Monday, 20 February 2017


Call me paranoid, or whatever you please, but my wife's
 "volunteer work" was really about sex all along, and I
 knew it from the beginning. She went on about self-
 actualization and needing to "discover herself" and to
 do something about society's problems. And I went
 along, reluctantly - unhappily. I knew this was really
 all about us. It was about sex. I knew my marriage was
 in trouble.

 Problem is, what do you do about it? My brother and my
 best friend had both warned me. They told me Pamela was
 a brainy, sexy, spoiled rotten bitch ("just like Gail,"
 my brother warned - a reference to his wife's sister,
 who had left her husband for a professor soon after she
 started as a part-time grad student).

 Lately, they said, she'd been showing all the signs of
 "turning hippy." What they meant was that she had begun
 sheepishly defending the antiwar protesters, had
 expressed curiosity about pot, and had taken to wearing
 less makeup and letting her hair fall loose and full.

 Moreover, they said, she seemed to be bored at family
 gatherings, which my Dad regarded as the very most
 disturbing sign. Unlike my brother, who had never liked
 Pamela (although he'd made it clear he found her sex-
 ually desirable) Dad had a genuine affection for her,
 and seemed to think of her as the daughter he never
 had. She returned his warm feelings, too - even when
 she started to get strange.

 Naturally, I told them they were crazy. She had a right
 to her own opinions, didn't she? (Well? Didn't she?)
 And, I added, I happened to really like her new look.
 What's more, I lied, our sex life was better than ever.

 Why did I say that? It was completely out of character
 for me to even mention our sex life, for one thing. And
 for another, our sex life was a source of total con-
 fusion to me. My wife had never, to my knowledge,
 anyway, had an orgasm, and she had steadfastly refused
 to discuss it, brushing the topic aside on the two
 occasions when I'd asked her about it. 

 "What difference does it make?" she'd said on our
 honeymoon. "You were great and I think you're probably
 the sexiest man alive."

 And later, once when we were tipsy following a New
 Year's party, we made love for much longer than usual.
 Probably due to the alcohol I'd consumed, I'd been able
 to continue without climaxing for probably twice the
 time of our usual brief couplings. 

 "Did you...?" I asked as we lay there afterward, the
 room spinning just slightly.

 "Did I what?" she answered, her tongue as thick with
 booze as mine.

 "You know ... did you have an orgasm?"

 She gave a long sigh... "How the hell am I supposed to

 With that she rolled over and almost immediately
 started snoring softly.

 So that was that.

 And lately, things had just gotten stranger. She always
 - repeat: ALWAYS refused when I made the first move.
 Always. But occasionally, just lately, she would
 initiate the first contact and each time, it was some-
 thing strange.

 The first time, she came to bed late and snuggled up
 behind me, her chest against my back. I woke up about
 halfway and thought little of it. After all, she was
 wearing the chin-to-floor flannel nighty that usually
 signaled a chaste bedding.

 But as I drifted back to sleep, I felt her lips pressed
 to the back of my neck, and her hand slid down into my
 pajamas. She is a lot shorter than me, so she had to
 scoot down for her hand to reach my penis. As she did
 so, she pressed her cheek against my back. I could feel
 her heat through the material of my pajama top.

 I tried to turn to face her, but she held my slack
 penis and resisted with a murmured "No..."

 I lay there blinking as she pressed up against me, her
 hand on my penis for a while. I just listened to our
 breathing, wondering if she'd gone to sleep.

 Eventually, her hand began to squeeze and stroke me.
 Ineptly, at first. Not really sure what to do with a
 soft penis, I guess. But as I began to swell in her
 hand, her breathing began to grow rougher, along with
 mine. And soon she was masturbating me... stroking my
 cock rhythmically - a slow, maddening slide of her
 fingertips along the underide of my cock, with her
 thumb pressed to the upper side. The loose skin slid
 over my shaft under her fingers and she milked me

 Soon I was nearing orgasm, and I was frankly embar-
 rassed. Did she really mean to make me do this?
 Shouldn't I at least get a tissue or a towel or some-
 thing? My years of masturbation with a wash cloth and
 soap came back to me... was she going to make me squirt
 on the sheets?

 "Honey, I'm going to..."

 "Shh!! I'll stop," she whispered harshly, resisting my
 second attempt to roll over to face her."

 She squeezed me harder and I felt her taut body strain-
 ing against me as she held onto my shoulder with her
 free hand. We were both rocking with her effort. I was
 both aroused to the point of fever, and deeply humili-

 I came hard. When she felt the first spurt, she
 loosened her grip, but continued to stroke me even

 What I would have wanted, I couldn't ask for. I would
 have wanted her to stop stroking altogether and just
 hold onto the base of my cock, pulling back as hard as
 possible, so hard that the skin sheath would distort
 the shape of my cockhead, and hold me like that, very
 still. I had done it many times, aroused myself nearly
 to orgasm, then just pulled back on my cock and held
 still to wait for the explosion.

 But this, although physically not what I'd have re-
 quested had I been less uptight, was in all other ways
 an extraordinary sexual experience. 

 Several heavy spurts soaked the sheets on my side of
 the bed as my wife's hand flew over my cock. I thought
 I heard her chuckle to herself against my back as I
 came ... and whisper something.

 Not sure, I whispered hoarsely "what...?" but she never
 answered. I tried one more time to turn to her, but she
 silently resisted. Wouldn't have it.

 A while later, I felt her climb out of bed. Looking
 back, I think she probably went somewhere in the house
 to satisfy herself. Also looking back, I suppose she
 was thinking of "him" the whole time.

 Another time, as she came to bed after a night of her
 "volunteer work," she turned off the nightlight in the
 hall that we usually kept on for our daughter. She
 quietly closed our bedroom door, as I continued to
 feign sleep. I heard her tiptoe to the windows and
 carefully, almost silently, pull the shades and
 curtains shut. She paused by the dresser to turn the
 alarm clock to the wall, the final source of light in
 the room. Total darkness.

 She found her way over to my side of the bed and knelt
 down. I felt her hand go up under the covers, and
 directly to the waist of my pajamas. Faintly, I could
 smell beer and cigarette smoke ... she'd gone out for
 a beer with the other volunteers, as she often did.
 But had she been smoking? Totally out of character.

 Her hand found me and I pretended to be coming out of
 sleep as she began to fondle me, her fingers cool and
 dry. I reached down to touch her in the dark, but her
 free hand found mine and she pushed me away silently.

 Before I was completely hard, she pulled down the
 sheets and fished my cock out through the fly of my
 pajamas. I inhaled deeply - smell of her perfume,
 mixed with the smell of whatever pub she'd gone to
 actually excited me, and by the time she got me freed,
 I was hard.

 Then, to my complete surprise, I felt her lips and
 tongue on the head of my cock, at first tentative, but
 almost immediately her tongue began to swirl over my
 flesh and her full lips opened to take me in.

 She had occasionally teased my cock with a kiss or a
 lick when we were dating, but had never actually taken
 me into her mouth. I'd subtly hinted that I would like
 more, but nothing doing.

 But now, my wife was kneeling by our bed in the dark-
 ness tonguing me with real urgency and, from the sound
 of her breathing and her occasional, involuntary
 sounds, she was hungry for me.

 When I reached down with both hands to touch her hair,
 she batted me away again, but continued to suck,
 actually moving her head over me as she took more of
 my length into her mouth.

 Never, never, ever had she done this, or anything even
 close. Each time she plunged downward to take in more
 of me, she moaned deeply - was it effort, or satis-

 Inevitably, I began to moan. Usually, I wasn't at all
 verbal in bed, but THIS - well, I began to babble I

 "Oh, Pammy, yesssss ... oh, god ... please, yes ... oh,
 god, Pammy..."

 Almost roughly, her hand flew to my mouth and covered
 it! I was reduced to stifled moans as her hand left my

 Soon after, and just as I began to feel my orgasm
 approaching, she pulled away from my cock and there
 was a pause of what felt like forever, but was probably
 about thirty seconds, before I heard her make a sound
 I'd never heard. It was somewhere between a moan and a
 squeal and her breathing was ragged and loud as she
 keened from her spot on the floor by our bed.

 "Are you alright? Honey? Sweetie..."

 As I began to fumble for the bedside light switch, I
 heard her softly leave the room and close the door
 behind her.

 My cock hard and my balls aching, I fantasized going
 after her, demanding - well - demanding SOMETHING! An
 explanation? An orgasm? What? I briefly fantasized just
 going after her and raping her, but I put the thought
 out of my mind. Surely she must know what she was doing
 to me ... surely she knew how unfair this was, and how
 strange it all was too.


 Hindsight can be comforting or sickening. As I look
 back on those days, it is indeed a comfort to be able
 to make sense of what was going on. At the time, I was
 mostly just confused and angry.

 Pamela was struggling with something, though - some-
 thing she couldn't possibly have explained to me,
 because she didn't even come close to understanding it
 herself. Looking back, I now know that she was as
 tormented in some ways as I was - at least at first.

 Pamela continued for some months to be completely un-
 predictable. Distant, quiet, and unaffectionate for
 days at a time, then all of a sudden, she'd do some-
 thing so sexually exciting that I couldn't believe it
 was the same woman.

 One night when I came home from a poker game, I found
 my wife in our bed, lying on her tummy, with several
 quite new copies of a popular sex magazine on the
 pillow beside her. Only her reading lamp was on, and
 the soft, long curves of her slender body was the very
 picture of feminine beauty. She had only her panties
 on, and she had one hand under her body, obviously hard
 at work in her panties. 

 In her free hand, she held one of the pocket-sized
 magazines, with one finger apparently holding her
 place. I thought she must not have heard me come in,
 but she almost immediately proved me wrong.

 With a deep, anguished moan, she let go of the maga-
 zine, and pulled her hand free of her panties. She
 kept her face turned away, gripping a pillow in one
 hand and reaching back to pull the crotch of her
 panties aside with the other. There was a light sheen
 of sweat on her skin, and she seemed to glow in the
 relatively dim light of the little lamp.

 "Do me, Danny. Do it to me."

 It took a moment for me to find my voice. I was feeling
 mellow from a few beers - for a brief moment I felt
 vaguely ill, then sort of dizzy.

 "Pam, I'm sorry, I just..."

 "Don't talk! Please, Danny ... please just do it. Do
 it Now! Don't talk."

 By this time, I had already realized that nearly every
 time she presented one of these "episodes", she asked
 me to be silent. And I had begun to understand why: my
 voice would spoil whatever fantasy she was having.
 Again she said it, still in the harsh, urgent whisper
 I'd come to associate with these encounters:

 "Now. Do it now or go away."

 I dropped my jacket, kicked off my shoes and undid my
 slacks as I approached the bed. I got on my knees be-
 tween her thighs and began to caress her ass ... god,
 that ass. Still makes my heart beat faster just think-
 ing about it, and it's been years!

 I slid my hands up her thighs to the firm, smooth fruit
 of her ass and began to massage her, but she reached
 back - still without looking back, her face turned
 away from me - and pushed my hands away.

 "No! Just do it, you bastard. Just do it ... please.
 Oh god, please."

 I probably knelt there blinking for a few seconds ...
 hurt, but so aroused I could have passed out. My hands
 shook and my heart pounded. I looked down and saw her
 sex open and wet from what she had been doing when I
 came in... and then I just plunged my fingers into her,
 two or three of them, screwing them into her as I
 pressed down on the small of her back.

 She made a deep, raspy noise as she pressed a pillow
 to her face and I felt her pussy gripping my fingers.
 I roughly withdrew them, and her ass rose as if to
 snatch them back.

 My cock was in position already, and when her ass rose,
 I pushed into her. She pressed both hands against the
 mattress as if to do a push-up, and her upper body
 began to rise. I astonished myself by roughly pushing
 her back down with the flat of my hand between her
 shoulder blades.

 She gave a little yelp of surprise, and when I took
 her small hips in my hands and yanked her up to me,
 she seemed to briefly struggle before beginning to
 writhe against me.

 I pressed into her as deep as I could and when I was
 all the way in, her hands came up and back, and she
 crossed her wrists over the small of her back.

 It seems silly, I suppose, but when she did that, I
 immediately began to come. One of her hands whipped
 around to her clit and in a matter of seconds, her
 muscles were gripping me again in what I now know was
 her orgasm.

 She fell forward and began to sob. So did I - releasing
 only a small bit of the tension and confusion of those
 months. She didn't say a word as we drifted off to

 When I awoke a little while later, with my trousers
 still around my knees, she wasn't in the bed. As usual,
 she'd gone off somewhere else in the house. I went back
 to sleep.

 I believe it was about a week after that night that she
 came into the library where I was going over the mail
 and asked softly if we could talk. She dimmed the
 lights, asking me to sit in my "favorite" chair, a
 leather wingback. She stood behind me.

 "Danny, I owe you an explanation. I know I do. I've
 been a terrible wife to you lately and you deserve
 some kind of explanation..."

 I got up to go to her, to hold her, to tell her it was
 alright, but she turned away.

 "Danny, I can't do this if you're looking at me - I
 just can't. Please. Sit down. Let me do this my way."

 Suddenly I knew what I was about to hear. She was going
 to leave me. I felt like the whole room was coming down
 on me. God, I loved her so! This beautiful, warm, sweet
 person that I had married - who had chosen me over so
 many others that had pursued her. I was losing her.
 This was the night.

 I sat on the edge of my chair and held my head in my
 hands, staring down at the carpet as the lump in my
 throat spread and numbed my body. Anger and grief
 washed over me and mixed somewhere in my stomach ...
 but I kept control.

 "I've been changing. You know I have. I ... we ... it's
 not us. I mean, it isn't you. It's me. It's not some-
 thing I can really ..." she slammed the back of my
 chair with her small fist. "Damn! This is so stupid ...
 Now do I ..."

