12-year-old girl took on a 
new attitude. Her smile turned just a bit sexy, her body 
began to contort as she bent over at the waist and began 
to thrust out her young butt. Her purple panties came 
into view and so did her potential. I shot another roll 
of film and tried to hide my erection. 

As I reloaded my camera, the doorbell chimed and I 
walked out to the front desk. Another young mother was 
there with her beautiful young daughter. Both had stars 
in their eyes, and were sure to be signed. I gave the 
young mother the same information I had given out 
earlier and excused myself. Walking back into the 
studio, I told Eileen her session was almost over, and I 
had another one starting in 20 minutes.

"Mrs. Munz," I said, "I have another."

"That's Eileen, and I'm divorced," she said correcting 

"Eileen, I have another appointment and I need even more 
provocative shots. Did you bring anything else? Purple 
is not a good color for these shots. Something white or 
pink, nothing dark."

She told me she hadn't brought any other provocative 
outfits, but would come up with something. Taking Tracey 
into the changing room, they discussed what else she 
could wear.

I walked over to the video monitor and clicked on the 
hidden cameras so I could watch the girls in the 
changing room. Tracey's mom took off the purple nightie 
top and exposed her training bra. Turning Tracey around, 
she unsnapped the clips and let it fall to the ground. 
She turned her back around and exposed her daughter's 
pre-pubescent breasts to my eyes. 

They were cute, sexy and just beginning to poke out from 
her girlish young body. She had Tracey remove her 
panties. There it was, just pretty as can be. You could 
almost count the hairs on her young pubic mound. Later I 
may just do that. Her pubic hair was blond as the hair 
on her head. She had little girl hips that hadn't begun 
to develop. Her waist was the same size as her hips. 

Tracey's mom took Tracy by the shoulders and said, "We 
only have a few more minutes for the man to see you. You 
have to impress him. Do you understand" He must see 
you're willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Can 
you do that?"

Tracey nodded as she stood there naked and scared. The 
young mom took Tracey's white panties and told her to 
put them on. She then handed her the blouse she wore 
when they came in. As Tracey put on the blouse and began 
to button it up, her mom stopped her and shook her head, 
"No! Leave it open! Let him see your breasts, remember 
what we talked about" Sometimes you may have to let men 
see or touch you to get the job. Can you do this" You 
said you could! It'll be okay, just do what we talked 

Nodding again Tracey left the buttons open and followed 
her mother out into the studio. She walked out from 
behind her mother wearing her white panties and opened 
blouse, and a big smile. She was going for it!

"Good! That's just what I wanted. Okay, Eileen, I need 
you to wait in the waiting area so Tracey feels more at 
ease with what I'm going to be asking of her."

"But I wanted to make sure she was okay and felt safe," 
She said.

"Eileen, your session is over in 15 minutes, and I have 
another client waiting. Please just do what I ask," I 
said with conviction.

Tracey's mom walked out of the room, and I smiled at 
Tracey. "You ready to become a star?" I said excitedly. 
"Let's get busy and do just that. The first thing I want 
you to do is loosen up. You're too tight, and the camera 
will see it. Now twirl and let everything be flow 

I took my remote control and turned on my six hidden 
cameras. They would get most of what I miss. I, also, 
turned on some sexy fast music and told Tracey to listen 
to it and do whatever it makes her do. Not to hold back, 
but to express herself. Tracey's appearance changed 
before my eyes as the young budding girl began acting 
like an experienced model. She really had it in her to 
become great. She began to move her body like she was 20 
years old and horny. 

"Tracey, remove the blouse, it's not working. Just let 
it fall," I said, snapping pictures as she took off the 
blouse and threw it aside. She continued dancing as I 
snapped pictures of her almost naked body. I stood there 
with a bulge in my pants as I watched her tiny tits 
bounce as she danced. 

I finished the roll of stills, and picked up my video 
camera and began shooting her almost naked body. As she 
danced, she began to lower her panties onto her hips. 
Lower and lower she pushed them until she exposed the 
crack of her tight butt. Dancing before me, her back to 
me, she bent over and touched her palms to the floor. 

Her feet wide apart and her young pussy lips pushing 
against the material, she began to push back towards me 
like she was being fucked from behind. She turned around 
and laid on the floor and spread her legs wide open. 
Again, her pussy lips pushed against the material for 
all to see. I wasn't sure where she had learned these 
moves, however, I suspected her mother had shown her.

Tracey rolled over, facing away from me and knelt on her 
knees. She pulled her panties to her knees, stood and 
removed them completely, and returned to her knees, 
still facing the other way. Her tight young butt just a 
few feet from me. I was surprised by her next actions. 

She got down on all fours in front of me and spread her 
legs open, exposing her young innocent vagina to the 
world. She arched her back and began to thrust her pussy 
at the camera like a pro.

Tracey turned over and opened her legs as wide as she 
could, smiling at the camera. A semi-innocent, semi-sexy 
smile that said, "Wanna fuck?" 

It was then that she saw my erection and laughed saying, 
"looks like I got you hard. My mom told me that you may 
have me take off my clothes, she even showed me what to 
do to get you hard. She was right. Can I help you get 
rid of that? I've given blowjobs before, on a dare at a 
party. I'll give you one now if you'll promise me you'll 
get me a real modeling job."

Setting the camera on the table next to me, still 
running so I get it all, I said, "Okay! It's a deal!" 

Tracey crawled over to me and unzipped my pants. She had 
problems getting my erect cock out, so I pulled it out 
myself. I was amazed at how fast this young girl took me 
in her mouth and started sucking. She was good. No 
teeth, just young lips and tongue. She even tried to 
deep-throat me. She did pretty good too, got me almost 
all the way down her young throat. 

After a few minutes of her young mouth on my hard cock, 
and seeing her young tight body naked in front of me, I 
knew I wasn't going to last much longer. It had been 
several months since I had a woman, and not since I was 
14 years old, had a young girl. I knew that this was 
going to be quite a load for this young girl and told 
her not to stop, or pull away. She had to take it all 
and not let any fall to the floor. 

As I felt her young lips and tongue on my cock, I began 
to shutter and jerk. I felt my cum leave my testicles 
and enter my penis shaft. I pushed deep into her throat 
and began to pump load after load into her mouth. I 
pushed her head into my crotch and began to grind my 
cock between her young lips. She coughed some and gagged 
a little, but like a trooper, she swallowed most of it. 

