Sunday, 26 June 2016


So, yeah, this isn't about the Smiths or anything. I've 
been at the hospital for the past few days, all day. My 
girlfriend Susan got into an accident when she pulled 
out to turn onto a street and her driver's side got hit 
by a semi-truck. She's now in the intensive care unit, 
in a coma, with extensive damage to her brain stem 
apparently. Her chances don't look too good.

She wouldn't let me make love to her when we were 
dating but we saw a lot of each other and she liked to 
kiss and let me touch her boobs a lot, so I was happy 
enough. Now it seems like I'll never get the chance to 
go all the way with her.


It was after visiting hours in the hospital. I was 
sitting beside Susan's bed as usual. It was dark in the 
room and I looked at my wristwatch, it was 11 pm. I 
looked at my Susan lying in bed as if she were 
sleeping; she looked just like an angel. She didn't 
even look like she had been in an accident; all the 
injuries were mostly internal. The doctors say she is 
stabilized and its just a wait and see thing until we 
know more.

I got up to kiss her good night and as I leaned over to 
kiss her my hand accidentally rested on one of her 
breasts. It was like a shot of electricity shot through 
me, ending up in my dick. I started getting really 
horny as I caressed her breast while she lay their 

It occurred to me that nobody would enter the room 
unless I called them, so I figured I had at least a 
good 60 minutes of privacy with my girlfriend. 

My hand moved lower, and I started rubbing my cock with 
my other hand, thinking about all the sex we would 
never have now that she was in a coma. My penis started 
rationalizing that Susan wouldn't want to die a virgin 
and if she got better, well, we would be doing it 
eventually anyway. Besides, nobody would ever know.

I went to the door and looked out into the hall; I 
could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I opened my 
pants and started rubbing my dick while I slipped my 
other hand lower to play with Susan's pussy. It felt 
dry, but I started rubbing around her clit, getting her 
warmed up while my dick got harder than ever, due to 
thoughts of what I was doing to her.

Before long, pre-cum started leaking from my penis and 
Susan's pussy was getting moist from my finger 
penetrating her slit. It was now or never. I pushed her 
hospital gown up her prone body and climbed on top of 
her. Lining my leaking cock up with her tight slit, I 
pushed the head of my cock into her vagina.

I could feel the muscle at her entrance reluctantly 
stretching around my cock head, only allowing me to go 
in about an inch. She felt incredibly tight, but wet, 
so I started moving in and out slightly to spread her 
natural lubrication and I gained a little depth with 
every stroke. 

I didn't want to waste a moment because I could feel my 
cum boiling up in my balls and knew I wouldn't last 
long.  I shoved all the way in to her until my balls 
were pressed against her pussy lips. My dick going 
where nobody else had ever been before!

My ass bounced as I pounded into my girlfriend for all 
I was worth. I needed too get off and excited by her 
passivity as well as her tight vagina squeezing me as 
only a virgin's deflowering can be.

After a few minutes I felt myself cumming. It was more 
than I'd imagined, my body jerked with the intense 
pleasure of release and I thrust again and again 
expelling every ounce of cum I'd stored up for so long.

I was totally lost in the sensations, the wonderful 
sensations of filling my girlfriend's pussy with my hot 
spurting cum and I didn't notice the door opening on my 
left as an older black janitor silently entered the 

He stood there and watched as I pumped and squirted 
into my comatose girlfriend's pussy and then he smiled 
as I collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath, 
exhausted from all the frantic physical exertion. 

I looked up in surprise when he said, "I'm next."

I finally noticed he was in the room. His cock was 
already out of his pants by the time I climbed off my 
girlfriend and stood next to her bed, using a tissue to 
clean myself off. 

Susan's "no longer" virgin cunt was glistening with a 
mixture of my cum and her maidenhead blood. I stood 
there the black guy started to climb on top of my 
girlfriend. I wanted to object as I watched him spread 
her legs with his knees and push his cock into her 
freshly used pussy open, like a flower and leaking. 

He just looked at me as he sank his big black cock home 
and said, "You don't want me to report you, do you?"

I wanted to say something; I didn't want him fucking 
Susan, some strange older black guy cumming in my 
girlfriend, but realized I powerless to stop him. I 
watched as my beautiful angelic "comatose" girlfriend 
got raped by this stranger. 

Finally, I picked up my coat and left the room. The 
last vision I had was of him pumping in and out of 
Susan's pussy, seeing her slit stretched around his 
cock as it pistoned in and out of her. Then he 
whispered, "Don't worry sonny, your secret is safe, 
I'll clean her up nice and good when I'm done."

Saturday, 25 June 2016


John and Carol were determined to enjoy their holiday in 
Morocco. It was their 5year wedding anniversary present 
to themselves and at the age of 28yrs, both with 
successful careers they had plenty to be thankful for.

John was hoping the trip might take Carol's mind off the 
subject of children, since of late she had been dropping 
more and more hints that it would be good to start the 
family that they had talked about. John didn't feel 
ready however for all the intrusions that a baby would 
bring to their carefree lifestyles. At the back of his 
mind John also thought that once Carol had children his 
fantasy of seeing Carol with another man would 
disappear. It was a combination of his fantasy and a 
reticence to engage properly on the subject of babies 
that was to lead to the life changing holiday that they 
had embarked upon.

Whilst packing for the holiday John had insisted that 
Carol should pack several revealing dresses together 
with 'appropriate' lingerie and two pairs of John's 
favorite high heeled sandals. There was something about 
seeing Carol's 5ft 6inch 125lb frame with long lithe 
legs dressed up like a model. No, to be correct John 
liked Carol to look slightly slutty since whenever they 
were out and she was dressed this way, numerous men 
would gaze at her long legs. John could imagine that 
they were all wondering what she would be like in bed 
with her long legs over their shoulders as they fucked 

This fantasy of seeing her taken by a bigger man in 
every sense, but certainly one who would be equipped 
with more than his 5 inches, surfaced more and more of 
late. It had led one evening during a session of 
foreplay, to John suggesting that Carol might like to 
flirt and let herself be seduced by a big man. John had 
been busy tonguing Carol's sensitive nipples when he 
paused and slipped this suggestion into the 
conversation. Carol's reaction had been immediate. 

She had berated John for thinking that she would consent 
to be with another man even if he did have a bigger cock 
than his. It was this last comment that suggested to 
John that she had at least recognized that his cock 
might be on the small side. Later during their love 
making when John's condom covered cock was doing its 
best to make her feel good, he noticed that she seemed 
to be more excited than usual, but he wasn't sure he 
could pin it on the talk of this fantasy lover.

So several weeks later they were checking into their 
plush hotel in Morocco. As they completed the 
formalities at the desk, John was aware that several of 
the local men were ogling Carol's bare legs. He said 
nothing but could feel his cock twitch and this 
continued when a young very dark skinned bell boy 
carried their cases up to their room. In the lift the 
bellboy stood behind Sarah and John could see him 
admiring her full curvaceous figure. 

When she stumbled on exiting the lift, John again 
noticed the bell boy quickly leap to her aid and put his 
muscular arm around her waist to help steady her. As 
Carol regained her balance and stood up her face came 
very close to the bellboy and just for a second they 
stared into each other's eyes before each of them 
composed themselves. 

John was drinking up the spectacle and of course it only 
served to fuel the fantasies he had, especially as the 
man was so dark skinned. Carol seemed not to have 
noticed, although John was sure her cheeks had reddened 
and her breathing was erratic.

Once they had unpacked they went out to dinner and again 
John noticed many of the local Arab men were openly 
staring at his blond wife. Even Carol noticed eventually 
and asked John what was going on. John explained that 
attractive blond western women were highly prized in 
this region since most local men only ever saw local 
women who were darker skinned and had dark hair. Carol 
accepted the explanation even though it made her 
uncomfortable. She did however notice that she became 
more aroused when thinking of all this attention from 
these dark swarthy men.

Over the next two days John and Carol did some 
sightseeing and then on the third day they decided to go 
out to a club that had been recommended to them. Carol 
asked John what she should wear and of course John 
suggested that she wear her most revealing dress, 
stockings and five inch heeled strappy sandals. John 
didn't know why he wanted her to dress this way in 
particular but he had a feeling that something might 
happen at the club.

Carol protested and said "do you want to encourage all 
those men to ogle me even more?" John told her it was 
only harmless fun and since she had brought the clothes 
she should wear them. With reluctance Carol agreed and 
soon they were in a taxi heading to the club. Again John 
noticed that the driver was repeatedly looking in the 
mirror at Carol and he had the cheek to re-position the 
safety mirror so that he could look at Carol's legs. 
John had to admire the man's boldness and found himself 
smiling at the driver in response to his wink.

Once in the club they found a quiet table and Carol was 
thankful that it was reasonably dark so that other men 
couldn't stare at her so much. During a couple of dances 
John could see various men gazing at Carol's body as she 
moved around the dance floor. For the most part Carol 
kept her eyes closed so that she couldn't see who might 
be looking.

After an hour or so and several drinks later both John 
and Carol were feeling very relaxed. They were sitting 
chatting when a tall muscular Arab man appeared at their 
table. "Pardon the intrusion," he said, "but I wondered 
whether I could have a dance with your lovely wife?" 
John was immediately confronted by the opening gambit of 
his fantasy. Here was a man asking his wife to dance. 
Where might it lead? 

Carol on the other hand immediately said, "No thank you, 
I'm married, it wouldn't be proper."

"Oh come on Carol, the man just wants a dance. You know 
you love dancing, why don't you let..."

"Abdou," responded the dark stranger, "yes, why don't 
you let Abdou have just one dance?"

Carol was flustered, why was her husband letting another 
man dance with her? She couldn't think of a reasonable 
objection and so she found herself saying ok to just one 

As she rose from the table Carol looked daggers at John. 
She couldn't believe it.

There was no further time for thought as the big Arab 
pulled Carol to the dance floor. As John watched he 
realised that Abdou was a big man. He looked to be about 
40yrs old but at some 6ft 4 inches in height he looked 
very muscular and fit. John watched as they danced to a 
fairly quick number and then when the music ended he 
could see Carol turn to come back to the table. Abdou 
however caught her arm and pulled her back. He was not 
going to let her go after just one dance. 

Oh no. Abdou wanted to hold this fair skinned beauty 
tight to his big body and hopefully she would feel his 
big cock as it erected against her taught and toned 
tummy. Yes he thought to himself I'm going to enjoy the 
slow seduction of this one. 

Abdou had been in the club when they arrived and had 
looked on with increasing arousal and excitement as this 
blond long legged wife had danced with her wimp of a 
husband. He didn't care that they were married; on the 
contrary it made the chase and capture more exciting. 
After all he had done it many times before, but never 
with a woman as beautiful as this one.

And so as he pulled Carol back to him he said "Please 
just one more, this is a slower number and we can relax 
a bit."