 She must have heard my heavy breathing ... or maybe I
 was crying. I really don't know. I was still sitting
 there with my head down and she came around the chair
 and stood in front of me and took my head in her hands,
 pressing my face to her tummy. My arms went around her
 and held her tight around her hips and again we cried.
 I still hadn't seen her face since she came into the
 room. I held her to me tightly and I heard her say:

 "You just have to be patient with me, Danny. Please.
 Please, Danny, try and understand. There's something
 happening that I can't explain - something inside of
 me. Please give me time, Danny. Please..."

 Her hands held my head to her tightly, her fingers in
 my hair and on my neck, my ears. Perversely, I suppose,
 I became aroused. I began to press my face down into
 the front of her dress, into her mons. She held my head
 there for a moment, and then pressed forward as I
 pressed my face to her.

 Now, in all our married life, oral sex had been
 entirely out of the question. I've already described
 her minimal oral flirtations before we were married.
 But cunnilingus was particularly taboo.

 And I must admit that it was as much my problem as
 hers. The thought of going down on a woman seemed
 somehow less than masculine to me - sort of demeaning.
 And actually, I felt the same about her going down on

 I mean, I wanted it, but it seemed wrong to me. And
 the one time I had playfully moved to kiss her "down
 there" during our first year of marriage, she was
 genuinely shocked, crying out my name, and pushing me
 away. It was, as I recall, the abrupt end of what had
 been a rather promising foreplay session.

 But just then, in the half dark of the study, my face
 hot with tears, I wanted to bury my face - my *self*
 - in her sex. I breathed in sharply, and imagined I
 could smell her through the material of her panties
 and skirt.

 With my hands on her ass, I pressed harder against her,
 and I felt her press back, a small circular motion of
 her hips that ground her mons against my nose.

 "No ... no..." she whispered, and I recognized that it
 was *that* whisper - the strange, troubled, urgent
 whisper I had lately come to associate with the strange
 intense sex she'd been initiating.

 "No ... please..." she kept whispering as she pulled
 her pelvis back and pushed me away, her small hands on
 my shoulders.

 Again, I briefly imagined forcing myself on her, making
 her give herself to me on MY terms, but I didn't.

 Maybe I should have, I really don't know. After all,
 in those days, no one had ever even *heard* the phrase
 "no means no."

 In fact, it wasn't at all clear that it was even
 legally *possible* for a man to rape his own wife. But
 I let her push me back, at least partly because - get
 this - I wanted to see her face, I wanted to kiss her
 softly and make her smile as I had done so often over
 the years, and hold her and tell her everything would
 be ok. For a moment I imagined that would happen.

 But she kept her face down and as I lay back in my
 chair, she knelt down, her loose hair hiding her face.
 Her hands slid over my thighs as she settled down
 between my spread knees, and although it had never
 happened before, I knew what would happen next.

 Gripping my spread thighs, she pressed her face into
 the front of my trousers, and her mouth slid over the
 shape of my stiff cock. I actually tried to gently push
 her away, but she persisted and began to hurriedly open
 my pants.

 Almost painfully, she extracted my cock from my half-
 opened pants, and immediately took me into her mouth.
 She began to bob up and down over me in the time-
 honored fashion, slowing occasionally to take me deep
 into her throat.

 I gently stroked her neck and shoulders as she did this
 but soon enough, she took my wrists in her hands and
 pinned them to my thighs, all the while continuing to
 suck me and to fuck me with her mouth.

 I could easily have overcome her, but I didn't. And in
 a few more moments, she firmly put my hands on her own
 head and *made* me push her head down onto my cock. I
 started to say something, but again she pressed my
 hands to the back of her head, and moaned as she slid
 down over my erect cock.

 I began to feel my orgasm building and I tried to
 squirm away.

 "Oh, god, baby, I'm almost ... I'm gonna ... Pammy,
 please, I can't hold it ... please, I'm gonna..."

 Right up to the end, I was trying to pull out of her
 mouth, but she held me fast. For so long we had
 colluded in making oral sex taboo - now she was
 *making* me demean her, use her like some kind of

 She released my hands and I found myself pushing her
 down on my own, pushing myself even further into her
 as I felt my balls tighten. At the last minute, though,
 I just couldn't do it - I believed so deeply that it
 was a gesture of disrespect that I finally pulled free,
 pushing her away from me as I did so.

 She fell back and caught herself on her hands and I saw
 her eyes wide and excited as my ejaculate came shooting
 forth into the space between us arcing up and out onto
 the carpet, her bare leg and thigh, and even her dress.

 She just looked up at me from the floor, breathless as
 I was, not exactly smiling, but with a look of deep,
 raw excitement on her tear-streaked face. Our eyes met
 for only a moment before I put my hand over my eyes and
 when I opened them, she was gone.


 It went that way for a long while. She refused every
 sexual overture from me, but every now and then, she'd
 initiate something - always something that put her in

 Fact is, it was the most sexually intense time I had
 experienced in my life. She was so exciting, so un-
 believably hot. And when she felt safe, when she had
 in mind exactly what she wanted to do - she was
 shockingly inventive and hungry - demanding.

 A few things were always the same. She wanted me quiet.
 She wanted no eye contact (even blindfolded me once)
 and no conversation. Usually, she was behind me, or I
 was behind her. And she never repeated herself. It was
 always explosive sexually, and totally baffling

 Twice during that time, she came up, as if casually,
 and hugged me, her face turned to the side and down,
 and whispered "It's going to be ok ... it's all going
 to be ok, Danny." Then she'd be gone.

 Then one night she stopped into the library before
 going out to her volunteer work. She seemed thoughtful
 as she entered. She walked slowly around the room
 making a show of looking up at the shelves.

 "Help you find something?"

 "Hmm? No ... oh. No, I was just thinking..."

 Soon she'd come around behind my chair. I was pretty
 sure she was initiating one of her "episodes" as she
 slid her hands down over my shoulders to my chest and
 leaned down to whisper in my ear from behind. Her voice
 pure warmth, pure love.

 "Danny, darling, I love you. I love you more than any-
 thing ... you are so good to me. You've been so patient
 ... so good. Just a little longer, honey. Please. Just
 a while longer. And whatever happens, baby, I love you.
 I do."

 With that, she left, and I watched her ass swinging as
 she made her way out the door and down the hall.

 It was later than usual when she came home. 

 She wasn't alone. She introduced her "friend" as


 I suppose it was him who used the knocker. Usually,
 Pamela would just let herself in - and most others
 pressed the doorbell. I was passing by the entry foyer
 when there were three loud raps of the old brass

 I was concerned something might be wrong as I opened
 the door - and puzzled when I saw it was Pamela and
 some guy - bearded, hair tied back loosely into a
 ponytail. The whole deal: leather jacket, jeans, cowboy
 boots. Now what...

 Pamela didn't make eye contact. Usually spunky, her
 naturally spritely posture engrained from years of
 dance lessons, sports, and generally being a princess.
 But that night she slunk in as if she wanted to hide.

 "Hi, honey ... this is..." she mumbled.

 Her introduction seemed to stick in her throat, and
 was directed mainly to the floor, as she was still
 looking mostly down or away. I could barely make it
 out: "Mick."

 As she came past me, I caught a whiff of a scent I'd
 come to know - her own, familiar, sweet, clean scent,
 mingled with a faint smell of cigarettes and beer.

 And there was something else ... night air (a motor-
 cycle ride?) and still something else. No time to
 ponder it, but now I know it was the smell of him
 - leather, smoke, and godknowswhat.

 He was of average or better height, lean but his
 shoulders were wide. Looked to be about 25. I could
 take him. Maybe. 

 Don't ask me why I thought about that, but I did. Had
 an inch or two on me, but our weights were pretty well
 matched... There's no doubt that I felt threatened by
 him - he was, after all, the first bit of my wife's
 life "out there" that I'd ever met up with face to

 "Out there" was standing here, in my foyer. Our foyer.
 I immediately tagged him: "asshole," I thought to
 myself. "So this is the kind of asshole she hangs
 around with down at the agency." It didn't make me feel
 any better. I found myself standing a little taller,
 planting my feet a little more deliberately. 

 The three of us stood there in a triangle for one odd
 moment before Mick leaned forward easily and extended
 his hand, introducing himself.

 Guess he figured Pammy's introduction hadn't sunk in,
 since I was just standing there, not offering my hand
 or anything else. I also guess most people with any
 manners would take the hint, say "pleased to meet you"
 make a polite excuse and leave. Not this guy.

 His eyes twinkled as he took my hand, pumped it a bit,
 and repeated his name. "Mick, Danny - it's a pleasure
 to finally meet you."

 Finally? What the fuck was that supposed to mean? Was
 that supposed to let me know how much he and my wife
 had been hanging out together? What an asshole!

 I had a flash of sympathy for Pammy. Here she finally
 brings home one of the other volunteers, and he turns
 out to be a total asshole ... she was clearly flustered
 ... I noticed her face was red and she seemed not to
 know what to do with her hands - unusual for a gal who
 was usually the picture of girlish poise.

 I was flustered too, but decided to be a man about it.
 No reason I should forget my manners just because this
 dipstick was ill-bred. I asked if he'd like to stay
 for a drink, thinking it would give him the opportunity
 to exit with a polite "Oh, thanks, but I've got to
 run." But I should have known better.

 As I took his order ("scotch would be fine, Danny -
 straight up"), I realized that in the process of
 shaking my hands, Mick-the-asshole had ended up
 standing beside my wife. Subtle - but it nagged at me
 as I turned to leave.

 She was still looking down at the floor, but I managed
 to catch her eye when I asked if she wanted something.
 With my eyes I asked if she was OK, and she was ...
 stressed, but OK.

 I could have just moved us into the library, where
 there was a dry bar and a little fridge, but I wanted
 to get away and collect myself. As I headed down the
 hall, and realized I was shaking slightly.  Adrenaline?

 "Steady now," I told myself, "just keep cool." I began
 to muse over how I would tease Pamela after he left.
 In a few minutes, I'd show this guy for the boob he
 probably was. I could hardly wait.

 When I got to the library, I thought I heard whispering
 as I went in, and if Pamela had looked rattled before,
 she was beside herself now - her chest rising and
 falling visibly and her face thoroughly flushed. 

 When I handed her drink over, she remained beside me,
 clearly agitated. She squared her shoulders and tossed
 her hair back and looked across Mick with what seemed
 like defiance for just a moment. "Atta girl," I thought
 "stand over here by me where you belong..."

 Standing next to her, I was again inhaling Pamela's
 aroma ... subtly aroused by it.  My mood had shifted
 from one of suspicion to one of lurking arousal. I was
 beginning to plot my attack - to get the upper hand
 and show this cocky bastard who's who.

 Our guest didn't miss a beat. In fact, he looked
 amused. With a quick glance at me, he nearly drained
 his glass before setting it carefully on my desk
 blotter. Then he crossed the distance between us, his
 eyes fixed on my wife. He walked slowly, with an
 exaggerated nonchalance. The hair stood up on the back
 of my neck.

 By the time I could shift gears internally, he had
 taken her hand and drawn her away from me. She didn't
 resist, and he didn't pull ... he just *drew* her to
 him, holding her fingers in his like some courtier
 about to kiss her hand. His other hand slid to the
 small of her back as she buried her head against his
 chest, her small fists clenched at her sides.

 I started to move toward him, but he made a gesture
 with his hand - a warning? - and his eyebrows rose as
 he looked me in the eye.

 "Pamela and I have had such a fine evening, Danny ...
 in fact, your name came up, didn't it, Pam?"

 She didn't respond.

 "It was so fine out tonight, we just took a ride up to
 F________ Hill - a little spot I know up there that's
 really nice on clear nights. Maybe you know it? But we
 weren't there to look at the stars, were we, Pam?"

 I sputtered something ... I really don't know what.

 He took my wife's chin in his hand - with real tender-
 ness - and kept eye contact with me as he bent to kiss
 her. She did not resist. Her face turned up easily to
 him, and I heard her breathe out long and deep.

 I moved. I have no idea what I said but it was loud.
 But I felt like I had lead in my limbs. He broke their
 kiss. I remember clearly what he said because at first
 it made no sense.

 "Danny, you don't want to dance with me. Sit down and
 shut the fuck up, or leave. But I think you'll want to

 With that he resumed kissing her. Or should I say, he
 made himself available for HER to kiss HIM. He glanced
 up once - either to be sure I was at a distance, or
 just to see if I was watching, I don't know which -
 and then he closed his eyes as my wife's hands went to
 his ass and she strained up against him, noisily, wetly
 kissing another man for what I now know was not the
 first time that night.

 I was rooted to the floor, it was odd what I remember.
 I remember that she went up on her toes, straining
 against him, and that his hands seemed light as he
 held her, as if to prove that he didn't "have" to hold
 her, while her hands clutched at him, sliding from his
 ass up to his neck, pulling him down to her, the fine,
 small muscles of her arms straining as she pressed
 herself to him. His hands were calm, and slid over her
 body as if casually.

 And I remember how strange their kissing seemed to me.
 It should have been familiar: this was my woman. We had
 kissed for years - sweetly, playfully, even chastely -
 but also passionately, hungrily.

 She had always loved kissing - and had always said how
 good I was at it. But what I was seeing and hearing
 seemed foreign. Their kissing was so different from
 ours. It was the same woman, but different. Their
 mouths were not sealed together as ours would be, but
 were open, moving, obscenely licking and stroking,
 noisily and wetly devouring each other. 