As I pulled out, another squirt pumped out of me hitting 
her on her lips and chin. Seeing this, one last squirt 
blew out of my still erect cock, hitting her on the eyes 
and nose. I told her to clean herself with her hands and 
lick her fingers clean. None must be wasted.

As I put my semi-erect penis away, I watched her 
cleaning herself with her hands and licking the cum from 
them. A few drops hit the floor and I pointed at them. 
Still kneeling, she lowered herself to the floor and 
licked it up. 

I told her to get dressed and I would contact her mother 
soon with her first assignment. Jumping up she ran off 
to the dressing room to get dressed. I walked to the 
waiting area and called her mother in to discuss the 
next session.

"Eileen, I want you to come back tomorrow morning, by 
yourself, so we can go over the pictures and what's next 
for Tracey. Can you do that?" I said.

"Sure," she said, "Is 9 o'clock okay?"

I nodded, and told her that Tracey was a natural, has a 
good future with the right help, she could make it big. 
I also told her my friends will love her. Tracey came 
into the room and I hugged her and told her she was 
beautiful and I'd get back to her soon. Tracey and her 
mom walked out the door and I turned to my next mom and 
daughter team. 

Smiling, I took the forms she had filled and, checked 
them over for signatures and permission contracts. I 
motioned for them to follow me into the studio. 
Motioning towards a couple of couches, I had them sit 
and we talked about what was expected.

"Wendy right" Very nice! Stand and turn around slowly. 
Nice! You're 14 right?" Wendy nodded and I continued, "A 
little old to start as a model. Are you a natural 
redhead" Good, never change that color. Red is my 
favorite hair color. Tell me about yourself, your likes 
and dislikes" 

As she talked, my mind wandered to the possibility of 
her having red pubic hair. She droned on about teenage 
wants and needs, and I noticed her breasts were filling 
out that tube top. I wanted to have this one today if I 
could. Before I could break into this drivel, her mother 
stood and said she had shopping to do and she would be 
back in around 4pm.

As I watched Wendy's mom walk out, I arose, picked up my 
camera, and told Wendy to show me what she's got. Wendy 
stood and said she had to change first, picking up her 
outfits, she walked to the dressing room. I turned on 
the dressing room video monitor to see what she was 
hiding under that tube top. She hung her outfits on a 
hook and pulled off her tube top. As she pulled it up, 
the material hooked onto her tits and rose with the top. 

When she gave it another tug, her tits fell free and 
bounced back to her chest, jiggling. She unzipped her 
pants and lowered them to the floor, exposing her tight 
butt wrapped in a thong. Removing the thong and standing 
straight, I saw her bright red pubic hair. She WAS a 
natural redhead. This was really going to be fun. She 
picked out an outfit and, leaving her underwear on the 
bench, dressed. 

She entered the room smiling and excited. She was 
wearing a half tee-shirt top and shorts. I was excited 
too, but for a different reason. She began to move like 
all the girls move. With the same vacant stare, no life 
in her eyes. I turned on some music and told her to 
loosen up, dance or something, but make the camera your 
friend. As she started to move to the music, I began 
snapping pictures. Running out of film, I reloaded and 
told Wendy we needed her sex to come thru the camera. 

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked, she nodded and I 
continued, "Are you sexually active with him?" She 
looked at me in horror and looked at the floor. "Look, 
all I'm trying to do is get you to act sexy for the 
camera. If you have been sexual with your boyfriend, let 
those feeling come thru to the camera. Do you 

Nodding again she said, "I've been with my boyfriend, 
but only oral. Please don't tell my mother. She'll kill 
me. I'll try and be sexy."

"Look! Wendy, the camera needs to see skin. If you've 
been in the business for a while, you know that. That's 
what they all want. If you can't show skin, you're 
wasting your time and mine. Now, take your top off and 
let me see the real you."

"I'm not wearing a bra." She said as I shrugged my 
shoulders and put my camera down, pretending to give up 
on her. "Okay, but don't tell my mom," she said quietly.

I began taking pictures as she took off her top and 
exposed those beautifully white, freckled tits. I had 
her dance to the music and the camera caught her 34B 
tits bouncing and jiggling. I put the still camera down 
and picked up my video camera and began shooting her. 

With each movement, those young firm tits bounced and 
jiggled. I was very hard and close to cumming in my 
pants. I stopped her and told her we needed to go to the 
next level.

"Remove your shorts and let's get to the real modeling 
work," I said, acting as if I'd seen a million naked 

"I'm not wearing panties, I didn't want any panty lines 
to show," Wendy said almost pleading with me.

"It's up to you, it's your call. Either you do it or you 
don't. The girl that just left may get the job, not you. 
I don't want to force you."

"Okay!" she said in frustration, "but if my mother finds 
out, she'll kill me."

I started filming again, as she turned around, unzipped 
her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She stood up 
straight, her beautiful 14-year-old butt firm and 
freckled, sticking out. I told her to spread legs about 
a foot apart, bend over from the waist and arch her 
back. I did this to force her young pussy lips out 
towards me. 

She did it! This beautiful young female was totally 
naked in front of me, pushing her pussy lips out beyond 
her legs. Her red pubic hair glistening from her juices. 
I zoomed in for a close up of her cunt and noticed a 
slight opening in them. I wonder if I could get her to 
open them for me?

"Wendy, take your hands and put them on your hips. No, 
stay bent over. That's right. Now pull your hands out 
toward your sides. No, keep them on your bottom and 
don't let them slide. Just pull them out." I said, my 
cock aching in lust.

This innocent young girl, not really understanding what 
I was asking of her, pulled her butt cheeks apart 
opening her swollen pussy lips and showing me her 
insides. As a bonus, I got a good picture of her tight 
virgin asshole. 

"Pull hard," I said, and she stretched her ass cheeks as 
wide as she could. This caused her butt hole to pucker, 
but what it did to her pussy lips was almost maddening. 
Her pussy lips were spread open so far I could see a 
good inch up her pussy. 

"Okay, down on all fours and open your legs as far as 
you can. That's right. Now arch your back. No! put you 
head on you arms, stick your butt in the air and try and 
touch the floor with your tummy. Here, let me help."

