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Mulai esok 1 Jun 2017, blog ini berehat selama sebulan atas sebab sebab yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Kita jumpa lagi pada 1 Julai nanti. Insya Allah. Selamat hari raya aidilfitri dari admin.


Blog ini semakin mendapat sambutan dengan rating tertinggi bagi bulan mei 2017 ialah sebanyak 516 hits. 10 rating tertinggi adalah seperti berikut:-

1. Kongsi isteri (3 mei)- 516 hits
2. Jiran baru (6 mei)
3. Meneroka Fidah (16 mei)
4. Cheating wife (9 mei)
5. Tiga tahun lalu (4 mei)
6. Aku dan Mat (8 mei)
7. Nana (1 mei)
8. Mama (10 mei)
9. Pak Itam (19 mei)]
10. Mak Cik Mah (18 mei)

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Sempena bulan Ramadhan, blog ini berehat selama sebulan. Jumpa lagi selepas hari raya nanti. Insya Allah. Saya mengucapkan selamat berpuasa kepada semua pembaca beragama Islam.- ADMIN

Thursday, 25 May 2017


My wife Keri sure knows how to give a blow job. I’m 
lying here in bed with my head propped up on a pillow 
as she sucks on my cock. I’m watching the way she 
erotically uses her ruby red lips when she engulfs the 
head. I certainly wish I was bigger. I always imagined 
Keri sucking on a huge cock. One of those big cocks 
with a head as big as a door knob.

Have to close my eyes for a moment. Keri’s hot mouth 
feels so good right now. The way she makes those wet 
sounds and smacks her lips against the head of my cock 
every so often drives me insane. I can feel her hot 
wet tongue making a trail along the side of my cock 
right now. She’s giggling right now as she stares up 
at my expression. Keri knows she is hot when it comes 
to sucking dick. 

Keri has lots of experience. Don’t get me wrong. She’s 
not a whore. I taught her everything she knows about 
sucking cock and fucking. I’m actually the only guy 
Keri has ever fucked. We met in college. Keri was a 
freshman and I had lost my job and was back in school 
studying for a new carrier. 

Keri was only nineteen at the time. She was the 
sexiest thing I ever saw in my whole life! Red hair, 
freckles, big full tits and a full ass to match. Curvy 
long legs that seemed to go for miles. She was in one 
of my morning classes. I sat right behind her and 
couldn’t keep my eyes off her hot body.

I got up enough nerve one day to ask her if I could 
walk her to her dorm room and she accepted my offer. I 
figured I didn’t have anything to loose. I knew my 
chances ofactually fucking this hot looking redhead 
were pretty slim at my age. Keri was nineteen and I 
was thirty six. A seventeen year difference in our 
ages. I found that she was rather shy and didn’t have 
a boyfriend.

She told me she grew up on a farm in Nebraska. 
Something like two miles from the nearest town. We 
walked and talked as we approached her dorm. All I can 
remember was the way her huge tits bounced with every 
step she took. Hot chick, a little nerdy but I 
understood since she grew up in the country. 

After speaking to Keri I figured her parents were the 
old fashion type so she was never allowed to date when 
she was going to school. She told me it was a small 
school with about seventy five students. Kind of 
reminded me of the old days but I guess there were 
places still that rural. 

I asked her out and she accepted my offer. I don’t 
think we went any further than a kiss for the first 
several dates. I wanted Keri so bad but wanted to play 
it cool and it certainly panned out for the best. We 
got married as soon as Keri graduated college. Her 
parents wouldn’t have it any other way. We were 
married that summer on their farm in Nebraska. The 
place was everything Keri ever told me about it. Out 
in the boonies! 

Keri was twenty two on our wedding day and me. Well I 
was going to be turning forty that fall. Yes, I was 
the luckiest forty year old guy in Nebraska that 
summer. We spent our honeymoon in Jamaica. Keri and I 
spent lots of time in our room that week. We did hit 
the beach whenever we weren’t having wild sex. I’d 
been teaching everything I knew about sex to Keri. She 
was so naive when it came to sex when we first met. 

I actually got her hooked on watching porn movies. 
Keri is very open about the things she likes to do 
during sex and she’ll pick out the movies we are going 
to watch. Seriously, I’m not bullshitting you at all!
Keri learned everything about being a good housewife 
from her mother. Great cook, house keeper and all. I 
taught her everything she now knows about sex. 

I remember being on the beach in Jamaica. Keri would 
stare at all the guys and had a knack for finding the 
hung men and laugh and joke about them to me. That was 
the first time I ever noticed her attraction to black 
men. She’d single out these tall muscular black men 
and just stare at them as they walked past us. I took 
careful note of the way Keri stared at these younger 
black men. 

During our first year of marriage I found a great job 
at a nearby advertising company. Keri started her own 
online business selling clothes. She actually designed 
some of the things she sells. Our sex life was good 
and Keri wanted to start a family so she quit taking 
the pill. A whole year had gone by and nothing was 
happening. Keri visited her doctor about once a month 
and found nothing wrong.

One day her doctor made the suggestion that I should 
come in and be tested and I did. I learned that I was 
the problem. I had no idea it was my fault Keri wasn’t 
pregnant by now. I know Keri was very disappointed but 
it was something we had to live with. We talked many 
times about adopting a baby but that never 

Keri was always very open and mentioned many times 
about adopting a foreign baby. We started looking at 
these programs they had for adopting babies from other 
countries. That’s when I learned that Keri was partial 
to adopting a black baby from one of those African 

Many of nights I sat up wondering about Keri’s 
attraction of black babies and men for that matter. I 
knew where she grew up there were only white people. I 
think she was fascinated more than anything. It wasn’t 
until a couple years later that we started watching 
these interracial porn movies. Keri seemed most 
attracted to these than any other porn movies now. 

I helped searching for the perfect movies that I knew 
would turn Keri on. I tried to find the ones with hung 
muscular black men and good looking redheads. I didn’t 
mind that Keri was aroused by these type movies. 
Whatever made her the most horny was alright by me. It 
always lead to the best sex for us. 

We’re in our fourth year of marriage now. Still 
haven’t gone thru with any adoption plans. Keri just 
celebrated her twenty- seventh birthday. I’ll be 
hitting forty five this coming fall. Keri is still 
working on my cock right now. I feel like I’m going to 
explode at any given minute now. I can tell. Keri 
wants me to cum for her. Working her face up and down 
my six inch cock. Faster and faster I feel her hot wet 
tongue working it’s magic on my cock.

Oh...shit...Here it comes! Exploding in Keri’s hot 
open mouth. Working her lips and tongue on my cock as 
I cum. One spurt, two than a third smaller spurt. I 
was done for the night. Keri swallowed my cum and 
smiled at me just before moving up and planting her 
warm wet lips onto mine. As always, she got a kick out 
of kissing me right after I came inside her mouth.

Poke her tongue inside my mouth. Letting me taste my 
own cum as she giggled and I squeezed her big full 
tits. Afterward we laid there and cuddled before we 
went to sleep. 

As I mentioned. Keri ran her own online business 
store. The UPS truck made its daily pickups from our 
house. Nothing much ever happened in our neighborhood 
until the house next door went on the market. I came 
home from work one afternoon and saw a moving truck 
parked out front. Keri told me the place had been sold 
and she saw our new neighbor that morning talking to 
the movers. 

It was Friday and we usually went out to eat for 
dinner on Friday nights. The moving truck was pulling 
away as we walked out to our car. That’s when I heard 
a voice coming from next door. The hedges were kind of 
high. About six feet and all I could see was a face 
looking over at me. It was a black man smiling and 
waving his hand at us.

I waived back and started to walk toward the hedges 
when he motioned for us both to come around to his 
side. Keri followed me. She was dressed in a tight 
black dress with heels. She looked so hot and 
inviting. We always went out to dinner with Keri 
dressed in something hot and sexy. We’d come home 
afterward and fuck our brains out.

We got around to the other side of the hedges. I saw 
this tall muscular black man standing there waiting 
for us. He looked like a linebacker for a professional 
football team. 

“Hey...I’m your new neighbor... Paul...” in ironically 
a Jamaican accent.

I smiled. “Glad to meet you Paul. I’m Tony and this is 

Paul reached out and shook my hand. “It’s a pleasure 
to meet you.” he looked over at Keri and took her 
hand. “This must be your daughter I assume?” 

Before I had a chance to correct Paul, Keri smiled and 
quickly replied. “Yeah. I’m Keri and this is my Dad.”

I didn’t know how to respond. Keri had a scene of 
humor and loved playing jokes on people. She pulled 
this one before when we’ve been out a few times than 
we’d cuddle at a restaurant or kiss and watch people’s 
reaction thinking they were watching a Father and 
daughter making out. But this was our neighbor!

Paul turned back to me and said. “You have a beautiful 
daughter Tony.” I was watching out of the corner of my 
eyes as Keri slipped off her wedding rings and put 
them inside her purse. She was going to roll with this 
little prank. I had no choice at this time put to roll 
with her.

“Uh...Thank you Paul. She is gorgeous. How do you like 
your new house?”

“Everything is fine. Can’t wait to start painting and 
fixing the place up a bit.”

I replied. “What type of work do you do Paul?”

Paul replied. “I own a modeling agency in town. We 
specialize in new models and working in the clothing 

“Keri designs her own clothes and I’m with an 
advertising agency.”

I don’t think Paul heard the part about my job. He 
just starred at Keri and replied. “So you design your 
own clothes? I’d love to see some of your things.”

Keri took a pin out of her purse and wrote down the 
name of her web site and gave it to Paul. Paul made a 
few comments to Keri before we headed out to eat that 
night. Keri teased me all thru dinner about being her 
Father. She even slipped her wedding rings back on her 
finger during our meal. Keri later promised to tell 
Paul the truth the next time she saw him. 

I told Keri later that night when we were cuddling in 
bed that it was a good idea to tell Paul the truth. We 
screwed that night and Keri came three times before I 
shot my load inside her pussy. I knew she was aroused 
by the way Paul was looking at her today and had to 
wonder to myself if Keri would actually want to fuck 
another man. I was going to ask her after we had sex 
but decided to keep my thoughts to myself. At least 
for now.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Mak Esah dan keluarga cukup gembira kerana didatangi rombongan merisik anak daranya. Rombongan itu ingin menyunting sekuntum bunga yang sedang mekar di taman Mak Esah. Mazlina anak daranya yang berusia 19 tahun itu memang wajar berumah tangga. Justeru itu kedatangan rombongan merisik amat menggembirakan Mak Esah.

Bagi penduduk di kampung terpencil yang jauh di pedalaman, usia 19 tahun dianggap sudah terlajak untuk berumah tangga. Bagi masyarakat di situ gadis-gadis biasanya sudah bernikah pada usia 15 tahun. Kerana itu Mazlina atau biasa dipanggil Ina sudah dianggap anak dara tua.

Petang itu Mak Esah dan suaminya berkunjung ke rumah Lebai Jusuh, imam kampung itu bagi mendapat pandangan dan nasihat. Lebai Jusuh, lelaki separuh baya di kampung itu sentiasa ditanya pendapatnya dalam segala hal kerana dianggap orang terpelajar dan berilmu tinggi, terutama ilmu agama.

Lebai Jusuh yang mengajar di surau kampung itu sering mengeluarkan fatwa untuk pengikutnya. Fatwanya sentiasa dipatuhi walaupun kadang-kadang mengelirukan. Penduduk kampung tidak berani menyangkal kerana mereka cetek dalam hal ilmu agama.