Carol again had no answer to the reasonable request. She 
could feel her heart thumping and herself blushing like 
a school girl at the thought of dancing with this hulk 
of a man. "Alright, I'll dance one more."

Abdou smiled at her and Carol felt herself being pulled 
in close to the big man. Try as she might to keep him at 
arm's length, the slow music made it a necessity to 
dance close. She sighed and gave up the struggle and let 
Abdou put his hand on her back and pulled her in close. 

Carol realised that she had no where to put her head 
other than against his chest and that's when she 
realised how tall he was. With her five inch heels on 
she knew she was pushing 6 feet, yet Abdou still seemed 
to tower over her. As they moved around the dance floor 
Carol could smell his musky odour and strangely she 
found herself becoming aroused by the smell. To her 
shame she could feel her nipples hardening and was sure 
Abdou would notice. Abdou did indeed notice. 

With her head against his chest he could smell her 
scented hair and this coupled with the intimate 
closeness of their bodies caused his cock to grow and 
thicken. He hoped this American wife would feel his 
passion building against her lithe body. Carol certainly 
noticed something pushing into her tummy but couldn't 
quite register what it was. "It can't be his penis," she 
thought, "It's much too big, surely?"

From John's vantage point he had a ring side seat to the 
couple. It looked so sexual as they danced, the big 
tanned man holding his fair skinned wife close. He could 
see Abdou's big hand on her lower back and every so 
often it would dip down onto her sexy bum. John wondered 
whether the big Arab was getting aroused by dancing so 
intimately with his wife and if so what Carol would 
think if she felt the man's erection.

Carol had exactly the same thoughts as she was guided 
round the dance floor expertly. As they danced she was 
constantly reminded of the huge bulge in Abdou's 
trousers. She just couldn't believe that it was this 
man's penis; no man could have something so big surely? 
Abdou made sure that he pulled this sexy woman close at 
every opportunity and he hoped he was stoking the fire 
that would allow him to bed this wife later that night.

When there was a break in the music, Carol excused 
herself and went to the restroom. Abdou sauntered over 
to the table where John was sitting. "She's a good 
dancer isn't she?" said John. 

"Oh yes the best," agreed Abdou. He was trying to think 
of a way of progressing his slow seduction of this white 
woman and decided to be bold. "Look John, the band will 
be winding up soon, why don't you both come back to my 
apartment and I'll show you some Moroccan hospitality. I 
also have some special liquor that I know you'll love."

John's mind was racing with the possibilities of the 
situation. Would this be the chance to see his wife 
seduced and taken by this big stud? Supposing Carol 
won't agree? Before he could engage his brain John found 
himself agreeing to Abdou's offer. "Wonderful, 
wonderful," beamed Abdou and he could feel his big cock 
twitch at the thought of bedding this beautiful wife. 

Just then Carol reappeared looking slightly less flushed 
than before. "What are you two talking about?" she said. 

Before John could say a word, Abdou said "Well my dear, 
your husband has kindly accepted by invitation of 
hospitality at my apartment." 

Carol didn't know what to say. She had thought John 
would whisk her off back to the hotel and give her the 
fucking she desperately needed. Rubbing up against 
Abdou's manhood for over an hour had taken its toll and 
she could feel how wet she was. In fact in the restroom 
she had needed to dab at her inflamed pussy with tissue 
paper in order to stop her juices soaking her skirt. Why 
do I always get so wet when I'm ovulating she wondered? 
"Well I suppose we could come and see where you live," 
she said, "but we mustn't stay too late must we John?" 

"What? I err no, I suppose not," stammered John as Abdou 
rose and offered Carol his arm.

And so five minutes later the three of them found 
themselves heading off to an apartment where the lives 
of John and Carol would be changed forever. As they 
walked along John held one of Carol's arms and Abdou the 
other. However after a while John consciously let go of 
his wife's arm and stepped behind Abdou. 

This was not lost on the big Arab and he put his big 
protective arm around John's wife as if to say to 
everyone she's mine. If Carol hadn't been so dazed by 
the evening's events, she might have noticed various 
other Arab men smiling at Abdou with knowing grins. They 
had recognized the situation immediately; a western 
couple with cuckold husband following on as a big 
powerful Arab man led the wife to his bed.

Soon they reached Abdou's apartment and both John and 
Carol were pleasantly surprised at how spacious it was. 
"Let me get you some drinks," said Abdou as both John 
and Carol collapsed into a big recliner. 

Having sorted the drinks, Abdou put some music on and 
walking over to Carol he said, "Can we have another 
dance Carol, you're such a good dancer?" 

Before Carol could answer she felt her husband pushing 
her up. "Go on Carol, you know how much you enjoy it."

John secretly wanted to see his wife in the arms of this 
Adonis again and who knows maybe more. Having no real 
reason to object, Carol agreed and as she accepted 
Abdou's hand she couldn't help but feel a shiver at the 
thought of being reacquainted with his penis, albeit 
covered by his trousers. She had a suspicion however 
that he wasn't wearing any under garments since his 
penis had seemed so clearly outlined back in the club.

As he clasped her to himself Abdou could feel his big 
cock twitch once again. He moved one hand down to the 
small of her back, just to test the waters and meeting 
no resistance after another minute or so he moved his 
hand onto her sexy bottom. He could feel through the 
thin dress that Carol wasn't wearing pants, or perhaps 
only very skimpy ones and he couldn't wait to see her 

Carol felt lost in a different world as she circled 
round with this big man. Not only she could feel his 
penis growing hard against her once more, but she felt 
his big hand on her bottom pulling her onto his 
hardness. When she looked at her husband she noticed 
that he was just rubbing his own penis through his 
trousers. "My goodness," she thought, "he's getting 
turned on watching us. Supposing I flirt a bit more and 
show him what he's missing?" 

With that Carol deliberately started to open her legs 
and let Abdou's muscular leg rub against her inflamed 

This change in Carol's demeanor was not lost on Abdou. 
He let his hands roam all over the back of this sexy 
white wife and he leaned down to kiss and nibble her 
neck and ears. He heard Carol sigh and knew that he was 
close to capturing this sexy wife. "Carol, let's give 
John a show to remember shall we?"

Carol was brought back from her dreamlike state by 
Abdou's question. "What do you mean?" she asked. 

Almost in a whisper Abdou said, "Just this."

He had already found the zipper that ran down the back 
of Carol's dress and he had it in his hands as he spoke 
to her. He slowly started to pull the zipper down and it 
was half way down her back before Carol realised what 
was happening. "Wait Abdou, we can't do this I'm 

"So what of it, John wants me to undress you, don't you 

John had no hesitation in replying in the affirmative. 
This is what he had wanted for so long.

Caught in the confusion and surprise of hearing her 
husband say that he wanted to see another man, a 
stranger at that, undress her, Carol just stood while 
Abdou pulled the zipper right down and then eased the 
dress off her shoulders. Suddenly she realised that she 
was standing in only her stockings and garter belt, 
thong panties and her high heels. 

As she looked up at Abdou she saw something that she 
hadn't seen in a man for years and that was undisguised 
lust. This man was lusting after her, this married 
women! She should have felt ashamed at her feelings but 
she didn't. Having got half naked, she realised that she 
was enjoying the attention of this muscular Arab man. In 
fact she decided to walk around in front of him as if to 
say 'look at what my husband has and you haven't'.

This might have been a foolish act, but it merely served 
to confirm what both men knew. For Abdou it confirmed 
that Carol was absolutely gorgeous, the sexiest western 
women he had ever seen and that she needed to be loved 
sexually. For John as he fingered his painfully erect 
cock, he knew that he was just a few steps away from 
pushing his wife into bed with another man. He was close 
to realizing his fantasy.

Abdou pulled Carol to him, lifted her face to his and he 
kissed her. Carol would always remember that first kiss 
since it was both passionate but more significantly the 
precursor to her crossing a line that could not be re-
crossed, and to setting in motion events that would last 
her and her husband a lifetime. She accepted his big 
tongue into her mouth and her tongue fenced with his. 
She could feel his big hands roaming all over body now 
and she could also feel her over ripe vagina juicing up 

Suddenly Abdou broke the kiss and taking Carol's hand 
said, "Come we'll be more comfy in here." So saying, he 
led Carol into the adjoining bedroom in which there was 
an enormous bed surrounded by mirrors and also as Carol 
noticed a mirror above the bed on the ceiling. The 
significance of this she would remember later.

In her trance like state it seemed quite natural that 
Abdou should start to remove his clothing. Both Carol 
and John watched as the big man removed his shirt to 
reveal a hugely muscled chest and then he dropped his 
trousers and just as Carol had suspected he wore no 
underwear. His big cock reared up in all is magnificence 
and Abdou was gratified to hear both husband and wife 
express surprise at his size.

Abdou walked over to the bed where Carol was sitting and 
stood in front of her, his big cock semi erect. Carol's 
head was at the same level as the big man's groin and 
she was amazed at the whole size and muscularity of this 
man. Her trance like state was broken by Abdou who said 
softly "Take my cock into your mouth." 

Carol was aghast, "I can't! It's dirty and I've never 
done that before." 

Abdou laughed to himself. This wife was indeed naive and 
yet he was gratified that he would be the first man to 
have his cock sucked by her. Lifting her face so that 
she could look into his eyes, Abdou said, "Do it, you 
know you want to taste it and I want it now." 

There was forcefulness behind his words that seemed to 
command Carol to do this act that had always seemed so 
abhorrent to her. And so she found herself reaching out 
and taking Abdou's cock in her hand and stroking it. 

Carol watched in fascination as her actions caused the 
cock to grow. Within a few strokes Abdou's cock grew 
close to full erection at around 10 inches. 

If Carol had been taken aback by this Arabs size 
earlier, now she was astounded. She only had her 
husband's penis to compare this to and she knew that his 
was only five inches. This magnificent specimen was 
double that and much thicker. From his vantage point 
John was also amazed that a man could have a cock so 
big. Yes he had read stories of men with large cocks, 
but seeing one close up was amazing. John also felt a 
wave of excitement when he realised that his wife would 
be taking something that big into her pretty mouth.

Abdou loved the silky feel of this pretty wife's finger 
wrapped around his throbbing cock. As he watched her 
face he could see the conflict in this innocent women 
and was looking forward to the final conquest. Suddenly 
he felt Carol's tongue swirling around the underside of 
his shaft and he couldn't help but let out a groan of 

As for Carol she was warming to her task and found that 
licking a penis was not that bad after all. She loved 
the way it throbbed in her hand and she realised that 
she had the power to make this big man feel good. As she 
allowed more of his penis onto her mouth she decided she 
would do her best to make him enjoy it and hopefully 
bring him off so that she and her husband could go home 
for some passionate love making. If only she knew how 
wrong she was!