I put the video camera down, pointing it toward the 
young girl and knelt beside her. My hard cock just 
inches from her hanging tits. I put my hands on her head 
and pushed it down, put my other hand on her back and 
pushed it towards the floor. I then took my hands and 
placed them on her butt and pushed her down into an 
arch. I was so tempted to just get behind her and fuck 
her, but I knew I couldn't. I stood and took some more 
shots, making her smile at the camera as it violated her 

"Okay roll over on your back and open your legs," I 
said, trying to act professional and unaffected by her 
young body. She moved immediately, no questions or 
complaints. She laid back and spread her legs open. I 
took some close ups of her red pubic hair. Her juices 
were quite visible as they almost dripped down towards 
her butt hole. 

"Okay, Wendy, lean up against that couch and pull your 
legs up to your chest. Good, now close your legs tightly 
together and raise them up," I said while taking video 
of her pussy lips forcing their way out from the legs 
that were trying to conceal them. It was beautiful, and 
she was beautiful. 

"Okay now open your legs as far as you can and put your 
hands on the sides of your pussy lips," I said, not 
thinking about the words that may offend her and shut 
this shoot down. But she did as she was told.

"Is this what you want?" she said, and pulled her pussy 
lips apart. "I've seen this on porn sites. The girls 
always spread their cunts apart. Am I going to be on the 
Internet? I'd love that! I'll do anything to get on the 
Internet. Anything you want. Just say the word and I'll 
do it. But my mother must never know. Okay?"

The video camera's sound detector was picking up every 
word she said. I was going to make a lot of money of 
this video. 

"Okay, Wendy, I'll get you on the Internet, but you're 
going to half to do some things you may not like," I 
said, thinking about that virgin asshole. "Are you sure 
this is what you want?" nodding at me, I continued, 
"okay, we're going to have sex on camera. You're going 
to suck me and we're going to have sex. You have any 
problems with that?"

"No. I've never had actual sex before. My boyfriend has 
felt my tits and fingered me, and I gave him a blowjob. 
But that's about it. Will you be careful?" She asked.

"Of course. First thing, I have to get rid of this built 
up cum I have so we'll start with a blowjob." I said 
unzipping my pants and removing them and my underwear. 

Turning around I heard her gasp as she saw my 8" 
engorged cock heading towards her lips. I pushed my cock 
between her lips and felt her teeth open and her tongue 
as I slid in farther. I took the sides of her head and 
began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. 

Cautioning her about her teeth, I pushed as far into her 
mouth as I could and started deep thrusting into her 
throat. She began to panic some and tried to pull back, 
but she was no match for my strength. Every 10th or so 
thrust, I would allow her a quick breath so she wouldn't 
pass out. I was getting close and I knew my time was 

I began to shutter and squirt cum deep inside her 
throat. She took every drop, there must have been 5 or 6 
healthy squirts of thick cum into her throat, but I 
wanted some on her face for the camera, so I pulled out 
and released the last of my cum all over her face and 

Still holding her head I told her to suck out the cum 
and she put her lips on my tip and began to suck it like 
a lollipop. I could feel the remaining cum being pulled 
out to her waiting mouth as she sucked it dry.

I released her and tried to step back, but she wouldn't 
release my cock from her mouth. She was holding the 
sides of it and sucking for all she was worth.

"You like the taste?" I asked and she, not releasing me, 
looked up and me and shook her head "Yes."

"Okay, we have some more shots to get, so how sexy can 
you act?" I said smiling.

"I thought we were going to have sex?" she asked, almost 

"I have to wait a few minutes to get hard again. You 
sucked me dry you know." I said laughing. I picked up 
the camera and got close ups of my cum on her face. She 
started cleaning it off with her hands, and then licking 
it off. Very sexy I thought. 

After about 15 minutes I was ready again and went to my 
desk and picked out a condom. I was going to fuck this 
14-year-old beauty. She said she was a virgin, and I 
wondered if I'd feel her hymen break. I thought these 
things as I walked back towards her.

"You won't need that. I'm on the pill. Been on it for a 
year." She said reaching for her purse and opening it. 
"See! Here they are, and today's is already taken. See! 
My mother said I may have to have sex to get famous. She 
started me on them. It was her idea."

I lay back on my couch and told her to get on top of me. 
As she climbed above me I saw she was wet and her pussy 
lips were still parted. "She's ready," I thought as she 
straddled me, just stopping inches above my cock. She 
lay down on my chest and I could feel her soft firm 
freckled tits against me. She found the tip of my cock 
and placed it in her vagina opening and stood up again, 
my cock resting slightly against her open pussy lips.

I began to massage her 34B tits as she slowly lowered 
herself onto my cock. She was in control and felt 
comfortable knowing she could take it slow. As she 
pushed down onto my cock, we both felt a resistance and 
she immediately said, "That's my hymen, I think," I 
nodded in agreement, and I saw a look of panic in her 

"Do you want to stop?" I asked, not really wanting to, 
but giving her a way out if she wanted it.

"No," she said, "I'm just afraid it's gonna hurt."

"Okay. Stay still and just relax," and before she could 
move I took her by the sides of her hips and slammed her 
down on my cock. 

She let out a small shriek and slugged my arm. But she 
knew the worst was over and let me control her 
movements. I started thrusting into her and she began to 
ride me. I could tell she was excited and, possibly, 
close to cumming. This thought, really excited me and I 
knew her cumming would look great on video. 

Massaging her tits with one hand, I placed the other 
down by her pussy and tried to find her clit. She was 
moving to fast and was to excited, but eventually I 
found it and began to flick it back and forth. 

After a few minutes, this young beauty began to cum" 
hard, very hard. She was riding me like a horse, and 
almost screaming in pleasure. She came again, and I 
pushed her off me. I hate cumming with the female on 
top. I want to control my thrusting. 

Standing up, I pushed her head into the couch and forced 
her into a doggie style position. I pushed my cock back 
into her tight young, unused red haired pussy and began 
to thrust as hard as I could. With each thrust, she let 
out a grunt, after awhile her grunts and my thrusts got 
into a rhythm. Each deep, hard thrust forced a grunt out 
of this 14 year old, redheaded, former virgin. 

I fucked her for 10 or so minutes, when I felt my cum 
rising within me just aching to shoot out into this 
young female. I began to cum hard, her grunts and the 
tightness of her pussy had forced my self-control to 
evaporate and my cum to shoot deep inside her. As the 
squirts of cum waned, and my lust began to subside, I 
began to grind myself into her tight pussy. Forcing as 
much of my cum into her as I could. 