Lebai Jusuh menjadi satu-satunya rujukan orang kampung kerana kampung mereka agak jauh di pedalaman dan mereka tidak banyak berinteraksi dengan orang luar, apalagi tokoh agama dari tempat lain. Apa-apa ajaran imam ini akan dipatuhi tanpa persoalan kerana orang-orang kampung percaya sepenuhnya pada imam tersebut.

Lebai Jusuh selaku imam yang sering dirujuk dan diminta pendapat memang kenal setiap orang kampung dan tahu seluruh sejarah hidup setiap orang yang lebih muda darinya seperti bila lahir, bila cukur jambul, bila berkhatan, khatam Quran atau tidak, bertunang, bernikah dan sebagainya kerana semua persoalan itu dirujuk kepadanya terlebih dahulu.

Malah, masalah yang sulit-sulit seperti hal-hal dalam kelambu laki bini pun dirujuk kepada imam itu juga. Maka, tahulah imam itu siapa yang mati pucuk, siapa yang lemah syahwat dan siapa yang main kayu tiga. Pendek kata, Pak Imam itu amat dihormati oleh orang kampung.

Apabila keluarga Mak Esah merujukkan cadangan pernikahan anaknya Ina kepada Pak Imam, beliau dengan senang hati memberikan tunjuk ajar dan sudi memberi kuliah kepada calon pengantin tentang tanggungjawab suami isteri, kiranya seperti Kursus Pra-Perkahwinanlah yang dianjurkan di bandar-bandar.

“Saya ingin bertanya satu soalan kepada Pak Imam. Perkara ni amat sulit nak diluahkan,” Mak Esah tergagap-gagap bersuara.

“Cakap sajalah, kalau boleh ditolong akan saya tolong,” jawab Pak Imam penuh wibawa.

“Berat pula nak dicakapkan, Pak Imam,” Mak Esah masih tidak mampu meluahkannya.

“Cakap sajalah, semua masalah boleh diselesaikan,” Pak Imam masih menunjukkan kewibawaannya sebagai pakar rujuk.

“Ini hal anak saya, Ina,” Mak Esah belum mampu meluahkannya.

“Tak apa, cakap sajalah,” Pak Imam telah mula hilang sabar.

“Anak saya waktu kecil dulu sering sakit-sakit, kerana itu dia tidak disunatkan,” Mak Esah meluahkan kemuskilannya.

“Ohh! begitu ceritanya. Tapi bersunat ni wajib mengikut agama kita,” jawab Pak Imam sedikit terperanjat.

“Sudah besar begini perlu disunatkan juga ke Pak Imam?” tanya Mak Esah.

“Wajib! Jika tidak, nanti persetubuhan mereka jadi haram dan zina dan anak hasil rahim Ina pun dikira luar nikah dan dibin atau dibintikan Abdullah. Suaminya tidak layak menjadi wali kepada anak perempuannya nanti,” jawab imam penuh wibawa.

Keluarga Mak Esah pun tidak banyak soal lagi. Entah di mana Pak Imam itu mendapat ajaran tersebut, Mak Esah tidak menyoal langsung sebab mereka lebih-lebih lagi jahil hal ehwal agama dan bergantung sepenuhnya kepada Pak Imam. Mak Esah dan kebanyakan penduduk kampung buta huruf dan cetek ilmu agama. Pak Imam sendiri merantau dan berguru dengan pelbagai tok guru yang dikatakan hebat-hebat. Maka orang kampung pun menaruh sepenuh kepercayaan kepada ajaran Pak Imam ini.

Mak Esah meminta nasihat Pak Imam bagaimana hendak membuat persiapan bagi menyunatkan Ina yang sudah berusia 19 tahun itu. Mak Esah dan keluarga tak mahu heboh-heboh perkara ini. Mereka mengangap perkara ini adalah rahsia dan hanya Pak Imam saja yang mengetahuinya. Mereka mengharapkan Pak Imam sajalah yang menyunatkan Ina.

Pak Imam menyuruh menyediakan beberapa jenis kain dan rempah ratus. Pak Imam memanggil keluarga Mak Esah datang ke rumahnya untuk berbincang lebih lanjut upacara menyunatkan gadis itu nanti. Upacara ini akan dilakukan pada Hari Khamis petang Jumaat akan datang.

Seperti dijanjikan, Mak Esah dan Ina datang ke rumah Pak Imam. Supaya tidak diganggu maka Mak Esah disuruh pulang terlebih dulu. Ina akan pulang sendiri selepas selesai pemeriksaan kerana rumah Mah Esah tidaklah jauh sangat.

“Aku perlu memeriksa kemaluan Ina untuk membuat persiapan aku sendiri,” Pak imam memulakan mukadimahnya.

Tanpa bantahan maka Ina pun disuruh masuk ke bilik rawatan di rumah Pak Imam itu. Tanpa prasangka dan curiga Ina patuh kepada arahan. Dia tidak mahu anak-anaknya nanti akan digelar anak haram seperti kata Pak imam.

“Ha, Ina. Baring kat tilam tu, tanggalkan semua pakaian kau dan selimut dengan kain batik tu. Aku kena periksa tubuh badan kau dan berikau ubat-ubatan yang sesuai pada kau. Kau baring dulu, aku nak bersiap ni.”

Ina pun patuh dan menanggalkan semua pakaiannya dan berselimut kain batik yang hanya menutup tubuhnya dari dada hingga ke peha. Dia berasa tidak selesa dan sedikit malu kerana keadaannya itu. Dia juga berasa sedikit takut kerana ibunya telah meninggalkannya di rumah Pak Imam untuk berubat sebelum bersunat.

Ina tertanya-tanya apa agaknya yang akan dilakukan oleh Pak Imam untuk memeriksa tubuhnya. Setelah beberapa minit, Pak Imam pun masuk ke bilik rawatan. Dengan keyakinan penuh dan berwibawa Pak Imam menghampiri Ina.

“Dah buka semua baju kau?” Pak imam menyoal.

Ina mengangguk sahaja. Pak Imam tidak banyak cakap dan duduk di sisi Ina. Dia menyusun segala peralatannya di tepi tilam – sebuah mangkuk berkaki, sebuah besen berisi air, gayung kecil dan beberapa peralatan lain. Pak Imam mula membacakan beberapa potong ayat sambil tangannya menyingkap bahagian atas kain batik Ina dan mendedahkan bahagian atas buah dada Ina tetapi tidak menampakkan putingnya. Ina berdoa agar Pak Imam tidak akan membuka kainnya dan melihat putingnya.

Pak Imam menggosokkan sedikit air dari besen pada pangkal dada Ina dan terus membaca ayat. Tubuh Ina tiba-tiba berasa lain macam akibat sentuhan tangan Pak Imam itu. Pak Imam terus menarik kain batik itu sehingga ke pinggang Ina. Dia mengambil sedikit minyak dari botol kecil dan menitikkan ke atas kedua-dua puting Ina yang kemerahan.

Jari-jari Pak Imam meratakan minyak pada puting Ina. Dia terus mengurut puting-puting Ina sehingga terkeluar erangan halus dari mulut Ina. Ina sendiri belum pernah mengalami perasaan aneh ini.

Setelah itu, Pak Imam menutup kain batik itu semula dan beralih ke bahagian bawah tubuh Ina. Dia menarik kain batik itu ke atas sehingga paras pinggang Ina dan mendedahkan bahagian kemaluan Ina yang berbulu lebat itu.

“Hish, kamu tak pernah bercukur ke Ina?”

Ina berasa amat malu dan menggeleng sahaja. Sememangnya ia tidak pernah bercukur bulu ari-arinya itu sejak ia mula tumbuh waktu umurnya belasan tahan. Ina sendiri pun tidak pernah terfikir bahawa bulu kemaluannya itu mesti dipangkas.

“Kalau macam ni nanti masa bersunat aku kena buat upacara cukur macam cukur jambul budak,” Pak imam menerangkan.

”Tapi cukur jambul budak ramai yang datang cukur kan,” Ina bersuara perlahan dan ragu-ragu.

“Iyalah,” Pak imam menjawab sepatah.

“Pak Imam saja yang cukurkan tak boleh ke?” Ina bertanya dengan nada risau.

”Kerjaku dah jadi bertambah ni, pertama kena menyunat lepas tu kena bercukur pula. Kerja ni bukan boleh dibuat sekaligus,” Pak Imam menerangkan prosedurnya.

“Kangkang kaki kau. Aku nak periksa kelentit kau. Ini yang paling penting sebab aku nak menyunatkan bahagian ni.”

Ina pun menurut arahan. Pak Imam menghampirkan mukanya kepada kemaluan Ina yang berbulu lebat itu dan membacakan ayat lagi. Dia mengambil minyak dan menyapukan pada kelentit Ina. Dipicit-picitnya kelentit Ina sehingga kelentit Ina mengembang dan kemerahan.

Air likat mula keluar dari lubang kemaluan Ina yang mula terbuka. Ina berasa begitu ghairah walaupun dia malu. Dia menahan rasa lazat yang memuncak pada kelentit dan kedua-dua putingnya. Sekali lagi dia mengalami perasaan aneh disekujur tubuhnya.

Pak Imam sebagai lelaki normal terbuka nafsunya bila melihat kemaluan anak dara di hadapannya itu. Tundun dara yang tembam, bulu-bulu lebat hitam yang menghiasinya, kelentit yang menegang, bibir-bibir merah yang ternganga, erangan penuh nafsu yang keluar dari bibir si dara dan aroma kemaluan yang menerpa lubang hidungnya membuat Pak Imam tak dapat menahan gelora nafsunya.

Bau burit anak dara benar-benar membangkitkan perasaan berahinya. Tangannya bergetar bila kelentit Ina diurut-urut dan dipicit-picit. Basah dan terasa licin pada jari-jarinya bila dibasahi oleh air likat yang mula meleleh keluar dari rongga kemaluan Ina.

Pak Imam meneruskan urutan pada kelentit si dara yang makin membesar dan membengkak. Perasaan sedap makin menjadi-jadi dan Ina dapat merasai air hangat makin banyak keluar dari rongga kemaluannya. Terasa gatal-gatal pada sepasang bibir kemaluannya yang sedikit demi sedikit membengkak. Lubang kemaluannya terasa berdenyut-denyut dan terkemut-kemut seperti ingin menyedut.

Dengan mata yang kuyu Ina perasan bahawa kain pelikat yang dipakai Pak Imam basah sedikit dan ada semacam kayu yang menongkat kain itu dari dalam.

Tindakan Pak Imam yang seterusnya memang memeranjatkan Ina. Pak Imam menyelak kain pelikatnya dan ternampaklah oleh Ina kemaluan Pak Imam yang besar dan terpacak keras. Ina tidak pernah melihat kemaluan orang lelaki dan kini kelentitnya berasa pelik sekali lagi dan berasa sedap.

Pak Imam mengambil bekas dan menadah di bawah kemaluannya. Seterusnya dia mengambil gayung dan mencedok air dari besen yang berisi beberapa jenis bunga lalu disiramkan pada kepala zakarnya yang memang sedia basah itu. Bibir Pak Imam terkumat-kamit seperti membaca mantra dan doa.

Timbul perasaan berahi pada diri Ina bila melihat kemaluan Pak Imam yang tegang itu. Tiba-tiba kemaluannya terasa gatal-gatal.