 Pam was breathing hard, through her mouth and nose,
 and groaning as she slurped at his mouth and tongue
 before finally locking her mouth to his roughly, almost

 When I was able to look away from them, I saw that he
 was working his hand into the front of her jeans. As
 she stretched upward against him, the concavity of her
 tummy bared her midriff and his hand slipped easily
 toward her crotch, then disappeared to the wrist as she
 twisted against him.

 Somehow, I found myself sitting in my usual chair a
 few feet from where she sat, now on my desk with her
 knees splayed wide. He stood between her knees and
 slowly began to remove her blouse and released her
 sweet, full breasts.

 He bent to tongue her neck and she gasped as his hands
 pulled slowly at her breasts, lingeringly stroking
 outward, stretching her nipples as he nuzzled and
 licked her.

 With her fingers in his hair, her eyes fluttered open
 and in a stunning moment, her eyes met mine. Her hips
 were bucking now and she was breathing raggedly as she
 stared into my eyes as if lost, as if helpless, but
 also as if driven by demons.

 Her eyes remained locked to mine for a long, perverse
 moment. In those few seconds, my love for her - my
 lust for her - was matched by the months of anger and

 I realized all at once that she was looking out at me
 with real love, with lust that seemed as much for me
 as for this intruder. But it seemed that she loved me
 from a million miles away at that moment, that she was
 on a distant peak where I could not go, but her heart
 reached out to mine. And I realized one thing more:
 that I had an erection and that I was full of desire
 and frustration.

 Her eyes closed again as he began to undo her belt with
 one hand. Her hand went to help, but he gently pushed
 it aside. He bent further to tongue her breasts and her
 hands pressed his head closer, as the belt and the
 button of her jeans yielded to his fingers.

 They moved together now, rocking, her frantic movements
 giving way to his slower, more fluid ones.

 When her jeans and panties were down and off, he gave
 her one more long, deep kiss as he held her chin in one
 hand, while the fingers of his other hand worked slowly
 between her legs.

 Breaking their kiss, he pressed gently on her breast-
 bone and she leaned back on her elbows on the desk,
 her eyes gazing into his, her lips slightly swollen
 from their kissing, her mouth soft and open. His
 fingers still stroked into her as she settled back on
 her elbows and he slowly went to his knees before her
 spread legs.

 She threw her head back as his nose ranged through her
 soft, sparse nest of hair.

 I had thought up until then that she was completely
 lost to me - that I had ceased to exist, she was so
 swallowed up in lust. But as his tongue stroked into
 her, she lay fully back and held onto the back of his
 head, stroking the soles of her feet against his back
 as she began to babble:

 "Oh god, Danny, oh god ... he's doing it ... oh, god,
 he's doing it ... oh, Danny ... no ... no ... he's
 kissing me ... licking me *there* ... he's licking me
 ... ohhhhh, Danny, oooohhhh, Danny..."

 He rose up as she seemed on the verge of an orgasm and
 she gave forth a little shriek at the lost contact. He
 pulled her roughly up, and hungrily mouthed her breasts
 again, his fingers at work again between her twisting
 thighs. He straightened up and held her face in his

 "Take out my cock, Pam."

 Simple as that.  His hands went to her breasts as his
 eyes held hers and her hands, trembling frantically
 worked at his belt and the buttons of his jeans. She
 never broke his gaze, but she continued murmuring to
 me - to *me* - as she opened his pants:

 "Oh, Danny, I'm so sorry ... I'm so sorry, oh god, what
 are we doing ... I have to ... I have to..."

 It was alarming and strange, of course, but my hand
 had gone to my straining cock as I watched my wife open
 this stranger's pants as he gazed into her eyes and
 pulled at her breasts, stroking and twisting her

 "Danny!" she squealed, "Danny, he's big ... god, he's
 as big as you ... god, baby, he's so fucking big..."

 He silenced her with his lips and tongue as I saw her
 hands holding him in the dark space between their

 Abruptly, her hands were empty and clawing at his
 shoulders, pulling his shirt away as he slid down
 again, burying his face in her crotch. His fingers
 and his tongue made sloshing noises as she began to
 come almost immediately, grinding herself up to his
 face as he moaned and slurped at her.

 Her orgasm racked her body - a sheen of sweat made her
 glow in the soft light of the study, and her firm,
 strong little limbs were taut with the effort of her

 But before she could be stilled, he lifted her - it
 seemed as if he did it with one hand and the small of
 her back and she came up to him, her legs around him,
 her sex seeking his. He turned around though, and
 deftly swung her around and placed her face down over
 the rounded arm of the leather couch directly in front
 of my chair.

 Her flawless ass was high and she made a move as if to
 rise up, but a firm hand pressed between her shoulder
 blades kept her down. Instead, her ass rose up a bit
 as she tried to look backwards over her shoulder at

 He looked down at her exposed behind with a soft smile
 and made a sound that was almost a growl. He spread her
 ass open and she lurched, but did not protest ... his
 fingers probed below, into her wet pussy slid up over

 Soon he had both hands stroking her above, at her anus,
 and below, at her pussy and her clitoris. Her eyes and
 her fists were clenched now, as her ass bounced up and

 Every now and then he would slowly slide one hand free
 of her crotch and smack her ass, which brought a yelp
 from her each time, but it was clear that she was
 quickly rising to another orgasm. All at once he
 plunged his thick cock into her, and I swear I heard a
 loud, wet, slopping sound as he slid into her all the

 Her lovely head jerked up. 

 "Oh my god!! Oh my god!! Oh my god!!" she kept saying
 over and over, as if it were a true prayer, in a harsh
 whisper, deeper with each repetition as she stroked
 back and forth. He smacked her ass sharply and her
 mantra gave way to a wail as she began to cum again.

 He was grunting and panting now, his eyes glazed as he
 forcefully fucked in and out of her. Suddenly he
 lurched forward and I heard him snarl into her ear:

 "Look at him, Pam ... look at what he's doing while we

 Her eyes flew open and fixed on my crotch, where I was
 stroking my dripping cock, which had somehow freed
 itself from my slacks.

 My humiliation was intense, but this was all so com-
 pletely psychotic that nothing was going to slow my
 hand on my cock. Nothing. I was *that* close to cumming
 and when I heard her gasp, "Danny how? How could
 you...?" I nearly lost it.

 He had resumed humping her now, and apparently some-
 thing he was doing with his hand distracted her,
 because she clenched her eyes shut and started saying
 "fuck me ... do it ... do it ... fuck me ... give it
 to me..." over and over, faster and faster.

 He suddenly stood up, pulled his shining cock out of
 her with a loud sucking noise and flipped her onto her
 back. He straddled her chest and reached back to fondle
 her clit as she bucked beneath him, her orgasm literal-
 ly ripping a scream from her.

 He pressed his cockhead into her mouth, at first deep
 enough that I heard her gag, then with just the head
 in her mouth.

 "Suck," he said, and her lips closed over him. I think
 she was still cumming under the assault of his fingers
 on her clitoris.

 "Drink it, baby ... drink it," he said softly and then
 all the muscles of his body tensed and his buttocks
 jerked as he let out a long, low animal wail and began
 to cum in my wife's sucking mouth.

 I, of course, was cumming, too. All over my hand and
 my trouser leg. The base of my cock was rubbed raw, I
 later discovered, by the teeth of my zipper.

 He looked over at me. I expected him to smirk, but he
 did not. He seemed breathless. Even overwhelmed, for
 the moment.

 Pam avoided eye contact completely, turning her face
 to the back of the couch as she lay whimpering. Her
 breath caught in little sobs, although she wasn't

 I don't remember much else. They dressed haphazardly
 as he led her to the door. He said something as she
 looked back at me over her shoulder and followed him

 My heart ached with the thought that I had lost her

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Aku dan Johari yang biasa kami panggil Jo sedang mengikuti kuliah di sebuah IPTS di ibu kota. Kami berkenalan semasa sama-sama mendaftar di tahun pertama. Kebetulan pada waktu itu aku tidak mempunyai wang kecil dan Jo menawarkan jasanya meminjamkan wangnya. Sejak itu kami berkawan akrab, tertarik antara satu sama lain dan akhirnya menjadi kekasih.

Jo memang baik dan kacak orangnya. Kawan-kawanku mengatakan aku bertuah kerana mempunyai seorang kekasih yang macho dan hebat perawakannya. Aku juga berbangga kerana Jo menjadi kekasihku. Bagaikan belangkas, kami sentiasa bersama pada setiap masa. Bersama di dewan kuliah, bersama di kantin, bersama di perpustakaan, bersama menonton dan bersama shopping. Malah selepas dua tahun kami berkasih, kami bersama pula di tempat tidur.

Selepas kami sekatil baru aku tahu bahawa disebalik ketampanan dan machonya Jo rupanya Jo juga ada kekurangannya. Aku tidak menyangkanya sama sekali. Setiap kali kami bersama aku tidak pernah merasai kenikmatan seks. Jo sama sekali tidak mempunyai pengetahuan seks. Bila kami bersama Jo tak pernah melakukan “foreplay”. Selepas berkucup-kucup ringkas langsung dimasukkan kemaluannya ke kemaluanku. Kadang-kadang terasa pedih kerana aku belum lagi mengeluarkan cairan pelincir.

Yang amat menyedihkan dan membuat aku geram ialah permainannya tak sampai 5 minit maninya telah terpancut. Rupanya Jo mengidap sindrom premature ejaculation. Bila saja terpancut dikeluarkan batangnya lalu tertidur pulas di sebelahku yang gelisah kerana tak pernah puas. Dia sentiasa memohon maaf diatas kelemahannya itu. Aku teramat geram tapi taklah sampai menunjukkan perasaanku kepada dia.

Di kampus kami terdapat sebilangan besar mahasiswa asing. Kebanyakan mereka datangnya dari Afrika. Di kalangan kami warga tempatan menyebut kumpulan ini sebagai awang hitam dan minah hitam. Dengan tubuh mereka yang besar dan tinggi dan perawakan kasar, awang hitam ini kurang digemari oleh mahasiswa tempatan.

Sejak kebelakangan ini ada seorang awang hitam cuba mendekatiku. Dia sentiasa senyum dan menegurku. Aku tidak begitu mengenalinya kerana dia mengambil kursus yang berbeza denganku. Dari caranya aku tahu dia memang ingin mengenaliku lebih dalam dan ingin berkawan denganku. Aku biasa-biasa saja, bila dia menegur aku membalasnya.

Di kampus kami bukanlah sesuatu yang janggal bila awang hitam berdua-duaan dengan mahasiswa tempatan. Oleh kerana bilangan mereka ramai maka tidaklah menjadi aneh bila kita melihat pasangan-pasangan hitam putih ini. Malah kawanku Rini sudah enam bulan berpacaran dengan awang hitam. Bila kami berduaan, Rini akan menceritakan kehebatan kekasihnya itu. Maksud aku kehebatan awang hitam di atas ranjang.

“Hebat sangat ke kekasih kau tu?” Aku bertanya Rini pada satu hari.

“James memang hebat. Barangnya yang besar panjang itu membuat aku menjerit melolong,” jawab Rini.

“Kenapa, sakit ke?” tanyaku ingin tahu.

“Apalah kau ni, bukan sakit tapi sedap le.”

“Kau kata besar dan panjang, tentu sakit bila kena sula.”

“Aku sanggup disula tiap-tiap hari. Sekali kau cuba pasti kau ketagih. Satu lagi kehebatan awang hitam ni ialah bila masuk bertabik bila keluar bersalam.”

“Apa tu tabik dan salam? Macam askar saja bertabik-tabik.” Kataku tak mengerti.

“Kau cuba dulu, nanti kau faham maksudku.” Rini masih berahsia.

Secara terperinci Rini akan bercerita tentang kehebatan James, kekasihnya itu. Katanya lagi James amat suka mengisap dan menjilat burit dan kelentitnya. Punggungnya akan terangkat-angkat bila lidah James yang kasar membelai kelentitnya. Dengan penuh aksi Rini akan berlakon seolah-olah James sedang mengulum biji kacangnya itu. Meliuk lintok badannya seolah-olah sedang mabuk asmara. Aku yang melihatnya pun terkemut-kemut terasa di buritku.

Kebelakangan ini kehidupanku agak sunyi. Jo kekasihku mula mengejar freshie yang lebih muda dariku. Bila aku menelefonnya berbagai alasan yang dia beri. Sibuk dengan aktiviti persatuan katanya. Tapi aku tahu dia sibuk dengan mahasiswi muda yanng baru mendaftar di kampus.

Bila aku sendiri dan kesunyian aku teringat pemuda Afrika yang sering menegurku. Aku teringin juga merasai kehebatan awang hitam tapi aku tak tahu caranya. Mendengar cerita kawan-kawanku pun burit aku mula mengemut. Kalaulah pelir besar panjang awang hitam masuk ke lubang buritku tentu aku menggelupur kesedapan. Aku hanya berkhayal dan buritku mula basah.

Pada satu petang aku memberanikan diri. Aku mengajak pemuda yang selalu menegurku yang kemudiannya aku kenal sebagai Bob makan malam. Biarlah dikatakan perigi cari timba tapi aku ingin mencuba kehebatan awang hitam seperti dikatakan kawan-kawanku. Tak kuduga Bob terima ajakanku dan kami makan malam di sebuah restoran sederhana.

Dalam perjalanan pulang dengan kereta aku memberanikan diri meraba-raba paha Bob yang sedang memandu. Dalam kegelapan aku meraba-raba pahanya mencari senjata hebatnya. Ada benjolan di dalam seluar yang dipakainya. Aku menggosok benjolan tersebut dan aku dapati benjolannya makin mengembang. Aku nekad ingin menikmati kehebatan awang hitam.