Neither Abdou nor John were in a hurry for things to 
come to an end. Although Abdou was really enjoying this 
western wife sucking his cock, he knew it was her cunt 
that he had to possess in order to fully cuckold this 
husband. And so with much sadness after some five 
minutes of Carol doing her best to please him, Abdou 
pulled away from her. 

Carol looked disappointed. "Didn't I please you?" she 

"Yes, yes," sighed Abdou, "but I don't want to come in 
your pretty mouth." So saying, he helped Carol on to the 
center of the bed and pushed her onto her back. "Now I 
am going to return the favor and make you feel good." 

Carol was puzzled at what Abdou had in mind, but when 
she saw his big head dive down between her legs and his 
tongue come into contact with her vagina, she knew what 
he had in mind. "No, not there, it's so dirty, I... oh, 
oh Abdou I..." Her sentence was unfinished as she felt 
electric shocks running through her loins as this man 
licked and probed and sucked.

Abdou loved the smell and taste of this wife. Like all 
western women he loved how fresh they smelt and how 
neatly her bush was trimmed, not like the local women at 
all. He was going to make this naive wife beg for his 
cock and show her sissy husband how a woman should be 

John looked on with a mixture of excitement but some 
jealousy as well. Carol had never let him lick her down 
there, but there again he had never been that forceful 
with her. He now realised that he should have been more 
dominant with her. John realised that his own cock was 
straining for release and so he dropped his pants and 
underwear and took his throbbing cock in hand and 
started to toss himself off at the sight in front of 

Carol was fast approaching her first orgasm and she knew 
it was going to be a big one. The pleasure just kept on 
growing and building and growing until with a massive 
shriek and gripping the sheets in her hands she arched 
her whole body as her orgasm broke. She felt as if 
someone had connected her to an electric supply. Her 
whole body was tingling with pleasure radiating out from 
her core; her vagina seemed to be acting as the dynamo 
for her pleasure.

Abdou was gratified that he brought this wife off is 
such a spectacular manner. He was certain she would 
never have had such a big or intense orgasm before. He 
kept on sucking and licking as Carol shook and writhed 
and he was genuinely surprised at how hard she had come 
off. He could feel her body pulsing into his face.

It took a few minutes for Carol to come down from the 
massive high that she had just experienced. As she came 
back to reality she felt the big man moving up over her 
body until he was lying on top of her and his big brown 
eyes were looking into hers. Without hesitation Carol 
lifted her face to his and kissed him. "Thank you Abdou, 
that was amazing, I have never felt like that before." 

"It was my pleasure," said Abdou, "but the best is still 
to come." 

"What do you mean," Carol asked, thinking that now would 
be a good time to leave.

"I'm going to make love to you and make you feel like a 
real woman," said Abdou. 

"Oh no, I can't make love to you, I'm married and I 
can't break my marriage vows." 

"But your husband wants to see me make love to you and 
admit it, you're dying to feel what a cock like mine 
would feel like aren't you?" 

"No, I-I... I'm not I... John is he right? Do you want 
him to make love to me? I'm your wife, it would be 

Both Carol and Abdou turned towards John and what a 
picture he was, sitting in a chair with pants around his 
ankles and small cock in hand. John was caught up in the 
sheer spectacle and overcome by lust. He knew he had to 
see Abdou make love to his wife, here was his chance to 
fulfill his fantasy and watch his wife being taken by a 
big cocked stranger. "Yes I want Abdou to please you. He 
deserves to make love to you after pleasuring you like 
he has."

Abdou smiled, he knew his husband was under his spell 
and would not stop him from taking his wife. "See, he 
wants it and you want it." As he spoke Abdou was rubbing 
his bloated cock head across Carol's sopping cunt and 
made sure that he kept dragging his cock across her 
inflamed clitoris. 

"Put me in," said Abdou. 

Carol's mind was in turmoil, she couldn't believe that 
her husband wanted another man to make love to her, and 
yet he had said it front of them both. "Ok," she 
whispered, "put a condom on and make love to me."

"I'm sorry," said Abdou, "but I won't be using a condom, 
I never use them and besides they don't fit me anyway." 

Carol's eyes widened, "No, no way, you've got to use a 
condom, I'm not on the pill and totally unprotected. I 
can't risk getting pregnant by you, especially as I'm 
fertile right now."

John had been avoiding the question of contraception in 
his mind, but he knew that his ultimate fantasy was to 
see his wife fucking another man bareback. And so he 
found himself saying "It's alright Carol, let Abdou take 
you bareback, he will be careful and pull out before he 
comes. Besides, his cock will feel much better without 
anything wrapped round it."

Carol couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her husband 
wanted her to make love with another man and to cap it 
all to take her without any protection. Was he mad? She 
had never had a bare cock inside her, since she and John 
always used condoms. However she had to admit she was 
curious as to what Abdou's cock would feel like skin to 
skin and so she found herself telling him, "Abdou, you 
can make love to me without a condom, but promise me you 
will be very careful and pull out before you come. Will 
you promise me that?"

Looking into her trusting eyes, Abdou said, "I will do 
my best to be careful; we will both listen to what our 
bodies need and want." 

Carol didn't quite understand what that meant but she 
believed he was going to be a gentleman and pull out 
before he came. 

"Now put me into you," Abdou said with a tone that 
suggested that Carol should comply. "And you husband, 
come over here and watch as your wife takes my big 

And so it was that Carol found herself gripping Abdou's 
big cock with her left hand and John watched in awe as 
his lovely wife held the Arab's shaft. It seemed 
especially erotic as Carol's wedding bands caught the 
light as she rubbed this stranger's cock up and down her 
slit and then eased the giant head into the split of her 

As Abdou pushed a couple of inches in to Carol he heard 
her intake of breath. As for Carol she felt as if 
something was trying to split her vagina in two. Abdou 
kept up the firm and insistent pressure and suddenly he 
had six inches pushed into the squealing wife.

"I bet I'm deeper than your husband now aren't I Carol?" 
said Abdou. 

"Oh yes you are, is there much more to go?" moaned 

"Yes, but you can take it, just relax." And so Abdou 
began a gentle rocking motion that saw him gradually 
work more and more of his big cock into the welcoming 
channel of this wife. 

As John looked on he could see that Carol was gradually 
opening up for Abdou and after a few minutes the big 
Arab had managed to stuff all of his cock into his wife. 
He could see Abdou's big balls pushing up against 
Carol's bum and he became aware of his wife whimpering 
and making little 'uh uh' noises each time the big shaft 
was pushed fully home.

Abdou was in heaven, he had never felt such a tight 
gripping, quivering pussy before and the feelings 
encircling his cock were fantastic. His initial thoughts 
that this wife would be a great fuck were being realised 
as he ploughed his big cock into the whimpering wife. 
Carol was also sharing the wonderful sensations being 
generated by Abdou's cock. 

She couldn't believe that she had taken this man's 
entire massive penis into her vagina, but when she had 
felt his big balls slapping her pert bum, she knew that 
she had taken him all. Yes there had been some 
discomfort especially when his cock head had pushed into 
her cervix, but after a while she felt that he had 
pushed that barrier open and now the pain had been 
replaced by a feeling of being totally full, totally 
stuffed to her core. Any misgivings about letting 
another man make love to her had vanished and she now 
realised what she had been missing, with a small cocked 
man as a husband. 

Deciding to abandon herself to the fuck, Carol looked up 
and for the first time noticed the mirrors on the 
ceiling. She was mesmerized by the reflection of Abdou 
covering this fair skinned white woman, whose long 
stocking clad legs were draped across the man's calves. 
Could this really be me, Carol wondered. As she gazed at 
the reflection she noticed the body of the woman jerking 
in time to the thrusts of the big Arab. She marveled at 
the muscular form of the man and in particular the large 
thrusting bum that was driving an enormous cock in and 
out of her body.

John was getting more and more worked up as he watched 
his wife being taken by the big Arab. As he stroked his 
cock he hoped that he would not come before Abdou pulled 
out and sprayed his come across his wife. As he knelt by 
the bed he realised just how erotic the couple looked, 
the fair skinned wife clad only in strappy stiletto 
sandals, long lithe legs encased in nylons, draped 
across the thighs of the dark skinned Arab whose body 
was focused on driving a big cock in and out of this 
unprotected wife. 

The contrast in the two skin colors was fantastic and to 
see his wife's hand around the back of the Arab, wedding 
bands twinkling as she held close this man who was so 
expertly ploughing her willing furrow. Although he was 
excited beyond belief, there was a nagging doubt at the 
back of his mind about pregnancy. 

Although Abdou had promised he would pull out before he 
came, could he be trusted? After all, the feeling of 
fucking another man's wife's unprotected and fertile 
womb must be tremendous and wouldn't he want to finish 
the fuck by spewing his virile seed inside her?

These thoughts were interrupted by the moans from his 
wife, who had become more vociferous over the past few 
minutes. John realised she was going to come again. 
Abdou knew as well, he could feel Carol's grip 
tightening on him and when she moved her legs up around 
his waist and grabbed his neck he could feel her orgasm 
begin. "Ohhh yes, oh my god, ahh I'm coming, yes, yes 

Carol thought she would faint as her orgasm engulfed 
her. The pleasure was indescribable; every part of her 
body seemed to come alive as she thrashed around on the 
huge fuck stick that was pounding her convulsing cunt.

Abdou rode through her orgasm, determined not to let the 
pace of his fucking lessen. As the white wife lessened 
her grip on his neck, he was gratified to feel her long 
sexy legs clasped around his thrusting buttocks. What a 
sight it must be for her pathetic husband. Well it 
wouldn't be long now; soon it would be time for them to 
receive his Moroccan gift, as he emptied the contents of 
his big balls into the helpless wife. He prayed to God 
she was ovulating today so that he could seed her in 
front of her husband.

Gradually as Carol came down from the high of her orgasm 
she realised that Abdou was becoming more urgent in his 
love making. She guessed that he had to be getting close 
to orgasm himself, after all he'd been fucking her for 
ages. "Abdou!" she gasped between thrusts, "don't forget 
to pull out will you?" 

There was no reply from Abdou other than a grunt. 

"Abdou are you listening? Please be careful, don't come 
inside me or I will get pregnant."

Abdou lifted himself up on his arms and stared down into 
the eyes of Carol. "I'm sorry Carol, but I've got to 
come inside you and fill you with my Arab seed, it's my 
duty to send you home a real woman, one who has been 
fucked and seeded by a big cock."

John was roused to say something, "No Abdou, you 
promised, please don't make her pregnant with your baby, 
everyone will know. Pull out and come on her breasts." 

"Yes, yes," said Carol, "please do that, don't come in 
me please I'm begging you."

Abdou just smiled. "Sorry, I'm going to fuck a baby into 
you. I'm going to show your husband how a woman should 
be impregnated and I'll send you home with an Arab baby 
to swell you womb. Now hold on and prepare for your 
Moroccan gift."