I pulled out and stood straight behind Wendy. I was 
surprised when Wendy sat up, turned around and took my 
cock into her mouth and began to suck it dry again. This 
new experience she was having, was forcing her own 
vagina juices and my cum into her open mouth. 

She finally let go and we dressed. I told her she was 
wonderful and had a great future. I would try my best to 
get her good jobs. She just wanted to make sure she got 
on the internet, and that I never told her mother. We 
talked until her mother showed up. She kissed my cheek 
and walked out to her mom's car. 

I made arrangements with her mom to go over the pictures 
and watched her walk out. I wondered if she knew I had 
sex with her daughter. After all, she had put her 
daughter on the pill and told her she may have to sleep 
with some men to get ahead.

* * * 

As I opened the shop the next morning I went thru the 
pictures and chose the ones that would go on my regular 
website and which would go on my porn site. Smiling I 
already knew and was excited about getting them 
uploaded. I had been up late developing and going over 

I heard the door chime and walked into the waiting area. 
It was 9am and Miss Munz was there to go over her 
daughter's pictures, or so she thought.

"Miss Munz," I started, but was interrupted.

"Eileen," she said.

"Eileen, I videotape every session I have to protect 
myself. There are 6 video cameras in my studio. They not 
only tape all the action, I get the sound as well. 
During my shoot yesterday with Tracey, she told me that 
you told her having sex with men was the best way to get 
ahead in this profession. That she may have to have sex 
with me and you wanted her to do it if I ask her to. I 
have this on video and well... let me play it for you."

Turning to the small TV on the counter, I played a small 
portion of tape that had Tracey clearly saying her 
mother wants her to have sex with whomever she can to 
get ahead.

"Did you have sex with her?" she asked in horror. 
Feeling guilty she had been found out, and trying to 
change the subject.

Remembering a liar of a President from the 1990s, I told 
her I didn't have sexual relations with her daughter. 
But I was tempted to turn this video over to Child 
Protective Services. 

"Wait!" she said, "Please don't do that. She must have 
misunderstood what I was saying to her. Please, I'll do 

"Eileen, this is a strange situation. I can't let this 
just lay there. I really should act. But maybe we can 
work something out. Let me think for a second," I said 
and walked around the room pretending to think. Trying 
to stay calm, knowing that this beautiful woman was 
going to be mine for quite awhile. 

"Okay. Here's the deal. You do whatever I tell you. No 
questions asked, no comments and no whining about it. 
Deal?" I said.

"Like? What do you mean. Do you mean sexually?" She said 

"Exactly!" I said, and continued, "You have 15 seconds 
to make up your mind. If you answer No, I call 
Protective Services."

"For how long? A day? A week? How long will I have to do 
this?" She asked whining.

"For as long as I want you," I said smiling, and 
continued, "5 seconds left."

"Yes! Okay! I'll do it," she said frustrated.

"Good!" I said, "Let's get started. Remember, whatever I 
say, you do. No questioning me about it."

Nodding, she added, "You're really an asshole you know."

"First big mistake, Eileen. I will have to punish you 
for that. Let's go inside the studio," I said as I 
locked the front door and turned the sign to "Closed."

"I'm sorry. This is just so upsetting," she said, trying 
to gain my sympathy.

"Take off your clothes Eileen, let me see that body of 
yours," I said switching on the cameras and sitting on a 

She looked at me and began to unbutton her blouse. I 
knew I had her! She was mine! I turned on the music and 
told her to make it a striptease. She hesitated for a 
second and began to move with the music. She was 
actually prettier then her daughter, maybe 35 or so. A 
natural blond, tight body. She really knew how to dance 

"Were you a dancer?" I said, she shook her head "No" and 
continued dancing. "Better get those clothes off soon. I 
want you naked. Completely naked!" I said smiling.

Eileen got serious and articles of clothing began to hit 
the floor. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the 
floor. She had good firm, big breasts. 

"What size are those" I said, and continued "34B?" I 
said knowing they were bigger.

"Try 34D." she said, correcting me with a smile. She was 
getting into it. She continued, "I thought about dancing 
in college. I studied for years"

"You were a nude dancer. Never would've thought it," I 
said matter-a-factly and smiling, just teasing her.

"No!" she said, seeing the gleam in my eye. "I wanted to 
be a professional dancer. I studied dance from a small 
child," she said as she unzipped her pants and lowered 
them to the floor. 

Dancing, wearing only her panties was beginning to 
excite her and I thought I could see some moisture 
leaking thru her panties. As the song started to end, 
this beautiful female stood right in front of me, turned 
her back to me and lowered her panties to the floor. She 
stayed bent from the waist, about 2 feet from me. Her 
pussy lips were sticking out towards me, and her pussy 
hair and lips were moist and glistening. She was excited 
and wanted me to know she was excited.

I reached up and ran my fingers up in between her pussy 
lips and found her clit. She was wet, not just moist. I 
found her clit and began to move it while my other hand 
began to explore her pussy. She arched her back and 
spread her legs farther apart and let me have full 
access to her vagina. 

I could see her natural blond pubic hair wet and short. 
She must have shaved this morning. I could smell her 
womanly scent mixed with some perfume. She was very 
exciting and I was going to enjoy myself. I didn't have 
anyone scheduled until 1pm, so this was going to take 
all morning. 

I leaned forward and placed my tongue between her pussy 
lips. Tasting her juices and hearing her moan in 
pleasure. I began to lick her juices and stick my tongue 
deep into her pussy opening. As I did this, my thumb was 
flicking her clit in rhythm with my licks. 

Soon I was licking her from her clit to her asshole. She 
began to moan louder and I felt her pussy contract 
against my tongue. She was cumming in my mouth! Her 
vagina was flexing on my tongue as wave after wave 
rolled thru her body. She started to cry out in pleasure 
and I decided it was time to enter her. 

I stood, let my pants fall to the floor, and entered her 
pussy with my cock. I was thrusting hard into her and 
she accepted each thrust with a loud moan. Taking some 
of her juices onto my thumb I plunged it hard and fast 
into her asshole, all the way to my hand. 