“Apa yang Pak Imam buat tu?” tanya Ina dengan suara termengah-mengah.

“Aku sedang mengasah supaya lebih tajam. Kelentit kamu tu dah liat.”

Ina hanya mengangguk saja. Mungkin benar cakap Pak Imam itu sebab dia sudah dewasa, jadi kelentitnya pasti sudah liat. Dia biasa makan gulai rebung yang lembut tapi rebung itu akan keras menjadi buluh bila sudah tua.

“Budak kecil disunatkan dengan pisau atau sembilu tapi kerana kamu telah dewasa maka kamu perlu disunat menggunakan ini,” Pak imam menunjukkan kemaluannya kepada Ina.

“Kamu faham maksud aku?”

“Faham, Pak Imam.”

Kelihatan Pak Imam menggeletar sedikit. Ina diam dan terpaku pandangannya pada kemaluan Pak Imam. Kepala bulat bertakuk itu menarik perhatian Ina. Batang keras berwarna coklat tua itu memukau perasaannya. Perasaan aneh dan sedap menjalar ke seluruh tubuhnya.

Pak Imam terus menyiram zakarnya dan mengambil minyak dari botol lalu disapukan pada kedua-dua telurnya. Dia tidak menyentuh zakarnya tetapi hanya mengurut-urut buah zakarnya.

Beberapa minit dia mengurut sambil diperhatikan oleh Ina, Ina nampak batang zakar Pak Imam semakin merah dan besar dan lubang kencing Pak Imam semakin ternganga dan terbuka. Ada air jernih yang keluar dari lubang di hujung kepala bulat. Bagaikan embun pagi di hujung daun rumput di halaman rumah kelihatannya. Ina terpukau dengan pemandangan di hadapannya.

“Kamu dah sedia, Ina?”

“Sudah, Pak Imam.”

Ina tidak perlu berfikir panjang. Sepanjang hidupnya dia tidak pernah menghadiri upacara berkhatan baik untuk kanak-kanak maupun orang dewasa. Seingat dia belum pernah ada majlis berkhatan wanita dewasa di kampungnya. Kalau beginilah cara bersunat untuk perempuan dewasa maka dia tak perlu membantah. Dia lebih bersedia disunat dengan batang tumpul kepunyaan Pak Imam daripada kelentitnya dihiris dengan sembilu atau pisau tajam. Boleh meraung dia kerana sakit kelentitnya disiat-siat.

“Sekarang kamu baring dan ambil bantal tu dan lapik bawah pinggangmu supaya lebih selesa. Sekarang buka pahamu luas-luas supaya kelentitmu nampak jelas. Mudah sikit kerja menyunat dapat dilakukan,” Pak Imam mengarahkan Ina.

Ina tidak membantah. Setiap arahan Pak Imam dipatuhinya. Baginya lebih cepat acara bersunat ini dilakukan lebih baik. Dia tidak boleh menunggu lama untuk berkahwin dengan tunangnya. Bagi penduduk kampung anak dara seusianya seharusnya sudah berkahwin dan beranak-pinak. Justeru itu Ina tak mahu menunggu lebih lama lagi.

Pak Imam menarik kain batik yang menutup badan Ina sehingga Ina terlentang telanjang bulat. Ditatap wajah dan badan Ina yang cantik tersebut. Jantungnya berdegup kencang dan tekaknya terasa kering. Beberapa kali dia menelan liur melihat pemandangan yang sungguh indah di hadapannya.

Gunung kembar yang bengkak dan padat, pingggang yang ramping, perut yang leper dan kempes serta tundun yang tembam dengan dihiasi bulu-bulu hitam yang lebat. Dan yang paling indah ialah sepasang bibir merah yang telah terbuka dan berkilat basah. Aroma yang terbit amat membangkitkan nafsu Pak Imam.

Kerana dialas dengan bantal maka punggung Ina terangkat tinggi. Bahagian tundunnya membusut dan rekahannya terpampang jelas. Mata Pak Imam terpaku dan terfokus kepada bibir tebal yang terbelah itu. Bibir itu masih terkatup rapat tapi rekahannya terlihat jelas. Cairan jernih membasahi dua ulas bibir kemaluan gadis sunti tersebut.

“Kamu kangkang luas-luas supaya mudah kerjaku. Lebih cepat selesai lebih cepat kamu boleh kahwin.”

Ina patuh arahan Pak Imam. Dia memang ingin cepat-cepat kahwin dengan tunangnya. Kedua pahanya dikangkang lebar supaya memudahkan kerja Pak Imam. Belahan di pangkal pahanya terbuka luas. Kelihatan bibir dalamnya berwarna merah dan lembab. Aroma burit muda itu semerbak menerpa hidung Pak Imam.

Pak Imam merapatkan dirinya ke celah kangkang Ina dan membuka lebar-lebar kedua paha yang gebu itu. Pak Imam membuka kedua bibir burit si dara. Kemudian dengan perlahan dipandunya batang pelirnya yang sudah tegang ke arah lubang burit Ina yang sudah terbuka.

Setelah dirasa tepat, perlahan-lahan Pak Imam pun menekan kepala pelirnya yang kembang ke lurah burit Ina yang merekah melebar. Pak Imam menyondolkan beberapa kali kepala bulat itu ke kelentit Ina. Terangkat-angkat punggung Ina kerana kegelian.

“Kamu tahan saja. Aku nak mulakan acara menyunat ni. Mula-mula kamu akan merasa sedikit sakit, tapi tak lama,” Pak Imam memberi panduan.

Ina hanya mengangguk. Sondolan-sondolan kepala pelir Pak Imam ke kelentitnya menimbulkan rasa sedap dan lazat. Perasaan sebegini belum pernah dirasainya. Dia memejamkan matanya menunggu tindakan lanjut dari Pak Imam.

Pak Imam sudah tak mampu lagi berlama-lama. Bila cairan dari lubang Ina makin banyak mengalir keluar membasahi kepala pelirnya maka Pak Imam mula menekan lebih kuat.Pertama kali kepala pelir tergelincir ke bawah, ke arah lubang dubur Ina. Ina terlonjak kerana terkejut.

Percubaan kedua kepala pelir yang berwarna hitam kemerahan itu tergelincir ke atas menyondol kelentit Ina. Ina terasa geli dan nikmat. Kali ketiga Pak Imam memegang batang balaknya. Kepala kembang di arah ke muara burit dara yang mengemut-ngemut.

Peluh mula membasahi dahi Pak Imam. Dia tak boleh kalah dengan anak dara di depannya itu. Hidangan yang tersedia di depan mata harus disantap hangat-hangat. Pak Imam membasahkan lagi kepala pelirnya dengan cairan berahi yang keluar dari lubang burit Ina. Pak Imam tahu Ina juga sedang dilamun nafsu. Cairan licin yang hangat makin banyak keluar.

Pak Imam menekan lebih kuat ke arah lubang yang berdenyut-denyut. Kepala bulat terbenam hingga ke takuk. Ditekan lagi dan separuh batang pelir Pak Imam menyelam dengan susah payah.

"Auuw ..akhh... auuww..!" Ina memekik kerana terasa sakit.

“Kamu tahan sikit. Upaca menyunat dah bermula. Sakitnya sekejap saja.”

Peluh bercucuran membasahi tubuh kedua makhluk tersebut. Kegadisan Ina mula ditembusi oleh batang pelir Pak Imam. Pak Imam yang sudah berpengalaman tak ingin serangannya gagal. Tangannya menahan pantat anak dara, paha Ina dibuka lebih lebar. Lalu dengan cepat ditekan balaknya sehingga separuh batang kejantanannya menyelam masuk ke dalam lubang sempit.

Seketika Pak Imam mendiamkan seluruh batang pelirnya terbenam membelah burit muda. Pak Imam menarik nafas kerana batang tuanya masih mampu menerobos lubang sempit. Lubang muda yang pertama kali mengenal batang pelir. Terasa batangnya diramas-ramas dan diurut-urut.

Pak Imam tahu yang Ina sedang mengemutkan pukinya. Pak Imam menarik sedikit batan butuhnya dan kemudian menekan lagi dengan lebih kuat. Seluruh batangnya terbenam. Terasa kepala pelirnya menyentuh pangkal rahim Ina. Kemutan Ina dirasakan makin kuat.

Pak Imam mula menggoyang punggungnya maju mundur secara perlahan. Pelir Pak Imam Ina rasakan terlalu besar menusuk buritnya yang masih sempit. Setiap gerakan batang pelir Pak Imam menimbulkan rasa nyeri pada Ina. Tetapi bagi Pak Imam terasa nikmat luar biasa kerana pelirnya tersepit erat oleh rongga burit yang pertama kali dimasuki batang pelir. Inilah nikmatnya gadis perawan muda yang selama ini diidam-idam olehnya.

Pak Imam semakin ganas. Semakin lama batang pelir Pak Imam semakin lancar keluar masuk lubang burit Ina. Cairan pelicin mengalir keluar secara alamiah dari rongga burit. Rasa sakit dikemaluan Ina semakin berkurang. Perasaan enak mula terasa di dinding rongga kemaluannya.

"Ooooh... aahhh…” mula keluar dari mulut Ina.

Tanpa sengaja suara erangan nikmat mengganti suara rintihan sakit. Akhirnya Ina membiarkan dirinya terbuai dan berpadu bersama goyangan berahi Pak Imam. Ina memejamkan mata berusaha menikmati perasaan enak dan lazat yang pertama kali dirasainya.

Pelir Pak Imam kini mulai meluncur tanpa rintangan hingga menyentuh pangkal rahim gadis muda. Ina mengerang setiap kali dia menyondolkan batang pelirnya. Geseran demi geseran, sondolan demi sondolan sungguh membuatkan Ina terbuai dan semakin menikmati proses sunatan ini.

Rintihan panjang akhirnya keluar dari mulut Ina ketika dia mencapai klimaks. Sekujur tubuhnya mengejang beberapa ketika sebelum longlai kembali. Peluh bercucuran membasahi tubuhnya yang bogel sehingga kulitnya yang putih bersih kelihatan berkilat dipanah cahaya.

Berahi Pak Imam semakin menggila melihat tubuh anak dara yang begitu cantik dan mengkal tergeletak pasrah tak berdaya di hadapannya dengan kedua paha yang halus mulus terkangkang dan bibir kemaluan yang mungil itu menjepit dengan ketat batang pelirnya yang cukup besar itu.

“Sekarang kamu menungging, kamu merangkak. Aku perlu menyunat dari belakang pula.”

Ina hanya menurut. Pak Imam membantu Ina membalikkan badannya hingga posisi tubuh anak dara itu menungging lalu mengarahkan kemaluannya di antara kedua belah paha Ina dari belakang.

Dengan sekali sentak Pak Imam menarik pinggul Ina ke arahnya, sehingga kepala pelirnya membelah dan tersepit dengan kuat oleh bibir-bibir burit perempuan muda. Untuk kesekian kalinya pelir laki-laki tersebut menerobos masuk ke dalam liang burit Ina dan Pak Imam terus menekan pantatnya sehingga perutnya menempel ketat pada pantat mulus Ina.

Selanjutnya dengan ganas Pak Imam menggerakkan pinggulnya maju mundur dengan cepat sambil mulutnya mendesis-desis keenakan merasakan pelirnya tersepit dan tergesek-gesek di dalam lubang burit yang masih rapat itu.