So saying Abdou set to on the last part of his journey 
in the cuckolding of this western couple. He could feel 
his Muslim seed churning in his big balls and he knew he 
had plenty to inseminate the womb of this women. As he 
brought his fucking to a climax he noticed that Carol 
was once again tightening her grip on him. He could feel 
her cross her ankles over his bum and once again her 
hands were pulling his head down toward her. 

As he dipped his head lower he felt Carol pull his ear 
close to her mouth and he heard her whisper the words, 
"Seed me Abdou, make me pregnant, I want my belly to 
swell with your Arab child." 

Abdou was amazed at her sudden change but not totally 
surprised. He had seen it before, when white women 
succumbed to lust and yearned for his spunk in their 
fertile wombs. Well he wouldn't disappoint this beauty, 
if she wanted a baby; he would certainly give her one.

John was frantically masturbating and scarcely able to 
breathe thinking about what was about to happen. He knew 
he couldn't stop Abdou putting his Arab seed into his 
wife, but part of him knew he had to witness this 
ultimate betrayal of their marriage vows. With a sudden 
groan he came, his thin watery sperm splashing uselessly 
across his legs.

Just at that moment, Abdou felt his spunk beginning to 
rise. "Oh Carol, I'm going to come and fill you with my 
seed, here comes my baby you western slut." 

Carol could feel Abdou's cock swell inside her and knew 
he was about to come. "Yes my love, give it to me, breed 
me, make me yours and swell my belly with your baby." 

Abdou groaned, "Arghhh..oh yes here it is..." and with 
that he roared like a bull and started to fire his 
virile seed into the fertile womb of this lovely wife. 
Again and again he pumped as wave after wave of his 
sperm was pushed into the helpless wife.

John watched on with a mixture of fascination and horror 
as he saw the big man's bum muscles clench time and time 
again, knowing full well that this was signalling 
volleys of spunk being fired into the unprotected womb 
of his wife.

The climax seemed to go forever, which was not perhaps 
surprising since Abdou hadn't come for nearly two weeks. 
Carol was getting the benefit of his swollen balls. 
Eventually however the thrusting stopped and the pair of 
them lay recovering from the fantastic mating. 

Abdou made sure that he kept his big cock plugged inside 
of Carol to ensure that his sperm did its job. Not that 
he needed to bother since his big cock had fired his 
seed directly into her uterus and as they lay his seed 
was seeking out the helpless wife's egg.

Carol lay softly stroking Abdou's back and she 
continually kissed the man who has just made her a 
mother. Oh yes, she was in no doubt that the combination 
of large cock, big balls and her state of fertility 
would combine to make her pregnant. She didn't want to 
let Abdou go, but eventually the big man pulled out of 
her and stood looking down at his conquest. 

John just sat spellbound looking at the flushed body of 
his freshly fucked wife and his gaze was drawn to her 
sex which was plastered with their combined love juices.

After Abdou had cleaned himself up he said to Carol, "If 
you want some more come back tomorrow and I will make 
love to you again." 

Carol looked at him through lust filled eyes and said, 
"I might just do that, after all, we want to make sure 
that I'm pregnant don't we!" 

John didn't know what to say, but sat in silence as his 
wife dressed and they hardly spoke a work all the way 
back to the hotel. 

When John got into bed with Carol he thought that he 
should make love to his wife to give his sperm a chance 
to impregnate her. However he was rebuffed by Carol who 
told him she had to know who the father of a baby would 
be and so that until her next period came she would only 
fuck Abdou. John didn't know what to say, but knew that 
at least temporarily he had lost his wife to the Arab.

And so it was that for the next five days Carol visited 
Abdou's apartment, where she was thoroughly fucked and 
seeded numerous times. On the day they were due to go 
home, she got Abdou to fuck her four times and she 
boarded the plane home with his seed dripping out of her 
cunt and soaking her pants.

Once back home they waited for Carol's period to come 
but of course it never did. After two months Carol took 
a home pregnancy test and went slightly pale when she 
realised that she was indeed pregnant with an Arab baby. 

Despite arguments with John, there was however no chance 
of her getting rid of the baby and she told John she 
would carry it to full term. What she would tell her 
parents she had no idea, but she knew one thing and that 
was every time she looked at her swelling belly she 
would remember the fantastic fucking that her given her 
their first baby.

Friday, 24 June 2016


Gosh I have been having weird dreams lately. It was not 
until recently I found out why. Now my dreams have 
stepped into reality.

Let me explain: Twelve years ago the lady of my dreams, 
my wife, died in childbirth. I was left with our daughter 
Eleanor in my care for all these years. Raising her has 
kept me from having any kind of sex life except my video 
collection I would watch once Ellen went to bed.

Lately I was having dreams about my wife Helen (yes Ellen 
is named after her). What is weird about that is that I 
have not had dreams about her in a decade. Further 
strange is that in my dreams we actually have sex and I 
end up cumming. Normally if I have sex in a dream, I wake 
up before I get very far. I even woke up right after one 
of these dreams and found cum on my belly.

So that is my life lately. I find myself hoping for the 
end of the day so I will be re-united again with my one 
love in my sleep. Every night she comes and visits me and 
we have wonderful sex.

Tonight I find myself in bed as usual and like the past 
week, I do not even bother to put on a porno flick to 
fall asleep to after whacking off. I pass into dreams 

I am laying on a hotel bed, a very seedy place, pictures 
are screwed to the wall, bed covers look like they have 
not been changed in a couple of months, and there is a 
place on the night stand to put in quarters to activate 
the vibrating bed. I have been here with her before in my 
dreams. Once she comes out of the bathroom, nothing else 

Then I hear it. A slow creak as the door opens. I try to 
look over at her as she walks in out of the bathroom, but 
as happens in a lot of dreams I have, I find it hard to 
look directly at something. When I do manage to look in 
her direction, there is a bright light surrounding her 
that makes it hard to focus on what she looks like, but I 
can see she is moving towards the bed.

Not a word is spoken between us, there never is. Then I 
feel her getting onto the bed and like a shade is lifted, 
I can see her face. She is as young and angelic as I 
remember her. She wears such a smile on her face that 
even her eyes look like they are smiling. 

She carefully climbs up and straddles me. I feel the open 
wet lips of her cunt welcome my cock in. In only a moment 
I am buried to the hilt in her pussy and we start making 
love. I want this moment to last forever.

I look down at her amazing body; she is wearing a 
delicate see through negligee that only just covers her 
breasts, and I can feel it touch my skin occasionally as 
she moves up and down on me. Her breasts are small by 
most standards, but to me they are perfect. They stand 
firm and erect from her body pressing against the 
negligee tightly. Her abdomen is tight and muscular.

I always hate the next part of this dream and I feel it 
approaching. This is where I cum in her. Why do I hate 
this part? It means our lovemaking is nearly over. There 
is not even any cuddling after in these dreams. But 
suddenly something is different. She lifts her body off 
of me before I cum and she leaves me hanging on the edge 
of ecstasy.

As I watch her, things become fuzzy. I see and feel her 
shift around some, but the details start to become hard 
to see. Then I feel her take my cock in her hand. This is 
a new twist I think to myself. She is going to give me a 
hand job.

But suddenly something is wrong. I feel a pain at the tip 
of my prick. It is like she is smashing it against 
something. The pain subsides for a moment and then starts 
again. The pain, though not excruciating, is enough to 
draw me out of the dream. The pain comes with me to my 
awakened state.

Once again the pain starts then suddenly changes, I feel 
like someone has put my dick in a vise, a warm, wet, 
tight vise. I am still not fully awake, but the pain is 
subsiding and I am starting to enjoy the feeling.

Just then the vise moves all the way down my dick and I 
hear a muffled moan. I open my eyes and see sitting on my 
dick my wife. Same youthful face, same small breasts, and 
a nightgown that clings to her body showing me her 
beautiful form.

"Oh, Helen!" I hear myself cry out. This is the first 
time I have ever actually been able to say anything to 
her in my dreams.

I look straight in her face and she looks startled for a 

"Daddy?" It is my daughter, not my wife that is impaled 
on my dick.

She looks confused for a moment, then starts to cry.

"Eleanor, what's wrong?" A daughter crying can distract 
you from nearly anything; right now I nearly made me 
forget that I was in a forbidden position with my 

"Y-Y-You are going t-t-t-to be mad at m-m-m-me," she 
stammered out.

Involuntarily, my dick flexed and reminded me of what I 
was to be mad at her about, for some reason, I wasn't. 
"Honey, sweetie, it is okay, let's talk about it."

"I-I-I snuck into your room l-l-last week." She started 
explaining to me. "I-I-I know I am not supposed to b-b-
because of your."

She broke off for a moment and then motioned towards the 
wall containing my porno collection.

"I know you do not want me watching." She continued after 
a loud sniffle. "B-b-but there was a loud thunderstorm 
and I was scared. And, well, you were asleep, and well, 
they were doing stuff on the screen. I tried to ignore 
it, but it made me feel all funny."

At this point I noticed that on purpose or just 
involuntarily, little Ellen's hips started grinding 
against my groin. The feeling was remarkable. I looked 
down at our coupling and saw her pussy bulging with my 
invading member and a small trickle of blood that had 
been her maidenhead only a short time before.

"Well, " She said after a short pause, "it looked like 
the guy in the film was enjoying it. I wanted to try it 
on you, so I sucked on your..."

She paused for a moment, though still grinding her pussy 
up and down me then said it like a forbidden word, 
"Cock!" She then giggled a moment sending wonderful 
vibrations down her lithe body and directly into my dick.

"You seemed to like it, uh!" her explanation was 
punctuated with a grunt. "So I kept coming back each 
night to do it. Eh!"

I found myself pushing back at her grindings, not fully 
involuntary. I knew it was my daughter I was fucking, I 
knew how wrong it was, but at that moment, I did not 

"I snuuuuck in tooooday while you were at woooooork to 
get new ideas." She was no longer stammering, but moaning 
as she spoke. Her body, no longer just grinding against 
me, but lifting itself off of me and then sucking me back 
into her again as she would rise and fall upon her 
daddy's dick.

I looked down at our coupling, her pussy engorged with 
the same cock that went into her mom to make her. If I 
was not careful, I could be getting Ellen pregnant as 
well. Somehow though, I was not worried about that. I saw 
a small trickle of blood between us that once had been my 
daughter's maidenhead.

"I saw them dooooo this and it looooooked like they 
boooooth enjoyed it." I could feel her pussy flexing 
wildly on me. Her fucking started to become erratic. I 
could tell she was as near completion as I was.

"I thoooought I would try..." My beautiful daughter did 
not finish her sentence. She went suddenly erect and 
started moaning and yelling incoherently. At the same 
time I filled her pussy with my incestuous seed. When her 
orgasm subsided, she collapsed onto my chest.

"Thank you daddy for not being mad." I heard her whisper 
as she fell right to sleep on me with my cock still 
buried in her cunt.