She let out a scream as I began deep thrusting into her 
pussy and applied pressure with my thumb deep in her 
ass. She started to cum again, and her moans got louder. 
I began to shutter and knew I was about to cum. I began 
to squirt my cum deep inside her, my thumb still deep in 
her ass. I began to grind my crotch into her as the 
final squirts shot deep inside her vagina. 

I left my thumb in her ass and waited for her to ask me 
to take it out. She didn't ask. She liked it in her. I 
was going to butt-fuck her today too. The thought of 
this made my semi-erect cock twitch and it knew it was 
going into a dark dirty place, and soon.

I stayed there behind her, my thumb inside her. I took 
my other hand and started to play with her clit again. 
She stood straight, my thumb still in her, and together 
we walked to the couch. She got on all fours on the 
couch and put her head on her arms, inviting me to do 
whatever I wanted with her.

I stood behind her and pulled my thumb out of her butt 
with a pop. I walked to the desk and got a condom and 
returned to this beautiful submissive female. I was 
going to butt-fuck her and we both knew it. As I walked 
up to her, she was looking at me. She glanced at my 
semi-hard cock and sat up and took me into her mouth. 
Just a day before, I had her daughter's pretty lips 
wrapped around my cock. If this worked into anything 
serious, maybe I could have both of them at one time. 

These thoughts helped me get excited again, as this 
beauty deep throated my cock. She was a much better 
cocksucker than her daughter, but I knew with time, like 
most females, her daughter would learn how to pleasure a 

My cock was hard again and she was smiling at me. A 
coquettish smile meant to let me know she wanted it hard 
in her ass. She took the condom from me and rolled it 
all the way down my hard cock. She took some lubricant 
and greased it up. She ran both her hands together on my 
cock. Up and down, she put a small loop in the action as 
she made sure the lubricant was thoroughly covering the 

She smiled again at me, turned around, got on all fours 
and arched her back. She was ready for my cock to enter 
her ass. I positioned myself behind her and placed my 
hard cock at her butt hole and slowly moved it forward. 
I heard her moan as I pushed in farther. I could feel 
her hole start to stretch as I pushed in farther. 

I was almost in when she pushed back into me, and with 
that motion, I was inside her ass and pushing all the 
way to my crotch. She started to half-moan and half-
scream as I began a slow in and out movement inside her 
rectum. I could feel, what I concluded was fecal matter 
being pushed farther up the track. She was so tight I 
was having problems not cumming too soon. Time to think 
about football.

She started yelling at me to "Fuck Me Harder!" So I 
started thrusting inside her as rough and hard as I 
could, and she loved it that way. She started yelling 
"Yes! Yes!" in beat with my thrusts. She loved being 
butt-fucked and I loved butt-fucking her. 

After a few minutes I began to cum inside the condom. 
She could feel me jerk and my rhythm get off beat and 
knew I was cumming. I began to grind myself into her 
tight ass and squirt as much of my cum into the condom 
as I could before pulling out.

I pulled out of her ass and actually heard a "Pop!" as 
my dick came out completely. She rolled over on her back 
and I heard several gas sounds and the air leaked from 
her rectum. I removed the condom and went to the 
restroom to wash up. 

When I returned, she was still lying there on her back. 
Her eyes were closed, but she opened them when she heard 
me sit at the foot of the couch. She sat up and took my 
hand and pulled me down next to her and we stared at 
each other for a minute or so. She moved her lips close 
to me and kissed me lightly on my lips. I felt her 
tongue on my lips and I opened them and let her into my 

We lay there kissing for about 20 minutes, until she sat 
up and climbed on top of me. She took my semi-hard cock 
and lowered herself onto it. I could feel her pussy lips 
open as my cock slid into her. She lowered herself all 
the way down onto me and then laid her chest against 
mine. She started kissing me again and this continued 
for another 20 minutes or so. 

She raised herself up and sat straight on me and began a 
slow riding movement with her crotch against mine. She 
felt wonderful, and looked beautiful as she leaned back 
to force me farther inside her. I reached up and placed 
my hands on her firm breasts, massaging slowly. As I was 
doing that, she reached down and began to flick her 

She continued for about 10 minutes. Riding me slowly, 
having her breasts massaged, flicking her clit. After 
awhile she started speeding up her pace and I knew she 
was close to climax. A few more minutes and she started 
crying and moaning. She was cumming hard and she was 
really enjoying it. She continued to cry and sob until 
she was finished cumming. She then lay back down on me 
and just enjoyed the feelings.

We lay there for a few more minutes when I decided I was 
ready to cum again. She could tell and asked me how I 
wanted it. I told her to lay on her back and spread her 
legs. As I stood, she lay down and opened her legs for 
me. I knelt between her legs, enjoying the site. I put 
my cock to her pussy and entered her in one motion. 

It didn't take long, and what was left of my cum drained 
into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and asked 
me to stay in her until I was soft. Smiling, I agreed 
and started kissing her softly. 

* * *

As we stood in the waiting room, she asked me if I 
wanted to come over for dinner Friday night. Smiling I 
said I would and we kissed again and she left. As I 
watched her leave, I wondered what I had gotten myself 
into. This could end up being a good start to a long 
relationship. Then again, maybe it wasn't.

* * * =

It was now 4pm. I usually closed at 5, but today I was 
going to close early. I was just locking the door when 
another mother and daughter tried to turn the knob. I 
told them I was closing early and to comeback tomorrow, 
but the mom was insistent upon talking to me about her 
beautiful daughter.

I relented and unlocked the door, and they walked in. I 
hadn't gotten a good look at the young girl so I took a 
close look at her. She was exquisite. Probably the 
prettiest girl I had seen in years. 

"How old are you?" I said to the young girl. 

"12 and a half," she answered.

Before I could ask more questions, the mom took over. 
She was a very forceful female. She wanted everything 
and let me know she could get it. 

I turned to the young girl and said, "Is this what you 
want?" and the young girl nodded. I handed the mom the 
contracts and smiled at the young girl. Expecting a 
smile back, she just stared at me. 

When the mom finished reading the papers, she smiled and 
signed them, saying, "I'll be back at 6pm. If you can 
get her into a top modeling job, you can do what you 
want to her."

"Excuse me!" I said not knowing if I heard correctly.