Ina merasa pangkal rahimnya ditekan-tekan. Hanya perasaan enak saja dirasainya ketika itu. Batang pelir Pak Imam terasa makin tegang dan keras. Batang pelir Pak Imam terasa bergetar dalam lubang burit Ina. Sambil mengerang panjang akhirnya Pak Imam menembakkan air maninya ke dalam rahim Ina dengan deras. Benih Pak Imam dirasai hangat dan menerpa mulut rahim Ina.

Serentak itu Ina mengalami orgasme sekali lagi. Dia mengerang sakan serentak dengan erangan Pak Imam. Beberapa ketika kemudian suasana menjadi hening dan sepi. Hanya suara nafas Pak Imam terdengar naik turun diatas tubuh ina yang masih menyatu dengan tubuhnya. Ina sudah kehabisan tenaga dan tak mampu bergerak lagi. Begitu juga Pak Imam yang sudah kehabisan tenaga.

“Kamu boleh balik sekarang. Kamu telah aku sunatkan. Jangan lupa datang dua hari lagi supaya bulu-bulu kamu tu boleh aku cukur, sekaligus boleh aku periksa sunat kamu tu dah sembuh ke belum.”

Pak Imam memberi arahan selepas kedua-duanya memakai semula pakaian masing-masing. Ina hanya mengangguk.

Dalam hati dia berfikir, dia sanggup disunat tiap hari kalau beginilah caranya. Bukanlah sakit tapi sedap. Ina tersenyum sambil melangkah keluar dari rumah Pak Imam.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


The time, six months ago. The scene, the local YMCA.

There I was, a 6 foot, 265 pound blob of 40 year old 
insecurity and bruised ego, struggling to keep up with 
the rest of the aerobics class. Sweat stung my eyes and 
pain radiated from my bad knee -- neither sensation was 
particularly noticeable compared to the pounding of my 
heart and the gasping sounds of my labored breathing. 
Pride was the only thing which kept me on my feet and 

I could tell that the instructor was watching me, 
waiting for me to collapse -- or perhaps trying to 
figure out what I was doing in her class. It wasn't an 
advanced aerobics class, but it was more than what a 
beginner like me should have been in. I signed up 
knowing only that I needed some structured exercise -- 
no one told me what I was getting into, or, more 
probably, I wasn't paying attention. Now, I was too 
proud to admit that I was in a little over my head. 
Yes, the instructor, a rather nicely put together 
brunette who appeared to be about 19 or 20, was 
definitely looking at me.

Locking down my newly discovered determination 
(developed after months of intense therapy -- more on 
that later if it becomes relevant), I compromised 
slightly by not doing quite as much as my classmates 
and eventually made it through the session without a 
myocardial infarction.

After we finished, the instructor, Lisa, walked right 
up to me as I was headed for the showers.

"You're John, aren't you?" she asked.

"That's me all right." What a clever response, I 
thought. "I suppose you're wondering what a blimp like 
me is doing in your class, eh?"

"No, not at all. I know perfectly well what you're 
doing in my class. And I want to talk to you about 
that. Are you busy right now?"

"No, as a matter of fact. After my shower I was just 
planning to go home and collapse," I said, laughing.

She laughed too. "Well, if you could put off collapsing 
for a little bit, I was going to suggest a cup of 
coffee at Perkins (tm)."

"Do you have coffee with all of your overweight and out 
of shape students?"

"No, not usually, but something tells me I should have 
a cup with you."

I nearly said no. Since I am telling this story, I can 
stop right here and explain that. For those waiting for 
the juicy sex scene, wait a little while and I will try 
to make it worth it for you to keep reading.

If you'll recall, I said at the top that I was 40. An 
18 year marriage collapsed under me a year earlier. My 
fault --

I never dealt with my father's alcoholism and its 
effects on me. Denial was a way of life. I became more 
and more distant to my wife and my two kids. Alcohol is 
only one escape from life. There are many others. Food 
was one of mine. My divorce was a real wake up call. I 
nearly lost my job and everything else in my life 
without dealing with my problems, but when I lost my 
family, well, that was something that really got to me.

I got into therapy and began to deal with all the 
things going on inside my head. But I still wasn't into 
relationships. Too many wounds, many self inflicted, 
had left my heart encased in some pretty tough scar 
tissue. That's why I hesitated a little before saying 
yes to Lisa's invitation.

"Sure. Sounds great. I'll meet you in the lobby in 15 

Cut to a Perkins. Any Perkins. They all look pretty 
much the same. A freshly showered couple sits in a 
booth at the back of the restaurant. Small talk ensues.

"You said you knew why I took your class," I said, by 
way of transition to the real reason we were here, 
"What did you mean by that?"

"You're trying to prove something to yourself. Recover 
your lost manhood. Go back to the time when you were 
young and in shape. You felt better then. You want to 
recapture that."

"I've lost my manhood, eh? What makes you think so?"

"I know who you are. My sister took a college course 
from you once, which may explain why you said I look 
familiar to you, though you couldn't place me. I know a 
little bit about what's been going on in your life. 
Your divorce, for instance."

"I'd be careful with that if I were you. It's still a 
touchy subject for me." I gave her a moment to digest 
that. "So I want to recapture my youth. I didn't think 
40 was all that old, compared let's say, to 80. Let's 
assume for the moment that you are right. So what."

"It's the wrong reason for you to be in the class. You 
don't belong in this group anyway - - I checked at the 
desk and they put you in this class by mistake -- you 
should be doing lower impact aerobics until you work 
yourself back into some sort of shape."

"So, what would you consider a good reason for me to 
take your class?"

"Because you want to sleep with the instructor."

She said it with a straight face. I'm sure my chin 
dropped all the way to my chest before I recovered my 
composure. I started to laugh, thinking that she was 
joking, and was cut off in mid guffaw by the serious 
look on her face.

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm not. There's only one way you're going to get 
through this class, John, and I'm telling you what it 
is. You're going to have to believe that when it's all 
over, there's going to be a reward."

"I'm a little confused." Wow, what a master of 

She smiled. I'm sure that I was red as a beet. I was 
embarrassed and very close to getting angry with her. 
If this was some sort of elaborate tease, it was a 
cruel one for sure.

"That's true enough. Most men are. Tell me, how long 
has it been since you felt attractive?"

Well. That certainly caught me by surprise. To be 
honest, I don't know if I've ever felt attractive. Not 
physically anyway. Growing up I had some real 
conflicting needs - - the need for attention, yet 
wanting to blend in to the background. I wanted people 
to be close to, but I wouldn't let them in. That's 
probably why my marriage failed - - my wife could never 
get inside of my head because I wouldn't let her. Some 
sort of trust thing. Well, anyway, I had to come up 
with some sort of answer...

"A while." Wow, another pithy comment.

"I thought so. Did you know that when you were my 
sister's teacher in college that she had the hots for 
you something fierce?"

"No way!" I remember my ex-wife warning me about all 
the coeds who would get the hots for me and try to 
'make the grade' so to speak. I used to laugh, point at 
myself, and say, "Yeah, right. Just look at me, Joe 

"She did. She used to tell me about it all the time. 
The only reasons she didn't hit on you then were that 
you were married at the time and she knew what kind of 
negative effect teacher-student relationships can have 
on faculty members. But she used to tell me her 
fantasies, and believe me, she was hot for you. By the 
way, if you ever tell her I told you this, I'll kill 

"That's incredible. But what's the point?"

"The point, John, is that you are trying to make 
yourself physically appealing because that's what you 
think all women want. And the reason you think that way 
is that that's what men look for in a woman. Admit it. 
If I were 40 pounds overweight you and I would not be 
having this conversation would we?"

"If you were 40 pounds overweight, you wouldn't be an 
aerobics instructor, either, but yes, I guess you're 
right. So?"

"Some women are turned on by a man's personality, 
believe it or not, and can even overlook some pretty 
major physical flaws. Ever wonder why Christie Brinkley 
married Billy Joel?"

"So, are you trying to tell me that I turn you on, 
somehow, right now even though I look more like Dom 
Deluise than Burt Reynolds?"

"Not quite. But my sister and I are a lot alike. I 
think that if I spent some time with you, I could 
become very attracted to you. One thing you should 
realize is that a lot of those blow dried body building 
types are so stuck on themselves that they make lousy 
lovers. Other kinds of guys, more like you, are more 
attentive to their partner's needs and can actually be 
more satisfying sexually."

I was flattered to say the least. My self esteem was 
growing by leaps and bounds. But I was waiting for the 
other shoe to drop. No, sir. This wasn't going to be 
happening the way it looked. No beautiful female like 
the one sitting across the table was going to get the 
hots for me all of a sudden. And even if she did, I was 
sure that it would be a short relationship, 
particularly when she got a load of my lack of staying 
power -- though if she liked getting head, it might 
make up for it -- I'm very good at that.

"But, (here it comes, I thought) there's a catch."

"I knew it."

"You do need to get into shape, and not just so you'll 
be some sexy middle aged stud either," she laughed, 
taking the sting out of the jibe, "but for your health. 
And, by the way, being in shape will make you a better 
lover to boot. So, here's what I'm proposing. You 
attend my class regularly -- but don't try to keep up 
with everyone, just go your own pace -- and do 
something about your food intake, and I think you'll 
start to see some results. 

"It might help to do nautilus along with the aerobics 
to shape your body a little as you take the weight off. 
Now, the good part. I am confident that if you work at 
it, you can get to where you want to be, physically, in 
about six months. Between now and then, we'll keep 
meeting for coffee and getting to know one another a 
little better. If you've been faithful to the physical 
regime for six months and make your goal weight (I had 
told her it was 200 lbs even) you and I will spend a 
weekend at a cabin I inherited from my grandparents. 
It's in a very secluded location on a beautiful lake 
not far from here."

Incentive? This had to be it. I agreed to her terms. 
Hell, even if I didn't end up making love to her, I 
would be in somewhat better shape then I was right now. 
But it was going to be a long six months.


That conversation happened six months ago. Through some 
changes in my nutritional habits and the physical 
effort required by my aerobics class and daily walks of 
about 5 miles or so (along with some nautilus sessions 
two or three times per week), I have achieved my goal 
weight and I am in the best shape of my adult life.

Believe it or not, after the first few sessions, I 
began to enjoy the aerobics workouts for their own 
sake, rather than just because I thought I might get 
into the instructor's pants. Over the three month 
period we occasionally went out for coffee after a 
workout session, but the subject of her cabin in the 
woods and what we might do there did not come up for 
further discussion.

That's why I was kind of surprised when I opened my 
mail today. There was a card with a note inside and a 
map. The note said "Every Good Boy Deserves A Favor" 
(which also happens to be the title of my favorite 
'Moody Blues' album) and it was signed "Your Breathless 
With Anticipation Aerobics Instructor". The map showed 
the route to a lake near the city where I live. 

There were written instructions on the back of the map.

I laughed. She hadn't been kidding. I threw some things 
into a duffle bag and headed for the lake. 

It was a beautiful drive. Early June in our part of the 
world can either be great or horrible. This had been a 
great June so far and it promised to be a great weekend 
to be at the lake. I couldn't have cared less about the 
weather, though, since I planned on spending most of my 
time indoors.

I was a little nervous. I hadn't been intimate with a 
woman other than my wife since 1973 and she was the 
only one with whom I had ever had sexual intercourse. I 
may not have been very relatable, but I was definitely 
monogamous. So, I didn't know how things were going to 
go, and I really wanted to please Lisa.