I finally got my cuddling.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Billy finished tightening the last bolt along the 
exhaust system of the freightliner. He was the best 
truck mechanic they had. Billy came up the hard way 
without having a formal education. He wasn't dumb by 
any means but he just wasn't good with books.

"Billy... Are you just about done working under that 
thing? I need you to bring that red truck inside before 
you go home tonight. I want to get a fresh start on it 
in the morning. I told Frank he'd have his rig 

"OK Mr. Jones... I'll be done here in a minute and 
bring it inside the building before I leave."

Billy wiped his hands thinking about Mr. Jones, his new 
boss. He was the first black man Billy ever worked for 
in his whole life. Mr. Jones could be a little pushy 
and demanding at times. Mr. Jones seemed to be pushing 
Billy at times, testing him.

Billy was good working on the trucks. He just had 
trouble reading books. He'd got his job five years ago 
when a good friend of his family hired him on to work 
for the company. Billy knew he wouldn't be able to pass 
any book tests, but they gave him a break and now he 
was their best truck mechanic.

Billy didn't hear anything and assumed Mr. Jones walked 
back to his office and slowly rolled the creeper out 
from under the truck.

Mr. Jones was standing next to Billy's tool box 
starring at pictures that Billy had posted of his wife, 

Billy got up from the creeper and finished wiping his 
hands as he watched Mr. Jones examining the two 
pictures of Daisy hanging from the tool box. 

"My Lord Billy! Tell me whom this pretty blonde in 
these pictures you have posted here? Is she your sister 
or something?"

"That's my wife, Daisy... Sir. We've been married for 
five years now!"

Mr. Jones pealed the picture off the tool box and took 
a closer look at the blonde woman in the picture. The 
picture showed Daisy wearing a black bikini when they 
visited the beach last summer. 

"You have any kids?"

"Uh... Mr. Jones... We don't have any kids yet. We're 
going to start trying really soon. We were hoping after 
my next raise."

Mr. Jones kept holding the picture of Daisy, taking 
note of her large breasts and long slim legs and the 
tiny waist she had. Daisy's long blonde hair which was 
enhanced by her black bikini.

"Billy... Would you mind if I take this picture back to 
my office? I'll put it back in your tool box before I 
leave tonight."

Billy was surprised as he wondered why Mr. Jones wanted 
Daisy's picture. He wanted to tell the man to put it 
back but he was afraid of losing his job and hesitantly 

"Yeah. That would be fine, Mr. Jones."

Billy watched the tall black man walk back to his 
office with his wife's picture in his hand. He figured 
the man never been with a white woman before and was 
going to fantasize a little before going home tonight.

Billy felt uncomfortable about letting him have the 
picture but figured it wouldn't do any harm letting the 
man get a few thrills. 

The very next morning, Billy checked to make sure Mr. 
Jones had brought back the picture of his wife and sure 
enough, it was hanging in the same spot again.

Later that morning, Mr. Jones called Billy over the 
intercom system to report to his office. Billy was 
smeared with oil from a bad leak he was fixing but 
crawled out from under the huge semi truck and wiped 
his hands off the best he could before entering Mr. 
Jones office.

"You called me? Mr. Jones?"

"Billy. I called your wife and she's on her way here 
with your lunch. I told her how you forgot it this 
morning and she was nice enough to bring it here for 

"Mr. Jones... Uh... I have my lunch in my tool box out 
in the shop. I didn't forget it."

Mr. Jones had a surprised expression on his face as he 
replied, "Billy. I think I got you confused with Ted 
out there. I'm really sorry about that. Well, your wife 
is on her way here with a lunch for you so we just 
won't tell her about the mistake I made and get her 

Billy didn't really know what else to say as he wiped 
the oil off his hands. He happened to glance down at 
Mr. Jones desk and saw a duplicate picture of Daisy in 
her black bikini.

Mr. Jones saw him looking at the picture and quickly 
came to his own defense. 

"Oh... Uh... Billy. I hope you didn't mind that I made 
a copy of this wonderful photograph of your wife. She 
is a lovely woman and thought I'd just make a copy for 

Billy could feel the anger building in his system but 
didn't want to piss off Mr. Jones and lose his job. 

Mr. Jones could see Billy's displeasure and quickly 
spoke in his own defense again.

"Billy... You know, we'll be talking about that raise 
you were expecting. I'm very pleased with the good work 
you have been doing here. We'll get together on that 
later this week. You can go back and finish what you 
were doing and I'll give you a call when your wife 
arrives here."

Billy didn't say anything, but walked out of Mr. Jones 
office with disapproval written all over his face.

Daisy pulled into the parking lot and combed her long 
blonde hair in the mirror. Daisy applied a fresh coat 
of lipstick and smacked her lips before getting out of 
the car and walking up to the office with the little 
lunch bag in her hand.

Daisy wore heels most of the time and today wasn't any 
different. Her hips swayed in her tight jeans and her 
blonde hair waved in the wind as the two men working on 
a truck tire smiled at her as she walked past them.

The tight pink sweater she was wearing made her boobs 
appear extremely large, which they were.

Daisy walked into the reception room where she found 
Mr. Jones waiting for her. Mr. Jones had a devilish 
grin on his face as he smiled at the attractive blonde 

"You must be Daisy! ....Billy's wife?"

"Yes... I'm Daisy! ....You must be Mr. Jones... Billy's 

"Yes... I'm Mr. Jones... Please: Come in and sit down."

Mr. Jones had his eyes focused on the beautiful young 
housewife as she sat in the chair in front of his desk 
holding the little brown lunch bag in her hand.

Daisy was beautiful. She met Billy while in school back 
in Alabama, and dropped out in the eleventh grade to 
marry Billy. Daisy could be any man's dream as a trophy 
wife as long as she kept her mouth shut.

Daisy was smacking gum in her mouth as she looked and 
smiled at Mr. Jones. She was naive about most things 
and in most cases, one would think she had a mind of a 

Daisy's body had twenty-two written all over! Mr. Jones 
sat in his chair and rolled it around the corner of his 
desk until he was faced directly in front of Daisy.

"Daisy, I would like you to call me Frank. I'm very 
glad I have this chance to meet with you concerning 
your husband. Don't get me wrong! ....He's a good 
worker and one of my best."

"Oh! What's wrong with Billy? Is he in trouble about 

"Well, it's not exactly his work that has been 
troubling me here lately. I was looking over your 
husband's employment records and it seems as though he 
never finished high school!"

"Oh Frank, Billy is a smart man and he knows everything 
about working on those big trucks you have here. Why, 
he can figure just about anything out, when it comes to 
those big engines."

Frank pulled out Billy's employment records from a 
drawer and scooted his chair in front of the desk to 
show Daisy.

"You see, Daisy... Billy never finished high school and 
I'm afraid our requirements state that our employee's 
must have a high school education. If this were to get 
out to the other employee's here or to people we turned 
away that didn't meet our requirements, well... All 
sorts of things could happen!"

Frank was starring at Daisy's tight pink sweater and 
could see she was wearing a black bra underneath it. He 
gave Daisy the papers to look at and his hand brushed 
against her soft hand when she reached for the papers.

"Frank, my husband can do his job and he's not afraid 
to go back to school if he has too."

"Daisy, I'm afraid I will have to let your husband 
go... I'm so sorry about this but I can't take a chance 
having someone find out about this mistake."

"Frank... My husband needs his job... What would we do 
for money if he lost this... My husband is a very hard 
working man... There must be something you could do to 
help him... Please... Frank... You can't let this 

Frank knew he had Daisy hooked but wanted her to 
swallow the bait, sort of speaking. 

"Daisy, I'm afraid that if this ever got out to someone 
we turned down for a job because of their schooling 
than I may face a lawsuit. Surely, you understand my 
position on this. I'm really sorry about all this."

Daisy began to cry as she leaned forward and put her 
hands to her face. She looked up at Frank with pity as 
she pulled a napkin out of her little purse.

"Please Frank... There must be something for my 

Frank looked at Daisy with pity in his eye's than got 
up out of his chair and took the little brown lunch bag 
she had been carrying for her husband and took it out 
to his secretary to give to Billy and told his 
secretary that he would be in a meeting and didn't want 
to be disturbed. He walked back into his office and 
locked the door.

"Daisy, will you follow me into my meeting room so we 
can talk?"

Daisy stood up and followed Frank back to the other 
room. It was dark except for a one-way window that 
faced the garage where the men worked on the trucks. 

Frank took Daisy's hand and walked her toward that 
window where she could see her husband just a few feet 
away working on a truck engine. 

"Billy! Frank... There is my husband out there working 
right now!"

"Yes, I see him but he can't see us and neither can 
Billy hear anything we say in this room. I put this 
window in last year so I could keep an eye on the 
garage whenever I please."

"Oh Frank, my husband is full of oil on his hands... 
See... He works very hard here on his job!"

Frank made a bold move and put his hand on Daisy's ass 
and gently rubbed his hand across her cheeks in the 
tight blue jeans.

"Oh Frank... I don't think you should do that, I'm a 
married woman... My husband is right out there!"

"Daisy, you do want to help save your husband's job... 
don't you?"

Frank gently slipped his hand up under the tight pink 
sweater until he unclasped the hook to her bra. It was 
tight and pooped free as Daisy gasped in shock at what 
Frank had just done. She quickly put her hands up to 
her tits and held the bra in place.

"My God Frank... Stop this right now! I-I can't do 
this, I'm a married woman!"

"Daisy, I thought you wanted to help save your 
husband's job? Let me help you remove your sweater so 
we can have a look at your tits."

Daisy was shaking and started to cry again as she 
looked at Frank with terror in her eyes. Frank saw the 
little diamond on her engagement ring glistening in the 
dark room which only turned him on even more knowing 
she was married to the guy right outside the window.

"Please... Stop this right now... I'm afraid of getting 
caught by Billy... "

"Don't be afraid... I'm not going to hurt you. Billy 
can't see in here so you don't have to worry about a 
thing. Cooperate with me and it will be over really 

Frank unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on the table 
and unbuckled his pants and stepped out of them along 
with his shoes. He still had on his socks and red satin 
boxer shorts. His rock hard cock was sticking straight 
out from the material and pointed toward Daisy.

Frank stepped closer to Daisy and helped her lift her 
sweater over her head and she quickly held the black 
bra in place over her large tits as he tossed the 
sweater onto the table.

Daisy had never seen a black man naked before today. 
Frank was tall and slim and had played basketball in 
college. He was still in great shape for being in his 
mid forties.

Daisy was holding back from crying as she looked at 
Frank who was reaching out to her hands at that very 

"Daisy, allow me to help you remove this so I can see 
what you have to offer me for your husband's job?"

Frank reached out and took hold of the material of her 
bra and felt her hands trembling as he slowly pulled 
the bra away from her body and saw her nice full tits 
for the first time. They were large and natural and her 
nipples were hard as rock.