"Look, I've been at this long enough to know what it 
takes to get ahead. This is my youngest daughter. She's 
just starting out. My other daughters have already been 
threw this so I know what I'm talking about. She'll do 
as she's told so don't worry about anything. Now I have 
to get going. I'll be back in 2 hours. If I can't make 
it back, I'll call, okay?"

Nodding, I watched stunned as she walked out the door. I 
walked to the front door and locked it, I also turned 
the close sign on. Smiling at the young girl, I took her 
hand and we walked into the studio. I turned on the 
cameras and sat on a chair. 

"Tell me about yourself" I said and listened as she 
began to talk. I had to ask her to raise her voice a few 
times, but other than that, it went well. Her name was 
Ali, she was almost 13, about 4" 6" tall, coal black 
hair, extra light skin with a few freckles, and 
brilliant blue eyes, a breathtaking combination. She was 
slender, like the others, she had no hips yet.

I wasn't sure if she'd started puberty, but I would find 
out soon. What really surprised me was she said this was 
her first time out to a photo shoot. I expected this 
beauty to have already been exposed to the business.

"Okay, Ali, let's get started. Your mom said I can do 
what I want so let's start with some regular shots. Did 
you bring any outfits besides what you have on?" I said 

"No, my mom said I didn't need any. That I was going to 
find out how to be a model" she said.

"Okay, Ali, what you have on now is just fine. I'll turn 
some music on and I want you to dance, okay?" I said not 
expecting an answer.

As this beautiful young girl began to dance I saw the 
makings of a real beautiful model. With the right moves 
and connections, this girl could go far. I started 
snapping pictures and she did everything I asked her to 
do, without questions or comments. She was really mine 
to do with what I wanted.

"Okay, Ali, lets try something different. Let's have 
you?" I said but was interrupted.

"Is this where you want me to take off my clothes?" she 
asked innocently.

"Look Ali, I want you to be comfortable. I will need 
some shot of you partially dressed, but let me tell you 
when and how much. Okay?" I said and she nodded. 

Continuing I said, "remove your top and let me see you 
from the waste up."

As she undid her top I started snapping pictures. She 
was wearing a training bra. I told her to dance some 
more and snapped more pictures. As she danced, I then 
told her to raise her skirt until I told her to stop. 

She started to raise her skirt slowly and I snapped many 
pictures. I got several of her panties just barely 
showing. These would be great for my website I thought. 

"Pull your skirt all the way up, Ali, let me see your 
underwear." I said and she did just that. Perfect, I 
thought and continued snapping roll after roll of film. 
She was a natural. 

I told her to take off her skirt and continue dancing. 
This beautiful young girl unzipped her skirt while she 
danced, and let it fall to the ground. I walked around 
her as she danced and snapped more pictures. 

Switching to my video camera, I began to get close ups 
of her small pubic area, already trying to make it's way 
out to the world. I told her to remove her bra and she 
did so like a pro. As it fell to the ground I saw that 
her young tits were just beginning to poke out. Her 
nipples were hard and small, and very erect. She was 
either scared or excited. 

She continued to dance and I kept the video going until 
I motioned for her to remove her panties. Like it was an 
every day thing she pulled them down her legs and kicked 
them aside. Here she was, just the beginnings of fuzz 
around her tiny young pussy lips. I zoomed in to get a 
close up shot and could see her pussy lips were creamy 
white, with shades of pink around the crack that 
separated the two lips. 

I had her stop dancing because we were going to do some 
serious videoing. I told her bend at the waist with her 
legs apart. As she complied, I walked slowly around her, 
asking her to look at the camera and smile as I circled 

When I walked behind her I zoomed in and got a close up 
of her young pussy. Her lips were slightly parted and 
there was no hair to be found. I told her to arch her 
back to force the lips farther apart and zoomed in again 
as she did it. The sight of this beautiful young girl 
was very exciting and I was having self-control 

After completing the circle videoing this beauty, I told 
her to get on all fours and follow the camera again 
smiling. I had her arch her back and spread her legs as 
wide as she could. I wanted to get behind her and enter 
her tight pussy, but I didn't.

"Ali, use your hands and spread use butt cheeks apart," 
I said to this willing young girl, and watched thru the 
video camera as she opened her fresh young vagina to the 
world. "Smile back at the camera as you spread them 
apart, Ali. This will be perfect. You are such a 
beautiful young woman. You're doing great!" 

After several minutes of filming and taking stills, I 
had her roll onto her back and spread eagle for the 
camera. She didn't say a word, just spread her legs and 
smiled at me. I zoomed in and got close-ups of her pussy 

I then had her lean against a chair and pull her legs up 
and hold them tightly together so I could get shots of 
her pussy being squeezed by her young thighs. These shot 
were perfect. I then had her open her legs and spread 
her pussy lips apart. She did it slowly, she was really 
getting the idea of seduction and was trying to seduce 
the camera or me.

This beautiful young girl lay there against my chair, 
legs spread apart, pussy lips wide open and smiling at 
the camera. I think I could see some juices forming 
around her pussy lips, so I said, "Ali, I have to check 
something. Hold still I won't hurt you," and I knelt 
between her spread legs and put down my video camera.

"Is this when we have sex?" she said innocently.

"We may, Ali. I just want to see something," I said, 
fully erect and bulging in my pants. I touched between 
her pussy lips and felt the moisture of her young 
vagina. "You're wet!" I said and continued, "This is 
good. You're starting puberty aren't you?" she nodded.

I took a single finger and began to move it around her 
vagina searching for her clitoris, and using her young 
moist juices to make it easier. I told her to relax and 
lean back, and watch her eyes close as I began to 
massage her clit. I was going to fuck this one!

After working her clit for several minutes, I started a 
faster clitoral movement and took a finger from my other 
hand and tried to push it into her tight pussy opening. 
As I worked to get it in, I noticed her facial 
expression was that of pain. "Does this hurt, Ali?"

"A little, but I can do it. I know I have to. My mom 
told me to let you do whatever you wanted." She said 
with a slight grimace.

"Ali, if you don't want me to I won't. You don't have to 
do this today. Not every photographer will make you have 
sex with them" I said as I felt a pang of guilt.

"It's okay. I have to do it. My mom said it'll help me 
get ahead faster" she said.

My hard on starting to hurt and my self-control 
forgotten, I pushed my finger inside her tight vagina 
and ignored her cries of pain. Working her clit and 
moving my finger in and out of her tight pussy as she 
was spread open before me was very exciting.