Following the instructions on the back of the map, I 
soon found my way up the long winding drive to the top 
of the hill overlooking the lake where Lisa's "cabin" 
was. Some cabin. Three bedrooms, including a master 
suite with a Jacuzzi on a deck overlooking the lake. 
Big living room with a field stone fire place. Lots of 
comfortable looking furniture and hardwood floors. Lots 
of glass facing the lake. Large boathouse with what 
appears to be living quarters above. Space for two or 
three boats. One, a large inboard is tied up to the 

Lisa came out to meet me when I pulled up to the car 
port. She looked great in a pair of shorts and a halter 
top. A five foot nine inch vision of firm, healthy 
flesh topped with that beautiful brown hair (you can 
have your blondes -- I'll take brunettes every time).

"You made it! I wasn't sure you'd come."

She ran over to my side of the car and grabbed me in a 
big hug as soon as I got out.

"Who could resist an invitation like that? Of course I 

"I'm glad. This has been a long six months for me."

"Oh? Why?"

"While you've been dieting and exercising, I've been 
completely celibate. I haven't even masturbated."

I was a little startled by this admission, masturbation 
not usually being a subject I discuss with women.

"What about you?"

"Lisa, if you're serious about going through with this 
reward thing, you'll be the second woman to whom I've 
made love in my lifetime, and since I outgrew 
masturbation about the same time my voice changed for 
good, I'd say that I'm in about the same shape as you."

"Good. Now, give me that bag and I'll show you inside."

She gave me a quick tour of the place, ending back in 
the living room. The mid afternoon sun was shining 
through the pine trees making dancing patterns on the 
living room floor. Lisa was holding both of my hands in 
hers and we were facing each other in front of the fire 
place. By mutual consent and without words we moved 
together. My arms went around her waist and hers went 
around mine. Our mouths met in a light kiss -- just lip 
contact. Her perfume, light and sweet but not 
overpowering, came up to greet me.

"You smell delicious," I murmured into her ear.

"You smell like a man. A man that I very much want to 
make love to right now."

Our mouths met again and this time we held the kiss, 
our tongues beginning to dance with one another, 
probing, piercing, licking. Our bodies pressed 
together. I could feel her breasts pressing against me. 
I know she had to be able to feel my erect member 
pressing against her.

The kiss finally broke. She disengaged herself from my 
embrace and began to walk out of the room. I followed. 
Within moments we were in the master suite, standing by 
the king size bed, embracing once more.

I found the tie at the back of her halter top and 
untied it. She backed away and allowed it to fall to 
the floor in front of her, barring her breasts to me 
for the first time. I moaned with lust at their beauty. 
This was no frustrated anorexic exercise freak. This 
was a healthy adult woman who respected her body enough 
to take care of it and who also had a great body to 
begin with.

Her breasts were perfect. They projected straight out 
from her chest without any hint of sag. While obviously 
well supported by underlying muscle, they were not the 
breasts of a body builder. Her light brown areola were 
capped with nipples which stood out from the 
surrounding flesh like the tips of small fingers.

She allowed my inspection to continue for a few 
moments, and then, "My turn," she said, pulling my t-
shirt out of my jeans and over my head. We embraced 
once more, each gasping as our flesh met skin to skin 
for the first time. Her nipples, hardened with arousal, 
dug into my flesh like two points of flame. We kissed 
again and my hands were all over her back, stroking, 
kneading, caressing.

I worked my hands down under the waistband of her 
shorts and discovered that she was wearing no panties. 
I cupped her ass cheeks, enjoying the firm, yet 
feminine texture. Her ass muscles clenched and 
unclenched as she ground herself against my erection 
which was almost painfully trapped inside my jeans.

Pulling my mouth away from hers, I began to kiss her 
face lightly and then her neck, gradually moving down 
to her upper chest just to the point where her breasts 
began to slope outward. She moaned with anticipation. 
My hands also moved lower, taking her shorts down with 
them -- but slowly, teasingly.

I began to kiss the upper portion of her breasts, 
alternating between each one, careful to avoid her 
nipples which looked like they might burst at any 
second. Meanwhile, my hands had pushed Lisa's shorts 
below her knees and they fell to the floor. She quickly 
stepped out of them.

My hands, now free to roam where they would began to 
lightly explore everything within reach while my mouth 
continued to teasingly caress Lisa's lovely tits. Her 
own hands came up and cupped her swollen globes from 
underneath, offering the erect tips for my oral 
inspection. Not wanting to frustrate her more than was 
necessary, I accepted her offer.

Mouth, tongue, light nips with the incisors, gentle 
squeezing from my hands, I worked on her breasts for 
several minutes until I felt Lisa take my head in her 
hands and pull me back up.

"Enough," she gasped, her voice husky with her passion, 
"I don't think I can stand up for much longer." 

Stepping backward, she sat on the edge of the bed, 
pulling me with her by the front of my jeans. She 
quickly undid the belt and then the buttons. Her hands 
were shaking and she had some trouble with them, but I 
decided to let her do it on her own. She pushed the 
jeans to my ankles. I stepped out of them. My erection, 
barely contained by my shorts, was now right in front 
of her face. 

Lisa looked up at me and smiled as she worked her 
fingers inside the waistband of my jockeys. In another 
moment they joined my jeans by the side of the bed. Her 
hands flew to my cock, grasping it firmly, squeezing 
and pumping -- seemingly measuring its length and 
thickness, testing the firmness of my maleness.

Precum was oozing from the tip of my cock and she 
slowly moved her face toward it. Her tongue came out. 
She began to lick the glistening discharge, obviously 
relishing its salty taste and slimy texture.

"Beautiful," she whispered.

Without another word she slipped the head of my cock 
into her warm, wet mouth, her tongue busily scrubbing 
the sensitive flesh on the underside of my cockhead, 
then moving all around to provide a slick coat of 

Still holding the base in one hand, Lisa removed my 
cock from her mouth and began licking it all over. Her 
right hand squeezed my shaft firmly and rhythmically 
while her left hand gently caressed my secret sack.

The combination of her lips, tongue, mouth, and hands 
soon had me breathing hard, but I knew that there was 
no danger of me ejaculating any time soon just from 
this, pleasant though it was. I felt that it was time 
to move on to other things. She could suck me off later 
if she wanted, but first, I wanted a taste of what was 
hidden within her jade gate. 

I placed my hands on her head and pulled her face up 
for a kiss. Her sweet mouth was now flavored by my pre-
cum and the musk which naturally occurs on and near the 
male genitalia. We were both breathing rather hard.

"Lisa, you have given me so much in the past few 
months, and now here we are, right where you promised 
we would be. I want to give you something special. 
Please lie back on the bed and relax. And don't be 
afraid to tell me what you want."

"All right, John," she smiled as she followed my 
instructions, displaying herself provocatively on the 
large bed. I took a moment to drink in the sight. She 
looked so beautiful laying there, anticipating what I 
might do next. She had obviously been getting a little 
sun, and she must not have had much for a bikini, 
judging from the tan lines and the nearly complete lack 
of hair at the junction of her thighs. My heart was in 
my throat as I crawled up on the bed next to her.

Performance anxiety? I'll say. I wanted so much for 
this scene to be perfect for her that I almost blew it. 
Luckily, I remembered the mental exercises which I had 
learned in therapy and quickly regained control of 
myself, all the while lightly caressing Lisa's flawless 
skin in a seemingly random way. Her body trembled 
slightly at my touch and a small moan escaped her lips 
as my hands reached the swell of her breasts and 
lingered there a moment lightly teasing the swollen 
buds which crowned them.

She was moving her legs restlessly, pressing her thighs 
together. I caught a whiff of her excitement, the 
unmistakable odor of a female in heat. Like the smell 
of a hot meal to a starving man the scent drew me, but 
I resisted. It would be too easy to just spread her 
legs and dive in, satisfying my craving for pussy 
juice, and probably giving her a good climax as well, 
but I wanted this to be more than a few licks and a 
quick cum for both of us. This beautiful, intelligent, 
sexy woman had given me back my self respect and I 
wanted to make this special for her.

I leaned over her, a hand on the bed on either side of 
her shoulders, and then I kissed her. The kiss started 
out as a very gentle oral caress of her lips, my tongue 
darting, teasing, and probing. Gradually it deepened 
and I felt her arms encircle my back, her hands pulling 
me down until I was laying half on the bed and half on 
top of her. It was a long, deep, wet kiss -- the kind 
Kevin Costner talked about in "Bull Durham" -- and it 
lasted until we both had to come up for air.

But I didn't stop kissing her, I just quit kissing her 
mouth. My lips and tongue were busy all over her face, 
giving her little, quick, light kisses and then moving 
on to kiss and lick the soft skin of her lovely neck. I 
could feel her pulse throbbing just beneath her skin 
and I imagined for a moment that I was a vampire, about 
to dine on the rich life giving blood surging through 
her veins.

I raised up then and gently rolled her over, moving her 
hair aside to allow me to attack the soft skin there. 
Her breathing and the low cooing and occasional gasps 
told me I was on the right track. I've never known a 
woman for which the back of the neck is not a major 
league erogenous zone, and kissing or licking this area 
has never failed as a foreplay technique, for me 
anyway, your mileage may vary.

My hands, which were not idle, blazed a trail across 
her perfect skin which my lips and tongue then 
followed, leaving their own shining evidence of passage 
behind them. I rubbed, kissed, licked, and caressed 
every square inch of her back and down her sides, even 
to those portions of her breasts which were exposed in 
this position.

As I approached her buttocks, I saw her spread her legs 
slightly, as if in anticipation, but I was still not 
ready to quit teasing and so I lightly glided over 
those splendid mounds and concentrated on completely 
covering first one and then the other leg with kisses 
from thigh to toe and back again, spending a 
particularly long, and for her excruciating, time on 
the sensitive skin at the backs of her knees. She had 
begun to hump the bed, attempting to obtain some 
release by grinding her pubic mound into the mattress. 

Her musk was a rich perfume which saturated the 
atmosphere of the room and it seemed to draw me to its 
source. I moved my mouth northward, back up the backs 
of her thighs and the closer I came to their junction, 
the wider Lisa spread her legs, and the more of her 
powerful scent was released. This made it difficult to 
resist simply crawling up between her legs and shoving 
my trembling cock deep into her sopping slit. I was 
intent, however, on tasting her first, and so I locked 
down my control and continued working my lips and 
tongue up the inside of first one thigh and then the 
other, until I had placed wet, sloppy kisses in the 
crease on either side of her hot, pulsating mound.

Each time my mouth contacted her warm, smooth skin, she 
let out a little gasp or made a sharp intake of breath. 
I found these little sounds incredibly arousing -- 
maybe it was a power thing, or maybe it was just 
knowing that she was taking pleasure from something I 
had done, but it was a powerful aphrodisiac none the 

Her woman scent was strong, and my mouth watered in 
anticipation as I held it over the slowly opening lips 
of her pussy. My breath washed over her sex as I let it 
out slowly -- I then inhaled deeply through my nose, 
soaking up her powerful feminine odor, letting it fill 
my head and draw me in to her molten center. Her cunt 
was an opening flower, her clitoris hard and erect, 
poking cleanly from its sheath at the apex of her slit. 
Both her inner and outer lips were swollen, her juices 
glistening on the crenellated surface of her inner 
lips, and creating a slick, shiny trail down her crease 
and coating the surface of her crinkled brown asshole.