Melihat tingkahku yang agak agresif Bob mula bertindak balas. Bob dapat memahami kehendak dan keinginanku. Bob memberhentikan keretanya di tepi jalan. Badanku dipeluk, leherku dicium, dadaku di ramas-ramas dan akhirnya bibirku dikecup sekuat-kuatnya. Aku lemas dalam dakapan Bob. Kepalaku lentok di dadanya yang bidang.

Dia mengajakku ke sebuah hotel sederhana. Dengan rela aku mengikutnya. Di dalam bilik atas katil Bob mengajarku segala macam teknik hubungan seks. Aku yang tak begitu arif tentang seks terpegun mengenai pengalamannya. Katanya seks untuk kenikmatan bersama. Masing-masing perlu berperanan agar kepuasan maksima tercapai. Dia mengajarku cara membelai alat kelamin masing-masing supaya kedua pihak merasai nikmatmatnya.

Bob mendekatiku sambil tangannya dengan lembut membuka pakaianku satu persatu. Akupun begitu jua, membuka pakaian yang melekat di badannya. Tanganku menggigil kerana tak ada pengalaman. Tapi kerana keinginan nafsuku aku memberanikan diri. Kami saling membantu melepaskan pakaian yang kami pakai. Bila kami berdua dah bertelanjang bulat aku memerhati Bob yang berbulu hitam lebat. Badannya sungguh kekar berotot-otot. Bila memandang ke bawah terkejut aku bila terpandang balaknya yang besar dan panjang berwarna hitam legam. Aku kira ukurannya dua kali ganda kepunyaan Jo.

Memang benar kata Rini kawanku yang sedang bercinta dengan awang hitam. Batang kemaluan pemuda asal Afrika sungguh besar dan panjang. Kepalanya masih ditutupi kulit kerana Bob tak bersunat tapi kelihatan cute juga. Foreskin masih menutupi separuh kepala pelir Bob yang besar seolah-olah tak sabar ingin bebas dari sarung yang membungkusnya. Batangnya ditumbuhi bulu-bulu halus yang membuat aku teramat geli bila kami beradu badan.

Ajaran Bob amat berkesan. Kami bermain posisi 69. Bob menghadap buritku sementara aku menghadap pelirnya. Bila Bob mula membelai buritku dengan lidahnya maka aku juga membelai pelirnya. Aku lurut-lurut batang hitam keras di hadapan mukaku hingga kepalanya yang hitam kemerahan terbuka. Inilah pelir lelaki dewasa yang pertama aku lihat. Aku tak berkesempatan melihat apalagi memegang pelir Jo. Jo yang kolot itu tak membenarkan aku menyentuh pelirnya. Pelir Bob berdenyut-denyut dalam genggamanku. Aku geram dan aku ramas lebih kuat. Terasa batang bulat ini kenyal di telapak tanganku.

Aku rapatkan wajahku ke balak Bob. Aku selak kulit hitam yang membalut kepala licin. Kulit kelongsong ini rupanya boleh digerak-gerak. Aku selak lagi ke belakang dan terbukalah keseluruhan kepala licin dan berkilat. Aku pegang kemas agar kulit itu tidak meluncur kembali ke depan. Aku tak ingin kepala merah licin ditutup kembali oleh kulit kulup yang kasar. Aku cium dan hidu kepala bulat yang licin. Aku cium lubang kencing yang terdapat di hujung kepala. Bau pelir Bob membuatkan buritku makin mengemut. Nafsuku melonjak-lonjak bila aroma kepala pelir menerpa ke hidungku.

Aroma kepala pelir Bob membangkitkan nafsuku yang sememangnya telahpun mendidih. Aku genggam kuat-kuat batang balak Bob. Aku rasa sayang seperti tak mahu melepaskannya. Selepas puas mencium kepala pelir aku mencium pula batang hitam berurat-urat itu. Kemudian telurnya yang tergantung berkedut-kedut itu aku cium dan gigigit-gigit sayang. Aku labuhkan batang hidungku ke dalam bulu-bulu lebat di pangkal paha. Aku sedut dalam-dalam baunya. Nafsuku seperti tak terkawal lagi. Buritku makin mengemut seperti minta digaru-garu dan ditikam-tikam. Lepas beberapa minit kepala licin aku kulum dan hisap kuat-kuat. Lidahku menari-nari di kepala bulat. Bob mendesis seperti orang kepedasan bila batangnya aku hisap kuat-kuat.

Bob meraba bibir buritku dengan lidahnya. Dijolok-jolok lidahnya ke dalam lubang buritku. Bila saja lidahnya menyentuh kelentitku aku mengerang kesedapan. Bila dia mengulum kelentitku yang sudah mengeras aku tak dapat mengawal diri dan terpancutlah cairan panas membasahi permukaan buritku yang sudah basah lencun. Bercampur antara air nikmatku dengan air liur Bob. Pertama kali aku orgasme dan aku sungguh nikmat dalam berhubungan seks. Kalaulah Jo sehandal ini alangkah bahagianya.

Melihat keadaanku yang sudah teramat basah maka Bob membalikkan badannya bagi melakukan serangan terakhir. Bob merangkak di celah kangkangku sambil mengarahkan batang pelirnya ke muara buritku. Aku cuba melihat apa yang berlaku. Nampak jelas kepala hitam kemerahan berkilat menempel di lurah buritku yang merah basah. Agak sukar Bob membenamkan kepala balaknya yang besar itu. Lubang buritku yang sempit menyukarkan Bob memasukkan batang pelirnya yang besar panjang.

Bob berusaha menekan kepala besar itu. Aku membantu dengan mengangkang lebih luas. Sekali tekan terbenam kepala bulat hitam berbentuk seperti topi keledar itu. Digerakkan punggungnya maju mundur hingga akhirnya batang besar dan panjang itu sedikit demi sedikit terbenam ke dalam rongga buritku. Terbeliak mataku bila balak besar itu menujah mulut rahimku. Sungguh padat aku rasa bila balak besar itu menyumbat lubangku yang sempit.

Adegan sorong tarik berlangsung lama. Sementara pelirnya keluar masuk dengan lancarnya dalam buritku, Bob memelukku kemas sambil mulutnya menghisap puting tetekku kiri kanan silih berganti. Bibir hitam yang tebal itu berlegar-legar di gunung kembarku. Tetekku diramas-ramas lembut. Aku terasa geli campur nikmat. Geli tetekku dinyonyot dan nikmat lubang buritku digaru-garu oleh batang balak besar. Otot-otot buritku meramas-ramas batang gagah Bob. Aku kemut buritku supaya Bob juga turut nikmat. Desisan nikmat terkeluar dari mulut Bob yang masih melekat di tetekku yang kenyal.

Selepas 20 minit Bob masih gagah. Gerakkan maju mundur makin pantas. Keringat mula membasahi badan Bob malah ada yang menitik ke atas badanku. Bau peluh Bob benar-banar menggoda perasaanku. Aroma badannya membangkitkan nafsuku. Aku hanya mampu mengerang keenakan. Aku terkapar lesu menerima saja layanan Bob. Kakiku merangkul kemas badan jejaka berasal dari Kenya yang perkasa ini. Tiap gerakannya menambahkan kenikmatan. Tindak-tanduknya memberi kepuasan. Tiada kata-kata dapat menggambarkan kesedapan yang aku alami. Aku benar-benar puas.

Bob menggerakkan pinggulnya makin pantas. Belaian dan ramasan dinding buritku pada kepala pelirnya yang sensitif menimbulkan sensasi yang sungguh lazat. Aku mula merasa balak Bob makin besar dan makin keras. Nafas Bob makin pantas. Gerakan maju mundur makin laju. Satu tekanan yang kuat menekan pangkal rahimku, badan Bob melekat ke badanku, buluku dan bulu Bob bertaut dan “ooohhhh... ahhhh.....” meledak dari mulut Bob. Serentak dengan itu pancutan panas menerpa ke rahimku.

Banyak sungguh cairan panas pekat bertakung dalam rahimku. Otot-ototku menjadi kejang, pautanku ke badan Bob makin erat dan “ahhh....” aku mencapai klimaks. Cairan panas dalam lubang buritku menyiram kepala pelir Bob. Aku terkulai layu dalam kepuasan.

Selepas kejadian malam itu aku mengulanginya lagi bila ada kesempatan. Aku mengambil pil pencegah hamil agar tidak mengandung. Aku tidak membenarkan Bob menggunakan kondom kerana aku ingin merasa pancutan air hangat dalam buritku. Pancutan deras dan hangat itu benar-benar memberi sensasi yang sungguh seronok. Apalagi bila Bob mengumpulnya agak lama, amat terasa banyaknya benih Bob disemai ke dalam rahimku. Buritku amat mengalu-alu kedatangan batang balak Bob yang besar, panjang dan hitam legam itu.

Bila kami berkumpul aku menceritakan kehebatan Bob. Aku dah merasa balak awang hitam yang kata kawanku bila masuk bertabik dan keluar bersalam. Rupanya gerakan kulit kulup pelir awang hitam yang tak bersunat itu yang dipanggil tabik dan salam. Tabik dan salam silih berganti dan akhirnya aku mengerang kenikmatan sambil menghadiahkan cairan panas menyirami kepala licin kepunyaan Bob.

Thank you Bob. I love your big, long, black and uncut cock.....

Selepas kejadian kali pertama aku seperti ketagih rasanya. Penangan zakar 8 inci kepunyaan Bob menyebabkan aku termimpi-mimpi. Aku tak sabar-sabar ingin menikmatinya lagi. Lubang buritku seperti terasa-rasa batang Bob yang besar panjang itu bergerak keluar masuk dalam rongga kemaluanku. Enak, sedap dan lazat. Bayangan-bayangan itu saja membuat seluar dalam aku terasa basah.

Hari minggu ini aku tinggal seorang diri. Kawan serumahku pulang kampung kerana ibunya sakit. Aku tidak melepas peluang ini. Aku mengajak Bob datang ke rumahku. Seperti yang dijanjikan Bob datang tepat pada masanya. Aku lihat Bob keletihan dan badanya dibasahi peluh.

“Bob, awak mandi dulu supaya badan kau segar,” kataku sambil menghulurkan tuala mandi tebal berwarna putih.

Tanpa banyak soal Bob menyambut tuala yang kuhulur. Satu persatu pakaian yang melekat dibadannya dilucut sehingga akhirnya Bob bertelanjang bulat. Tuala yang kuberi disangkutnya sahaja di bahunya. Bob berjalan santai menuju ke bilik mandi. Kuperhati pelir Bob terhayun-hayun ke kiri dan ke kanan di pangkal pahanya mengikut gerak langkahnya. Pelir 8 inci itu belum lagi mengeras, tergantung longlai hitam pekat di celah paha berbulu.

Terdengar curahan pancuran air di bilik mandi. Bob bersiul kecil sambil menyirami tubuhnya. Pintu bilik mandi separuh terbuka. Terlihat sesosok tubuh hitam di bawah pancuran air. Timbul idea di benakku, bagus juga kalau kami sama-sama mandi sambil membelai tubuh antara satu dengan yang lain. Tanpa berlengah aku menanggalkan semua pakaian yang melekat di tubuhku. Sambil bertelanjang aku menolak pintu terus ke bilik mandi. Bob sedikit terkejut melihat aku tiba-tiba berada di bilik mandi. Sambil tersenyum aku menggosok-gosok badan Bob yang telah basah.

Aku mengambil sabun yang berada di dinding dan menyabun badan Bob hingga badannya diliputi dengan buih sabun. Aku gosok-gosok hingga buih sabun rata di setiap inci kulit tubuh Bob yang hitam dan berbulu. Sambil sabun masih berada di tapak tangan aku menyabun pelir Bob yang separuh tegang. Kulurut-lurut batang pelir dengan sabun. Batang pelir hitam diselaputi dengan buih sabun yang putih. Tiba-tiba pelir Bob mengeras bila kugosok-gosok. Tanpa lengah kutarik kulup yang menutupi kepala pelir hingga kepala pelir hitam kemerahan berkilat terdedah. Kugosok-gosok kepala pelir dengan sabun. Bob bergerak-gerak kegelian. Lama kugosok-gosok batang pelir agar betul-betul bersih kerana batang hitam keras ini akan menjadi habuan mulutku sebentar lagi.

Kuarahkan Bob menyiram tubuhnya sambil membersihkan sisa-sisa buih sabun. Badan Bob kugosok-gosok hingga tiada lagi buih sabun di badannya. Kulihat ke bawah, pelir Bob masih mengacung keras. Kurendahkan badanku hingga mencangkung. Wajahku betul-betul berada di hadapan batang hitam yang sedang keras. Kukecup kepala pelir yang licin sebagai salam permulaan. Kucium batang hitam yang masih basah. Harum segar baunya bercampur bau sabun.

Sekarang giliran Bob menyabun badanku. Bob menggosok-gosok lembut badanku dengan sabun hingga buih melitupi seluruh badanku. Bob menggosok perlahan tetekku kiri dan kanan dengan buih. Tetekku yang kenyal diramas-ramas. Aku kegelian dan nafsuku mulai bangkit. Lama tetekku digosok Bob. Aku tak tahan diperlakukan begitu. Aku mengerang kesedapan.

Dengan sabar Bob menyabun badanku hingga ke pangkal paha. Tundun gebuku digosok-gosok. Memutih buih sabun di pangkal paha. Lama sekali Bob menyabun buritku. Kelentit dan bibir buritku menjadi sasaran gosokan Bob. Mungkin juga Bob ingin memastikan buritku benar-benar bersih kerana Bob memang gemar menghidu dan menjilat buritku. Tiba-tiba saja Bob mengoles sedikit sabun dengan hujung lidahnya. Lidah yang bersabun itu disapu-sapu pada kelentitku. Aku geli melihat kelentitku berbuih. Seterusnya lidah bersabun itu diusap-usap pada bibir buritku yang basah. Aku geli campur nikmat.