Frank tossed the bra onto the table along with the 
other clothes as he reached out and cupped her tits 
with his hands.

"Oh My... These are so nice and soft... I love feeling 
tits on a white woman... You have a lovely body and you 
should be very proud of yourself and the fact that your 
going to save your husband's job today."

Frank let go of her tits and reached down to unhook the 
snap on her jeans and waited as Daisy wiggled her hips 
allowing the tight material too slid down her legs. She 
stepped out of them and lost her heels at the same 

Frank was admiring her black thong she was wearing and 
stepped closer and put his arms around her until he 
felt her nipples pushing into his chest. Frank's cock 
was pushed into her navel at the same time as he began 
kissing around her lips and squeezed her nice round ass 

Daisy swallowed her gum as Frank kissed her on the lips 
and felt his tongue parting her mouth open. Frank 
kissed her on the mouth running his tongue deep inside 
her mouth mixing his saliva with her own making her 
swallow his along with her own.

Frank pulled his shorts down exposing his massive black 
cock for the first time to Daisy who was starring down 
at its massive size in terror.

"Oh God... No Frank! It's too big for me... I can't 
take anything that big inside me!"

Frank was quickly tugging on her little black thong 
until it slipped down her thighs and past her knee's 
and hit the floor below.

Frank gazed down at her pussy mound and saw that it was 
neatly trimmed into a V shape. Frank picked Daisy up by 
her hips and placed her on top of the table which sat 
against the wall in front of the window.

Daisy wasn't putting up any resistance at all. She 
figured she better get this over as quick as she could 
and try to forget that it ever happened. 

Frank was kissing her tits now than licking his way 
down her belly and to her thighs. He took his hands and 
pushed her back down on the table than started to kiss 
her thighs again.

Daisy had her feet resting on the table with her legs 
spread wide for him. Her eyes were closed as she tried 
not to think about the black man that was about to rape 

Frank leaned down and began sucking her pussy making it 
all wet with his tongue. Daisy was trying not to cry as 
she felt him licking her pussy sending chills down her 
whole body. She felt so afraid knowing that her husband 
was only a few feet away at that very moment. 

Frank worked his tongue on her pussy, rubbing her 
clitoris with his tongue until she actually began to 
respond by moving her hips up. Frank smiled to himself 
as he took another couple minutes to make sure she was 
nice and wet.

Frank stood up and portioned his thick black cock to 
the opening of her tight white pussy and moved the head 
of his cock along the slit a few times until he pushed 
and made it pop inside causing Daisy to tighten up and 
scream out at the same time.

Daisy was laying flat on the table with her eyes closed 
as Frank took her legs and laid them over his shoulders 
as he pushed his cock further inside her belly.

She was tight and very wet as he stroked his cock back 
in forth sending it inside her belly a little further 
each time. He positioned her ass on the table until it 
hung over the edge a couple inches and drove himself 
home until his body was touching her upturned ass 

Daisy started to cry as Frank pushed his cock inside 
her deeper. 

"Please... Frank... You should be wearing a condom. I 
don't want to get pregnant with a black baby!"

"Don't worry about a thing... I've had a vasectomy."

Daisy stopped crying when she heard Frank say he had a 
vasectomy. He was still grinning about the lie he had 
just told her. The truth was, he never had a vasectomy 
and his seed was still very potent.

Frank started to screw her with Rhythm now and the wet 
sounds of her pussy filled the room with each stroke of 
his thick cock. Frank was standing straight up as he 
sent his huge cock deep inside her belly.

Suddenly, Frank got startled to see Billy standing 
outside in front of the window looking in. Frank looked 
right back at him realizing that Billy couldn't see 
them. Billy was digging something from between his 
teeth as he looked into the glass using it as a mirror.

Frank chuckled to himself as he kept screwing Daisy 
with his big black cock and watching her husband making 
a fool of himself outside the window.

Frank almost died right in that spot as Daisy began to 
have an orgasm as he felt her legs begin to shake 
wildly and she let out a loud scream as she lifted her 
ass up off the table and squeezed Frank's cock.

Frank was watching Billy outside the window and saw the 
expression on his face. He knew that Billy heard 
something but couldn't figure out what it was with all 
the noise in the garage. 

Frank couldn't hold back any longer. It had been over a 
month since he had any pussy and couldn't hold back any 
longer as he shot his thick load of seed deep inside 
Daisy's white belly.

"Oh God! That's so good... Daisy, you have a tight 

Billy had walked away and gone back to work as Frank 
finished dumping his huge load of cum deep inside 
Daisy's pussy. 

Frank backed his cock out to the entrance and saw the 
huge puddle of cum forming inside her pussy and shoved 
his cock back inside pushing his seed deep into her 
white belly while he held her legs up lifting her ass 
off the table and held himself still for several 

Frank repeated this several more times giving his seed 
a chance to mingle with her eggs in her womb. Frank 
figured that at least she could do was have a kid with 
him if he was going to let that dumb husband of hers 
work at his garage.

Frank used her thong to wipe up his cum that was 
leaking out onto the table as he helped Daisy to her 

Daisy's pussy made a fluttering sound as air and the 
rest of Frank's seed dripped out of her pussy and onto 
the floor below.

Daisy quickly put on her bra and slipped into the wet 
thong and pulled her jeans back on and slipped the pick 
sweater over her head.

Daisy looked angrily at Frank as she adjusted her 
sweater and slipped into her heels. Frank was just 
pulling his pants up as she grabbed her purse off the 

Frank chuckled as he starred at Daisy. "Daisy... It 
looks' like you saved your husband's job for now. I 
want to see you here in my office next Thursday around 
noon. Only this time I want you to wear a short dress 
for me without anything underneath. Do you understand?"

Daisy was very angry as she walked toward the door 
without answering his question. She stopped for a 
second and turned to face Frank.

"I'll be here at noon!"

Daisy turned and walked out the door slamming in shut 
behind her as Frank laughed to himself while putting on 
his shirt. 

Frank hoped that she would use a douche when she got 
home if it wasn't too late. He laughed at himself again 
as he thought that he might already be a daddy.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Hi, My name is Jenny. I just have to tell someone the 
story about what happened that got me so hot, that I 
continue to try to act this out whenever I can. It 
happened 4 years ago, when I was just a 19 year old 

I've been told that I have a perfect body for cock 
teasing. It just doesn’t occur to me to walk or stand 
any differently, but guys of all ages react the same 
way whenever they see me. I like knowing that they are 
looking at me and thinking about how I would look 
naked. I always enjoyed the attention, but until this 
incident I had never gone past the teasing stage. I had 
been faithful to my husband. At the time this happened, 
my husband Jake was 24 years old. He was the only man I 
had ever been with sexually. He fucked me on our third 
date and I fell in love with him immediately.

For a year or so, our sex life was very good. Jake 
would always tell me I was lucky to have a husband with 
a huge cock. I assumed his was bigger than normal. I 
still enjoyed the fact that other men would look at me, 
even when I was out with Jake. They’d try to hide their 
interest but it was obvious to me, though Jake just 
laughed it off.

One afternoon we were visiting Jake’s parents. We were 
all in their swimming pool together. I had worn a 
pretty skimpy bikini and I had noticed Jake's dad, 
Andy, staring at my body when he thought no one was 
looking. This was the first time I was aware he had 
that kind of interest. I felt a little embarrassed, 
this being my father in law, but like always it was 
exciting to have another man looking at me with that 
hunger in his eyes. 

As we were getting out of the pool Andy waited for me 
to climb the ladder, first, standing right behind me. I 
got nervous and slipped on the hand rail and he caught 
me as I fell back. I felt his big hands grabbing my 
thighs and then both breasts. I liked the feeling, even 
though it was just for a few seconds. Andy laughed and 
made a joke about me being clumsy. I laughed too and 
pulled myself up the ladder. 

As I stood up, I looked back at Andy. He was trying to 
adjust the crotch area of his baggy trunks. The bulge 
down there looked like a cucumber! I just stared at it, 
I guess I had my mouth open. He said hurry up so he 
could get out, as he tried to hide his hard-on. I 
couldn't believe how big it looked. "Wow", I thought to 
myself, "Did I cause him to get so hard?" I even got a 
little "wet" thinking about him. But I decided it was 
just a coincidence and that there was no sexy feeling 
between Jake's dad and me. I put it out of my mind for 
the moment.

Later that night, Jake and I chose to stay at his 
folks’ house for the night, because we’d both had a 
little too much to drink. As we were all kicking back 
watching TV, Jake got up from the couch and said he was 
really tired. He leaned down, kissed me goodnight and 
went off to bed. 

Not long after that Jake's mom also turned in for the 
night. It doesn’t take much beer to put her out. But 
Andy and I were still watching TV. Neither of us felt 
too tired, yet. I guess both of us were thinking about 
something else. We were watching an HBO "R" rated movie 
that showed some nudity, and we both seemed real 
interested in it. A scene came up where an older man 
and a younger woman were swimming together and started 
playing with each other. It reminded me so much of the 
afternoon when I saw Andy's huge hard-on.

I was wondering if Andy would be thinking the same 
thing. It seemed like he was. He was sneaking looks at 
my legs. I started getting excited again and decided to 
show him a little more to see if it was my imagination 
or not. I slowly slid down on the couch a little and 
let my short skirt hike up to just below my bikini 
underwear. Now Andy’s eyes were glued to my legs and I 
could see him carefully trying to adjust his swelling 
cock. I knew for sure he was enjoying this as much as I 

On the TV screen, the two people were making out and 
feeling each other up. It looked like the young girl 
was stroking the man’s crotch, although we couldn't 
really see anything. Then the man slid his hand into 
her top and started to play with her hard nipples. Andy 
looked at me and said "I’ll bet your titties are better 
than hers."

I laughed, "Maybe…" Wow, I could see him stroking 
himself, now, and he wasn't hiding it at all, just 
casually squeezing and stroking himself, like he was 
rubbing a sore arm or something. I moved closer to him 
and whispered that I thought he had a bigger cock than 
the man on the TV. He smiled and took my hand and moved 
it onto his big dick. I squeezed it gently. It felt so 
damn firm and hot, it made me think of pictures I had 
seen of a horse. Under my fingers it was getting 

I said, "Andy, Jake told me his cock was really big and 
I was a lucky girl to have a husband with such a big 
one." Andy chuckled. He unzipped his pants and pulled 
out his cock, all 12 inches of it. Now I couldn’t take 
my eyes off of it at all.

He said, "Well, Jake lied about his cock, but not about 
you being lucky." He put my hand back on his naked 
hard-on. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I was so hot 
for him. I stroked him with my hand and heard him tell 
me that he had had a hard on many times since he met me 
and always wanted me to see it. 