At last, I could resist no longer, and my tongue began 
to tenderly probe the delicate folds of her sex. She 
moaned loudly at the contact, and I moaned too, at the 
heat and taste of her. I was going to make a gourmet 
meal of this beautiful woman's pussy, displayed so 
marvelously before me. But I did have some table 
manners, and so I did not just dive in and begin 
devouring her like some barbarian savage -- though my 
lust crazed brain was urging just such a course. The 
time for devouring would come, but for now, I was 
treating this lovely cunny as if it were a delicate 
flower, needing special, loving, care. 

My tongue lingered on each surface it touched, 
carefully tracing the edges of her turgid inner labia, 
swabbing gently, yet insistently, on the smooth skin 
between the major and minor folds. She tasted 
wonderful, like no woman I had ever had before. I 
carefully avoided her clitoris for the time being, 
concentrating on exploring all of the other interesting 
areas of her slit first. 

She obviously enjoyed what I was doing, and displayed 
this enjoyment through the little gasping and yipping 
sounds she made as I found a new hot spot with my 
tongue and lips. She wanted more, and she reached down 
and grabbed the backs of her knees, pulling them up to 
her chest and then spreading them wide, opening herself 
completely to my hungry gaze.

My tongue shot to the bottom of her slit, right up into 
her juicy hole gathering her nectar and lapping it into 
my waiting mouth. All subtlety was forgotten now as I 
gorged myself on Lisa's beautiful pussy. My hands were 
under her buttocks now, pulling her up to my face, not 
that she wasn't thrusting there anyhow, but this way, I 
was able to control her movements and maintain contact. 
My mouth was everywhere in her crotch. Sucking her 
large outer lips between my own and lashing them with 
my tongue, flicking the tip of my tongue across her now 
distended clit, working over the top of her mound with 
my mouth. 

I established no pattern in my attack, and so she did 
not achieve the rhythm necessary for an orgasm. This 
was all a little bit of a tease on my part, but I knew 
that she would quickly climax once I really set out to 
produce one for her, and so I kept up my onslaught. 
Looking up, through the V of her slit, I saw Lisa 
grasping her tits, squeezing the nipples until I 
thought they'd pop right off her chest. She was moaning 
and thrashing in my grip.

"Make me cum...please... make me cum, baby... I need it 
soooo bad..." she moaned.

Who could ignore a plea like that? I placed the tip of 
my tongue directly on her clitoris and began to shake 
my head from side to side, just like a dog working on a 
bone only much faster. I knew that I couldn't keep this 
up too long without getting extremely dizzy, but I also 
knew it was just about guaranteed to produce an 
explosive orgasm for Lisa. And I was right on both 

I was dizzy very quickly, and I heard Lisa's low moan 
turn into a scream as she crashed over the edge of the 
orgasmic abyss. Her thighs locked around my head and 
her hands pulled my face even tighter to her pussy. She 
acted like she wanted to pull my whole head inside of 
her. I kept my tongue moving on Lisa's clit as much as 
I could and she continued to climax for a number of 

Finally, she pushed me away.

"Enough," she gasped, "I can't take any more."

I crawled up between her legs, my face right in front 
of hers, and kissed her right on the mouth. It was a 
test of sorts. Some women don't mind if you go down on 
them, as long as you don't try to kiss them afterwards 
(unless you wash your face and brush your teeth). 
Lisa's was not like this, and her lips opened under 
mine, her tongue searching for her own unique flavor on 
my mouth. She cleaned my face of her spend, and smiled 
weakly up at me, her breath still coming in little, 
gasping, sobs.

"God, John. No one's ever done that to me before. Not 
like that, anyway."

I smiled at Lisa. Cunnilingus is my specialty. I like 
it better than any other part of sex. Well, almost.

"You're welcome, Lisa. It was my very great pleasure to 
give you that experience."

I rolled over on my side and Lisa rolled with me so 
that we were facing one another. Lisa threw a leg over 
mine and pressed her still soaking crotch up against my 
still hard (and dripping) cock.

"Hmmmm. What have we here," she said, grinning at me 
and reaching between us to grasp my stiff shaft. "I 
think he's lonely, and needs someplace warm and wet to 
play in, don't you?"

She rolled us over the rest of the way so that she was 
on top of me. I felt her hands between us again as she 
positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her 
womanhood. She gave a little push downward with her 
hips and the head slipped inside. Then it was one long 
slide down until she had it all.

I moaned as I felt myself enveloped in that hot, wet, 
grip. The interior of her sex was like a strong hand 
which squeezed every square inch of the surface of my 
cock. She held me there, her eyes closed as she too was 
affected by the sensations of my dick hilted in her 
moist interior. She pulled her knees up under her and 
began a rocking, fucking motion atop my pulsing penis, 
grinding her clit into my pubic bone on every down 

She was in no hurry, having just completed a massive 
series of orgasms, and neither was I, lost as I was in 
the wonderful feeling of being sheathed inside of 
Lisa's beautiful body.

From this position it was a simple matter for me to 
reach up and stroke her breasts, which I did, much to 
her delight. My hands busied themselves with her 
mammaries, toying with the nipples, squeezing the 
fleshy globes, finally drawing her down so that I could 
reach these graciously formed melons with my worshiping 

With her tits in my face, my hands were free to reach 
down and grasp the cheeks of her tight little ass. I 
just couldn't believe that such a beautiful woman was 
riding my cock. I felt like all the Christmas mornings 
I could remember all rolled into one. I gripped her ass 
and started lifting her up and down on my cock, forcing 
the pace of our fuck, driving my hips up off the bed to 
meet her as she slammed down into me. We were both 
grunting like animals in the rut. My fingers sought the 
crack of her ass and one pressed inward on the wrinkled 
rosebud of her back door. She instantly relaxed the 
powerful sphincter and my finger sunk inside to the 
second knuckle. 

"Yessss," she gasped, "play with my ass, baby."

Her urgings made me hotter than ever and I began to 
stroke my finger in and out of her ass in time to the 
thrusts of my cock up into her pussy. I could feel my 
semen boiling in my balls, moving up and threatening to 
erupt as my orgasm approached.

Hers hit first, and I felt her pussy and ass clamp down 
around my cock and finger like powerful fists as the 
first of her spasms hit her. My own climax was not far 
behind, and I yelled out loud as I felt the tip of my 
cock explode, sending a torrent of my hot cum into the 
deepest reaches of her cunt. We both rode out the rest 
of the storm of sensations and at last she rested 
herself on me and we kissed, again, sharing our passion 
and the gratitude we felt toward each other for the 
wonderful sex we had just shared.

We must have dozed off in that position, because I woke 
up a while later with her still perched on top of me. 
My now shrunken cock had slipped out of her. My crotch 
was covered with the sticky combination of my cum, 
which had leaked from her, and her own sweet juices. A 
shower was in order, and I smiled at the thought of 
sharing a shower with Lisa.

I kissed her lightly on the lips, which caused her to 
come awake, her eyes slowly adjusting to the sight of 
me laying underneath her. She smiled, dreamily, and 
kissed me back.

"Have a nice nap?" I enquired.

"Mmmm, yes," she purred.

She rolled off of me and stretched out on the bed. That 
sight was almost enough to bring my cock back to full 
attention. She looked down at the mess at my crotch and 
she began to laugh.

"What a mess you are. Let's get into the shower and 
clean up a little. Then, it's time to eat... I think 
we'll need the food to keep our energy up, don't you?"

Her grin conveyed the clear message that it wouldn't be 
very long before we were back in her bedroom again, 
doing our impression of mink in heat.


Monday, 22 May 2017


Cuti Tahun Baru Cina yang baru lalu, suamiku mengajak aku bercuti di kampong nenek. Aku akui, sejak kami kahwin, aku tak pernah menjejakan kaki di kampong nenek suamiku, jumpa pun masa mula mula nikah je dulu, lepas tu tak pernah. Sebenarnya rasa berat di hati nak ke sana, ye la orang bercuti pegi melancung, ni balik kampong. Tambahan bila suami bagi tau kampong nenek tu jauh di pendalaman, tapi untuk menjaga hati suami, aku ikut sahaja kehendaknya.

Dalam perjanalanan aku banyak mendiamkan diri, dalam hati dok fikir, macam mana agaknya rumah nenek dia ni, sapa ada kat sana, ishh… macam macam bermain diotak fikiranku. Terasa penat juga sebab keadaan jalan yang bengkang bengkok dan tak terurus. Sunyi, kiri kanan jalan hanya ada hutan belukar, sesekali ternampak ladang kelapa sawit.

Setelah 5 jam melalui perjalanan yang bagi ku agak sukar, kami sampai ke rumah nenek. Terkejut juga orang tua tu bila nampak kami sampai, iyelah mereka tak tau pun kami nak datang, nak bagi tau macam mana, rumah nenek bukan ada telefon.

Selepas besalaman dan berbual seketika, kami naik ke rumah usang nenek yang kemas dan rapi. Tiada perabut yang menghiasi, tiada tv, tiada bekalan api letrik dan yang paling mengejutkan aku, tiada air paip.

“Bang, nak mandi kat mana? Kalau nak buang air kat mana?” soal ku.

Suami ku hanya tersenyum, dari jauh terdengar nenek bercakap, “Mat, tolong tangkap ayam, kita ada tamu.”

“Sapa nek?” jawab suara tu.

“Orang kolumpor datang,” kata nenek.

Suami ajak aku mandi bersama dia, dia suruh aku pakai kain batik, untuk berkemban, lepas tu selimut guna towel. Aku ikut je apa kata suami, tapi dalam hati, ishh… masaalah betul la, mana biasa mandi pakai kemban. Kami turun dari rumah menuju ke perigi di depan rumah. Keliling perigi ditutup daun kelapa, takde pintu pun maknanya masa kita mandi orang lain boleh masuk gitu je.

Dekat perigi ada tangga, yang digunakan untuk turun ke dalam parit takungan air parit yang mengalir airnya nampak bersih dan jernih. Mula mula suami turun dulu, masa dia turun dan sampai ke dalam, dia buka towel bertelanjang bogel, jadi badan dia kat dalam air. Kalau gelap tak nampak apa la tapi kalau waktu tengahari ke sure nampak kote dia.

Aku senyum sendirian. Lepas tu aku ikut sama tapi tak buka kemban. Suami kata jangan buka kemban takut nanti orang nampak. Aku senyum je dan ikut katanya, rimas juga mandi ngan pakai kain, dah biasa mandi berbogel.

Lepas 2 hari di kampong, aku dah mula rasa selesa dan seronok, udara bersih, sunyi dan tiada kebisingan. Mat yang nenek panggil mintak tolong tangkap ayam rupanya anak jiran sebelah rumah. Baru lepas SPM tapi tak dapat melanjutkan pelajaran sebab tak lulus. Badannya tegap, maklum la kerja kampong, tapi Mat ni peramah dan pandai bergurau, saya dan suami rasa senang bergaul dengannya.

Sepanjang kat kampong, nenek yang masak. Dia tak bagi aku masak, lagi pun aku mana reti nak masak guna dapur kayu, tapi nak jaga hati nenek, aku ke dapur juga tolong tolong nenek tiup api, pedih juga la mata bila terkena asap.

Pagi tu, nenek demam, suamiku bawa nenek ke bandar untuk ambil ubat tapi aku tak ikut, saja nak bermalas malas menikmati udara nyaman di kampong. Lebih kurang jam 10 pagi, terdengar macam ada orang mandi.