Setelah puas membelai tubuhku dengan sabun, Bob membuka pancuran air sehingga sekujur tubuhku disirami air. Bob menggosok seluruh tubuhku sehingga tiada lagi sisa buih. Badanku sekarang benar-benar bersih. Sebagai balasan apa yang kulakukan padanya, Bob melutut di hadapanku sehingga buritku berada di hadapan mukanya. Dengan lembut Bob mengecup bibir burit dan kelentitku yang masih basah. Aku geli bila hujung lidah yang kasar membelai kelentitku yang licin.

Bob mencapai tuala tersangkut di pintu. Tuala lembut dilapkan ke badanku hingga kering, kemudian Bob mengeringkan badannya juga. Sambil beriringan kami menuju ke bilik tidur. Kukerling ke pelir Bob, masih mengeras pelir 8 inci itu. Aku seperti tak sabar ingin menikmati pelir keras tegang. Tiba di pinggir katil aku menolak keras tubuh Bob. Bob jatuh terlentang di tilam empuk. Kujatuhkan tubuhku ke atas dada bidang Bob. Bulu dada kasar menyapu tetek pejalku. Aku kegelian. Bibir tebal Bob kugigit. Lidahku bergerak lancar dalam mulut Bob. Bob membalas dengan mengisap lidahku. Aku hampir tak bernafas bila Bob mengisap kemas lidahku tanpa mau melepaskannya. Aku meronta, sambil tersenyum Bob melepaskan lidahku.

Bob masih terlentang di katil. Pelir hitam besar panjang terpacak bagai tiang bendera. Kudekati mukaku ke pelir tegang. Dengan kedua tanganku kutarik kulit kulup Bob. Kulup tertarik membentuk kelongsong. Kumasukkan hujung lidahku ke dalam lubang kelongsong. Kulup Bob sekarang membungkus hujung lidahku. Tanpa lengah lidahku yang berada dalam kelongsong kulup kuraba kepala pelir. Kujilat kepala licin. Bob kegelian dan mengerang kenikmatan. Kujilat-jilat agak lama hingga Bob benar-benar terangsang.

Setelah agak lama lidahku beroperasi dalam kelongsong kulup, aku kemudian mengurut-ngurut batang keras. Terasa kulit pelir seperti tidak melekat pada batang. Selesa saja aku gerakkan tanganku naik turun. Aku lancap batang pelir perlahan-lahan. Kepala pelir terbuka dan tertutup mengikut gerakan tanganku ke bawah dan ke atas. Ini yang kawanku sebut bertabik dan bersalam. Kutarik terus ke pangkal. Kulit kulup tertarik ke bawah dan melekat di takuk pelir. Kulit kulup melingkari batang pelir membentuk seperti simpai berlipat-lipat. Sekarang kepala hitam berkilat terdedah seluruhnya. Kudekatkan hidungku ke hujung pelir. Kucium bau segar pelir yang telah dicuci bersih. Aku terangsang sekali dengan bau kepala pelir. Aku mencium dan menghidu lama sekali. Punggung Bob bergerak-gerak menahan nikmat.

Batang hitam tegak kugigit-gigit lembut. Mula dari hujung hingga ke pangkal kubelai dengan lidahku yang lembut basah. Telur Bob yang berkedut-kedut gelap kujilat. Basah bulu telurnya dengan air liurku. Bob mengerang-ngerang kesedapan. Punggungnya terangkat-angkat menahan nikmat. Batang hitam kurasa makin keras. Lantas kukulum dan kusedut kepala licin berkilat. Dapat kurasa batang Bob berdenyut-denyut di dalam mulutku. Aku gerakkan mulutku maju mundur sambil lidahku membelai kepala pelir. Bob mengeliat menikmati kelazatan.

Cairan licin masin mula keluar dari hujung pelir bila lidahku berlama-lama menari-nari di situ. Perasaan Bob menjadi tidak keruan. Dengan pantas dia menolakku lembut hingga aku terbaring telentang. Bob menerkam tetek kenyalku. Puting warna pink dinyonyot-nyonyot, dihisap-hisap. Aku menggelinjang kegelian. Geli dan nikmat di pangkal tetek dan di puting susu. Bibir Bob yang tebal dan hitam amat terampil melayan gunung mekar. Ketiakku yang licin dicium Bob. Kulit ketiakku yang putih dijilat-jilat. Basah lencun ketiakku kiri dan kanan oleh air liur Bob. Lidah besar dan kasar Bob membuatku terasa seperti malayang-layang. Aku bertambah geli dan badannya bergerak-gerak.

“Ahhh..ohhh..sedap Bob, lagi, lagi,” suaraku tiba-tiba tak terkawal lagi.

Dengan perlahan Bob bergerak ke bawah. Kulit perutku dielus-elus. Pusatku dijilat-jilat. Aku tak tertahan lagi. Ku ayak punggungku kiri kanan. Kutonjol tundunnku tinggi-tinggi ke atas. Muka Bob melekat di tundunku yang putih gebu. Dengan cermat Bob menempelkan hidungnya ke tamanku yang sentiasa kujaga rapi. Bob menggeselkan hidungnya ke kelentitku yang tertonjol. Bob menikmati aroma buritku yang segar, benar-benar membuat Bob khayal. Bob melurutkan hidungnya ke bawah, ke celah rekahan bibir lembut kemaluanku. Lama sungguh muka Bob berada di permukaan buritku. Bob benar-benar ingin menikmati aroma buritku. Kata Bob dia suka burit wanita Asia yang cantik dan cute.

Nikmat sungguh bila Bob membelai buritku dengan lidahnya. Kelentitku yang bulat licin dan bibir buritku yang lembut dijilat dengan lidah kasar Bob. Nafsuku berada di puncak. Cairan hangat mula meleleh keluar dari rongga buritku yang sempit. Lidah Bob makin dijolok di lubang sempit. Lubang keramat aku diteroka. Aku mengemut lidah Bob yang berada di rongga buritku. Lidah Bob kuramas halus dengan otot-otot buritku yang mekar. Aku mengerang lagi, “Ahh...ohhh...argh....sedap..sedap...”

Bob melajukan lagi jilatan. Maju mundur lidah Bob di lorong sempit. Aku mula mengerang, merengek, dan mataku terasa tak mampu lagi terbuka. Kurasa pahaku bergetar, kurapatkan paha dan kepala Bob tersepit antara kedua pahaku. Aku mengerang keras, badanku mengejang dan tiba-tiba cairan buritku menyirami seluruh muka Bob. Aku terkulai lemas. Aku dah sampai ke puncak.

Aku sudah lemah longlai. Bob terus mengganas. Cairan buritku disedut kering. Ditelan cairan pekat licin. Kelentitku dijilat rakus. Ghairahku kembali bangun. Kutolak Bob hingga terlentang. Aku bangun. Badan Bob kukangkangi. Mukaku menghadap Bob. Tetek pejal tergantung kemas di dadaku. Bob geram melihat tetek kembarku yang sedang mekar. Tangan Bob tak sabar-sabar mencapai dan meramas tetek kembarku.

Aku menurunkan badanku pelan-pelan. Muara burit merah basah merapati pelir hitam keras terpacak. Pelir Bob menunggu penuh sabar. Bibir halus buritku mengelus-elus lembut kepala licin berkilat. Muara yang telah lembab mengucup lembut kepala licin hitam berkilat. Aku dan Bob melihat bibir merah basah mula menelan batang hitamnya. Punggung ku makin rendah hingga seluruh kepala pelir Bob berada dalam lubang hangat. Ku mula mengemut pelan. Aku menurunkan lagi pantatku. Seluruh pelir Bob menerjah masuk ke gua keramatku yang ketat dan sempit.

Tetekku dipegang dan diramas lembut oleh tangan kasar Bob. Kedua-dua tangannya bekerja keras. Aku merasa keenakan bila tetekku diramas. Kurasa sungguh nikmat. Perasaan yang amat lazat menjalar ke seluruh badanku. Perasaanku seperti melayang-layang di awangan.

Aku mengemut dengan kuat, dinding buritku yang kenyal meramas-meramas batang keras Bob. Aku kemut secara beirama supaya Bob betul-betul merasa nikmat dengan rongga buritku yang sempit. Punggungku naik turun dengan laju. Batang besar Bob penuh padat mengisi rongga sempitku. Aku terasa seperti rongga buritku digaru-garu. Terasa geli, lazat dan nikmat. Sebagai reaksi kemutanku, Bob melonjak-lonjak dan mengangkat punggungnya tinggi-tingi. Aku terasa batang 8 inci keseluruhannya dah berada dalam rongga buritku. Kepala pelir Bob menyondol-nyondol pangkal rahimku. Sungguh sedap dan nikmat.

“Ahh.... Ohhh....Arghhh... enak Bob, enak.” Aku mengerang kuat merasai kelazatan ditutuh oleh pemuda Afrika.

Badanku mengejang. Otot-otot tubuhku terasa kaku. Nafasku seperti tersekat. Aku hanya mampu mengerang, “Aahhh…oohhh…aaahhhh…” Cairan panas memancar dari dalam buritku. Cairan panas menyirami kepala pelir Bob. Bob nampak mengeliat-ngeliat menahan kesedapan. Aku terkulai lesu, sendi-sendiku terasa lemah dan aku jatuh terjelepuk di dada Bob. Lebih dua minit aku terbaring kaku. Pelir Bob masih tetap terpacak keras di dalam buritku.

“Tahan Bob, jangan pancut lagi. Aku masih ingin menikmati kehebatanmu.” Aku berbisik di telinga Bob.

Bob mengerti kemahuanku dan dia tersenyum saja. Akhirnya aku bangun perlahan. Kucabut buritku dari pelir Bob. Kukerling ke pelir 8 inci. Tegak kaku basah berlumuran lendirku. Buih-buih putih yang berlendir licin membasahi batang hitam berurat itu.

Aku merangkak di tilam empuk. Aku mengarahkan Bob memasukkan pelirnya dari belakang, stail doggie. Tanpa lengah Bob bangun degan pelir terpacak keras. Aku menunggu sambil membuka sedikit kangkangku bagi memudahkan pelir Bob meneroka ke alur buritku. Tiba-tiba aku terasa benda tumpul licin menempel ke muara buritku. Pelan-pelan aku rasa kepala pelir menyelam keburitku. Enak terasa bila Bob menekan pelan.

“Bob, masukkan separuh sahaja,” pintaku.

Aku mahu Bob menggosok zone G-spotku. Bob akur dan menggerakkan pelirnya maju mundur. Bila G-spotku digaru-garu dengan kepala pelir, aku terasa sungguh nikmat sekali. Kepala pelir Bob yang berlekuk dan bertakok itu menggesel-gesel pusat nikmatku. Sungguh sedap dan nikmat. Terasa seperti aku melayang-layang di langit biru. Hanya erangan nikmat sahaja yang keluar dari mulutku.

Lima minit Bob bermain degan separuh panjang pelirnya. Aku tak tertahan kerana geli dan nikmat. Tiba-tiba Bob menekan kuat ke pantatku. Seluruh batang 8 inci tenggelam. Terasa senak bila kepala pelir lelaki Kenya ini menanduk-nanduk rahimku. Bob menggerakkan punggungnya maju mundur laju sekali. Aku faham bahawa Bob akan mencapai klimaks. Badanku terhayun depan belakang mengikut gerakan maju mundur Bob. Tetekku tergantung terbuai-buai. Bob memegang pinggangku dengan kedua tangannya supaya aku tak terdorong ke depan. Bila Bob menolak pelirnya ke depan, tanganya menarik pinggangku ke belakang. Badanku dan badannya rapat melekat. Bob menggerakkan punggungnya laju sekali dan akhirnya badanya bersatu melekat keburitku.

Pelir Bob terasa mengeras dan memanjang dalam rongga burit. Hujung pelir menekan pangkal rahimku hingga terasa senak. Aku dah berada dipuncak nikmat, Bob juga berada di penghujung pertarungan. “Aaarhhh…argghhhh,” kuat sekali erangan Bob. Cairan panas terpancut dalam rongga buritku. Enam das Bob menembakkan cairan maninya. Aku terasa maninya deras mengalir memasuki rahimku. Kalau aku subur waktu itu mungkin aku akan mengandungkan anak Bob.

Bob lemah longlai selepas memancutkan maninya. Dia terjatuh di atas belakangku. Aku tak terdaya menahan badan Bob yang berat. Aku jatuh meniarap. Lima minit Bob berada di atasku. Aku juga lemah, aku biar sahaja. Bob mencium dan membelai belakang leherku dengan hidungnya. Lidahnya menjalar di kulit belakangku, aku kegelian. Akhirnya aku rasa pelir Bob mengecil dan memendek dalam liang buritku. Bob mencabut pelirnya dari buritku dan terbaring terlentang di sisiku kepuasan. Aku sempat melihat pelirnya yang basah berlendiran terkulai lesu di pahanya. Kepala pelir secara perlahan kembali bersembunyi di dalam kulit kulup. Sebagai tanda terima kasih aku mengecup pelir Bob dan terhidu campuran air buritku dan mani Bob. Baunya aneh tapi aku suka. Itulah bau cairan cinta dua insan lelaki perempuan.

Aku keletihan tapi puas. Bob memang hebat. Betul seperti kata kawan-kawanku, lelaki Afrika yang dipanggil awang hitam memang handal. Mereka bijak memberi kenikmatan kepada wanita Malaysia. Dari cakap-cakap yang aku dengar, awang hitam ini memang digilai oleh perempuan melayu, cina dan india. Aset mereka yang ajaib ialah batang pelir mereka yang besar dan panjang itu. Satu lagi kehebatan awang hitam ini ialah mereka mampu bertahan lama. Berkali-kali aku mengalami orgasme, Bob masih gagah bertahan. Aku benar-benar puas...