He’d always hoped, just maybe I would like it and we 
could enjoy each other.
By now all I wanted was to put my mouth on it. I bent 
over his middle and guided his cock over to my mouth. 
It was so big and smooth and hot, just like Jake’s only 
twice as big! I sucked it in a little at a time, 
pumping the shaft with my hand and taking as much of 
him as I could, while he lay back groaning with 

It didn’t take him long to come in my mouth. I was so 
excited then that I came a little myself just taking 
care of this horse cock. Not only was it much bigger 
than Jake’s, Andy’s pole pulsed and jerked a lot more 
when he came, and there was a lot more come. I couldn’t 
swallow it all and half of it spilled down on him and 
the couch.

When he could calm down Andy looked so happy and 
grateful. He said that was the best blow job he’d ever 
had and wanted me to know that he idolized me for being 
so open with him. He put his arm around me and hugged 
me and said that after he recovered a little he wanted 
to give my pussy what it really needed. I told him that 
was fine with me! In about half an hour, he did just 

We stayed right on the couch, making out. In no time he 
had my top off so he could pay my titties a lot of 
attention, sucking and squeezing them until I thought 
my pussy would catch fire. I don’t know what we were 
thinking, if Jake or his mom had awakened and come out 
to the family room they’d have gotten a big surprise! 
But luckily both of them were passed out from too much 

Before long my panties and skirt came off and joined my 
top on the coffee table. Andy had his fingers in my 
pussy as his cock started to stiffen and swell again. I 
was so wet and ready, I needed him inside me. I 
straddled him and held his big stiff cock against my 
slit and felt it slowly slide into me. 

Even as turned on as I was, it took a little while to 
ease that thing in, but once he was all the way in it 
felt so good. He said later that I rode his pole like a 
cowgirl riding a bucking bronco! The way he was built I 
got so much stimulation, I lost track of how many times 
I came. He filled me up with his come and I knew then 
just how lucky I was, like Jake had said but not for 
the reason he gave.

Since that time Andy and I have sex pretty much all the 
time. I try to take advantage of every chance I get. 
Jake never seemed to be surprised that I would want to 
spend almost every weekend at the in-laws. Almost every 
Saturday we have a barbecue and pool party and a lot of 
beer. Jake likes to drink and he gets himself steadily 
plastered so that he doesn’t connect up all the horsing 
around between me and Andy. 

By the time it gets dark he’s lucky he can see well 
enough to find the guest room. And Jake’s mom never 
stays up past 9 o’clock at night, leaving Andy and me 
alone to keep each other company. The way I see it, 
everybody is getting what they need, especially me, and 
nobody is getting hurt.

The other thing is that Jake’s brother, Jason, who is 
very well hung like his dad, found out what was going 
on. I suspect that Andy told him, but I don’t care 
because now both of them take care of my needs. I don’t 
mind that I have to pretend that I can feel Jake’s 
"little" cock in me and fake an orgasm, as long as his 
dad and brother keep me well fucked.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


These incidents took place last year, and I am still in 
a state of shock after losing my new wife to superior 
black cock. I have lost all confidence since she left 
me, and have not been able to find a new girlfriend. My 
ex-wife, on the other hand is living in the house next 
door, having a fine time with her new black lover. I am 
sure she is fucking not only him but also his friends.

It all started when we were offered a cut-price week in 
Majorca by our next door neighbour Dermott. I had been 
looking forward to a well-earned holiday with my new 
bride, Sara, and I had been working hard at my factory 
job, putting in extra hours on the production line to 
pay for the trip. Even so, my job only paid minimum 
wages and we were struggling to afford a decent 

Sara is a natural blonde of 27 with a slightly large 
nose, plump arse and muscular thighs. She works part 
time at the local riding stables, and with her short 
blonde hair, oversize tits and strawberry-sized 
nipples, is considered very pretty by most men. 

Being 38, overweight and quite ugly myself, I 
considered her to be a great catch. I knew she had had 
plenty of boyfriends before me, but her parents were 
close friends with my mother and father, and had 
exerted a lot of pressure on her to accept my 
proposition of marriage. 

Things could have gone better since the wedding. I was 
both in love and in lust with her, but unfortunately I 
was suffering from premature ejaculation. Her slutty 
bedroom antics were too much for me, and I would 
usually come before entering her. 

To make matters worse I was diagnosed as being 
infertile, and had to break the news to her that I 
could not give her children. Whereas at first she was 
sympathetic to our problems, she had recently become 
more scathing, openly questioning whether she had made 
the right decision by marrying me. 

Dermott, a muscular black man in his early thirties, 
was living next door, and to be honest I was a little 
scared of him. He never treated me with any respect, 
and the only time I complained about his music, he told 
me in no uncertain terms to "Fuck off ya piece a' 

He was always having visitors round late at night, and 
I suspected he was involved in crime in some way. I was 
made more resentful by the fact that he would flirt 
with Sara in my presence, and to my annoyance and anger 
she had recently been encouraging him, stopping to talk 
to him on the street and even waving to him through the 

Well Sara must have mentioned our financial problems to 
him because next thing I knew he was offering us a 
couple of tickets to Greece at less than half price. It 
seemed that two of his friends had pulled out of a 
package holiday, and he was hoping that Sara and me 
would make up a foursome. I was in two minds about 
accepting pointing out that I had never got on well 
with Dermott. But Sara was sure we should accept the 
offer: "We'd be stupid not to," she said. "Deep down, 
I'm sure Dermott is a nice guy. He wouldn't have 
offered us the tickets if he wasn't." 

I had been hoping that our holiday would revitalise our 
love life. If I could relax, I reasoned, my sexual 
problems might go away. But I didn't know if I could 
relax sharing the holiday with Larry and, no doubt, one 
of his white sluts, in tow. But Sara was too was keen 
to back down, and eventually I agreed to take the 
tickets. On the day of departure I got the shock of my 
life. The doorbell rang and there stood Dermott 
together with another black man -standing well over 6' 
and even more muscular than Dermott. "This here's 
Larry," he said. Bro, this piece o' shit is Peter, guy 
who don't like rap." 

"Yeah, I've heard about you," said Larry, not bothering 
to shake hands. "You'd better not come out with any of 
that "turn the music down" shit in the hotel, we're 
liable to kick yo lilywhite ass." They both laughed. 
Then Sara turned up, wearing tight, thin blue shorts 
and a red halter-top. I saw her give a quick glance at 
both men and lick her lips. "Who's this?" she asked, 
looking at Larry with a little-girl surprised voice. 
"Larry, pleased to meet ya," Larry replied, and the 
smooth bastard kissed her hand, making her pretty 
cheeks blush with embarrassment before explaining that 
he would be sharing a room with Dermott in the hotel. 

We made our way to the cab and Sara sat in the back, 
wedged in between the two big black men, while I sat in 
the front. I was beginning not to like the way this was 
heading. On the plane journey I kept mainly to myself 
while Sara chatted to our black travelling companions 
and drank beer. She was certainly revelling in the 
attention of the two handsome guys, while I was 
silently fuming with jealousy. When we arrived at the 
hotel room a major row began to brew. 

"Jesus, Sara, just stop it now," I said angrily. 
"You're my wife, unless you've forgotten. I saw Dermott 
with his hand on your knee on the plane. We have to 
steer clear of them, they're bad news." 

"You boring little fuck," she retorted. "I've had just 
enough of you and your pathetic sulks?" Just then we 
were disturbed by loud rap music coming from the next 
room. I walked onto the balcony and saw Dermott and 
Larry on the adjacent balcony listening to the music 
and smoking a reefer. The heavily muscled coal black 
men were both wearing only shorts, and their bodies 
were rock hard and perfect.

Dermott had the physique of a heavyweight boxer and 
Larry was also heavily built. He had tattoos on his 
shoulder and neck. "Hope the music's not dissing you," 
said Larry to me "Well, as a matter of fact," I began 
"Because you better get used to it, shithead." He was 
about to say more but just then Sara poked her head 
around the door. "Hi guys" she said. "Is that Cypress 
Hill? I love it." She started to move her ass to and 
fro to the music. 

I stomped back into the room, leaving Sara on the 
balcony swaying and chatting about the music. She 
obviously preferred talking to them than talking to me. 
Then, after five minutes of moping in the room, I heard 
giggles and then screams coming from the balcony. I 
walked back out, just in time to see two strong black 
hands lifting my Sara over the rail separating the two 
balconies. Laughing, she ended up on Larry's lap on the 
other side. "What's going on?" I asked. 

"Bitch prefers black men," retorted Dermott. "She 
dumping yo sad ass." 

Sara was laughing. "I just came over for a smoke," she 
explained, taking the joint from Larry's mouth." 

"Well you can damn well come back this instant." I 
ordered angrily. I stomped back into the bedroom 
expecting Sara to follow. She did not, but I could make 
out snatches of Conversation coming from the balcony. 

I heard Sara sigh, and then say "Boring? never any 
fun." Then I made out one of the guys saying: "We're 
not boring, look." then Sara shrieking with laughter. 
Then silence, then Sara again "God, how did you get a 
body like this? Fucking hell Derm?" Then: "Yo like that 
bitch?" "yeah, like every girl's dream - god, look at 
those muscles..." "Not like yo wimp ass husband, 

Not able to stand any more I walked out of the hotel 
room and down to the bar. I bought a stiff drink, and 
sat down by the pool, where I had a view of the balcony 
40ft above. Sara appeared to be sitting on Larry's knee 
with her feet in Dermott's lap. 

I couldn't believe my darling wife was flirting 
blatantly with these uncouth men. After a few minutes 
they rose and vanished into their room. I gulped my 
drink down and set off back upstairs. I was determined 
not to lose my wife to these two black men. I entered 
our bedroom and pressed my ear to the wall. I thought I 
heard something, so I pressed a glass against the wall. 
It was thin, and I could clearly hear what was going 

"Yeah, suck it slut" (SLURP) "Like em big like this, 
bitch?" (SLURP, SLURP) "You like to suck brothers' 

"Ooh yeah," I heard my wife breath before her voice was 
replaced by more slurping sounds. 

"Yeah, suck on it ya fucking white tart." (SLUUUUURP!!) 
I couldn't stand it any more and in a rush of blood I 
stormed round to their front door and began hammering 
on it. After a couple of minutes the door was flung 
open and Larry stood there. 

He was naked, and making no attempt to conceal a thick 
11' cock, which appeared to be covered in salvia. "What 
can I do for you? He asked, laughing. "Have you come to 
complain about the noise from wife suckin' our dicks?" 
From inside, I heard Sara laugh. 

"Please," I said, "Can't I just speak to her for a 

"Sure, be my guest," he said, and gestured for me to 
walk past him into the room. The sight I saw inside 
shocked me to the bone. Dermott sat naked at the side 
of the bed, while Sara, the slut was on her knees using 
both hands to slowly wank the biggest black dick I had 
ever seen. It was absolutely huge, jet black, the 
length of a wine bottle and very, very hard. 