Aik… sapa pulak yang mandi, kan semua oraang ke bandar. Dengan hanya berkemban, aku buka daun tingkap yang menghala ke telaga, buka sikit je nak tengok sapa yang mandi.

Rupanya Mat yang mandi, tapi mata ku terkaku bila melihat Mat mandi bogel, mungkin dia fikir tiada siapa di rumah sebab keadaan rumah yang sunyi dan kereta kami tiada. Dia pun tau kami semua ke bandar. Badan Mat nampak pejal dan sedikit gelap, mungkin sebab selalu berpanas. Dadaku berdebar-debar menunggu Mat naik dari permukaan air, teringin rasa di hati nak tengok macam mana agaknya kote si Mat budak kampung ni.

Tak lama kemudian, Mat naik dan terus mengambil sabun lalu menyabun badannya. Berderau darah aku bila nampak kote Mat yang dah tegang, besar. Mat menggosok-gosok kote dia sambil memejamkan mata, rupanya Mat sedang melancap. Agak lama juga dia melacap. Dalam hati aku, budak ni boleh tahan lama jugak.

Tak lama kemudian, nampak badannya mengeliat dan punggungnya bergoyang-goyang, mungkin dah terpancut cecair putih tu kot. Lepas tu Mat turun ke kolam dan menyelam.

Dadaku terus berdebar bila melihat aksi Mat tadi, secara tak disedari, tanganku menggentel putting susu yang dah mula tegang, manakala tangan sebelah lagi mengentel biji kelentitku.

Emmm… enak sungguh rasanya. Dalam hati mula terasa keinginan untuk menikmati tubuh yang kekar dan sasa dengan kote yang nampak besar tu. Sambil menggentel-gentel. Mataku terpejam. Aduh... nikmatnya... lazatnya.. habis basah cipap ku.

Suamiku balik agak lewat hari tu, tapi nenek tiada bersama, dia memberi tahu nenek kena masuk wad, mungkin sehari dua lagi baru keluar.

“Takpe la Bang...” kata ku, “kita tunggu sampai nenek keluar dan benar benar sihat baru balik KL.”

Suami ku tersenyum gembira .

Keesokan paginya, suamiku ke bandar lagi untuk melihat nenek. Aku tak ikut sebab lebih suka duduk berehat saje dan suamiku tidak membantah. Lebih kurang jam 8.00 pagi, aku menuju ke kolam mandi hanya dengan berkemban tuala mandi yang agak singkat hampir menampakkan pangkal ponggongku yang pejal. Dalam hati berharap agar Mat terlihat diriku.

Sampai di perigi, aku membuka ikatan tuala dan menyangkutkan tuala di dinding perigi lalu perlahan-lahan menuruni tangga di kolam. Terasa sejuk bila ujung kaki terkena air kolam yang jernih. Dengan perlahan aku terus menuruni anak tangga dan sedikit demi sedikit tubuhku tenggelam dalam air. Lalu aku menyelam beberapa ketika dan timbul semula.

Aduh, sejuk dan menyegarkan. Aku hampir terlupa yang ketika suamiku mengajakku balik kampong nenek, jiwaku memprotes, kini baru ku tahu, betapa indah dan nyamannya kehidupan di desa.

Lama juga aku berendam di kolam sambil menggosok dan membelai tubuhku yang gebu. Kemudian aku naik ke atas tangga dan duduk di tangga dengan hanya hujung kakiku sahaja yang mencecah air perigi yang sejuk dan menyegarkan.

Ku pejamkan mata sambil tanganku membelai buah dadaku yang mekar, tak la besar sangat, cuma 34B. Lama tangan ku berada di situ sambil mengurut buah susuku. Aku tersentak seketika dalam khayalan bila terdengar seperti ranting kayu patah dipijak orang.

Bila ku buka mata, aku ternampak seperti ada seseorang yang memerhatikan diriku dari balik dinding perigi yang hanya diperbuat dari daun kelapa yang di anyam. Aku pasti, aku menjeling dan nampak Mat sedang memerhatikan gerak geriku. Menyedari kehadiran Mat, aku bangun dan berdiri sambil melakukan gerak tubuh (exercise) ada ketikanya aku tunduk membelakangkan Mat hingga kepala ku ke bawah, aku yakin dengan berkedudukan begini Mat akan melihat cipapku dari arah belakang dengan jelas.

Kemudian aku berdiri semula dan menghadap ke arah Mat lalu ku lentokan badan ku ke belakang dengan tujuan supaya Mat dapat melihat cipapku dari depan dengan sejelas jelasnya. Aku tau tentu Mat sedang tidak tentu arah bila melihat cipapku yang licin tanpa bulu.

Kemudian aku mengurut urut buah susuku dan tangan sebelah lagi mengurut bibir cipapku yang tembam sambil memejamkan mata, tanpa ku sedari, air cipapku mula keluar dan aku mula mengeluarkan bunyi erangan yang halus dan nikmat.

Tiba tiba terasa ada orang memeluk ku dari belakang, terasa kotenya yang menegang menikam punggung ku. Aku tau mesti Mat dan aku buat-buat terperanjat dan menoleh ke belakang.

“Mat! Apa kamu buat ni?” aku mengherdik.

Tergamam dia bila aku berbuat demikian,. Lalu segera aku mencapai tuala ku dan menutupi tubuhku.

“Maafkan saya kak, saya tak sengaja nak melihat kakak, tapi bila saya melihat, saya tak boleh nak mengawal diri saya. Maafkan saya,” dia tunduk.

Kami terdiam seketika.

“Takpe la Mat, salah akak juga tapi Mat mesti janji tak akan beritahu sesiapa apa yang Mat lihat sebentar tadi.”

“Saya janji kak,” kata Mat tapi nampaknya gementar.

Aku nampak seluarnya membojol aje. Mesti kotenya masih keras lagi. Lalu aku mempelawa Mat naik ke rumah. Mat mengikut sahaja seperti orang ketakutan.

Mat duduk di lantai ruang tamu (di rumah nenek memang takde kerusi pun). Aku terus ke dapur mengambil dua cawan kopi lalu aku hidangkan pada Mat. Aku duduk dihadapanya dengan hanya memakai tuala tadi.

Mata Mat segera terpaku bila terlihat cipapku tersengeh di hadapannya dan ku lihat dadanya berombak dan nafanya semakin laju. Aku buat tak perasan aje yang cipapku tersengih.

“Kenapa Mat?” tanya ku.

“Tak de apa kak...” dengan suara yang gugup.

“Habis, kenapa macam orang nak pengsan je. Cakap pun mengeletar. Takut apa?” tanya ku.

“Ohh… maafkan akak Mat! Tak perasan pulak tuala akak ni pendek, dan benda akak terbuka. Mat tak pernah tengok ke?” selamba aje aku tanya dia.

“Tak pernah kak! Baru tadi Mat dapat tengok” kata Mat.

“Mat suka ke tengok akak macam tadi?” sambil aku menutup cipap ku dengan tangan.

“Suka…” katanya sambi mula tersenyum.

Aku dapat melihat seluar mat dah mengembong dan begerak-gerak..

“Tadi Mat tengok akaknya, sekarang giliran Mat bagi akak tengok Mat punya.”

“Hiisssshhh akak... Mat malu la,” dia tersipu-sipu sambil tunduk tapi mata menjeling kat cipap ku yang terlindung sikit.

“Kalau Mat tak kasi tengok, nanti akak bagi tahu abang, yang Mat ngintai akak mandi,” ujar ku.

Dengan perlahan Mat bangun dan membuka zip seluarnya dan londeh ke bawah. Aku tergamam bila melihat kote Mat yang tegang dan besar dan berurat, lalu aku pegang perlahan dan ku urut manja. Mat masih dalam keadaan berdiri dan memejamkan matanya apabila aku urut kotenya.

“Apa Mat rasa?”

“Sedap kak...” suaranya agak perhan dan mengeletar.

“Selama ni... Mat urut sendiri je...” ujarnya.

Kemudian aku masukkan perlahan kote Mat dalam mulut ku dan ku hisap perlahan-lahan sambil lidahku bermain main di kepalanya dan Mat mula menggelinjang. Aku tau pasti tak lama lagi Mat akan terpancut, lalu ku kulum dan sedut kuat. Puas juga ku kulum, sedut dan membelai telurnya yang licin tapi tak juga airnya terpancut.

“Kalau hubby aku dah lama terpancut ni,” kata ku dalam hati.

“Kak, sedap sangat kak, tak pernah Mat merasa senikmat ini,” ujarnya.

“Ok... sekarang giliran Mat, boleh?” kata ku.

“Nak buat macam mana kak? Mat tak biasa...” katanya.

Aku ceritakan pada Mat apa yang harus dilakukan satu persatu dari membelai buah susuku hinggalah bagaimana hendak memasukan kotenya dalam cipap ku. Aku membaringkan diriku di atas tilam kekabu dan memejamkan mataku, nak merasa macam mana budak kampung ni membelai tubuhku, nak tau dia faham ke tidak apa yang telah aku ajar sebentar tadi.

Terasa tangan Mat yang kasar mula mengusap perlahan tetek ku yang dah sedia tegang. Nyata berbeza sebab biasanya tangan halus (tak pernah kerja kasar) yang membelai tetekku. Rasa geli geleman pulak tapi sedap. Mat terus membelai dan mengusap, sesekali dia meletakan jarinya ke atas putingku yang dan tegang. Kemudian Mat mula memicit tetekku perlahan lahan sambil menggentel putingku.

“Cepat juga Mat belajar,” kata hati ku.

Makin lama Mat mengurut, membelai dan menggentel tetekku, semakin nikmat ku rasakan dan aku mula mengeluarkan suara halus kenikmatan.

“Kenapa kak? Sakit ke Mat buat?” tanyanya.

“Tak, pandai Mat buat, sedap, lazat,” kata ku dengan nada lemah.

Kemudian Mat meneruskan acara usap dan gentel di tetekku. Tetiba aku merasa Mat meniarap di atas tubuh ku, terasa kotenya yang tegang bila terkena cipapku yang dan basah sejak tadi.

“Aii… cepatnya dia nak masuk,” bisik hati ku tapi aku mendiamkan diri nak melihat sejauh mana kesabaran Mat dan nak tau dia ikut tak apa yang telah aku ajar sebentar tadi.

Mat mengerakan ponggongnya dan dengan gerakannya membuatkan kotenya bermain di alur cipapku. Lepas tu terasa hangat di puting tetek, rupanya Mat mula menghisap tetekku sambil tangannya mengurut dan memicit tetekku yang sebelah lagi.

Aduhhh… nikmat sungguh rasanya. Aku tetap mendiamkan diri menikmati apa yang dia lakukan ke atas tubuhku sambil kotenya bergerak di alur cipapku yang dah banjir. Lepas tu terasa mat menggerakan lidahnya ke leher.

“Mat! Jangan sedut, nanti ada kesan merah,” aku bersuara lemah.

Mat meneruskan jilatan di leher dan telingaku. Aku terasa geli geleman tapi nikmat. Kemudian Mat menggerakkan lidahnya ke celah tetekku dan terus ke bawah, memainkan lidah di pusatku dan terus ke bawah.

Terasa Mat mencium dan mengigit tundun cipapku yang agak tembam, dan membelek belek cipapku. Lepas tu dia meneruskan jilatan di peha kananku. Diangkat kaki kanan ku ke atas dan dia menjilat serta menciumnya. Lepas tu dia meneruskan jilatan ke jari jari kaki ku.