I laid her back and knelt between her legs. I decided I 
had to taste this young pussy, so I put my head in 
between her legs and began to lick her soft fuzzy pussy. 
It must have startled her, because she jumped and drew 
in a breath. I opened her pussy lips with my hands and 
began to lick her vagina. 

I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her pussy and 
began to tongue fuck her. She began to breathe harder 
and put her hands on my head. She tasted so good and 
clean I had to get as much of this as I could. I licked 
her from her asshole to her pussy opening. I found her 
clit with my tongue and began to lick it roughly back 
and forth. I wasn't sure if she would or could climax 
and I really didn't care. She was there for my pleasure 
and I was having tons of it.

Getting tired of eating her virgin pussy, I stood up and 
checked the video cameras for tape remaining. Each had 
another hour or so to go. I walked back and stood in 
front of her and unzipped my pants and stepped out of 
them and my underwear. I removed my shirt and motioned 
for her to kneel before me. As she did I put my hard 
cock to her lips and pushed it between them. Her small 
mouth was having problems taking it all in, but I didn't 
give her a chance to complain. I just pushed it in as 
far as I could, and warned her to keep her teeth off my 

As she began to wrap her lips around my cock, I took her 
head in my hands and began to move it up and down on my 
hard cock. Listening to her trying to breathe and the 
slurping sounds as my pre-cum and her own juices mixed 
to form a sloppy mess. Some juices were rolling down the 
sides of her chin, but I didn't care. I was going to use 
this young girl and have fun doing it.

After several minutes of this beauties young mouth I 
felt my cum begin to rise within me. The first squirts 
were thick, forceful and massive. I had pushed far into 
her mouth, but hadn't given her time to swallow any of 
it. Warning her to not let any out of her mouth, I 
pumped a second load of cum into her mouth area. I 
pulled out and pumped a third load into her face. 

As I started to pump a forth load, I moved her face so 
she would get it directly in her mouth. I told her to 
open her mouth and catch my cum as it squirts. She did 
just that. As she opened her mouth I could see the cum 
from earlier ejaculations on her tongue. She hadn't had 
time to swallow it. I told her to swallow and she tried, 
but there was too much cum in her mouth. As the forth 
load shot out of my hard cock it hit her on the tongue 
and chin. 

I pulled back a little and watched her begin to swallow 
everything in her young mouth. When she had it gone, I 
told her to suck out the remaining cum like she would a 
lollipop. She took my cock into her mouth again and 
started sucking like it was a straw. I could feel her 
pulling my cum out of my shaft and it was very exciting.

"Is this sex" She asked.

Having this same question asked the previous day I 
answered the same way, "No, Ali, this isn't sex. This 
was just a blowjob"

"Are we going to have sex" My mom said I was going to 
have to have sex" she asked in her innocent young voice. 
"Can you do that with your tongue on my privates again" 
That really felt good" 

"Yes we are going to have sex. No I don't have time to 
tongue you again. Maybe next time. For now, I want some 
more close ups of you. Get up on the couch and spread 
you pussy lips open and smile for the camera" I said.

As she stood and turned to sit on the couch, she 
accidentally knocked my video camera off the table. It 
fell to the floor and a piece broke off. She looked at 
me in panic and I picked it up and checked it out.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it" she said almost 

"Come here you little slut!" I said angrily. "Look what 
you did. It's broken!" I said lying to her. A small 
useless part had broken off and the camera was fine. I 
faked anger and placed it back on the table and turned 
it on. I was going to add a whole to new dimension to 
this session.

Sitting on a chair I told Ali to lay across my lap. She 
walked to me already crying and laid on me. I looked at 
her naked butt in front of me and told her to open her 
legs. I let one leg fall to the ground and the other 
stay up on my lap. This opened her pussy as well as her 
butt. I raised my hand and saw her butt cheeks clench as 
my hand fell fast and hard against her butt and vaginal 
area. With each slap I was hitting her ass hole and 
vagina opening. 

Wack! Wack! Wack! I hit her tiny ass cheeks and pussy. 
She was crying loudly. I took my hand and lowered it to 
her butt and patted it saying, "This is so you'll 
remember not to break expensive equipment," and hit her 
one last hard slap. The hardest yet. I made sure I got 
her pussy in the slap too.

I waited for her to calm down and told her to fix her 
make up. She went to the restroom and returned a few 
minutes later with a flown on her face. 

"Look, Ali, I forgive you, okay" We have a lot more to 
do before your mother comes back. Don't worry I won't 
tell her you broke my camera," I said lying again.

She perked up some and said she was ready to continue. 
After taking several more minutes of video, and a few 
rolls of stills, I was ready to fuck this 12 1/2 year 
old girl. I had her turn around and put her face on her 
arms and smile towards the camera. I knelt behind her 
and pushed my finger into her tight young pussy. I 
didn't use lubricant or even wait for her juices to be 

I wanted her to remember what it was like to be with a 
heartless man. Maybe someday this experience will stop 
her from continuing in this career, and rebel against 
her domineering mother. Actually, these were just 
justifications for my guilt in using this beauty in such 
an evil way.

After a few minutes of finger fucking her, I felt some 
juices begin to form. It became easier to finger her and 
I knew it was okay to enter her. Not concerned with 
safety, I took my unprotected engorged cock and put it 
at her tight young vagina lips. Not waiting for her 
okay, I began to push myself into her. 

I looked down and could see my cock splitting her pussy 
lips open and enter a short distance into her cunt. I 
could feel some moisture, but she was so tight it was 
hurting me, I know it was hurting her. Pushing my cock 
head past her pussy lips and into her vagina about an 
inch, she let out a scream of pain.

Not caring about her pain, I pushed farther into her 
vagina. With each inch she cried out, she was close to 
begging me to take it out. But I knew she wouldn't 
because she feared her mother more than the pain I was 
causing her. 

About three or so inches in, I felt, what I figured was 
her hymen. I knelt there knowing that I was about to 
change this girl's life forever. When I passed thru this 
membrane, I would change her from a virgin to a non-
virgin. The power was exciting. 

Holding her small, shapeless hips. I pulled back a 
little and in one fast, hard, forceful and uncaring 
thrust, pushed thru her virginity and entered her vagina 
all the way to my crotch. She let out a loud scream and 
started crying. It was then that I knew I was going to 
fuck her hard and long.