Friday, 17 February 2017


My name is Prachi and I live in Pune, India with my 
parents and my grandma in an apartment on the outskirts 
of the city. My parents love me and trust me 
completely. They seem to think that I am their goody-
goody daughter who can do no wrong and can take care of 
myself. Actually, I love to stay home alone. It gives 
me the freedom to do the things I want to do.

Last month my cousin was getting married in Bombay. I 
could not go since I had college to attend but they 
took grandma and went for 5 days, leaving me home alone 
with no concern. Actually it gave me an opportunity to 
try out something with Roshni that I had never ever 
done before.

First, permit me to describe Roshni and myself. I am 
fair skinned, about 5 ft 7 and slim, with a tight 
athletic body toned by my constant basketball practice. 
Roshni is shorter than me and is dusky, but with big 
38D breasts that make any guy look at her chest before 
noticing her face.

My parents left Saturday evening, giving me 
instructions about the daily chores and making me 
promise that I'll invite Roshni over every night to 
keep me company. Well, I wouldn't forget that!

As soon as my parents left, I rang up Roshni, who 
hurried over at once. That whole evening we spent on 
the Internet, surfing porn sites, which I could never 
do when my parents were home. This porn surfing went on 
until midnight, the decided upon time when our game 
would begin. We went to all the sites that she told me 
about and by midnight we were hotter than two bitches 
in heat. This got us all warmed up for our game. The 
big clock in my room bonged twelve times. We both 
looked at each other and I disconnected from the 
Internet. She got up as well. The game we had decided 
on was similar to "Truth or Dare", which is very 
popular in India. Our version was to give each other a 
dare and whoever was too chicken to do it, lost a 
point. This was to continue from midnight until four in 
the morning. Whoever failed to complete the most number 
of dares lost.

Roshni took the bag she had brought along. "I brought 
the uniform we decided on," she said, showing me the 
white tee shirt and the blue denim shorts. I nodded and 
said that I had mine too and went to get them. I 
removed the salwarkameez I was wearing and stood there 
in my bra and panties. She too stripped to her 
underwear. Then we both put on the tee shirts and 
shorts. We were ready for the most exciting game I had 
ever thought of.

"Let's flip a coin to see who decides the first round" 
I said and picked up a coin from the table and flipped 
it into the air. "Heads" she called, and the coin came 
tinkling down. Heads it was. She was to decide the 
first dare.

"What am I to do?" I asked her.

She smiled and said, " We'll start off with an easy 
one. Go to the balcony, take off your shirt and shorts 
and stand there in your undies. Then turn on the 
balcony light and come slowly back inside."

My balcony was facing a street, which, though not 
exactly a major thoroughfare, was not exactly deserted 
at midnight either. There were always a few people 
about. I walked to the balcony with my heart pounding.

I stepped out and glanced at the street. Fortunately it 
was deserted at the moment except for a very old beggar 
who always sits near the bus stop. He appeared to be 
asleep. A chilly breeze was blowing. 

"Come on, take it off," Roshni chided me. I removed my 
tee shirt and threw it back into the room, then glanced 
around and removed my shorts as well. Then I hit the 
light switch and the balcony was bathed in light. I 
felt as if I was being seen by the whole world. I 
closed my eyes and slowly walked back inside.

"Good. Nice job," Roshni said. Then, since it was her 
turn, she walked to the balcony and did the same. Once 
we were both back in the house with our clothes on, it 
was my turn. I was to define the next game. I had 
thought of a great dare for Roshni, which I was sure 
she would be too chicken to perform.

"Well, I don't think you have it in you to do this," I 
told her.

"Try me," she said smiling.

"Here is what you have to do: step out of the 
apartment, go downstairs and remove you shirt, shorts 
and bra, but keep your panties on. Then leave your 
clothes down there and come back up. I'll then strip to 
my panties, go down, put your clothes on and come back 

The staircase of my building is very brightly lit and 
so I thought Roshni would chicken out. As I live on the 
4th floor, the dare did include a long distance to 
travel. To go down and to come back up the stairs 
wearing just panties would be tough. Anyone could open 
their door and catch her. I knew that Roshni wouldn't 
do it. It was only quarter past 12 and anyone could 
decide to come out of their apartment. It was just too 
dangerous. But then she never backs away from a 
challenge either.

"Ok, I'll do it," she said with a grim face, "but you 
have to promise to get my clothes back, ok?"

I nodded. She opened the door and started descending 
the stairs. I waited with the door open. I heard her 
going down, then after a couple of minutes she came 
racing back upstairs. To my shock she wasn't wearing 
panties either. She was totally bare-ass naked! She 
jumped inside and plopped down on the sofa.

"What is this?" I asked her.

"This is my dare now! I came up totally naked, now you 
have to go down totally naked, put on my clothes and 
come back up," she said, panting and puffing.

"What? No way, that was not a part of my dare," I said.

"Fine, then you just go down in your panties and come 
back, but I'll give you the same task for your next 
dare," she said.

I thought to myself that since there wasn't more than 
just a psychological difference between wearing only 
panties and being in the buff, I might as well go ahead 
with it. I stripped completely and, as I stood at the 
door, Roshni came behind me. 

"Come on, this was your idea. Don't be chicken," she 
taunted me.

I stepped out of the apartment and Roshni immediately 
slammed the door with a bang.

"What was that for?" I shouted.

"I hid my clothes and now you have to search for them 
buck naked. I don't think you can find them," she 
shouted back. 

I was dumbstruck. She couldn't be serious, but 
something told me she was.  I remembered how she had 
gotten me fucked that day on the highway. This was 
milder than that anyway.

"And if you want to give up and lose the whole night, 
come back, knock thrice, and I'll tell you where the 
clothes are. Good luck, baby"

"You dirty little bitch, I'll get you for this," I 
shouted. She just laughed and said she thought she'd 
watch a little TV now.

I started downstairs. Normally I would have jumped 
three steps at a time and been down in a jiffy but now 
I had to be ultra careful. I crept down, passing the 
doors of the Deshpandes and the Sinhas. I moved 
carefully, looking around timidly. It felt so strange, 
all the lights brightly staring at my naked body as I 
tiptoed my way down the stairs. Finally I reached the 
ground floor.

Sure enough, there was no trace of clothes anywhere. 
But I was sure I could find them soon. After all, this 
was my home. Where could she hide them? But I couldn't 
have been more wrong. 

I checked the few cars and scooters parked outside, 
thinking she could have stuffed them into one of the 
vehicles, but they were not there. I was tiptoeing 
around the parking lot of my building with my bare ass 
hanging out. I looked everywhere in the parking lot but 
still couldn't find them. 

I was getting a bit worried now and, to add to that I 
heard a car approaching the building. I stood there 
mortified, without an idea in my head. I kept praying 
that it would drive by but no, it came right to my 
building. I immediately ducked down and hid behind a 
car. A black Maruti Esteem came to a stop about 20 feet 
from me. From it emerged a very, very drunk Mr. Pandey. 
He was singing some Hindi song at the top of his lungs 
and was having problems locking his car.

His singing was really loud and shrill. Suddenly I 
heard a door open and his wife came down.  "You're 
drunk again aren't you?" she asked, "why do you have to 
do this every night?" and she started crying. He tried 
comforting his wife but was so drunk he couldn't even 
say her name properly. Then he started shouting at her.

There was a great din in the parking lot. I was afraid 
they would wake up more people and we would have a 
scene here. But fortunately it didn't happen. Though I 
am sure many people woke up, no one came down to 
interfere with a drunkard. After about 15 minutes the 
wife managed to calm him down and he started admitting 
he was wrong.

"I have to quit drinking, darling, you are right," he 
said. "Now I have started seeing things too."

"Why? What did you imagine seeing?" his wife asked him 
as they walked towards the stairs.

"When I was driving in, I thought I saw a naked girl 
bent over a car in the parking lot. A slim naked girl 
with a small round ass," he said. I almost passed out.

"Oooh, now you are seeing things you foolish old man! 
Come upstairs and I'll show you something better," his 
loving wife said. I realized how narrowly I had escaped 
humiliation. If this old man weren't so drunk he 
probably would have accosted me. I had to be ultra 
careful now. I cursed Roshni once more. A part of me 
wanted to go up and admit that I was beaten and go to 
bed. But she had already put me through so much I 
refused to quit now. The stakes in this game were high. 
The loser would have to be the winner's slave for a 
whole day. And I still had to get my revenge for my 
highway humiliation too.

I waited for some time to make sure no one was around. 
Then I got up from behind the car and started scouting 
around. All the vehicles had been checked, so 
reluctantly, I walked to the edge of the parking lot. 

The parking lot was a comparatively safe place for me 
move around in the nude. It was fenced on all sides. 
But outside the parking lot, around the building, the 
area was visible from many windows and balconies. And 
though it must have been nearly one o'clock in the 
morning and everyone should be asleep, I didn't know 
whether to take the chance. 

But then I had no option and time was running out. So I 
bent over to see if any windows were lighted. No, 
everyone seemed to be asleep. I carefully and slowly 
stepped out of the parking lot. Now I was in the open 
with the streetlights shining brightly around me. In 
front of me I saw trees. Yes, she could have hidden the 
clothes in a tree. I went to the first tree and sure 
enough, about ten feet above me, I saw the clothes, 
bundled and tucked away in a branch. I climbed the tree 
with some difficulty, and slowly reached the clothes. 

I was exuberant at getting this part right. As I took 
the clothes off the branch, I glanced around and saw 
that someone was watching me from a window on the 2nd 
floor. It was young Rohan, who was about 14 years old. 
He was staring at me as if he had seen a ghost. I 
slowly climbed down from the tree and got dressed. Then 
I looked up again. He was still there staring at me, 
although his face looked a bit sad now because I had 
put clothes on. What if this kid woke up his parents or 
even told them about it next day. I waved at him and he 
waved back.

"Could you come out here for a second?" I said softly, 
hoping no one else was awake. He nodded. 

"Come to the car park," I said. "I'll wait for you in 
the parking lot." He came down in a few seconds wearing 
pajamas like most boys his age wear.

"What are you doing awake so late?" I asked him.

"I was watching TB6," he said.

That explained it all. The local cable operator showed 
a Russian channel called TB6 every Saturday night and, 
in the wee hours, that channel showed porn films, which 
most guys stayed up to watch. But I didn't expect a 14-
year-old to know about that. 

I looked at him. His small dick was stiff and poking 
out through the fly of his pajamas. He had seen his own 
real life TB6 a few moments ago. I didn't know what to 

"You won't tell anybody what you saw, will you Rohan?" 
I asked in a pleading voice.

"Why shouldn't I?" he asked in a timid voice. "You were 
doing wrong." 

"No I wasn't Rohan, I was just playing a game with my 
friend. When you get to be my age you will play games 
like this also," I tried to explain.

Rohan was looking at me hungrily, not that I could 
blame him. A train of thought developed in my head. He 
was 14 but his body is actually as big as a 17-year-
old's. His erection said it all. Maybe I could buy his 
silence. Well, why not I said to myself.

"Please Rohan let this be our little secret," I said, 
taking his face in my arms and moving closer to him, so 
close that his erection pressed against my legs. He put 
his arms around me in a seemingly reluctant way. I put 
my lips on his and started French kissing him. His 
hands, which were embracing me, moved downward. In a 
moment his hands were clasping my buns and massaging 
them. I decided to give him the final go ahead by 
taking his hand in mine and pushing it inside my 

I broke the kiss and he took the lead, kissing my neck 

"Wait a minute darling," I said to him and knelt in 
front of him. He stood very still, watching me as I 
removed my shirt and bra. I untied his pajama bottoms 
and pulled them down. I then freed his 5-inch cock from 
his underwear and started sucking it. Rohan, obviously 
unused to this, started moaning. 
"Shhh," I said.

Surprisingly, he obeyed as I kept on sucking his small 
prick. His hands reached for my breasts and started 
fondling them. He was enjoying this experience! I took 
his prick completely into my mouth, sucking at it like 
a hungry bitch. In a few minutes his dick started 

"Oh, I think I am going to shoot," he cried. I 
immediately took his dick out of my mouth and aimed it 
at my breasts. His cum sprayed my tits for a few 
seconds, and then his dick grew limp. I stood up in 
front of him. He was rubbing his dick, unable to 
believe that it had ended so soon. This 14-year-old boy 
had gotten a blowjob from me. I couldn't believe it, 
and I suppose neither could he. 

He looked at me for a second and then moved closer and 
started sucking my breasts again. My nipples, which had 
been hard all along, grew even harder. He sucked on my 
right breast and fondled the left with both hands. He 
was sucking at my tits so savagely that I was ready for 
my own climax. I reached for my shorts and yanked them 
down. Rohan took the cue and let go off my tits. He 
started pulling my panties down and I was soon naked as 

"Wait a minute," I said to him and looked around. 
"Can't you get your dick stiff?"

He tried slapping his dick around but nothing happened. 
He was only 14 after all. He couldn't get it up again 
so soon after his very first blowjob. But by then I was 
so randy that I had to get fucked; I needed something 
stiff in my cunt. My mind was racing to find an answer.  

"Are you very desperate for a fuck?" Rohan asked. 

Yes, I nodded. 

"There is this thing I saw in a porno film at my 
friend's place. You can try it if you want," and he 
recounted the idea. 

Though initially my reaction was incredulity, as he 
explained further, it became clear to me that it indeed 
was a solution. 

So we both walked to the water tank of the building 
near the parking lot. There was a pipe that ran along 
its wall. There used to be a tap at one end but now it 
had been capped off and a foot long section jutted out, 
about 2 feet above the ground. This was going to be my 

"Bend down so that it's aimed at your pussy, and I'll 
help it in," Rohan said.