Aduhh… suami ku tak pernah melakukan sedemikian. Kemudian Mat menjilat jejari kaki ku dan menghisap ibu jari kaki ku. Rupanya nikmat juga diperlakukan demikian.

“Pandai pula budak ni,” bisik hati ku.

Lepas tu Mat menjilat jari jari kaki kiriku dan menghisap ibu jari kaki kiriku pula, seketika kemudian Mat meneruskan jilatan ke betis dan peha kiriku. Kemudian terasa Mat mencium cipapku dan terasa lidah dia mula mencecah bibir luar dan dia memulakan jilatan di situ.

Selepas menjilat bibir kiri dia menjilat bibir kanan. Kemudian terasa Mat meletakan lidahnya di alur cipapku sebelah atas dan dia mula membelah alur cipapku menggunakan lidahnya dan aku mula mengerang kenikmatan bila hujung lidah dia menyentuh biji kelentitku yang sudah lama mengembang. Mat berhenti disitu dan menghisap biji kelentitku.

“Emm… sedapnya Mat,” kataku dengan nada perlahan.

Kemudian Mat membuka bibir luar cipapku dan mula menjilat bibir dalam ku yang tersembunyi di balik bibir luar dan seketika kemudian terasa lidah dia memasuki liang rongga cipapku/ Aku semakin tak tahan dengan tindakannya yang perlahan penuh kenikmatan. Aku mula menggelupur dan mengerang, terlalu nikmat dan kemudian aku mencapai klimaks yang pertama.

Lepas tu Mat bangun membuka kaki ku menjadikan aku terkangkang dan dia berada di antara kakiku. Aku lihat dia tersenyum bila melihat cipapku dan terbuka menanti tikamananya yang padu.

Mat meletakkan hujung batang nya di atas biji kelentitku dan menggeselnya perlahan, terasa lembut tapi nikmat. Kemudian dia memasukan kepala kotenya perlahan dalam lubang yang dah sedia menanti, perlahan tikamannya dan aku mula merasa senjatanya memasuki liang telaga ku.

Oooohhh nikmatnya, terasa takuk kepala kotenya menerjah masuk. Terasa urat urat kotenya di dinding lubang telaga ku. Aduh… nikmatnya, terasa seperti baru pertama kali melakukan hubungan seks. Mulut ku ternganga dan mataku pejam, aku benar benar menikmati tikaman Mat yang amat perlahan tapi nikmat, makin lama semakin dalam dan akhirnya hujung senjata dia sampai ke dasar.

Mat mendiamkan kotenya dan aku mula mengemut ngemut dan membuai dan mengahayun ke kiri ke kanan bagai irama dangdut. Aku memaut Mat dengan kuat, dan mengepit Mat menggunakan kaki ku, ke dua hujung kakiku bertemu di belakang badannya.

Lepas tu mulut Mat mencari mulut ku. Kami menikmati kuluman lidah, kulum mengulum. Lepas itu mulutnya ke bawah mencari pangkal buah dada ku dan seterusnya menjilat dan mengulum putting tetek ku dan menghisap perlahan sambil hujung lidahnya bermain-main di situ.

Mat mula perlahan-lahan menarik keluar kotenya dan masa tu ku kemut kuat sebab terasa sayang untuk membiarkan kotenya tercabut. Bila hujung kotenya dan nak terkeluar, Mat membenam kembali dengan perlahan. Terasa sekali kenikmatannya, terasa batang yang berurat tu keluar masuk, dan terasa takok kepala kotenya mengasah dinding liang telaga ku.

Sungguh nikmat dan lazat. Sungguh indah rasanya diperlakukan begitu dan secara spontan terkeluar suara halus dari mulutku sebagai pernyataan kenikmatan dan kelazatan yang tidak terhingga aku, mengelupur dan mengerang.

“Aduhhh lazatnya...”

Mat menukar rentak tikamannya, dengan menikam laju tetapi semasa menarik keluar dengan perlahan sekali. Aduhhhh…kenapa baru kali ini aku merasa benar benar nikmat walau pun aku telah beratus bahkan beribu kali disetubuhi oleh suami dan juga boyfriend ku, kenapa baru kini aku merasa kenikmatan yang luar biasa dari budak kampong ini?

Badanku bergetar setiap kali Mat membuat tikaman, dan aku merengek bila dia mencabut senjatanya dengan perlahan. Makin lama semakin nikmat dan aku semakin khayal, terasa seperti dibuai mimpi indah dan mengasyikkan. Kemudian aku merasa dia mengubah tikamannya pula, memasukan kotenya dengan amat perlahan sehingga aku terasa benar urat urat batangnya yang kekar, dan menariknya dengan laju kemudian menikamnya dengan rentak amat perlahan.

Aduhhhh… kat mana pulak dia ni belajar, aku tak ajar pun tadi. Makin lama aku semakin hampir kepada kekalahan, aku tewas dengan budak kampong ini. Bila aku tak dapat mengawal diriku lagi, suaraku semakin kuat mengerang dan badanku semakin bergetar dan menggelupur. Aku peluk Mat dengan sekuat kuatnya.

“Aaa... ahhh…” aku sudah sampai kemuncak kenikmatan. Aku tewas di tangan budak kampung ini. Sungguh nikmat apa yang dia berikan pada ku dan aku terasa letih longlai.

Mat masih meneruskan tikamannya semakin lama semakin laju sedangkan aku telah hilang tenaga, tidak bermaya. Aku biar saja ape yabg dia lakukan

“Kenapa akak! Akak sakit ke Mat buat gini?” tanya dia.

Aku tak berdaya nak jawab sambil memeluknya kuat dan mulut ku mencari mulutnya. Aku kulum bibir, lidahnya, gigit cuping telinganya. Aku jilat tengkoknya. Entah macam mana, dengan keghairahan ku, aku rasa enak datang lagi bila dia membuat tikaman bertubi tubi.

Aku cuba melawan dengan mengemut dan memeluknya dengan kuat dengan harapan dia akan mengeluarkan cairan nikmat dan hangat dalam liang kenikmatanku. Makin lama aku merasa makin hampir Mat akan sampai klimaksnya, dan tiba tiba dia mendengus dan membuat tikaman dengan kuat dan gagah sehingga tubuhku bergetar dan serentak dengan itu terasa seperti simbahan cairan hangat dan aku juga mengeluarkan suara erangan yang amat kuat dan aku menggelepar kenikmatan.

Aku meneruskan kemutan memerah batang senjata yang berdenyut denyut dalam rongga ku sambil mengeluarkan saki baki cairan hangatnya. Mat tertiarap di atas tubuh ku yang telah longlai. Aku terasa lemah tetapi penuh kepuasan.

Mat membuka mata dan tersenyum memandangku, kotenya masih berendam dalam telaga ku dan masih tegang..

“Terima kasih kak,” katanya. “Inilah pertama kali Mat dapat merasa sesuatu yang sangat indah dan nikmat.”

“Mat hebat, tak sangka Mat begini hebat,” kata ku padanya.

Dia tersenyum bila aku memuji. Kami berkucupan bertikam lidah seketika sambil dia menggoyang goyangkan ponggongnya. Kotenya mula longlai di dalam liang nikmatku. Aku buat kemutan dan deyutan yang terakhir sebelum dia mencabut keluar kotenya.

“Mat nak lagi ke?” tanya ku.

“Nak kak, tapi bukan masa ni.”

Emm…. terasa sayang nak melepaskannya dari pelukanku. Mat mencabut senjatanya yang dah mula longlai. Dia menngambil tuala kecil dan mengelap cipapku. Terasa seperti aku sedang dimanjakan bila dia berbuat demikian.

“Cantiknya cipap akak. Macam dia senyum je kak.”

“Memang la dia senyum, kan Mat baru bagi dia minum tadi,” ujarku padanya.

Kami ketawa geli hati. Rasa kepuasan tidak terhingga. Lapang dada. Kendur semua urat saraf.

Mat baring disebelahku masih berbogel, kemudian dia mengiing ke arah ku yang masih berbogel terlentang keletihan. Tangannya bergerak membelai buah dada ku.

“kak ni cantik la, puti bersih.”

Au senyum bila dia memberi pujian begitu. Semua orang kata aku cantik suami ku, boyfriend ku, bos pun selalu memuji kata aku cantik kata ku dalam hati.

“Akak, bila agaknya Mat dapat bersama akak macam ni lagi ye?”

“Emm… entah la Mat, akak pun nak lagi bersama Mat macam tadi. Mat ni handal dan romantik, Mat belajar di mana?” ujar ku.

“Kan akak yang ajar Mat tadi, sebelum ni Mat hanya dengar kawan bercerita kenikmatan bersetubuh, tengok wanita bogel pun baru ni kali pertama,” kata Mat.

Aku bangun dan memegang kote Mat yang lembik, aku lap kotenya, telurnya.

“Besar juga kote budak ni,” bisik hati kecil ku.

Sejurus kemudian aku urut-urut kotenya, telurnya. Menunduk kepala ku dan aku mula kulum, menghisap dan lidah ku menjilat kepala kotenya sambil tangan ku membelai telurnya.

Hhuuhhh.... kote nya mula begerak dan mengembang dan menegang ternyata ia bangun semula, makin lama makin keras. Mat pula membelai tetekku semula, menghisap dan menyonyot putting tetekku yang dah mengeras semula. Lama kemudian terasa lidah mat menari-nari di setiap rongga cipapku dan akhirnya aku klimaks lagi sekali

Kemudian aku minta Mat baring terlentang sebab aku nak naik ke atasnya, posisi kegemaranku, dan dengan perlahan aku masukan kote dia dalam lubangku. Aduhhh…kenapa kali ini aku lemah sangat, baru sebentar aku dipandu dan memandu terasanya tidak bermaya dan longlai, tapi aku teruskan guna kekuatan yang ada.

“Aku nak uji budak ni sejauh mana dia boleh berenang,” bisik hati kecil ku.

Terasa benar senjatanya masuk jauh ke dalam dasar cipapku, terasa benar senjatanya memenuhi liang nikmatku aku guna kan irama dangdut. Turun naik, ke kiri ke kanan.

Ooohhh dia tidak mengalah dan aku terkulai kenikmatan di atas tubuh sasa Mat. Aku terbaring lesu dan Mat bangun mengangkat kakiku tinggi ke atas bahunya. Dan dengan perlahan Mat memasukan senjatanya yang gagah ke dalam rongga nikmat yang sedia menanti. Mat menikam dengan penuh kegagahan dan tiba tiba Mat memasukan jarinya dalam lubang dubur ku.

“Mat… emmm… kenapa jadi sedap sangat ni,” dan rengekan halus tak henti keluar dari bibirku bila mat berbuat demikian.

“Bijak juga budak ni,” bisik hatiku.

Makin lama dia makin hebat dan gagah dan akhirnya kami terkulai bersama penuh kenikmatan dan keindahan. Mat masih meniarap di atasku, menciumi ku dengan penuh kasih sayang, terasa senjatanya mula mengecil dan akhirnya terkulai layu.

Kami sama sama bangun dan membersihkan diri, kerana tak lama lagi suamiku dan nenek tentu akan balik. Hari ini aku mendapat pengalaman yang sangat indah dan tak munkin dapat ku lupakan seumur hidupku. Jika suamiku ajak balik ke kampung ke rumah nenek lagi, aku pasti tidak akan menolak walau pun berjalan jauh kerana berbaloi.