I began my thrusting deep into her tight pussy. I 
ignored her cries and screams as I tried to get as deep 
into her as I could. I got into a rhythm and she stopped 
her screams, but continued crying. With each hard 
thrust, she would cry out in pain. The sounds of her 
pain were exciting me more than I expected. 

I kept this up for several more minutes, trying to see 
how long I could last. After 10 minutes, she had stopped 
crying and was grunting along with my hard thrusts. I 
don't think she was beginning to enjoy it, she may have 
just gone numb with the pain. 

I felt my cum actually leave my testicles and enter my 
penis shaft. Then I made myself feel every squirt I 
pumped into her pre-pubescent vagina. It was a wonderful 
feeling. She accepted it, against her will maybe, but 
she was full of my sperm and I'm sure they were swimming 
for, what they hoped, were eggs. I didn't care about 
that. She may have eggs, but then again, maybe not.

I pulled out and, expecting to see a semi-hard cock, was 
surprised to see it was still hard. Reaching behind me 
and grabbing the lubricant, I greased up her tight ass 
hole. I knew I could never get my cock in there without 
tearing her and really hurting her, I would violate her 
asshole with a finger. I chose a smaller finger and 
placed it at her hole and in one quick movement, pushed 
it all the way into her ass. She immediately screamed 
and started crying again. She was also urinating on my 

She began to beg me to take it out, but I was going to 
leave it in for a few minutes to allow her to know what 
she may have to do for some men. "Ali," I said, "Some 
men will not only put a finger in your butt, they may 
want to put their cock in your butt. Is this the life 
you want? Having men use your butt like it was your 
pussy? It hurt to have me fuck your pussy didn't it?

Not waiting for and answer, continued, "Just imagine 
what a hard cock would feel like. Some men may expect 
you to do this. You may want to re-think your future 
unless you want me to fuck your ass right now with my 
hard cock. It's your call, Ali, do you want me to put my 
cock into your butt?"

"My mom says I have to do what ever you say" she said 
crying from my finger still in her ass.

"But what do you want, Ali?" I said and pulled out my 
small finger and pushed my middle finger all the way 
inside her in a rough movement.

"OWWWW!!!!" she cried and started crying again.

"Well, Ali, Is this what you want?" I said, "Not your 
mother, you! Is this what you want?"

"No, it hurts, please take it out," she cried.

I pulled my finger out of her ass, sat down next to her 
and pulled her onto my lap. I held her tight as she 
cried, sobbing deeply. My guilt had gotten the best of 
me. I had still used her young body. But I was trying to 
help her understand what may be expected of her from men 
more evil than I. I held her until she stopped crying 
and told her to dress and get ready to go home. 

As she stood, I saw my cum rolling down her legs. I 
stood and walked her into the bathroom and turned on the 
shower. After getting it to a warm temperature, I had 
her stand and let me clean her. I took the hand held 
shower and cleaned her vagina. I had her sit on the 
bench and open her legs and spread her pussy open. I 
cleaned her out the best I could, ignoring her cries 
from the tearing I caused. 

I turned off the water and told her to dry herself and 
get dressed. I sat and watched her as she pulled on her 
panties and as she started to put on her training bra, I 
stopped her. I hadn't felt her tiny tits. Turning her 
around I reached around her and massaged what tits she 
had. They were soft and her nipples were hard so I was 
getting excited again. I turned her around and told her 
she had to suck my cock again.

"Again? But I thought you were done with that stuff?" 
she said complaining.

"You'll learn that men will take what they can get. And 
right now I want your lips around my cock," I said 
ignoring her complaints.

She knelt before me and I pulled out my stiffening 
penis. She knew what to do and took me into her mouth. 
She was already an experienced female and knew what I 
wanted. She sucked and deep throated me without me 
having to hold her head. She kept her teeth off me and 
her lips wrapped around my shaft.

After letting her control my pleasure for several 
minutes, I started shooting cum into her mouth. Still 
not touching her head, she pushed far onto my cock and 
accepted every squirt. There wasn't much left in me, but 
she took it all. When she saw I wasn't squirting any 
out, she began to suck out what was still in my shaft. 
She sucked like a lollipop until it was all out. Then 
she looked up at me and smiled.

"How was that?" she asked still smiling.

"That was great! You know what? You can stop by anytime 
you want and do that for me. I'd like to make you cum 
someday too. Will you promise me you'll stop by once in 
awhile?" I said.

"Yup! I promise. But we can't tell my mother okay?" she 
said, still innocent, I thought. 

"Deal! Now let's get all cleaned up and wait for your 
mom" I said as she finished dressing.

* * * 

That night I spent several hours editing and creating 
videos and stills for my website. I watched the videos 
of all the young girls that had sucked or fucked me, and 
that same excitement started again. I even took the 
videos of Eileen, Tracey's mom and made a film out of 
it. I was going to have to fuck her again this weekend. 
She'll probably want it in the ass again. I may really 
have a future with her.

As I finished editing and creating files for my website 
I looked at what I had just created. I knew these films 
would make a lot of money, so would the stills when I 
put them on a CD. I uploaded the stills to my website, 
making sure they were safe, invisible and untraceable. 

I put the videos in my car and took them home. I would 
stop at the bank tomorrow and put them in my "Special" 
safety deposit box. I had setup a box under an assumed 
name and paid for it from an off shore bank account I 
had setup on my vacation last summer. 

I had set it up to hide money from the IRS but it would 
it be perfect for hiding incriminating evidence from the 
authorities too. I had setup the account using falsified 
identification and I would use it to setup this 
"Special" safety deposit box.

* * * 

Waking the next day I showered, shaved, dressed and 
drove to the bank and put my videos in my "Special" box, 
and then continued onto work. Opening up I cleaned up 
the place while I waited for my first appointment. At 
10am another mother and daughter came in and it all 
started over again. 

My life had changed from a few days ago. I had been a 
respected person and ran an honest business, but now I 
was trafficking in kiddie porn, I had to stop this 
before I got caught. 

However, having this mother standing there telling her 
daughter to do what the man says and she would be back 
in a couple of hours, made me lose my self-righteous 
thoughts of honor and respect, and taking this young 13 
year old girl into my studio I knew It would continue.

"Okay, sweetheart, take off your clothes and let me see 
your body..."