I bent my knees so that the metal cap was pointing at 
my hole. I anxiously tried to force into my cunt but I 
was so excited that I couldn't manage it. Then Rohan 
stood by my side, wrapped his arms around my waist and, 
like a soldier guiding a ram toward a door, guided my 
ass towards the pipe. As its cold steely knob pressed 
against my slit, I let out a groan of pain and delight.

"Shhh," Rohan said, "Somebody will wake up."

As soon as the cap entered my pussy I drove my ass 
backwards, surprising us both. I started to rock back 
and forth, sliding the pipe in and out of my cunt.

The metal knob hurt the inner walls of my pussy but the 
pleasure was too overwhelming for the pain to even 
register in my mind. I rocked back and forth while 
Rohan fell to his knees and started sucking my right 
breast. The combination was as erotic as anything I had 
ever experienced.  So often I had looked at this knob 
and wondered why they put a tap here. Now I was 
thankful for it. 

I kept on fucking the pipe and Rohan, after sucking my 
breasts for sometime, got up and stood near the nexus 
of the metal pipe and my pussy. He then put his finger 
on my butt and managed to push it inside my asshole. He 
kept pulling it out and pushing it in. This kind of a 
stimulus always helps and I started squealing. My 
orgasm lasted for about 15 seconds and Rohan was 
staring at me as if I was some sort of alien. I guess 
this was the first time he had seen a woman cumming in 
real life. 

I drew away from the pipe with a strange feeling of 
emptiness in my cunt.  "I think you had better go home 
and go to sleep now," I said to Rohan. He nodded.

I picked up my clothes from the parking lot and dressed 
again. I kissed Rohan long and hard, and promised him 
that we could get together again soon. He, in turn, 
promised me he would keep our secret. I walked back to 
the house. Almost an hour had passed since I had left. 
I knocked the door and shouted, "I got them"

"Where did you go? It's been ages," Roshni said as she 
opened the door. I explained to her what had transpired 
and she started laughing.

"You always end up in a sticky position don't you?" she 
said. "To think that this was just your return dare. 
Now its your turn again to do what I say"

I was a bit tired then, so didn't realize until the 
next morning that it had actually been her turn. But 
anyway, at that moment I was taken in. I agreed that it 
indeed was my chance and asked her what the next dare 

"I have been giving it a lot of thought, since you took 
such a long time to come back. But think I have come up 
with the best dare you can ever imagine."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Come over here," she said, calling me to a window. 
"Look at that street, about 400 feet down that way."

I looked in the direction she was pointing. There was a 
group of four men playing cards under a streetlight. 
They looked like taxi drivers or something, certainly 
not from the respected classes of society. Who else 
would play cards at 2:15 in the morning? They also 
appeared to be drinking, since I could make out some 
bottles near them.

"Here is what you have to do," said Roshni and explained 
the dare to me. It was too much and under normal 
circumstances I might have backed out but by this time 
I was in a wild mood. I agreed to do it.  It was a 
really frightening, but at the same time, an exciting 

I went to the cupboard to look for some old clothes 
appropriate for the dare. I found tattered jeans which 
I never wear, a shirt ripped in the back and a monkey 
cap, which is like a ski mask. I slipped out of 
Roshni's 'uniform' that I was wearing and removed my 
underwear too. Then I put on the monkey cap, old jeans 
and the ripped shirt. The rip was just a few inches 
near the small of the back, so it didn't reveal much. I 
also took a small piece of bed sheet I found in the 

"Don't forget the bike keys," Roshni said. "They're 

I took the keys to my father's bike and proceeded on 
the dare. I climbed down the stairs and, in a few 
seconds, I was in the parking lot again. This time 
wearing some clothes. 

I went to my dad's bike. I knew how to ride it though I 
wasn't very experienced with it. I took the bed sheet 
rag and tore it in half. One half I tied in front and 
one in the back of the bike so that both the number 
plates were completely covered. 

I then put on the monkey cap and pulled it down so that 
it covered my face completely, like a hijacker. I was 
now completely unrecognizable, or so I thought. I 
kicked the engine into life and sped out of the 
building. I turned left and then right. 

About 50 feet away I saw the men playing cards, and 
shouting at each other, drunk I guessed. I first 
accelerated, then slowed down a bit as I neared them. I 
was about to do the dare when I suddenly felt very 
nervous, and increased my speed, turned the corner and 
stopped. I felt suddenly frightened. Roshni must have 
seen that and jumped with joy.

I shut the engine off and took a deep breath. I had to 
do this. I got back on the bike and kick-started it, 
twisted the throttle a few times and rode towards them. 
They watched me go by. I stopped the bike 50 feet away 
from them and got off. They stood very still and were 
staring at me, all four of them. I waved at them at 
smiled. The smile was wasted because of the monkey cap. 

Then I started quickly unbuttoning my shirt. The guys 
started clapping and cheering. I took the shirt off 
completely, revealing my naked breasts, and threw it on 
the road. They were yelling at me to remove my jeans 
too. I unbuckled the belt and unzipped the fly very 
slowly. Then I turned my back towards them and slowly 
slipped the jeans down my legs until they were around 
my ankles. 

I jumped out of them and threw them on the road too.  
"Now the cap," someone shouted. I reached for the cap 
and then, much to their irritation, turned back and got 
on the bike. I kicked it into life and sped off towards 
my building. In the rearview mirror I could see a 
couple of the guys running after me but I was too fast 
for them. I turned left, then right, and was back in my 
building. I hurriedly removed the rags from the number 
plate and ran up the stairs to my house. The door was 

"Amazing job, Prachi, amazing," Roshni said," You really 
had them searching for you."

"Did they follow me all the way back?" I asked.

"No way, babe. They went back to playing cards and 
rubbing their crotches. Betcha each one of them are 
wanting to hunt you down right now and screw your ears 
off," said Roshni.

"Well, your turn now," I said triumphantly. And because 
of me they will chase you even before you start 
stripping. You are in for a tough time Rosh."

Roshni didn't really seem concerned. She had that 
extremely horny look in her eyes. In this sort of mood, 
she could literally do anything, and that sometimes 
scared me.

"Let's see," was all she said. She didn't care to take 
the old rags I had found for her. She opened the door 
in the "uniform" and left with the keys in her hands. I 
positioned myself at the window. I had removed the cap 
also and was completely nude in the privacy of my own 
house. I heard a soft knock on my door. I quickly 
dressed and wondered who it could be at almost three in 
the morning. 

I opened the door and found Rohan standing there. "Hi, 
I just couldn't sleep," he said sheepishly. "My parents 
are heavy sleepers, I don't think..."

I pulled him inside the house and shut the door. Then I 
dragged him over to the window and pointed out the 
group of men to him. "Look at those men. Sexy things 
are going to happen over there in a moment," I said. 
"You will never see on TV what you are going to see in 
a minute."

"Hmmm..ok," Rohan said, as he was more interested 
fondling my tits. He kept at it for some seconds and 
then his hands grabbed my crotch through my shorts. I 
let out a yelp of surprise but kept on staring at the 

Rohan didn't really seem interested in what I was 
saying. He was busy removing my shorts and in a few 
moments had pulled my shorts and panties down. He then 
stood behind me and pulled my tee shirt over my head, 
leaving me completely naked again. I was too busy 
looking at the street scene to pay much attention to 
what he was doing. 

Roshni had reached the men but didn't seem in any 
hurry. She slowly removed her shirt as the men started 
gathering around her. She seemed to be saying something 
to them because they calmed down and started walking. 

Meanwhile, I felt a hand on my shoulders pushing me 
into a bent position. I didn't pay much attention as 
Rohan started kissing and nibbling at my bum cheeks, 
his hands were still fondling my tits. My eyes were 
riveted on the happenings on the street. Roshni 
voluntarily removed all her clothes and stood nude in 
front of them, her big breasts jiggling invitingly as 
she moved. 

The man who reached her first knocked her down like a 
rugby player and started kissing her breasts, while the 
remaining men started removing their clothes. One of 
the guys knelt down, shoved his cock in Roshni's mouth 
and she started sucking on it. I was getting wetter by 
the minute as Rohan kept up the foreplay.

The guy who had been sucking Roshni's tits then sat on 
her tummy and pulled her breasts together. He started 
rubbing his cock in between them, seemingly to enjoy it 

"Owww," I cried as Rohan's stiff dick entered my pussy 
in one big lunge. "You're hurting me!"

He ignored me and, with another lunge, buried his whole 
cock in my pussy and started pumping it rapidly in and 
out. As a result, I was being shaken back and forth 
"AAh, aaargh, harder, fuck me harder you little 
bastard," I cried." Fuck me harder than that you little 

The mocking had the desired effect and he started 
fucking me even harder.  I closed my eyes and cried out 
my pain as he pinched my nipples hard. I kept my eyes 
closed for a few more minutes as Rohan kept stepping up 
the pace.  

When I opened my eyes a bit, I saw an extremely erotic 
scene unfolding down on the street. Roshni was working 
at full capacity. She had one guy in her mouth, one guy 
fucking her tits, another was pumping away at her pussy 
and she was jerking off the fourth one with her hands. 
The guy who had been working on her tits suddenly stood 
on his knees and shot his cum all over her breasts.  
The one in her hand also didn't last long and was 
shooting his cum on her tummy. 

The other two men were still banging away; she was 
being fucked in both ends! 

The one in her cunt suddenly stiffened and I could tell 
he was pumping her full of sperm. At the same time, the 
man in her mouth also came hard, then withdrew his cock 
without a single drop of cum falling out of her mouth. 
She had swallowed his entire load!!! 

Meanwhile, I my own orgasm started; Rohan pounded away 
at my butt as I watched the men withdrawing from 
Roshni's body. It was a fierce orgasm, both long and 

Roshni just lay there writhing in the road. The four 
men seemed satisfied because they ignored her as they 
put their clothes on and went back to their card game.

The adventure was over.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Noor Idayu atau biasa dipanggil Ayu oleh kawan-kawannya membawa diri pulang ke kampung selepas berpisah dengan suaminya. Suaminya mencerainya selepas dihasut oleh orang gaji sendiri yang berasal dari Indonesia. Orang gaji itu kemudiannya berkahwin dengan bekas suaminya.

Ayu yang bekerja sebagai kerani di sebuah syarikat guaman memang sibuk. Tugasnya memerlukan dia pulang lewat apatah lagi sejak kebelakangan ini syarikat guamannya menerima banyak pelanggan. Rupanya kesibukan Ayu telah dieksploit oleh orang gajinya sendiri dengan memberi layanan ekstra kepada suaminya di rumah.

Satu petang dia pulang awal dan dia melihat sendiri suaminya sedang berasmara dengan orang gaji di bilik tidurnya. Malam itu Ayu bertengkar hebat dengan suaminya dan tanpa memikir panjang suaminya menjatuhkan talak tiga. Dan bertukarlah status Ayu dari seorang isteri menjadi janda.

Ayu yang berumur 28 tahun dan belum mempunyai anak itu macam langit dengan bumi jika dibandingkan dengan orang gajinya. Ayu yang berkulit putih bersih memang ayu dibandingkan dengan Tini pembantunya yang berkulit gelap. Tini adalah janda beranak dua yang berumur 35 tahun. Ayu sendiri tidak faham mengapa suaminya tertarik dengan pembantu sendiri. Sudahlah tak berpelajaran rupa paras juga hodoh. Agaknya suaminya telah terguna guna-guna perempuan indon itu.

Untuk menenangkan fikiran, Ayu mengambil keputusan pulang ke kampung untuk sementara waktu. Ibunya memang gembira bila Ayu pulang. Rumah pusaka peninggalan suaminya itu tidaklah sunyi lagi bila Ayu ada bersama. Mak Yah yang tinggal seorang diri sentiasa diulit sunyi.

Berjiran dengan Mak Yah ialah Pak Usop seorang pesara kerajaan. Pak Usop yang bertugas secara sukarela sebagai tok siak di surau kampung berkenaan adalah seorang yang baik. Pak Usop sering bertanya khabar kepada Mak Yah dan sering menolong Mak Yah. Hubungan Pak Usop dan Mak Yah sebagai jiran memang mesra. Orang kampung semua dah tahu hubungan baik Pak Usop dan Mak Yah. Hubungan dalam batas-batas susila ini direstui orang kampung. Kerana itu orang kampung tidak menaruh curiga dan mengesaki apa-apa bila Pak Usop berkunjung ke rumah Mak Yah.

Seperti biasa Pak Usop berkunjung ke rumah Mak Yah walaupun Ayu telah tinggal bersama Mak Yah. Memberi bantuan dan pertolongan apa yang patut kepada keluarga Mak Yah. Jika Mak Yah berurusan di bandar, Pak Usop yang akan mengiringinya. Bil air dan elektrik rumah Mak Yah, Pak Usop yang akan tolong membayarkannya.

Sedang Pak Usop menyapu di halaman rumahnya tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi guruh dan petir. Cuaca yang cerah tiba-tiba bertukar mendung dan tiba-tiba saja hujan turun mencurah. Ayu yang berada dalam rumah teringatkan jemuran di bahagian belakang rumah. Dengan hanya berkemban kain batik dan tuala yang disangkutkan ke bahu Ayu berlari mengutip jemuran. Dengan pantas dia berlari ke rumah selepas kain jemuran dipungut. Kerana tergesa-gesa Ayu tersepak pasu bunga di halaman rumah dan di jatuh tersungkur di tanah. Dia mengaduh kuat kerana kakinya terasa amat sakit. Kain jemuran yang dikutipnya bertaburan di tanah.