"Bitch!" I yelled and slapped her, hard in the face. In 
an instant both black men were on me, and the beating I 
received was merciless. 

First they battered my face, then held me on the floor 
and punched me hard on all over my arms and legs Until 
I was bruised everywhere and pleading with them to 
stop. Then Dermott pulled me up and held my hands 
securely as Larry began to bitch-slap me." 

"She yo our bitch now." (Slap) "She done told us you 
can't give her no baby. What kind of man is that?" 
(Slap) (Slap)

Sara, still in her tight shorts and halter-top, was 
sitting on the bed watching my humiliation intently. 
"How's it feel, whitey? (slap) She loves nigaz, (slap) 
you can't do nothin' bout it!" (slap) You tuch her 
'gin, we'll kill you. How do ya like that? Yo wife out 
of bounds, now, dickface." 

Dermott then tugged me by my hair and threw me on down 
the bed beside Sara. She glanced at me with scorn, then 
punched me square on the nose. "If you fuckin' try to 
slap me again, Peter, you're dead," she said. "I want a 

The men then pushed me out of the room and locked the 
door. As I began to crawl back to mine and Sara's room 
I heard my wife's throaty laugh. That night was the 
worst of my life. The thin walls meant that I could 
hear my darling wife being soundly sexed by the two 
black men. I didn't get a wink of sleep, and I counted 
nine of her very vocal orgasms before dawn. 

As I lay there I could only imagine her being passed 
from man to man, treated like the whore she has 
obviously become. The next day she returned, but only 
to carry her suitcase next door. I tried to persuade 
her to stay and talk to me, but she simply said, "Do 
you know anything about biology, Peter? Didn't you 
study it at school?" 

When I remained silent, she continued "Well I do. I'll 
give you the facts." She looked me right in the eye. "I 
am a beautiful, fertile woman, Peter. But you are a man 
who cannot produce fertile sperm. A runt, if you like." 
she added, cruelly. 

"Dermott and Larry, on the other hand, are very, very 
fertile men. Did you know they have fathered thirteen 
children between them? They are both what is known as 
alpha males, Peter, and now they have selected me as 
their mate. They want to breed me and you know what? I 
am very, very grateful for that. I am honoured. I will 
do anything they ask to get the sperm from their big 
dicks into my womb. I will be their slut for as long as 
they want me." With that, she swirled on her high heels 
and left the room. I was left in a state of shock. 

The rest of the holiday was hell for me. The next night 
I tried to leave to avoid the racket from the next 
room, but Dermott and Larry dragged me back into their 
room, where they took great pleasure in forcing me to 
sit in a chair and watch while they bred my sweet wife. 

The rougher they treated her, the more she seemed to 
enjoy it. She especially liked slurping on Dermott's 
massive pole while staring at me in the eyes. As I was 
not allowed to wank, my cock was swollen to bursting. 
As she sucked Dermott's black cock, she was very vocal, 
saying things like. "I love feeling the weight of your 
massive black fuck-stick, darling, it's perfect for 
breeding me." "You little whore," Dermott said. "What 
about your husband's cock?" 

"My ex-husband, don't you mean," she replied between 
slurps. Still staring into my eyes, she continued: "You 
know I'm in love with you now and worship your massive 
black dick (slurp). It's fuckin' huge. How could I go 
back to that impotent little shithole? Your pole is so 
fucking massive, Dermott, perfect for breeding black 

"You hearing this impotent little shit?" asked Larry, 
who was standing next to me. He cuffed me across the 

"Yes, that's it, beat him up," said Sara, still 
slurping Dermott's oversized cock obscenely. "Smack the 
WIMP up. Hey WIMP, how does it feel to be single again? 
(sluuuuurp). How does it feel to watch your wife 
sucking a superior black dick? 

Sara then swayed over to me, sat on my lap and started 
licking and kissing my face, then she rubbed her 
breasts against me and put her hand on my crotch. 
"Sorry darling," she breathed in my ear as she jiggled 
on my knee. "I just don't need you any more." 

She kissed me sensually on the lips before continuing 
"Not as a lover, not as a provider, and not as a 
husband. You're out of the picture, Peter darling." 
Larry and Dermott then stood at either side of her with 
their hard dicks out, right in front of my face. As I 
watched, my wife began to give them both a slutty blow 
job just inches from my face. I tried to close my eyes, 
but Larry slapped me again, saying, "Keep watchin' 

I was in tears long before - much to the amusement of 
Sara - Dermott forced me to lick his huge pole. It 
almost made me choke as he shoved it into my mouth and 
shot his massive load down my throat. Both men 
proceeded to fuck my wife hard on the bed while I was 
forced to watch. Sara rubbed salt in my wounds by 
acting like a complete whore, begging them for their 
stiff cocks, and urging them to breed her and give her 
a baby. 

When I was finally allowed to go back to my room I knew 
that my wife was lost forever. By the end of the 
vacation Sara was really revelling in my torment. They 
dragged me to a tatooist where they made me have "sissy 
white wimp" etched on my butt, while Sara had "black 
cock slut" on her arm, much to the amusement of the 
other customers. When we arrived home she wasted no 
time in moving in with Dermott. 

My wife has now become a breeding bitch for my black 
neighbour and his friends, and makes no attempt to hide 
the fact. On the contrary, most days I see her parading 
her swollen belly on the streets still wearing tight 
dresses and high heels like a common whore. 

Despite her pregnancy of six months, I know she is 
still sexually active. I can clearly hear her fucking 
next door, and nowadays I pray for the loud music to 
drown out the noise. 

Monday, 20 June 2016


From the first time I had sex with a man I became 
addicted to feeling him shooting his cum inside my 
pussy. When I felt it would make me cum twice as hard. 
It's hard to believe I never got pregnant. I started 
having sex at 17. I was 23 when I had my first baby 
with my husband. Four years later we had another. Then 
three years later me and my sister's husband had 
another one. Yes my sister's husband.

I found that the more intense the man's orgasm, the 
more intense mine was. I didn't really care much about 
size as long as it was at least six inches. I found out 
young that almost all men like to cum inside a girl and 
get them pregnant. I love the feeling and the rush of 
possibly getting pregnant. So this is always how I had 

I found that some of the most intense orgasms men have 
is when I would have a boyfriend I would always have 
sex with another guy. Yeah I cheated! So what! Do you 
know how intense a mans orgasm is when your having sex 
with him. He knows I have a boyfriend and you tell him 
too shoot in you so you so he can get you pregnant. OH 
MY GOD!!! Intense!

I love my sister a lot but when she first introduced me 
to her new husband I have to admit my body temp went up 
and I got wet. Damn he was hot! I was really impressed. 
I thought for sure he could be a perfect candidate for 
my infidelity. But I wanted to be sure first so I got 
to know him slowly. After a while I flirted with him. 
He didn't seem to mind to I would go further each time. 

Eventually one night my husband and I and my sister and 
her husband went out to a club. Dancing and drinking. 
We got pretty loaded and I dragged him onto the dance 
floor. We started dancing together. I put my hands 
behind him and pinched his ass. He in return did it 
back. I turned around grinding my ass into his crotch. 
His dick was already hard and seemed a good size. I now 
knew he was mine.

It was a few months later I put together a party at my 
house and invited them to it. They came and we all got 
drunk. I tried to pace myself and hope Mike, her 
husband, didn't drink to much. It was late when my 
husband and my sister passed out. Mike was still up but 
said he was tired and was going to sleep in the 
basement on the couch. Sleep? Ha, fat chance.

I woke him up quietly whispering in his ear. "Mike, 
Mike wake up." He woke gently to see me standing over 
him in a bathrobe. "Shhhhh," I said as I dropped my 
bathrobe to reveal my 130 lb nude body. Mike looked in 
disbelief. His eyes wondered if it was real. I assured 
him it was as I kissed him on the lips. "Mmmmmmm," I 

He reached up and cupped my tits in his hands and began 
rubbing his thumbs over my hard nipples. I pulled his 
shirt off as he continued exploring my tits. I wanted 
him naked so I pulled his pants off also to reveal 
about a seven inch one inch thick cock. There wasn't 
enough room on the couch so I laid a blanket down on 
the floor and laid on it on my back. He lay down next 
to me kissing me and sucking on my sensitive nipples. I 
was hot and real wet. My mind was already starting to 
wonder what he was going to feel like when he started 
rubbing my pussy and my clit. I was getting off the 
charts with one orgasm already behind me almost ready 
for another.

He played with my pussy for a little while longer 
bringing me to another orgasm. I was his now for the 
taking. I was clay in his hands. He had complete 
control over me. I was ready and willing to take all 
his cock in me and feel him plant his seed in me. I 
orgasmed again.

He wasn't having putting his cock in me yet. You see he 
figured he was going to do his best work on me. He went 
down sticking his tongue in my swollen, dripping, 
pussy. Sucking my clit and darting his tongue in and 
out of my pussy got me two more right in his face. He 
tried to lap it all up but I knew it was impossible I 
came so much. I couldn't take it anymore and begged him 
for his cock. "Please put your cock in me now," I 

He pulled himself up until we were almost face to face. 
I felt his cock hot against my skin. "You want this?" 
he asked. 

"Yes put it in me," I said breathlessly.

He did just that. As wet as I was it had no problem 
sliding all the way inside me. It felt so good in 
there. It fit perfectly. Like it was made just for my 
pussy. He started pumping me slow for a while and 
slowly built up his pace to a steady motion. I lifted 
my ass off the floor to meet his thrusts and came 
again. I realized this was enough. I wanted to feel him 
cum inside me.

"Cum for me baby," I said.


"Cum in me Mike."

"But can't you get pregnant?"

"Yessss! I want to feel you shoot your sperm into me, 
into my tubes and to my fertile egg. Do it. Do it baby, 
do it now!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes cum inside me, get me fuckin' pregnant, I want to 
have your baby!"

He started pumping in me little faster. His breathing 
got deeper. "Oh my god I'm gonna cum in you!"

He started to pull out. Fuck no he ain't! He's not 
pulling out. I'm getting every drop of it in me. I 
quickly wrapped my legs around him pulling him to me 
and putting the anaconda death grip on him. He wasn't 
going anywhere.

Then I felt it. The first spurt hit me like liquid fire 
inside. "UUUUgggghhh!!" He yelled out. Loud. 

I felt the second spurt. It was heavier than the first. 
The third spurt followed shortly after sending me to 
into the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life. 
I blacked out for a while. He just kept pumping it in 
me. After the fifth spurt I believe my womb was full of 
baby making sperm and I would be pregnant with this 
man's baby. He collapsed on top of me spent just as I 
was. We lay there for awhile cuddling. 

We talked about baby names and that we would continue 
without ending our marriages.

We still have sex. Not as much. The baby came out 
looking like me so no suspicion was cast. I've had good 
sex since but nothing will compare to that night.