Pak Usop yang melihat Ayu tak bangun-bangun berlari mendapatkannya. Dicempung janda muda itu masuk ke dalam rumah. Dibaringkan Ayu yang kesakitan di atas katil di bilik Ayu. Pak Usop cemas melihat Ayu tak bergerak-gerak. Mata Ayu terpejam rapat. Pingsankah Si Ayu ni fikir Pak Usop.

“Ayu.. Ayu!” panggil Pak Usop sambil menampar lembut pipi Ayu yang basah.

Pak Usop bertambah cemasnya. Ayu tak juga membukakan matanya. Digoyang-goyang badan Ayu, ditepuk-tepuk perlahan pipi Ayu yang masih dibasahi titik-titik hujan. Beberapa minit kemudian Ayu membuka mata. Wajahnya menggambarkan dia menderita kesakitan.

“Aduh sakitnya.” Ayu mengerang sambil memegang kakinya.

“Di mana sakitnya, Ayu.”

“Kaki saya terseliuh, Pak Usop.” Ayu bersuara sambil menunjuk kaki kanannya.

“Cuba Pak Usop lihat.” Pak Usop bersimpati dengan penderitaan Ayu.

Pak Usop memegang lembut buku lima kaki Ayu. Dipicit pelan. Diusap-usap perlahan bimbang Ayu akan kesakitan.

“Bukan di situ Pak Usop, atas sedikit.”

Pak Usop mengelus lembut dan meraba-raba kalau-kalau terasa bengkak atau luka. Kaki mulus milik janda muda itu tidak ada kesan lebam atau luka. Kulit halus itu tiada cacat cela. Tangan Pak Usop sedikit bergetar kerana telah lama dia tidak menyentuh wanit sejak kematian isterinya beberapa tahun yang lalu. Ada getaran aneh yang menjalar ke sekujur badannya. Urat-urat sarafnya membawa impuls ke otak, otak memproses impuls tersebut dan memberi arahan ke alat kelaminnya. Serta merta zakar Pak Usop mula mengeras.

“Di lutut ke?” Tanya Pak Usop.

“Atas sikit,” jawab Ayu perlahan. Pak Usop dapat merasai getaran pada suara Ayu.

Ayu yang telah lama tidak dibelai lelaki sejak berpisah dengan suaminya amat terangsang bila kakinya dibelai oleh tangan kasar Pak Usop. Kulit tangan yang terasa seperti berduri itu merangsang hujung-hujung saraf di kulitnya. Rangsangan tersebut telah menyebabkan farajnya mengemut secara berirama. Ayu terasa seronok dan sedap bila dibelai Pak Usop. Kedua makhluk ini telah bertindak bagai besi berani. Kedua-duanya saling tarik menarik. Gayung telah bersambut.

“Atas lagi Pak Usop.” Ayu berbisik.

Tangan Pak Usop telah berada di paha yang gebu. Pak Usop mengusap-usap paha padat tersebut. Pak Usop mula merasai getaran demi getaran. Ayu mula meliuk-lintuk bila tangan Pak Usop sampai ke pangkal pahanya. Otot-otot faraj Ayu berdenyut secara berirama. Lubang kemaluannya terkemut-kemut. Cairan hangat mula membasahi sepasang bibir kemaluan yang kenyal. Hidung Pak Usop mula tercium bau khas kemaluan perempuan yang menjadi ketagihannya suatu waktu dulu. Sebagai orang yang berpengalaman Pak Usop mengerti yang nafsu Ayu sudah terangsang. Batang kemaluannya spontan mengembang dan berdenyut.

“Di sini?” Tanya Pak Usop sambil tangannya merayap di pangkal paha Ayu.

“Atas lagi.” Kedengaran suara Ayu seperti merengek.

“Di sini?” Tanya Pak Usop sambil tangannya menekup tundun bengkak yang dihiasi bulu-bulu lembut.

“Ya, ya. Di situ Pak Usop.” Jawab Ayu penuh ghairah.

Pak Usop faham. Pucuk di cita ulam mendatang. Tak kan kucing menolak ikan yang di panggang harum. Tangan Pak Usop membelai taman larangan Ayu. Ayu mengalu-alu tindakan Pak Usop tersebut. Bagaikan lampu hijau telah menyala hijau, Pak Usop melajukan gerakannya. Kain yang dipakai Ayu di londeh. Terpempam tubuh Ayu yang cantik, putih gebu. Jantung Pak Usop berdegup kencang. Taman indah berbulu hitam jarang-jarang diusap dan dibelai.

“Sedap Pak Usop, sedap.” Ayu meracau dengan mata terpejam rapat.

Perasaan Pak Usop berbelah bagi. Cukup hingga di sini atau nak diteruskan. Peluang telah terbuka. Sehingga bersara dia belum pernah berhubungan dengan perempuan lain selain isterinya. Fikirannya berkecamuk dan iblis tersenyum menggoda Pak Usop. Sementara fikirannya berperang tangannya tetap beraksi melayan tundun Ayu yang membengkak. Jarinya berlari-lari di lurah merkah dan bibir-bibir lembut berwarna merah lembut.

Ayu terlentang kaku. Kain batik yang membungkusnya telah terlondeh. Tubuh pejal dan berlekuk-lekuk indah itu menjadi sasaran mata Pak Usop. Peperangan di benak Pak Usop dimenangi oleh nafsunya. Tangan kiri membelai dada Ayu sementara tangan kanan membelai taman larangan di pangkal paha pejal putih gebu.

“Sedap Pak Usop, sedap. Ayu nak tengok burung Pak Usop.”

Pak Usop kesian mendengar permintaan Ayu si janda muda. Kain pelikat yang dipakainya dibuka. Baju t-shirt yang melekat di badannya juga di buka. Badan Pak Usop yang berotot kekar itu sudah telanjang bulat. Ayu dapat melihat zakar Pak Usup telah terpacak keras. Besar, panjang dan hitam berurat-urat.

Ayu memegang batang pelir Pak Usop. Matanya bersinar melihat batang keras berkepala bulat itu. Batang tua itu lebih besar dan lebih gagah daripada batang suaminya. Ayu tersenyum riang. Batang berurat kepunyaan Pak Usop ini akan mengairi tamannya yang telah lama gersang. Tangan lembut itu dengan mesra mengusap-usap tongkat sakti Pak Usop.

Pak Usop meningkatkan aktivitinya di buah dada Ayu. Diramas-ramasnya dengan perlahan-lahan. Spontan puting susu Ayu menjadi keras. Ayu hanya memejamkan matanya sambil mengeluh manja. Oleh kerana dek penangan ramasan lembut lelaki separuh baya itu, Ayu tanpa sedar telah sedikit demi sedikit membuka kangkangannya. Pak Usop hanya tersenyum melihat bukaan itu. Tangan kanan Pak Usop makin ligat di lurah merkah. Makin kuat Ayu mengerang.

Pak Usop makain ganas. Makin kuat pula Ayu mengerang. Pak Usop menggentel-gentel biji kelentit Ayu, dan sekali sekala Ayu mengepit tangan jirannya itu. Mulutnya mengeluarkan irama bernafsu. Erangan bak bunyi kucing mengawan terdengar di cuping telinga Pak Usop. Ghairah Pak Usop juga berada di ubun-ubunnya. Lurah merkah itu diusik-usik dengan jari kasarnya.

Pak Usop memasukkan dua jari iaitu jari telunjuk dan jari hantu ke dalam kemaluan Ayu. Kedua-dua jari itu digerakkan secara tolak tarik dengan hebat sekali. Kelihatan air mazi Ayu telah melimpah-limpah keluar melalui kemaluannya dan jatuh di atas cadar warna merah jambu. Tompokan air mazi membasahi cadar katil. Ayu bertindak balas. Tangan Ayu meraba-raba batang Pak Usop. Pak Usop dapat mengesan yang Ayu dah stim habis. Ayu membuka matanya dan melihat dengan penuh selera ke arah kemaluan Pak Usop.

Ayu terangsang melihat kemaluan Pak Usop. Batang kemaluan yang berwarna gelap seperti kemaluan negro yang selalu Ayu lihat di skrin komputer. Kepala kemaluannya berwarna hitam kemerahan berkilat macam topi jerman. Ayu begitu berselera melihat kemaluan Pak Usop yang besar dan panjang itu. Ayu yang masih berbaring di atas katil menarik punggung Pak Usop agar hampir ke arahnya. Kemaluan Pak Usop diurut-urutnya dengan perlahan-lahan. Pak Usop tersenyum puas melihat Ayu si janda muda mengurut kemaluannya. Tangan lembut Ayu bermain-main dengan topi jerman lelaki separuh baya itu.

Ayu seronok bermain dengan kemaluan Pak Usop. Janda muda itu melihat zakar keras yang berdenyut-denyut itu dengan penuh bernafsu. Matanya bersinar. Kepala licin yang lembab itu dicium penuh ghairah. Ayu menyedut dalam-dalam aroma kepala zakar jirannya itu. Seterusnya Ayu menghisap-hisap dan menjilat-jilat kepala kemaluan Pak Usop dengan penuh nafsu. Lidah Ayu yang runcing dan basah bermain-main bermula dari kepala licin hingga kepangkal batang Pak Usop. Pak Usop mengerang kesedapan.

“Sedap Ayu, sedap.”

Ayu semakin berselera menghisap butuh lelaki tua apabila mendengar suara penuh nafsu Pak Usop itu. Pak Usop hampir terpancut bila Ayu mengemut mulutnya penuh geram. Pak Usop yang telah lama tidak melakukan hubungan seks hampir tak berdaya menahan. Ditahan nafasnya lama-lama agar benih-benihnya tidak cepat keluar.

“Cepat Pak Usop, Ayu dah tak tahan.” Ayu bersuara setelah melepaskan nyonyotannya pada batang pelir Pak Usop.

“Baiklah, Pak Usop juga dah tak tahan.”

Ayu terkapar di tengah katil. Pahanya direnggangkan bagi memudahkan tindakan Pak Usop. Pak Usop pantas merapatkan diri ke celah kelangkang Ayu. Geram dia bila melihat lurah merekah dan sepasang bibir lembut warna merah. Terlihat jelas daging kecil di sudut alur bahagian atas. Daging kecil yang merupakan punat nafsu wanita itu ditatap tak berkelip. Sepantas kilat Pak Usop menyembamkan mukanya ke tundun indah. Dicium lurah merah dan kelentit yang membengkak. Lidah kasarnya membelai kelentit idaman. Ayu menggelepar kesedapan.

Hanya beberapa minit saja bibir dan kelentit dijilat, Ayu mula mengejang dan dengan satu suara erangan kuat Ayu mengalami orgasme. Cairan panas terpancar keluar membasahi seluruh permukaan buritnya. Sepasang bibir lembut tersebut dibanjiri dengan cairan nikmat Ayu. Ayu terkulai lesu.

Pak Usop bertindak lebih lanjut. Pak Usop mengangkat dan mengangkangkan kedua-dua kaki Ayu sehingga lutut dan bahu Ayu hampir bersentuhan. Ayu sudah pasrah dan menunggu junaman batang kemaluan Pak Usop yang sebentar lagi akan merodok dengan ganas. Ayu tak henti-henti memandang butuh Pak Usop yang sedang menuju ke arah kemaluannya yang sudah dilimpahi oleh air syoknya yang banyak.

“Aauuww...” Kepala Ayu terdongak sedikit diikuti oleh punggungnya juga terangkat bila kepala bulat terbenam ke dalam lorong nikmatnya.

Ayu menjerit nikmat bila kepala butuh Pak Usop separuh menyelam ke dalam lubang buritnya. Perlahan tapi mantap Pak Usop menggerakkan punggungnya maju mundur. Tongkat saktinya terasa sungguh enak bila disepit kemas oleh otot-otot burit Ayu. Pak Usop puas menikmati lorong sempit Ayu dan Ayu puas menikmati batang besar dan panjang kepunyaan Pak Usop. Aktiviti sorong tarik berlangsung agak lama. Pak Usop sedaya upaya bertahan agar maninya tidak terpancut.

“Laju Pak Usop, laju.”

Ayu memeluk kemas badan Pak Usop. Sepasang pahanya bergetar dan kakinya menendang-nendang angin. Punggungnya diayak kiri kanan. Dan.. aahhh.. sekali lagi Ayu mencapai klimaks.

Pak Usop tak mampu bertahan lagi. Lelaki separuh baya itu makin melajukan hentakannya dan sekali ditekan paling kuat maka terdengar Pak Usop mengerang kuat. Punggungnya terhantuk-hantuk ke celah paha Ayu dan serentak itu juga pancutan mani Pak Usop laju menerpa pangkal rahim Ayu. Mata Ayu terbeliak menerima semburan hangat benih-benih Pak Usop.

Kedua insan tersebut terkapar lemas keletihan penuh nikmat. Batang keramat Pak Usop masih terendam dalam kemaluan janda kembang. Badan Pak Usop terbujur kaku di atas badan Ayu yang keletihan. Selepas beberapa minit bila tiada lagi benihnya yang keluar, Pak Usop menarik perlahan kemaluannya dari lubang kemaluan Ayu. Batang yang masih berlendir itu terjuntai separuh keras. Lubang nikmat Ayu masih ternganga selepas Pak Usop menarik keluar batang balaknya. Cairan putih pekat terlihat meleleh keluar dari lubang burit Ayu.

Ayu yang terbaring bogel tersenyum puas kepada Pak Usop. Tangannya memegang dan melurut batang pelir Pak Usop yang terkulai melambai-lambai di celah paha. Batang licin itu dilurut-lurutnya. Pak Usop tersenyum dan badan janda muda itu dipeluk erat. Pipi mulus Ayu dicium mesra.

Mak Jah terpaku di muka pintu melihat perlakuan jiran dan anak tunggalnya itu. Dia tak mampu berfikir lagi.